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 Archive 499: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Hymenocera picta Dana 1852, the Eastern Harlequin Shrimp. Anterior first pair of legs look like tweezers, second pair covering them. First antennae flap-like... waved around side to side. Live in pairs only.  Noted for their feeding exclusively on echinoderms; starfish and urchins. E. to Central Pacific. Costa Rica (Pacific side) 2011 

Holothuria fuscocinerea (Jaeger 1833). Distinctive elevated papillae with black centers. Southern Mexico to the Galapagos Islands, and Hawaii east to Africa. To a foot in length. Out during both day and night, rarely contracts when handled. Costa Rica (Pacific side) 2011 
Phataria unifascialis (Gray 1840), the Blue Sea Star. Family Ophidiasteridae. To 7 inches in diameter. Eastern Pacific; Sea of Cortez to Peru and the Galapagos, rocky shores to 50 meters depth. Dorsal surface blue or tan with black pebbled lines, underside orange. Algae feeder. Costa Rica (Pacific side) 2011 
Phataria pyramidata (Gray 1840), the Pyramid Star. Family Ophidiasteridae. To 9 inches in diameter. Eastern Pacific; Sea of Cortez to Peru and the Galapagos, rocky shores to 130 meters depth. Triangular shaped feet. Costa Rica (Pacific side) 2011 
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