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Soft Corals of the Family Nidaliidae

Bob Fenner

Siphonogorgia sp, Australia

Genus Chironephthya: Similar to sea fans, but lack central axis... and to Siphonogorgia, but polyps are able to retract to their own calyx. 

Chironephthya sp. Fiji pic. 
Chironephthya sp. N. Sulawesi pix.

Genus Siphonogorgia: Superficially resemble Gorgonians. Polyps clustered toward ends of branches, absent from lower trunk, branches. No internal "axis" like sea fans. Can be completely withdrawn. Western Pacific; Philippines, Belau, Solomon Islands. Common on reef slopes, overhangs at times. 

Siphonogorgia sp. Red Sea, Indo-Pacific. Plankton feeders like the true Sea Fans. Have erect two-dimensional branched colonies. Main stem and principal branches bear few polyps. Polyps vary in color per individual. To two feet in height. This one in the Red Sea.

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