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A Genus of Jumbo Damselfishes,  Microspathodon

Bob Fenner

   A Microsphathodon bairdi

Species of Interest to Aquarist's:

The oversized Damsels of the genus Microspathodon are for folks with very large systems containing rough-and-tumble livestock only...

Microspathodon bairdi (Gill 1862), the Bumphead Damselfish. Tropical eastern Pacific, Baja to Ecuador. To ten inches in length. This one in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico's Baja California.

Microspathodon chrysurus (Cuvier 1830), the Yellowtail Damselfish, Atlantic Jewel Damsel. Tropical west Atlantic. To six inches in length. Shown are a juvenile (about 1") with a clear caudal fin, an intermediate (2"), and adult (four inch) specimen in the Bahamas.

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Microspathodon dorsalis (Gill 1862), the Giant (Mexican) Damselfish. Tropical eastern Pacific, Sea of Cortez to Ecuador. To ten inches in length. Here are juveniles (1", 3") and an adult female (9") in the Mar de Cortez.

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