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Archive 1177: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Blacksaddled Filefish. Indo-Pacific, but not the Red Sea. To four inches in length. A mimic of the Sharpnose Puffer, Canthigaster valentini. An adult in Queensland, Australia.
Paramonacanthus japonicus (Bleeker 1853), the Japanese Filefish. Indo-West Pacific. To four inches in length. KBR, N. Sulawesi, Indo.

Pseudalutarius nasicornis (Temminck & Schlegel 1850), the Rhinoceros Filefish. Generally found in calm waters amongst seagrasses, soft corals, hiding vertically when approached. Indo-West-Pacific; South Africa (into the Atlantic there) over to Indonesia, Australia. To 19 cm. N. Sulawesi image. 

Pseudomonacanthus macrurus (Bleeker 1856), the Strapweed Filefish. Indo-West Pacific; Indian Ocean, South China Sea, PNG. In N. Sulawesi. 
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