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Glassfishes, Family Chandidae/Ambassidae

Bob Fenner

Painted Glassfish

Family Ambassidae (Chandidae in Nelson): Glassfishes. Eight genera, forty-one species.

Distribution: Asia, Oceania, Indo-West Pacific,

Size: Most small, a few inches, one to over ten inches total length.

Parambassis gulliveri  (Castelnau 1878), the Giant Glassfish. Asia and Oceania; Australia and New Guinea. Freshwater  To eight inches in length. Largest species in family. Feeds on crustaceans and small fishes. Aquarium photo by Anthony Calfo.  

Parambassis ranga (often listed as Chanda ranga) (Hamilton 1822), the Indian Glassfish. Asia; India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Myanmar, Thailand, Malaysia. Breeds by building nests, guards young. To three inches in length. In the wild eat crustaceans and insects. Need live foods, salt in their water in captivity. Often "Painted" temporarily for the aquarium interest. Susceptible to lymphocystis (shown). Cond.s: pH 7-8, dH 9-19, temp. 20-30C. Wild type and painted individuals with Lymph at right. 


Bibliography/Further Reading:

Palicka, Jiri. 1988. A transparent beauty: Breeding Chanda ranga. TFH 8/88.

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