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Archive 1291: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Holothuria mexicana (Ludwig 1875), the Donkey Dung Sea Cucumber. Tropical West Atlantic. Detritivorous. Found singly on grass and sandy beds. Light brown to black in color w/ numerous deep creases along body. Small brown parapodia on reddish to white underside. To twenty inches in length. This one in Bonaire. 

Neothyonidium magnum Ludwig 1882. Usually only the tentacular crown of this species shows, the rest being buried in the soft substrate... Neat to watch it feed as it "licks" food one "stem" at a time... N. Sulawesi pix. 

Opheodesoma australiensis Heding 1931, Ticky snake sea cucumber. Indo West Pacific; Indonesia and Noumea. Here in N. Sulawesi.

Stichopus horrens  Selenka 1867, the Warty Sea Cucumber. Central and Eastern Pacific; Philippines, Fiji, Hawaii, Galapagos Islands. To twelve inches in length. A nocturnal species. Long, pointed tubercles during the night when it's out and about, knoblike during the day (shown). Highly variable in color. Galapagos pic.
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