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Pet-Fishing in the Fiji Islands, Part 2


Bob Fenner

Bula! Welcome in Fijian

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Oh yes, plenty of the hydrozoan known as Fire Coral in Fiji... do watch where you set your body.

  Soft Corals:

Dendronephthya sp. Indo-Pacific. Polyps in groups of varying number on the distal branches of colonies. These are supported by internal and surface (visible) sclerites. Feed on very fine plankton and dissolved organic matter. Very difficult to maintain in captivity. Some examples in Fiji.

Sarcophyton glaucum (Quoy & Gaimard 1833),  Red Sea, Indo-Pacific. Hardy, easily reproduced asexually. To one foot in diameter. Feeds on plankton or similar material. A small one fully open


Sarcophyton sp. (elegans?). These young colonies on the reef flat in Fiji.

Lobophyton spp. Common throughout its range in the Indo-Pacific. Feed via photosynthesis and plankton. Grow in folds or finger-like projections by folding coenenchyme.

 Stony Corals:


Many beautiful Acroporids, Staghorn Corals are found in Fijian waters.

Umm, a purple Acropora monticulosa in Fiji... not air-brushed, I swear!

Two occluding Montipora colony plates... note "the demilitarized zone" between them.

Cat's Paw Corals, Family Pocilloporidae

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