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FAQs about the Barracudas

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Bonsai barracudas?   8/21/06 i have found a supplier who sometimes has them. he told me that if they are kept in a small aquarium that they will stay small is this  true? <Mmm, Sphyraenids? Nope. Please see here: http://fishbase.sinica.edu.tw/Summary/FamilySummary.cfm?ID=360 the link below "show species"... Bob Fenner>

Barracuda 8/24/05 Hi, this is Miles <Hello, this is Bob>            I was  wondering, how often are barracudas in the aquarium trade. <Very infrequently... Sphyraenids ship very poorly, don't live due to damage...> How much do they usually cost just be guessing. And if they are in the  trade what is the most commonly seen one on order list. Thanks Miles <Have never seen on a collector's or wholesaler's list. Bob Fenner>

Barracuda? 8/19/05 Hi Bob, was wondering if I could have your opinion on a minimum tank size for a Big-eye Barracuda. Thanks  <Adam here today.  A reasonable minimum for this fish would be several hundred gallons.  This is a "reef associated" but largely pelagic fish built for cruising hundreds of yards or miles daily and for relatively short (tens of yards) bursts of blinding speed.  Unfortunately, even though it is small by barracuda standards at roughly two feet, it is best left to the ocean or public aquaria.  Best Regards.  AdamC.>

Barracuda feeding Hi gang, <Hello> I recently inherited a 4.5 inch barracuda from someone else's tank that was being torn down. I have him housed in a 75 gallon FOWLR with a 18 inch chainlink eel, a 4 inch Volitans lion, a couple of hermits, a serpent star, and a pencil urchin. While I do understand that the barracuda will eventually outgrow any tank that I could ever hope to provide, I thought this was better than being destroyed now. <Agreed> The former owner had fed him live goldfish and I was also able to do the same while he was in quarantine. In the display tank, however, he isn't able or willing to compete with the lionfish. I have the other inhabitants including the lion on a diet of mostly silversides enriched with vitamins and aminos. I have tried corralling the lion while introducing live food but my presence is disrupting his feeding. Do you have any ideas on how to help the barracuda compete for food? <I would make a feeding stick that I could attach the silversides to and "race" these at the surface, back and forth. Eventually the fish will take these> Preferably converting him to frozen? Maybe a food source that the lion would not find appealing but yet the barracuda would enjoy. Thanks in advance for your thoughts. <And grade up with growth to larger silversides, then smelt. Bob Fenner>

Re: Barracuda feeding I'm sad to report that the barracuda has left us. <Rats!> He was very strong and active with the feeding as the only issue. This morning he appeared to be okay but then 3 hours later he was gone. Now, to tell the wife and kids.  Ugh <Peace to you. Bob Fenner>

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