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FAQs About Dojos, Weatherfishes Foods/Feeding/Nutrition

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Goldfish and dojo loaches; fdg. and sys.     6/3/17
Hello again,
<Hi there>
You guys were so helpful with my dwarf frogs, I thought I'd reach out and get the best advice on my goldfish and dojo loach tank. I currently have two small baby fantail goldfish and three small dojo loaches (two gold and one natural) in a 20 gallon long, but of course I'm looking for a big upgrade currently which should be done within a week or two as I'm aware that these guys get big.
<Ah, good>
I have two questions, first, how can I ensure my loaches are getting fed properly and enough?
<Just a cursory look/see at their "index of fitness"; roundish-contoured profile>

The goldfish seem to gobble everything up in seconds, and I don't see much left in the gravel bed.
Also, what substrate will be best for both of these fish to live happily?
<Something larger, flatter in the way of natural gravel... 3/8-1/4" D>

I have a deep sand substrate in my 55 gallon and would like to do something similar for the loaches, but worry about the goldfish ingesting sand and becoming impacted.
<You are wise here>
Speaking of deep sand substrates, (This is a very new arrangement for me) I've got lots of real plants, 5 young angelfish, four Cory cats, two Bristlenose Plecos, one dwarf Gourami, and one golden wonder killifish, with a few Nerite snails and ghost shrimp. I've read that the sand should be stirred to prevent pockets of harmful bacteria, but how can I do that without disturbing the roots?
<Best to gingerly vacuum about the areas outside of the plants weekly; perhaps doing one side of the tank at a time. Going forward, even better to "blind pot" the planted areas>
I'm using CaribSea sunset gold, which is pretty fine, would it compact too much for plant roots?
<Not too compact>
Sorry for the long list of questions, I'm quite new to this hobby. Thank you in advance for your consideration.
<A pleasure to share with you, conspire in your success. Bob Fenner>
Re: Goldfish and dojo loaches      6/3/17

Thank you for setting my mind at ease.
When I did the change in my 55 gallon (just yesterday, tank was established for 3-4 months with coarse black gravel) my striped angelfish (young superveil) seems to have dimmed his stripes considerably, as has my glitter angelfish. I'm thinking this is stress related. I tried to preserve my biological media by floating with my live plants in a bucket of aquarium water, and all fish were moved to a holding tank, nonetheless, I know the change was very stressful on everyone. I kept lights off the rest of the day (also night since it was late when I finished) and tested everything before re-adding my fish.
<Good moves>
I used Prime since I could only re-use about 20 gallons of old water. My lights have been off most of today as well, but they seem stressed still.
Is there anything else I can do to help them recover from such trauma?
<Mmm; just time going by really>
I also planned on small water changes daily as I got a very slight reading of ammonia, really just a barely yellow tint to the test tube, only noticeable against a pure white windowsill in the sun. Nitrites were 0. I've got a young rescued angel who had his fins chewed off at the pet store, I didn't think he'd survive at all but his fins have really grown in nicely and I'm super attached to him now, really can't stand to lose him. Thanks again!
Sorry to be a bother.
<Never a bother. Cheers, BobF>
Re: Goldfish and dojo loaches      6/3/17

Should I stir my deep (3 inch) sand? /if so, how often?
<I would use a gravel vacuum.... see the Net re or I can send a link>
And is it safe to not stir near plant roots?
<Already answered; yes. B>
Re: Goldfish and dojo loaches      6/3/17

Thank you, I missed that part of your answer somehow.
<Ahh; no worries. BobF>

feeding Dojo loach      7/17/16
I have 1800 gallon pond in my backyard, stocked with goldfish and some Dojo Loaches. I am not sure how many loaches I have because last month I had a pond disaster and lost all my goldfish to chlorine. When cleaning up after my fatal mistake, I did not find any loach bodies. But now that my pond is back to normal I have seen one loach for sure. The others may be alive, but I have no way of knowing.
<Indeed. But Weather Loaches are able to survive in the mud for some time. Rather like lungfish.>
My question is this. The one I have seen is feeding from the floating goldfish flakes at the surface. I am wondering if that means he is not finding enough food at the bottom of the pond.
<Possibly, or he may simply have learned to take food from the surface now that the Goldfish aren't hogging it.>
That is, Is this an indication that there is not sufficient bottom food for the loach(es) Thank you in advance for answering my question. Carolyn
<I'd carry on what you're doing, observing what happens and if any other Loaches turn up. They are bottom feeders and do need some sort of food input, bulk catfish pellets for example. Loaches can easily starve to death in ponds if left to fend for themselves, so whether you provide flake or pellets, do provide something! Cheers, Neale.>
Re: feeding Dojo loach       7/19/16

thank you for answering my question.
I have provided a pan of fine gravel with a large tunnel for dessert creatures on top of the gravel, and am placing sinking food in there for the loach or loaches, if there is more than one.
<Sounds worth a shot!>
Hopefully he, they will find the treat just for loaches. C
<Quite so. Otherwise commercial catfish or trout pellets will work well as staples for these fish, alongside the algae and snails that will grow in the pond naturally. Cheers, Neale.>

Dojo Loach digestion issues...? 3-4-09 Hi, I've had my 15 gallon tank set up since the beginning of '06. My dojo loach has been in the tank since the beginning and is 6.5 inches long and thick as my finger, <That's a big boy!> he has lots of caves and hiding places and the tank's well-planted. I noticed yesterday, when he pooped, he twitched a lot and this green/brown cloud starting coming out of him... some sort of fish-diarrhea followed by a chunk of what looks like an algae wafer. It happened again today. Afterwards, he just kept swimming like nothing happened. He gets a mixed diet of algae wafers, sometimes sinking shrimp pellets, and occasionally freeze-dried blood worms, plus bits of flake food that fall to the bottom. He's kept with 3 fancy guppies and a red wag platy, all have been living together for +/- 1 year. My water is fine. Ammonia and nitrites at 0. I do weekly water changes of 10%. I couldn't find any other forums/discussions about fish-diarrhea lol so hopefully you can help. -Dillon <Mmm, I don't think you have a problem here... I would not be concerned. Bob Fenner>
Re: Dojo Loach digestion issues...?  03/04/09
Awesome. It's just unusual and I've never seen this happen with any other fish I've kept. I've grown quite fond of him over the years and I'd be pretty sad if he died. He's got quite a personality. Thanks Bob. <Welcome Dillon... I really like Dojos... had many as a youngster when I lived in Japan (my father was a Navy lifer)... Do have very distinct personalities as you say. Cheers, BobF>

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