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FAQs on Genus Stonogobiops Gobies

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Sexing Yashas     9/28/13
Hi Bob,
Wandering if you can help me identify sex differences in the high fin Yasha goby, I have 2 and not sure if they Have paired, they hang out together and don't seem to fight! Your help is much appreciated.
<I think I can tell when I see them together... as with many Cichlids, Labrids... males are generally a bit larger, with longer, more attenuated unpaired fins. That the two of yours are hanging about each other is a very strong statement re the likelihood that they are a pair (male/female). Bob Fenner>
Sexing Stonogobiops     9/29/13

Please could u help me identify if they are a pair from the attached photo?
Thank you
<Mmm, appear to be; with the male to the right. BobF><<Yes; these are S. nematodes... sold and ID'd by some as Yasha currently in the trade. RMF>>

Stonogobiops... repro. now     9/29/13
Thank you, do u know anything about the breeding behaviour of these fish?
<Gobies period; yes. This genus, no>
Back to sexing      9/29/13

Hi Bob
I was just wandering how you could identify the difference in the sexes from the photo I sent you? They look very similar.
<Is simply a guess... based on apparent/relative size... as prev. stated>

More re Stonogobiops; now symbiotic shrimp matching, comp. w/ other livestock      10/1/13
Hi Bob,
Sorry to keep bothering you, my pair of high fin goby's have taken up residence In the Jawfishes old home, and they are being very timid and not coming out for feeding
I was thinking of getting them a pistol shrimp to help with digging but was wandering what type of pistol will pair with them? We have a pair of mandarins, 1 Jawfish, and 2 bicolour blenny's.
<... I'd very likely skip placing an Alpheid here... Too likely (highly) to have trouble, even if the Pistol is commensal to mutual w/ the Stonogobiops (nematodes BTW, not yasha)... You can/could look up which species are found "naturally" together... The real trouble is size of the system AND the other fishes here. Too much probability that the latter would/will "get punched"... Keep reading. B>

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