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FAQs on the Ember Tetras

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Ember Tetra black spots      12/29/16
Dear WWM,
Season's Greetings and best wishes for a happy 2017. Thanks for the awesome job you keep doing.
<And thanks for the kind words.>
The attached image is of a few of my Ember Tetras of a group of 11 that have been living happily for about 1.5 years in a heavily planted 29 gallon. Tank is it its 6th year. Quick question: any idea what those black spots/marks along the lateral line of the biggest fish signify? Or are they more likely to be deposits internally along the spine? I do not have a
microscope so cannot sample a tissue scrape.
<They have the speckled, regular appearance of melanophores rather than sharp black spots or cysts. So my assumption here is that they're part of the fish rather than a parasite. Why is more difficult to answer! Sometimes melanophores change colour for normal, such as sexual, reasons. Sometimes fish turn the melanophores up or down because of ambient conditions such as lighting (Moonlight Gouramis famously have a black band that appears only under dim lighting). Sometimes they get 'jammed' in an unusual state by damage to the nerves. Sometimes they're simply different because of
genetics, whether a mutation in this particular Ember tetra or because this isn't actually a typical Ember tetra but an example of a related species or hybrid. Bottom line, if the fish is behaving normally, I wouldn't worry.>
Tank has other tetras, Corys, a pair of Agassizzis, a Pearl Gourami and a pair of Bristle Nose Pleco
High nitrates >40 ppm, pH 6.5, TDS 180 ish, 30 percent water change weekly.
Fed Hikari Micro Pellets, Tetra pellets, Ocean Nutrition Spirulina and brine shrimp flakes, NLS Thera A and occasionally freeze dried blood and Tubifex worms.
Tank has had episodes of what was diagnosed as NTD in Neons and Black Neons and affected fishes euthanized as per your suggestion.
<Probably wise.>
Should mention that I add 4 ml 2 percent Glutaraldehyde daily to augment CO2.
Any input will be most be most helpful.
Have a great year-end and thanks again,
<And to you, too. Cheers, Neale.>

Re: Ember Tetra black spots      12/30/16
Dear Neale,
Thanks for the super fast and clarifying reply. I'll let things be, but keep a watchful eye - my favourite approach to the hobby.
<Glad to have helped! Good luck, Neale.> 

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