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FAQs about Marine Shrimp Identification 3

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Shrimp ID       7/4/19
Thank you,
Henry C. Schultz, III
<Hey Henry! Looks to be a Gnathophylliid of some sort; though not one of the Gnathophyllum species one sees (if you are lucky and look REALLY close) in the Caribbean. Am going to share this w/ friends on FB for better input.
Thank you for sharing. Bob Fenner>
<<According to friend Ellen Muller (on Bonaire), "Looks like a Roughback Shrimp, Trachycaris rugosa.">>

Curious Shrimp; ID      11/23/17
Hey Bob and Crew!
Happy Holidays to everyone!
Wondering if you can help:
Do you know what this is? Came in a bag of ghost shrimp bought for my Banggai about a month or two ago, was about ~2inches...but has grown and now morphed into 2 BIG shrimp, about 3 1/2" each.. lol.. trying to find out
what kind they are , they hide all day, come out at night, and sift thru the sand.. they do not bother anything... cannot find an exact match in WWM or Google.. except.. a tiger prawn? Too far fetched? Any curious suggestions are welcome, ��, thanks! (Trying to send video, but not working, hopefully photos come thru ok)
<Mmm; appears to be a Pandalid... my guess is on Pandalus hypsinotus. Get to be much larger: http://www.sealifebase.ca/summary/Pandalus-hypsinotus.html
A beauty! Bob Fenner>

Re: Curious Shrimp     11/23/17
Thank you for looking at it for me Bob, much appreciated! Searching that online now✔. Hmmm 8inches maturity?,
<Yes! But likely only 5-6" here>
bet they will be an awesome sight to see at full maturity in the reef tank.
Besides size.... is there anything in your experience that suggests they need to be removed?
<Nothing. Pandalids are fave human-food aquaculture species, and on display in public aquariums worldwide>
Currently they are in a 55g reef... which will be transferred to my 180g once we move in a few months.
Am I safe to consider them to be (reef safe)?
<Mmm; "Pandalid shrimp are opportunistic bottom feeders that will eat a wide variety of items such as worms, diatoms, detritus (dead organic matter), algae, and various (sic) invertebrates.">
Not really seeing any aquarium related articles yet... still browsing the web....
Thank you, now they have an identity ��
<Don't think they'll eat Cnidarians/corals. Bob Fenner>
Re: Curious Shrimp     11/23/17

Great to hear, thank you again!
Keeping them where they are, very cool lil weirdos, lol!
<Neat! B>

Shrimp ID     2/8/17
Hi crew
<Hey Cathy>
Thanks for the great resource
I received this shrimp from lfs instead of emperor shrimp I ordered. I speculate possibly a marbled Saron?
<Yes; and very nice pix!?

What do you think ?? Is it possible to tell if male or female from photo, I know I'm pushing?
<Is possible. Here's my spiel from WWM Re: "Saron marmoratus Olivier 1811), Marble or Saron Shrimp. Found throughout the tropical Indo-Pacific. Usually collected out of Hawai'i for the U.S., the Red Sea for European markets.
Usually found in pairs in the wild. Will fight to the death if same sex individuals are placed together. Males with much longer first pair of walking/fighting legs. Get along fine with fishes, other crustaceans.
Female shown. Eat all types of food, reclusive, nocturnal." This is a female>
Tried to give you idea of size. Is this reef safe as I have sexy shrimp and mandarin fish which I don't want it to decide is food. Putting it in QT tank for the moment.
<IF there's room, and this shrimp doesn't get hungry... Thank you for sharing. Bob Fenner>

Shrimp ID     2/8/17
Hi crew
Further to email just sent about ID'ing this shrimp sent to me by mistake
Managed to get photo from above as well hope this all helps
<Ah yes; same response! BobF>

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