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FAQs about Storing Aquariums, Systems

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Aquarium Storage 4/19/09
Thank you in advance.
<Welcome in advance.>
I tried to search for my answer, as I'm sure it's been asked before, but could not find anything. I will be putting my 240 glass tank in storage and wondering if there is anything I need to do (or can do) to keep it
usable when I'm able to fire her up again. How long can I expect to be able to keep it dry without problems?
<I would be more worried about thoroughly cleaning the tank first. As the tanks dry out it can leave hard to remove deposits and even etch into the glass in extreme cases. The silicone will be fine for years so long as it is not stored in extreme conditions, such as a 120 degree storage facility!>
<Scott V.>

Properly Storing Tanks And Equipment 1/5/08 I am breaking down a 90G, 55G, and 30G tank. I will not be using the tanks or equipment for a period of time, perhaps a year. Is it safe to store the equipment and tanks for that period of time without any ill effects? <Sure.> Do the glass aquariums have to be in a climate controlled environment? <If storing in freezing temperatures, let the tank acclimate to room temperature before adding water.> Is the equipment best stored in a clean dry container? <I would.> Is there any specific cleaning process to ensure the equipment doesn't rot or anything. It will be filters, protein skimmers, lights, heaters, etc. <I would clean and dry well before storing.> Is there any specific way to store my RO/DI unit? Should I remove all the filters before storing it? <The membrane in the RO unit should not be allowed to dry out. I'd probably want to store this in a sealed jar full of RO water and keep in a dark storage area. As for the RO filters, I'd discard and replace when you set up again, not that expensive.> Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated. I have a LOT of money invested and would hate to see it go to waste. <Do understand here.> Thank-you You're welcome. James (Salty Dog)

Aquarium Storage (7/22/04) Hey Everyone <Steve Allen tonight.> I have been in the process of setting up a 157 gal. reef tank for a year now. I purchased the tank used and resealed it and due to time and cash flow problems have just finished putting in my floor support system and am now ready to start with the real tank set up. Question is, the tank has been sitting for a year dry and is the reseal job still going to be good? <Did you check it when you did it? Quality-sealed tanks can sit around in stores for a long time without deterioration in good environments.> It's been in the living room, so the conditions it's been sitting in are the same as it would be if it were running. I just want to be sure the seals haven't dried out before I start to fill it. <The smart thing to do would be to set it up and slowly fill it with plain ol' tap water to test for leaks before adding saltwater.> Thanks Robert <Good luck.>  

Preparing A Tank for Storage I would like to thank you for a great web site, it contains a ton of information. I am in the process of breaking down my tank for moving. Unfortunately I will not be setting up the tank for 3 to 4 months. I gave the fish to a friend who just set up a tank and cycled it and the fish are doing fine. The tank is a 72 gallon marine tank with fish only. <Great> My question is I have a 72 gallon bow front tank made by All Glass Aquariums. The rubber sealant inside the base of the tank is black except for on area where it is tannish in color. I also noticed some salt crystal formation on the underside of the tank. I had a defective tank leak on me and cause a huge headache so I am ultra paranoid. Is that discoloration normal? <By description it sounds like a natural variation in color> Is it a sign of things to come? I don't think the salt on the underside came about from cleanings and drippings over the side of the tank, could that be from evaporation from my wet dry? <Yes> Another question, what should I do with my live rock and sand? I was told that the rock can be dried out and will come back to life when I set the tank back up and introduce bacteria to the tank? <I would sell it, or have a buddy just run it in a Rubbermaid with a couple powerheads.  Your rock will be base rock, and take at least 6 months to re-seed.> Are there any other things I must be aware of in moving, storing the tank. Also will the rubber dry out if not used? Thanks in advance for you help. <The tank should be cleaned thoroughly before storage, and the seals can be reinforced when you're ready for use.   Best of luck, Ryan> Alex Jeannopoulos

Storing a Tank I have a quick question and I hope you good people can answer it for me. <I'll try! Ryan with you today> I recently purchased a 175 gallon aquarium. ( This is quite an upgrade from a 30 gallon aquarium.  I could not pass up the price for the beauty!!!!) I currently live in an apartment, I will be putting the aquarium in storage.  The aquarium still has the sand in it.  My question is what should I do with the sand. <Put it in a brand new bucket, Once it's dry put a top on it.> Should I leave it in the tank (the organisms will die of course). <NO> If I choose to go this route will there be any problems with the sand when I decide to set the tank up. <Once you're ready, just take it out and clean it out.> The tank will probably stay in storage for awhile.  Maybe up to one year  Is there anything that I can do to assure me that everything will be working (sump and all the other goodies---pumps and stuff) in a years time. <You could give them a good freshwater/vinegar rinse now, to free up all the nasty deposits.  Dry them out, store 'em.  Give the tank a good rinse too...> Thanks for the help! <You're welcome! Have fun, Ryan>

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