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Looking for planted aquarium article series Where can I find the entire 3 part article that appeared in an aquarium magazine years ago entitled "The Leiden Aquarium"? Thanks,  Ron Scott <Do you know which magazine this series occurred in? The larger (college) and municipal libraries often carry bound volumes of these periodicals... There were many such articles in the hobby press in the eighties and nineties... Bob Fenner>

Source of robert gasser's Leiden tank articles Bob (or whoever is answering today) I just noticed this:   Where can I find the entire 3 part article that appeared in an aquarium magazine years ago entitled "The Leiden Aquarium"? Thanks, Ron Scott <Do you know which magazine this series occurred in? The larger (college) and municipal libraries often carry bound volumes of these periodicals... There were many such articles in the hobby press in the eighties and nineties... Bob Fenner> in this link at your site:   http://www.wetwebmedia.com/PlantedTksSubWebIndex/litsearchfaqs.htm The articles Ron was referring to was one of the most influential articles in forming "my" own methods.  Have used them ever since and am now relearning them for saltwater now that I know about macros and marine plants.  Four articles all by Robert Gasser appeared in 1979 in Freshwater and marine aquariums.  The first had a title something like the old (and possibly new) aquarium keeping methods.  the other three were simply the Leiden aquarium parts 1, 2, 3.  Just this week I  ordered reprints from FAMA and they cost $2.00 each.  Indexes are available at the Freshwater and Marine aquariums web site to locate out the specific issues. <Thank you for this. Will post near the above citation. Bob Fenner>

Another Web Site I've begun reading your site and have found it to be terribly instructive. As I read it I glean new things. Earlier I was reading about Wrasses and you mentioned another website in those articles. Being myself I didn't stop to write it down and now that I'm done reading the various articles I was interested in I can't find the web site name again. It was something like bfish.org although that's not right since I obviously tried it. <fishbase.org likely, a fabulous resource> I've heard of this site from other places as a site that has good info on specific fish species. Any idea what I'm talking about? David Rencher <Be chatting. Bob Fenner>

Research project This e-mail is about the Science Talent Search project. I like the idea of the ocean ³mining² topic. However, I would like to ask a few more questions: Do you think that the above topic would be feasible also considering the fact that I have no access to the ocean? <What is the nature of the "project" guidelines? Is this to be original research of some sort? If so, then maybe you can secure materials that have been mined from a school that is involved in such (e.g. Wood's Hole, Scripps Inst.)> Do you think that there are plenty of original research and experimentation that I could do with the above topic? If yes, what are some general ideas (I would like to get an idea about what work I will be doing)? <Yes, and you will have to search the literature, read over other peoples works... gain insight into their questions, consider what "angles you might investigate". Here's some ideas to consider: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/litsrchart.htm> Do you have any references for scientists that might be able to provide me additional help in the topic area.? <You will find these in your journeying through the scientific literature. Have a reference librarian at a college help you with your search> If the above project is not feasible, do you have any ideas? <Many lifetimes worth. But how would I know what interests you? Bob Fenner> Thank you again, Kevin

Re: Research project According to the rule booklet the "project need not be entirely original Å  however, your project should contain at least some original or novel elements." Since you believe the topic are of ocean mining for commercial purposes is feasible (correct me if I am wrong), I will continue with this topic are. Any ideas or information on this area would be helpful. <What do you mean "any ideas..."?> How would I go about securing research materials from various research institutes (considering the fact that I live in Idaho Falls, ID)? <Write, e-mail them, people whose names you glean who are working in the respective fields (learned by your literature search) through the departments, schools, institutions where they work. Have your instructor/s help put the message together.> Can you think of any scientists that are interested in this topic area and that might be willing to help (I will come across more in my research)? <Which area? Ocean mining? No, I would have to do what I'm suggesting you do. Get thee to a large/college library, and ask a reference librarian to help you put together a search strategy... and use the computers/hook-ups there to investigate what is known, what is being researched, by whom, where... that interests you. Bob Fenner> Thank you, Kevin

Re: I am looking for assistance for a project that I am completing. Thank you for all of the helpful suggestions, I will do them in my experiment. Now, I have another problem. I am not actually allowed to do this experiment at my school. I was supposed to do it with my mentor, but he suddenly backed out. Do you have any idea where else I could go because it has to be in a lab?  <Sorry to state, I don't recall specifics here, or perhaps you didn't mention: what is the nature of this experiment? Where are you located (which State, town?). Are you near a college/university where lab space may be available? Bob Fenner> If you have any suggestions, it would be appreciated. Thank you. Tiffany Wagner

Thresher Book Search Dear sir, I am very interested on the next book: Thresher, Ronald E. 1984. Reproduction in Reef Fishes. TFH Publ., NJ. but I have not been able to find it until now. Do you know where and how I could find it? Thank you very much. Looking forward to hearing your news, Victoria Bengoa Sistemas Acuarológicos Marinos Maidagan 5 48990 Getxo, Vizcaya Spain Tel 944 319 080 Fax 944 319 149 victoria@samsl.euskalnet.net <Hope we can find a copy in print for sale... Have you tried contacting Tropical Fish Hobbyist Publications (in New Jersey, USA), the publisher? I encourage you to contact the company CPR (www.CPRusa.com) for their help in locating a copy (they're a major distributor). Otherwise, please do re-contact me re this issue. Bob Fenner.>

Finding Out of Print Books in our interest: <Hope we can find a copy in print for sale... Have you tried contacting Tropical Fish Hobbyist Publications (in New Jersey, USA), the publisher? I encourage you to contact the company CPR (www.CPRusa.com) for their help in locating a copy (they're a major distributor). Otherwise, please do  re-contact me re this issue. Bob Fenner.> Dear Mr. Fenner, I have contacted both, the company CPR and TFH Publ. and they have not the book. It is out of print and no longer available through them. So if you can help me in locating it, it will be great. Thank you very much Victoria Bengoa victoria@samsl.euskalnet.net <Hmm, will post your request to folks who run down out of print works and on our www.WetWebMedia.com site, should a browser have a copy they might part with... But I would have to do what I suggest you do: contact book searching services with the Title, Author... and hope they can come across a copy... I search "used book stores" and service bureaus continuously... Oh, and one other suggestion: contact the folks at "The Natural History Book Store"... www.nhbs.com (have just done so... they currently have another title by Ron Thresher, but not the one you're looking for... but do contact them, and place your request. Bob Fenner>

Your New Book I heard you gonna publish another book. What topics are you going to discuss about? <Perhaps the new Microcosm/TFH publisher will run one of the manuscripts they've been holding on to... The Conscientious Reef Aquarist, Water Gardens, Design, Construction, Maintenance... Or maybe one of the "Best Livestock for Your... series...> Since the majority of species collections came out of Southeast Asia. Have you ever heard of any particular species (fish, corals, etc.) that come from VietNam in the Gulf of Thailand?  <Indeed I have... many fabulous choices from these locations> Are there any interesting form of coral reefs around the Gulf Of Thailand? I ask because I can wandering those areas of my country. <Yes... do a "by country" search on www.FishBase.org and resort by family... many great fishes, non-fishes from the area. Bob Fenner, who uses this important resource almost daily>

Re: FishBase Dr. Randall/Jack, can you help me? Neglected to send in for a CD vers. of FishBase, relying on using the Internet version... and been accumulating images to send them... and now, not coming up? Their URL is listed for sale? Is there some where that you're aware of that I may buy/copy a set? Do/did use this valuable resource daily...  Bob Fenner Bob: FishBase has used nearly 11,000 of my fish photographs, so they have sent me the CD, but I cannot view it on my Mac. The person in charge of Fish Base in the Philippines now (since Rainer Froese just went back to Germany, though he is still involved) is Boris Fabvres. His e-mail address is: bfabres@cgiar.org Aloha, Jack <Thanks much Jack. Have sent off a note to Boris... and am hoping to find a later/greater CD set... at least! Be seeing you. Bob Fenner> <<Is FishBase gone? I hope not... Am a long time user... and never signed up for the CD version... And desperately want to now! Dr. John Randall was kind to give me your email address. I have thousands of images to send you for FishBase, and a desire to use the resource. Can you direct me to where I might be able to receive/order a set of CD's? Thank you, Bob Fenner>>

RE: FishBase and Images  Dear Bob,  No, FishBase is very much alive and kicking. As a matter of fact there is  now established a "FishBase Consortium" of institutions  (Museums,Universities,ICLARM,FAO)to continue its work more intensively.  There have been some problems recently on the Internet Version as we  switched Servers.  <Thank goodness! And outstanding. FishBase is an indispensible tool for my work, even though this is ornamental aquatics, not ichthyology, fisheries sciences....> The FishBase 2000 CD Set (plus Book) should be out in  February 2001.  We can send you the FB'99 CD Set if you wish or hold on for the FB 2000 in  February? Just send us your full postal address. <Yes! Bob Fenner, 10251 Thanksgiving Lane, San Diego, California, USA, 92126... have the computer space for it already set aside!> As a collaborator through your offer to send the fish images there is no charge for FishBase CD Set.  <Have been collecting several hundreds of these to send... delaying through laziness of not putting effort into labeling as to location, size, depth... natural history information... But will step up efforts to send by February> Have a look at our FishWatchers page on the Web Site where images can be  shared.  I will pass on your message to Aque Atanacio our artist who manages the  incorporation of fish images into FishBase, and will let you know the  mechanics of it.  <Very good, and I will place our correspondence on my site: www.wetwebmedia.com to attract other likely collaborators> Very good to hear from you, and of course we gratefully accept your offer of  the images which will carry your name as as the provider and source. Aque  can provide details.  Best Wishes  Boris Fabres  <Yes again, and thank you (mabute). Look forward to the exercise and meeting with Aque. Bob Fenner, salamat>

RE: FishBase and Images Dear Bob, There are several ways to send the files to us. You may send them to me as attachments to emails, a few at a time, or you may copy them all to a cd and send it to this address: Rachel Atanacio ICLARM - FishBase Project IRRI Collaborators Center College, Los Baños, Laguna Philippines Thank you very much. Regards, Aque <Mabute, Aque, Will burn a few CD's and send them along... with our company name, logo: www.WetWebMedia.com... do you folks still require depth, size, very specific location et al. information? Bob Fenner>

RE: FishBase and Images Dear Bob, Yes, if possible, please include the size, date and locality. It would be nice if you could send us a list of your available photographs first so we can tell you the ones we could use. That way, you don't have to think about providing these information on all of them but for only the ones that we need. Do you understand and speak Tagalog? Just wondering. Best regards, Aque <Just a little Tagalog and Cebuano from my neighbors here in southern California and travels to dive, photograph in the Philippines... And will try to get you the preliminary list (many thousands more to still scan...) of what I have scanned that I can/will send... though on second thought, it isn't difficult to just label a list for the above data along with the file name (which is the scientific name)and send all along to you on CD's. Salamat, Bob Fenner>

Hi and question about pet-fish publishing Hello again Mr. Fenner, I hope you had a pleasant trip. <Oh, yes, thank you> I have decided that in between articles, that I would slowly work up a manuscript for a book on Triggers, Boxfish, and Puffers in Aquaria. I don't have any idea if and when I would have a publisher accept such a manuscript, but I thought it a good idea to get a head start in case things do work out. <A good idea is to work up a couple of chapters and an introduction and try this out on a friendly, considerate editor... and I know just the person in James Lawrence of Microcosm. Will send your msg. here to introduce you> I expect to include general information on tank setup, but plan to focus on care of the species. I imagine that I would include 3 or 4 Triggers found commonly in the aquarium trade, the 2 most commonly encountered boxfish, the 2 or 3 available cowfish, and some about freshwater/brackish/ marine puffers and porcupine/balloon fish found in the trade. <Sounds good> I figured that would give me a broad enough spectrum without going crazy trying to be comprehensive. The book will be geared more toward beginning/intermediate hobbyists. <Though pictorial completeness would be a very big plus...> I wanted to get your opinion about the documentation format, though. I don't have a publisher agreement of any sort yet, but I notice that very few aquarium related books include in text documentation. Resources are merely listed as References or Bibliography. Do you think that I should go ahead and include the in text documentation and let the prospective publisher address how to deal with it? Should I just include a list of references instead? <Do list the references in a bibliography... I would not footnote the body of the text unless necessary (i.e. direct quotes... or to make a point). Mr. Giwojna suggested including the formal documentation, but I wanted a second opinion. Good luck catching up on your files of works. Best regards, Theresa Ulrich geocities.com/cowfish_andmore <I need it. Be chatting. Bob Fenner, who asks James to kindly lend what assistance you have time for to this upcoming pet-fish writer... you can see her work at the above URL as well as in the most recent issues of FAMA.>

Thank you (writing in the pet-fish interest!) Hello again Mr. Fenner, Thank you for taking the time to offer a quick and helpful response. I will check out some of the software you referred me to. However, should I master it well enough to pull together a publication, what do I do from there? Do I "advertise" the book/pamphlet on my site? <Good question. Hmm, how to render a response here that is accurate, significant and meaningful? There are "Writer's Guides"... fat paperback books that purport to grant the buyer insights as to how to "get published"... but these are sort of like "education classes"... simple to the point that if you aren't aware of their contents, you should be doing something else than trying to be a writer. Basically, if you are aware of your intended audience, the subject material, and have the capacity (talent, materials, time, money...) to put together a work of commercial possibility, AFTER a portion/example has been completed, AND a go at the Introduction (which per force explains your intent, purpose for writing... i.e. what you're going to do for the intended Reader and how you intend to do it...)AND something in the way of a cover letter (best practiced on knowing (or in my case, semi-knowing) friends/associates in "the life", and sent out (serially, best choices, chances first) to prospective publishers... Or the pre-mentioned self-publishing route...> I'm chuckling a bit at your comment about making ourselves useful. Actually, I am a full time public school teacher, so I do consider myself useful in other capacities as well. I never dreamed my passion for my cfish would turn into writing. <You might not be surprised at all to find how many of "us" used to be (and a few still are) public school teachers... myself (yes taught H.S. Chemistry, Physics, Bio.), Charles Delbeek, Alex Kerstitch...> Anyway, with my job, it will be hard to find time to seek out course work or a comrade in publishing/layout. So I will definitely look into the software suggestions. <And I will be here to help... introduce you to the very few prospective contacts that exist... but more appear on the horizon from time to time> I appreciate your passing my name along. Your letter and efforts to help are very kind. I have heard many good things about you, and I now I can see why. :) In any case, if the book idea doesn't pan out for now, the whole process has forced me to aggressively seek out and locate some sources I've been meaning to acquire. I am set-up for a number of good future articles at least. <Ah, excellent> I would be delighted to have my web site link added to your site. Here is the URL for the Cowfish page: http://www.geocities.com/cowfish_andmore <Done, and thank you> This is the e-mail discussion list, if you are interested: http://www.egroups.com/group/cowfish_andmore I am happy to add your site to my links page as well. Is there any particular description that you would like to accompany the link back to your site? <Hmm, "aquatics information and images"? Something more specific? I also appreciate the offer to use some of your image work. I may take you up on that if this book idea develops into an official project. Best regards, Theresa <I fully suspect and hope it, and others will. Bob Fenner>

bob, glad you like the article, but (please humor me, I'm new to this game and I know nothing about publication procedure) If I submit what I showed you, and it is published, can I still include it appropriately in the booklet (which I plan to, not exactely word for word, but close enough)? Or will that bring about a copyright infringement, or something of the like? Still waiting on Marc's input on whether I submit it or not. Thanks for the advice, Chris  >> No worries, and no problems... you retain "copyright" to original content... some mags make the stipulation on submission, that the work be novel... and that they be the first to present it... but after it runs... it's still yours.... to do, verbatim, if you wish, whatever you'd like. Bob Fenner 

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