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The Basslets of the Genus Liopropoma

Bob Fenner

 A Liopropoma rubre

Species/Notes of Interest to Aquarists:

There are at present some twenty four described species in this bass genus, and if you look closely where they're found, quite a few (though reclusive) specimens. Given their great beauty, small size, and interesting, intelligent behavior, it's a shame not more find their way into the ornamental aquatics trade.

Liopropoma africanum Smith 1954. The African Basslet. To 8 cm. East African coast to Sumatra. Aquarium pic.

Liopropoma carmabi Randall 1963, the Candy Basslet. To 6 cm. Tropical West Atlantic. Aquarium pic.

Liopropoma eukrines Starck & Courtenay 1962, the Wrasse Bass. To 13 cm. Western Atlantic: North Carolina to Florida Keys in USA. Aq. pic. http://fishbase.org/Summary/species Summary.php?ID=3330&genusname=

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Liopropoma fasciatum Bussing 1980, the Banded Bass. Tropical eastern Pacific. To seven inches overall length. A deepwater, shy species that hangs out in caves. It's easily trained to stay out in the open in captivity. Aquarium photo, here at the Birch, SIO. Rarely offered in the trade.

Liopropoma multilineatum Randall & Taylor 1988. The Manyline Perch. To 8 cm. Western Pacific. Aquarium pic.

Liopropoma pallidum (Fowler 1938), the Pallid Bass. To 6.4 cm. Pacific Plate; Caroline, Tuamotus, Marianas.  Photos provided by Josh Evans

Liopropoma rubre Poey 1861, the Peppermint Bass. Tropical west Atlantic. To three and a half inches in length. A small, shy beauty that adapts well to peaceful surroundings that include dark caves to hide and sleep in. Aquarium images.

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The images in this table are linked to large (desktop size) copies. Click on "framed" images to go to the larger size.

Liopropoma susumi (Jordan & Seale 1906), Meteor Perch. To 9 cm. Indo-Pacific; Red Sea to Micronesia. Found on/in reefs to 34 meters depth. Aquarium pic.

Liopropoma swalesi (Fowler & Bean 1930). To 5 cm. in length. Found near dense branching coral at about 25 meter depths. Western Pacific: Indonesia and New Britain. Distinctive orange stripes. Aquarium photo by Hiroyuki Tanaka. 

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