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FAQs About Goldfish Behavior 2

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Goldfish question - 02/09/2007 Hi, <Hello> We have had a Ryukin, Shachi, for about three months now, and recently his behavior has changed a lot.  Since we've gotten the tank started cycling, <Needs to be cycled ahead of livestock introduction...> there haven't been any significant changes to his environment, but since about a week ago he has become much more inactive.  His behavior change did start around the time that we added a second goldfish, Simon (we kept an eye on Simon in a separate tank for about a week and he is perfectly healthy as far as we can tell).  Adding Simon hasn't affected the tank cycling and our tests are still showing concentrations of zero for toxins in the tank.  He spends a lot of time just sitting motionless near the top of the tank. <Mmmm> He used to be more or less horizontal when motionless, but now his head tilts up. <Good observation> He doesn't have clamped fins, or show signs of flukes or fin rot, but we think there might be a slight bulge on his rear right side.  It is hard to tell because he is calico and some of the difference in look between the sides might be because of his coloration. <Yes>   Anyways, we are concerned because until recently, he has always been very energetic and also used to swim right up to anyone who came near his tank.  I just fed both fish some bits of pea, and Shachi seemed completely oblivious to the food.  Most of the time we feed them peas, and occasionally some pellets.  There are also a few edible plants in the tank. <Good> So do you have any idea what could be behind Shachi's sudden and drastic behavior change? <Mmm... might be just a bit of funk... happens> Is it possible that it is related to adding Simon to the tank? <Yes, could be> Is it something we should be worried about? <Not really... at this junction... best to do a bit of a water change (25%), and be patient> Is there anything we can do to get Shachi back to his old self?  I don't claim to know what my fish are thinking, but Shachi certainly seemed happier when he seemed healthier. Thanks for taking the time to read my email.  There were some similar cases in the FAQs  but I couldn't find any that were exactly the same and just wanted to get the best possible idea about what is going on with our fish.  -Kevin <Again, I would take a long-view wait and see approach here... when/where in doubt, water changes... Bob Fenner>

Goldfish Question, Health - II - 02/11/2007 Thanks for the advice.  We did a 20%  water change right before I sent you my original email last night.  Should we be doing them more frequently until Shachi's behavior changes or the same as usual (right now we do a 20% change about once a week)?  How long with no change in behavior before we should be concerned? <There is an issue of declining benefit here... with more water changes introducing possibilities of poisoning, reducing nitrification... I might increase this rate to twice, thrice per week... maximum, unless you're able to store new water for days... test for residual effects. BobF>


Black streaks on Comet, beh.    4/14/06 Hi My comet, appropriately named Comet! Recently developed a browny black mark on his face, on his left gill. Its a circular shape. A couple of days later i noticed one of his fins had a black lining on it, now one of his other fins has it too. The other fish in with him is fine, and Comet in himself is his usual lively self apart from these marks. Can you please help and advise me on what this could be and what to do? <Likely nothing, but I would be checking your/its environment, water quality> Also, our biggest goldfish, Boris, who is quite big, but usually placid, decided the other day to try to eat one of the minnows. Until then it had lived happily with them. He spat it back out after nearly choking on it, but unfortunately the back fin on the minnow was practically gone and he only survived an hour. We have separated him now and put him in another tank as we fear a repeat performance, plus he keeps trying the mate with one of the other goldfish, who is a comet i think but has a very long pretty tail and is quite delicate. He caused her so much stress and fin damage last time that we had to temporarily remove him. Are the 2 things related? <Maybe> Has something made him more violent, maybe something to do with the mating season? <Likely> Like i said he's in a different tank now, but if we put him back after the mating season do you think he'll still try to eat the minnows or do you think it was a mistake? <Likely the latter mainly> Sorry there's so many questions. Thanks in advance. Rebecca <... what re the size, make-up of this system, systems? Please read here: http://wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshsystems.htm and the linked files above. Bob Fenner>


Goldfish beh./disease question  4/09/06 Hello Mr. Fenner. <Hi, Gage here today.> My name is Dale and I have recently purchased 10 goldfish for my outdoor garden pond and I was wondering if you could help me. I have a problem because 3 of my goldfish are turning black from gold and i have never heard of this happening before.  So I was wondering if you knew what the cause of this may be. Even though the 3 goldfish are about 85% black they seem fine in every way. I would be grateful if you could get back to me and tell me the problem. <It is fairly common for goldfish to change color; it could be related to their temperature, new diet, or just genetics, nothing to worry about really.  You can find more on this and other Goldfish issues at the following URL. http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/goldfishfaqs.htm Best regards, Gage> Thank you very much.                                                            Yours sincerely Dale


One fantail down (a little)    4/8/06 Hello, <Jason N. here today.>   I just found your site and have been reading it for the last hour -- I love it (I've had my fish for 3 years now, lost a couple and I've learned a lot -- I don't overfeed or over medicate anymore!) <That's good news!  Two of the most common Goldfish killers.>   Here's my questions:       I have a fantail mix (a poorly bred fish, I think he's got a little Oranda in him) <I don't think I own a single "pure bred" Goldfish myself... All pet store grade.> that was resting on the bottom. I consulted a site that recommended that I treat him with an anti fluke med Prazi-pro. <Any other symptoms to suggest flukes?  I would definitely consider flukes as a suspect if I saw a Goldfish hiding, but there are still many other possibilities -- including water quality.  Do your Ammonia and Nitrite test OK?> I did. He now floats just above the floor of the tank (he has a favorite spot that he returns to) about 2/3 of the time. He joins my other fantails with wild dancing, swimming and begging whenever I come around. The rest of the time he swims around and explores. I was warned against treating him again, since he's not actually in contact with the bottom. Is he 100% cured? Why doesn't he behave like the other fish? <Is he still being medicated?  Meds often lead to lethargy in fish.  I would watch him for a few days... he may perk up.  Medication is very hard on your fish, often harder than the disease that you medicated for was.  He may need a few days just to recover from medication.  Keep up with water changes, these always help sick fish recover.>   Another fantail swims half the time, then kind of goes into a pose, floating in place, his head up (he's at about a 30 degree angle and always next to a certain rock. He looks absolutely beautiful and quite peaceful Is this normal behavior? <My Goldfish behave in this way when they sleep.  They are typically also unresponsive when I come near the tank while sleeping.  If they are response, perhaps you should add some decor or plants for them to explore and forage amongst.>   Both of these fish seem healthy and are definitely active when I'm around or feeding them. All of my fish were getting too fat, so I've been feeding them peas once a day . . . <If you feel that your fish are eating too much, scale back your feeding some more.  We all overfeed our fish, they can live happily on far less you want to feed them.  Perhaps try feeding every other day.  Peas should only be used when you know your fish is constipated or as an occasional treat.>      Should all of my fantails be behaving the same way? Should the fish that has been treated join the other fish. And should I be worried about my daydreaming, rock poser? <You fish may change behavior patters from time to time.  Just keep a close eye on them, don't be too quick to medicate.  If you are concerned about their behavior, do some research!>   Thank you so much, <No problem!>      Carolyn <Jason N.>   


Goldfish acting strangely    4/8/06 <Tom with you> Please, help. I have a 20 gallon tank with a 6 in. goldfish and I just bought 2 black moors about a week ago both are about 3 in. long. Over the past couple of days the 6 in. goldfish has been acting strangely. It started lingering to the bottom of the tank a lot and its tail is beginning to turn a little red in colour. Today one of the black moors is starting to linger at the bottom with its face in the rocks and its tail up straight. But, the other Black moor seems to be doing fine. What should I do? <Immediately? A ten-gallon water change. You've got too many Goldfish in this size tank. Very messy fish and they're "stewing" in their own waste. Next, purchase a water test kit and start testing the water conditions religiously. Ammonia and nitrite levels should be 0 ppm and, in the case of Goldfish, nitrate levels should be no higher than 20 ppm. Preferably, much less. (These fish are particularly susceptible to nitrates and, without more concrete information, I'd say this is what is causing your Moor to do the "head standing" and likely causing the damage/discoloration on the tail of your large Goldfish. Additionally, if you have more questions for us, you'll have the information available that will eliminate a lot of "guesswork" on our parts.) Continue with 50% water changes each week. Hopefully, this will buy some time for your fish while you look into purchasing a larger tank - 30-40 gallons - and filter, get it cycled and move your pets into their new, appropriately-sized home. The good news? Your current tank will make a great quarantine tank, which is something that you, and everyone in the hobby, should have. (If you're thinking that you should never have introduced your Black Moors in with your large Goldfish without quarantining them first, you're absolutely right.) On a final note, please research the FAQ's and articles here on WWM. We have a great deal of information available that will make the hobby easier for you and life better for your pets. Tom>


Fins turning black on orange fantails  - 04/07/06 Dear WWM, <Tom with you> I have searched your website and not managed to find a suitable Q&A for my situation. Apologies if I am asking you to repeat a previous response. <No apologies necessary, Chris. You did some homework and I, for one, am glad to hear it.> We have two orange fantails, one orange and white fantail and one black moor. <Okay.> Several months ago one of the fantails turned from silver to orange without any apparent discomfort. <This can happen...> In recent months, our 70 litre tank <about 18 gallons, American> has been cloudy and the filter has  been rapidly filling up with brown sediment despite fortnightly 50% water changes. <Chris, this tank is too small for your fish. Realistically, you should, at the least, double the size of your tank. 190 litres would be very good. Additionally, the "fortnightly" (two weeks, for those Yanks who aren't yet "bi-lingual") water changes should be changed to 'weekly'. Your Goldfish are too messy to leave water changes, in this small of a tank, to once every two weeks, quite frankly. Your fish are growing and this is why the filter is becoming "plugged", i.e. detritus/uneaten food. It also would explain the "cloudy" conditions. Dissolved organics related to...well, fish poop, etc., in the water.> Recently, we successfully cured an eye infection on the black moor by treating the tank with an "Anti Internal Bacteria" solution and "Aqualibrium physiological salt" (both of which are "Interpret" products). This was recommended by our fish shop. <I apologize, Chris, as I am totally unfamiliar with these products. Sorry here.> About two days ago, the fins on both orange fantails started to turn black but the fins do not appear to be physically damaged. I think the same may be happening to the orange and white fantail. Does this  sound like fin rot or some other disease?  If so, what can we do to prevent it? Or, is this possibly just natural? I would appreciate your help. <Goldfish develop "scabs" on damaged fins/flesh just like we do on our own skin. The damage needn't be apparent on the fish for the "scabs" to appear. The coloration is, as you've suggested, black. I must stress water conditions here! Water changes are the order of the day!> Thanks, Chris <Tom>


Aggressive Goldfish  - 04/05/2006 Hi. I had a 20g freshwater tank with 2 comet goldfish, 1 shubunkin and 1 fantail. The three "normal" goldfish were bullying the fantail by chasing and biting on its tail. After doing some research I found out that it was not good to put fancy goldfish in with the faster narrow-body ones. As the tank was also very overstocked I got another 20g tank and put the fantail in, along with a new redcap Oranda. The trouble is that the fantail is much bigger than the new Oranda (fantail ~2.5 inch; Oranda ~1 inch) and it keeps charging at it and chewing it's tail. I noticed one of the oranda's tail fins is split in two. I have now moved the fantail back into the original tank where they all seem to be getting along fine now! Why does the fantail keep attacking the Oranda so violently, and is there anything I can do to prevent it? Thank you very much! Lewis <It is impossible to say for sure why one fish bullies another. But very generally speaking, big fish chase off small fish. It's the nature of the beast. It could also be sexual. A little pre spawn teasing, much like pre teen boys and girls. Try pulling any of the aggressive fish for a few days. Then rearrange the tank. When you return them they will be the "New Guy" and may feel less secure about picking on his tankmates. Good job adding another tank. But by also adding another fish you lost half the benefit of the increased water volume. As adults each goldfish should have at least 20 gallons of water. They are very messy fish. Keep up with your water changes. Don>


My shubunkin keeps trying to beach itself!   4/1/06 Hi,   We have a pond about 4m by 3m, 1m deep and have an Oase pump and Oase Biosys 3 filter, the water is crystal clear.    The Shubunkin in question is about 20 cm (7  inch) long and looks healthy, no marks, fur, sore bits etc.    He shares his home with approx 25 other Goldfish, shubunkin's of various sizes all of which appear to be well, including the baby fish from last year.      He is trying to beach himself on the patch of oxygen plant in the centre of the pond, any plant basket he can get onto and even the shallow pebble area. On the pebble area he is on his side with only half of him covered in water.    All the fish are basking in the sun, but he his swimming on his own and just is behaving strangely. I have not seem him eat recently but all the fish are still a bit slow at the moment, just content to relax in the sun!       I have never seen this behaviour in the 6 years we have had the pond and the fish, Can you advise me please?    Thank you   Kathryn <Mmm, the most likely scenario is that this one goldfish is not actually beaching itself, but trying to avoid some pesky male or more that is chasing it... reproductive behavior. If this persists or escalates and there is someway to move, isolate this larger (likely female) shubunkin, I would. Perhaps a net can be fashioned with a floating rim (made of irrigation tubing or PVC pipe and fittings. Bob Fenner>

Re: My shubunkin keeps trying to beach itself!    4/3/06 Hi,   Thank you for your prompt reply.    <Welcome>   After I emailed you regarding the Shubunkin I had decided to put the fish in our small pond on its own.    <I recall>   The Shubunkin has now almost stopped swimming around and is staying close to the sides of the pond or with it's head pushed into the oxygen plant. He has also put himself onto a shallow area of rocks with his upper half out of the water. He looks so miserable.    <This should pass>   I have noticed small 'silver' spots about the size of a pin head near it's gills, we have the on a couple of other fish which appear healthy, no strange behaviour. <Likely "pre-nuptial tubercles"... sexual phase indications>   (we know these are male as we had been watching them last summer, these do all the chasing!!) <Yes>      None of the fish seem to be showing reproductive behaviour yet it is still only around 10'c in our ponds, they usually start around the end of April in our area    <Yes, strange... perhaps you've had some periodic warm weather... even lights being left on outside the pond can trigger this... "spring fever">   I have been reading your site (brilliant by the way) and wondered if I should try Epsom salts? I had put in some Tetra Medifin in the pond as a friend recommended it.    <Would not hurt... worth trying>   Not really sure what to do next for this poor fish?   Thank you again for your help so far.   Kathryn <Time, patience is really "about it". Bob Fenner>


6 mth old Fantail Goldfish turning black; 2 mth old now also turning black - 03/29/06 Hi, we purchased a gold Fantail Goldfish (named "Goldie") around Xmas time and we noticed last week that the tip of his tail(s), the top of his nose and the extremities of his mouth are turning black.  Thinking that he was simply "maturing", we didn't think anything of it.   <Usually not a "big deal"> Today, I noticed that "Fanny",  the tiny white/gold fantail that we added to the tank about 2 months ago (who is half the size of Goldie) is also turning black.  The tip of it's top fin is turning black. <I see this> They are in a filtered 5 gallon tank. I have attached several pictures of the fish for your reference. Should I be worried?.  Is this an infection and if so, how do I treat it? <Mmm, not much to worry about... These fish would be better off in larger quarters (more stable)... But the color change itself is not indicative of something threatening. No worries> Thanks for your response, my 5yr old is beside himself with worry.  I hope to tell him something soon! <Please read your child some of the other "goldfish color change" incidents posted here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshbehfaqs.htm Colette


Black Moor Goldfish    3/27/06 Hi guys <Tash> I recently saved two black moor goldfish from a guy who was treating them very badly indeed, they were in a tiny little tank with no air pump, the water had not been changed for at least 6 months, and they have white spot (I think), so I took them home with me and put them into a lovely new home, and they seemed so much happier.  However, the bigger one of the two has started to bully the other little one, it chases it, bites its fins, pushes it around etc etc.   <Quite common... aggression, mostly due to crowding, lack of decor> I have separated them both but they don't seem to be very happy!!  Any advice on what I should do would be much appreciated, is this actually bullying, or are they trying to mate?? I really don't know! Many thanks Tash x <Mmm, nope. Need larger quarters... likely twenty gallons now, forty plus in time. Bob Fenner>


Re: Goldfish turns yellow!  - 03/22/06 Dear Bob, <Teti> Thank you for your e-mail. I'm glad to hear that there is nothing wrong with the fish. Could you explain though why this is happening? <Mmm, maybe... Turns out, the mechanism/s that determine color and reflection in Goldfish breeds are not "well fixed"... and that some are becoming more random w/ lack of detail by breeders. Due to whatever influences... water quality, nutrition mostly, along with genetic (pre)disposition, some do change color... mainly "reverting" back to browns of sorts (their "natural color"), but some white, some even mottled/mosaics... Makes sense teleologically that there should be such "drift", as there is demonstrated survival value (being able to avoid predation by "blending in")...> I visited the link you sent me and we will try to enrich the diet of the goldfish. We've started feeding them blanched courgettes and spinach. <Ah, good> Once again, Thank you! Teti <Welcome. Bob Fenner


Large fancy goldfish question ... beh., dis., sys.   3/21/06 Hi, I have two red cap Orandas in a 29 gallon tank. One is almost 5 inches long including it's tail and the other is a little over four inches, including it's tail. In the past week, I've noticed the smaller fish has been swimming kind of strange. She seems to have a bit of hard time swimming forward and when she tries to make a turn, she goes over on her side completely. <Might just be the influence of the small tank size> At first I thought it might be something wrong with her swimbladder but then after looking into it more, it sounded more like constipation/bloating. So I stopped feeding for a few days and there was a little bit of improvement then started feeding a little bit of goldfish pellets because they're lower in protein. <Need other foods...> Normally, they are fed ocean nutrition, formula two, I seen it recommended somewhere on your site, they also eat pellets and have plankton and brine shrimp for a treat once in awhile. <More greens...> Anyways, the main reason I'm writing is because since yesterday I've noticed that this fish sometimes goes and lays down on the gravel. Which I've never seen them do. <Yes> Sometimes they would rest right over the gravel but never on it. Every time I try to go closer to the tank to look at it, she notices me coming and starts swimming around. So, since yesterday, I started feeding them baby food (peas). <Ah, good> I was always scared feeding them actual peas because I was worried they would choke on them. :) <Won't, if blanched, the skins pinched from them> But I know they wont choke on the baby food. But I was just wondering if you could tell me anything about it laying on the gravel? <...Mmm, age, boredom... need larger quarters> Is this normal for a fish who is constipated/bloated? <Not atypical> I didn't want to start trying to treat it without knowing if it even needed any medications but then again I figured I better write to you in case it might be more serious. I really wouldn't want to lose my fish. Oh, and I forgot to mention, I tested the water and the ammonia is 0, nitrites are 0 and nitrates are about 10. Did I forget anything else? Oh, when I feed them the baby food, they both seem to really like and both of them are eating very well. So if there's anything you can tell me about whether this might be something more serious, as in parasites or something, or what else I could do if it's constipation/bloating...I thank you in advance. Lindsay <I'd "step up" your water change schedule... maybe 10-20 percent twice a week... but really, they need more space. Bob Fenner>


Black Moor and Celestial beh., sys.    3/19/06 I have 10G tank, originally with 2 black moors (George & Rosie), Rosie was never happy, hung about the pump, never ate and was listless.  She lasted 2 weeks before passing on. <Was/is this tank cycled?> George has personality and swims like a salmon against the pump current.  Very friendly on his own and will wait at front of tank for food and go generally loopy when food is given to him. <This system will eventually be too small...> We left George in the tank for 3 weeks before purchasing a Chinese Celestial (Angel), however George appears to be very aggressive toward her.  He is constantly swimming in and head butting her, constantly swimming underneath her and moving her up to the top of the tank. <Territorial> Is this aggression or likely to be something else... <Is> thanks in advance for any response you may give Stewart <Keep the one fish in a breeding net or plastic floating colander, otherwise separated for a few days... and see if this reduces the aggression. Otherwise, they now (and would eventually) need more space. Bob Fenner>


Goldfish Eating Gravel    3/17/06 My greedy Oranda was eating her breakfast at the same time as my children and I and she suddenly started swimming erratically all over the tank. She had a stone stuck in her mouth. She struggled with it for about 3 or 4 minutes then she swallowed it. Can we do any thing? Hopeful the Drummonds < Gravel is a pretty inert little rock. It won't poison your fish but may become an intestinal blockage. try feeding a food high in vegetable matter so the fiber will help pass the stone through the fish. Change the gravel to a smaller size so this won't happen in the future.-Chuck>


Goldfish Swims Weird After Eating    3/17/06 Hi, I have a 3 year old black moor that has swimbladders. < Most fish have only one.> It started  about a year ago.  He would swim upside down, sideways, and sink to the  bottom - almost always after eating.  I learned that the 5 gallon tank  needed to be larger for Fishy and a fast growing sucker fish.   This was only after Fishy sank to the bottom and the sucker attached to his  side!  Got rid of sucker, increased to a 30 gallon tank with better  lighting, filter, and air stone.  There are a few artificial plants and a  stone deco.  Fishy improved within days with a mild salt treatment.   Soon after I added another goldfish and a different variety of sucker  (supposedly smaller).  And, here we are about 10 months later.   Fishy  and Phoenix love thawed peas but, nobody every told me to not feed flakes.   And 2 days ago, he sank again!  Fed him flakes in the am, within a short time his butt sank and his head was up high, kind of floating around.  When   I got home from work, he had sank to the bottom.  The following am the   sucker fish had attached to him talking off most of his black coloring on both   side and tail fins.  I thought that the larger tank and peas were  enough.  His appearance was good, no signs of anything else until the  sucker fish got him.   Water quality is good.  I have done partial  water changes since the first sign of trouble, in the am and pm with aquarium  salt added.  Now Phoenix is "spooning" on the bottom with him.  She  will get up and swim around without thought when I walk to them but, when they  are alone, she is nestled up beside him in the corner.  Please help.   Fishy looks like he is wasting away.  His eye movements and breathing seem  to be ok, but, he is suffering otherwise. Tammie <Do a 50% water change, vacuum the gravel and clean the filter. Feed your fish once a day and make sure all the food is eaten after two minutes. Remove any uneaten food. Large feedings put undo stress on the fish. If your fish do not recover then treat with Metronidazole. Flake food that is made for goldfish is fine but is very nutritious and too much is not good for them.-Chuck>


Odd goldfish behaviour?   3/3/06 For quite some time, I had one goldfish in a 20, 25 gallon tank, because my other died. I thought it would be good to get another one, because it might be lonely. So I did, but this one was larger and a different type of goldfish. They seemed to get along well at first, but after a day or so, I noticed the new, larger fish following the little one around. It would push it and make it move around, and also "bite" at its back end. Is this territorial behaviour? Lindsay <Perhaps... and not good perhaps. I would separate these two, perhaps return the larger for one about the same size and type. Bob Fenner>


Lonely Goldfish? - 2/28/2006 Hi there, <Howdy> Until recently I had kept a very large black moor and a very old (going on 12 years) standard goldfish together in a large tank. The two fish got on alright (although feeding time was a bit of a push-around with the moor worrying the goldfish for food) but other than that they seemed good pals. <Ah, good> However, the moor died recently and has left the other alone in quite a large tank. She still seems her usual quiet self - but I'm not sure whether to introduce a new young fish in with her. Can goldfish get 'lonely'? Or would she be best suited on her own due to her age? Thank you for your help, Sarah x <I am of the opinion, experience that such long associations do result in the remaining fish being much less active... and do encourage you to stock another, perhaps two fancy goldfish here. Bob Fenner>


Goldfish fading black color  2/26/06 Hello Team! <"Jim, I'm just a fish doctor!" Oh, sorry re> First off, I just wanted to say that I love your website and that you post correspondence for others to read over and perhaps glean ideas from! I have a few questions that I am currently struggling with and hope that you wouldn't mind answering them. <Will try> I recently moved my 5 goldfish into a new 120 gallon setup. They are feeder fish but do not have flow-y tails that comets do. They are just common goldfish and are pretty fast swimmers. They also stick together most of the time as a group, which is darling to watch. Needless to say, they love their big tank. I bought them in January 2005 when they were 1" long to cycle a new tank for my tropical fish, but fell in love with them and bought another tank for the tropical fish and kept them in the 29 gallon. <You could have been a Chinese Emperor! With the fed. et al. ruining our economy here, your chance may be coming up still!> When they became bigger, they were upgraded to the 120 gallon, 5' tank. They are approximately a little over a year old and range in size from being 4" to 7". Big White, is approximately 7" long and is missing some scales. It also has 4 orange replacement scales located on its back. I believe that some of its scales were torn off due to fighting with his friends and being awfully confined in the now retired 29 gallon tank. <Very likely so> I was wondering if Big White would grow back the missing scales or if it will remain patchy like it is. <Likely patchy> I recently bought 2 more feeder fish (that's it no more goldfish!!) and picked them for their orange and black koi-like coloring. The black coloring has been fading quite quickly to make the fish just gold and I was wondering what could be causing it. <Mmm, "natural"> The baby fish were at first quite intimidated by the other goldfish especially Big White but now are fine and don't mind swimming by him (quickly though!). The baby fish mostly stick together and because they have stopped hiding all the time, appear to have settled down. Is their color fading related to the warm water conditions or fear of the other big fish? <More just being new. Goldfish don't "eat" other goldfish> Thanks for the help and for providing a great website. It is appreciated by us all. Cori Murphy <A pleasure to share. Thank you. Bob Fenner>


Goldfish In a Bowl  - 02/25/06 We have two beautiful fantail gold fish in a bowl, both are about 3 inches long nose to end of fantail. The are trying to breath at the top of the water even though I changed the water (Now clean) and have new weed in -what else could be the problem? < Aeration or ammonia burn probably. A bowl is a cruel way to keep goldfish. I recommend an aquarium with aeration and filtration. They are using up way too much oxygen in too little a bowl. Adding an air pump with an airstone would temporarily help. Seriously, look into getting an aquarium if you really want to keep this fish for the long term.-Chuck>


Erratic Behaviour by Goldfish   2/22/06 <Krystal,> Help! Nemo, my fantail goldfish, is acting very strange.  He just lays at the bottom of the tank and then occasionally swims rapidly to the top and then right back down to the bottom.  He has a few red streaks on his fins.  I've looked through some of the other questions but am not sure if they pertain to my fish.  He shares his tank with 3 other goldfish and it's a 10 gallon tank.  The water is treated each time we change it with Aquasafe, the other 3 fish seem to be fine. <You have too many Goldfish in your tank.  Goldfish produce a lot of waste, and need at least 10 gallons per fish!  I suggest you bring back most of your stock or upgrade your tank.  As for the red streaks, it is probably a result of an uncycled aquarium.  Read this article about cycling freshwater tanks: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/fwestcycling.htm.  After you've read this, test your ammonia/nitrite.  If you don't have kits to test these, bring a sample to your petstore to be tested.> Please help me figure out what is wrong. Thanks! Krystal <Jason N.>


Goldfish Doesn't Like The Move  - 02/20/06 Hello, and thank you for your time. Recently, we moved our beautiful eight-year old goldfish (not sure on the breed) to a new tank. The old bowl was an unfiltered, small, round bowl that we felt no longer met the fish's needs. We moved it into a tank at least three times larger with a pump. At first, the fish seemed happy and able to cope with the pump, but now all he does is sit in a corner, on the bottle...barely opening/closing his mouth. Is this normal for a fish to do? < Check the ammonia, nitrites and nitrates. The ammonia and nitrites should be zero. The nitrites should be under 25 ppm. In the bowl you kept the waste under control with water changes. In the bigger tank you are probably doing less water changes and relying on a filter that has not seasoned yet. The waste is not going away it is just being collected in the filter. Do a 50% water change and see if that helps.-Chuck> I am a dreadful hypochondriac towards my fish, as he is very precious to me. I want to make sure that we did everything right, and if it's normal for the fish to sit in the corner like that. Thank you tremendously! Ben


Goldie acting weird   2/13/06 Hi there. My common goldfish, Bubba (2 inches), has been acting odd lately. He has been sitting on the tank bottom more than usual although he still moves around and comes up for food. He has also developed a lump on one side of him, and a few scales along the edge of his left gill (same side as the lump) seems to be protruding a bit. I do not think this condition is dropsy though, because he doesn't seem bloated. Bubba has also been pooing long brown feces with white stuff at one end of it. He is currently living in a 10 gallon tank with 4 other smaller commons. <Too crowded...> Please help me. One more thing. I have been trying to feed my goldies vegetables and fruits like roman lettuce, bananas, and oranges, but they don't seem to like it much. Is there anyway to fool them into eating their veggies? Thank you very much. <Need to be trained onto... I'd try frozen/defrosted peas first here. The root of your problems here are environmental and nutritional. Please read: http://wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshsystems.htm and the linked files above. Bob Fenner>


Goldfish laying on bottom   2/13/06 Hi I'm 13 years old and have had my two fantails for a couple of months. Recently I have noticed one of my fishes (squishy) Has been laying on the bottom. It comes up and eats and has a swim but mostly it has been on the bottom all day. Sometimes it jumps out of the water which has had me puzzled. Can you tell me what is wrong with my fish and what can i do to fix it. <Likely environmental and nutritional in cause: Please read: http://wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshsystems.htm and the linked files above. Bob Fenner>


Goldfish - White ... and one passed away   2/8/06 I had three goldfish here at school - have had them a little over a year.    About three months ago, one of the goldfish started turning white, eventually turning all white.  He looks kinda freaky now but seems fine otherwise.  Is this normal?  What would cause this? <Can turn color, sometimes natural, often nutritional, water quality related> The second goldfish recently started having trouble swimming - he'd swim upside down, sideways, etc.  He did this for 2 days. I watched carefully and he seemed to be fine otherwise, even eating.  He did eventually become very "sick" in appearance, alternating between laying on the bottom and swimming right at the top.   He is now no longer with us.    I am very concerned about the two goldfish who remain (including "whitey") even though they appear to be fine.   What could have been the problem? <Improper diet most likely> Is there something I need to do in order to keep the other two from also getting sick?   <The reciprocal...> The water is partially changed on a regular basis and the filter is working fine.      Yvonne <Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshmalnut.htm and the linked files at top. Bob Fenner>


Re: Goldfish Not Moving   2/8/06 Hi again, Since we last spoke in December my fish have still been sluggish (hanging out at the top or side of the tank and only swimming around after feeding or cleaning).  Since there have been no more spots on them and I have been doing weekly water changes (nitrite is now 0, nitrate <20, hardness, etc in normal range) I decided not to do anything treatment-wise. Now however, my calico goldfish is just laying on the bottom of the tank looking spaced out and opening and closing his mouth the other fish is still hanging out).  He does not even move when I tap on the tank. I do not see any marks on him (but he is calico so it may be hard to tell) and his fins look ok (not clamped). I did a partial (~20%) water change yesterday when he was just his usual sluggish self and not laying down but didn't do anything different than I always do.  This AM he was laying down like this and not responding. In reading through, I have not found anything on this particular symptom in isolation from all others and with ok water parameters. I am really worried about him - do you have any advice?  Can this be something (what?) latent in the tank that causes them to be sluggish and is now getting worse?   Thanks in advance for your help. < Your fish now have an internal bacterial infection. Do a 50% water change, vacuum the gravel and clean the filter. Treat with Metronidazole as per the directions on the package. If you can't find it locally you can order it online.-Chuck>


Goldfish problems  02-05-06 Hello my name is Angelica and I found out that you could help me in my problems with my goldfish.  My goldfish lays down in one side, and does not move that much at all.  I was wondering if it was because we feed him too much because he's fatter than the other one we have. <Maybe> I have searched for an answer, but find different stuff about these, and I don't know what to do.  I found in one page that I should feed it fresh food like peas or roman lettuce, <Yes, a good idea> but I wanted to know if that was right, and if you could help me in these. Angelica <... read here: http://www.google.com/custom?q=goldfish+laying+around&sitesearch=wetwebmedia.com the cached versions. Bob Fenner>


Lionhead with black eye  - 2/4/2006 Hello, I am a recent new owner of two one inch lionheads. On examination after release into my established tank I noticed one has a black eye. The entire eye looks like a pupil. <Happens> The other fish does not have this and I am unclear if this is pop-eye or something else. <Mmm, no. Likely genetic or developmental...> Tank is ten gallons, gravel bottom and I have one algae eater, <Keep your eye on this... can be trouble> two snails and two orange "unknowns" that came with my husband. This must have been present when purchased and I am unsure what to do. Any help would be appreciated.   Molly Roddy <Nothing to do here... not a tremendous impediment. Enjoy them. Bob Fenner>

Re: Lionhead with black eye  02-05-06 Thank you, I am relieved to know that this is not likely a parasite or fungus. Hate the thought of giving my other fish a problem. Will keep an eye on that Plecostomus, I know they have a reputation for being hard on the water quality. Thank you so much for your help. Will keep you updated on any changes. <Ahh, the Pleco's are not as much an issue as Chinese Algae Eaters... Cheers, Bob Fenner>


Healthy Goldfish On Bottom?   2/1/06 I've been reading many of the posts on your website, and want to you thank you for providing this very valuable service!   <Welcome> I would really appreciate some specific advice regarding our goldfish.  A little over two weeks ago we set up a new 20 gallon tank that is home to a very small fantail and a slightly bigger Oranda.  Both fish look very healthy, swim well, no skin conditions, no clamped fins, etc.  My concern is that every day at some point we usually can spot the Oranda resting on the bottom. <Some do for periods of time> He always moves when we approach and begins swimming energetically and looking for food.  He has been eating fine, although he was slow to eat the first few days and the fantail usually gets more food than him.  I have read extensively about cycling the tank, and the dangers of ammonia and nitrite.  I've performed three 20% water changes (temperature matched replacement water, treated with water conditioners,) the tank is 68 degrees and it has never tested with any detectable ammonia or nitrite (I test at least every other day.)  The fantail is usually grousing around for food, although on a couple of occasions we've seen him hanging out at the bottom, and at least twice he appeared to be doing a headstand on the bottom.  As with the Oranda, he swims energetically when he sees us come close to the tank.   <A good sign> I read on the net that a goldfish sitting on the bottom is probably battling parasites called flukes, and that if not treated the fish will die. <Mmm, no... or for clarification... If it is sitting so for most the time there may be trouble> I went to the store today and purchased some tablets for treating internal and external parasites in freshwater fish.  I hesitate to use them only because I can't see any type of parasite on either fish's body (as described on the back of the medicine package.)   <... I would hold off on using "fish med.s"... most are toxic> Is it bad for goldfish to spend any time on the bottom? <No, not bad> What are the likely causes? <Mmm, not necessarily. "Natural" behavior...> Should I treat for parasites? <I would not> Is the treatment risky? <Yes... could poison the fish, system> Should I wait to finish cycling the tank?   <Definitely> Is it abnormal that my ammonia levels have not yet spiked in the tank? <Can be forestalled by many things... see: http://wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/fwestcycling.htm> I'm wondering if this is because the tank is unheated (I understand the cooler the water temps, the longer it takes to cycle.)    <Yes, this is so... and even more so if there is thermal vacillation> Sorry for all the questions, again any advice will be greatly appreciated. Fish/Mama <Bob Fenner>


Aggressive Goldfish   2/1/06 Hi crew. Sorry to bother you again, but I think I need your help. Your advice with the scenery change seemed to work for about a week, but now Robert (sex is not actually known) is attacking Lucy again, even more aggressively than before. She tries to get away, but she's not very fast. Sometimes when he lets off she just floats listlessly at the top. I guess I'll probably have to separate them. But I don't have another tank, I don't know anybody with one and I can't return my fish. Also, I don't want them to be lonely. That was why I bought another one in the first place. Is there anything else I can do? Lindsay < Get a tank divider. It will allow water to pass through. When you are home watching them you can reintroduce them. When things get too rough then you can reinsert the divider.-Chuck>


Goldfish Bloated Up   2/2/06 Thanks so much for your help again. Unfortunately though, I think I may require some assistance again. I will definitely try the tank divider-that is, if Lucy doesn't die first! She can barely swim now, and mainly floats upside down at the top! I think it might be a dietary problem. I only learned recently that vegetables are good for fish. However, I don't know how to treat this. I tried giving her some peas, but she can barely swim to get them. I know how annoying this endless correspondence must be for you, but I really do need help. Lindsay < The stress of continuously being chased has stressed your poor goldfish to the point that it has an internal bacterial infection (Bloat/Dropsy). Do a 50% water change, vacuum the gravel and clean the filter. Put the sick fish in a breeder type net and treat the tank with Metronidazole as per the directions on the package.-Chuck>


Goldfish lays on its side   2/1/06 Hello, <Hi there> Thank you for your wonderful website which I've been reading to try to find a cure for why in the past couple of months my otherwise healthy goldfish will lay on her side (till I come in the room and he/she swims as normal). <Not good> I read that flaked food could be the problem and to try vegetables. Is Nori the best or can other veggies like lettuce an cucumber work also?   <Mmm, please read Sab's article: http://wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshmalnut.htm ... and the linked files above.> I haven't tried salt or Epsom salt.  Is this something I should do? Many thanks, Pauline <... yes. Bob Fenner>


How does too cool water or too warm water affect the breathing rate of goldfish or does it affect it at all?   1/26/06 >>The warmer the water the less oxygen is dissolved in it, so your fish will breathe harder and faster (there are other factors involved also, but as a general rule this is the connection between breathing rate and temperature). The metabolism is also sped up. If the water is very cold the heart rate of the fish will slow and so will the breathing rate. Goldfish prefer cooler temperatures, but can handle high temperatures as well. Oliver


Goldfish trouble - 01/24/06 Hi - <Hello> I was just wondering if you can answer a simple question. One of my goldfish was lying on its BACK at the bottom on two occasions within the past few days, that I have noticed, eyes open, eyes blinking! Back seems arched. First time, I didn't do anything, then next morning when I checked, all was normal [well, I'm not in the room all the time]. Now, tonight it did it again, so I tapped my fingers on the aquarium and he went off swimming. What is wrong with him? Everything else seems normal; eating, etc. Thank you - Joan Mondak <Is unusual for goldfish to lay down on their backs... but do have "eyelids" (nicitating membranes)... Please give the Goldfish Health FAQs a read on WWM... as well as "Goldfish Systems" and "Feeding"... Something is amiss here. Bob Fenner<


Orandas cap discoloration in wen   1/22/06 I have an Oranda that is about 2 years old, also a Lionhead that is about 3 months. My Oranda has hole in his cap. They started out as a hole & now look black. What would cause this or would this be? Thank you <Is likely "nothing"... does happen that there are whitish, blackish growths in the wen of these fish at times... will likely go of its own accord. Just maintain good water quality and nutrition and all will be fine. Bob Fenner>


Goldfish, how large how fast?   1/21/06 Hi, and thanks in advance for answering.  I'd like to get 2 goldfish. My problem is that we'll be moving sometime over the next 9 months.  I'd like to ultimately have the pair in a 20-gallon, but don't currently have the room for that where I'm living.  If I start 2 small goldfish in a 12-gallon, approximately how long until I'd have to move them up to the 20? <Can be sped up, slowed down a good bit by careful (small) feeding... to the point of no apparent growth at all> Do you think I'd have as long as 9 months to a year before requiring that change?  Thanks <Yes... if the fish are started small... particularly if they're of some "fancy" (non-comet) variety. Bob Fenner> Katie


New Goldfish Not Getting Along   1/18/06 I have had one goldfish in a 20-25 gallon tank for quite some time, because my other fish died. But I have often seen it simply listlessly resting on the bottom of the tank, so I thought I should get it a companion. I bought another goldfish, but this one is larger, and although they seemed to get along well at first, I quickly noticed some odd behaviour in the new fish. It follows the little one around, pushing it with his nose, and "biting" at his back end. At the very beginning, the little one followed the big one around. I could see the original inhabitant being a little defensive, but I don't understand why my newcomer would do this. Lindsay < When you add new fish there is always a challenge for a new pecking order in the tank. Luckily goldfish aren't too destructive and they should get it sorted out in no time. Change the aquascaping around to keep them busy with the new surroundings and maybe they will leave each other alone for awhile.-Chuck>


Goldfish can't open mouth   1/17/06 Hi!  The mouth of my goldfish appears to have fused shut (it almost looks like there is a clear membrane that has formed over his mouth). He hasn't eaten for weeks.  For awhile, he tried to get to food, but was unable to ingest it and now has discontinued any attempts to eat. Wondering if you have any suggestions (We have used various medicines such as broad base antibiotics from the pet store with no positive results).  Thanks! David Lambkin <It may be that this fish has suffered some sort of trauma... happens... such that its mouth is "stuck" (usually open rather than closed). I would try carefully prising it open... with a wooden toothpick, while holding the fish near the surface in your wet hand... to see if this can be remedied. Bob Fenner>


What does it mean when your goldfish turn silver is it sick or something   1/10/06 <Possibly, but they can/do change color from environmental and nutritional factors  or just genetic destiny. Bob Fenner> thanks Michelle


Concerns about fantail chasing new fantail   1/10/06 Hello there!! I currently have an 18 litre tank with a simple sponge filter and aerator. One quarter of the water is changed once a week and there are always fresh plants present in the tank. I originally started with two fantails and a snail (not sure what kind of snail he is). Unfortunately after 5 months, one of the fantails passed away due to my lack of experience and swim bladder problems. <The size/volume of this system is also problematical. A mere five gallons is difficult to maintain stability...> Both of the fantails were good friends and got along well without any problems. I didn't want my remaining fantail to be lonely when his friend passed away so I bought a new fantail of approximately the same size. However, instead of being friends with the new fantail, my old fantail started chasing the new fantail around. I thought it was possible that he wanted to mate with the new fantail, but they are both only about 2 inches in size so I'm not sure they're of mating age yet. <Not reproductive, but aggressive/territorial behavior... These fish need to be separated... now> However it is summer where I live and it has been very hot recently. I haven't noticed any physical damage on the new fantail, but I'm afraid the new fantail might get stressed out. The chasing only seems to occur after feeding and he seems to like to put his head in the new fantails moving tail and sometimes he rubs against the fantail if he manages to corner her against the glass. The chasing lasts for approximately 15 minutes and then he gets over it and they just swim around the tank normally. Is my old fantail being territorial or is he just interested in the beauty of his new friend? <The former> My original fish is white and the new one is a very bright orange, could her brightness have anything to do with the chasing? <Mmm, don't know... interesting question, possibility. If you had multiple systems, other colored goldfish, I might encourage you to switch them out to see if this had an effect> Should I try to separate the two fish or leave them to bond with each other? <Separate them> Thank you for your help. <Welcome. Bob Fenner>


Ryukin Concern  - 1/6/06 Last Wednesday, I bought a Ryukin and he is pretty small. For the first day he didn't really eat anything, only because I think he was just getting a feel for his new home instead of the pet store. <Typical.> He began eating a little of his sinking pellets (which I soaked in water for about 5 min.s. before feeding him) and I feed him twice a day: 7am and 8pm. Yesterday morning he did not eat any of his food, he just let it float right past him, however he ate his food that night. And today, he did not eat his food and I am getting ready to feed him again tonight. If he doesn't eat tonight that would mean he hasn't eaten anything today. Is there something wrong with him? <Mm, not enough info yet to go off....> Could he possibly be constipated? Because I don't believe he's gone to the bathroom at all since I got him last week. (Well I think I saw him trying to use the bathroom yesterday). <Possible, but again, not enough info yet....> And the pet store gave me this sheet saying it's ok to not feed your fish for a couple of days-I'm thinking that he may be on the same feeding schedule like he was on at the pet store-maybe he thinks he doesn't have to eat for an entire day or two? (because the pet store clearly does not feed their goldfish daily judging by their "fact" sheet)   <Mm, they can go several days, if they must - but most any goldfish will go for food any time they see it.> I am going to feed him some spinach tonight. <A good choice for food.  You've read here?   http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshmalnut.htm .> And he does not have dropsy or bad bloating because he is not floating at the surface of the water or anything like that-he swims fine. <Ah, good.  Start with a good diet now and you'll hopefully not have such problems.> Do you have any suggestions? Thank you! P.S. The water condition is also fine, except the ammonia level is at .25, it was at 0 when I set up the tank last week. <This needs to be brought to zero.  Ammonia is toxic to fish.> But I was told that it's at that level because it is undergoing the biological filtration cycle. <Fish should not be present during the cycling of the tank.  Please try to locate some Bio-Spira to aid you in this, and do water changes to keep ammonia and nitrite at zero.> I used Stress Zyme to establish the cycle which apparently takes 4-6 weeks to make things normal. Should I change some of the water anyway? <Yes.> JaMeka <Wishing you well,  -Sabrina>


Goldfish Acting Strange  12/24/05 Hi, I have had 2 fantail goldfish in a 12 gallon self contained eclipse tank for over a year (no heater). For the past 10-14 days they have been very sluggish, hanging out at the top of the tank for most of the day.  They do not seem to be gasping for air though, just hanging out not doing much of anything.  They come to eat (goldfish flakes) when it is time and then then swim for 20 minutes or so before getting sluggish again.  In addition, I just noticed that one of the fish has a tiny white dot on the external tip of his tail and also one on the bottom fin where it connects to the body.  I do partial (~20%) water changes and gravel vacuuming weekly and test the water using the 5 in 1 strips occasionally.  The water is fine now except for it being low on buffering ability.  The fish store says it is probably fungus and I should treat with tank buddies fungus clear by Jungle but I am hesitant to treat because I know it could lead to worse things.  Is the sluggish behavior related to the 2 tiny dots and if so should I treat? I think I remember seeing these kind of dots once or twice on the tail before but never treated and they disappeared.  I never noticed this sluggish behavior and would really appreciate your advice. Thanks, Susan < It may be a water quality issue with high nitrates. Do a 50% water change and vacuum the gravel while you are at it and clean the filter. Watch the fish closely for a few days and see if any more spots appear.-Chuck>


Goldfish Question  12/22/2005     Hi, first of all I want to tell you that you have a great site. Second I have a question about my goldfish.  In my office we have a goldfish tank all the readings are fine ammonia=0.25 <Should be zip...> ph=6.8. <A bit low... would be better if was slightly alkaline... perhaps more frequent water changes if your tap/source water is a little basic... adding some baking soda if not> (I don't have nitrate & nitrite) My large Ryukin is laying on its side, this had happened to all 8 of my fish, I kept buying new fish and the pet store looked at me like a murderer.  I am very very careful but they still die.  He is on his side and sometimes the current in the water moves him around, once in a while he moves to the bottom, but then he still gets carried away.  His body is curved at the bottom.  Please help this happened to 8 of my goldfish a lg. pond comet, 2 medium common's, 5 sm. fancy goldfish, one very large and very expensive Oranda, and my beloved Ryukin. HELP!!! Sincerely, Julie R. <Is your system large enough for all these goldfish? What are you feeding them? Please take a read through our goldfish articles and FAQs files archived here:   http://wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshdisease.htm and the linked files above. Bob Fenner>


Goldfish Behavior.more detail please..  12/20/2005 Dear Mr. Fenner: <Hi Hernan, the Boss (Bob) is out, so this is Adam J filling in for him.>   I would like two know why my goldfish spend the all  day lying at the button of their tank, We just bought a new tank of 20 gallons, in the old one this, never happen, <How new is this tank? Its possible that this tank has not completed its nitrogen cycle an that your fish are suffering from sub-par water conditions (ammonia, nitrite or nitrates). Do you test the water? When was the last water change? The inactivity in goldfish could also be a wintering response due to low temperature levels, what temp. are you keeping these critters at?> I really want to hear your answer, because I search in the internet but I could not find anything, I hope you know something about it (I have 4 goldfish) Thanks. <The above questions will provide me with more detail so that I can help you get to the cause of your goldies behavior, I look forward to your response.> Hernan <Adam J.>


Overloaded, Lost Emails, Goldfish Behaviour - 12/12/2005 Hello Crew, <Hi, Carl!  Sabrina with you today.> I'm concerned that my emails aren't reaching you.   <Mm, this one did....  Though I'll let you know here that we HAVE been having trouble with our Webmail system....  Makes me wonder (and fear) what others have been "lost"....> Along with the question below I've sent others in the recent past which were never answered.   <Yikes!  Can try my personal email if necessary....  vintage_fish@yahoo.com ....> I know that you guys receive a lot of mail and I'm sure that you can't answer every question, <Oh, but we do - all of 'em.  That's why the Crew's getting so darn huge!> but I'm starting to think that these aren't even reaching you.   <I'm thinking so, too.> Did this one make it?   <Yep.> Can you confirm via email? <Confirmed.> Thanks,  -Carl <Sure.> Are my goldfish sick or just bored? Hello All, <Still hello, still Sabrina with ya.> I have a 40G tank which is home to 4 goldfish ranging from 1" to 3".  I'm concerned that they spend a lot of time sitting on the bottom in the quiet corner of the tank (right below the filter return).  Any time there is food in the tank or activity in the room they are normally active, but when those stimuli aren't present it's back to the corner to just sit around.  I test my water parameters regularly (all nominal) and do 30%-50% water changes every week to 10 days.  The tank is moderately planted and nitrates stay between 10-20ppm.  I feed a wide variety of foods including pellets, flakes, fresh veggies, frozen brine shrimp, etc.   <All sounds excellent.> Temperature stays at 73` - 75` F, with reasonable water movement (Rena XP2 canister).   <Great.> Aside from the laziness there aren't any other signs of disease and the SAEs who co-inhabit the tank don't have any issues at all.  I've considered gill flukes and treated with Praziquantel in the form of Jungle Labs Parasite Clear, but to no effect.   <Nothing here makes me suspect pathogenic disease.> Is there something I'm missing?  Are my fish sick?  Or, is it possible that they're just bored? <To be honest....  goldfish aren't the brightest critters in the world....  It may just be that they are, in fact bored, or lazy....  You might try extensively rearranging the tank and see if that spices up their lives a bit.  Also, as they grow and become sexually mature, you'll probably see more activity out of 'em regularly.  I must say, it's a real delight to hear from someone who has their goldfish in a really appropriate environment!!  Thank you for this.> -Carl <Wishing you well,  -Sabrina>

Overloaded, Lost Emails, Goldfish Behaviour - II - 12/13/2005 Hello Sabrina, <Hi again, Carl!> I just wanted to tell you "Thank you" for the response.   <Oh, sure, glad to be of service.> Just as an FYI I also posted this question at www.goldfishparadise.com and had an interesting response regarding the hardness of my water.   <I thought about asking your parameters....  but you seemed confidant of them, and have done a great job thus far with your system - ya know what happens when Sabrina assumes things, right?  (grin)> This is cobbled together from a series of posts, but should give you the idea: [Carl] Water parameters: Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrates: 10-20ppm pH: 8-8.2 kH: 17d GH: 21d [response 1] "is it possible the pH is too high?" [response 2] "it's possible the pH is a bit too high. In FANCY GOLDFISH the authors note that the ideal pH for goldfish is 7.4. Carl's high pH might be linked to his high KH levels. If I understand his reading correctly, he's saying his KH level is 17 dKH. This translates to around 304 ppm! Again, according to FANCY GOLDFISH: "A total alkalinity higher than 300 PPM may cause gill damage." His GH reading of 21 dKH translates to about 375 PPM! FANCY GOLDFISH also states: "As is the case with carbonate hardness, a general hardness of over 300 PPM is harmful to Goldfish." <I agree quite a lot with the above - but also want to comment that *stable* pH and hardness are more important than *perfect* pH and hardness - alter these, but only if you can maintain stability.  Were it me/my tank, I would lower these, slowly....  probably would add a smallish piece of old bogwood, or a bit of peat in a filter bag in the filter.> As for re-arranging the tank, I bought a new 70g tall a couple of months ago, but with my schedule haven't had time to finish the stand and get everything set up.  It looks like I'll finally have a chance to make the change sometime in the next couple of weeks <Excellent!  There's nothing more fun than upgrading to a larger tank.  So much more space!> so I'll be sure to pass back some details regarding the outcome. <Great; I look forward to this.  All the best to you and your goldies,  -Sabrina>


Goldfish Behavior  12/10/05 I have recently been give 4 large healthy goldfish and 1 black moor. I have had them in my tank for about 3 weeks now and all seem very healthy with fins up and eating well. The reason for my concern is they all seem inactive and just sit on the bottom of the tank most of the time until it is feed time. <What temperature is the tank at? Lower temperatures can cause the goldfish to go into their winterring state. Their metabolism slows down immensely. Another reason may be that the tank is fairly new to have such a fish load, the nitrogen cycle may not be complete and it is possible ammonia is still in the tank. I dont see a test reading for that so I cant comment any further. Though I would go ahead and do a large water change, cant hurt.> The actually tank is some years old but was totally cleaned and was filled from scratch with fresh rainwater from our tank. I have tested the ph level and this is fine. Can you shed some light on why they may be doing this and if this is of concern??? <See above.> Thanks, Karen <Welcome, Adam J.> 


Old Goldfish 12/08/05 My goldfish is over 14 years old. Very recently it has started hanging upside down at the top of the tank. With it's tail floating, and the body hanging down from the surface. Every now and again it 'wakes-up' and swims for a while before returning to the hanging position. It is eating twice a day as normal. Can you advise? <Congrats on keeping your Goldfish for 14 years, I think the record is somewhere around 20 years, you are getting close. Upside down goldfish almost always have some sort of digestive problem. Check out this article for more information http://wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshmalnut.htm -Gage>  


Goldfish Behavior  11/11/05 My son got 3 fishes from a friend of his about 4 months ago one is a Blue Gourami... one is a lemon goldfish (5 and 1/2 inches long) and the 3rd one is a commercial goldfish (about 4 and 3/4 inches long).. all 3 live in same tank... about a week ago.. the 2 goldfish having been  chasing each other around the tank... I dont know the sex of them...the bigger fish has white spots on its back fins.... could you tell me why they are chasing each other? Thank You <Not atypical behavior... I'd say it's a cross between them "testing each other out"... sort of like dogs playing together, and "play behavior"... No big deal unless the tank is too small, or one is overly-aggressive, damaging the other/s. Bob Fenner>


Goldfish 10/25/05 Hi, I just recently purchased two goldfish (fantail) and one has begun attacking the other forcing it to remain inside of the coliseum that I have at the bottom of the tank. What can I do to fix this problem because I am afraid that the fish may be becoming stressed.  <take one of them out!!!>  Also, what would be the best fish to place in with the goldfish? <nothing I would only keep goldfish with goldfish, koi, carp>  I was thinking guppies or mollies, but I am not sure.  <I would just let the goldfish be by himself he sounds aggressive, good luck, IanB>  <<Of late there are many reports of fishes and turtles going into breeding behavior as winter approaches - "Indian Summer" may be the reason, despite shortening days.  It sounds as though this is breeding behavior normally seen in the spring.  MH>>


Goldfish Behavior, Systems.... - 10/21/2005 Dear experts, <Uhh, just pet-fish geeks, here! ;) > Sorry to bother, but last summer my son won a goldfish... the regular orange kind, nothing fancy. Long story short, he was outgrowing his 3.5 gallon tank, so I went to buy a 10 gallon and decided to get him a friend. <Please read here regarding goldfish systems.... http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshsystems.htm . > So we got a black goldfish with the bubble eyes. <These fish require more space....> We did set the tank up for 24 hours before getting the new fish. <Actually, this is inadequate; be prepared to be changing some water.... and read on WWM re: cycling.... and other water quality topics.... http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/fwsetupindex.htm .> Anyhow, I thought the orange goldfish would be happy to have more space and a friend, but he won't leave the new cute black one alone in what I would call an aggressive manner! He constantly chases, and rams him in the side, and won't let him rest, or worse, eat! He is mean! <Or possibly flirtatious.... Or just even playful. But it could spell doom for the more delicate bubble-eye.> This has been 2 days now. Will this behavior stop, or does one need to go? <Well.... Ideally, they need a larger tank. Watch them closely for a few days, and please consider a larger system. If in a few days there is still trouble, you may want to consider removing one or the other.> Thanks, Wendy <Wishing you well, -Sabrina>


Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets....  10/10/2005 Hi <Hello.> I wrote a while ago about my large (body is 3.5") fantail, Lola, who was just staring off into space all the time. <Sabrina with you, today - please for future reference include previous correspondences when possible, as there are a number of us answering questions, and plenty of questions being answered; without the name of the crewmember or the previous correspondence, we have no idea where to route replies or continued correspondences.> Everything checked out OK with water quality and Lola's health. I started feeding peas and she gradually became more active -- and obsessed with eating. <Sounds like a goldfish!> You guys suggested I get her a dither fish. Today I put a medium (body 2") fantail goldfish in with Lola. Lola immediately started chasing the new fish. So I fed them both peas --at the same time. Lola chased the new fish aggressively until it barfed up the food it had just eaten.  <Mm, it probably didn't actually regurgitate, just spat it out.> Lola immediately ate the barf.  <My guess is the new fish did not know quite what to do with the peas yet, and Lola just relished this uncertainty. Give it some time.> Now Lola is only mildly annoyed with the new fish. The aggressive chasing has stopped; more like a moderate teasing now. The new fish is not happy.  <Give it some time.> The dorsal fin is not clamped however. Is this aggression about not feeding them enough?  <Possibly, but could just be even friendly. Or stranger yet, the newcomer may be female, and Lola may be a mature male. Again, give it some time.> I give the larger Lola 3 peas a day. Is it about territory?  <Unlikely.... goldfish don't tend to be territorial.> They are in a 20 gallon tank with filter. Is the tank too small? <Will be in the long run.> Is this just "getting to know you" behavior? <Likely.> Is Lola afraid she will not get enough food with a new friend in the tank? <Perhaps.> Would a munchie plant help the situation? If so what kind? <An excellent idea. I would recommend Egeria/elodea/anacharis.... A few species of plants fall under these names; all grow similarly and goldfish love to eat 'em.> Should I separate them permanently if it continues? <Again, give it some time.> Should I also feed them frozen brine shrimp? <If you like.> Besides green veggies and rice, what else would round out their diet well? I read so much about their digestive problems and have eliminated the dry food (even soaked dry food). <Sounds like you're doing great so far. Some frozen brine would be okay to add to this, or frozen bloodworms once in a while.> Do they need protein from other than plant sources? Can they eat Abelmoschus manihot leaves? (It's a human food crop in the tropics and loaded with protein.) <I have absolutely no idea whatsoever. I thank you for mentioning this plant, though; I just had an opportunity to learn about Abelmoschus - apparently okra is in this genus! How neat! But, again, I have no idea whatsoever if A. manihot leaves can be eaten by fish.> Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Tell me what to do and I will do it!  <Lola is indeed a lucky fish to have you as a pal.> Lola is a family pet and I hate to see her being so mean to her new friend--such as it is. <Give it some time; hopefully this will sort itself out in a week or two.> As usual I thank you for your valuable advice and for your incredible web site! <And thank you very much for these kind words, Steve! I do hope all goes well with this.> Steve Erickson <Wishing you, Lola, and the newcomer well, -Sabrina>

Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets.... - II - 10/12/05 Hi, Sabrina <Hello, again.> Thanks again for your advice. As you said, the situation is quieting down.  <Ah, good.> In fact, Lola is back to staring off into space, motionless. The new fish, Golda, doesn't understand Lola's behavior and tries to rouse Lola into swimming around. I expect she'll be back to her old self soon.  <Yes, they will sort things out with time.> It's amazing that she has these emotional phases. But that's why we all care for her so much!  <And a good reason, too.> Regarding A. manihot: I can send you some seeds to grow the plant. It's very easy to grow in any climate.  <If this can be done legally, I'd absolutely love to do so. Where are you from?> Right now most of the garden is fading but the 7 foot Abelmoschus is still blooming.  <Wow!> Perhaps you guys could experiment with feeding the leaves and flowers--which taste like lettuce-- to goldfish. With its high protein content, I suspect that it would be an excellent food source for them. <Certainly a worthwhile idea!!> Thanks again. <And thank you, as well.> Steve <All the best, -Sabrina>

Whatever Lola Wants, Lola Gets.... - III - 10/12/2005 Hi Sabrina <Aloha, Steve.> I live in New England and I am sure there are no restrictions on Abelmoschus manihot.  <Ah, very good. I thought you were outside the US for some reason.> I originally bought the plant at a local garden center. I start the seeds in the early spring and mid-June (for a later crop like now). I'm not sure if there are restrictions in your area. You can check on Google. Let me know--I have lots of seeds! <I will find out, and let you know - I am indeed very interested now.> Steve <Wishing you well, -Sabrina>

Whatever Lola Wants - Tasty Abelmoschus, Peas, Goldfish Nutrition - 11/20/2005 Hi Sabrina <Hey, Steve!> Can fantails live solely on peas?  <Mm, possibly. I imagine a more varied diet would be better.> Whenever I feed Lola frozen brine shrimp, rice, lettuce or other veggies, she goes into a funk and doesn't move around. Could this be some kind of constipation?  <Yes, perhaps. Though, it's odd that lettuce and other greens would bring about constipation in a goldfish.> It takes a few days of a pea diet for her to start moving around better. I am, however, concerned that Lola is not getting enough nutrition with just the peas.  <I share your concern.> If the single food diet is not good for her, what would you suggest?  <First and foremost, I'd try live plants, especially Egeria and Elodea - "Anacharis", to some. Umm, I think I may have written this article after our last correspondence - you might get some ideas here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshmalnut.htm . If you've seen that already, my apologies.> I did feed the other goldfish blanched and chopped Abelmoschus leaves with no negative results. <Ahh! Nifty! I do believe I'm going to have to try this plant some time. I think I've even got a spot to grow it where the deer can't get to it.... we shall see.> <<Okra, eh?  Mmmm.. slimy!>> They seemed to like it. The leaf is rather tough though and needs to be blanched for a while. <Good tips, thank you for this.> Next year I'll harvest more leaves and freeze them for the goldfish.  <An excellent plan, indeed. For Lola, I think I might recommend trying some different canned veggies - asparagus was one I always gave to my fish; also green beans (which I love, fresh, canned, cooked or straight out of the can! Mmmmm....).... Maybe you could try other pea-like beans - limas, perhaps? Also you might try frozen or canned spinach.... And anything else you find in that article that you haven't yet tried. And again, I'll emphasize live plants, here.> Steve <All the best to you and Lola, and your Abelmoschus crop, -Sabrina>


Goldfish - alarm substance?  10/6/05 Hey Crew. I recently (two days ago) removed a Pearlscale goldfish from my 33 gallon tank; this fish had come down with dropsy. His three tankmates (two fantails and a Pearlscale) appear to be fine, but they are behaving oddly since I removed the sick fish. Two of the fish have regular spots in the tank where they sleep; I'm now finding them there, very still, in the daytime with the lights on. Other times I've found all three of them in the corner together, again being very still. They don't do these things constantly, but it seems to happen periodically during the day. I've never observed this behaviour in them before. As you can imagine, I've been observing these fish meticulously since their tankmate got sick, and they show absolutely no signs of illness. The cause of the original illness in the Pearlscale remains a mystery. I test weekly, and have never had a blip on the radar as far as water parameters (ammonia 0, nitrite 0, nitrates consistently in the 10-20 range) and I do regular water changes and maintenance. So this brings me to my question...I've read a few references to an "alarm substance" secreted by fish who are sick or injured. Is it possible/likely that my dropsical Pearlscale secreted some of this substance before I removed him, and it's causing the strange behaviour in my other fish? <It is... have a bit of a review of this phenomenon with Ostariophysian fishes (includes minnows-goldfish) here: http://wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/FrightChemsFWArt.htm> If so, I'd like to know what, if anything I can do to assist them. From what I've read, the alarm substance does not pose a health risk, but as silly as this may sound, I'm concerned for the psychological well-being of these fish. <Me too> I don't want them to be fearful in their own home. Is there anything you can suggest? Thanks in advance. JM <Yes... I would "run" a bit (a few ounces) of activated carbon... or such product that contains this (e.g. Chemi-Pure) in your filter flow path to absorb such short-chain fatty acids et al. This should improve water quality overall, and have a discernible impact (improvement) in your goldfish's behavior. Bob Fenner>


Goldfish And Food Aggression? - 09/20/2005 Hi! <Ahoy thar, matey!> I was wondering what to do about one of my black moors: he fights with the other one in my tank over food and actually pushes the other one away with his nose (there are only 2 fish in the tank). As a result, the other fish gets less food. Should I feed more? Separate?  Please advise. <I would recommend that you try offering live plants like Egeria/anacharis/elodea that can just be left in for them to munch; also, blanched human-consumption veggies like zucchini and cucumber also are a good plan.  See here for more:  http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshfdgfaqs.htm .  Wishing you well,  -Sabrina>


Re: Goldfish turning to black!?! Hi - am sorry to bother you. The 'black' goldfish has now turned orange>?! <Happens> Don't understand but as long as it is ok which it seems to be am happy :-) although the red cap one has gone green round the face? I know a saying ' green round the gills' and its when your sick so presume this fishy is sick? <No> what do i do to make him better? also i have 3 goldies in a tank but can have 4 in there. was thinking about getting a 4th as someone said the fish don't like there being 3, better to have 2 or 4 in there? <Depends only on the size of your system> What do you think. Lastly i promise, i feed them some peas and sweet corn...they ignored the peas (was birds eye not some rubbish make as well !!) and messed with the sweet corn but couldn't eat it, i tried munching it up for them to make it easier but no avail?! Thanks - Cheryl <Keep reading... on WWM, re goldfish systems, nutrition. Bob Fenner>


Aggressive goldfish  9/5/05 We are very new to this fish keeping game, but have thoroughly enjoyed our new pets over the past couple of months, but we now have a problem! Our fish, 1 goldfish comet(?), 1 fantail goldfish and 1 black moor, have all been fine, but suddenly tonight, for no obvious reason, the two goldfish have become extremely aggressive towards the moor, even to the point of cornering it under a stone and biting it continually. <Yikes> They seem to be very protective over a certain area of the tank, both resting on the bottom, almost looking like they are 'on guard' and becoming very agitated if anything goes near them. <How big is this tank?> The moor has been put in a separate tank for the time being. We have an 'off the shelf' aquarium, including an under gravel filter, real plants, gravel and air stone. <Undergravel filters are not recommended for goldfish systems... Please see here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshsystems.htm> The water has been partially changed on a regular basis (using 'Gold Tap Safe from Interpet') and we are feeding them with fish flakes twice a day. <Dried-food only diets are a poor idea... Please read: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshfdgfaqs.htm> There are no signs of disease (we have looked through your site to try to identify anything. We really don't know what to do next, and would appreciate any advice. Thanks in advance. Regards, Kay Fitz-Gibbons <Your goldfish may have to be separated permanently... the system may just be too small. Bob Fenner>


Goldfish Feeding  9/5/05 I have question regarding my fantail behavior. I have two goldfish in a 20 gallon figs tank. Both of them were put in that tank at the same time. During feeding time my fantail gets very aggressive towards my Oranda, to the point were I believe he started nipping at the Oranda. When feeding time is over they don't seem to have any problems. They swim to together and stay in one spot together, but when the food is dropped in the water the fantail gets aggressive. I was wondering if you would know what causes that aggressive behavior. <Most likely he is just excited about eating and the Oranda is in his way.  Really nothing to worry about -Gage>


Sunken Goldfish  9/5/05 I have a very large fantail goldfish that is looking pretty bad. He sits at the bottom of the tank and cannot swim around. Occasionally he moves forward and backward around the bottom of the tank, but he is not able to actually swim at all. He has been breathing pretty heavily and feels very hard in the stomach. He eats when hand fed, but cannot graze for food anymore. Im not sure if it is because he is too bloated or full of stones or what. He just doesnt seem to go after the food. He hasnt been pooping much either. Could he have eaten stones? What should I do? Thanks so much, I hate to see him suffer. Gina <This sounds like an issue with diet and/or water quality.  Try adding some peas to his diet, thaw out frozen peas, pinch off the peels and feed him this.  Adding some Anacharis (Elodea, Egeria Densa, whatever they are calling it these days) to his tank, it is good for water quality and goldfish will graze on it.  Stay away from dry pelleted food for a while, or soak them in tank water first so they are good and mooshy.  Up your water change schedule, 25% weekly.  You can also try adding Epsom Salt (one teaspoon per five gallons).  I doubt he ate stones, but anything is possible.  Best of luck-Gage>


Crowded Goldfish behaviour  8/30/05 Hi Yesterday I bought a comet and put it with my other 6 goldfish (3 fantails, 3 Nymphs). The tank is 40 litres with light, filter, pump. <This is too small a volume for this amount, kind of fish life> But when I put my new comet into the tank it settled really quickly but started to bite the other goldfish. It keeps chasing them and corners them and just keeps biting them. <Aggression brought on by crowding> I've separated the comet but I want to put it back into the bigger tank so that he doesn't get lonely. If I do, will this biting and chasing wear out? <Not likely> And also, could it hurt the other fish because it's slightly larger than the others. <Yes... Please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/FWSubWebIndex/gldfshsystems.htm Bob Fenner> Thanks Amanda


Goldfish - changing colour to Black?! 8/24/05 Dear Bob & friends, <Hi Cheryl...Jorie here> I came across your site the other week when i was trawling the internet after buying 3 goldfish (amateur here, never had fish before). <Welcome to the "club"!> Anyhow without babbling on <I do that sometimes!> I have looked through your pages and can't see an answer to my question (unless I've missed it) - basically one of goldies could have been a baby (was and is very small) but recently I noticed Stella is getting a black moustache and black bits of colouring on her tail and round her mouth!!???!? I rang the aquarium in a panic (thinkin it had some disease and was gonna be a floater before long) and they say its nothing to worry about goldies often change colour as they grow (but black?!?!) and to not worry. <I agree with the advice your fish store has given you...sometimes it can take a year or more for a fancy goldfish to fully realize it's adult coloration.> Can i have your advice please? Do you agree with them and if not what do I do? I do weekly water changes (30%-50%) and they have a sufficient tank, think it is about 25gallons and they are little goldies with plenty of room, I feed them flakes every other day. <Sounds like your setup is pretty good - glad to hear you are keeping up on regular water changes.  The only addition I'd suggest is a filtration system - even though you are doing regular water changes, goldfish are notoriously messy fish (eaters and waste producers) and you would save yourself many headaches and improve the quality of your fishes' water even further by adding biological/mechanical filtration.  Also, you didn't mention if you do or don't have a test kit, but if not, I'd suggest investing in one - they aren't too expensive.  This way you can ensure you are doing adequate water changes - for now, I'm fairly certain you are, but as the fish grow, again, they will create more and more waste, potentially requiring more filtration and/or more water changes.  Aside from that, sounds like a nice setup!  Kudos on not overfeeding your fish, too.  Do consider varying their diet a bit several times a week, as fish are like people and require different nutrients that come from different foods.  Hikari and Spectrum New Life are brands that both put out quality dry foods for freshwater fish.> Thanks in advance. Cheryl <You are welcome.  Hope I helped! Jorie>


Re: Goldfish turning to black!?! 8/28/05 Hi Jorie, <Hi again,> Thanks very much for your reply - you have put my mind at rest! <Glad I could help!> I have some plants (some real some not) in the tank and also a filter. I was just thinking about your point about food....I heard they like peas that are frozen?! How can that be if they are frozen - they wouldn't be able to nibble away at them!??! <You'd be surprised at how quickly the pea will melt in the relatively warm tank water> Can you  just go the pet store and buy different types of goldfish flakes or food so i can give them a variety?? <Absolutely.  Or look at an online e-tailer, like www.drsfostersmith.com> Thanks very much again - you're a star... <Thanks, Cheryl...hope everybody's doing well! Jorie> Cheryl


Snoop, Snoopy Moor changing color 8/23/05 Hiya! My name is Tiffany and a few months ago I purchased "Snoopy," a Black moor I think, though her eyes don't bulge as much as others of the species. <Actually, all goldfish are the same species... they're often called different varieties> Anyway, when I bought her coloration was basically black, as shown in the first of those pictures I have attached. <Yes, very nice> However, in the last few weeks her black colour has disappeared leaving an almost neon orange fish (attachment 2). I am really worried there is something wrong. I purchased a new tank over a month ago with filter and everything seemed fine. She shares the tank with another Black Moor, "Taz," and he often chases her around after feeding. I wondered if this could cause stress enough for her coloration to be lost, though he has done this for a long time, previous to this obvious loss of black colour!? <Mmm, possibly, but much more likely this is one of many cases in which a Moor just changed... a sort of "throw back" genetically, to a more golden color... It might actually turn more blackish with age> Please help! I don't want to lose her, I've already dealt with bouts of swim bladder with her but treated it. I just want to know if there is something wrong & if the black colour will come back? Thank you, let me know ASAP! Cheers, Tiff <Please don't be overwrought here... in your good care this fish may revert back to black. Bob Fenner>


Why does our goldfish hang vertically sometimes 8/19/05 We have a goldfish that sometimes hangs almost vertically, it just floats there for a while, other times it just swims around, is there anything wrong with it? <This is a fairly common condition with goldfish that is thought to be caused by them gulping too much air when they feed from the surface.  Switching the fish's food to a slow-sinking type should help.  I would also add some aquarium salt to the water at about 1tsp/10 gallons of aquarium capacity.  If the condition continues or worsens, try feeding a raw pea, crushed up to a size that the fish can eat.  Also, please take some time and read through the various Goldfish Disease FAQ's here on WWM for more information.  Cheers -- Glenn>  

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