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FAQs on the Labrisomid Blennioids 

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Malacoctenus bohlkei

FISH ID      10/5/17
<Ohhhh, where did you get/collect this fish from? BobF>
Not very active he either sits on the ground or he'll hide in the back of the powerhead he tends to go head-to-head with the peppermints but he doesn't attack them he kind of just sits there he's got four black circles on his back and there orange lined

Re: FISH ID      10/5/17
It's a friend of mine LFS someone surrendered it. Why.?
<Brings to mind a local (S. Cal.) Blennioid... found off the coast. Helps me to narrow down the species ID. BobF>
Re: FISH ID      10/5/17

Collected by a diver friend that a local fish store of mine my friend knows from the Gulf of Mexico that's where he's pretty sure but definitely Florida not sure how close toward the keys Gulf of Mexico or if it was like up towards the Panhandle part of the Gulf of Mexico but who knows it could just be near the keys but I don't know it's kind of like shimmies like almost collides on the bottom he's very aware and I watched him literally like not attack but he was going toe-to-toe with the peppermint shrimp and he went forward the peppermint went for it and they both kind of like we're like staring each other down but they never end up hurting each other or even trying to put it was just funny but it's a weird looking fish and has a cup filefish tip with like dragonette qualities
<I do think this fish is Paraclinus marmoratus. Bob Fenner>
Re: FISH ID      10/5/17
Surrendered he didn't.

I called the LFS my friends who owns the store has his own diver get fish so there humanly caught higher prices but better chance of disease not being an issue.
<Ah good>
He caught this fish in the GULF of Mexico of Florida's West coast,. After weeks of tank animation he hooks up
a box truck retrofitted with a wall of tanks. Inverters connected to battery. To inverters just from Wal-Mart can push 2000 Watts so he runs return pump and heater// our the trucks cooler "like a good truck cooler". after that are tank stabilized for maybe 3/4wks. The other side of the truck is the invert wall.. Heck my 120 with two xr30 radeons of Vectra M1 and MP40 to Jagger 250 maxspect s200 protein skimmer about 4 maxijet 1200 running different reactors to 200w heaters I don't have a cooler because I live in Buffalo if anything I just dropped a Gatorade ice Gatorade bottle instead of the return pump my temperature is always consistently at 79 degrees so I mean all he basically need this is maybe 3 decent size return pumps he put some Maxi Jets lower models in the tanks with fish that need more water flow than others no feeding obviously throughout the time do too obvious reasons but it's only 12 hours so it's not going to hurt anybody this way when they arrive they're not shell
shocked and starving...
>Sounds good<
He doesn't like to collect coral but honestly this has to be the coolest and most humane way to bring fish from Florida to Buffalo.... Each 10-20-29 gal tank has certain fish based on their size aggression Etc but they all have consistently flowing water it's only a 12-hour trip so there's not much need for the worry of ammonia or nitrite
Spike's because he stops halfway and does a like 20% water change and also uses I think some sort of amp well or prime he brings them in catches them bags them and brings them into the store individually from the truck but
like I said there was no surrender
<Matt; I don't know what you're referring to here. Surrender?><<Ahh, Bob, the fish was wild-caught, i.e. NOT surrendered from a former hobbyist/owner>>
I was just assuming the fish he can't really sell it because he doesn't know what it is and he doesn't want to
sell it without getting more information on if it's reef safe what it can and can't be with what it can and cannot kill or what it eats it's been in their few months meaning obviously it eats the basic Frozen but I mean eating like does it eat coral does it eat sponges does it eat you know polyps on corals does he need at pages does it eat whatever that's why I said hey let me message wet web and see what they have to think. As far as it being some sort of blenny he's a very slow-moving I know my bunnies Dart across the tank so fast like a lightning bolt lawnmower blenny should be called John Deere blennies because they're fast as a MF
<Did you not get my prev. email? I think this is Paraclinus marmoratus. Bob Fenner>
Re: FISH ID      10/5/17

Paraclinus marmoratus. I didn't get that. No..... Someone wrote after I days maybe surrendered (why?)
<? I still don't get it>
Re: FISH ID      10/5/17

Exactly right on the identification thank u Bob. Mr. Fenner sorry
Paraclinus marmoratus.
<Cheers Matt. B>

Saddle Blenny (Malacoctenus triangulatus) Diet   02/11/2008 Hi Gang, <<Hello, Andrew here>> Love your website. It has been extremely helpful for me. I have an extremely quick question. I have already "Googled" looking for the answer. What is the diet for a Saddle Blenny? <<Omnivores. Feed this fish brine, Mysid.. foods of that ilk.. Adding algae to the diet is a good idea too. More info can be found here and the linked Articles and FAQ's http://www.wetwebmedia.com/blennioids.htm and http://www.wetwebmedia.com/labrisomids.htm >> Thank you in advance, Felecia Williamson <<Thanks for the question. A Nixon>>

Who Am I? Not a Hawkfish Hello Everybody at WetWebMedia: Thank you very much for your help in the past. I was wondering if you guys could identify this little critter I picked up at my local fish dealer. He said it's a goby, but I'm almost sure it's a hawkfish of genus Cirrhitichthys. I couldn't find any picture of it on your site or on fishbase.org. It doesn't have the mouth of a goby -- the jaw shape is of a predator. It's just over an inch in size and it scoots around the bottom of the tank, resting at spots like a mandarin fish. It changes color somewhat when it's on the sand of my tank. Your looking at the more colorful "live rock" phase. The other phase is more washed out. It's a neat fish. I'm glad I have it. The other inhabitants ignore it, even the Dottyback and the much larger Tangs. Thank for your help. -Ian Berger <Looks to be a species of Labrisomid Blenny. Please see here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/labrisomids.htm and fishbase.org, other places on the Net. Bob Fenner>

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