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FAQs on the Freshwater Minnows called Sharks Foods/Feeding/Nutrition

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Rainbow Shark Nutrition - 02/17/2007 Just wondering if it's normal behavior for a rainbow shark to not eat flake food or frozen bloodworms... <Not really, they should eat most anything.> He just seems to be eating algae and my plants... <Well, if he's keeping himself fat and happy, I wouldn't be too worried.  Maybe try offering him some algae flakes or other "green" foods, like Ocean Nutrition's "Formula Two" flakes or frozen foods?  If he seems inclined to nibble algae, this might be a good food to try.> I thought it was an omnivore and would enjoy the flakes and bloodworms? <Yeah, he should.  It's possible that he's got some sort of nutritional deficiency that is making the algae more desirable to him....  Who knows!  Again, if he's keeping himself fat and happy, you've nothing to worry about.  Wishing you well,  -Sabrina>

Algae Eating Shark. Diet/Food issues (FW)  2/5/07 Hello, <Hey Daniel.> First, I'm new here. <Welcome.> I just wanted to say, You have a great site, I have been here often. <Thanks.> Here's the question, I have a 20 gal, well planted tank. With java ferns, Amazon sword, water wisteria and bog wood. Yes the tank water is very stained. I have dozen neon tetras, I think a sleeper goby{ I got free , It was a feeder in a pet store. My gain there loss} 5 Rasbora Het. 1 Otocinclus, 5 Collie loaches. Also, a new REAL Algae eating shark. I feed the others live black worms, frozen daphnia. NO flake food. I tried and they don't eat it! <A more varied diet would be nice though...> I have noticed that the shark turns his nose up at the food in the tank. Yes, there is algae in the tank, the Otocinclus always munching on the glass or bog wood. I don't want the shark to die. should I try wafers or what??? <Sinking pellets/wafers are an option as well as dried seaweed/Nori....anything with vegetable matter (though not terrestrial).> Thanks alot Daniel <Adam J.>

What do I feed  tri color sharks? >>Um, I'm assuming you're talking about a freshwater fish, in which case I don't see why they can't be provided a good quality, freshwater fish staple, along with supplemental feedings of frozen bloodworms, or other meaty foods they'll demonstrate an interest in.  Marina

More on black sharks I'm sorry to bug you again, but I keep reading about how people like give theirs like people food.. is that really good for them? <Some greens, like blanched zucchini or cucumber, shelled peas, romaine lettuce, etc., are acceptable for some fish, and your Labeo Chrysophekadion may appreciate these tremendously, but they should also eat good quality frozen/prepared fish foods, as well.> and what can you really give them?.. <As above.> my 2 are only about 3-4 inches right now but is there anything else I can feed them now? .. <As above.> their fish food is the pellets.. n the pellet just sit on the bottom, I don't know if there eating <Try frozen bloodworms, and some of the abovementioned greens; try high quality flaked foods, as well.> and am going to get them a bigger tank soon ... sorry, another question.. how big they have to be before you breed them? .. no am not thinking about it but I don't want to wake up tomorrow and see more little black sharks ... thanks! <I'm really concerned that you're missing the point here.  These fish get big.  REALLY, REALLY big.  Three feet long, seriously, no kidding.  Three.  Feet.  Long.  How big of a tank do you plan to keep them in??  I very strongly recommend saving yourself some grief and trade them in for a more manageably sized fish.  The best you could do for these black sharks is keep putting them in progressively larger tanks and pray that they're midgets of their species; not something I'd place any bets on.  To adequately house fully grown adult fish of this species would be difficult and very expensive, at best.  There are so many other wonderful, small fish available to you/us that it's a real shame to see these black sharks offered for sale - please reconsider your decision to keep them.  -Sabrina>

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