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/The Conscientious Aquarist

Algae Eaters for Freshwater Aquariums

Bob Fenner

"Chinese" Algae Eaters: To be avoided

There are many biological feeders of algae that can be employed for use in helping to control pest growth populations... Some are much better than others... Tropical tanks are best served by members of the family Loricariidae (see family coverage here and above) and Siamese Algae Eaters and kin. Cooler water systems can utilize snails of various species, hillstream fishes (Homalopterids) and some minnows like those of the genus Garra and Epalzeorhynchus.

Garra pingi pingi (Tchang 1929), the Garra, though but one of a very large genus. Freshwater; pH 6.5-7.2, dH 12-25, temp. 12-25 C. Name derives from Burmese for "big nose". A recent addition to the aquarium trade as an alternative to the untrustworthy Chinese Algae Eater and South American suckermouth catfishes.

Gyrinocheilus aymonieri (Tirant 1883), the Chinese Algae Eater... Likely one of the largest causes of freshwater livestock (and hobbyist) loss. Too often confused as a "cleaner upper", this fish is more of an "eater upper", that will "ride" other fishes, sucking off their protective slime coating, ultimately killing them. Available as a gorgeous xanthic/golden variety... just as ornery. Not to be kept with peaceful tropical fishes! To ELEVEN inches in length. "Freshwater; pH range: 6 -- 8; dH range: 5 - 19 tropical; 25 -- 28°C. Asia: Mekong, Chao Phraya and Meklong basins; northern Malay Peninsula. Aquarium keeping: needs plant feed; adults territorial; in groups of 5 or more individuals; minimum aquarium size 60 cm http://fishbase.sinica.edu.tw/Summary/speciesSummary.php?ID=12298&genusname=Gyrinocheilus&speciesname=aymonieri"

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