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FAQs on the Blind Cave, Mexican Tetras, Genus Astyanax

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Blind in a cave, characin comp.  - 04/14/2006 Hi, <Hello> This is a wonderful site. <Thanks.> I have been in the  aquarium hobby for a while, and I figured I should introduce my younger sister to the wonderful world of fish keeping! <Good for both of you!> She has her heart set on Blind Cave Tetras (I think they are the ugliest fish out there! lol) and Silver Tip Tetras. Could she keep 6 of each in a 10 gal. aquarium? <This would be pushing it. Both species can be a little aggressive. I'm sure you'll make your sister aware of the importance of water quality/conditions for her pets but, specific to your question, I'd prefer to see her go with no more than three, or four, of each in this size of tank.> I would give her plenty of  plants from my tanks. <The Silver Tips would probably appreciate this. The Blind Caves won't really care.> She also wants to add driftwood, etc. <Keep in mind that decorations, plants and substrate affect the effective volume of the tank. Once you've set up your "10-gallon" tank the way that's pleasing to the eye, the effective volume left for your fish can be reduced by, perhaps, one quarter. In other words, your ten-gallon tank may be reduced, practically speaking, to about eight gallons. Maybe less. Something to keep in mind. ;)> I will also  give her a heater and filter, as well as a light. (It's her birthday) Is this an okay setup? Is there anything special we should know about them? <You'll be fine. Wish your sister a "Happy Birthday" from all of us at WWM.> Thanks in advance, Anthony <Tom> Thanks, I'll tell her to keep 3 of each! Thanks Again, Anthony <Any time, Anthony, and good luck. Tom>

Blind Cave Tetras and Algae Hello, love your site-- <Thanks for the kind words!> I'm planning a single species, blind cave tetras, 46 gal bowfront, and have a couple questions.  What would be a good filtration system?  I was considering using two Whisper 30-60 Advanced--the kind with the bio-sponges--or would I be better off with something else? <You may be able to get by with just one such filter.  Two may offer too much flow for the tetras.  You could certainly try it, and see how they do with the added water flow.  My own personal preference in power filters is with Marineland Penguin and Emperor filters, but the Whisper will do quite well for you, too.  Not to mention, the bonus of being able to remove carbon - the Marineland filters unfortunately do not offer that ability, unless you get creative with scissors.> Also, I say single species, but should I get something for algae control? <Well, that certainly depends on your tastes on lighting, in this case!  The tetras don't need a huge amount of light for obvious reasons.  Though, I don't see any problems with peaceful algae eaters, like Ancistrus Plecs or any of the various algae-eating shrimp.  Lots of options for you.  Sounds like a fun setup!> Thanks, Les <Sure thing.  Wishing you well,  -Sabrina>

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