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FAQs about Non-Vertebrate Animal Behavior

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Upside down snails and stars   4/24/07 Hello. I have a quick question. I have some turbo snails along with a Chocolate-chip starfish. It seems like every so often, some of the snails along with the starfish (not at the same time) fall on their back. It seems to me if I didn't assist them in getting right side up they never would. Am I wrong? Is it possible for them to turn right side up? <No, they don't have any method/mechanism to self-right. The starfish has a better chance than the snails however. If either have substrate within short reach they often rectify however this is the main cause of loss of snails in aquaria> Thanks a lot... <Interesting quirky question, pleasure, Olly> <<Mmm, something is amiss here... water chemistry-wise... Please take a read through the Systems, and Disease FAQs files for Gastropod Snails and Asteroids. RMF>>

Inactive Inverts  - 03/02/07 Hello again, <Hi Joe, Mich here.> I asked a question the other night that has nothing to do with this topic, but was so satisfied with the response I figured I should always come here, but not overflow you with questions. <You are most welcome here.> Ok to the question. <Alrighty!> I have about 9 snails and 7 hermits in my tank. <Would be helpful to know the tank size here for potential food available.> They include 3 Astraea, 1 turbo, 2 margarita, and 3 Nassarius snails. The crabs include 4 blue legs and 3 red legs. I notice that many of the crabs and  snails don't move a whole lot. I noticed about 1 red leg constant active and 2  blue legs active. I know they move, but will remain still for a long period of time. They aren't quite dead, but move to a different spot when I move them.   <Ode to Monty Python....I'm not dead yet!> They are pretty active at night.   <Safer time to be active in it's natural environ.> I notice about all the Nassarius snails, 2 Astraea, and 1 margarita snails are also active. My one turbo hasn't moved much  at all, and the 1 margarita and Astraea are slow moving. Could it be my Flame  angel bugs them? <I doubt it.> Or do they just fall and have trouble getting up. <Most snails have difficult up righting themselves.  You may need to provide assistance, especially with hermit crabs present.  They will go after the snails for their shells.> Maybe my food  source is bad? <Possible that there may not be enough.> There is plenty of brown diatoms for them to eat to.  Any advice? <Many possibilities here.  Could be lack of food, lack of nutrition, or possibility an imbalance in your water chemistry.  I would check your calcium and magnesium levels in particular.  Try a good size water change and see if you notice any increase in activity.>   Thanks again, Joe. <You're welcome!  -Mich>

Re: Inactive Inverts   3/3/07 <Hello Joe!  Mich with you again.> My tank is 36 gallons with 40 lbs of live rock. I am due for a big water change this weekend, will take out at least 6 gallons this week, and 6 next week. <Is it possible for you to do a larger water change?> Nitrates were at 15, this has to get down, Calcium was at 400 with 10 KH.  All other levels were good. <Vague.> I do try to help them get right side up, but they get on the move and fall again. <Something seems anomalous.  I would do a large water change.  I still suspect magnesium could be a possible issue in these situations.> The crabs seem alive, but again not moving at all. Especially the red hermits. What should I provide as a food sources? <Usually hermit crabs are anything but picky.> The blue legs are the only real active hermits. <Good luck!  I hope the water change helps.  -Mich> <p.s. in the future please include prior correspondences.>

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