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FAQs on the Black Minnow Shark

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shark... Riddikulus!  -- 02/22/10
dew to loss of power i had a black shark with a grey belly 8 to 10 inch.
was in a freash water tank. head looked like a hammer head.could you please help me find me another one. thank you.
<No. Bob Fenner>

Black shark... comp.    1/3/08 Hello crew and a happy new year to you all, In one tank I have a pretty small (at the moment) black shark, apart from a few larger Synos he is on his own. <Ah, the Black Shark, Labeo chrysophekadion. Not an aquarium fish in my humble opinion. Maximum size 90 cm/3', maximum weight 7 kg/15.5 pounds... 'nuff said.> I am considering putting him in our main display tank. I have been told that he should be fine with our display inhabitants. <Up to a point these fish are acceptable in communities, but only with other very big, behaviourally robust species and even then only in a GIANT aquarium.> Of course, I'd rather run all this past you before I do anything. His new friends would consist of cherry barbs, Neons, cardinals, Kuhli loaches, ghost shrimps, four eyed tetras, Otos and Corys. <Not in the long term. Even assuming your Black Shark stays VERY undersized, it'll still top 45 cm/18" in length, and has a very territorial personality. These fishes might be ignored as being too small to be of concern to a territorial Labeo, but alternatively they might be chases, nipped, or eaten! Synodontis, Plecs, Hoplosternum, etc. all make more sense as companions. Robust characins such as Silver Dollars could work, too.> Both tanks have almost exactly the same GH / KH / pH / temp. I have 0 ammonia / nitrite and about 1 nitrate with high filtration. The only other point is that he seems to have decimated some of the plants in the tank he is currently in. <Normal; these fish scrape algae from plant leaves, and soft leaves are likely damaged. They will also eat plant leaves that are dying anyway.> Though I have noticed that he leaves some well alone. I suppose I could see what happens, if he only eats one particular plant then that would be ok, I could buy a new plant every now and then. <Indeed. Or else keep with robust things like Crinum, Java fern and Anubias.> Thanks. Kind regards, Steve <Hope this helps, Neale.>

Black shark disease  10/2/07 Hi , I purchased a black shark (looks like a red tail black shark without the red) from an aquarium shop a week ago... <Labeo chrysophekadion. Please bear in mind this is a BIG fish; aquarium specimens routinely exceed 60 cm in length. Wild fish can top 90 cm (3 feet), and weigh in at around 7 kg (15.5 lb). In my opinion, a fish that is completely unsuitable for home aquaria.> ...and noticed a slightly bulging abdomen with raised scales a few days later. <Classically, swelling and raised scales are associated with oedema, which can be a symptom indicative of a wide range of pathogens and problems. Water quality/chemistry, improper diet and bacterial infections may all be connected.> Yesterday it seemed as if something had exploded there, leaving a boil like hole in his tummy. <Is the hole open to the environment? That is extremely serious. You need to be treating with something anti-Fungal and anti-Finrot right now. Don't waste your time with Melafix/Pimafix/tonic salt type remedies. An open body wound on the abdomen of a fish is potentially fatal (just as it would be to a human).> the funny thing is that he still seems relatively well. Is it a burst abscess of some kind? <Yes, certainly sounds that way. Not something that normally happens by itself. In fact I've only seen this sort of thing caused two ways: bites from other fish, and from physical damage, e.g. by a fish throwing itself at something glass or metal above the tank. Since all Labeo spp. are strong jumpers, this might be the problem. Otherwise, look to see if any tankmates might have bitten your fish.> Many thanks Laurent . PS The water conditions in the current tank are very good and I have just increased the salt level a little bit <Why are you using salt? Improper use of salt is one factor related to bloating and oedema in fish because of the long-term stress it puts on the osmoregulatory systems of freshwater fish. Some freshwater fish adapt fine to saline conditions, but some don't. The use of tonic salt in aquaria isn't required here at all. While it's unlikely to be the causative factor, with a fish has sick as yours, you don't want to be messing about. Gradually do water changes over the next few weeks without adding salt to the new water. This will let your fish slowly adapt back to the water conditions they want. Keep the water spotlessly clean: 50% water changes every 2-3 days are probably essential for the next week or two while the wound is open. Once the wound heals, then go back to a normal cycle of 50% water changes per week. Good luck, Neale>

Black Shark Tank Mates, FW  4/1/07 Greetings all. <Hi Ricq, Pufferpunk here> I've searched through your FAQs and can't quite find an answer to this question. Hope you can help. I have a 4" Black Shark. I know he will get quite large but I'm committed to giving him the best home possible. He's in a 29g for the moment but I can move him to a 55g, then a 75g and when the time is right a 120g. So I think I'm ok on tank sizes... <Sounds great!> Now, I've read numerous and conflicting stories of Black Shark temperaments. Assuming for the moment that I have one who isn't going to grow up to be a total terror, what species would be good tankmates for him as he gets larger (say, when he's 5", 10" and 12+")? <I would keep it with large, South American cichlids.  ~PP> Many thanks for any info you can provide. Ricq

Black Shark Could I maintain a Black Shark, (Labeo chrysophekadion) in a 48"x18"x20" tank, if it was the only inhabitant?  I love this species dearly, and I know that they can get up to around 2', but my LFS buys them from a certain retailer, and they have kept these sharks before, and NEVER had one grow past 16 inches.  So could I do it?  Thanks in advance for any answers! <Could likely go in this size/shape system for a good long while. Other than size considerations, do keep an eye on this fish for its tendency to "get mean" with size. Bob Fenner>

Re: Black Shark Hey Bob (or Anthony, or whomever may read this)! I was told by Bob Fenner (if this is you, than you already know) that I could maintain a Black Shark (Labeo Chrysophekadion) in a 48'x18'x20' tank for 'a good long while'.  Is it possible for me to maintain this fish in there for its entire life? <Mmm, yes, but it will be a greatly foreshortened life if so. Have seen this fish at close to two feet in length> If not, how big of a tank would I eventually need.  I wasn't planning on upgrading in the future, but if I must, then I will.  Thanks in advance for any answers! <Take a look at the stat.s on this species on Fishbase.org Bob Fenner>

Black Shark Gage- you're right.  I finally found a less "mature" photo of this fish and that is definitely what I have. ( http://species.fishindex.com/species_2904labeo_chrysophekadion_black_shark.html)  I guess I better hurry up and get the big tank cleaned up and set up!  Sounds like from the description, it should be content with a couple of convicts and the smaller fish.  It also explains the jumping to escape in the beginning.  Thanks for the help! Shel <Yes, and plan for a larger tank in the future, with good water quality and proper diet he will be a monster in no time.  If the Convicts are much larger than him they may pick on him, just be prepared to separate them if things get ugly.  fishbase.org is also a good place to find info on these fish.  Best Regards, Gage. >

Black sharks.... hey, I just bought two black sharks, <Oh my....  are they all black, or do they have red tails?  The all-black ones are Labeo chrysophekadion, 'the' black shark, the red-tailed ones, Epalzeorhynchos bicolor, are usually sold as 'red-tailed black shark'.> how do you tell the sex of them? <For either of these, the females will be a bit more rounded in the belly, and the males may have slightly longer dorsal fins.> and how big of a tank do you recommend for them? the store told me a 3 gallon tank so that's what there in but it seems kind of small.. <Uhh....  Well, the store that sold them to you seems to have wanted to make a quick buck - the red-tailed ones get nearly five inches in length, which is far too large for a three gallon aquarium, I assure you!  But if you have the black shark, Labeo Chrysophekadion....  The black sharks get nearly three FEET long.  This is one fish suitable only for HUGE tanks - you could fit a couple 3g tanks IN one of these fish, rather than the other way 'round.> please e-mail me back and let me know.. thanks <My biggest recommendation, whichever species you have, is to take them back and get something that stays significantly smaller.  I have a three gallon tank with a few very small livebearers and a couple cherry shrimp; I used to keep a Betta and the shrimp in there.  You could also try white cloud minnows, if you want a few small schooling fishes.  There really are a lot of options for small tanks - but black sharks, unfortunately, aren't a great choice due to their size.  Wishing you well,  -Sabrina.>

Big fish, more info Yeah, they're black sharks, not red tailed ones .. thanks for the help in answering those questions, the people at the petstore didn't seem like they knew what they were talking about at all.. <All too common an occurrence - please research future prospects before buying them, then you'll know ahead of time what you're getting into.> also.. how do you breed black sharks? .. <Well, being that this fish gets three feet long, and won't likely breed until it's quite a bit larger than what you've got, you'd first have to start with an enormous tank, possibly hundreds of gallons.  However, to my knowledge, there are no documented cases of this fish being successfully bred by hobbyists, so it's rather unlikely that they'll breed for you, even in the best of circumstances with a properly sized aquarium.  Here's some more info on them, from fishbase.org:  http://www.fishbase.org/Summary/SpeciesSummary.cfm?genusname=Labeo&speciesname=chrysophekadion   thanks <Wishing you well,  -Sabrina.> More on black sharks I'm sorry to bug you again, but I keep reading about how people like give theirs like people food.. is that really good for them? <Some greens, like blanched zucchini or cucumber, shelled peas, romaine lettuce, etc., are acceptable for some fish, and your Labeo Chrysophekadion may appreciate these tremendously, but they should also eat good quality frozen/prepared fish foods, as well.> and what can you really give them?.. <As above.> my 2 are only about 3-4 inches right now but is there anything else I can feed them now? .. <As above.> their fish food is the pellets.. n the pellet just sit on the bottom, I don't know if there eating <Try frozen bloodworms, and some of the abovementioned greens; try high quality flaked foods, as well.> and am going to get them a bigger tank soon ... sorry, another question.. how big they have to be before you breed them? .. no am not thinking about it but I don't want to wake up tomorrow and see more little black sharks ... thanks! <I'm really concerned that you're missing the point here.  These fish get big.  REALLY, REALLY big.  Three feet long, seriously, no kidding.  Three.  Feet.  Long.  How big of a tank do you plan to keep them in??  I very strongly recommend saving yourself some grief and trade them in for a more manageably sized fish.  The best you could do for these black sharks is keep putting them in progressively larger tanks and pray that they're midgets of their species; not something I'd place any bets on.  To adequately house fully grown adult fish of this species would be difficult and very expensive, at best.  There are so many other wonderful, small fish available to you/us that it's a real shame to see these black sharks offered for sale - please reconsider your decision to keep them.  -Sabrina>

Black Shark and Fire Eel - Out of the Frying Pan and Into the Fire! Hello, hope you can help me!   <I will indeed try.> I have been looking for quite awhile and trying to decide what to purchase for my tank or if I need to buy a larger tank if it is needed!  I am wondering if a black shark 2" long and a fire eel 9" long will be good tank mates? <No, black sharks (Epalzeorhynchus bicolor) are said to be very hostile fish.  I've read many sites saying how their red tailed Black Sharks have really hurt some tank mates.  I would think that it would pester a fire eel.> I know that black sharks are aggressive, but are they to aggressive if they grow together! <They will eventually be mean... their nature won't allow them to be nice forever.  No sense putting an eel through that. Here is a quick bit of info on the black sharks.  http://aquarium.wendellarhoads.com/blshark.shtml They seem to list what had happened to their tankmates.> I have heard and red that balas, red tailed sharks, or rainbows and good possible tank mates,  what about black sharks?   <larger rainbows wouldn't bother an eel at all.  The others you run a risk.> Would a lot of hiding places for the eel make a difference or keeping the black shark well fed make a difference? <It would help, but wouldn't take care of the underlying issue that the fish would be mean to the eel.  I suggest that if you want these two fish, you think about having two separate tanks for them.  Then you can enjoy both without worry.  Good luck -Magnus.> Help Needed!!!  Thanks CHO, IA

ID of a friend's fish Hello,    I've got a identification question of a friend's fish that will probably be pretty easy for you guys--I just haven't run into this type of fish before in my freshwater fish experience.  The attached photo is a picture of my buddy's fish, it's about 5 inches long living in a 30 gallon tank.  I appreciate any help you can provide. Sincerely, Shay Harrison <It's one of the "shark-minnows" called a Black Shark in most places... Labeo (formerly Morulius) chrysophekadion... and it gets MUCH larger. http://www.fishbase.org/Summary/SpeciesSummary.cfm?ID=12102&genusname=Labeo&speciesname=chrysophekadion Yep, ninety cm.! in the wild... times four cm./in... that's three feet! Keep that tank covered as they are great jumpers. Bob Fenner>

New Aquarium, filter, shark size/isolation <Don is having computer difficulties> Thank you for all of your help, we took back the UG Filtration system & bought a Fluval 304 canister filter. We now have 2 beautiful angelfish in our 36 gallon tank & hope to add more fish soon. As for our poor little shark, he is getting bigger, but he is still in the 5 gallon tank & doing well. I just couldn't bring myself to taking him back to the store. Not sure what I will do. I just can't believe they sold him to me & told me he would get to be 4 inches (not FEET) I could not believe that when you told me that. Until I saw some pix online. Wow! My daughter loves him, so what do you do... <More tanks!> Thank you for all of your help. I am so glad there are websites like yours for all of us to go to & people like you that take the time to answer emails. Gratefully yours, Amanda K. Follett <Glad to be of assistance. Bob Fenner> 

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