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FAQs on the Piranhas Identification

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Hi (Piranha info.) My friend gave me this link when I was doing research on saltwater setups and was browsing in the Piranha section, since I have had them for quite some time. There are two pygo species that are missing from the list and are compatible as well to the natt's and piraya. Ternetzi and Cariba. The piraya grow to over 18 inches in the wild, not 13. Also a few good tips would be that 1. Never keep two Pygocentrus together in a tank. One will kill the other over territory. Minimum keep either a single species like most of the Serra. family or 3 in the Pygo family. 2. Good rule is 20 gallons per pygo. 3. There are two sub-families, The pygo which can be interschooled and the serra (rhoms, spilos) which generally are solitary (except maybe gold spilos, dentics rarely). These are not to be schooled will kill each other. You can go to predatoryfish.net. They have the most knowledgeable people on piranhas on the internet by a long shot. <Great! Thank you for your valuable input. Will post on the site, as well as the link on the bibliog./further reading for the group. Have you thought of writing a short book, series of articles on the Piranha and relatives? We might be able to pay you for same, publish in our online zine and post on WWM for others ongoing use. Bob Fenner>

Fruit-eating Piranha ID request hallo! my name is Francesca and I'm Italian. I'm sorry for my bad English, I'll try to do my best. I saw you email address on the page http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/serrasalminae1.htm and I thought you know a lot about piranhas. I have just bought a piranha but I can't find (or I'm not able to recognize) what type of piranha is. a friend of mine told me it is vegetarian. I hope it is not so. anyway, if I'll send you a photograph of my baby, could you give me some information about it? I don't trust in the man who sold me the fish. thank you very much Fra <I only know a little about piranhas, but we have a few good friends here that will gladly look at your photos and help in identifying your fish. Ciao Bella, Bob Fenner>

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