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FAQs about Shrimpfishes

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Centriscus scutatus  in N. Sulawesi, just hanging around.

What does Razorfish eat... Centriscids    7/27/08 Hi WetWebMedia Crew, <Cheryl> I'm a marine hobbyist newbie and my sis-in-law bought a dozen of these Razorfish for our new aquarium. <Interesting... have been a "darling" of public aquariums the last few years...> I've attached shots. I live in the Philippines and they sell fishes here really cheap. Most are export rejects or cyanide caught (according to them). I can't really rely on what the shopkeepers tell us, coz they themselves don't know much about marine species and the likes. What do I feed these vertical swimming creatures (before they starve)? <Mmm, not a very aquarium-hardy species... feed on small zooplankton species in the wild. The few folks I've talked with who maintain them in public aquarium settings use cultures of live Mysids and Copepods... are you disciplined enough to culture these?> Actually, one of them died already. I have them in a 50gallon aquarium with other fishes and live rocks. <Mmm, hard to keep in such small volumes... need good water quality, rapid, complete circulation> It doesn't seem to have any interest in marine pellets. I'm also thinking of moving them to another 50gallon tank with two juvenile lionfish (fuzzy dwarf and black volitans) residents and a longhorn cowfish. Thanks so much in advance! Cheryl Tan <Do look, read on the Net re Shrimpfishes, Centriscidae... Bob Fenner>

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