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The Ghoulish Scorpion/Stonefishes of the Subfamily Choridactylinae (Inimicinae)

Bob Fenner

 Inimicus didactylus


   Subfamily Choridactylinae (Inimicinae). Two genera, ten species.

Inimicus caledonicus (Sauvage 1878), the Chinese Ghoul. Indo Pacific; Andaman Sea to Australia, PNG. To ten inches in length. Easily missed due to its camouflage, but still venomous.  


Inimicus didactylus (Pallas 1769), the Bearded Ghoul. Indo-West Pacific; Thailand to Vanuatu, up to China. To eight and a half inches in length. Very venomous to the touch. Aquarium photos. Below: Pix in N. Sulawesi.

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Inimicus filamentosus Cuvier 1829, Two-Stick Stingfish, Red Sea Walkman... Western Indian Ocean; Red Sea, east Africa to the Maldives. To ten inches in length. A fish that really walks about... on its pelvic fin elements. This one strutting its stuff in the Red Sea.

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