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FAQs on Food Supplements

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FAQs on: General Supplements, Foods/Feeding/Nutrition


Supplements.     1/2/15
Hi bob,
I work in a vitamin store, and was just wondering of the garlic avail for people is same used in garlic power in fish store?
<It is the same... as are chemically all other vitamins, supplements sold for human use>
If so it is much cheaper to buy it here than a lfs.
Off hand , any other human vitamins that could be used to improve fish health?
<See WWM re; yes is the definite answer>
<Welcome. Bob Fenner>

Re: More re: A question about the Vitamins     4/22/12
Hi Bob,
I haven't gotten a response about the dosage of the beta glucan yet.  I thought
perhaps Simon was busy or perhaps taking a few days off.
<Ahh, he's been very busy (out in England). Pls see below>
Re: More re: A question about the Vitamins

Judy... did you ever get this responded to? Found in Simon's in-box growing a beard. BobF
Re: More re: A question about the Vitamins     4/22/12

Hi Simon,
I ordered the beta glucan from "Young Again" off the web.  The capsules are 200 mg.  So, do I just open them and sprinkle some into the tank?  My tank is 67 gallons.  I was wondering how much to use and how often?
Thank you,
Judy Jenkins
<Mmm, well, Beta Glucan has a wide range of efficacy and safety... Some folks administer it daily (along w/ foods), others "pulse" it in occasionally... The best/succinct use piece is still TerryB's from 2003
here: http://www.advancedaquarist.com/2003/9/aafeature#section-4
Bob Fenner>

FAQs on Nutritional Supplements Related Articles: Nutritional Disease, Thiaminase and It's Role In Predatory Pet-fish (& Other Piscivores) Nutrition, by Marco Lichtenberger, Related FAQs: Shark, Ray Disease, Foods/Feeding/Nutrition

  Hi Bob
When I reed books about feeding my fish there's often the word 'enriched' use especially when the author mentions brine shrimp.  Do I need to 'enrich' the frozen brine shrimp I give to my fish? Mark Graham, Liverpool  Thank you for this question Mark. I have a quite long and involved 'past' w/ Artemia salina (Brine Shrimp). A gentleman (Bill Soderberg, San Diego Brine Shrimp) in our town in CA, gets credit for developing much of the technology for collecting, preserving their cysts years back'¦ And another friend and his family (Andy Schmidt, San Francisco Brine Shrimp) used to live in town and did a good deal of the R & D for captive production away from the sea'¦ I've had discussions w/ many folks in the ornamental (petfish) and mainstream aquatic culture (which uses a HUGE amount of Artemia worldwide) re the issue of 'supplementing' live and not Brine Shrimp'¦ and on the larger question, it's at times highly variable food value period.             As we used to say in the High School paper and test grading business, 'When in doubt, count it out''¦ Hence, I do default to encouraging supplementing Artemia regardless of its supposed nutritional value, frozen/defrosted and live.  What to use? Two items: HUFAs (Highly Unsaturated Fatty Acids like Omega-3s) and Vitamins. There are quite a few commercial (aquarium) products on offer that are one or both of these: Aquarium Marines' Selcon, GVH Series by H20 Life Aquarium Foods amongst several others.  Ocean Nutrition and others even offer pre-supplemented 'Enriched Brine Shrimp' if you'd rather. Some folks endorse the use of other materials like DHAs'¦             Best to apply these supplements by soaking the food organisms, both rinsed and strained whether live or frozen first'¦ a few minutes ahead of each serving. The rinsing is for removal of undesirable liquid pollutants, but the supplement 'carrier' liquid is safe, even useful to introduce into marine systems.             Lastly, a needed comment re Brine Shrimp use; do limit this. Artemia have a 'mild laxative' effect and its over-use can be detrimental. It's best to consider offering Brine as simply a 'treat' really; rather than a staple food item. Feeding it excessively, as with letting small children eat naught by sweets can result in poor behaviour and nutritional deficiency.

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