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FAQs about Collecting Aquarium Literature & Other Content 1

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Could you please help me find a book?        5/8/19
Dear WWM,
Thank you so much for offering this incredible service to help us better our aquarium keeping skills. Much appreciated.
I have a rather odd query today, and I am turning to you with the hope that you might aid my search.
I am trying to recall the name of a freshwater aquarium book which I remember reading in a library (which I am no longer a member of) in my school days in the *late 1980s*. If my memory serves me right it was a hardcover book which was more landscape in format, like an album, (or at least square), pretty thick and had many colour photographs. I mainly remember the excellent biotope correct layout design illustrations (drawings) it had with inputs for applicable plants, fishes and invertebrates.
<Mmm; there are a few that come to mind. I collect printed works in the ornamental aquatics field (and write, produce them)>
I have tried searching the web, especially Amazon.com pretty extensively for images that may trigger a 'total recall' but it is still eluding me. I have purchased "The Living Aquarium' by Peter Hunnam, but it was not that.
With your vast experience, does the (rather vague) descriptions ring any bell?
<The late 80's, squarish, good biotopic presentations... Let's see, Takashi Amano's works would rate, but they were reproduced in English in the early 90's... Dick Mills' "Tropical Aquarium Fishes", David Coffey, "The Encyclopedia of Aquarium Fish"... Do use BookFinder.com and links there to look up these editions... Do you recall details re the cover art? Overall physical size? Publisher? Am cc'ing Neale Monks here as well... His short pc. on the topic mainly includes books past this date. Barring our input;
visiting a large library, cruising the "QL" section in the Dewey Decimal accord might prove fruitful.>
I would be much obliged if you can give me some concrete inputs or at least suggestions.
Thanks and regards
<Cheers, Bob Fenner>
Re: Could you please help me find a book?       5/9/19

Dear Bob,
Thank you so much for the reply.
I know you are a celebrated writer and producer of books on ornamental aquatics, I have the pleasure of owning a couple of titles by you!
The suggestion of bookfinder.com is very helpful. I am using the advance search option to peruse the links individually.
<Ahh! A very useful site, tool. I use so often that it's on my faves toolbar>
I am finding that the same titles are often printed with different cover arts in different editions, so though the Dick Mills book you suggested did not trigger an immediate connect, I will explore it further.
<Yes; this does occur...>
As for the one by David Coffey, I have placed an online order for an used copy, as anyway it will be a nice book to add to my collection.
To my frustration I do not recall the cover art, but it was a large and heavy book, rather thick, a good way across (left to right), maybe 15 inches or thereabouts. I do not recall the author's name save a vague (maybe wrong) idea that the name sounded German or Dutch and thus wondered if the 'Complete Aquarium' by V. Ramshorst could be it. It was not, but again it is a nice book to have anyway.
<Well... you could also add browsing the listings (via covers) on eBay... re aquarium books; fun, but time-consuming>
I shall definitely await Neale Monk's valuable inputs.
Meanwhile I shall be 'at it' and update you if I nail it.
Thanks a lot for all the help.
<Cheers, BobF>
Re: Could you please help me find a book?     /Neale       5/10/19

<<'The Living Aquarium' by Hunnam is certainly one that springs to mind. It was very definitely a book with a section on ecology and biology, but 'Complete Aquarium' by Peter Scott was much more biotope-focused, with six-page sections on each sort of biotope tank. Two pages of the complete tank, two pages of setting it up, and two pages of livestock. Although a bit dated now, this book is one I continue to recommend because it's so clear and easy to follow. There was another one, called 'Aquarium Design' by Matthew Christian that was similar in aim, but in my opinion, bonkers.
Besides a range of naturalistic set-ups, there were these more sort of avant garde designs, often using weird materials (such as steel wire and plastic baubles) to create funky designs. Anyway, other classic books of the era included 'The Complete Aquarist's Guide to Freshwater Tropical Fishes' edited by Legg; the excellent 'Complete Aquarium Encyclopedia Of Tropical Fish' by Ramshorst; and (a bit more of a pot-boiler this) 'Practical (or Interpet) Encyclopedia of Freshwater Tropical Aquarium Fishes' by Mills & Vevers. Cheers, Neale.>>

Books, technology marching on Bob, <Ray> I wanted to buy your book "The Conscientious Marine Aquarist". Since it is seven years old, are there any new technologies that it won't be discussing? Thanks, Ray <Am sure there are plenty... just lighting trends as an example... But/and this is the nature of printed media, human perception, progress in general. Do read the Net re such matters, and gain whatever "current" understanding from whatever re/sources you favor. I was granted the great opportunity to write CMA as a general reference work (by James Lawrence, owner/editor of Microcosm publishing...) as a "standard" work... was generated in the mid 90's... so, yes, information does become dated... though underlying principles, getting "up to speed" are necessary in any field as large and diverse as aquaristics... So... do look over... WetWebMedia.com, our best effort at keeping up to date, sharing facts, methods, attitudes, opinions with others... and elsewhere on the Net, magazines... with an eye on being critical re your exposure. Bob Fenner>

Re: Reef Fishes v. 2 and beyond Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2003 14:22:00 -0400 Bob,  <James> Volume 2 of Reef Fishes is at the printer for release relatively early next year. Vol.s 3-5 to follow in brisk order -- we are accelerating production. (FYI: Semi-final covers for 3 and 4 below. We are splitting the books into smaller volumes to make each more affordable -- something that readers and LFS owners wanted. The whole project has grown in scale and is pretty exciting.)  <Good idea, and yes!> It's good to hear from you. Hope all is well.  <Yes my friend. Happy holidays to you and yours. Bob Fenner>

Fenner/Calfo books in CANADA 12/14/03 Hello, I am working in a fish store, and I am starting another one next years. <wonderful... best of luck to you my friend.> I have the book of coral propagation, and the reef invertebrates. They are really good books, it really answers me a lot of questions. <ahhh... kind thanks for the comments> Some of my customers really get into the hobby, they really looking for some books to help, but some of them they don't like to order it online, do you know are there any ways that I can find the wholesalers for those book in Toronto , Canada. Thank You, Ricky. <we do have one prominent distributor and several dealers of our books in Canada, Please do contact Jason at: Saltwater Connection www.saltwaterconnection.com Retailer & Mail Order MANITOBA, CANADA I believe he has copies available at wholesale available, if not... please write back and allow me to find another source/alternative for you. Best regards, Anthony> Finding Fishy Information... Hi, Good job-I checked!!  Do you know of anywhere where I can get a comprehensive and accurate list of marine/sw fish? Pref. online. Then I can leave you alone :) Jake <Well, Jake, one of the best sources anywhere is Fishbase- http://www.fishbase.org/search.cfm You will be able to find out more than you will probably need about almost any marine fish you can think of! Hope this helps! Regards, Scott F>

Mysid e-book now available Hello, apologies for this unsolicited email but, having seen your website, we thought that you might like to know that Pisces Conservation Ltd., have recently released our latest e-book "The British Mysidaceae" by Tattersall & Tattersall. This Ray Society volume has been out of print for many years but is now available again on CD-ROM with fully searchable text and hyperlinks. Price ?30.00. Full details of this and out other e-books can be found at www.pisces-conservation.com/softebooks.html Regards -- Dr John Prendergast PISCES Conservation Ltd IRC House The Square Pennington          Tel     - 44 (0)1590 676622/674000 Lymington           Fax     - 44 (0)1590 675599 Hants               Email   - john@irchouse.demon.co.uk SO41 8GN            Website - http://www.irchouse.demon.co.uk <Thank you for your notice. Will post your note on our root web on the morrow. Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia>

Aquarium Lessons & Fenner and Calfo books 10/5/03 Thanks again. <always welcome, my friend> Learnt a lesson here. I have a QT tank for fishes - 20 gallon unit. Will start one up for corals and life rock. <good to hear... and they can be one and the same. Do read the articles posted on wetwebmedia.com by Scott Fellman and others about QT for fish and inverts (separate articles)> seamat is opening up already. Will keep eyes peeled and go through the QT procedures as listed in your articles. Are there any good books, written by experienced people like you and those at WetWebMedia?  I have checked through books available here locally, can't seem to get one that tackles the difficult aspects. Most of the books make things look easy which is usually not. Local LFS here are also not helpful and just want to make the sale. Regards, Kumar <we do indeed have several books to offer... I have a description of four of ours collectively here: http://www.readingtrees.com/books_in_print.htm  best regards, Anthony>

Talking Reef/s Bob, I have systematically exhausted your WWM pages, as well as books TCMA and Reef Invertebrates (In so doing, have saved myself much hardship with my flourishing  80G reef tank). However, I don't get out much, so every time I try to talk in person to a fellow reef enthusiast, I get stared at as if encrusting calcareous algae is growing on my face. Do you know of a good handbook that could teach me how to pronounce general and scientific names of commonly held specimens? <To (likely mis)quote Zig Ziegler, "Nothing succeeds like success"... Uhh, what you might do is emerse yourself in the presence of others of similar persuasion, interest. Maybe hang out at your favorites stores, join or even start a marine aquarium society...> You don't want your fans to sound uneducated, do you? <Oh no!> BTW, don't publish a lexicon of acronyms, I have learned more by trying to decode them than if I had been supplied with their meaning directly. Thanks, David Brinson <Such a good idea... I suggest you write up (and sell) such a series of articles to the hobby magazines in our interest. Please do start the collection of arcane, obscure and specialized terminology (and their definitions, pertinent examples) and I'll help you place it/them. Bob Fenner>

Personal Library Advice >Hi Marina/Bob, >>Hello Jorell. >I hope this email catches you all well and in a good mood. It's me again, the guy with the large sand bed, but with a couple of other questions.  The Nitrogen cycle continues so much that I have to use another power head to create enough of pressure so that the gas does not mess up my submerged powerhead. >>I believe that what you actually have going on is DEnitrification, this is a good thing. >I have been meaning to buy a few books on marine aquariums etc. as the ones I have are quite outdated now.  Can you recommend a good book for: 1) Reef Fish Identification >>I believe Scott Michaels has a good book for ID, but I would be wary of certain advice, especially that regarding sharks. 2) Coral identification >>I own Julian Sprung's "Corals: A Quick Reference Guide" which, while not entirely comprehensive is a good quick reference.  Eric Borneman also has a good book, sorry, don't recollect the title. 3) The modern reef aquarium >>I'll have to tout the first of "The Natural Marine Aquarium" series, "Reef Invertebrates". >I have been considering, the last two are by my favourite author, that I will most definitely will buy so if you could advise me about the first three.  Dr Burgess's Atlas of Marine Aquarium Fishes. >>A "must have", a.k.a. "Bible", in my opinion. >Natural Reef Aquariums: Simplified Approaches to Creating Living Saltwater Microcosms - John H. Tullock, Martin A. Moe >>Two excellent authors, I would recommend their writings as well. >The New Marine Aquarium: Step-By-Step Setup & Stocking Guide - Michael S. Paletta >>Another excellent author, certainly worth checking out. >Reef Invertebrates: An Essential Guide to Selection, Care and Compatibility - Anthony Calfo, Robert Fenner >>I'm quite biased, when considering something written by friends. ;) >The Conscientious Marine Aquarist: A Commonsense Handbook for Successful Saltwater Hobbyists - Robert M. Fenner >>Another excellent tome, though more geared to the beginner.  May not be quite as pertinent for your needs. >Kind Regards, Jorell >>Nice to hear from you again.  Marina

Question about your book(s) Dear Mr. Fenner or Mr. Calfo, <Hello Jason>   I would like to purchase your latest book. I have 2 questions. First, would I need to purchase  TCMA to lead me into the Inverts book? <Nope> I think I will anyway though unless its mostly revised information. <Mmm, largely not re-discussed areas... though the NMA series are the most recent information on any given covered topic.> If there is material that is not in the new one, I'll get it. Second, do you know where I can get your book(s) online that accepts PayPal? I have a few bucks in a paypal account that I could use to purchase it. <Anthony might know. Amazon.com? ReadingTrees.com? Bob Fenner> Thanks in advance, Jason

Good Books (8-29-03) Hello, I'm a newcomer to saltwater aquariums (I just acquired an 80 gallon tank) and I was wondering if there was a definitive book you might recommend I read prior to attempting to build my own reef system. <A very good all around book is The Contentious Marine Aquarist by Bob Fenner.  The Book of Coral Propagations is  a awesome reef book by Anthony Calfo.  Fenner and Calfo have a new series called the Natural Marine Aquarium which is excellent so far.  There are many others but these are some of my favorites.  Check around on the forums and get other peoples opinions, try the one at www.wetwebmedia.com or www.reefcentral.com.  Cody> Thanks, Ben

New Fenner/Calfo book Released! 6/24/03 thanks.  where can I get the new book? <hot off the press here, my friend: http://wetwebfotos.com/store/nma-ri.html with kind regards, Anthony>

Aquarium magazines Hi all!  I'm looking to subscribe to a good marine aquarium magazine(s)...any suggestions?  As always thanks, and keep up the good work. Best Regards, Jesse Canizio Boca Raton, FL <Mmm, they all have their strong and not so points... Have been a content provider for all the U.S. ones... AFM (Aquarium Fish Monthly) is the most gorgeous (best laid out, nice graphics), has very good writers by is small (about a third the length of FAMA). TFH (Tropical Fish Hobbyist) has some nice issues (they're thematic) with decent writers (I'm one) and a mixed-bag layout wise... FAMA (Freshwater and Marine Aquarium) is a very diverse assemblage... the most material, lots of ads (which the trade reads it for)... I get and use all three... There are some nice on-line magazines as well as some foreign (UK and others if you read foreign languages) that are very worthwhile... You can read some sample chapters of most all by using the Internet. Bob Fenner>

Looking for a fish book I have tried to find a book named Encyclopedia of Live Food by Charles O Masters it is out of print. If you have or know of a copy for sale please contact me.                                             Thanks                                               Frank <I have a copy, but not for sale. The publisher was TFH (Tropical Fish Hobbyist Publications... in Neptune City, NJ). You might try with them or services that locate out of print titles. Bob Fenner>

Looking for a fish book Thanks I tried them and just about anyone and everyone else. This is a tuffy! <Agreed. Do ask (if there's one near you) for the book buyer at a public aquarium to use their resources to locate this title for you. Invaluable. Bob Fenner>

Re: question on sea urchin Thanks so he wont eat my soft coral i have lots of algae in my tank green hair that he eats as far as the starfish he's still alive and scavenging the bottom with a hub for one leg where can i buy Fenner's book? I've always wanted a book is it packed with reef info or only certain animals? thanks JM <many places to buy Bobs book... signed copies can be found here: http://www.disaquatics.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=DA&Product_Code=TCMAS best regards, Anthony>

B.O.C.P. 4/24/03 Hey Gang, I trust this finds you all well!  Anthony, I really wished I'd got the "Book of Coral Propagation" before setting up my tank! It is truly a prize in my collection of reading, hats off to the author, and, to y'all here at WWM!  Thanks, Stormbringer <thanks kindly, my friend... and do be sure to register your copy at readingtrees.com if you want updates/revisions. The was one update this past November on the one year anniversary. Best regards! Anthony>

The Marine Biology Coloring Book (04/21/03) Hello, I am the Educator Coordinator at the International Game Fish Association.   <Hi! Ananda here this afternoon...> I am getting ready to start our 5th year of summer camps.  New this year is a marine biology camp, we have 101 and 102.  I was wanting to give each camper a copy of the marine bio. color book with their tuition. <Cool! I have this, and it would be great for that sort of thing. Don't forget the colored pencils. :-)> I was wondering who I would contact to be able to buy the book in bulk at a reduced rate - I would be needing about 200 books.   <I think I'd start with the publisher: Harper Collins Publishers, Inc. 10 East 53rd St. New York, NY  10022 You might also talk to the person who is responsible for buying books at the local schools.> Please send me any information or contact information that you can.   <Here's the ISBN for the book: 0-06-460303-2. The ISBN ("insure speed by number", referring to ordering and delivery, as my mom the librarian would say) will uniquely identify the book. The author is Thomas M. Niesen.> Thank you, Dawn M. Miller <You're welcome. I suspect your marine biology camps will be quite popular after the release of the upcoming Disney/Pixar flick. --Ananda>

Algae ID & Marine Magazines Bob: Thanks for your quick reply to my query below.  I cannot believe THE Mr. Fenner got stuck with that mundane question!  How about algae ID? Attached is a picture from my 55 of two types.  From your site, I believe the greener one (top left) is of the Halimeda species, yes? <Yes> Any idea about the other? <Perhaps a Udotea sp.> Also, on this page: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/PlantedTksSubWebIndex/aqlibfaqs.htm someone asked for a recommendation and you mentioned  the magazines AFM, FAMA and TFH. AFM I already have (that's the one you appear in with the outdated picture of you, right?), TFH I will look into, but has anything changed about FAMA's " very uneven" content and lack of knowledge? <Not much... if anything, with the death of its founder (Don Dewey), there has been a further loss of direction, presentation of factual, current material. The folks running the magazine are by their own admission "not aquarists"> I am not sure when you answered that question, so I guess I am basically looking for a marine fish magazine recommendation update.  Thanks, Rich. Ps:  I currently own your book, TCMA, just received Anthony's BOCP V1, and am anxiously awaiting the new RI book.  If you need me to transcribe anything from these books to your site, or to do any other "aquarium beginner" task (did that spelling and grammar volunteer ever work out?), I would be glad to help out! <Thank you for your offer. Don't know exactly how Zo (managing editor) is working out making sense of Anthony and I's writing attempts... hope to see/edit the "final" beginning of next month. Bob Fenner>

Gulf of Mexico Algae and plants Bob: Just curious to learn if you are aware of a website (or other source) with information regarding macro algae and seagrasses that may be found along the beaches of the Florida Panhandle.  Observation in their natural habitat is my only motivation at the moment - the state of Florida has a moratorium on marine life and crab endorsements until July 1, 2005  :o(  I am assuming that extends to these organisms as well. David <There are a few guides... some much more complete than others. The ones I use are carried by David Behrens at Sea Challengers (.com). Please peruse his online catalog of books. Bob Fenner>

Book Release Writers of RI: I am anxiously awaiting your new book, Reef Invertebrates, as I am sure everyone involved is.  I have read in different places about the release being some time at the end of March, then the end of April.  Is there a more concrete release date yet? <Mmm, no. Likely toward end of May>   Also, I understand that signing thousands of pre-ordered books is a huge task, but how long should a pre-orderer expect to wait after the official release, not including shipping time?  Thanks for everything, including the addiction to your dailies!  Rich. <Zo is finishing the layout... then the work needs a final going over by Anthony and I... hopefully not much more changing, adding... then to printers... then signed and sent... ASAP. Thank you for your query... and patience. Bob Fenner>

Authors of "Reef Invertebrates" Crew, <Cheers, mate> The cover art of Reef Invertebrates on WetWebFotos lists the authors as Calfo & Fenner, but ReadingTrees.com lists the authors as Calfo, Fenner, and Pro.  Is Steven Pro still contributing to the book? Just curious, Rob <ahhh... my apologies, Rob. On your notice I have corrected that oversight. We did indeed lose our friend's/colleague's participation soon after the engagement due to his blessedly busy personal schedule (new wife/baby, expanding business, etc). Bob and I wrote the book together... heehee... and ran over on length, in fact, causing a slight delay (~2 months) on publication. The book will be almost 100 pages longer than promised (nearly 400 pp total for 1rst volume) and has, I believe, over 1000 images! Bob and I expect to be signing the pre-orders the end of next month for ship out. All modesty aside... it looks beautiful! You can comment on the quality of content/info after a good read <G>. Kind regards, Anthony> Minor update on the update Date: Fri, 21 Mar 2003 13:48:49 -0800 (PST) Bobster... Most all pre-order folks have been contacted (a small handful had no phone and/or e-mail listed, or were invalid) at the beginning of this week. Since then, we got a couple change of addresses, no complaints or requests for refunds, and a handful of phone calls/e-mails of thanks and support. <Great to hear!> The e-mails are pasted below... pretty uneventful overall/thus far. Grateful to see/hear it :) <Good. Bob> **** Thanks. Even more of a good thing! I am more excited now than before. Thanks for the communication. Ken **** Thanks for the update. Can't wait to see it! Bret Packard ***** Thanks for the update and remember my very special inscription. It sounds like the book will be just in time for the arrival of my next child, a 230gal. The wife has a bit of a problem with it but this time I am the one giving birth. Regards, Walter ******* Thanks for the update! :) I'm looking forward to getting my copy. Regards, Tish ********* > Greetings, friends > You have received this message because you have > pre-ordered the new "Reef Invertebrates" book by > Calfo > and Fenner, or have requested information on its > availability. If this message has reached you in > error, please reply to be removed from the list. > This > list is not shared with any outside parties and is > used solely for new book announcements. > For all interested, we are excited to update you > about the progress of the newest title. > After much anticipation, a lot of hard work, and > a > projected release date this month (March), we are > pleased to say that it looks like we will not be far > from the mark. Despite our technical experts pulling > yeoman's duties with roughly 1000 color images in > the > text, and nearly 100 extra pages of content added > beyond the promised 300 pages per volume… we expect > to > see delivery delayed by only 1-2 months. Another > update will follow in several weeks once we have > clarification from the bindery. We hope that you > will > be as delighted as we are with the way it has turned > out! > If anyone has a need to change their shipping > address, refunds, or questions... please contact us > in > reply or via the contact information below. > For all those that have shared their enthusiasm > and > support of this text, we sincerely thank you for > helping us to continue to work in the service of > aquatic life and the living. > And don't forget... the authors are available to > advise and share opinions along with a full crew of > experts and enthusiasts at the free-content web-site > www.wetwebmedia.com > With kind regards, > Reading Trees and the WetWebMedia crew

New book  "Reef Invertebrates" internationally? 3/18/03 Hello from Greece! <cheers from America, my friend :)> When are we in Europe going to have the pleasure of reading your new book "Reef Invertebrates?" I usually order from Amazon.co.uk Thanassis <we have a UK distributor at Midland Reefs: midlandreefs@inverts.demon.co.uk Coral Farm & Dry goods nr. Lichfield, Straffordshire, UK, ENGLAND and a list of some of my/our dealers can be found here: http://www.readingtrees.com/dealers.html If the book is delivered to us by the end of April as hoped, the UK will get theirs sometime in May (perhaps late by if by surface mail). You can also get a copy sent directly to you from us by using the international order option ($45 and sent by airmail 5-10 days) here:   https://secure.wetwebmedia.com/order_form.jsp best regards! Anthony>

NMA RI update for FAQ, etc Thanks Bob... please post on the Daily FAQ page/where you see fit... do let it run for a while if you don't mind... I'm getting a handful of daily phone calls and e-mail from eager friends waiting for the book :p None so eager as we are perhaps <G> <Okay, will do> Please also consider the possibility (if the book delivery falls that way) of you sneaking down here to Pittsburgh for a day diversion from NY when you attend the BAS club (May 9th) to do book signing here. You might even have a natural connection at PIT... rather common. Just tuck it in the back of your mind if the publication schedule should fall conveniently that way. I may even be in Colorado that weekend after all... they are juggling dates in early May at present. <Will see if Di can/wants to arrange (think we're doing tickets)... Thought she was going to do mail out of pre-ordered books from SD. Bob> > Gentlemen... what say ye about this update for our > WWM readers on the FAQ page (fixed daily for a while) > and the kind folks that pre-ordered (I'll mail out): > <Looks good. Bob F> New Book UPDATE: "Reef Invertebrates" Greetings friends! We are excited to update you about the progress of our new title. After much anticipation and a projected release date this month (March), we are pleased to say that it looks like we will not be far from the mark. Despite our technical experts pulling yeoman's duties with roughly 1000 color images in the text, and nearly 100 extra pages of content beyond the promised 300… we expect to see delivery delayed by only 1-2 months. Another update will follow in several weeks once we have clarification from the bindery. For all those that have shared their enthusiasm and support with a pre-order of the text, we sincerely thank you for helping us to continue to work in the service of aquatic life and the living. With kind regards, The WetWebMedia crew

Pump and New Book Release Hello crewperson: <cheers> So, I have my 30gal garbage pail for mixing/storing my water. 1) How large of a pump do I need to circulate? <any small powerhead will be fine... set it on the bottom of the pail and point it directly upwards for max aeration and dissolution> 2) Should I install it facing up from the bottom, suctioned to the side, or facing down from the top? 3) Do I leave pump on all the time? <if you choose not too, the water will need to be sealed and dark... but still aerated just prior to use> Thanks, Rich. Ps: I am so looking forward to the team's new book.  When are they shipping? <thanks kindly! We added 84 pages to the text (384 pp total now) and have taken about a one month delay in part for it. We expect it may begin shipping later in April now. We will post the specifics on word from the printer. Best regards, Anthony>

Thanks!!!!!!!!!!  And Books - 2/24/03 Thanks for the great  info , your website has provided Your  knowledge  is far more helpful than any book I have read our person I have talk too, what would we do with out the help computers have given us. I also would like to thank you for the fast response and the very helpful knowledge you have given me. <Thanks kindly for saying so... it is a labor of love for us all :) > With help like this from you guys you make getting in to saltwater a knowledgeable and fun hobby. Thanks  Mr. McCoy from  Rockford, IL. PS:  How can I obtain any of you books that you have published ?Have been doing salt water for 1.5 yr and I would like to read any thing you guys have done. To further my knowledge. <Our new book (April delivery) and my first book can be ordered here: http://wetwebfotos.com/store/nma-ri.html Bobs excellent CMA can be ordered here: http://www.disaquatics.com/Merchant2/merchant.mv?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=DA&Product_Code=TCMAS you can also find our present and future titles on Amazon.com and many aquarium stores/distributors. Keyword search by name on the Web if you prefer: Bob Fenner & Anthony Calfo. Thanks kindly for you interest. Best regards to you in your endeavors. Anthony>

Re: Book references (on angels, butterflyfishes) Hi guys, I am looking to buy a couple of good reference books on id and diet requirements of butterflies/angels.  Do you guys have any to recommend? Thanks in advance. Edwin Lam    <Yes. Please see the articles covering these fish families posted on our site: www.WetWebMedia.com At the end of each are "Bibliography/Further Reading" sections. Look especially to the works of Gerald Allen and Roger Steene. Bob Fenner>

American Aquarium Fishes now $40 <Real good Bob. Will post on our sites in hopes that doing so will boost distribution. Bob Fenner> Texas A&M Press has dropped the price of American Aquarium Fishes from $100 to $40. For more info go to www.tamu.edu/upress or call 800-826-8911. www.tamu.edu/upress/books/2000/goldstei.htm Robert J. Goldstein, Ph.D. Robert J. Goldstein & Associates, Inc. 8480 Garvey Drive Raleigh, NC 27616 tel (919) 872-1174 tel (800) 407-0889 fax (919) 872-9214 rgoldstein@rjgaCarolina.com URL www.rjgaCarolina.com

Volumes 2 and 3 from WWM Hey how long until the second and third books in your new series come out?  I can't wait to order! RVM <wow... your anticipation is inspiring! Bob and I are rather active/manic writers. Our crew has high hopes for the next volume being ready by Christmas 2003. Pre-sales will begin in the fall if we stay on schedule for it. Thanks for asking my friend! Happy New year :) Anthony>

Re: your new WWM book! <Cheers> just pre-ordered your new book online.  Will I receive a confirmation e-mail or any kind of receipt that I can print out?  Order ID# 162.Thank you! Robert <Yes, my friend... we will indeed e-mail a formal confirmation shortly. Usually done manually (and personally!) within 24 hours, We are just catching up with  holiday e-mail. Thank you very kindly, my friend, for your order. I do hope you enjoy our work and find great merit in it. With kind regards, Anthony>

Book: Sea Urchins of Australia and the Indo-Pacific It's finally available! Sea urchins of Australia and the Indo-Pacific Ashley Miskelly December 2002 180p. soft cover full colour throughout ISBN 0 9577455 6 7 The first full colour book ever published on Sea Urchins of Australia and the Indo-Pacific, this book describes and illustrates 85 of a known 220 species  that occur throughout Australia and its offshore territories. Most of the species likely to be found from low tide to about 20m deep are included. Discover the variety of sea urchins that inhabit Australia and the Indo-Pacific as each sea urchin is described in a format that is not over-scientific nor too simple. Beachcombers, naturalists, divers, professional and amateur marine enthusiasts will all find this book useful. Each species is described in detail and illustrated with a number of colour photographs, showing, in most cases, the live urchin, and four different views of the test If you have previously ordered a copy, you do not need to do so again regards Patty **************************************************************************** ********** Worldwide postage A$10 per order! Bookshop: http://www.booksofnature.com **************************************************************************** **************** This is a once-only mailing to people dealing with the study of sea urchins. I am sorry to have disturbed you if you do not appreciate this information Dr. Patty Jansen Bookshop: http://www.booksofnature.com Publishing and info site: http://www.capricornica.com Books of Nature P.O. Box 345 Lindfield NSW 2070 Australia phone/fax: 02 9415 8098 international: +61 2 9415 8098 E-mail: capric@capricornica.com or books@booksofnature.com <Thank you for this notice. Will post on our root web. Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia.com>

Water flow in Macedonia and Coral Book UPDATES Thank you Anthony , so happy to here this from you, I'm gonna do exactly as you have told me, and now to conclude, should I use 2  1-1/4" bulkheads or 4 same size, <this may require some experimentation. For convenience and aesthetics, it may be better to do the two larger bulkheads. However, they might also be louder (the sounds of rushing water) than the 4 smaller bulkheads. My advice is to use the 2 larger bulkheads only if you are sure the sound, if any, may not bother you> and by the way is that your greenhouse in your book, <yes, my friend!> and is there are some updates to your work. <yes... the Book of Coral Propagation has had its first update just a couple of weeks ago. We did not want to send any unsolicited e-mail, so the update notice only went out to people that registered their books. You can go here to register your book my friend and get information about the updates: http://www.readingtrees.com/reg.html  > Kindest Regards Antonyo <thanks you, my friend. And best regards to you. Anthony>

Re: Anthony Calfo's book on "Coral Propagation" Hi Anthony, <cheers, Greg!> I just wanted to drop you a line and say that I had ordered your book ( FINALLY!!!), and received it today. I haven't started to read it word for word yet, but instead just skimmed through it to get a feel of what it's all about, and I just wanted to say that it looks like I'll be in for a very informative, enlightening, and especially amusing read!!! <grateful to hear it :) Be sure to share what you glean/learn in kind> The best line I saw so far, and actually chuckled out loud was " Cuckoo for Copepods". Thanks in advance for a great book! Greg N. <and I certainly hope its not the last time you smile or laugh aloud during the read. Incontinence might be the ultimate compliment... although your don't need to share that with us if you should find anything so humorous therein <G>. With kind regards, Anthony>

NMA-RI - Giant Clams The publicly available demo-chapter from NMA-RI is available at: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/BookMatters/WWM/NMA-RI/NMA-RI_Tridacnids-demo.pdf It's a little less than 3 megs - not too bad, even for a phone modem. I'll place linkage on the main "sales" page shortly. <Well done. Bob F> Cheers, Lorenzo

RE: New Book Sample Chapter of new book from WetWebMedia: Tridacnid clams Thanks for the reply.  The book sounds great.  I will be getting a copy. <thanks kindly, my friend. Do browse this sample chapter if you like: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/BookMatters/WWM/NMA-RI/NMA-RI_Tridacnids-demo.pdf best regards, Anthony>

New NMA Reef Invertebrates book Cool and Thanks for the preview!  Now I'm really excited.  The pictures are great and you seem to have hit on all the high points.  Can't wait to get my copy. <me too <G>, Anthony>

Re: Books OK Bob, <Okay Randy> I just ordered the reef invertebrates book (Please use your sense of humor when you autograph it ) <We shall> and the coral propagation book from the link on your website. <Good to hear... you will benefit by them, and enjoy yourself even more> I also ordered "The Conscientious Marine Aquarist" from amazon.com . <We'll be sharing more hours than you know!> Since my most up to date book was the book written by "Moe" from your UCSD class in the 80's, <Martin is still valid, and still around> do you recommend any other selections? <Mmm for general marine? All the Microcosm titles are worthwhile... The Modern Coral Reef Aquarium series by Nilsen and Fossa is excellent but a bit pricey... Baensch's Marine Atlases I use almost daily... There are many (hide your credit card) works that you should look over on SeaChallengers.com (by Allen, Steene, Behrens, Gosliner, Gotshall... there are many other natural history, specialized tomes e.g. if you're into, getting into corals et al... read what you have coming in and contact me.> Just started my reef tank about a month ago. <Many great experiences and reflections await you my friend. Savor them>      Randy Rueckert                                                            P.S. Loving it here in Indiana, but I miss the daily forecast in San Diego, "morning and afternoon cloudiness, but otherwise mostly sunny" <In the mid-seventies here/now... am going out to dig in the garden soon. Be chatting, Bob Fenner>

Books and business Dear Bob, Anthony, et al. <Steven Pro this evening.> I have recently started a maintenance/installation company in Chicagoland. <I have a maintenance business in Pittsburgh.> I'm blessed with positive cash flow and happy clientele. <Ah, good!> I have recently been turned on to your site, and am reading from it daily. Also, I recently purchased Anthony's book on coral propagation and am about 2/3 through it. Finally, real world common sense in the midst of purist aquaristic condescension. <It is a great work.> I am in this business for the long haul, and am glad to have found a reputable resource of information online for people in my position. Are there any other books you guys have authored that I can dig into? <Bob wrote "The Conscientious Marine Aquarist" and we are working on a new book/series. The first one will be out this March. You can check it out here http://wetwebfotos.com/store/nma-ri.html> I see there's the new one on inverts, but are there others? <The ones above, plus new ones always coming. The invert volume will be followed up by a fishes book and finishing out the series with a coral volume.> I am considering getting into wholesale distribution for this area as a large distributor of drygoods and livestock has recently ended the drygoods side of their business. Any pointers or ideas regarding the wholesale side of the business? <Do take a look at everything we have here http://www.wetwebmedia.com/AqBizSubWebIndex/Biz%20Index/Biz%20index.htm and feel free to follow up with specific questions.> My experience falls predominantly on the retail side of things (27 years of hobbyist pursuits/8 years as a professional/5 months as owner of a business). <These will all serve you well.> Please respond to my long-winded note at your convenience. :-) <This was nothing. Take a look at the daily page tomorrow for a real hum dinger.> Take it easy, and thanks for your efforts on behalf of the industry. James P. Griggs President of Aquatic Artisans <You are quite welcome! Great name by the way. -Steven Pro>

Book Recommendation Hello Bob, Got your book... am still reading and enjoy it a lot. Would you please recommend a good book regarding "Reef Keeping"? <Eric Borneman's book "Aquarium Corals" is excellent and has a lot of pictures.> Thank you in advance. Regards, Dung Ngo <Happy reading! -Steven Pro>

Your books Hi Bob, Antoine, and all the WWM crew! I have been reading through your spectacular Web Site and I found that many of the FAQS refers to one or two of your books, if I'm not wrong, one of those is "The Conscientious Marine Aquarist", and the other is from Anthony "Book of Coral Propagation". In the past, I have only read a hand book named "Marine Reef Aquarium Handbook" by Robert J. Goldstein. It really was a helpful guide. So, I'm wondering what of your books you advise me to buy first... maybe I will buy two of them, but one by one... I have a 200 lt tank with 35 pounds of liverock and I'm trying to build a reef tank. <If you want a reef tank, I would have to recommend Anthony's book as Bob's is more of a fish book.> Thanks! Your responses are always appreciated. I will take advantage on this opportunity to make other question... A few days ago you advised me about buying a cleaning fish. I went to my dealer and he told me that a red banded shrimp will work better, because if the fishes in my aquarium are healthy (thing that is always the goal) the cleaning fish eventually will die. <I don't think anyone here advise you to purchase a Cleaner Wrasse. We are all adamant against their collection. There are other fish that will clean, such as Gobies of the Genus Gobiosoma, but they eat prepared foods in addition.> So, the shrimp will work as good as the fish? <The best cleaners are shrimp such as Lysmata graham or L. ambionensis.> Greetings, Carlos D?z <Good luck! -Steven Pro>

RE: Your books Hehe, you are right Steven, you wouldn't advise me to buy the cleaning fish, was another folk, hehe, sorry for the bafflement. <No problem. I mostly wanted to be clear for the other readers of the FAQ sections.> I will looking for the shrimp. the last one, (disclaimer: the last this day, this time, no promises for no question in the near future) Where can I buy the Anthony's book? <Amazon carries it, but Anthony runs his own website at http://www.readingtrees.com/ where you can purchase it directly from the author.> and how much it will cost me? Carlos <It is $36 with the shipping included for anywhere in the USA or Puerto Rico. Anthony has an email address on the order form page for questions regarding international shipping. -Steven Pro>

book (Looking for nudis in print) Hello Bob or one of his friends, Someone asked me if the book : "Nudibranchs and Sea snails Indo Pacific guide" by H. Debelius at the price of $55 is still available? <Think so... I'll send your note to the author, Helmut Debelius rather than his distribution in the U.S. (SeaChallengers.com) as you're in Europe (and so is Helmut)> I have already sent a mail a week or two ago but didn't receive any answer. Best regards from Europe <Ale au revoir. Bob Fenner> Claude Claude Declercq Visitez, bezoek, visit http://users.skynet.be/glot http://users.compaqnet.be/allaboutfishes

IKAN BOOKS Hello Bob or one of his friends, Someone asked me if the book : "Nudibranchs and Sea snails Indo Pacific guide" by H. Debelius at the price of $55 is still available? <Think so... I'll send your note to the author, Helmut Debelius rather than his distribution in the U.S. (SeaChallengers.com) as you're in Europe (and so is Helmut)> I have already sent a mail a week or two ago but didn't receive any answer. Best regards from Europe Claude >> THANKS FOR LOOKING AFTER MY INTERESTS, BOB! YES, CLAUDE MAY ORDER ANY OF MY IKAN GUIDES FROM MY EUROPE-DISTRIBUTOR, AND EVEN CHEAPER THAN FROM THE USA: conchbooks@ conchbooks.de webpage: www.conchbooks.de The "Nudibranchs & Sea Snails" became a bestseller and appeared already in a third revised edition. cheers helmut ikanuw@aol.com <Danke shoen Helmut. Will post for others use on WetWebMedia.com Be seeing you, Wiedersen, Bob Fenner>

Aquatic systems Hello Guys. I have a quick question. I have been researching your site and love all the info. I was wondering if you happen to know of any books or even other sites that show pictures/diagrams of putting aquatic systems and components together. There are some things I have a hard time visualizing when putting all my components together and would like something to look at w/ the descriptions. Thanks again Bryan <Aquatic Systems Engineering by PR Escobar... http://www.premiumaquatics.com/thestore/prods/DEVICES.html outstanding coverage of the topic. Dry read but excellent content!!! kindly Anthony>

Book of Coral Propagation/Reef Gardening In various of your comments I read about "your" book, where can I buy it? It is possible do it through the NET? <yes, my friend... many online sellers you can check out some of the vendors on our site here like Di's Aquatics, Custom Aquatic, etc or do a keyword search with the above title for other dealers. Thanks you for your interest! Anthony Calfo> Carlos

Debelius Books Bob, good day <Hello> I live down here in Brazil, South America you know. Please inform how can I buy the item from Rudie H. Kuiter and Helmut Debelius Southeast Asia Tropical Fish Guide: Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Andaman sea. <Mmm, will contact Helmut (in Germany) and David Behrens/SeaChallengers.com (who sells these works in the U.S.) for their response> would you please respond is for mum, unable to find the book down here as usual. thank you very much and have a nice day. another question: which is easier to send the item down here in brazil or to my brother in law living in California <Maybe to have your brother buy in California, send in turn or bring to Brazil> your both information will be very much appreciate. brothers Valter and Fabio <Bob Fenner>

Re: ASIA PACIFIC REEF GUIDE bob, good day <Hello> > I live down here in brazil south America you know. > please inform how can I buy the item from Rudie h Kuiter and Helmut > Debelius > southeast Asia tropical fish guide: Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, > Malaysia, > Singapore, Thailand, Andaman sea.>> The SOUTHEAST ASIA FISH GUIDE is out of print for 3 years and has been replaced > by me last year by the much better ASIA PACIFIC REEF GUIDES, including lots > of invertebrates and the well accepted "picture stories" . All of my books are available from SEA CHALLENGERS IN SAN FRANCISCO, SO PLEASE ORDER DIRECTLY FROM THERE. best fishes from Germany Helmut Debelius (author+publisher) <Thanks Helmut. Will post on WetWebMedia.com for others use as well. Wiedersen, Bob Fenner>

Debelius Books Dear Valter & Fabio: We received your request for Debelius books. Yes, we carry all of Helmut Debelius' books. The title you are interested in is out of print. It has been replaced by his NEW "Asia Pacific Reef Guide." All his books retail for $45.00 US. We can mail them to your relative in California or directly to you in Brazil. California would be much less expensive. You may order off our Secure website at - www.seachallengers.com Or simply e-mail us your VISA or Master Card number with expiration date. See you phone and FAX below. Let us know if you have other questions. David & Diana Behrens Sea Challengers Natural History Books, Etc. 35 Versailles Court Danville, CA 94506 925-327-7750 - Voice Mail 925-736-8982 - FAX E-mail - david@seachallengers.com www.seachallengers.com <Thanks David. Will post to WetWebMedia for others reference/use. Bob Fenner>

Marine Fish Monthly Magazine Dear WetWebMedia Crew, Tried sending this message recently but then realized you were having technical difficulties with your incoming mail. Have sent it again to the different address you posted on the website. <Yikes, thanks for this. Wondered why the sudden slow down on incoming e-mail> I was wondering if you had heard if the Marine Fish Monthly magazine was still being published? The last one I received was the November 2001 issue. I contacted the publishing company in early January and was told that the events in September had delayed shipping. I have tried to contact them several times since (phone and email) and haven't received any response. Didn't know if maybe you all had heard anything about the magazine. Sincerely, Jason Bartlett <Can't find them either. Bob Fenner>

Anthony's Book? WWM Crew- Hello. I just got Anthony's "Book Of Coral Propagation" and I was wondering, does he sign all of his books or did I get a special one? (I can't wait to start reading) Ann <Ann... thanks kindly for the order! I hope you read it in good health and find merit in it <smile>. I signed the first one thousand copies and ones by request after that. Since then, when time allows, I have tried to inscribe a well wish before others are shipped out. Do share your thoughts on the book after a good read. With kind regards, Anthony Calfo>

Looking for Good Coral Books Anthony/Steve/Bob, I'm starting to study up on the art of reef keeping after years of successful fish only tanks. Will you please recommend a good "beginner's" book on reef tanks? I have CMA and I did order Anthony's book but the more info the better. I know I will spend a LOT of time on WWM too before even thinking of starting a tank. Thanks for any recommendations you can give me! Wes <Anthony's book is fairly comprehensive, but not a lot of pictures for identification. If you can find it, I like Eric Borneman's first book "A Practical Guide to Corals for the Reef Aquarium". Other than that, "Corals: A Quick Reference Guide" by Julian Sprung is ok. Also, take a look at Bob's book review section on WWM. -Steven Pro>

Books ...and Bob, you don't have to put this on the FAQ or anything, but do you know of anywhere I can get your and Anthony's coral propagation book from besides online? Meaning does your publisher ship to Tower Books, Barnes and Noble, Border's Books. P.S. I'm in New York City. <Brian... I have seen Bob's CMA at Borders and I suspect that there must be a pet store somewhere near you that has it... it has been so popular! If you order it online from Di's Aquatics (banner link on the WWM pages) you might be able to get Bob to sign it <wink> (just ask Di). My book was just released at Christmas and I'm not sure how far it has trickled down to through New York yet, although I have a huge wholesaler in NY state serving the shops (Fedko Enterprises... feel free to call them for advise of a local shop they have sold it to). Champion Lighting and Supply is also serving your area extensively. My list of dealers and distributors can be found here: http://www.readingtrees.com/dealers.html Do let me know if you need further assistance tracking either down. Thanks very kindly for your consideration. Do continue to learn and share.... best regards, Anthony>

Bob's Book Hello, I was wondering where I could get a copy of your book's) are they sold on Amazon through you or a LFS? Your site is a pleasure to read. I really like your outlook and writing style. <Ahh, more cause for me to try and improve. My books are offered on Amazon and LFS's... as well as many e-tailers in the field. Several of these can be found on WetWebMedia.com. Bob Fenner, visiting in Australia> Thanks, Jason

Winter Reading List Hiya Tim, Lorenzo (Zo) here lending JasonC a hand: I've read your questions, and of course replied to one post on the forum, but here's a good list for you, with links to Amazon.

1st: Mike Palleta's "New Marine Aquarium"

2nd: Bob's "Conscientious Marine Aquarist"

3rd: Tullock's "Natural Reef Aquariums"

That'd be my proscribed reading list for you. Palleta's book is the easiest to grock, Tullock's book has the most reef information, and Bob's book is the most comprehensive, important of the three. -Zo

RE: Books  What is your site address?  <www.readingtrees.com> I will have to order those books. Thanks for your assistance <you are very welcome! And thank you for the interest in reading more about it. You have choices for buying the books. I do not sell Eric's book personally, but several of the great advertisers on this site do with mine as well (Di's Aquatics, Custom Aquatic, Premium Aquatics, etc). The mention in the previously message, however, was specific to our books being complimentary and how they have been paired with a discount on Amazon.com (http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0971637105/qid=1014937989/sr=1-4/ref=sr_ 1_4/002-7444636-4404850). I honestly have not price compared to see which sites would be less inexpensive or what their stocking quantities were. Do follow up if you have any trouble tracking them down... and thanks again! Anthony Calfo>

Happy Holidays! (new books for a scientific hobbyist) Bob, I know its been a long time, I just wanted to wish you and yours peace and happy holidays! <Thank you my friend. The same to you> Best, Chris PS... I'm so excited, I got Veron's "Corals in Space in Time" and Bakus's "Quantitative Ecology and Marine Biology" for Christmas! Got some reading to do :-) <The first has some thoughtful, almost science fiction like input re "what a species is"... the last... good to read for insomniacs! Bob Fenner>

Looking for a Book (Scotter's v.2 Reef Fishes) Hi! Bob... I am trying to get a hold of reef fishes VOL 2. Tropical fish hobbyist magazine has been advertising it for four months now, with the price and everything but when I get a hold of them, they say it is not in production yet. What can I do to get my hands on a copy? <Hmm, write it... it's not in print yet... Bob Fenner, waiting as well.> Thanks, Bhaskar.

Books (Marines) Hi, Bob and good day. Thanks for Your advises again. What would I do without gentlemen like You, who spend their valuable time with nagging guys like me. <Mmm, save money and time away from the Net?> To the point: I want my son to bring me a book about marine aquarium fish. Nothing too scientific. Something that I can read before sleeping and that showes the care and size of the most common aquarium fish.Is "Saltwater Aquarium Fishes" by Dr. Axelrod ( $ 16.00) good enough for me or should I go for a more scientific book like Dr. Burgess's Mini Atlas ( $ 27.00) ? Any suggestions? It has to be easy reading.! Thanks as always, Bernd <Well, I have these works... they're very dated... to put it nicely... but for pix only, the last one is nice... Do you have Humann and DeLoach's works on the tropical West Atlantic? Do you want to read about all the world's marine fishes? Take a look through the Book Reviews on the WWM site... something like any of them? Bob Fenner>

Re: books  Hi, Bob. Good evening. I was just checking amazon.com and saw that You also have a book "The conscientious marine aquarist". <Yes> I want my son to buy Your book for me and combine it with Dr. Burgess's mini marine atlas. Is that a good combination or does your book also cover common available marine fish and everything a novice should know about them like size in a tank, combatibility, care etc.?? <Hmm, the "atlas" really is just a "picture book", "cma" is a guide to most aspects of marine aquarium husbandry... you will certainly enjoy it> I could not find that in the reviews (which were very good, by the way, congratulations). In that case I would buy Your book only and save some money. I need a book on the fish since I have to tell my store here what to order for me. They don't know anything about marine fish!! Thanks as usual, Bernd <Be chatting... and reading my friend. Bob Fenner>

Re: books (Invertebrates too?) Hi, Bob. Me again. Sorry. Does your book mention invertebrates? <Yes my friend. In part... the work was trimmed down from some eleven hundred pages to 432... Much good help with it, contents, lookswise... you will "see" me and others in it... a good shot at trying to cover the breadth of all that is currently marine aquarium keeping.> I just read that Dr. Burgess atlas doesn't mention them and I would be interested in those later also. Any good simple book on those? Thanks Bernd <Read these for now... Oh! And do look for Scott Michael's "Pocket Guide" to Marine Fishes... on Microcosm's site... and the upcoming Marine Invert. one by Ron Shimek: http://www.microcosm-books.com/ Bob Fenner>

Re: Books Hi, Bob. Good evening. Your help is greatly appreciated, as usual. I will buy Your Fishwatchers Guide to Saltwater fish and your CMA book. Thanks for the great advise. If I need more on invetebrates I will order the book You recommended once it is out. Thanks again. It is unfortunate that it will be Christmas before i receive the books, but so be it. Have a good nights sleep, Bernd <Thank you my friend. Bob Fenner>

Marine Fish magazine Hi, Bob. Can You recommend a good monthly magazine that specializes in marine fish? How was your diving? Regards Bernd <The three American monthlies, AFM, FAMA and TFH all have somethings to recommend them. The first is the best, most regularly edited... good writing, photography, layout. FAMA is "very uneven" in its content (the folks there readily admit not knowing much/anything about the field... the old owner/editor, Don Dewey did), TFH has some good material on marines most every month... None of them specialize in seawater topics. Is MFM still in business? The owner (Boyce Phipps if he's still about)is a crook and a charlatan... Not worthwhile. The online versions of the three former choices might work out for you in Central America... Their addresses and such can be found via the WWM links pages: http://wetwebmedia.com/links.htm Bob Fenner>

Re: Pseudocheilinus ocellatus, not an unknown (to me) any longer Bob: Good that you ordered a few Indo-Pacific Fishes. I hope you get rich enough to order the rest of the series. <Ah, a worthy goal! Be chatting Jack. Bob Fenner> Aloha, Jack

book (looking for CMA) Hello - I am interested in acquiring a book titled "The Conscientious Marine Aquarist" and was given your name as a contact. I was unsure whether you were the author or had some other connection. Can you provide me any information on price, availability, etc. Thank you. <Thank you for your inquiry. I am the author of this title, but don't do the sales/distribution/fulfillment of same... Are you looking for just one or a couple of copies? If so, Amazon.com does etail CMA. Bob, aka Robert Fenner> Kathy Sexson Curator of Education/Deputy Director

RE: book Thanks for your prompt reply. I should be able to order it from my local book dealer. Appreciate the info. Kathy Sexson <Ah, you're welcome. Am sure you/your staff will enjoy the book. Bob Fenner>

Re: help please Thanks Bob, No, there aren't any resources here and that's the problem. I live in rural Colorado. I did purchase one book, but it is far too general and doesnt get into troubleshooting. I have been reading everything I can on the internet, <This is a BUNCH> and I thought my tank was ready and I was ready...but apparently not....so now I'm at the panic level. I certainly don't want anymore of these beautiful creatures to die. So...thanks again for your help. Sara <Do look into (shameless though not shameful plug here) "The Conscientious Marine Aquarist"... my shot/chance at being able to explain things about marine aquarium keeping. Bob Fenner>

marine aquarium reference books sorry me again...can you recommend a good general marine aquarium book? also with my set up would live rocks improve things or would you say fish only? <There are a few... some of which are reviewed on the WWM site... even one that's well-regarded by yours truly. Look for the names Martin More, Nick Dakin, John Tullock... Bob Fenner> thanks for all your help, Marc

About my writing, and I'll spare you the long version... (FW, a budding writer...) I began about 10 weeks ago and immediately (after having read a dozen or so sales/self-help books) decided to put my experiences on paper. Most of the sales books are the "this is what I found to work" type. Since keeping an aquarium is something I had never been exposed to, I read the Innes book  <A worthy tome> and 3 or 4 smaller trade papers before I did anything. I put an ad in a local buy/sell/want paper and had several aquariums given to me because of a death in the family. This young mans mother had no interest in them. I also read several magazines. My Innes copy was a 25 cent cover-torn copy from a local bookstore. I have since purchased an updated version. Because I frequent many bookstores, I have been able to find several good books on the subject and through cash or credit for used books, I have purchased a few. I really expected more casualties by now and to tell you the truth there is so much left to learn myself I feel kind of foolish with the "how I did it" thing. I do appreciate your taking the time to inquire and I would like to know if you think submitting my thoughts/experiences to a magazine is a good idea. I think it would be a real "hoot" but didn't really think any mag would be interested. I just never considered it. <Freshwater and Marine Aquarium especially, are very interested in such types of articles.> How many aquariums do you keep?  <A handful... travel a great deal, so enjoy other people's and institutions more than my/our own> I started with the fish which were in the first aquarium I bought and have only added guppies. I think after 6 or so months I may try some dwarf guoramis or something. I would like to try egg-layers and think the gouramis are interesting. I also plan to try to breed my corys soon. I want to get the hang of caring for the fry of live bearers so I make fewer mistakes with the egg-layers. I have a 55, 30, and 25 with fish, and a 30, two 25's, and a 20 empty. I have given away 2 and will probably only set up one more in the future. I don't want to rush into things, and would like to get the hang of these before adding more. Any advice is appreciated and again a big thanks for the help and kind words. <Do keep collecting your thoughts, experiences... and recording them to write into article format... and do keep your eyes open for aquarium books and magazines for your collection and use. Bob Fenner>

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