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FAQs on Terelabrus Wrasses

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Terelabrus rubrovittatus      1/22/15
Hi bob,
Hope all is well. I was wondering if you have any additional information on Terelabrus rubrovittatus. I purchase one today for a great deal. He was eating and active at the lfs. There is limited info on the web on these fish.
<Rare; deeper water generally...>
Is it a wrasse or hogfish?
<Mmm; is a Labrid... a Wrasse... Not a Hogfish... but these are all Labrids as well. See WWM re>
Are they a deepwater fish and what origin are they collected from. Thank you for your help.
<What little I've read and heard re this genus is that they are easily lost in collection, holding, shipping and captivity; akin to the genus Stethojulis and others that just don't do well. Bob Fenner>

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