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Archive 1173: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Bothus lunatus (Linnaeus 1758), the Plate Fish. Tropical eastern and western Atlantic. To eighteen inches overall length. A master of disguise like many flatfishes. Need fine sand to bury in. Feed on small fishes, crustaceans and octopus in the wild. TiffB pic in Roatan.
Bothus mancus (Broussonet 1782), the Flowery Flounder. To 42 cm. in length. Indo-Pacific; East Africa to Hawai'i, Cocos I. Fr. Polynesia.

Bothus pantherhinus (Ruppell 1830), the Leopard Flounder. Indo-Pacific; Red Sea, all of Indian Ocean to Hawai'i, Marquesas. To 39 cm. Found on sandy, silty bottoms. Males with prominent long pectoral fin on upper side. Bali 2014 TiffB pic
Aserragodes kaianus (Gunther 1880); Western Pacific; to 14 cm. KBR, Lembeh, N. Sulawesi, Indo.
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