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Dealers and Distributors For "Reef Invertebrates", WetWebMedia and Reading Trees titles (by country and region)

Resale:   U.S.A.

Champion Lighting Ambler, Pennsylvania www.championlighting.com

ClamsDirect San Diego, California www.clamsdirect.com

Custom Aquatic San Diego, California www.customaquatic.com

Marine Depot Anaheim http://www.marinedepot.com

Reading Trees Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania http://www.readingtrees.com

Salty Critter, e-tailer Vermilion, Ohio http://www.saltycritter.com/

Wholesale: U.S.A.

All Seas Marine El Segundo, California 310-532-7769

CPR, Creative Plastics Research PO Box 1111 3749 West End Rd. Arcata, CA. 95521 800 357-2995

Quality Marine Los Angeles, California www.qualitymarineusa.com

Sea Dwelling Creatures Los Angeles, California http://www.seadwelling.com

Tideline Los Angeles, California 310-641-9106

Wholesale: International

Midland Reefs UK Distributor www.midlandreefs.co.uk 0143 684621


Dealers and Distributors For "Reef Invertebrates"...  - 1/30/2006   My name is Micah White. I own/run (actually it owns/runs me sometimes!) <Know what you mean> a retail aquatic only fish store. I stock/sell/use "Book of Coral Propagation Vol. 1", "Reef Invertebrates Vol. 1", and "The Conscientious Marine Aquarist" (Hard & Soft Cover). I am going to get "A Fishwatchers Guide to Saltwater Fishes of the World" in soon.   Would it be possible for you to add me to your list of "Dealers and Distributors For "Reef Invertebrates", WetWebMedia and Reading Trees titles"? I particularly like to sell "The Conscientious Marine Aquarist" to people new in the hobby. It was the first book I read and it was very helpful. I also have been finding WetWebMedia.com very helpful to me, and I have even be telling my customers about it. Thanks for all the wonderful information. <Sure. Please send along your URL, means folks can reach you. Bob Fenner> Looking for CMA in S. Africa Hi Bob, I'm desperately trying to find your book, "The Conscientious Marine Aquarist". I live in South Africa and it's not readily available here.  Is there any way you could help me to get hold of a copy please? Thanks for your help, Daniel <Mmm, am wondering re your ordering from one of the Amazon.com's... European? Will cc Anthony Calfo here... as he knows much more about such things... perhaps can figure a cost-effective way of shipping you. Bob Fenner>

International Suppliers of "Conscientious Marine Aquarist" Cheers, Daniel Thanks kindly for your inquiry. I just chatted with a chap from SA in fact and he opted for our English distributor for price and expediency. I've listed Tim Hayes (UK) and a Portugal distributor below to see if they can be of help. Please write back if we can be of any further service. Books can be posted from here if need be, but airmail to SA is rather slow.  with kind regards, Anthony England Midland Reefs midlandreefs@inverts.demon.co.uk  Coral Farm & Dry goods nr.Lichfield, Staffordshire, UK, ENGLAND www.midlandreefs.co.uk  Portugal GEORGE M. GOUVEIA R. Leitão de Barros, 8 - 1º D 1500-384 Lisboa T. 217 782 644 F. 217 782 644 e-mail: george.m@clix.pt 

Re: NMA Book and TMC Cheers, all The bulk media rate with the USPS is by far the cheapest of the commercial carriers at around $1 per pound, but it is quite slow (4-6 weeks by surface). The books weigh around 2.5 lbs and as such it would cost a little over $250 USD (add some for weight of padding/packaging) to send 100 books to the UK. There is the possibility of us sending books to a consolidated freight forwarder if you are currently using one for other products They can be similarly affordable (or even less expensive) and much faster (2 weeks or less). Have you used folks like Kamino International? They have offices all around the world with brokers in England of course. There website is simply www.kamino.com and with a quick look at their directory, I see an office in Horely Surrey (tele (44) 1293 874444). I recall seeing an office too in Cheshire when I looked into it some years ago for my first coral book. Perhaps you'd be interested looking into these folks (Kamino) in the UK and advising us if this is a viable option for you and how we can help fill the order? with kind regards, Anthony <Thanks Antoine... am going to save your input on the NMA order form, list of vendors. Bob F>

Looking to get a copy of your new book - desperately! in UK 4/6/04  <thanks kindly>  Dear Crew, Thank you for your fantastic site, it is invaluable.  We'd love to get a copy of your new Reef Invertebrate book, which we ordered from Amazon.co.uk at the start of January only to find out now that it's not currently available, and we've been given a new delivery date of late May. Do you guys ship directly or know of a UK distributor we can order a copy from? Thanks again for the site, our fish love you. Laura & Alec  <we have a distributor right in merry ole England in fact! DO inquire with our dear friend Tim Hayes of Midland Reefs:  website: www.midlandreefs.co.uk   e-mail at: midlandreefs@inverts.demon.co.uk   with kind regards, Anthony>

Reef Invertebrate Book in Canada 3/17/04 Hi Crew, <howdy> Looking to get the Reef Invertebrate book, found not currently carried by Amazon <hmmm... do you mean not listed on Amazon.ca (Canada)? If so... understood/agreed. But the American Amazon.com website ships our books to Canada> and not listed at Chapters. Did the search on wetwebmedia for a Canadian source and Saltwater Connection was indicated. E-mailed them and got no response. Anyone else? Mark Pyper, Edmonton Alberta <yes... we have three other Canadian dealers listed under "dealers and distributors" at readingtrees.com Lisa's Lair Bookstore 15 McDougal Avenue, Chatham, Ontario N7M 3A1 phone: 1-519-352-5573 http://www.geocities.com/lisachromis/LisasLairBookstore.html Mail Order Pet Supplies www.mops.ca 1-888-648-MOPS Ancaster, ONTARIO, CANADA J&L Aquatics www.jlaquatics.com Retailer Vancouver, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA Saltwater Connection www.saltwaterconnection.com Retailer & Mail Order MANITOBA, CANADA best regards, Anthony Calfo>


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