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FAQs on the Bleeding Heart Tetras

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Mixing Tetras With African Cichlids   1/13/06 I was wondering if it were possible to put a 2 inch silver dollar and a 2 inch bleeding heart in with African cichlids? Please write back as soon as possible. Roger. <  Besides having different water requirements, the African cichlids would soon have the tetras pretty torn up in no time at all.-Chuck>

FW livestocking, mixing Hi! <Hi, Melanie. Tom here> I have at 29-gallon tank with five Mickey mouse platys and four Opaline gouramis (they are all the same size for now), and I was wondering if I have enough room in my tank to support 2-3 bleeding heart tetras.  Any assistance will be helpful and, also, do you think they will do well together?  They seem to be doing fine so far. <Two or three of these Tetras shouldn't pose a problem at all. I would recommend keeping the pH level at about 7.0, though. This will be a little on the high end for the Tetras and at the low end for your Platys and Gouramis but all should acclimate well. As you already know, keep up on good water conditions and everyone will do fine.> Thanks, <Always happy to help. Tom>

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