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The Real Batfishes, Family Ogcocephalidae, Order Lophiiformes

Bob Fenner

Ogcocephalus nasutus

Ogcocephalus darwini Hubbs 1958, Galapagos Batfish. Eastern Pacific; Galapagos Islands to Peru. To eight inches in length. Galapagos (Wolf Island) pic.

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Ogcocephalus nasutus (Cuvier 1829). Tropical West Atlantic, where what few members of the family used in the trade generally come out of. Found on sandy, muddy or seagrass areas on the bottom. To fifteen inches in length. SIO aquarium image. 0-1000 feet.

Ogcocephalus parvus, The Roughback Batfish. Tropical West Atlantic, usually 2-3 inches; 4 max. Typically deepwater, this one was found at full size in Cozumel, 2016 in about fifty feet of water.

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Zalieutes elater (try saying that ten times fast) (Jordan & Gilbert 1882), the Roundel Batfish. To six inches total length. Eastern Pacific; point Concepcion in California to Peru. Lives on sandy bottoms, eats small crustaceans and fishes. Oviparous, floating eggs in a raft.

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