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FAQs about Moving Aquarium Systems: Gear 

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Moving 125 gallon glass aquarium tank into apt.     11/20/13
Hi crew,
My question has nothing to do with any water parameters but rather just trying to move the actual aquarium into my apartment. I need to get my cichlids out of my 55g and into my 125gI am looking for any advice on how to get the tank safely up to my sixth floor apt.
<Lots of strong friends who have moving experience... taped cardboard on all corners if you think they might bump the tank>
 The main issue I'm worried about is the elevator. The tank is 6' long so the only way it will fit in the elevator is on its side panel, but I'm not sure if the tank can even hold (won't crack) all that weight in that position.
<Empty; yes it can>
 Also what should I use to get it in there. I was thinking a hand truck but that might put too much pressure on a side of the tank
<Hands are best>
My other idea was dismantling each panel of the aquarium and then resealing the tank together after. The only thing that worries me about that though is the tank leaking.  The place I'm staying at, technically we're not suppose to even have any medium or large aquariums.
<... you should adhere to the guidelines here... tanks weigh about ten pounds per gallon set up... yours will be more than half a ton... Will the floor safely support it?>
I already had some minor flooding issues with the 55 gallons tanks I'm currently using so I can't have this thing breaking on me or I'm screwed.
<I'd get renters insurance for sure>
If you could give me any helpful suggestions with the best way to move the tank, I'd really appreciate it. 
<Again; strong friends... Bob Fenner>

Moving a reef system I am moving from Chicago to South Carolina. I am trying to come up with a system that can run on a pump (Rio 2500 ) and a heater to keep things alive on the 18-20 hour drive. I drew the following and wanted your opinion. I am currently attempting to build it in the middle of my living room. the system utilizes .75" pvc from the Rio to the live rock area with a spray bar and then 1.5" gravity feed return to the fish and coral area. the system will ride in the back of my Dodge Durango and will be powered by an 400W inverter hooked to the car's electrical system.  I think it should work but thought I would ask you guys and see what your thought is. I have attached the drawing for you to view <Neat design... and lots of thought in this plan... but I would either pack your stuff up including the livestock like the industry does and just haul it in Styrofoam boxes... or leave it with a friend or friendly LFS and have them ship the live components (you can haul the live rock in sturdy plastic cans) when you get your system set-up and going at your new digs. Some further input on moving here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/movingaq.htm and the linked FAQs files (in blue, at top) beyond. Bob Fenner>

Moving Tank Hi all- Thought I had everything figured out to move my 55 gallon SW tank from one room to another...one quick question. Are Rubbermaid tanks (18 gallon with lid) suitable to keep fish in while I tear the tank down and move it to another room? <Yes, I have even used them as sumps.> On the website, you mention placing plastic bags inside whatever container is being filled with tank water. If I aerate the water inside the plastic container, is there any reason to place a bag in before filling with tank water? I understand the logic of using a bag for a trip of significant distance, but my tank is being moved about 15 feet; is there any harm in keeping fish in a plastic container for 2-3 hours (with aeration) while I clean and move? <No, feel free to use them as long as they are clean and have never been treated with any soaps, detergents, or such.> Thanks again for all your help. All good wishes, Daryl Klopp <Good luck moving the tank! I know it can be quite a chore. -Steven Pro>

Moving Hi Robert, I am moving in three weeks and I have started to plan the move of my 55 gallon saltwater aquarium. The new house that I am moving to is about 25 minutes away from where I live now. The concern I have is trying to be able to keep all my saltwater from the aquarium. <You will never be able to keep it all. You will have to make some new.> So I am looking at buying a garbage container and siphoning the water into it. <Ok, kind of heavy and hard to move around.> The question I have for you is how do I clean the container so I don't pollute the saltwater I put into it. <Just a light rinsing should do. Perhaps using some baking soda to remove any plastic odors.> I was able to find your break down of what to do when moving the aquarium under the search feature. Which is a great feature on your web site! <Thank you for using it!> Please help so I can take one more worry away from the spouse on moving day! Travis <Might I suggest you look into 5-7 gallon buckets with lids. Salt mix comes in those sizes. They can be had cheaply or free and are much easier to transport than a 30 gallon garbage can. -Steven Pro>

New Fish Tank Hiya Bob I have been asking your advice over the past couple of months about upgrading my fish only tank to be able to sustain some simple soft corals. After much deliberation and weighing up the cost of various equipment i feel that it would be cheaper and more reliable to simply buy a second hand tank that can already sustain corals and inverts. I think i have finally found my tank. I hope that the pictures have attached properly to the mail. <Will look for on your next email> Is there anything else i should consider before buying this tank, i am going to see it on Friday night. The tank is 18months old and is 48 inches x 15inches X 18inches high. It contains 1 Yellow Tang 5 Yellow Tailed Damsels 5 Humbugs 2 Shrimps and 1 hermit crab. I wish to still keep my fish if possible (7" regal tang, 2 Common Clownfish, and a 3" Damsel) Should i give the damsels and Humbugs back to the LFS in order to keep my Tang??? <At least five of them, yes> Another majority problem, I would have to transport the tank by car for 2.5hrs to my house! Have you any suggestions for transporting the live rock, fish, corals, with minimal die off???? And should i wait a while until i put the corals and fish back in? <Yes, please see, copy the "Moving Aquariums" and checklist for same posted on the www.WetWebMedia.com site, start saving clean cans, fish-boxes... ask your LFS to hold onto some large fish bags... rinse and air dry these...> The method i have at the moment is as follows. Remove all the corals and fish and put them into large tubs of the tank water. Then I completely drain all the water off the tank, carry the tank into the car. I Think i should then put some of the water back into the tank while it is in the car to keep anything alive that is in the substrate and place damp clothes over the live rock to keep it moist. <Just enough to keep damp... and watch your back!> When at my house i drain the water out of the tank, carry the tank into my living room and refill with all the existing water and put the fish and corals back. Are there any flaws in tis plan???? <Not really, but many cautions, steps in-between... look over the Action Plan... listed on the WWM site again... this is what we used to train, direct our staff for a few decades in the service side> Sorry for the long e-mail and all the questions, but i would like to do this properly with as little upset and death as possible:) Thanks in advance, Matt Haslam <No worries, thanks for sharing this adventure. Bob Fenner>

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