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FAQs on the Head & Taillight Tetras

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New head and tail light tetras comp.  - 03/11/2006 Hi I was just wondering after the ammonia bloom is done would be able to put head and tail light tetras in a 15 gal. with a Festivum and 2 Corys?? <? Is this an ongoing query? You need to include previous correspondence if so. You don't want any detectable ammonia in a stocked aquatic system, and not a good mix to place the Festivums/Flag Cichlids here. They get too large for a fifteen gallon and would likely eat the small tetras. Bob Fenner>

Head and Tail Light Tetra Hi!  I have head and tail light tetra in my tank.  Water is fine.  Ph and all that are normal.  One of the fish is swimming vertical.  Is this a problem? Chris Casey <<Hello. Yes, it's a problem. Please get your water tested, ASAP, at your local fish store, or buy your own test kits. Test the following: ammonia (should be zero), nitrites (should be zero) and nitrates (should be as low as possible, between 20-60ppm is a decent range to aim for). If any of those test high in your tank, water changes will be required to bring them down and control them over time. IF you have had these tested, please tell me the results. You will also need to give me more info on the fishes symptoms, so I can tell you if the problem is treatable or not...-Gwen>>

Head and Tail Light tetra My head and tail light tetra, who is about five or six months old, and about one and a half inches in length, has started to hang out at the top of the tank. He/She normally swims close to the bottom or the middle. When he started swimming at the top, he would eat the food, so I thought that he just needed to eat. But about two days ago, he stopped eating and stayed in a corner of the tank(29 gallons). Do you know what's wrong with it? I'm kind of new to the tank thing and he was one of my first fish, so I hope He/She will be O.K. Rachel >>Dear Rachel, you will need to get your water tested for ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate levels. Take some of your tank water to the local fish store and ask them to test it for you. Ask them to write down the results, so you have a good idea what is going on in your tank. Your ammonia and nitrites should be zero, if not, there is a problem with your biofiltration. Your nitrates should be lower than 100ppm, ideally around 20-40ppm range. Do some water changes if your levels are too high. -Gwen<<

Head and Tail Light tetra Hey! Rachel again! I did test my water and I forgot to mention it but all of the levels were 0 and PH was 7.3. The tetra is doing better though, he ate a little tonight. My gold dusted molly also had fry. We only caught two, we were at dinner and when we came they were the only left! (I guess she had them while we were gone!) Thanks for the help!!! It's Rachel, AGAIN, my molly had fry while I was out eating dinner, so when I got home there were only two, that I could find! I am new to this fry thing, surprisingly because I have had male AND female mollies since Christmas of 2003- and this is the first batch! Mine are staying on the bottom of the breeding net, Is that normal? How long is it before they eat? I REALLY don't want to kill them- so someone help as soon as possible! Thanks:) >>Hello Rachel :) Hope you had a nice dinner :) Your molly fry might need a place to hide, adding some fine-leaved plants will help, java fern and some floating duckweed, if you can find them at your LFS. They will also feed off the plants. In the meantime, you can feed them crushed flake food. Don't overfeed! And don't be upset if you lose a few, I think your mollies will be having lots more fry, they seem to know what they're doing now :) -Gwen<<

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