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Soft Corals of the Family Paralcyoniidae

Bob Fenner

Studeriotes sp. KBR

Genera: Carotalcyon, Maasella, Paralcyonium, Studeriotes.

Genus Studeriotes Thomson & Simpson 1909: Colonies comprised of two sections; a polypary of soft, finger-like branched lobes, and a stiffer lower portion, buried/anchored in the substrate. The upper part can completely deflate and sink into the hollow lower. 

Studeriotes sp. Thomson & Simpson 1909. Christmas Tree Coral, Medusa Coral, Snake Locks Coral. Indo-Pacific. Only member of family regularly offered in the trade. Can draw arms into their body situated in soft substrate, like some anemones. Not photosynthetic. Need to be fed, strong current. Not easily kept. This one off the Gilis, Lombok, Indo.

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