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Archive 1097: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Stethojulis albovittata (Bonnaterre 1788), the Bluelined Wrasse (3), of the Western Pacific, Indian Ocean including the Red Sea. Gorgeous males that don't live in captivity. To five inches in length. An initial phase individual in Mauritius.
Thalassoma hebraicum (Lacepede 1801), the Goldbar Wrasse (1), my pick of the genus. Hardy and beautiful. Indian Ocean, to nine inches in length. This one in the Seychelles.

Thalassoma rueppellii (Klunzinger 1871), Klunzinger's Wrasses (2). One of the few "klunkers" from the Red Sea. To eight inches maximum length. Formerly and often still misidentified as T. klunzingeri. Gulf of Aqaba.

Calotomus carolinus (Valenciennes 1840), Caroline's Parrotfish. The most wide-ranging species of the family, Indo-Pacific, eastern coast of Africa to tropical eastern Pacific (repl. by C. viridescens in the RS @/FB). To eighteen inches in length. Feeds mainly on benthic algae and seagrasses. A terminal/male individual in Raja Ampat.
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