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FAQs on Exophthalmia/Pop-Eye, Infectious Causes

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Misty eyed I have a Royal Gramma with a left eye that is swollen and cloudy. What do you suggest. I have raised the temp to 82 and lowered salt to 1.017. <singular exophthalmia is generally induced by blunt force (startled into glass, rock, etc or bit/struck). Fluid build up behind the eye which may or may not be accompanied by a bacterial infection. Rarely if ever contagious. Try a home remedy of 1 tablespoon of Epsom salt per ten gallons of water with a second half dose three days later. If stabilization or improvement do not occur, please be prepared with a QT tank and broad spectrum antibiotics (Furan based would be fine). Anthony>

Re: best thing to use for bacterial pop-eye? Hi guys, Okay, she's in the QT, and I'm treating with Erythromycin (E.M. Tablets, to be precise).-Ananda <Arghhhh... Erythromycin is actually a gram-positive medication and gram-positive infections are very uncommon. As a rule, such meds are usually not very effective and in this case, I don't think it will help much. Be prepared to use a broad spectrum (like Furan/Nitrofuran cocktail) if necessary. Keep up with the water changes and Epsom salt... I suspect that may be enough. Best regards, Anthony>

Mystery of The Bulging eye I have a 75 gal tank that has been set up for about 3 yrs running fine. It includes 2 sebae clowns, a yellow tang, a flame angel, a Hawkfish, a lunar wrasse, and  a couple anemones. The larger of my clowns has developed a bulged eye. The entire eye is on the outside of the fish.  I did add a blue tang a few weeks ago that didn't survive. What kind of problem might I have and what do I need to do about it? Thanks, Shawn <Well, Shawn-hard to be 100 percent certain from here- but usually, if just one eye is affected, it's a response to some trauma, such as an injury, etc. A common cure is to place the fish in a separate aquarium and to administer 1tsp Epsom salt per gallon, which will help reduce swelling. Maintain excellent water conditions in the main aquarium and the "hospital" tank, and the fish should make a full recovery. If it is bacterial in nature, it will usually affect both eyes. Treat this type of condition with a commercial broad-spectrum antibiotic, like Maracyn. Be sure to quarantine all new additions to your tank, BTW...It's the best way to prevent future disease outbreaks! Hope this helps! regards, Scott F>

Dominos with Popeye I have been reading the articles on "Popeye"  and I am still not to sure on what my fish has.  I have attached a photo, its not to clear.  I have two domino damsels.  One of them have both eyes Bulging out. <I see> both eat fine and both seen to be fine other than the one's eyes.  I was just wondering if this was indeed "Popeye" or something else.  my tank is pretty healthy everything is in perfect order and running fine.  What can I do to save this little dude. <This is an exopthalmic condition, but one that is likely bacterial in origin (rather than an environmentally mediated internal source). I would isolate these fish and treat them with antibiotic laced foods for two weeks. Bob Fenner>

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