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Marine Links Input/FAQs



Inclusion on the MarLinks page     1/8/17
Hi there WWM Crew,
My name's Al, I absolutely love this hobby and have a website, SaltwaterAquariumBlog.com. It's been around since 2009. I was hoping you'd be willing to link to it from your MarLinks page. Can you let me know the best way to do that?
<I will talk to our founder, Bob Fenner, and have him get back to you about this>
I've linked out to WWM for years from my Resources Page, you were my go-to resource when I first got started in the hobby.
<Glad to hear you are a fan of the site. Thanks for the publicity!>
No big deal if you can't link out, but I figured no harm in asking. I hope all is well with you and please let me know if there is ever anything I can do to help.
Al Ulrich
Saltwater Aquarium Blog
<I will have Bob get hold of you and see if we can work something out to help you. Cheers, Gabe>
Re: Inclusion on the MarLinks page     1/8/17

<Thank you for your efforts Al; will add today. Bob Fenner>
Email 1/7     1/8/17

Hi Bob-
This is Gabe from the crew. I responded to an email tonight 1/7 about possibly adding a link to a blog to our site. I am going to move the message to your folder so you can see it. I told the sender that you would contact him since you were in charge :)
Gabe Walsh, WWM Crew
<Thanks Gabe. Have responded; will add today. BobF>

list     7/26/`14
Hello, I just found your site and I was wondering how I could get my hobby website added to your list. My website is called Mad Hatter's Reef and it can be found at http://www.madhattersreef.com.
Thank you for your time, Jeff
<Ah, you're doing so... Will add later today or tomorrow. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

listing; Hobbyist SW info. site       7/21/14
Good day,
Would you be able to add my website to your listing? I have been running the site for about a year now. My url is http://www.livecoralreef.com and the site name is LiveCoralReef. If you could add it that would be great.
<Will look up your site to determine where it should be placed in our links and do so tomorrow>
Thank you.
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>
Re: listing      7/21/14

Thank you for your reply Bob,
Have you had a chance to take a peek at the site as of yet?
<Ah yes; and placed the link: Saltwater, Hobbyist Sites... on WWM. Thank you for your efforts. BobF>
Re: listing      7/21/14

I appreciate that. Thank you so much. Is there anything I can do for your site?
John Riker
<Ahh! Perhaps join our Crew in responding to queries in time. B>
Re: listing      7/21/14

Also, are your links follow or no follow?
<Mmm; you click on and they go to the linked URL.>

Weblink      5/15/14
Hey Guys!
This is Matthew Stansbery writing you from www.reefs.com! ! We would love the opportunity to have our website link listed under your Hobby section in the Helpful Links section! Our local club forum is also something we love
to have listed: http://www.manhattanreefs.com
Please let me know if you can squeeze us in!
<Ah yes. Will post later today. Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner>
Matthew Stansbery 

Request to add OCReef.com to Wet Web Media Website   2/14/14
Hi Mr. Fenner:<Dave>It's a pleasure and honor to meet you sir. I wanted to ask if you could add our OCReef.com website under your resource area section for online reef aquarium supply websites on your wetwebmedia.com website. Please advise. Thank you for your time, it's greatly appreciated.
<Sure. Will do on the morrow. BobF>
Best Regards,
David Hoover - Director of Operations
Orange County Reef Aquatics Inc.

Article or Helpful Link     10/18/13
Hello WWM Crew
I was wondering what I could do to have an article written about a new website that I launched last month? The website allows hobbyist to track their water parameters, evaporation, filter media, livestock, and more.
It's called reefware.com and is free to join.
Thank you for your time!
Klimt Maston | Reefware
<Ah, will add to our links pages for hobbyists. Thank you for your efforts.
Bob Fenner>
RE: Article or Helpful Link   10/19/13

Thanks Bob!
Appreciate the help,
<A pleasure. BobF>
Klimt Maston | Reefware
RE: Article or Helpful Link    11/6/13

I was just wondering what section of your site my link was listed under?
<Try the search tool? It's on the marine links page... B>
Took a look around tonight and wasn't able to find it.
Thanks again,
Klynt Maston | Reefware

Article or Helpful Link     10/18/13
Hello WWM Crew
I was wondering what I could do to have an article written about a new website that I launched last month? The website allows hobbyist to track their water parameters, evaporation, filter media, livestock, and more.
It's called reefware.com and is free to join.
Thank you for your time!
Klimt Maston | Reefware
<Ah, will add to our links pages for hobbyists. Thank you for your efforts.
Bob Fenner>
RE: Article or Helpful Link   10/19/13

Thanks Bob!
Appreciate the help,
<A pleasure. BobF>
Klimt Maston | Reefware

For Bob: Plug needed  1/5/11
Hello Bob,
I am looking for a "plug" for our new website. I am a big fan of WWM, and would like to advertise your site on my new site. I just need a text description of what you guys do to place under your banner.
<Mmm, likely the verbiage on our banner here:
The site can be seen at :
<Neat! I especially like the kinetic rolling of the top and tabs... and clicking noise>
I was thinking of some sort of text from the main web page :
"WWM is probably the most comprehensive aquarium hobby and business site on the Internet. Because of the vast amount of information here, we get something like 20-30,000 site visitors every single day, all of them looking for practical information they can rely on. There are literally thousands of articles available on WWM, with new articles being added every month.
<Oh! I like your spiel even better!>
The WWM crew also get a stack of e-mail messages every day from aquarists needing help, and when those questions are answered, they're folded into the various FAQ pages, providing site visitors examples of real-world problems and solutions.
<If this will all fit on, I say place it>
The combination of new articles and expanded FAQ pages means that WWM is a web site that grows in an organic sort of way. On the one hand, that means that WWM keeps pace with changes in the hobby, with new information constantly being made available to site visitors. But for those visitors new the site, finding their way around can be a little confusing.
<Well, all right ee!>
The idea of this article is to fillet the site down to its bare essentials.
If you follow the steps outlined here, you'll get the most from the site in the shortest possible amount of time. You're always welcome to e-mail the crew directly, but if you have sickly fish or some other type of time-sensitive issue, then knowing your way around WWM could be a real life saver."
<Hoo hooo!>
But I would need your permission to link and provide that text. If not, is there an alternate text I can use? There is no cost to you.
<No worries; looks great. Will place a link of your new site as well.
Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Link exchange request from OCReef.com  7/10/10
Hello Wet Web Media Representative,
I came across your quality aquarium fish related website and would like to know if you would be interested in a link exchange with our website www.ocreef.com. We have a PR of 4. Let me know if this would possible. Thank you for your time, it's greatly appreciated.--
Best Regards,
David Hoover - Director of Operations
Orange County Reef Aquatics
(949) 429-8034
<Will place on WWM's marine/reef links page, under etailers of drygoods and livestock. Bob Fenner>

Full Scale Marine Life - Quick Plug, Aussie link  -- 03/18/10
Hi Crew,
Please excuse me if you don't allow these types of posts.
My Australian online store, Full Scale Marine Life
http://www.fullscale.com.au has been running for a few months now, and I just wanted to let people know that we are shipping right across the country offering very competitive prices.
<I take it your prices are in Australian dollars, and that you do not ship outside the country, e.g. to the U.S.. Will list your business in our Links pages. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

New SoCal based site -- 02/02/10
I got this message over at a forum I "moderate"...
Hi! Sara I just hope you won't mind me sending this message through here, but we would like you invite you and tap you knowledge about the hobby of reef keeping, we are in the process of upgrading our site (http://www.seareef.com/ ) to BV 4.0 and we would be honored if you and the crew of WWM be a special guest on our site here in So. California.
thank you
Coral diver aka Jojo
<Mmm, don't know who this/these folks are, but will place link on the Marine/Reef Links Pages. BobF, yes, who lives in the same town>
Re: New SoCal based site -- 02/02/10
Lynn, James-- Honestly, I'm not so sure what they are asking.  I'll end him a PM asking for details. 
Neale, I don't think there was any "meeting" that has passed.  I think they're just musing about having some sort of chat session (or what have you) with a (or all) WWM crew members.  Or, maybe they just want us to come hang out at their forum.  I don't know.  I'm already committed to act as a "special guest" on one forum and that's about all the ego-bust I can handle. ;-)
Sounds good, Sara.  I'll go ahead and register at the site since I'm not a member.
Take care,

Link for UK reef bb  1/26/10
Dear fellow reefer,
I am one of a team of 5 that moderates a web based marine forum.
The forum is called Ayrshire Reef Keepers and can be found here. http://ayrshirereefkeepers.co.uk/forum/index.php?sid=48d85472d3531e41390e756ccad0eede
<A new bb... in the UK>
The team have noticed that there are lots of various marine forums and related websites of which our members would also be able to benefit from being part of. What we would like to propose is that we would be allowed by
yourself to include a link to your forum/website on our forum in a dedicated section where we will compile a database type setup of other useful marine related forums and links.
If you were agreeable to this we would also be happy to have a link in your site to our forum. As most reef keepers are members of multiple forums/websites, in order to maximise the ever growing numbers in our beloved hobby it makes sense that we create an easy pathway for people to gain access and use all the other resources that are available.
<Link us if you wish>
I hope this meets your approval and look forward to hearing back from you with your thoughts on the matter so we can move forward with the idea above. If you have any further questions I would be glad to be able to try and answer them for you.
Contact me via the link above my username is Brian
Kindest regards, Brian Martin
<And you. Bob Fenner>

Website Inquiry, SW Biz link   11/3/09
I recently came across your website and thought you might be interested in exchanging links with us - Aquacon.com?
Aquacon.com, since 1996, has offered the largest in stock selection of Saltwater fish, Live corals, Invertebrates, and Aquarium Supplies for your home or office. Our Aquarium
Please take a look at our site, www.Aquacon.com, If you feel our site would be useful to your visitors, we'd appreciate being added as a resource. And, of course, we will reciprocate.
<I have seen your site over the years, very nice. And we will place a link on our Business section, Saltwater for free; no need to reciprocate. I do encourage you to become an advertiser though. We have twice the readership
of ReefCentral... and vastly more than all other such sites. See Compete.com or other stat.s tools. Please read here re: www.Aquacon.com
Bob Fenner>
Thank you for your consideration. I hope to hear from you soon!
Kind Regards,

Link Request -- 11/22/09
Dear WetWebMedia,
<Hello Greg>
Greg Watkins here from Saltwater Eddies, LLC. I would like to put a link to your site at
If you have any concerns, please let me know. Also, I would appreciate
it if you could place a link back to my site,(Saltwater Eddies, LLC) :
http://www.saltwatereddies.com/, as I am trying to improve the "link popularity" of our company.
SaltwaterEddies.com caries saltwater aquariums and reef tank supplies and more. We are a full service, secure e-commerce saltwater aquarium and reef tank related website accepting PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Discover Cards via Google Checkout.
Thank you for your time.
Greg D Watkins
4500 Nicholson Rd, Vancouver, WA 98661
<Will gladly post on the morrow. Bob Fenner, WWM common progenitor>

Re: From The Reef Tank, link to place  1/27/2009 Hi Bob, <Ava> Just to explain again, The Reef Tank (http://www.thereeftank.com) is a forum and blog devoted as an outlet for saltwater hobbyists to discuss saltwater developments, corals, fish, ocean conservation, marine life, and more. <Ahh!> By contacting WetWebMedia, I was hoping for two things. One, I noticed that you have various types of "Aquatic" articles on the site and I was wondering if someone from your group would be interested in guest blogging for our site. You would be exposed to a community of almost 250,000 users a month. <I see> However, you wouldn't be able to use an article that was already written--we ask for original content only. <As do we... on our sites as well as e-zine...> Also, I was wondering if you'd be interested in doing a link exchange. You would put us on your General Links page in the Hobbies category and in turn, we would add you to our Resources page found here: http://www.thereeftank.com/links.html <I will gladly place said link.> Please let me know if you are interested in any of these possibilities. Thank you! Ava <And post your message for others response here. Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner>

Aquatic Site Link Exchange 11/20/2008 Hi, We would very much like to do a link exchange with your site. We just need your banner info and we will place it on our website page here: http://www.finsdepot.com/links. <Ah, tis here: http://wetwebmedia.com/Banner%20Ad%20Matters/Banner%20Ad%20GIFs.htm> If you could kindly place us under your link category : * Retailers/E-tailers* ** We would appreciate it very much. Thanks! Stu *www.FinsDepot.com Where Customer Service And Taking Care of Your Fish Is Our Top Priority <Will do. Good luck in your business endeavours. Bob Fenner>

Could you add our link to your links page? 06/06/2008 Dear Bob and Mike, I am a longtime visitor of WetWebMedia and started an aquarium related site myself I guess nearly two years back now. I was wondering if you wouldn't mind adding a link to it to your links page? It's the Aquarium Fish and Coral Reef Forum at http://www.fishforum.com Please let me know if you can add it, the folks who moderate the forum and I would really appreciate it! Thanks, Mike <I will gladly add your link. Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner>> >

SeaQuest Marine Link Exchange Request - 04/21/08 I have enjoyed reading The Consensus Marine Aquarist for many years, and I recommend it to anyone interested in getting into the hobby or looking for a great reference book. I came across your web site today and found it very interesting with a wealth of information. I am currently creating a links page for our customers with links to sites with helpful information, and I would like to request a link exchange with your site. SeaQuestMarine.com (http://www.seaquestmarine.com) is an online supplier of quality aquarium supplies, and I would be very thankful if you were to add us to your list of Retailers/E-tailers. Thanks for your time, and thanks again for the education and awareness you have provided for this hobby. Regards, Jim Whitney http://www.seaquestmarine.com <Will post. Cheers, Bob Fenner> New "DIY" Business: http://www.ecoreeftechnologies.com Just wondering if you would possibly give me a plug for my new business. It is live on the web, but I have not tried advertising, as I am currently still preparing my inventory. I do not know if you are favorable to trying to make a 100% man made marine environment, or if you support DIY projects <I do indeed> to get those of us less financially fortunate into the hobby. These are my goals. Thus, the reason for my E-Book with DIY kits. I don't plan to get rich, nor do I plan to make this my full time job. But, I would like to help some folks get into the hobby at a reduced price and I would also love to see this hobby take the eco friendly path of not removing so much from the oceans and seas. Rather, try and use man made materials <Mmm, a necessary note here... there is not net zero impact to be had... the ingredients, energy to process, transport, retail... all take time, fuel, resource... with concomitant strain on the environment in general. My current fave example is folks in some tropical countries making base plugs for frags... with cement made from... coral, coral rock...> and captive bred species to further the hobby without expending the environment. Thus, the reason for my trademarked Eco Reef Rock. If the business does well, I may venture into raising captive fish and corals for sale. But, that would be far into the future. Have a look and see what you think. http://www.ecoreeftechnologies.com A link to your site is on my affiliations page. You provide some good information for the general public. Thanks for looking.<Neat concept. Will gladly post/share. Cheers, Bob Fenner>>

link on your web site, SW info., products   1/30/08 Good day, My name is Patrice Lapointe from www.madcaptains.com I found your site the other week and really like the information in it. great job. Actually, I have add a few link to your site on my own web site My website is new online and it would be great if more people know about it. For this, I was wondering if you would accept to add a link to it on your website. Thank you for your time Best Regards Patrice Lapointe Mad Captain's Aquarium www.madcaptains.com <Will gladly do. Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner>

Link Request   1/11/08 I was wondering if I could be included in your link database, under the livestock- business section. The name Reef Cleaners would be fine, but we specialize in Clean Up Crews, so it might be more informative if "Clean up Crews" was added in parenthesis, but it is up to you. The address of the website is "http://www.reefcleaners.org" We have already linked to your site under the links section because of your fine work in educating aquarists, including my self. All the Best, John Maloney <Will gladly place. Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner>

Link to Capitol Aquarium - 7/3/07 Hello, We have a new website for Capitol Aquarium in Sacramento, CA that includes a video walking tour of the 9,000 square foot store. I was wondering if you could include a link on your site: http://www.capitolaquarium.net Thanks! Mark Pasley <Ah, yes... certainly. Have visited there many times over the last few decades... Huge Clown Loaches, some very olde tanks, amazing selection... Cheers, Bob Fenner> Link to a Reef Podcast site    6/18/07 Bob, I was hoping to exchange links with your site. I love your site and it has an unbelievable amount of info. I run a reefkeeping podcast at http://120gallons.blogspot.com. I'll mention wetwebmedia on the podcasts and on my blog. -Brian <Will gladly post a link to your site. Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner>

Links   5/9/07 Would   you please add our  store  to your links page :)  saltwater fish https://id301.securedata.net/godscreationsunderthesea.com/merchantmanager <Yes. BobF>

New Aquarium Shop in Ukiah, CA, Link  4/10/07 Good Morning Mr. Fenner, <Daniel and Patti!> We wanted to share with you the opening of our new Aquariums store *307 N. State, Ukiah, CA, Mendocino County* ( Wine Country). <Ah, yes... some... seventy miles north of San Fran... saw a show just the other night out here in HI re the People's Temple... time there...> Our Store name is "*Wine Country Aquariums*" <Ooh, good name> we are specializing in Marine fish, Reef Corals, custom set-up and maintenance and we also carry a small variety of fresh water fish and plants.  Our focus is on educating and starting off on the right foot for newcomers and getting you back on the right track for old timers. <Heee! Great> We refer all our customers to your website as we believe it is the bible for the Hobbyist and Industry. We utilize ORA as one of the vendors for our products. We would like to find out how to add our store name to your website. <Will gladly add> We would also appreciate any tips you can provide in running a successful retail operation. <Yeeikes! A big topic... I take it you have perused our aquatics business subweb: http://wetwebmedia.com/AqBizSubWebIndex/Biz%20Index/Biz%20index.htm> Thank you for time, Daniel & Patti Marling Owners Wine Country Aquariums 307 N. State St. Ukiah, CA 95482 <And congratulations on opening your new venture! Bob Fenner... No URL found>

Aquatic Web link   3/1/07 Hello, I wanted to contact you about swapping links.  I am the site owner of ReefBuzz.com.  We run a complete Saltwater Reef Aquarium portal that includes flash games, discussion forums, a complete eBay style auction, member photo galleries, and much more.  All of our services are free for our members. <I see> I would like to add your site to the informative aquarium sites section of our web links pages.  Looking forward to your response. M. Simonds ReefBuzz.com Owner <Will gladly link your site. Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner>

Advertising ??? For Bob. Link to add  - 02/22/07 Hello Bob..   Well my reason for this email is to ask if you will advertise a website that i joined? It's called Reef Builder's.. Reef Builder's is a web site where you can start a thread and ask question's about your Reef tank or any problem in general and post them so other Aquarists can help each other kinda like WWM but your not for say asking a pro... <We'll certainly add their link>   This site WWM has saved me many time's don't get me wrong.. And i still read and love WWM daily. And i thank you and the crew for all you have helped me with i appreciate you all.. Reef Builder's has added WWM as a link on there web site because i kept on referring people to WWM because i think people lack knowledge and what they really need to do is just keep reading...   If you don't want to advertise Reef Builder's it's ok i understand..   Thanks for your time Brian <Mmm, we are glad to promote others sites... this is the Net... Web... after all! Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Site Suggestion - 02/09/2007 Hi Bob. First off I must say you have a fantastic site with absolutely tons of information. I also have your book The Conscientious Aquarist, which has been a great help, particularly when I was just starting to learn about reef aquariums. <Ah, good> Anyway, I noticed that you have a page with many links to various webs site about salt water aquariums. I have started a site, myself, all about the basics of starting and maintaining a reef aquarium. I still have a lot to add and as of today I have around 40 pages. I am adding content almost every day. <Is a very involved task indeed... with need for regular maintenance, checking for dead links> I was wondering if you have time to visit my site to see if it is worthy to add to your list. http://www.reefbasics.com Thanks for your time. John <Outstanding. Will gladly add this to our marine links page. Bob Fenner> Link to your site I am requesting a link on your site.  I have added a link on my "links" page which you can view at http://www.youraquariumcenter.com/related_links. I would very much appreciate your consideration of a link to my site at http://www.youraquariumcenter.com. Thank you! Freda Ludwig <I will place your add under Marine Links, e-tailers. Bob Fenner> SW Link to add, commercial, lvstkg. Hi Bob, We would like to link to your site. Our web store address is; www.Tropicaloceanreef.com We sell, and ship, quality saltwater fish, corals and inverts. Our banner information is: > <div align="center"><a > href=" http://www.novtech.us/go/ads/adclick.php?log=yes&bannerid=9&zoneid=&source=&dest=http%3A//www.tropicaloceanreef.com"><img > src=" http://www.tropicaloceanreef.com/store/images/banners/torbannerad.png" > width="468" height="60" border="0"></a></div> Your website format is very nice, and we would like to be included. Please let me know. Thank you, Kurt <Real good. Will post your name/URL on our marine/reef Links Pages. BobF>

Web Forum link   12/28/06 Hey Bob, hope your holidays are/were enjoyable... Just thought I'd ask if it might be possible to add a site to the marine links page? Some good friends and I have a forum at www.everythingsalty.com that's about a year and a half old, and a real great community established so far, but we're hoping to bring in some fresh meat, so to speak.. Thanks, JustinN <Will gladly add. Thank you for your efforts. BobF> Linking to WetWebMedia  11/22/06 Hello Bob and Team <Andrew> I like the clean new look of your site. I was recently overhauling my website and noticed I had lost my links page somewhere along the line. I have now replaced it along with the link to WetWebMedia. Is there any phrase you would prefer to be used in the link text? <Mmm, maybe our sub-line: "Aquariums, Fish and Aquatic Information"> WetWebMedia once had a link to my site from the e-tailers section and I hope you might consider re-adding it to your directory. Thanks heaps for your time. -- Regards, Andrew Fuller We have added a catalogue of aquarium products available, aquarium video, more fish profiles and other improvements to www.e-aquarium.com.au <Will gladly do. Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner>

Reef site to add  - 11/04/06 I just saw your links page and I am wondering how to get my own hobby site HYPERLINK " http://vaernhoej.com/" http://vaernhoej.com on there? Nick Vaernhoej <Will gladly add. Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner> SW Etailer Link to add  again? 9/18/06 Hi  Bob I own a online retail store www.oceanreeflections.com< http://www.oceanreeflections.com/> have inquired a few times about if you could add me to your e-tailers and retailers links page, was wondering if you received my messages thanks a lot. Ken,  OceanReeFlections <Don't recall seeing such, but will gladly add. Bob Fenner>

Etailer link  7/14/06 Hi, my name is Ken been reading wet web media for a few years now, keep up the good work. I wrote you guy's about 10 days ago enquiring about getting my online store link www.oceanreeflections.com< http://www.oceanreeflections.com/>  added to your links page. Just wondering if you received my e-mail, I know you busy! Thanks again, Ken <Thank you for re-sending this. Had not seen... Will gladly add. Bob Fenner>

Etailer link  - 07/18/2006 Bob, still don't see my link, looking under Retailers/E-tailers. Did you maybe add it somewhere else? Thanks, Ken <Mmm, bizarre... must've forgotten to "save" when I closed. Will fix. BobF>   Hi, my name is Ken been reading wet web media for a few years now, keep up the good work. I wrote you guy's about   10 days ago enquiring about getting my online store link www.oceanreeflections.com< http://www.oceanreeflections.com/ < http://www.oceanreeflections.com< http://www.oceanreeflections.com/>>  added to your   links page. Just wondering if you received my e-mail, I know you busy!   Thanks again,   Ken   <Thank you for re-sending this. Had not seen... Will gladly add. Bob Fenner>

Italian reef link exchange   2/14/06 Hello . May I add a link to your marine section from my reef website ? The address of my website is http://xoomer.virgilio.it/reefimage/ As you can see is an material photo and article reef website . Thank you for attention Ciao Mauro Matoda <Will gladly do so. Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner>

Link to add 1/17/06 Oh, I've just signed up to your wetweb discussion board! - I've been a keen reader for the last few years now and I'm quite a 'forum junkie'. Never came across the wetweb forum before though. I've added a link to you on my own website (www.digital-reefs.com) - any chance of a return link? Kind regards John Clipperton Linking to WetWebMedia  12/22/05 Hello, <Hi there> First I want to say how much I enjoy and respect your site and all the info you provide. This hobby has inspired me to try my own online business and I was wondering how or if I can link to WetWebMedia? My website is www.reefgoodies.com < http://www.reefgoodies.com/>  and I am trying to get this off the ground and in the near future I am looking to advertise with WetWebMedia once I get rolling. Thank you for your consideration and time. <Will gladly add your URL/Link. You're welcome to add ours. Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner> Miles Hume Adding a Link Request   12/2/05 Hi From Ecuador Dear Mr. Fenner,  <Bob is currently out of the country, but I will pass this on to him.> We have a company in Ecuador that has been exporting Live rock, Marine and fresh water Fish, shellfish and more. Website: www.bioaquarium.com  Email: sales@bioaquarium.com  Luis A. Sevilla <Hopefully on his return, he can take a look at your link! Thank you for sharing this. -Sabrina> 

Link to update  10/6/05 Hello Crew, <Chris> I'm the webmaster of seatechaquariums.com. We appreciate your site linking to us. In return for your link to our site, we have linked your web site on our links page. You can find the link to your web site here: http://www.seatechaquariums.com/saltwateraquariumresources.asp We would appreciate it if you could update our listing on your page. Just insert this short HTML code on your web site: <p><a href=" http://www.seatechaquariums.com/">Saltwater Aquarium Supply</a><br> Professional Saltwater aquarium supply for marine and reef aquariums. Supplies saltwater aquarium lighting, decorations, water movement, and saltwater fish auto feeders. Helpful tips on your saltwater aquarium marine setup.</p> Please feel free to drop me a line if you have any questions or comments. Thank you, Chris Saltwater Aquarium Supply <Will do. Bob Fenner> http://www.seatechaquariums.com/ - chrisf@primeview.com Link to ad, sell  10/5/05 Hi ... <Hello> We would like to inquire regarding inclusion in your retail/etail links page, and we would also like to find out if there would be any problem with providing a link on our website to your online magazine.   <Mmm, will add to our links pages... but the magazine is a pay for proposition. Will send to AdamC, ScottF re> Our website is:  www.livestockusa.org Thanks for your time and have a great day, Kathy <Thanks. You as well. Bob Fenner>

Link to add 9/21/05 Hello!  We have a online saltwater fish store and I would like you to add us to your site links. Also please send me information on advertising on your  site.  Thank You.       Donna  Chaney < www.godscreationsunderthesea.com, will add. Bob Fenner>

Seahorse link to add 9/17/05 Hi Bob, I hope you are doing well. I was just looking over the list of links on the WWM site and noticed that Syngnathid.org (www.syngnathid.org) was not listed with the Hobby/Clubs/Groups under Seahorses and was wondering if you would consider adding us. Thanks so much, Leslie <Of course. Am out drinking with some folks from there as we key. BobF> Links on WWM <to add> 8/28/05 Hi Bob: <Tony> I am the Webmaster for a popular Web community devoted to cephalopods. TONMO.com is a site with 13 forums and over 60 articles pertaining to octopus and squid, tons of images and much more.  I was wondering if you could provide a link to it from your WWM site.  This is http://www.tonmo.com. <Ah, yes, have visited... very nice> I also run a site which sells live marine feeder shrimp, shipped overnight to anywhere in the US.  This is at http://www.shrimpstuff.com.   Lastly, I run a site devoted to cephalopod merchandise.  Our inventory will be growing, but for the moment we offer a Cthulhu print and t-shirts from our successful convention in August in Monterey.  This site can be found at http://www.cephstuff.com.   I've gone ahead and provided a link to your site in my Web Directory: http://www.tonmo.com/links/listing.php?cat=13 Best regards, Tony Morelli Founder, Webmaster TONMO.com: http://www.tonmo.com < http://www.tonmo.com/> ShrimpStuff.com: http://www.shrimpstuff.com < http://www.shrimpstuff.com/> CephStuff.com: http://www.cephstuff.com < http://www.cephstuff.com/> <Will add your links. Cheers, Bob Fenner> www.homereefkeeping.com link request 7/17/05 Hello Mr. Fenner,    I was wondering if you were willing to put up a link to my site on wetwebmedia.com and I would happily do the same. My url is www.homereefkeeping.com The site is still under construction but you will get the gist of it by visiting :) Thank you Catherine Wigorski www.homereefkeeping.com <Will gladly do so. Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner>

New Coldwater Site 7/9/05 Dear Mr. Fenner, <Aric> I appreciate your article introducing the basics to coldwater marine aquarium operations. May I have permission to reproduce your information on a new MSN Groups website I'm developing with a sole focus of "coldwater"?  ( http://www.wetwebmedia.com/cold.htm) My interest group website, or what is there as yet is http://groups.msn.com/DivingintoColdWaters .  I will to give full credit to contributors along with direct links to associated websites. The project is just beginning, and I will be looking into "group support" as the focus of the development, seeking out others with the interest in coldwater.  It's designed for casual viewing or member involvement as the individual chooses. I'm contacting various Washington and Oregon high school teachers and college professors that specialize in marine biology to further develop good, hands-on information of successes and failures. Important note:  This project is solely hobbyist/not-for-profit driven, but will gladly sponsor quality websites that contribute information, whether "commercially based" or "individual/interest group" oriented. Thank you much for your time, and for providing your own informative website in marine aquarium interests. Sincerely, Aric Fisher (Fish-Head Aric) <Our content use policy here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/WWMUsePolicyStmt.htm I do grant you use. Thank you for your efforts. Will post your URL on our links page. Bob Fenner> Re: Requesting Permission 7/9/05 Mr. Fenner, <Just Bob please Aric> Thank you for your prompt reply.  I am just becoming familiar with your website and, though not at all interested in "tropical" I find it all quite good.  There is much "transferable knowledge" for those that want to try coldwater but come from the tropical marine background. <Am hopeful you will be able to "translate" this to your purposes> Thank you for your support.  I wish you well. -Aric <Thank you my friend. Bob Fenner>

Re: Requesting Permission 7/9/05 Bob, Would you like to be on a group mailing for purposes of website developments and news?  Or would you prefer to simply observe at your own convenience? -Aric <The latter my friend. Time is short. BobF> Reef Monkey Link Mr. Fenner, Was wondering if you would add a link to WWM a new forum for somewhat off-beat discussions of reef tanks. http://www.reefmonkey.com - a small close knit group of mostly local to Greenville, SC reefers, we hold a forum for our local group as well as a Pennsylvania group. Much obliged. James Reefmonkey.com <Will gladly do. Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner>

Northeast Philadelphia Aquarium Society Link Dear Mr. Fenner. Around the time I sent you my last e-mail I had decided to add your site to my links page and would like to have my clubs site added to yours. we are at www.phillyfishclub.com As I side note I just realized I have just spent about 4 ours looking around your site and all I can say is WOW! Thanks! <Will gladly do. Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner>

www.saskreef.ca. link Hello Bob. Well we're organizing out here on the Canadian prairies, and in Saskatchewan we have our own website - SaskReef.ca. As your site is such a wealth of knowledge, many new marine hobbyists go there looking for answers or end up there via Google. To help Saskatchewan folks, it would be greatly appreciated if you could put a link on your links page under Hobby sites to ours - www.saskreef.ca. Thanks and keep up the great work with your site. Rick McIntyre www.saskreef.ca <Will gladly do... The owner/manager of our fave dive shop here on the Big Island is from Saskatchewan (Norm at Big Island Divers). Cheers, Bob Fenner, out there> Jebo Pumps Hi Mr. Fenner <Tony> You seem to have a few people looking to source Jebo Pumps It would be appreciated if you pointed them in our direction we are importers selling these products in UK Europe and the US Would it be possible for us to have reciprocal links between our sites www.chrystella.co.uk Kind Regards Tony Smallwood Chrystella Chrystella House 18 Stratton Road Basingstoke RG21 3NZ Hampshire United Kingdom <Will gladly do. Bob Fenner>

Link Request I would like to add my site to your links area.  Hard Rock Forums:  http://www.hardrockforums.com  Banner location: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v244/OceanReef/HRF_ry.gif  Button location: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v244/OceanReef/buttonaa.gif  <Will add the link... no banner, buttons though. Bob Fenner> If it is possible to add one of them, please do. Thank you so much. David Wick 

EBB Project, looking for petfish, aquatic science presenters Mr. Fenner, <Chris> I am writing to you on behalf of www.fragtraders.com, an online forum for marine aquarium hobbyists to share information. The forum is pretty new, started approximately 6 months ago, and we are still looking to attract guest speakers/authors who have had experience in the hobby and in the science relating to marine habitats. We would like to know if you would be interested in donating some of your time to write an article; sponsor a chat session where members would be able to post questions to you; or a standing thread dedicated to asking you questions related to marine habitats? If you are interested in any of the above avenues, or would like to suggest a different approach please let me know. Also if there are specific topics you would like to address we are interested in any input you are willing to share.  I am looking forward to your response. V/R Christopher Cutting <Thank you for your efforts. I will gladly render you whatever input I can. Time is very short however... am backed up (and getting more inefficient by the day) with projects, some deadlines. I will post your note (on WWM) and URL/link... and ask that others who have interest contact you through your site to share. Otherwise, please put me on your "tickler file" and re-contact us every quarter or so. Bob Fenner>

Could we add our link to your site? Hello, I wanted to know if we could add our forums link to your site. It would be great! <Will do so gladly> The name of the forums is "Hard Rock Forums" we have a saltwater side and a freshwater side. The saltwater side is http://www.forumer.com/reef and the freshwater side is http://www.forumer.com/fishfans and you can click on the top banner to go from one side to the other. Thanks <Real good. Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner> 

ReefFrontiers bb 1/17/05 Bob <cheers... Anthony Calfo in his stead. We all share a communal mailbox here> do you think we could get a link for our bb. The site is www.reeffrontiers.com . <glad to Michael... I've duly posted it here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/WWMAdminSubWebIndex/general_links_pg.htm under hobby links in alphabetical order. You'll also notice this message gets posted on our daily FAQ page... the most heavily trafficked page on our site... well over 10K visitors per day (some days breaking 16K in recent history I am told!). Please do consider advertising your site with a banner on ours. You'll get placement in our Conscientious Aquarist e-zine as well> Also on a side note we have been working with John Randall on putting together a picture gallery for reef fish. Its not open to the public yet (couple more days) if you get a moment take a peek and let me know what you think? <ah, yes... really outstanding. I'll place a copy of this mail in his folder to check it out. [Bobster... the URL is pushed to the bottom of this message so that it doesn't actually get posted (cut and pasted) on the dailies until Mike and the gang are ready for public release. Scroll down and peep my friend. I also took the time to update the MACNA and IMAC listings under "events" on the links page] Anthony> <Very nice... neat, clean... and look at all their sponsors! BobF> http://www.reeffrontiers.com/photos_fish/

Hello from Tradewind Chillers Dear Mr. Fenner, <Just Bob please Ted> My name is Ted Robinson and I represent TradeWind Chillers, a company formed this year manufacturing high quality chillers here in the U.S.  Three of us here worked at CustomSeaLife before they went out of business.  I also worked with Tom Mitchell at CPR Aquatic for 4 years prior to working for CustomSeaLife. <Ah, yes. I think we have met>   Our focus with TradeWind Chillers was to continue to produce high quality chillers, making improvements in any areas we had noticed while working at CSL, such as improved pressure-rated fittings and non-breakable, more flexible drop-in hoses.  We also stress the importance of strong customer service, not only with end-users with post sales support, but also helping customers correctly determine their chiller needs for a variety of applications. <All sounds reasonable> I am writing to see if you would be interested in reviewing one of our chillers.  We would be honored if you would take the time to test our chiller out, which you could keep or donate to a friend.  Just let us know which chiller would work best for you and where to send it.  We are located in Escondido.  We would also love to have you come up and see our facility as well. <Mmm, would you be willing to have one of the other fine folks here at WWM give the unit a try? Or perhaps better, a friend in the service side of the trade, Steven Pro (of Pittsburgh, PA) who has penned aquarium gear reviews/articles? I only have a few African Cichlid systems up and going (!)... will cc him here.> If you have any questions please let me know, and check out our website as well at www.tradewindchillers.com < http://www.tradewindchillers.com/> . I look forward to hearing from you. Ted <Glad to find you're still about, making fine products. I will add your company's URL to our Links pages. Bob Fenner> Utah Marine Club URL www.utahreefs.com/forum Hi Blundell, I have a question re this site: www.utahrees.com/forum.  When I click on it, it tells me to check the name and try again.  Can you please give me the correct URL. << Yes, that was stupid of me.  It is www.utahreefs.com/forum  notice how I left out the "f" in reefs?  I hope that works for you. >> Thanks again! Martin <<  Blundell  >>

Please add our club to your Hobby Clubs/ Groups list Mr. Fenner, Please add our club to your list at your earliest convenience. club name: Las Vegas Valley Reefers URL: http://www.vegasreefers.com Thank You, Jeff Hee <Will do so gladly. Bob Fenner> -- Las Vegas Valley Reefers http://www.vegasreefers.com Linking to Marine Aquarium Advice (Terry Bartelme) Hi Bob, <Terry> My name is Terry Bartelme and I have written articles for several aquarium magazines such as FAMA, TFH, Aquarium Fish magazine, Advanced Aquarist online and others. Our Website contains a library. Most of my articles are in the area of fish health management, diseases, etc. I noticed that you have a large list of links on your Website. I would like to know if you would consider adding my Website to your list. You can find it at http://www.marineaquariumadvice.com. <Will gladly do so> I appreciate your work and I enjoy referring to "The Conscientious Marine Aquarist" often. I feel that far too many pet fish are lost each year due to lack of better education for hobbyists. This is compounded by the limited availability of fish veterinarians. I am looking for resources to help change this for the better. I am working to help bring aquarium keepers together with fish veterinarians. We would like to encourage more veterinarians to incorporate aquarium fish and koi into their practice. You can find out more information about this on my "services" page. If you have any suggestions, links or resources that you can share that could help in this effort they will be greatly valued. Sincerely, Terry Bartelme Marine Aquarium Advice <Outstanding. Thank you for your notice and efforts. I do hope we meet... and someday soon! Bob Fenner>

Linking to Marine Aquarium Advice (Terry Bartelme) Hi Bob, <Terry> Thank your for your reply. I would enjoy meeting you and I think we will find that we have a lot in common. I am in Washington State. Perhaps we could talk over the telephone some time. <Or better... get on out and dive some place where a bunch of us could chat for days> Thank you for adding MarineAquariumAdvice.com  to your list of links. I will check back in a few days to see if you were successful in adding the link to your list. If you need any further information or a banner then please let me know. Thanks again for your kindness, Terry Bartelme Marine Aquarium Advice <Real good. Bob Fenner>

Link trade with our shark site. Pagerank 7 Hello, <Hi there> We Noticed you have a site related to sharks or the keyword sharks.   <Yes> We Own A Domain that has a Page Rank of 7, most of our pages are PR 6 at this time. We would like to Know if you wanted to Trade links. <Uhh...> If your page has a Pagerank of 4-6 then we would add your link to one of our pages which is also pr 4-6 until our links page is at least a pr4 then we would move your link there. If your page has a Pagerank of 7-10 we would add your link to our sharks category on our Index of our domain. <Don't have a clue as to what Page Ranking device you're referring to, and we're not interested in being ranked...> All we ask is that you do the same in return. <Will gladly link your site if it has worthwhile, pertinent content> This will increase both of our sites ranking and cost nothing except a simple small link on our pages. Let us know if your interested in doing this. Also if you have other sites which are even non related to sharks with a Pagerank of at least 4 please list them in your reply as we are always looking for link trades. Thanks CG http://www.sharks.com/ <Will take a look, add your link tomorrow. Bob Fenner> About www.fishflips.net Good morning!  The FishFlips website is now up and running at www.fishflips.net.  Please let us know what you think! <Very nicely done site... and a good concept. The small "all on one plastic card" products have too-small graphics. Yours are "human size." Good luck to you in your business venture. Bob Fenner, currently visiting at the HI house> Gaby Gardner, General Manager Julia Mark, President FishFlips™ 1104 N.W. 15th Avenue, Suite 300 Portland, Oregon  97209 Telephone:  503-833-5477 Toll Free:  877-99-FLIPS Inverts-R-Us.com (new e-store) My name is Craig. I am the owner of a new website named Inverts-R-Us and was wondering if I could be on your page of e-stores? Thank you for your time I am a fan of your website. If possible I will send you a link.                                         Craig <Go ahead. We gladly endorse all viable businesses. Bob Fenner>

Marine Life Wholesale We are tropical marine fish, corals and invertebrates importers based on the Los Angeles. We have been importing fish for over 15 years and now wish to offer our customers a greater variety. In view of the above could you please send your reply and I send our Big Stocklist Price List . Looking forward to your earliest response Yours Faithfully Briany Ster PET SEAQUARIUM Inc., Los Angeles- California <We are an information supplier, aquatics media producer (WetWebMedia.com), not directly in the livestock business. We will add your URL to our marine business links pages. Bob Fenner> Craig at Inverts-R-Us Bob,       Thank you for taking the time to read this. I am the owner of Inverts-R-Us and interested in putting your link on my website. Also, I was hoping to have my link put on your links page if possible. E-mail me back or call me on my cell and let me know what you think.                                                                      Craig Easterwood <Will gladly list your (company?) name on our Aquatics Business links page. What is the URL? Bob Fenner>

Link request I was looking thru your site and I am unsure if this is the right address to send this request to but I was hoping to see if we could get a link added on the site for us on your links pages. Our site is www.saltycritter.com < http://www.saltycritter.com/>  if this would be possible. Thank you Shawn <Will place two days hence. Bob Fenner>

Further link request Hi Bob, not to be a bother but one more thing. Is there any chance we could be added to the "Dealers and Distributors For "Reef Invertebrates", WetWebMedia and Reading Trees titles" page on your site. We currently sell Reef Invertebrates and The Book of Coral Prop on the site (currently adding more titles online) and carry many more books in the retail store including your Cons. Marine Aquarist. Shawn <Yes, thank you for your further definition and diligence in the trade. Bob Fenner> Our site is www.saltycritter.com < http://www.saltycritter.com/>  

Link to add, marine hobbyist website    Hello bob! <Hi David> last time I emailed you was about 1 1/2 years ago to identify my angler. thanks a lot for that. Id like to ask you another favor now, if possible could you please add my webpage to your link page? the address is http://grimreefers.com  or www.grimreefers.com .. just a non-profit predatory marine life forum, in fact if you are interested in having a look, I would be honored. :) cheers, and hope you had a great weekend, Dave. <Neat name, and I like the font... very fitting. Will add next few days. Bob Fenner>

Link to place. Marines from Sri Lanka Hi, <Hello there> we export marine fishes and inverts from Sri Lanka......would like to post our website address www.wetpets.lk (includes and interactive catalog and import /export information) pls advice how we could do it? Best regards, Shan <Will place on our links pages. Bob Fenner> tel/fax:+94 11 2241490

ID webpage, link to add to marine... Hi Bob Fenner, <Marc> Recently I posted a link to a webpage on my site, IDing the many creatures I have (or had) in my tanks over the past few years.  Would you like to make it a permanent link to Reefs.org to be a helpful tool for others? <Maybe> The page  has 129 items on it currently, and I update it as new livestock is added.  Each thumbnail reveals a larger image with a few comments about that item, and sometimes an URL to more information or another image. http://www.melevsreef.com/id/ <Very nice pix and concept. Will add to our marine links page> No pressure, of course,  If you don't agree that is okay. :) Marc Levenson - DFWMAS Melev on Reef Central. <Thank you for your work, sharing here. Bob Fenner>

To adopt fish-hooked.com/forum http://reelinthefish.net and to make it a lively place for people to get info and entertainment, I am creating a forum at http://fish-hooked.com/forum I saw you site and saw that you have really awesome info that would be great to share with other readers.  Would you consider adopting http://fish-hooked.com/forum as your community?  That way your viewers can read active posts and be able to garner more info - especially the boring sponge etc?  It is a great way to promote your site too as the more you post the more viewerships you will get.  I would highly recommend you include your url etc so other users can check your site out too. Even though the 2 sites haven't yet been launched officially  reelinthefish.net has already garnered a 5/10  google pagerank and fish-hooked.com has a 4/10 google page rank because many esteemed sites have already started partnering with us.  I can guarantee that you will get some good viewerships in return for your participation in the forum.  Kindly use the forum for good info as that would make people want to view your site even more. Here's looking forward to a great new partnership with you. -- With Regards Jeremy Rizal Selvanayagam <We will link your BB's when they are functional. Please send along notice re when they are ready. Otherwise we already have a forum (WetWebFotos.com). Bob Fenner> WMAMS club symposium: June 26th with WWM crew member  Adam Cesnales and more! Virgina, Baltimore, Washington DC area  Dear Anthony,  <cheers, Michael>  As I have mentioned, we are having a fairly major gathering out here this summer. Our speakers will include Bruce Carlson, Daphne Fautin, Adam Cesnales, and Joe Burger (confirmed)-  <an outstanding speakers list... I regret that I cannot make it! I would have loved to hear all of these folks speak and to see the WAMAS gang again>  and we hope to have some people from the legislative branch attend as well to discuss potential laws that may impact the hobby as well as issues related to defining "sustainable harvest"...  <very interesting>  Can you and Bob up a link for this event on wetwebmedia.com?  <will do so here... Bob is cc'ed and asked here to post a link to your website: http://www.wamas.org/  and this message will be posted and archived in the FAQ pages>  As we are in such an easy drive for many all along the eastern seaboard, the more people that are aware of this event, the greater the impact will be.  <indeed... I do hope it is a smashing success for you :)>  On a side note, please let me know your summer travel plans so I can bring the umpah-loompah girl by for some razzing :) Michael  <I must not be doing the right drugs this week... I'm lost on the Willy Wonka allusion :p Anthony>

Hello from" Captain Nemo"  To the Wet Web Media Crew:  <Hi there>  It's been a long time coming but my new company, Nemo Marine Systems (to anyone who's unaware, I started the company before the Disney movie came out!) is finally under way. I have linked WetWebMedia.com as a primary information resource under our support & partners page, and I thought you all might want to take a look.  <Okay>  We have two showrooms with awesome display tanks, much of the success the result of the wisdom imparted by the WWM crew (I even have an autographed copy of "Reef Invertebrates" wishing Nemo Marine Systems good luck and it and it seems to be working!).  I think what we are doing, while not as revolutionary as the invention of the protein skimmer, is revolutionary in that we are addressing the "gray areas" of marine aquariums to stylize, simplify and standardize the hobby so that both new comers to the hobby and people with inadequate systems are no longer overwhelmed with getting ten different answers to ten different questions from ten different people.  We are also addressing the issue (which was seminal in starting this venture), was the WWM article to consider marketing aquarium cabinetry as furniture. I think one look at our web site will show that what we are selling is truly fine furniture, just as a piece of fine art is always displayed in an equally fine frame. The topper is that we've developed a simple system that just flat out works.  No question today, just wanted to let WWM know we're here and on a roll... The URL is: http://www.nemomarine.com   <Very nice indeed>  Best wishes to all!  Steve "Capt. Nemo" Bicker  P.s. The web site is 90% complete and our coming video clips and other materials are not there yet but they will be very soon!  <Ah, will add your URL to the Marine Links page. Thank you for your note, work in the field. Bob Fenner>

Regarding http://www.wetwebmedia.com/uwfotography.htm Hello, I am creating a photography related web directory - http://www.about-arts.com/photography/ - <Very nice> and I would like to include your website http://www.wetwebmedia.com/uwfotography.htm. You can submit your site's description here: http://www.about-arts.com/photography/form.html. <Will add> A reciprocal link from your site would be appreciated. This is my linking code : <a href=" http://www.about-arts.com/photography/">Photography resources</a> - directory of photography related websites and discussion groups. Thank you, Gene Kelly, webmaster@about-arts.com. <Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner>

Deepseaforums.com Possible Link Partnership Dear FennerRobert, I am the webmaster for the site: "http://www.deepseaforums.com". We are in the process of creating reciprocal link partnerships. Since both of our sites offer similar content, exchanging links will increase both of our search engine rankings and we will each benefit from greater targeted traffic. Our site is already listed on all major search engines and has a high Google Pagerank. I have already placed a link to your site along with a description at http://www.deepseaforums.com/links.htm. I would appreciate if you would place a link back to my site using the following description: DeepSEAForums.com - Message Forums, news, and member galleries, for all things related to saltwater aquaria. Once you have added one of our links to your website, please send us an email to let us know the location of our link on your website. <Will add your link to the WetWebMedia marine links page two days hence. Bob Fenner> If there is anything you would like to change in your link such as the link category or description just let me know and I will have it fixed within 24 hours. Sincerely, Brian Lovett - webmaster http://www.deepseaforums.com

Add a link? Any approval with adding my web site link? <Will add tomorrow. Bob Fenner> Here's the proper Link -> http://www.macro-algae.com Crew,                                                                      Would you consider adding a link to my web site on Wet Web Media Marine    Links page?  The site, www.Macro-Algae.com is where people can purchase     the very nutritious Red Macro Gracilaria for feeding their Tangs and        Angels. I also aquaculture and sell the very popular Chaetomorpha Macro    Algae for nutrient export.  I offer large portions of the Red Gracilaria   type, very similar to the type people are purchasing from IPSF.  My goal    is to make all Tangs happy and healthy!   Thanks for any consideration you can give.                                                                                  Regards,                                                                   Chris G.           

Link Request, marine algae cultured foods Greetings all, I supply live phytoplankton for marine aquariums (Nanochloropsis, Isochrysis, and Tetraselmis).  Can you please post a link to my site?  http://www.texascorals.com <http://www.texascorals.com/>   Thanks for all the great information, TexasCorals Jarrett W Cravey www.texascorals.com sales@texascorals.com <Will do. Bob Fenner>

Mainly Fountain Pumps Source: Add Link I'm not registered, but frequent visitor to the site (so I can't post on the forums).... Just wanted to let everyone know of a place called www.cheappumps.com.... Great customer service (I'm a customer) and great pricing on pumps/foggers, etc...... Jess Bansal <Thank you for sending this along. Will post, link to WWM Pond subweb. Bob Fenner> Bob, Actually wouldn't it be best to post in both, as they do sell pumps for aquariums as well.. just my 2 cents.... <Oh, must've missed this on their site. Thanks, will do, Bob F just waking up in HI.>

SDMAS Link... where? Hey Bob...I've noticed that we so not have a link to our club on your site. Do you think you can fix it so we do. Thank you SDMAS/Brett  PS. How is the island life??? Hope you're enjoying it!!! <Yikes! Will add tomorrow. Fine here... come out and visit! Be seeing you. Bob F, coming back and giving a pitch at the OC club 2/20.>

Permission to link to some of your articles (and note to add link) Bob, <Duane> I have started a new forum called fishbizforums.com and will be adding a section for business articles.  I will be posting some of my own articles and would like to provide links to your business articles on WetWebMedia. That will bring some added traffic to your site and, of course, will add some needed info for my members.  Would you mind? <Not at all. And will ad your sites link to our pages. Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner> Duane D. Clark AquaServe Aquarium Publications www.aquaserve.com www.efishtank.com www.fishbizforum.com

Link to add to marine root web I was wondering if it would be possible to add a link or two to your link page under hobbyists. The Site is called Reef Frontiers, and we have assembled a large library of reef related articles and studies and a huge pictorial coral/invert ID section, plus we have forms for a friendly reef conversation.  Here is the link for the forms: www.thepsas.org the pictorial ID section http://www.thepsas.org/photos_corals/  thanks a ton and keep up the good work Mike <Will gladly add. Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner>

Book Review from Bob Goemans (and note to add link) Hi 'Gang' and that includes the gang leader, big Bob! <Hey Bob!> Find attached my review of "Reef Invertebrates, An Essential Guide to Selection, Care and Compatibility." Where you post it (wetweb or new zine) is up to you. ? great book! The file is titled 'Goemans Book Review." <Thanks much. Will post> Will also send some other articles in the near future. <Ahh, good> Would some past book reviews from other authors be of interest? <Mmm, maybe... am hopeful for other content at this point (other than reviews)... but please do keep us in mind... possible to revisit a few issues from now> And if you could post a link to my website (www.saltcorner.com) somewhere on the new site, I would appreciate it. Sharing good information and furthering sensible environmental conservation is what this hobby should be about! <Oh! Certainly. Will add on the morrow. Thank you, Bob Fenner> Happy holidays to all, Bob Goemans

- Tunze Skimmer Link - Hello, I don't have a question. I just have a link to share. I have a page where I have information on/pictures of my Tunze skimmer and the ongoing experience with it. Just for others, and to perhaps get some input as well. It's at: http://www.lancealan.com/tunze1.html <Will have to find a place to put it - thanks for the link.> Thanks for being here. <And thank you for contributing.> Lance <Cheers, J -- >

Help for WWM? Hi Bob, <Des> This is des. I could help though I don't know much about fw. I don't think I have quite as much experience as some of your more illustrious group, but I do know some of my mistakes and how to prevent them. And I really can limit myself to under a tome. :-) <Mmm, we actually mainly need help with the burgeoning freshwater (and even brackish) load. We're set for now with strictly marine, reef> Oh on another note. I wrote to you a year ago or so about starting an aquarium group. I sure didn't do it by myself, just a little part  of it, but Albuquerque reefers is alive and well and has a webpage. To my knowledge we are the only ongoing group in NM.  For any interested, the webpage is-  http://www.abqreefers.com Hope I can help, --des <Ah, will place on the marine links. Thank you for your offer. Bob Fenner>

IMAC 2004 date change Hi (whoever sent this); I'm afraid the dates for IMAC have been "cast in stone" for about 3 months. Anthony said he could probably make it if we scheduled him to speak on Friday, the 25th.  Wouldn't that work for Bob as well? <It was/is Bob Fenner, Dennis (that is... two of us!). Yes to these dates working. Bob Fenner> Cheers, Dennis Dennis Gallagher, Chairman International Marine Aquarium Conference www.theimac.org <Yeeikes! Dennis, if all is not "cast in stone" I also encourage you to bump your date/s. Bob Fenner, who was intending to (?) be in two places simultaneously, but is not even much in one in the phantasmagoria that passes for his reality> Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2003 14:53:14 -0700 (PDT) Cheers Dennis :) > If you think you may have a conflict with the IRC in > Japan, we can schedule > you on Friday, the 25th. Would that help? I hate to impose, but it might very well be a very big help. If its no trouble, let me ask you to do so. I'm not sure what/if Fenner will do just the same. He's away in Indo right now (and then off to Hawaii shortly afterwards <G>. I will be sure to ask him if he intends to go to Japan too. (cc'ed here) If the whole gig falls through... I'll give you a holler just the same in case you'd like me to be useful/available Sat or Sunday for chats/sidebars or workshops. > My, you are a busy guy! I am truly blessed... no complaints. Much thanks to you too for the accommodations. Be chatting soon :) Anthony [Bobster... IMAC next year is June 25-27... Japan's International Reef Conference starts the 28th]

New link suggestion Hi Bob, Please consider adding Tropical Marine Centre's book site (www.tmc-publishing.com) to the publications section of your links page. Thanks, Sean Hart <Will do. Cheers, Bob Fenner> for and on behalf of cyberpage.co.uk tel: (020) 8399 4666 www.cyberpage.co.uk

ReefGuys Website Subscription Please click the link below to confirm your subscription to the Mailing List at http://www.geocities.com/reefguy75/HomePage.html?1058078357450. http://pub4.bravenet.com/elist/add.php?usernum=319605995&action=confirm&id=4401553 <Will post on WetWebMedia, add to marine links. Bob Fenner>

Link to fishtankstore.com Hello, My name is Cliff Scalco and I own the site www.fishtankstore.com.  I was wondering if you would be interested in putting  a link to my site on your site and I'll do the same? I think my customers could get a lot of use out of your site. If you like I have added a link to my banner if you want to use it? http://www.fishtankstore.com/banner.htm <Will add your link to a few of the aquarium subweb links pages tomorrow. Really like your layout, offerings. Good luck to you and your business. Bob Fenner>

Adding a link Hey WWM I was wondering if you could put my reef site on your page as a link its http://www.geocities.com/reefmanseller/ReefMan.html I have you on as my link thanks JM <Will add to our Marine Links tomorrow. Bob Fenner>Web Link We have received several emails that refer to some article that references us but when I search the business links we were not included.  How can we be added to your business link list? Thank You Frank Hoff Owner Florida Aqua Farms Fax 352-567-3742 PH: 352-567-0226 Email: sales@florida-aqua-farms.com <Ahh, thank you for writing/this notice. Will add your link tomorrow. Bob Fenner>

- Cleveland Saltwater Enthusiasts Association - Can you add a link to our web page http://www.c-sea.org? Thanks, Brad V Bellomo C-Sea Webmaster <Done. Cheers, J -- >

How to get on your hobby links page? I am the owner of a large hobbyist reef message board called www.thereeftank.com and we would like to be added to your links page.   Please let us know how that can be done. <Just as you have done. Will add you tomorrow. Bob Fenner> Thanks Jonathan

Re: Link Hello, My name is Cliff Scalco and I own the site www.fishtankstore.com.  I was wondering if you would be interested in putting  a link to my site on your site and I'll do the same? If you like I have added a link to my banner if you want to use it? http://www.fishtankstore.com/banner.htm <Will list you on the "Aquatics Business" Links sub-web on WWM. Bob Fenner>

Aqua Marines Cheers, my friend. It was a great pleasure chatting with you as well. I do hope to meet to soon. Perhaps this month if Bob doesn't have an insane tour of LA planned. Gotta make time for Tommy burgers he says :) I will be sure to pass your info along. Will post on the WWM business links section with hope for savvy retailers browsing. Have cc'ed Bob here to that effect. Bobster... would you please add Eric to WWM as a resource for retail/wholesale in LA area... another excellent jobber to recommend to retailers for fish-picking. BTW Bob... Eric was just saying how I have to see Michael at Aqua Touch in Phoenix regarding an ID for an odd pulsing Alcyoniid type octocoral I have <G>. Must be a sign to try to make Phoenix with you on the 26th. Ha! <Yes!> Kind thanks, Anthony <Will do. Thanks. Bob F> > Anthony, > Enjoyed our phone conversation this morning and look > forward to meeting you > here in Los Angeles sometime in the near future. My > website is geared towards > a lot of my retail customers but you will find a lot > of interesting specimens > in my Rare & Unusual list. Of course price would > not be much of a problem > because we are always interested in helping authors > and researchers obtain > specimens at little to no cost. Please feel free to > put together a specific list of > any items you are looking to get your hands on. We > enjoy filling special > orders and always like a good challenge. > My website address is www.am4fish.com > Feel free to post or pass on our company information > if necessary to anyone > interested. Like I was saying we get some great > specimens and love to share! > Our info here is Erik & Dennis Reynolds > Aqua Marines > P.O. Box 926 > Hermosa Beach, Ca 90254-0926 > 310-379-2581 > 310-318-2202 (fax)

Adding Las Vegas... Good morning, Please add this Aquarium Society to your list when you have time. <Will do, thanks. Bob Fenner> Las Vegas Marine & Reef Aquarium Society 9533 Windborne Ave Las Vegas, NV. 89147 USA http://lvmas.org    Thank you in advance, Howard Hoag lvaquariasociety@aol.com http://lvmas.org   Thank you very much :) Howard Hoag   Thanks for your time,   Howard D. Hoag    

Re: i have a similar site as wetwebmedia.com...  want to link to you <We're not interested in where various search engines and directories rank us... we have more than 8,000 unique ISP sessions per day and so many queriers that we currently have no more time to properly respond. Will gladly link your site if we deem its content worthwhile. You can post a link to WWM if you'd like. Bob Fenner> I noticed wetwebmedia.com (Wetwebmedia, Aquarium, Pond, Marine and Freshwater Fish, reef ... ) ranked #146 in Google for the keyword "aquarium fish". I have a website that is a good match for yours and I think it makes sense for us to link to each other for 2 important reasons: 1 - It will be beneficial to both our users (most important!) 2 - The more links we both have pointing at our site... the higher we will both naturally rank in Google. Google doesn't just analyze the number of sites linked to you, however... they also look at how relevant and "important' the sites are that are linked to you. My site, for example, is listed in Yahoo. This means that a link from my site will be weighted much heavier than links from other sites (you can read more on how Google uses Link Pop to determine rank here: http://www.google.com/technology/index.html ) I really think it would be in both our interests to link to each other's sites. If you're interested, please reply and let me know. I'll send you all the info you need and I'll get your info as well. Thanks for your time... I know that this will be worth your while. Angela

Re: IMAC Hi Bob; <Hi Dennis> Here's some news you might be able to use in your column.  We have added a tour of the Shedd Aquarium's new wing, "Wild Reef" to the Schedule for the International Marine Aquarium Conference, www.theimac.org.   In April the Shedd will open its new wing of almost half a million gallons, some of it with corals, which makes it the largest Aquarium in the US.  Our tour will include a "behind the scenes" look but since Aquarium personnel can only take small groups at a time, registration for the tour will be limited. <Ah, good. Will post on WWM. Bob Fenner> Thanks, Dennis Dennis Gallagher, Chairman International Marine Aquarium Conference www.theimac.org

Article and dead link? Hello, I'm trying to get to Anthony's article on UNDERSTANDING CALCIUM AND ALKALINITY from the website's FAQ section but the URL to it does not work. www.wetwebmedia.com/Anthony%20pics/understanding_calcium_and_alk.htm Is there any other way I can read this article? Thanks, Steve <hmmm... I believe that is an old reference that slipped in to the FAQ archives. The correct location is: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/calcalkmar.htm I just tried the link and it worked. Perhaps try to follow it from your computer by going to the "New on WWM" page jus the same http://www.wetwebmedia.com/Latest%20Articles.htm This page has a link on the left side of our Daily FAQ page and it lists all of our most recent articles. You can click on the title of that article there. Else, you can find it by following a path through the root web (navigating from the index page). Do let us know if that helps or if the link you tried to follow is dead on a specific page that we can correct. Thanks kindly, my friend. Anthony>

Re: NJ Fish Clubs Do you or any of your readers know of any clubs/societies in the northern New Jersey area for freshwater tropical fish?  I am interested in attending meetings and learning more from people in the hobby, as well as being able to buy specimens. <I do believe there is at least one long-standing club in the area. Place the term: "New Jersey tropical fish clubs" in your search engines. At least two in the middle of NJ come up. Bob Fenner>

Coral link for WWM (to do: add) Bob... I came across a nifty link for a fishbase-like coral website: http://whelk.aims.gov.au/coralsearch/coralsearch.php Where can we stick this on WWM? <On all the Coral articles. Will do tomorrow. Bob> Antoine

Aquarium Science Program Dear Aquatic Animal Colleagues; Attached is a Press Release concerning the 2-year Aquarium Science Degree Program at the Oregon Coast Community College. Please distribute this notice to others in your organization. Particular departments of interest are the Human Resources, Education, Sales, Husbandry, VP's and CEO's. Thank you for your support of this initiative. Current information can be found at www.occc.cc.or.us/aquarium. Happy Holidays, Bruce Koike Director, Aquarium Science Program Oregon Coast Community College 332 SW Coast Hwy Newport, OR 97365 (541) 574-7130 (541) 265-3820 FAX I thought this might be worth posting on the daily page. -Steven <Thanks Steven. Will post. Bob>

Link on your site and mine. Hi everyone at WWM!  After attending the XIV MASNA meeting I visited you site and found it to be simply marvelous.  I am glad to see that such knowledge people as yourselves take the time to sit down and advise so many people.  I would love to exchange links with your site.  I've just started a business supplying the DFW area of Texas with quality marine life delivered direct to the customer's door. (Mail-order)  I would really appreciate it if you could put a link to my site (Retailers/E-tailers) as I will for yours at 5thDayAquatics.com.  Thank you and I look forward to much more advice columns in the future! <Will do (tomorrow). Bob Fenner> -Alicia 5th Day Aquatics

Re: new club-- please announce :) hey everyone, I'm not sure who'll be reading this, but it's probably Anthony, bob, Jason, Steven, or lorenzo.. anyway, this is fourhand2 from the boards. <Yes, my young friend, welcome here> me and a few other people here in Columbia, sc, have started a club-- C-MAC (Columbia marine aquarium club). Zo suggested that I get you guys to announce it on the dailies page on wwm. is that possible? <Certainly. And will move on from there to the Marine Links page> thanks so much! the email address for the club is cola_mac@yahoo.com and our temporary website is http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Cola_MAC/. if you need a description or something like that, I guess this will do: >Columbia, SC's, premier marine aquarium club. Check our Yahoo! Groups page often for updates on meetings, livestock trading, and order pools!> Thanks a TON guys! -will (fourhand2; cofounder of C-MAC ) <Congratulations on your new club. Bob Fenner>

Online E-Tailer Suggestion Hey guys, check out these prices, lowest I've seen anywhere, used them before and they are very dependable, www.bigalsonline.com Thanks, Justin <Yes, one of many out there. I have seen their print ads. -Steven Pro>

reefl@reeflounge.com (add link) Hello, Great site :) I would like to know if you would like to exchange links with our site www.reeflounge.com <I will gladly post your site on our Marine Links page. Thank you for your work, acknowledgement. Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia.com> Thank you, Charlie www.reeflounge.com

New Las Vegas Marine Aquarium Society (note: post link) Bobster, <Antoine> Our friend Amy L from Napa directed us to another unlisted aquarium club... seems newer. All can use the help/PR. Lets post their site on the dailies and pop a link on WWM for them. <Done, will do later today...> Any local and regional aquarists looking for one of the best places for objective information and good fellowship... join your local aquarium society! This one is in Las Vegas. More information at: http://hometown.aol.com/lvaquariasociety/ <Good spiel. Bob F> Anthony

International Coral Reef Symposium Dear Bob, Thanks for the message. Yes, I hoped to meet you someday but what is 2004 ICRS meeting? Will it be held in Tokyo? When I can join I try to fly there. <International Coral Reef Symposium: http://www.uncwil.edu/isrs/> Thank you again. With Best Wishes, Hiroyuki <Hope to meet you there, or sooner my friend. Bob Fenner>

Fisheye View International Exhibition 2003 in Malaysia Dear Sir, Event : Fisheye View International Exhibition 2003 in Malaysia (March 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10, 2003) A Joint Tropical Fishery Event on Aquaculture & Commercial Fishery, Recreational Fishery and Ornamental Fish We write to introduce ourselves as the Organizer of Fisheye View International Exhibition 2003. Jungle Motion Sdn. Bhd. together with CreatiVision Entertainment Organizer Sdn. Bhd. - a Guinness World Record holder, is organizing an international tropical fishery exhibition, the first of its kind in Asia, on March 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10, 2003. ( 3 days of trade show, 5 days of seminars / workshop / field trips) at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia This event (comprises exhibitions cum trade fairs, seminars, round table forums, competitions, marine preservation program) is about tropical fishery and all its associated businesses and activities (seafood, fishing and fish farming, equipment, feed, processing equipment, breeding, trading, aquarium accessories and paraphernalia, pond and landscape, etc.) will be presented. 60,000 - 100,000 visitors from over 30 countries are expected for the 5-day event. Please visit our event website, www.fisheyeview.net for more information, updates and comments. Call us at: 603-5638 2019 or email us at mgmt@fisheyeview.net if you find we have an opportunity to work together. Boon Fong The Management <Thank you for this notice. We are planning on attending Aquarama later in the year, but will post your message on WetWebMedia.com and ask if there is interest. Bob Fenner>

DMS on wetwebmedia.com Our new web site is up and running. Could you list us in your "Hobby Clubs/ Groups" section of your links page? Thanks! Desert Marine Society (Arizona) http://netpets.org/~dms/ <Will certainly do so. Be seeing you, Bob Fenner> Dave V. DMS President

Updates and Changes We have updated the site somewhat and fixed some bugs, so if you would like to revisit http://coolpetsites.com/petlinks and check it out you may find it easier to navigate. We also would like listings in the main categories, like Cats, Dogs, Birds to please move your listing to a more specific category. Just log in and the logged in page will show you the links registered to you. <Okay... do see that you have some ornamental aquatics content> Hope you like the changes, and in addition we will be looking for volunteers to be category editors. In exchange you will get a free Sponsored listing in your categories. Please email me if you are interested. <Good luck with this format> You can also tell your friends that don't have websites that they can add their listings as well, just leave the URL field blank and we will put in their email address. Debbie CoolPetSites <Will post on our general links. Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia.com>

Re: Conference (IMAC) <Hey Dennis. Will post on WetWebMedia.com. BTW, Mike Kirda's name is misspelled, and where's mention of Walt Smith as a speaker? Bob Fenner> Have you heard about IMAC? The International Marine Aquarium Conference is the hottest news for hobbyists and manufacturers. It's being held in Chicago May 2, 3 and 4, 2003 in a great hotel. The lineup of speakers is very impressive: Eric Borneman Dr. Ron Shimek Julian Sprung Martin Moe George Parsons Mark Schick Bob Goemans Michael Janes Dr. Rob Toonen Paul Holthus Randy Reed Richard Harker Larry Jackson Mike Kurda And, registration is currently only $125. Exhibitor Booths are only $495 until September 1st. That's less than a week away, so hurry! Check out the website, www.theimac.org. Dennis Gallagher, Chairman International Marine Aquarium Conference www.theimac.org

Reefland's BB Has Moved! (Note: change links) Good day bobfenner! As we announced on the forums, we have moved our BB to a new sever to better serve our visitors. Please use the following link to access the forums until the DNS change has taken place to point to reefland.com. Thanks again for your continued support, Scott Z. Reefland.com <Yikes... moving. Bob F>

Reefland.com <Congrats! Will post your notice on WetWebMedia.com> Good day BobFenner! We just wanted to advise you that our Message Board is now operational after our forum software upgrade. The message board can be found at: http://www.reefland.com/cgi-bin/forum/index.php In addition, we would like to invite you to check out our new forums titled The Coral Database located at http://www.reefland.com/cgi-bin/forum/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=46. We hope these new forums will provide a one-stop source for hobbyist to research certain corals they have or may be interested in purchasing. It will take some time before the database is comprehensive but everyone is encouraged to begin posting information. Don't forget about the other features at Reefland.com including: Reefland's Marketplace: http://www.reefland.com/cgi-bin/auctions/auction.cgi Reefland's Bookstore: http://www.reefland.com/cgi-bin/auctions/bookstore.htm Reefland's Member Pages: http://www.reefland.com/members.shtml And many, many more! Thanks again for your continued support and as always, we hope you enjoy your stay. Regards, Reefland.com

RE: purchasing an elasmobranch in my area Bob, <Steven Pro this time.> You mentioned maybe Elmer's would special order a shark for me. Is Elmer's a shop that would have to contact Quality Marine or another Fish Store? <Elmer's does deal with Quality Marine, but unfortunately Elmer's, Anthony, and myself are all in Pittsburgh and I believe you are in Philadelphia. For all of Bob's worldly travels, he does not know/realize how large Pennsylvania is.> Do they have a web site? <Yes, http://www.elmersaquarium.com/> I couldn't find it in the WWM links area. Thanks for your help and I'll send some pics when I can get everybody in and acclimated. <I have heard some good things about a store out your way called The Hidden Reef. -Steven Pro>

fishbase I cannot get into it today... is this the same over there in the West? <The same... website? Yes... there is a mirror in French/German, France/Germany. What are you trying to find? Sometimes this site takes a while to load... best to leave it "on", go for coffee or such. Bob Fenner J --

My New Website well, after over a year in the works, three web programmers, and way too damn much money, my first attempt at an e-commerce web site is now finally on-line. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> http://www.myfishtank.com/ <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< you have the honor of being the first ones to review it, but keep in mind there are still a few bugs to work out. Jim Aquarium Design <Jim... the site looks like a wonderful start, but lacks one tiny element... a mention of my Book of Coral Propagation <smile>. Heehee... I'll be sure to pass this along and post it on our daily FAQs... many days more than 6,000 unique ISPS daily!!! Check your traffic counter :p And do consider advertising with us in the future. I wish you the very best regards in your endeavors! Will pass this along to Bob. Anthony Calfo>

Re: my new web site Anthony / Bob ?, I am confused, how is it that you are replying with Bob Fenners e-mail address ? <No worries Jim... this is the public address addy for WWM now. I know of you and Clayton Romie in HI...> aside from that, and as far as your book, I recall an e-conversation we had awhile back that I would add it to the Aquarium Design web site, which with your help I would create a section on coral propagation. <Yes, definitely> additionally, unless you are listed in Amazon.Com other than making a reference to the book how could I sell it ? <Antoine: Fire away. See you soon Stimer. Bob F> Jim Aquarium Design http://www.aquarium-design.com/ http://www.myfishtank.com/

Possible Link? Hi Bob; <Hello Dennis> Any chance of getting a link to the International Marine Aquarium Conference www.theimac.org on your list of Hobby Club/Groups? <Yes, certainly.... just checked our marine links... am surprised to not find there already... could have sworn... Tomorrow.> Thanks, see you soon, hopefully. Dennis Dennis Gallagher, Chairman International Marine Aquarium Conference www.theimac.org <Yes, think Di/Knop North America. is going to display as a vendor. Be seeing you, Bob Fenner>

Albuquerque marine group Hi Bob (or whoever), <Hello> I just wanted to tell anybody out there in the Albuquerque NM area that we have scheduled a meeting at one of the folks (we have 5 people I think) houses for Saturday at 7 PM. If anyone wants more info they can contact me thru http://wetwebfotos.com/talk I'd would be under the clubs and organizations forum. I'll repost there and add to my 2800 posts or so. :-) <I'll bet. Will post on WWM. Bob Fenner>> Thanks for your assistance. --des/jane

Albuquerque club? Hi whoever!! <Hello> One of my messages was lost (but most of it has been answered on WWF--and I'll save the rest for later). On reefcentral I met someone else that wants to start an aquarium club here in the desert. Even getting fish is a challenge out here! Anyways, I thought I could put this up here and more people will see it. I don't want my email in some such a public group, but I could restart my Albuquerque thread on wetwebfotos. If anyone is interested they could look there under Clubs and organizations. They don't even have to post. (http://wetwebfotos.com/talk) BTW, Bob gave me a nice lead FAAS (??), I will write them once we have something to write about. They don't even have email (at least I can't find it). If they do let me know. <Please see here: http://www.tomgriffin.com/FAAS/index.html> Thanks for your help in (maybe) starting our group! <Help is available. Be chatting. Bob Fenner> --des/Jane

Re: Hello (place link) Thanks I will put a link to your site on www.saltvatten.info This is a non-commercial site. <Ah, good. And we will place one to yours. Be chatting, Bob Fenner> /Christian Wrang

Re: can I use your fish pitchers thank you for the pitchers I will add a link to your site too <Thank you my friend and web fish enthusiast. Be chatting. Bob Fenner>

International Marine Aquarium Conference > Now that MACNA will probably be cancelled, you may want to know that there > will be a replacement conference, IMAC. It will be similar to MACNA in many > respects. It will run for 3 days, will have big name speakers and exhibits > by some of the biggest manufacturers and distributors in the hobby. There > will also be a Friday night Reception, a Saturday night Banquet and a huge > raffle. > Some of the speakers who have been confirmed so far include: Dr. Ronald > Shimek, Eric Borneman, Martin Moe, Dr. Bob Goemans, Julian Sprung and Dr. > Rob Toonen. > The major difference is that IMAC will be less expensive for both attendees > and exhibitors. Early Bird Registration is only $75 and we have negotiated > a room rate of just $99/night at a major hotel. The conference will be held > in the NW suburbs of Chicago on May 2, 3 and 4, 2003. > You can check out the IMAC website at http://www.theimac.org/ <Great. Glad to hear of this initiative. Will post link on WetWebMedia.com Bob Fenner>

info@theimac.org (re upcoming hobbyist get-together 2003, Chicago) Umm, I'd like to hear

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