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Black Corals, Order Antipatharia

Bob Fenner

Antipathes, FJ

Order Antipatharia: Black Corals, Thorny Corals

Genus Antipathes:

Antipathes sp. Bushy Black Coral. Finely branched to the point of bushiness. Colored gold to brownish. Circumtropical genus. N. Sulawesi pix. 

Antipathes atlantica. Atlantic Black Coral. Roatan 2016

Antipathes dichotoma.  Black Coral. The largest black coral tree species in the Red Sea. Used for its hard proteinaceous endoskeleton in the jewelry trade. Close up by Diana Fenner.

Antipathes galapagensis (poss.). In a swim through cave in Puerto Vallarta 2015.
Antipathes gracilis Orange Sea Fan Black Coral. 1.5-4'. Uniplanar colonies that are stiff and primary and secondary branching. Roatan 2017  
Antipathes pennacea.  Black Coral. A nice stand in Cozumel 2014.

Genus Cirripathes:

Cirripathes anguina, Whip Coral, Red Sea. Often twisted on its singular axis. Red Sea pix by Diana Fenner.

Cirripathes (Stichopathes) leutkeni, Wire Coral. Tropical West Atlantic. Up to fourteen feet in length. Cozumel image.

Cirripathes sp. Yellow Whip Coral, Bunaken, N. Sulawesi,

Cirripathes sp. Nuka Hiva, Marquesas, Polynesia.

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