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FAQs on Bird Wrasses: Stocking/Selection

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Gomphosus Male to female? - 10/15/2012
Hi WWM crew.
I have a 265 gallon FOWLR tank set up and I have a male (approx 9-10 inches) Gomphosus. I'd like to get another 1 possibly 2 females but all my LFS seems to be able to get is smaller males.
<Mmm, they should contact their wholesale suppliers... alternatively you might order from an online etailer, like LiveAquaria.com; females are imported regularly>
 I've done research on the species as I've had the male now for 5yrs, but I am only able to find that females turn to males.
Can a smaller 5-6 male change to a female if I house them together post QT?
<Mmm, no>
My other inhabitants of the tank are as follows:
3 Big Eye Soldier Fish
1 Blue faced Angel
3 Kuhlia grunts
1 grouper
I am also planning on getting a goatfish for some substrate movement and scavenging purposes.
<A good choice here>
Thanks for all your help and guidance.
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>

Green Bird Wrasse/s Mike, How many green bird wrasse would fit in a 110G tall?  1 male and a couple of females? Thank you . . . Dave <Dave, sorry that I haven't replied quickly but I have been sick.  I would suggest having only two in that size tank.  One Male and one female.  Good Luck. MikeB.>  

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