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Archive 1082: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Stonogobiops yasha Yoshino & Shimada, 2001, Yasha Goby. Western Pacific. To 4.7 cm. House of Fins, CT 2012
Elacatinus prochilos Bohlke & Robyns 1968, the Broadstripe Goby. Tropical central West Atlantic. To four cm. Bred in captivity. Off of Cancun, Mexico. 

Elacatinus randalli Bohlke & Robins 1968. Yellownose or Randall's Goby. Tropical West Atlantic; Puerto Rico to Venezuela. To under two inches in length. Here is one off Bonaire.
Synchiropus ocellatus (Pallas 1770), the Ocellated Dragonet, THE Scooter Blenny. To three inches in length. Western Pacific; Japan to Marquesas. Live on sandy lagoon bottoms. Below: One in Nuka Hiva, Marquesas, Polynesia, where this species is very common.
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