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FAQs About Anurans/Frogs: Identification

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Frog help      8/18/17
Hey! Found this frog in my pond In SW Victoria Australia. Can you help me identify? I'm thinking pobblebonk but if so then what is wrong with it?
Toxins? Hormones?
Thanks for any help you might be able to offer!
<Hi Liz, I'm going to share this with Aussie friend of mine who might be able to help. But this is a bit off-topic for us! Your local Fish & Wildlife agency should be able to help, and yes, I agree, it does look bloated and unhealthy, especially around the hind legs. Are there any local herpetology clubs you can get in touch with? Cheers, Neale.>
More Re: Frog help     8/18/17

Hey! Found this frog in my pond In SW Victoria Australia. Can you help me identify? I'm thinking pobblebonk but if so then what is wrong with it?
Toxins? Hormones?
Thanks for any help you might be able to offer!
<My Aussie friend drew a blank here. To be fair he's an entomologist with an interest in amphibians and reptiles. He thought maybe Limnodynastes dumerilii, but the vertical pupils on the eyes are odd, and the nose seemed
too pointy for that species. That said, he agreed it looked pretty sick. He did add: "Sick frogs usually respond to being kept quiet in a cool, dark place in clean water - not too deep as many Aussie frogs can't swim and will drown!!"
Do also have a look here:
Cheers, Neale.>

RMF lost pic...

Re: HELP with an Australian Frog! Missing pic      8/19/17
Ah, thank you Neale. B

Frog ID And Care   1/3/07 Hi really hope you can help.  I am totally new to keeping a tropical fish tank and I have recently bought, what was labeled up as a Congo frog.  When I do a search on the net it points me to your website and African Dwarf frogs, are these the same with just different names? < Do a Google search on the African Dwarf Frog. If it looks anything close then that is what it is.> The thing is I have had my frog for a couple of weeks and when I first put him in my tank he didn't seem to move to much and just kept laying spread out face down.  I got him out of my tank into one on his own as I was unsure if he was ill and if so did not want to spread it around my tank.  He is still alive but still not very active and his usual position is face down and he doesn't move for ages.  When I go to where I bought him and other places the assistants just don't seem to know anything so you are my only hope, I don't want to be unintentionally killing the frog and also can you tell me what is best to feed him on too.  Thanks for your help, I'm sorry I'm a complete novice. Jo < These frogs, as are most, are ambush predators. They wait for prey to come by and then suck it into their mouths. If they move too much then larger predators may eat them. Make sure some small worms make their way down to him.-Chuck>

Toads and a Dead Turtle 07/04/06 I caught a bunch of nickel sized toads. at least I think they're toads, they don't have webbed feet. They're brownish with orangey red bumps on its back and a white underbelly. I found them in my lawn while I mowed it. What kind of toads are they and what should I feed them? <Sorry, I need to know where you are from to help you  ID a toad. generally that are terrestrial and eat all kinds of insects. They are great for the garden and eat lots of destructive pests.> While I'm at it I also have a red eared slider turtle that died, it was just so weak and it opened its mouth and sometimes made a kind of croaking noises, it was all limp and just laid around in his tank before he died. What was wrong with him and what should I do to prevent it from happening to my other turtles? William < Your turtle had a respiratory infection from being too cold. The basking spot should be at least 85 F. Turtles need to heat up to fight infections.-Chuck>

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