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Archive 1215: Daily Pix FULL SIZE
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Balanophyllia sp. Either B. hawaiiensis or B. cf. affinis. Here off Hawai'i's Big Island at night, though can be found in caves and crevices open during daylight hours. About one inch in all dimensions. 
Dendrophyllia californica Durham, 1947... a coldwater species. Pic taken at SIO by BobF.

Leptoseris yabei (Pillai & Scheer 1976). /COTW:

Characters: Colonies are laminar, in whorls or tiers or vase-shaped. They are commonly over one metre across. Corallites are enclosed in rectangular pockets formed between radiating ridges and low walls which are parallel to frond margins. Septo-costae are moderately exsert and alternate.

Colour: Usually pale brown or yellowish, sometimes with white margins.

Similar Species: Leptoseris yabei is closest to L. mycetoseroides but is readily distinguished from all other species by having corallites in rectangular pockets.

Habitat: Usually found on flat substrates.

Abundance: Uncommon but conspicuous.
Taxonomic Note: 
Possibly warrants a separate generic designation

 N. Sulawesi.
Diploastrea heliopora (Lamarck 1816). Dome shaped colonies with a smooth appearance. Corallites as small cones of thick walls, and small opening for columellae. Thailand in the Andaman Sea. 
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