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Conscientious Aquarist/WWM Digital On-line Zine Input

> I am going thru your online magazine
> Is there any reason why the Conscientious Aquarist Magazine is not In e book format?
> Regards
> Perry
<Ah, Perry... if only we lived in close proximity. You have such good ideas, insights to share. The real answer directly: No; no reason. At a friend and WWM Crewmember's suggestion, have been working on the first "e book" effort; on marine system algae control... Am not aware of how to post, make all into "books" as yet... How many jobs do you currently have? Amazed Bob>
Re: RE:  7/20/13

InDesign is the publishing industry standard, but it can be overkill for many applications.  With an eBook containing a large number of images, it might be the right approach. There are ways to do it a lot cheaper but some of what you save in $ you give in terms of elbow grease.
<Thank you for this input. I've tried many of Adobe's products, and am decidedly not a fan of hiking up a/the learning curve if not necessary.
Re:  7/20/13

Good luck with this Bob, Perry; I regret that I don't have the time to be more hands-on with WWM, but would be happy to send along the articles and photos I still have on my computer for use in a mock-up.
Cheers, Neale
<Ah, thank you Neale. BobF>
Re:  7/20/13

I do have the WWM copy of the application… do believe Bob bought it for my (using a Macintosh) a couple years back for use with WWM magazine work. Could uninstall and make available to whoever.
Specifically, it's Adobe InDesign CS5 (Mac, English).
Cheers, Neale
<Ah, not for me Neale. Thanks. BobF>
Re:  7/20/13
Thanks for the help
Re:  7/20/13
Hi everyone
Rick is right about this design software. I went thru a four day introductory course last year and told myself I don't want to spend too much time in it.
Re:  7/20/13
Yes the software is not cheap. All these softwares and equipment is being funded by the Ministry of Education
Re: Re: RE:  7/20/13

I've been doing my own eBooks in Atlantis word processing software, a solution that costs about $50 and you can teach yourself in a few hours.
Generate everything in EPUB and convert when necessary.  Amazon will automatically convert an EPUB to its own format, and smashwords is developing this capability, or so they say.
My books have decidedly fewer graphics and probably larger word count, so we'll have to play with it.
Bob: I got the file you attached and will take a quick look here in a few minutes.  I'm pretty saturated professionally for about the next three weeks, though.
<Real good Rick. No rush at all. B>
Re: Re: RE:  7/20/13

Hi everyone
I am not into eBooks and what I know is what I hear from people around me. 
The big publishing houses will charge you sing $5000 to do an eBook with 20 odd pages. The smaller companies will go to the schools to find students to do it for sing $1500 . US $1 = Sing $1.26 .
My original idea was to do eBooks on dive sites of Asia. This will take time. You guys have  all the materials , so it's a lot easier to get things done. This guy is prepared to do it free for me
<Thanks Per. BobF>

Articles    4/13/12
The attached AquaC EV-180 review is scheduled for the next CMA.  If you recall it was scheduled for a previous issue but Neale did not have the room to run it. If you would like to run this in WWM beforehand please do.
Orphek review II    4/13/12
 Not for at least another 7 weeks, which is how long it'll take to get to the half-term holidays. I'm extremely busy with my GTP (teacher training programme) and have very little spare time to spend on WWM stuff beyond the Daily FAQs.
> For what it's worth, I do wonder about the value of the magazine. Since readership isn't that great, it seems a big effort for very little return. Why not simply fold new articles into WWM proper, and encourage new writers (of quality!) to prepare useful, timely new articles for WWM in the style that works for Bob's existing revenue streams (banners, etc.). This would also save Bob paying me for editing. I could simply receive articles, tidy them up as needs be, and then send them on to Bob for pasting straight into his
 WWM templates.
> Cheers, Neale
Mmm, well, I do like the magazine, Neale's work on the same... but do agree that it's a long haul in trying to fill the oh-so-many gaps in WWM. IF you would like James, we can/will run the review in advance of its appearance in CMA. B
Hi Bob,
Yes, I would be pleased if you would run the review in advance of its appearance in CMA.  Since this product will be on the shelves shortly, it would be a good shot in the arm for WWM to feature this.  Ofir is going over the review at present and I expect to hear back from him within a day or two.  Once this is finalized I will shoot it out to you.
Real good. Neale's layout will be much better... but at least the info. will be out, pleasing to Orphek. B
Yes, Orphek is a good supporter of WWM.  Although the review is unbiased, I find no fault with this fixture, a very good improvement over the original DIF series of pendants.  Ofir tells me the same improvements will be made to the PR156 which I recently reviewed.  It will be designated as the PR156 XP and will also be available with the 120 degree lens as the PR156W XP.

Daniela Rizzo   8/24/11
I have been trying to find an email address for the writer Daniela Rizzo and have had no luck. Is there anyway you could supply that for me or have her contact me about writing a piece in a water gardening magazine we publish. It would be much appreciated.
<Have forwarded your message, Sandi, to the e-mail address I have. Sincerely, Neale.>
Re: Daniela Rizzo
Nothing here from you
<? Seems okay from here! Cheers, Neale.>

Exchange   7/14/11
I was wondering if I could sponsor your website/organization. In exchange, would you publish an article about fish? I can write the article on a topic of your choosing to coincided with your existing
website's tone and structure, and I'd really appreciate it if I could include a link to my fish tank blog within the article? I'd provide the text, the destination URL, etc. The article/guide will be of the highest
quality and I would be open to taking edits or suggestions.
My blog is located at http://www.fishtankwarehouse.com/
Let me know what you think!
John Brian Esmade
Mmm, if I understand you, you're offering content (writing, w/ images) in exchange for placing ads for your blog. Is this so?
I am sending your proposition to Neale Monks, Editor of our online magazine, Conscientious Aquarist, for his consideration.
Our/WWM ad rates are posted here:
Thank you for your efforts, offer. Bob Fenner

WWM Digital, new issue, 2:1 out/live, linked on every page   4/18/11
Should all be done now; enjoy!
> Cheers, Neale
Well done Neale. B
WWM Digital no. 4 online   4/18/11
> Hello all,
> Just to let you know that the new WWM Digital magazine is up and online.
Bob, if you can pass the word onto our friends at the WWM Forum, that'd be appreciated. To the rest of you, thanks, and be sure to confirm receipt of this message so Bob can take care of the PayPal payments via e-mail.
> Cheers, Neale
Thank you Neale. Will post tomorrow, and hopefully pay all by then (via PayPal at the above addys unless they tell me otherwise). BobF

Upcoming WWM Digital articles...?  '  2/12/11
Hello all, In the recent past you've either submitted articles for WWM Digital or expressed a desire to do so. Bob and I would like to produce another issue of the magazine in the next couple of months. To that end, if you'd like to submit article ideas, then now's the time! As always, we favour articles with a strong practical component, especially based on your own personal experience and research. It's even better if such articles can fill blanks in the WWM site library. So if you have an idea or two, peruse that section of WetWebMedia.com and see if Bob's already covered that section. If he hasn't, then so much the better! We expect at least a few photos to be submitted alongside your articles. If you don't have photos, we may be able to work around that, but let us know beforehand.
Alternatively, write to either me or Bob, let us know what you'd like to write about, and we'll take it from there! Cheers, Neale PS. The WWM Digital homepage is here, if you want to remind yourself what we're all about. Articles get copied across to WetWebMedia.com after a few weeks as well. http://www.wetwebmedia.com/ca/WWMDigPermanentRefPg.htm
Article  2/12/11
Hey Bob & Neale,
Just wanted to let you know that I have written an article intended for the ALA's "Livebearers" on the subject of the Endler's Livebearer.
Pertinent is that I cited Judy Helfrich's "Sex Changes Everything" article on WetWebMedia. I also received some great source material from the most important breeder, as well as from Dr. Endler himself.
When I was first learning about this fish, back before I acquired mine, I noted that online information about this fish is scattered and fragmented,
and of questionable reliability. I decided to write survey article pulling enough of it together that someone new to the species could get up to speed quickly.
Rick Novy

WWM Digital, Issue 2... Out now!    9/20/10
Hi Bob,
<Good morrow James>
I see the new WWM Digital is out. Neale sure did a nice job on the new magazine, I think he is a whiz at stuff like that. I especially like the page turning feature, neat!
<Indeed, a wunderkind of our genus. B>

Attention: Neale Monks begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting - WWM Digital Magazine submission    9/16/10
> I am sending you a cover letter and article for consideration in WWM Digital Magazine. The article has a rather risqué title, so I am giving you this heads up in case your spam filter blocks it. If you do not receive the article shortly, please do let me know.
Hi Judy,
Thanks for this. I shall read it over and let you know what I think. But I'm sure it'll be fine.
Cheers, Neale

Article in progress 9/7/2010
Hello Bob,
<Sir Neale>
Would you let me know your thoughts on this? We've already got three marine articles for the October/November issue, so if we wanted this one, it wouldn't be needed until January/February at the earliest. Of course, if it contains stuff you'd like to get on WWM before then, I could swap one of the articles I already have and publish it sooner. But the content goes way over my head.
Cheers, Neale
<You are welcome to use this "ish" or next... Thank you for your usual conscientious-ness. B>
Re: Article in progress    9/7/10
> <You are welcome to use this "ish" or next... Thank you for your usual conscientious-ness. B>
Hi Bob, Mike,
Thanks; will roll this into the next issue if that's okay. Will give Mike some time to polish it up.
Cheers, Neale
Real good. B

Cartoon feature for your site - 8/9/10
Dear Editor:
My name is Dan Thompson and I'm a syndicated cartoonist who works with Mad Magazine, Bow Tie Publishing, DC Comics, and multiple web exclusive magazines. I was wondering if you'd be interested in a custom cartoon feature for your site for a reasonable fee? Here is a link to some samples on my websites: http://gagcartoonist.com/
Let me know if you might be interested.
Hi Dan, and thank you for your offer. Am sending your note on to Neale Monks, our WWM Digital (magazine) editor for his input. Cheers, Bob Fenner
Re: cartoon feature for your site
Hello Dan,
Do you have any examples of something we might run? Bit difficult to say otherwise. Bob commissions stuff, and if he's happy to buy cartoons, I'm happy to run them. But I would like to get some idea of a suitable piscine joke!
Cheers, Neale
How 'bout this: Two, three fish "walk" into a sushi bar and ask, "Do you serve fish here?" B
Re: cartoon feature for your site
And the waitress says, "Sure, let me find you a plaice."
Cheers, Neale
<Where's my snare drum? B>
Re: cartoon feature for your site
Thanks, Bob!
<Thank you Dan. BobF>

ReefMaster Pro App - 7/27/10
I am an iPhone developer and I have just launched an application called ReefMaster Pro in the Apple app store. My goal is to put these very powerful devices that people carry around to some good use, I feel it's a shame carrying around this computer with a 1Ghz processor and 512MB RAM and all it's good for is fart apps and inches to centimeters converters.
Being that I own a salt water fish tank I have decided my first application will target other fish tank enthusiasts like myself. ReefMaster Pro is an application that allows you to track water parameters for an unlimited number of fish tanks and display graphs,calculate averages etc, also to record events and tank inhabitants. It is completely customizable in that you can define your own parameters to track , adjust your min-max levels to suit your needs and so on. This application will run on all iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices. What I would like to do is offer your users 5-10 promotional codes to download this app for free from the Apple App Store through some sort of contest where the prize is a promo code. Please let me know if you are interested in going forward with this.
Jordan Aanei
<Sounds good. How to proceed? Bob Fenner>
Re: ReefMaster Pro App
Hi Bob,
Let me first thank you for this website, every time I ever needed information on my salt water tank I found it on your site. I am now the proud owner of a beautiful healthy 3 year old salt water tank thanks to all the help I got reading through your articles. I think the best way would be for you to decide what kind of contest you would like to have for your users, maybe most interesting question or best photo, it is up to you. I have 5 promo codes that can be used on the Apple App Store to download the application for free:
And a 6th one if you want to download the application yourself :
<Ahh, am so "backward" technologically that I don't have a phone/device for these "aps">
Once you decide who the winners of your contest are you can give them each a promo code. Application information can be found here:
Let me know how it turns out and keep up the good work on your site, I really appreciate it!
Jordan Aanei
<Mmm, I'll send this to Neale, Lynn and Andrew... as am not sure how we might "award" this service. I thank you for your efforts and generosity.
Re: ReefMaster Pro App
Hello Jordan, and hello Bob,
Thanks for this generous offer. It wouldn't be difficult at all to create a "lottery" for 5 subscribers of the magazine, for example. If you're amenable, we could add something appropriate to the Subscription page and the Daily FAQ page, and then two months from now draw out 5 names. We could balance this with a feature in the magazine about the application itself, with a couple of screenshots, a brief summary, and a URL link to your home page.
Cheers, Neale
Hi Neale,
That sounds great. I may need to generate fresh codes for you guys when you're ready to award the prizes as the current ones expire after 60 days, but that's not a problem. If you have an iPhone/iPod touch/iPad feel free to use one of those codes to grab a copy of the app. Please let me know if you have any questions or need more info from me!
Thank you,
Jordan Aanei
All fine with me. BobF
Re: ReefMaster Pro App
Cool. I'll take care of this tomorrow. If you remind me your web site address, and if you can let me have permission to use any screenshots there, I may be able to add a "coming attraction" to the current issue of the magazine. Otherwise, please send me some screenshots and logos. The joy of digital publishing!
I don't have an iPhone so I can't actually test the thing myself.
Cheers, Neale
Re: ReefMaster Pro App - 7/27/10
Information on the app as well as screenshots can be found at :
Thank you,
Jordan Aanei
Re: ReefMaster Pro App - 7/28/10
Hello Jordan, Bob,
I've adjusted the current magazine so it has the competition included. There's a half-page screenshot on the second page and that links to the page in the magazine that describes the application and has more screenshots and a link to the Apple Store. There's also an explanation of the competition.
Have a look over it and see if you're both happy. If you are, I'll upload this version to the WWM web site.
We can then craft a little banner or something to go on the Daily FAQ to drive up some business. I assume, Bob, that the Daily FAQ page is one of the pages most often visited?
Cheers, Neale
Wow! Well-done Neale. B

Announcing the New WWM Digital Magazine!    7/25/10
Hi Bob and Neale,
I just wanted to let y'all know that I posted a "global" announcement over at the BB regarding the new magazine. By the way, great job, y'all. I can only imagine all the time and hard work it took to get this to fruition but whatever it was, it was worth it.
<All Neale's doing>
It looks great and I know it'll be a boon to aquarists everywhere! Please convey my thanks to all involved. Oh, and here's the link to the announcement at the BB:
Take care and Congratulations!
-Lynn Z
<Thank you dear. BobF> 

WWM Digital is out now!     7/25/10
WWM has a new project, its own online magazine, WWM Digital, that you can read at the link below.
If you haven't stopped by WWM for a while, this might be a good occasion to reacquaint yourself with the site. Feel free to check our rankings on Compete.com against other aquatics web sites. With over 30,000 unique visitors per day, we're one of the biggest sites in the market.
In a time of shrinking margins and rising prices, WWM is a good-value place to get your message out to consumers easily and effectively. Want to know more? Then just hit 'reply' to e-mail us back and we'll do our best to help you.
Until then, enjoy the magazine!
Bob Fenner
Neale Monks 

New... CA now WWM Digital Magazine! See link on homepage and left shared borders   7/24/10
> Hello Bob!
> Thanks for this. Very timely!
<I do wish and hope there will be more>
> Now tell me, what can I do to help ensure that the magazine we've created becomes a hit?
<Wish I knew... am either very rusty re selling ads, or the economy REALLY is "that" bad... I guess you should keep cranking out great content... and I should persist in selling ads>
> I hope we'll have some announcements on the WWM Bulletin Board, and perhaps I can hog the "desktop photo" for the Daily FAQs for a few days with a new picture and link that takes visitors across. But what about using Facebook? Think that might be helpful? Or Twitter?
<All sounds very good indeed. There is a WWM site on FB... B>
> Cheers, Neale

New CA  - 7-14-10
One approach might be to have a simple logo/picture on the WWM home page, like you have now for Conscientious Aquarist. Click that, and the JavaScript opens up the magazine in a new window. No need to create anything more complex.
In due course we can do two things: First, I'll export the articles into plain vanilla text that Bob can add to regular WWM pages.
<Oh Neale... I do hope this isn't too much work/time for you> 
No, have already edited the text beforehand. Merely a question of sending you the word processor files and a selection of images. Nothing complex.
Cheers, Neale
Ahh, you've become quite the computer professor. B

Revised magazine -- 7/12/10
Hello Bob,
Please take a look at the revised version, here:
Among other tweaks, the two pages after the contents
<? Where?>
have advertisement shapes that click through to your e-mail, and the "why advertise here" bit is taken from WWM and clicks through to Compete.com.
I think what we need to do is [a] find out how many people read the thing; [b] get some sort of subscription; and then [c] sell to advertisers as some way to get straight through to a list of subscribers.
<There are currently very few folks that read CA... I can send you the log in to our stats server if you'd like... or you can find on the sponsors page on WWM... and search by page... I do agree that these data are crucial
(to increase, list) to the new CA's success. B>
Cheers, Neale
Re: Revised magazine -- 7/12/10
Hello Bob,
Do see the attached screenshots. Go here:
<Ahh! I do see them>
Click the link, wait for the thing to load, and then click through the magazine past the cover and the contents page.
I think the page hits for the magazine can be MASSIVELY increased in a variety of ways. Two obvious things would be to add a big advert on the top of the Daily FAQs page, perhaps replacing the current "desktop" image
thing. I can measure the graphic, and then I can run up something that fits neatly in there, and you just edit the text underneath from what it is to something about the magazine. Do something like this for a week around the release of each issue, should get a bunch of hits.
The second thing would be to work something through the WWM bulletin board.
Those sorts of things can be viral.
<Sounds good>
I'm sure Andrew will let me write a news piece for the Tropical Fish Finder web site.
Cheers, Neale
<And you, B>

New Launch of WWM's online magazine, Conscientious Aquarist... WWM "popularity"   6/29/10
Sorry, can't help much here. But the compete.com site is neat. Nice to see you
<... we>
get almost twice the hits that ReefCentral.com gets; 70k vs. 46k per month. And more than ten times as many as tfhmagazine.com, who only get about 3k hits.>
Cheers, Neale
<I don't know re the overall accuracy of this tool, database, but do think it's likely "equally imprecise" for all... and thus/hence, we/WWM are the category killer for what we do pet-fish wise. B>
Indeed. I'm really quite surprised. Reef Central is supposedly the uber-cash cow of the fishkeeping web, and yet WWM handily trounces that site with none of the heavy-handedness. Other way of looking at it, Bob, is that if Reef Central makes X dollars, and you
<... again, we... And am aware, and would gladly skip the work/pain it takes to have WWM be, act as profitable in terms of money. But it is becoming more obvious that some folks "here" could use the funds, and to some small extent, we would be taken as more serious IF we charged as RC does for "premium" memberships...>
make some fraction of X, there's ample scope for growth without giving away the all-important (infinitely more valuable) WWM soul.
Cheers, Neale
<And you my friend. BobF>
To quote some Jewish guy, "For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?"
<Oh yeah; the itinerant carpenter>
> Yes, this year I'm probably with many others in finding my budget squeezed rather tight. So selling a couple more pieces to WWM would help keep my fish properly fed. But at the same time I like to think that what WWM does to help others is ultimately more valuable.
> Premium memberships is interesting. But I don't really see how that would work.
<... folks get charged, pay for access... searching, perhaps more space (on bb's) for storing pix>
> It would be nice if the Daily FAQ "tip jar" was somehow more obvious. I think more people would drop a few nickels in if they knew where it was.
<Mmm, am not so sure... perhaps prodding, even the occasional threat of WWM "going away"... but...>
> Cheers, Neale>
> PS. I just air-mailed you something today. Postage cost more than the item, so don't get too excited. But I do hope that it's appropriate and amusing. When I found the thing, my first thought was whether Bob Fenner was "that generation" of American.
<Too old for the "Y" should I work, too young for the "golden generation" while other first world countries tried to recover from WWII... B>

New Launch of WWM's online magazine, Conscientious Aquarist... RSSing?   6/29/10
> Hi Bob,
> This shouldn't be hard. Create another RSS feed like you did
<I didn't do this... AdamJ did; so I asked him last and in this corr. re>
for the Desktop Photos, and just add an announcement and link every two months when new WWM Digital magazines are released.
> The option is there to expand this slightly, so we could add occasional news items, as James I think suggested. Perhaps once a week, so people are reminded the RSS feed is active, if nothing else.
> Cheers, Neale
<I do think this is a great idea. Adam, will it be hard for you to add this? BobF>
New Launch of WWM's online magazine, Conscientious Aquarist... RSSing?
If Neale can shoot me a cover shot when each issue of CA is released I can add it with a link to the new issue. I've also been adding the calendars. Did you get the June one I made up?
<I don't recall seeing such. B>
I can pretty much send out anything you would like. Adam
Perfect! Adam, this would be ideal. As, when we're good to go, I'll send along a graphic plus a line of text.
Thanks so much, Neale

Re: WWM Tip Jar, CA...   6/30/10
I do like the idea of the "autographed print" and I believe an autographed print of you wearing that leopard skin outfit and perhaps holding a Photoshopped net in one hand and a long neck in the other, would likely go over big-time.
Better yet, put the long neck in the net. We could title this as "The Monster From Lake Malawi". Now we have to get Kodak to help sponsor this by donating 8x10 glossy paper.
<Good luck! Cheers, B>
I say a limited edition video of leading Father Abraham at the hash!
Scott V.
<"... had seven sons..." B>

CA Mag   6/30/10
I was reading the "tip jar" FAQ today and William mentioned an emailed edition. Not sure if you would want to do a emailed edition but we could setup a email subscription and send out a email with the front page and a link to the new issue. AdamJ
<Yes. This is what we want to do>
Hello Adam,
This sounds very neat. I like the idea of having an e-mail announcement into which people opt-in. Again, as/when we're ready to publish, I'll send along a brief message that we can send out announcing the articles in the magazine.
Will this be handled by some sort of web form into which people type in their own e-mail addresses?
Cheers, Neale

Article by Judy for CA 4/8/10
I've just been a bit naughty and took a sneak preview of the article in the CA folder re: ethical freshwater fishes. This is quite a marvelous piece of work, I had to read the whole thing through immediately!
It is good, isn't it!
Cheers, Neale

Article by Judy for CA - Sometimes it's nice to be a bit naughty...  4/10/10
Simon, Neale:
Imagine my delight when, while reading the dailies, I see a reference to my article. Thank you for your very kind words. I do very much look forward to being part of CA magazine.
<Oops! Not sure those messages was meant for publication on the Daily FAQs, but the sentiments were sincere. The next CA should be out in a couple of months. We're just waiting for some more articles to land on my desk.
Cheers, Neale.> <<RMF did include... thought pertinent, of human interest>>

Conscientious Aquarist Launched 3/15/10
Bob, Neale,
The latest edition of the CA Mag is now available online..Hope you enjoy it..
Kind Regards
Ahh, good Andrew. I need Gianluca and Deirdre's email or other contact to pay them. Thank you, BobF.

Conscientious Aquarist   11/3/09
Hey! I just saw the new 'Conscientious Aquarist' and have to say that the new format looks fantastic! Especially the way that you can click on the photo's and they enlarge, it looks like a real professional job well done!
<Hello Simon. Thanks for the kind words. I can't take the credit for the web design; that's all down to Andrew Nixon. But I do agree with you, I think the new magazine looks very nice. Cheers, Neale.>

Good afternoon Bob,
 <Hi there Andrew!>
Many thanks for the forwarded email. The feedback from viewers is really appreciated. I am so glad people are enjoying the new format.
 <Ah yes. Deeply gratifying to find ones work in use and appreciated>
 Your Loyal Friend
<And yours, BobF>

Latest Conscientious Aquarist Magazine now online. 11/24/09
Dear Bob, Neale, Crew and the world,
<Hello Andrew!>
It is with great pleasure that the latest edition of the Conscientious Aquarist is now available online ( Issue free this time, hopefully ).
<Heee! I hope too!>
The latest Ezine can be accessed by clicking on the new CA Mag Logo on the WWM Home page ( www.wetwebmedia.com ).
On Thursday, I will amend the archives to reflect the new edition. Also, as per today's conversation, I will add on to the Ezine, a feedback form and link to all articles. This form will be an online form so browsers can give feedback directly to the WWM crew on its content and feedback to myself and Neale on the format / layout. The form will auto send the email to the crew email inbox, which I request that any sent be moved to the CA Mag folder in the Inbox. This feedback will help us no end in making any future tweaks or amendments.
As always, any and all comments and critique is welcome to either Andrew Nixon or Neale Monks.
We hope you all enjoy the latest magazine and thank you to all contributors this month.
Andrew Nixon / Neale Monks - Co-editors - Conscientious Aquarist
<Thank you lads. BobF>

New Conscientious Aquarist Magazine is Live 09/14/09
Dear Crew,
Its with great delight that the first version of the new look Conscientious Aquarist Magazine is now live. As you will see, it has all been completely re-done, right from the code upwards, there is no legacy code, all brand new...
The archives are also linked to the new CA format, and you can access these by clicking on the relevant "year" on the CA Mag navigation bar. I was going to convert all the old CA mag issues too the new format, however, after thought, i think it would be good to actually leave the old issues in their current format so people who browse through them can see how the magazine has transformed through the last 6 years, to where we are now..On that note though, i have created new indexes for ease of browsing of the archived magazines.
We do hope that you like what we have done with the new look, and as always, we welcome any feedback, good or bad, on the new layout and browsing structure. Please provide any feedback too crew@wetwebmedia.com and mark it for the attention of either Neale or Andrew.
Without further ado, feel free too browse. You can enter the magazine by clicking on the usual logo ( which has also been refreshed ) in the bottom right of the WetWebMedia home page.
Neale Monks / Andrew Nixon ( Co-Editors

First Demo CA 2.0... upcoming light-year jump!  6/18/2009
 I can't stand the "book" metaphor as used here; the central crease obscures the text/images that run across the centre, and in any case each side of "paper" should be a single page of text, not half of a single, landscape-formatted page.
My basic argument is the same as virtually everyone who comments on user interfaces: there's no need to mimic the limitations of traditional media. By all means use a magazine-style, but think about the shape of a computer screen (broad rather than tall) and the fact print on a screen looks different to print on a page. There's no need to "synthesise" features like spines and curled page edges unless there's some bloody good reason for them.
 As always, I argue that the simpler the better. Concentrate on a user interface that makes it easy to advance between pages within an article. Also you want an interface that makes it easy to flip to the front index when you're done with one article. Don't worry about the amateur hour stuff like central folds and page edges that curl over.
Instead show me a clear front page design like what you see on a magazine cover; a hyperlinked contents page that connects the reader immediately to articles of interest; and an article format that allows for the use of not just text and images but also box-outs, side bars, and other free-floating panels into which things like advertisements and links to WWM articles could be placed.
 Fonts actually do matter, and again, the simpler the better. The classic approach of sans serif for titles and serif for body text is a classic because it works better than anything else. Computer screens aren't easy to read from. So experimenting here would be useful, though I suspect Helvetica for the titles and Times for the body text will end up being -- by far -- the best in terms of ease of reading.
 Cheers, Neale

CA is up! - 05/03/09
Hello all,
A quick note to announce that the latest Conscientious Aquarists is now online. To all of you, thank you for contributing!
Bob will shortly get in touch re: payment, but if you'd like to speed > up the process, send us either a postal address or your Pay Pal > account name, and we'll take it from there.
Cheers, Neale & Andrew
<Thank you Neale. All, I will send you payment via the above email addresses unless I hear from you soon. Will be out of town for most of the next mo.s. Bob Fenner.>

Re: CA is up! - 05/03/09
Credit where credit's due: it's Andrew who creates the web pages! All I do is check the spellings and such!
<Ah, no my friend... even just your recruitment of content/providers, correspondence is laudable. BobF>

So excited! (this month's CA) - 05/03/09
Hello everybody!
I was just tuning into WWM to read the dailies, and noticed a new CA icon on the bottom corner of the home page. My heart soared - yippee! I will be immodest here, I had been eagerly awaiting the upcoming CA. I told two friends that I was getting published, who in turn told two more friends - in short, I can attest that MLM really works, because before long I had close to 20 people who all wanted to read my article. None of them fishkeepers, so they are not going to have the slightest clue what it's about, but still...
It looks so professional, I am so pleased. Thanks so much for adding the picture of the Distichodus, that makes it much more interesting. Lovely sharp picture, too.
Again, I just wanted to express my appreciation and excitement. Thanks so much for providing this venue for aspiring authors to cut their teeth on, so to speak.
Ok, time to go back and finish the reading rest of CA! Best wishes to you all.
Nicole Putnam
<Nicole, again, thank you for writing. Do please spread the word! I'm also pleased you like Andrew's work on laying out the CA pages. He's still tweaking and polishing, and it's a bit of an ongoing project finding a way to modernise the WWM site without losing all the pages and messages already archived. Cheers, Neale.>

Re: So excited! (this month's CA) - 05/03/09
Dear WWM,
As one who tends to agonize over everything I've written, I feel the need to clarify what I said in the letter I dashed off last night. I by no means meant to imply that CA was a magazine for amateur writers - we all know that isn't the case. Rather that it is so gracious of you to accept submissions from unpublished, first time authors - to "welcome submissions from hobbyists and authors at all levels of experience." It's personally quite thrilling to see my name and article up there right next to professional writers like Neale.
By the way, I really enjoyed this issue! I'm sure I will refer to Dr. Roth's article myself, and refer it to others - the topic is pertinent and practical. I appreciate the detail, and the pictures were extremely helpful
and descriptive. The chart at the end is very useful, as well. I also loved the loach article by Neale, this is the first time I've seen a compilation of genus with a description of each before. Great for loach selection...and
husbandry, of course.
Thanks so much, and I sure hope I didn't offend at all with the phrasing of my previous note. I don't usually send spontaneous notes like that, and this is why!
<Hello Nicole. Thanks for the kind words! It's a treat to help Andrew and Bob put this online magazine, in part because I get to read in-depth thoughts from aquarists outside the clique who write for the print
magazines. Working with the WWM "daily FAQ" crew I mostly get to read only the bad things that happen. Via CA, I also get to learn all kinds of stuff that's useful and helpful. Anyway, now you've got something on your CV, don't be shy about writing to the print magazines! Cheers, Neale.>

Re: Thanks - 05/03/09
Hello Gentlemen,
Thank you very much for publishing my article and for the payment. I would like to add a special thanks to Neale for working with the article and making it suitable for your use. I will try to lessen the burden on anything else I submit.
Russ Schultz
<Hi Russell,
My pleasure. It's always fun to edit (preview!) interesting articles, especially on topics you wouldn't otherwise read, as in the case of marine chemistry. While editing, I certainly learned a lot.
Cheers, Neale

Possible CA article(s)? 3/12/2009 Hello there! I hope all is well in the Wet Web World. I've had a couple of ideas brewing, and I'm hoping for a bit of feedback from you folks. I wonder if there would be any interest in my creating one or two articles for CA? I have been itching to write about these two topics: Topic #1: Making Gel Food for Herbivorous Fish (working title) A pictorial, step by step account of making "gel food" for goldfish, African cichlids, Corydoras, and other herbivorous and/or bottom feeding fish. Sort of along the lines of the popular "European Shrimp Mix" but much simpler...no food processor involved! All that is needed is a jar of baby food (no Turkey Tetrazzini please, more like Tender Sweet Peas or Carrots & Peas) a Pyrex measuring cup, a packet of Knox gelatin, some water, and a microwave. The pictures would make it easy to follow even for non-native speakers. Topic #2: Debunking/Dispelling (can't decide on which word to use!) Aquarium Myths 5-10 myths about freshwater aquariums, expounded upon. A couple of summarized examples: "Feeding goldfish food from the surface will cause them to gulp air and bloat" translates to, "Feeding goldfish excessive dried foods causes them to bloat - see Floaty, Bloaty Goldfish." "You need bubbles in an aquarium to oxygenate the water" translates to, "Airstones aerate by circulating water from bottom to top, but rippling at the surface works better still." As you can see, I have only just started conceptualizing these articles - but I wonder if CA would be a possible venue for them? If the answer is yes, I will begin work on them right away and send you a draft for review. Thanks for your time! Nicole Putnam <Hello Nicole. I can't speak for Bob and Andrew (cc'd) but personally, the first idea appeals more than the second. Practical articles that add things to whatever is missing from WWM are definitely worth publishing. Bob has published somewhere on the site (I assume) a DIY recipe for marine fish, though for some reason I can't find it at the moment. Do peruse the Feeding section on the Marines side of the site. It's in his Conscientious Aquarist book, anyway. So we'd need to check for overlap. I'd also encourage you to make sure you've reviewed Marco's excellent piece on thiaminase, an issue of critical importance if the protein used comes from fish, shellfish, etc. http://www.wetwebmedia.com/ca/volume_6/volume_6_1/thiaminase.htm The problem with the second idea is that, to me at least, it replicates what the Daily FAQs do. If someone searches for "goldfish" and "constipation" on Google, hopefully they'll come across the Goldfish feeding Daily FAQs. On those, we'll be saying essentially what your article would say: "feed more greens!". So rather than adding something, such as article would (I think) duplicate existing material. There are genuine gaps in WWM's coverage that could be filled, and I'd encourage you to browse the site, looking over topics for which you have expertise. In some places you'll find "to be placed" or equivalent placeholders since those articles are, currently, blank. Those would be prime opportunities for some CA coverage, since any such article would not only look good in the magazine, but would also help Bob develop the site. Hope this helps, Neale.> <<Hello. I did see the bubble-eating etiology listed on the wet-vet article in TFH in the present publishing month... is a non-cause... But do agree with Neale... these "myths" aren't really apropos for an e'zine, unless they're sufficiently related to make a sufficiently cohesive topic/overall article. BobF.>>

Re: possible CA article(s)? 3/12/2009 Greetings Bob and Neale, <Nicole> Thanks for your input. I am more interested in writing the first article than the second anyway - since as you say, Neale, practical articles are invariably useful. Also, DIY frozen food recipes are a topic of special interest, often getting their own subsection within fish forums. <Ah, yes> The recipes that I am interested in writing about would be vegetable based, so would not contain shellfish or fish - which is why there is the emphasis on herbivorous fish in the working title. The unflavored gelatin adds some protein (8 grams per envelope) but one envelope, combined with the ingredients, yields about one cup (8 oz) of food. So you see, the individual servings would not be terribly protein rich. The baby food I use (Beech Nut is the brand, more on that below) contains no extra ingredients. Just the vegetables, and "water necessary for preparation" - so a typical ingredient list would be "green beans and water necessary for preparation" Speaking of brands, is there an issue with including or displaying names/images of brands? <No, no issue at all> Because the pictures would show the brand of baby food and gelatin - Knox is the only brand of unflavored gelatin I know of. I will get to work on this article, and hopefully have it ready next week. Whether or not you can use it -- I hope you can! -- I would like to have this "out there" for the world to see, because frozen foods are very nutritious and convenient, and a terrific alternative to commercial dried foods. In spite of this, I believe many people don't make DIY frozen foods, because of the daunting prep and clean up involved with more complex recipes like the one for European Shrimp Mix. I know if I can substitute a microwave and a Pyrex cup for a stove and a pot, I do. <Me too! One of my many poor habits perhaps... I usually drink coffee, tea from a Pyrex measuring cup... microwave safe, easy to get ones hand into to clean...> Thanks for your responses - I hope you both have a great weekend! You'll be hearing from me again soon. Nicole <Thank you Nicole. Excelsior! BobF>

Article   2/25/09 Dear Neale and other team members, I have written a short article about my experiences with the Multibarred Angelfish (C. multifasciata) and was wondering if you might be interested in putting it on your site/magazine. I have attached it as PDF, can however send it in most any format you need it in. Please let me know if you want to publish it, best regards, Alex <Hello Alex, thanks for this article. I will read it over the weekend and ask Bob Fenner (the marine expert on the magazine) to do likewise. But it looks very nice to my uninformed eyes! Cheers, Neale.>

Re: Article on thiaminase 2/7/09 It is excellent... as all your work. I am very glad to find that Neale has elected to publish it in its entirety. BobF. <Thanks Bob, I'm glad you like it. Will try to produce further articles with time, I still see some "to be placed" pages on WWM. Marco.> <<I see many lifetime's worth. Danke, BobF>>

Thanks for the latest CA! 1/31/09 Hi Crew! I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the latest edition of Conscientious Aquarist! It's great! Thanks! Jill <Hello Jill. Andrew and I appreciate you writing in to tell us you enjoyed the magazine. We're trying hard to make something on par with print magazines in terms of in-depth, quality articles, but for free! If there are any topics in particular you'd like to see covered in the future, please do drop us a line and let us now. Cheers, Neale.>

Spring 2009 CA Mag   1/29/09 Dear WWM Crew, The latest edition of Conscientious Aquarist is now online and available to all. Enjoy, and please pass any feedback to either myself or Neale Monks. Bob....I'll spend sometime over the next few days to bring the CA archives up too date. Regards Andrew

CA is UP   8/14//08 Greetings, authors! The August edition of CA went up this week. Thanks for your contributions. Please stop by and take a look if you already haven't done so. http://www.wetwebmedia.com/ca/volume_5_2/CA_Index.html Cheers, Neale and Andrew, editors Re: CA -6/13/08 Hi Bob, Andrew, As Bob certainly knows, pressure of work this season makes it impossible for me to devote much time to anything other than teaching. But from early July I'll be back to fish stuff, and will edit articles with my usual promptness! Cheers, Neale <Real good. Understood and agreed... First things first... BobF> Re: Articles w/photos for CA 6/13/08 Hi Bob! <Laurie> I never heard anything back from Mr. Nixon? <Mmm, I thought I'd seen a copy of his writing you> And, what sort of schedule is the mag on? Bimonthly, or quarterly, etc? <Bi-monthly, but we're just re-starting it from a hiatus, others editorship> I'm saving for a new system (330 gal + refugium), so I'd like to take advantage of the opportunities to write. Your excited friend the saltwater addicted hobbyist Laurie <Will send this along to Andrew and his co-editor, Neale Monks, for follow-up. Thank you for your patience. Bob Fenner> Writing, travelogue article  5/22/08 Crew, Bob esp. I am still working on the water chemistry article but have in the mean time tried my hand at a travel article. Any input on this would be greatly appreciated. I have cut the size of the image files way down. Thanks so much, I am hoping to make it to MACNA where I hope to catch up with any/all of you that can make it. Thanks, Forrest <Will take a look at later... am out in Germany at the Interzoo show still. Cheers, BobF>

CA Magazine 3/20/08 Hey Bob, Neale, everybody, <Paul> I had emailed some time ago, asking when we would see a new CA Mag online, so I was very excited to see it back and better than ever, congrats! <Thanks!> Really impressive! One quick question, I noticed on the last page with the instructions for author submissions that all submissions should be unpublished, but the Mbu article was in Practical Fishkeeping recently, could you explain? I ask because I've had some articles published in TFH, and others coming in Aquarium and Reptile magazine, do you run articles that have already been in printed magazines? Forgive my ignorance on this point, again congratulations on the new CA mag. Paul <A timing issue really... Stu Morse sent the article quite a few moons back... we had some trouble (CA hasn't been issued for more than half a year...), but felt it was only right to have Stu sell his piece into the pulp press... We/I urge this as a regular course... We only buy non-universal rights... As the saying/reality goes... "It's the Net"... am hopeful that whatever means exists to disseminate info. and inspiration... Cheers, BobF>

Re: Looking for new Editor/s for WWM's Conscientious Aquarist e-zine  2/21/08 Hello again Bob, from the looks of things it will end up being a co-editor situation, many coming forward. I would like to be involved in any capacity that gets it done and going, it will be very worthwhile. Thanks, Scott V. <I must thank you yet again Scott, for graciously coming forward. I do think that NealeM (on the FW) and Andrew (on the SW) are going to co-opt this... and I'm hoping to help guide and goose you to further content generation... and if/when the time is propitious for you... to further involve you in WWM's activities... though I am hesitant... at this point, given what little I know of your time constraints/activities... BobF> <<Great to hear, Neale and Andrew will undoubtedly to a great job. As far as content generation, I am currently building my dream reef system from the ground up, taking pictures and plan to write all up. I will send along in time to see what may be of use for WWM. I just need to shake the flu for the time being. I am game for any other WWM activities, my participation in becomes my R&R time (a good thing, winds me down). By the way, my partner and I plan to attend the upcoming event in Orange County in April, a chance to finally meet face to face. Thank you again, Scott V.>> >Ah, yes! I look forward to meeting you both. BobF<

Looking for new Editor/s for WWM's Conscientious Aquarist e-zine Howdy and Howzit? As you may know we have/had an online magazine (CA), that has fallen into disuse (last ish was about half a year back)... This was a bimonthly, small (half a dozen features, no columns), endeavour... of great interest to myself and our readership... A best available vehicle for keeping the site on track, generating new much-needed content... and supplying a bit of a boost to other writers, photographers, folks with good ideas, experiences to relate... Now, the question is... Who is there to take up the helm of running CA? The site altogether is generated with FrontPage... though any web-authoring software could be made to work... The "pay" for editing this small zine is $400 per issue (monies for articles, images are paid by WWM)... Are you interested? Know someone who has pet-fish interest, capacity with written English, a genteel nature... who might be? Enquiring minds, and folks with a hankering to get their work in print want to know! Please write me if you have input. Thanks, Bob Fenner. <AndrewN, SaraM, ScottV expressed int. overall and NealeM showed int. in helping format... PDF... Need to decide... Conscientious Aquarist Online  11/1/07 Hey guys, Just a quick question, what happened to the Conscientious Aquarist Online Magazine? I haven't seen a new one since May of this year. Just asking from a fan of the mag. Paul. <Thanks for this Paul. We had half of the editorial crew quit... and ScottF has yet to agree... as in find, act on getting technical help with FrontPage... for posting the accumulating content... I've been after him re... And will send your note to the WWM Crew to see if this gooses this issue along. Cheers, BobF>

Foul up on CA article?  3/28/07 Hello Bob, <Neale...> Why are most of the photos in the "freshwater moray eels" article in  this month's CA in fact spiny eels (family Mastacembelidae)? http://www.wetwebmedia.com/ca/volume_4/V4I2/Freshwater_eels/freshwater_eels.htm <! Got me... am sure something was "lost in translation"... MarcoL knows his stuff... and the twin CA editors (AdamC, ScottF) as well... will try to cc all here re... First time I've seen this new issue> I *might* be able to rustle up some true moray eel photos if you need them. I have some from a retailer here in the UK, and will ask his permission. He'd expect a credit line though. <Of course> Oh, otherwise an excellent article. Please pass on my respects to the   author, Marco Lichtenberger. Cheers, Neale <Will do. BobF> From Marco: Hi guys, I actually sent two articles. One about freshwater moray eels (freshwater moray eels.doc) before I joined and one about spiny eels (pancalus.doc) about 4 weeks later. Each of the emails contained the pictures for the related article. It seems pictures and text got a little mixed up in CA. Please let me know if I should resend any of the emails. It would be good if the CA article pictures could be corrected. I send 3 pictures of G. tile and one of G. polyuranodon. They all can be seen at WWM (freshwater moray eel section) already. These two morays are swimming next to me right now and as far as I have understood them would agree if more pictures are needed. Thanks for accepting the article(s), anyway and thanks to Neale for his note. Cheers, Marco.

New issue of CA up   1/20/07 Hi all,   The new issue of CA is up.  It has some of the best content in a while including the very nice pico tank piece by Kirby (cc'd here... thanks Kirby!)   http://www.wetwebmedia.com/ca/CAHomepage.htm   Adam <Thanks Adam. BobF>

CA 3:6 ... calling all authors/content providers...    11/27/06 Bob,   Scotter, Adam... please make sure and move the previous issue's TOC to the archive, index... otherwise... how will folks find it?   <<Agreed.  Will do.  Just haven't done it yet.>>  <Thank you>   And... two of the measly five articles don't have graphics in their TOC titling? B   <<None of our regulars are coming through, and many of our recent submissions haven't included images, despite near begging for them and the fact that we are now informing authors that articles without images pay less. <Man! Am amazed to find such a lack of interest... not a hard way to "earn a buck", pay for ones pet-fish habit>   We continue to struggle to get enough content to run even five articles per issue, and if you look at the articles, the quality isn't all that great either.  Our appeals to the crew go largely unanswered and most of our quality regulars have either just flaked out or are pitching to higher profile outlets. <Mmm... perhaps an "ad" on the Dailies every now and then>   I know you have a desire to grow the magazine, but Scott and I are really just barely keeping our heads above water to maintain it as is. We are open to suggestions on how to recruit more, higher quality content.   Thanks!   Adam (who is off to update the archives)>> <Am posting this... BobF>

CA, "stolen" article   9/6/06 Bob <Bob> You may already be aware of this but this link as saltwaterfish.com stole an article in your new online magazine.  IMHO at least they should have given credit to your site but that is not allowed on that board. http://www.saltwaterfish.com/vb/showthread.php?t=231377&highlight=1.027 Bob Beasley <Don't see the article Bob... but the content itself on CA belongs to the writers/photographers who produced it... And they're free to re-sell or give it away... Thank you for this notice though. Bob Fenner>

Clown loaches as brackish?   9/2/06 Hello Bob, <Neale> I was just reading some of your brackish water stuff, and was struck by a reference to clown loaches swimming "in and out of seawater".   <Can, do in the wild. Tolerate some salt content in captivity> Oddly, I have heard this somewhere else, but even so, I cannot believe it is true. Where does this come from? Is it possible some other clown xxxx fish has been mistake for the clown loach? <Mmm, unlikely. Botia macracantha is distinctive, hails from an area where it is the only cobitid collected. Mmm, I have been to Indonesia a bunch of times, but no first-hand experience with this species there> By the way, enjoyed reading your FAMA magazine episode. Well, maybe enjoyed isn't the word. Sympathized. Been through this myself with another publication. <Oh, yes> Doesn't seem that uncommon; freelancers are at the bottom of the food chain (from the publisher's perspective, anyway) and treated accordingly. We need a fish-writers union! <Perhaps some day... or maybe we won't need one with the further development of the Net.> Sincerely, Neale <Do please consider (re)issuing some of your writing to our and others on-line 'zines. We pay about the same ($200 per) as the print mag.s. Cheers, Bob Fenner> Re: clown loaches as brackish?   9/2/06 Hello Bob, <Neale> Seriously? I have to read up on this. There's no evidence of this on Fishbase. <Agreed... did take a look/see... and just two days back split up the FAQs on WWM re this species... do notice the stated range for pH (up to 8.0) and hardness...> But then, I've been finding out that several Bagrid catfish inhabit/prefer brackish water, so there you go. <Yes... and a few years back, when it was much more facile to do so, I added many "comments", suggested changes to fishbase (am a collaborator... pix). Realize that this database is an ongoing (super) effort> As for releasing articles to WWM, I'm more than happy to do that.   Please let me have some details on what you're after. I'd particularly enjoy going through the glassfish and halfbeak sections,   <Really need this/these... and many more areas that I recall you are expert in> which seem either brief or empty (there are lots more species of both on the market since, I suspect, you updated those pages). But perhaps   also the brackish sections more generally, though I do know that Jeni Tyrell has been doing sterling work taking care of them. <Yes... and your involvement would likely spur her on to even greater effort...> Sincerely, Neale <Am cc'ing Adam Cesnales and Scott Fellman (our co-editors) and asking that they communicate with you. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Re: clown loaches as brackish?, CA work   9/2/06 Cool. Will take a look at the glassies and halfbeaks and see what I can run up for you. Have a nice weekend/holiday. Cheers, Neale <Thank you my friend. You as well. BobF> Conscientious Aquarist Magazine, & Cichlid input   8/21/06 Hi Mr. Fenner, <Denise> I  am a member of SWAM, Salt Water Addicts of Maine.  I have  a member asking if this magazine is available in print. <Mmm, nope> If so, how can our club apply for a subscription? <Just link to us/it> Also is there  a program where our club will receive a portion of the subscription funds? <Heeee! Not as yet> I have another question you may be able to help me with, or if not perhaps direct me to someone else.... I am hoping to get the Asian Parrot Cichlid, aka the Jelly Bean Cichlid added to the list of legal fish to import into our state..... <Didn't realize parts of the country had fallen to this depth... there are still only "dirty lists" excluding aquatic species in most of the U.S.> unfortunately it does not have a scientific name so the state will not consider it.... How does a Latin or scientific name get  labeled to a fish? <Mmm, please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/taxlfecma.htm>   I never really thought about it, just thought someone discovered a SPS and then created a name...I am thinking there may be more to it than that...Can you make some suggestions? <Yes... please write the American Cichlid Association re...> Also would you know of anyone who has completed any type of research on this fish?  Habitat, diseases, breeding or any other factors that may be pertinent for the states review process? <Time to go/see at the library: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/litsrchart.htm> Regards and Thanks! Denise <Bob Fenner> Conscientious Aquarist Magazine   8/21/06 HI Mr. Fenner, <Scott F. here today!> I  am a member of SWAM, Salt Water Addicts of Maine.  I have  a member asking if this magazine is available in print. If so, how can our club apply for a subscription?  Also is there  a program where our club will receive a portion of the subscription funds? <Good question, and thanks for the interest. Actually, being an on-line publication, we currently don't have a printed version available. Perhaps we can create some sort of "subscription list" where we can send an email notification to people on the list when the newest issue comes out...Not sure if this is technically feasible, but we can look into it!> I have another question you may be able to help me with, or if not perhaps direct me to someone else.... I am hoping to get the Asian Parrot Cichlid, aka the Jelly Bean Cichlid added to the list of legal fish to import into our state..... unfortunately it does not have a scientific name so the state will not consider it.... How does a Latin or scientific name get  labeled to a fish?  I never really thought about it, just thought someone discovered a SPS and then created a name...I am thinking there may be more to it than that...Can you make some suggestions? Also would you know of anyone who has completed any type of research on this fish?  Habitat, diseases, breeding or any other factors that may be pertinent for the states review process? Regards and Thanks! Denise <Denise- I'm going to place this in Bob's inbox; unfortunately, my freshwater knowledge is embarrassingly limited! Best regards, Scott F.> Conscientious Aquarist Magazine, & Cichlid input   8/21/06 Hi Mr. Fenner, <Denise> I  am a member of SWAM, Salt Water Addicts of Maine.  I have  a member asking if this magazine is available in print. <Mmm, nope> If so, how can our club apply for a subscription? <Just link to us/it> Also is there  a program where our club will receive a portion of the subscription funds? <Heeee! Not as yet> I have another question you may be able to help me with, or if not perhaps direct me to someone else.... I am hoping to get the Asian Parrot Cichlid, aka the Jelly Bean Cichlid added to the list of legal fish to import into our state..... <Didn't realize parts of the country had fallen to this depth... there are still only "dirty lists" excluding aquatic species in most of the U.S.> unfortunately it does not have a scientific name so the state will not consider it.... How does a Latin or scientific name get  labeled to a fish? <Mmm, please read here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/taxlfecma.htm>   I never really thought about it, just thought someone discovered a SPS and then created a name...I am thinking there may be more to it than that...Can you make some suggestions? <Yes... please write the American Cichlid Association re...> Also would you know of anyone who has completed any type of research on this fish?  Habitat, diseases, breeding or any other factors that may be pertinent for the states review process? <Time to go/see at the library: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/litsrchart.htm> Regards and Thanks! Denise <Bob Fenner> Re: Mmm, an FYI pursuant to ChuckR's phone call  - 04/25/06 Hi all, Thanks to all of you who have and are sending submissions to Scott and I for CA.  All of these end up being placed/linked in the relevant WWM topic areas, so they serve to benefit all who come to WWM seeking info. For those asking about length and subject matter.... please do follow the advice given and take a look at the magazine for some guidance, but don't be limited by what you see!  If it is too short (unlikely), we will help you develop it.  If it is too long, we will split it into more than one part.   As Bob stated, the subject matter can range to the very margins of the aquatic hobby. There is lots of inspiration to be found in the patterns of queries that we receive every day to the crew.  I wrote a marine filtration piece to address the constant stream of "I have a 65 gallon tank with a penguin filter and a Fluval canister and I can't seem to control my nitrates or algae".  If you find yourself addressing the same problems over and over, write an article about it and you will forever have a prefabricated answer! Thanks! Adam <Thanks Adam... am accumulating, posting. BobF> Conscientious Aquarist Articles  4/09/06 >Hi Adam/Bob >Can you tell me a little more about Conscientious Aquarist. >Thanks >Jim Forshey >The Aquatic Book Shop >P.O. Box 2150 >Shingle Springs, CA 95682-2150 >www.seahorses.com Jim, You can see the current issue of the magazine here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/ca/CAHomepage.htm There is also an archive available by clicking the link on the left hand menu. Articles with images pay $200, less with no images.  The audience of WWM at large as well as CA is largely beginner to intermediate, so content should appeal to that group. Thanks for your interest, we will look forward to seeing any articles you would like to submit. Adam

Re: CA Articles ... you too could be a pet-fish writer... for pay! 3/23/06 >Bob, >   I'd be more than happy to write something for CA but I have no idea hat >you are looking for.  Any ideas on subject matter?  Anything specific needed? >   Thanks, >   Jen ><Ahh! Will put you in contact with AdamC and ScottF here... the Editors. >BobF> Jen, We would much rather ask you to write about a topic that moves you, inspires you, interests you than to suggest specific topics.  I am sure you are familiar with the WWM vibe/ethic and the nature of our audience (mostly beginner/intermediate). We have an will enjoy reading and publishing anything related to any aspect of the hobby, all the way from profiles of specific species to general husbandry to hardware to dive, public aquarium or otherwise hobby related travel. If you have ideas that you are unsure of, please run them by us, but otherwise go with something that appeals to you. Send ideas/articles to camag@wetwebmedia.com Thanks! Adam and Scott <Well done... am posting. B> New issue of CA   3/23/06 Bob, I just changed the links making the new issue of CA live.  Scott and I know that you have expressed a wish to grow the magazine, but the fact that this issue is so late and so "thin" is symptomatic of an ongoing problem... despite significant solicitation on our part, we continue to find ourselves without much of anything, let alone of quality to publish. Best Regards, Adam (hoping for more and better content in the near future!) <... seems very strange that we should have to literally go begging for material. Am asking the Crew et al. itself to pitch in (for pay, two hundred U.S. per) and generate the many pieces I know they're capable of. As usual, I vow to help sell articles in the print markets as well. BobF> Conscientious Aquarist...To Go?   2/2/06 Would it be possible for WetWebMedia to include a .pdf format of the entire issue of Conscientious Aquarist online mag on your website?    <A great question. To be honest, I'm not sure what type of technical challenge this may present...I'll definitely run this by my co-editor, Adam, who is much better versed at the mechanics of this whole thing!> This would allow regular readers to download and print a copy of the mag and read it cover to cover offline, if needed.   <Imagine- you could then read your favorite issue of CA at the airport, at lunch, on the toilet...well- you get the idea. Interesting.> Just a suggestion - your site is the best aquarist site out there -bar none! Thanks! <We're thrilled to bring it to you every day! Thanks for the support! Regards, Scott F.>

CA Magazine Announcement 7/5/05 Hi, Is there any chance i could be added to the mailing list, announcing when the Conscientious Aquarist Magazine is released. Kind Regards Angus Sharman <We don't have such a service (as yet), though have seen such from other e-zines. Thank you for your note. Will share with the co-editors. Bob Fenner>

New Issue of Conscientious Aquarist Is LIVE!!! Hi Everyone! Adam and I are pleased to announce that the latest issue of Conscientious Aquarist Online Magazine is now live! Enjoy! Scott F. <Congrats! BobF> CA translated in Italiano? Anthony.... NO! Hey, fellas My Italian friends asked if they could translate CA for their website and what if any fee y'all would want for it? <They are welcome to use my (RMF), CA and WWM's content w/o charge.> I wonder if you may want to simply ask them for their articles in return? Very fine mag they produce too... ReefArt/Aquaplanta. Getting better with every issue.  What say ye, fellas? <The stock answer to what exists on the Net that is NOT specifically identified... that is, articles and images by others that have NOT been purchased for our use... is that they are free to use for non-commercial purposes. The writing, graphics by others will (obviously) have to be discussed with their originators... We do NOT have universal rights to others work.... cannot grant permission for their use. They will have to negotiate for content use with the producers of such. Bob Fenner>

Re: CA translated in Italiano? Hi all, <<I was quite impressed with ReefArt/Aquaplanta and I am sure that Scott and I would be thrilled to use some of their articles, however I had the same thoughts that Bob did..... how to obtain permission from and compensate authors? <<<The material/content BELONGS to them... NOT US... I hope I am being clear here... this is not some pet-fish opinion, but my understanding of the LAW>>> With the availability of fairly good on-line translators, I suspect that any Italian who is interested and aware can translate CA (and WWM at large) at will already.  Since RA/AP is print, we don't have the same access. We could chat with them about a one-for-one exchange arrangement.  For example, we would pay James Fatherree a certain amount for ReefArt to use his Echinoderms piece, and ReefArt would pay Giuseppi Linguini some comparable amount for us to reprint his How to raise your own squid for Squid Ink Pasta (with recipe!) piece. (Was that nearly offensive enough?<g>) This arrangement would allow authors to be compensated without any concern for exchange rates, wire transfer fees, etc. <<<A good idea... once again... up to you, the editors... to decide if you want to do>>> We would have to decide what is fair compensation to authors for such an arrangement.  I would think that it should be somewhat less than the standard rate, considering that we are acting as an agent on their behalf, as well as the fact that they have already been paid once for the work.  Anthony and Bob.... we will certainly defer to your sensibilities on this issue since you both are much more familiar with what is fair and standard. Adam>> <<<Is actually... up to the Authors, Photographers... Content Providers... on a one to one basis... UNLESS (and I do NOT encourage this) you want to pursue some sort of contract that extends our (CA, WWM) rights outside our use>>> my Italian friends asked if they could translate CA for their website and what if any fee y'all would want for it? <They are welcome to use my (RMF), CA and WWM's content w/o charge.> I wonder if you may want to simply ask them for their articles in return? Very fine mag they produce too... ReefArt/Aquaplanta. Getting better with every issue :) what say ye, fellas? <The stock answer to what exists on the Net that is NOT specifically identified... that is, articles and images by others that have NOT been purchased for our use... is that they are free to use for non-commercial purposes. The writing, graphics by others will (obviously) have to be discussed with their originators... We do NOT have universal rights to others work.... cannot grant permission for their use. They will have to negotiate for content use with the producers of such. Bob Fenner> <<<Again, I hope all understand I am not trying to make a mountain out of a proverbial molehill... BUT many people DO make a living of sorts from selling their content... and the NET is forever... ONCE the content is off our site, we cannot, will not be able to control its distribution... and hopefully the onus will not be put on us as having granted other peoples' property use elsewhere. Bob Fenner>>>

Subject: Re: CA Payment <Dana! Please send along a good mail address and I'll send out your check taksan hyaku! Hope to see you (in HI) soon. BobF>  >I hope the new year finds you well, and the weather is reasonably warm on the mainland (I won't tell you what it's like here)... <Dana,  All is good, I hope it is with you as well. Actually, it has been ridiculously cold here in the northeast!> >Congrats on the new CA edition. Graphics look good, and I liked the articles (especially the puffer dentistry). <Thanks for looking and for the kind words!> >A quick update: NASA has licensed patented technology, and a 'chlorophyll meter' is available. After several phone calls to the manufacturer and inventor, no one was able to tell me if this meter would work on corals. Imagine, an early warning system for bleaching (this meter can detect problems in terrestrial plants up to 16 days before the signs of chlorosis are visible to the human eye). Will the same work for corals? No one knows, but I'm working on it. <Wowza! What potential! I will be very excited to hear about it!> >There are only a thousand or so of these meters in the world - most are used for food crop management, with a few employed for monitoring of golf course sod. <It is always funny to me to see examples like this... "food crop management" has such profound social implications, and then you have golf courses... goes to show where the money is!<g>> It should go without saying that this meter was extremely expensive (it was either the chlorophyll meter or a 60" plasma TV...). Which leads me to a question - when could I expect payment for the Nov/Dec article. Every little bit helps. <Bob sends the checks, and he told me several weeks ago that he had tried to contact you when he was in HI. I am cc'ing him here so that the two of you can communicate on the best way to get the check to you.> >I'm excited about the possibilities of this meter, and furthering our understanding of the dynamics of coral/zooxanthellae under stress. Perhaps CA would be interested in a general article about this? <As much an I am personally looking forward to seeing/hearing/reading all about this, I suspect that it will probably be way beyond most of our readers, and that you will reach a more appropriate audience through AA or RK. Our readers are really on the level of "what is bleaching?" and how to recognize, prevent and deal with it in their tanks. Will be chatting..  Adam>

CA banner/ WWM advertising Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 21:06:05 -0500 (GMT-05:00) Anthony, Adam... I sold a small ($100) banner for us at WWM/CA to friends at Reef Frontiers. <Woo Hoo!> They want/need to know specs on banner size to make/give ya. <100 pixels wide, up to 100 pixels high.> Please do cc me this info so if/when another advertiser comes up I can offer it. <The $100 side bar ads are 100 pixels wide, and up to 100 high.  The $250 top banners are currently 468x60.  I don't know why these odd numbers were chosen, but we have two that are this size so it must be some kind of standard.> Also... RF has graciously offered to make CA mag a free sponsor and will post our CA banner on their site too. Can you make/give up a banner to do so?  <See the attached.> Bobster... I will give them your addy for checks payable to WWM. <You can also direct them here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/ca/cav1i2/ca_adminpages/information_for_advertisers.htm For more info and an order form.> One down... 20 more to find :D <Indeed!  Thanks for the bird dogging!> Aquatic Feature article for Conscientious Aquarist Hi all, Scott and I have contemplated putting an "Aquatic Feature" feature in each issue of Conscientious Aquarist.  It would be a "Tank of the Month" kind of thing, but it could be any kind of display or system dedicated to any of the animals we cover.  It could be a reef tank, a pond, a terrarium, breeding system, whatever. If anyone has a system that they would like to show off or knows someone who has an interesting (A lot of things could make it interesting, it doesn't have to be beautiful!) system, please let us know. Anyone who's system is chosen will be asked to provide pictures as well as describe the system, it's function and philosophy, inhabitants, husbandry, etc.  This will NOT be a paid submission, but at the end of the year we will have a "Reader's Poll" to vote on the favorite, and there will be a prize. We really need the Jan/Feb submission as soon as possible, so e-mail Scott or I or both of us at camag@wetwebmedia.com if you are interested. Thanks! Adam Spencer Glass addy Bob, Please send my check to: Spencer Glass 311 Parkview Way Newtown, PA  18940 Thank you!  ( a check, wow!) Spencer Glass <Got it! Thank you Spencer, BobF> Sharing Hobby Experience! Dear WWM Crew, <Hi there! Scott F. here tonight!> I frequently visit your site in search of info and have expanded my knowledge in aquatic husbandry as a result. <Thank you for the kind words. Glad to hear that you find it helpful! We are thrilled to bring it to you!> The shared experiences of other aquarists can give one many practical tips in problem solving however I have noticed that most individuals write to you only when they have a problem/question and do not offer info about their successes (or if the info is there it is not easy to find).  May I suggest that you add FAQ categories that include success topics such as; success in keeping SPS's, success with treating a reef system infested with ick, success with lowering hair algae growth in a reef system, success with removing flatworms... etc.  I would be the first to contribute my observations if such a system was set up.   <A great idea. we do love to hear success stories! As co-editor of WWM's Conscientious Aquarist Online Magazine with Adam Cesnales, I speak for both of us when I encourage you to write of your success, and share it with your fellow hobbyists. The magazine is an excellent vehicle to share experiences!> These categories might be more helpful to those using the google search as well. When one is doing a search it is most likely to find answers to their question/problem. Instead of having to read through a million e-mails which detail other aquarists' problems the searcher can locate possible solutions and share their outcome. <Agreed, but there is an enormous amount of good information in the FAQs. Our library of articles is outstanding in its breadth, too.> I believe that each individual whom keeps fish/invertebrates is essentially conducting his/her own unique on-going experiment whether they set out to do it or not. Wouldn't it be more helpful to compare results/observations as well rather than just compare setups and problems? <Cannot argue with that! Sounds like you're a burgeoning author! Do submit some material for us to consider for publication in Conscientious Aquarist!> I am familiar with your book and appreciate all the knowledge that Bob Fenner etc. has introduced but I also think that there is a wealth of untapped info among your readers of this site. Laurie <Absolutely correct, Laurie! We strongly encourage you to share with fellow hobbyists, whether it's here in the Daily FAQs, in articles in Conscientious Aquarist, or on the WWM Chat Forum! Hope to hear from you soon! Regards, Scott F> WWM/CA advertising Hi all, As a follow up to the discussion about changing the way that advertising is pitched and sold for WWM and CA, I am seeking some guidance for materials to be handed out at MACNA. I have glossy paper and report covers to use to put together a slick looking package including some screen shots from WWM and the magazine. <Sounds good> What I need to know is what kind of rates we can offer and how far I can go with the types of packages we can offer. My suggestion is that rates are cut a bit from what they are now (perhaps 25% or so?) and we offer bigger banners as well as other placements, all included in the base rate. The tiny ads in the left sidebar just aren't going to sell. They don't get much attention and don't have any room for anything more than a logo. Even the top banners are a minimum. Ads in the range of 150x300 pixels are being offered at RC for similar prices. <Sounds fine, easily do-able> I was chatting with Steve Pro about our strategy for "seeing it all" at MACNA, and mentioned that I would be pitching ad space to vendors. He had the outstanding suggestion that we put an ad in each reply to the daily Q&A's. Telling an advertiser that their ad will be contained in an e-mail along with a question about a topic that is related to the product is pretty powerful. Zo... you are the guru here. Is this technically possible? Is it practical? Could we supply each crew member with a library of ad images to paste into replies? Does the Webmail program we use allow for any image (particularly an animated gif with a hyperlink) to be inserted in a reply? I know this is last minute, but Scott and I have been hard at work on issue 3 (should be up in the next day or so). Please let the timing of this request underscore the fact that Scott and I CANNOT properly continue to produce the magazine AND do all of the advertising solicitation. Please also remember that Skipper over at Reefkeeping has a staff of several people to contribute to do what Scott and I are doing ourselves. We are glad to do it, but in order for the necessary time to be dedicated to getting and retaining advertisers, we need help. Bob.... In the short term, can we please have some guidelines on what "rock-bottom" pricing for advertising might be, limits on where ads may be placed and how much "ad density" we will tolerate. Do you have any objection to ads in the replies to the dailies? <The ad rate for CA can be whatever you two want to try... I am not a fan of placing any ads in the body of responses to queries. The shared-border ad space for the root and subwebs of WWM can be modified, universally, with the same offers made to all>> Zo.... Can you please address the issue of ads in replies from a technical/logistical standpoint. Thanks all! Please get back to me ASAP. I will be working on the solicitation packet and will hold off on details as long as possible. Adam <Thank you. Bob F> Promoting CA I know I have talked about this before with someone, but I can't remember whom and to what extent, so here goes.  I think a great way to get Conscientious Aquarist a lot of exposure is to offer the articles to be reprinted free of charge to any and all aquarium societies.  The only caveat being that they must reference both the offer and CA.  I believe this could lead to a great increase in traffic and visibility to CA.  I am envisioning a letter such as this, Dear Newsletter Editor,             As fellow members of various aquarium societies, we understand that the newsletter editor is one of the most important jobs that the club has.  We also know that it is one of the most difficult and thankless.  We would like to proffer you an offer that we hope will make your work easier and also be of great benefit to your membership. If you are not aware, www.WetWebMedia.com < http://www.wetwebmedia.com/> in its ongoing efforts to educate the public for free about the joys of aquarium keeping has launched a new free, online magazine, Conscientious Aquarist which can be found here http://www.wetwebmedia.com/ca/CAHomepage.htm  In comparison to the other online magazines, this one covers a diverse range of topics from freshwater to saltwater, plants to reef, ponds, and brackish aquaria. As a part of our mission to freely educate the public, we are offering you free reprints of any of our articles in Conscientious Aquarist.  We are proud of the individuals working on this project.  You will notice such renowned names as Robert Fenner, Anthony Calfo, Dr. Robert Goldstein, James Fatherree and many others.  All we ask is that if you choose to use our pieces, please reference the author and Conscientious Aquarist magazine. Sincerely, The Folks at WetWebMedia Feel free to add to, change, modify, or wholly rewrite what I have started.  And so you don't think I am just dropping a bunch of work in your laps, once the letter above is complete, feel free to send it to me and I will forward it along to every club I can track down.  I will also keep a record of everyone I contact, so later we can check for missed societies.  -Steven Pro <Thank you for this Steven. A very good idea, well-presented. Adam? Scott? Bob F>

RE: Promoting CA Scott, I think you hit Reply vs. Reply To All, so I forwarded your comments around to the group. By the way, it was nice to finally meet you as well, to put a face to a name.  You and Adam have done a great job and I thoroughly enjoy writing for CA.  -Steven Steve- It was great to see you this weekend at MACNA! I was very excited to see your lineup of potential articles. We're thrilled to have your support! Thanks again! I LOVE the idea of letting Aquarium Clubs use the CA material...We really need the exposure! It's really starting to gain momentum (CA, that is), and I think this is an excellent way to get the CA/WWM name out there more! Whatcha think, Adam? Scott F.

Re: Promoting CA Hi all, <Adam> Thanks for the kind words Steve.  Thanks also for the outstanding suggestion.  If no one has any objections, we will start offering material right away.  Do you have any objection to us using your letter or a form of it? Also, BTW, Scott and Bob....  Sorry not to have said a proper good-bye at MACNA, but we had a chance to catch an early flight and had to dash out right after the last talk.  It was nice to get home at 7:00pm rather than 1:00am! <No worries. Next time I may well try to stay for more than, actually less than a day... as the Zep sang, "Oooh oooh my head, rock on!"> Thanks again! Adam

Re: Promoting CA If seems like everyone is in agreement.  Go ahead and use my sample letter as a start and when you have a draft you are comfortable with, pass it along to me and I will send it to every newsletter editor I can find.  -Steven Pro

Getting more attention for CA Scott and Bob, The good news.... I finally figured out how to glean out the stats I want to include in the "new and improved" pitch for advertising. <Good to hear/realize> The bad news..... The stats aren't as impressive as I had hoped they would be.  The ca home page is averaging less than 100 hits per day.  I hoped/thought we would be at least in the few hundreds. <This all takes time... I am not discouraged in the least> I suspect that most users come to WWM for specific info and depending how they enter, navigate directly to it.  What say ye about making the link on the WWM index page a bit more conspicuous?  I am not sure what the best option is (page is pretty busy as is), but it would be nice if it could include a thumbnail of the cover image. Adam <Good idea... do you want to give this a go? Bob F>

RE: Getting more attention for CA Scott and Bob, The stats aren't as impressive as I had hoped they would be.  The ca home page is averaging less than 100 hits per day.  I hoped/thought we would be at least in the few hundreds. <This all takes time... I am not discouraged in the least> <<Scott made the same comment, and I agree and understand.  I just had hoped to have more eye-popping numbers to pitch to advertisers!> <<Understood, and agreed... the numbers will definitely come... this is our very slowest "season"... and we (WWM period) will soon be crushed... September or so on>> I suspect that most users come to WWM for specific info and depending how they enter, navigate directly to it.  What say ye about making the link on the WWM index page a bit more conspicuous?  I am not sure what the best option is (page is pretty busy as is), but it would be nice if it could include a thumbnail of the cover image. Adam <Good idea... do you want to give this a go? Bob F> <<Yeah, definitely.  I will try to figure out how to create a thumbnail image of the whole cover tonight.  I will probably go ahead and insert it on the index page, but I may also send you the image and let you do it.>> Thanks! Adam <Okay... you can left click on the image/icon on WWM and either "push" a corner to the desired size OR right click and change the apparent size in dpi... just re-size in either operation before saving/exiting. Bob F>

Article Submissions to WWM 7/23/04 Hey Bob, <Adam here today.  Along with Scott Fellman, I am the editor of WWM's new online magazine "Conscientious Aquarist".  Scott and I will be very happy to look at your article.  If it gets published in CA, it will later be added to the WWM archive.> I'm looking to write and submit another article for WWM and I want to make sure all the rules are the same, can ya give 'em to me again!? <See here to check out the current issue: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/ca/CAHomepage.htm Once inside, you will there will be a link on the right hand navigation menu for information for authors.> Thanks!  Heather <Thank you!  Adam>

RE: dead WWM link mangroves, and CA AND REAL worries re <Adam, Scott... the v.1 CA links have all gone dead... someone "moved" the articles... changed the "path" that was the link to where they were... and now... TROUBLE. Please take the time to learn (the hard way) and run the "Reports View" on FP or if you have it, the "fix hyperlinks" tool... but FIRST, establish a permanent (okay semi-permanent) plan for how you will archive ALL future work... there are tens of thousands of links that make up the sites... and it is a real BUMMER to have dead ones... and a maintenance headache to fix (more often than less often)... DO THIS NOW! Bob F>

RE: dead WWM link mangroves, and CA AND REAL worries re Bob, I moved them. I didn't realize there were any external links to issue one. <Yep... recall, I made these in the WWM indices and the related WWM articles and FAQs files...> All of the files for volume one are in a folder named cav1i1 in the ca subweb. <Ahh, good, logical move> Simply copying all of the files back out into the main ca subweb should fix the links. I will move them back ASAP as a short term fix. <Mmm, not likely to fix... you've "cut the head off the octopus"... not able to put back on... unless the code/paths are identical> I think Scott and I have come light years in our understanding of how the organization of the webs/subwebs works, but still obviously have a long way to go. Moving those files was a first step on my part toward an organizational structure that would lend itself better to archiving. <This "movement" question/lesson is a VERY common one... Mike.K and I learned it TWICE! in moving/losing the original homepage... and the entire Nav. View!!!!!! No big problem, really... and something I had anticipated when we first saw V1 #1 with the opening page of CA being the Index... notice that other online zines have a separate opening page...> In hind sight, it was a bad idea to leave those files in the main CA subweb to begin with. We should have built a system of folders (Which we have started to do with Issue 2) so that each issue would ultimately stay in one place. <Yes!> The way that we originally envisioned this working was that each issue would be moved from a "main stage" to an archive (knowing what we know now, this obviously makes no sense at all, but we had no idea how all of this stuff works). The way we now envision it is a system of folders where only the link to the cover changes and all of the contents never move (We're learning!). <Again, no big deal... you're learning MUCH faster than I did> I will set to work ASAP to set up a filing system in the CA subweb. Both issues will probably have to be moved, but once they are and the links are fixed, this problem will be eliminated. <I will wait on links... and the links file system (tables at the end of the articles) on your word> I will implement the temporary fix in the next couple of hours. The new filing system will be ready in the next couple of days. At that time, the issues can be properly filed and the links chased down and fixed. Sorry for inciting chaos! Adam <No worries... but you and I know how the public reacts to dead links... Yikes. Bob F> Subject: dead WWM link mangroves hey, Bob I noticed a reply on the dailies page from Ryan referring to a link (http://www.wetwebmedia.com/mangrovetrees.htm) that is dead... not sure where Ryan grabbed it from but could you check it out? Ant-

CA Magazine Not really a Question. It is a big thanks for the new online Magazine. I loved the article on Wormfishes. Keep up the good work. Ray <Thanks, Ray! On behalf of co-editor, Adam Cesnales, and myself (as well as Anthony & Bob for a great Firefish piece!), I thank you for the kind words! We're thrilled that we got the mag off to a good start, and will continue to refine this magazine as we publish our next issues! We have some terrific articles by great authors coming up, so stay tuned! Regards, Scott F>

"Aquatic Feature of The Month" for CA Mag >> Due to popular demand, Adam and I are going to move > forward with an "Aquatic Feature of The Month" piece in CA Mag. I think this is a good idea. Really quite popular with readers. It was a staple in the old Marine Fish Monthly whose content was...er, variable in quality. <<THE most popular section of Aq. Frontiers...>> > Since we encompass all sorts of aquatic systems, > we'd look at FW, Marine, > Brackish, Ponds, Vivaria, Planted Systems, Fish > Rooms, Breeding Setups, and > Propagation Systems...Does that sound appealing? yes... very much so. Aquarists of all sorts will enjoy seeing nice ponds, interesting public aquaria, coral farms, freshwater breeder set ups, planted tanks, etc. I have a good friend locally (Don Tuttle) that Bob knows/remembers who would make a fine candidate IMO for an upcoming slot. MOstly FW keeping, but pond and some salt too. He's an old timer with a great fish room of over 50 tanks. <<A very nice gentleman and real aquarist for sure>> > I want to develop a sort of "form" or at least a > format, for prospective > entrants to use to describe their systems in a > manner that will be > consistent and easy to place into a standardized > format. I was thinking of > broad headings like : > System Overview > Philosophy > Inhabitants > Husbandry Techniques > Lessons Learned > References Used <<I would add, "What would you do now to have made this system better" to the above>> > Is this too "off-putting" for prospective entrants, > or should we simply ask > people to describe their system, provide photos, and > contact them as needed > to write the thing up? Not at all... most folks will be accommodating and delighted to share I suspect. <<Most folks really enjoy this sort of sharing>> > I was considering a posting on the WWM Dailies to > solicit entries. Do you think that this is too cheesy, or would it be better to post in other areas > instead (such as the Mag itself?). Perhaps on the > WWM Forums, RC, Aquatic Gardeners Assoc., AKA, AGA, ACA, etc.? Hmmm... begging for entries does not appeal to me. Not at first at least. Among our friends and extended fishy families, I know that we can come up with quite a few fine systems/folks to approach. <<Agreed>> > I suppose that ultimately, we could even post a link > to the winning AFOTM on > the WWM home page, so that the "eye candy" is just a > click away... spread the love :) > Anyways- any thoughts that you have on this topic > would be appreciated. One thought: get Sam Adams Brewery as a sponsor. Ciao, bub :) Anthony <<Or Anchor Steam... or Stella Artois if we're in Egypt... Bob F>> Image work volunteered for CA 5/7/04 How's it going?   <cheers> I was talking to Amy Larsan, and she recommended I volunteer some of my photos for your mag.   <a dear/sweet friend and person on this planet> You are welcome to use any of them you wish if you so please.  The link to my gallery is: http://www.cvreefers.org/modules/gallery/Mane3215 <very nice! Thanks kindly... I'll cc this to the editors at mailto: camag@wetwebmedia.com > Almost all of the photos are mine, with the exception of most in the Misc tanks and corals folder, and Acanthastrea folder.  All others are game. When you click a photo is brings up a small photo, if you click it again it gets a pretty high res shot of the same photo like this: http://www.cvreefers.org/modules/gallery/album12/newfaviamouth?full=1 I hope this helps. -Chris Pasko <your generosity to help us illustrate content will be helpful to others to be sure. Kudos. Anthony>

WWM and CA reader from Macedonia 5/7/04 Dear friend (who ever is on other side), <Cheers, Boris :) > Just want to say how happy I am for new first volume of CA online magazine. Wish you all the best in your generous work. Boris - Macedonia <thanks kindly my friend... it is all truly a labor of love. Anthony>

Re: Conscientious Aquarist now online! Bob Fenner. Thank you for sending the first issue of the Conscientious Aquarist. It is a worthwhile undertaking and I wish you and all involved happiness and success with the venture. Will this be distributed by e-mail? If so, please include my regular address Rofen@novalek.com. If not, your e-mailing list recipients need to know how to get future issues. Best regards. /.R3 <Good idea Dr. Bob... will send on to our twin editors and friends helping build the site. Otherwise, will be simply posted to the URL, bimonthly for now. Hope to see you at Interzoo. Bob Fenner> Robert Rofen, PhD, Novalek, Inc., Kordon, AquaVet, Oasis, and TeraRep divisions

Re: Conscientious Aquarist now online! Dear Bob: Congratulations....not only on your excellent website and your dedication to the hobbyist, but WOW, the new magazine is great! I guess the on-line mag is Scott and Adam's baby, but I know you're probably helping them all you can. Anyway----you've got a great thing going---- Best wishes ! Suze (Susan Steele, FAMA Magazine) <Thanks much Suze... high praise indeed from FAMA's styling leader. Bob F>

Conscientious Aquarist now online! Date: Sun, 2 May 2004 23:21:14 -0400 (GMT-04:00) Hi all, On behalf of Scott and myself, I wanted to announce (finally!) the online publication of issue 1 of Conscientious Aquarist. You can follow the link from www.wetwebmedia.com or go directly to http://www.wetwebmedia.com/ca/HomeCA.htm We can be contacted at camag@wetwebmedia.com And aaaawwwwaaaaayyyy we go! Scott and Adam <Yeehay! Congrats you boyz! Bob F>

Conscientious Aquarist now online! I know I speak for Adam and myself when I say that we would be remiss if we did not thank all of our fellow WWM Crew members and fishy friends for their support on this project! We are thrilled to have gotten the project this far, and could not have done it without all of you! We are committed to making this better and better! Extra kudos to Adam for "delivering the goods" with all of the last minute changes required to get the mag off the ground! Most of all, thank you to Bob for providing us a venue to give something back to this hobby that has given us both so much! Scott and Adam <Outstanding... a dream unfolds my friend. Bob F>

Conscientious Aquarist nearly final! Hello all, If you are receiving this message and are not intimately involved with CA or WetWebMedia, you are Family and friends who's input is greatly valued and to whom I was excited to offer a "sneak peek". The nearly complete "working version" of CA is temporarily available here: http://www.home.earthlink.net/~Cesnales/CA-first-shot.htm Scott and I have been planning and editing content for a couple of months. We met at his home near LA the weekend before last to build the website. Since then, Scott has been tying up administrative loose ends, I have been putting the "bells and whistles" into the website. You will note that the pages for advertisers, contributors and archives are all blank. The content will be placed well ahead of this Saturday, May 1st's launch date. The first page you come to will be the cover image. A title and publication info is yet to be added. Also, many of the photos within articles will be replaced with higher quality images. At some point, the page will of course be published to it's proper place on WWM. Scott and I would both appreciate your comments, and please don't be bashful or polite! Please be the friend that tells us about the toilet paper stuck to our shoe BEFORE we go out on the dance floor<g>. Neither of us are editors or web designers by training, education or trade, so your feedback is of tremendous value. When you reply, please be sure to include both Cesnales@ and algaeguy Thanks and warmest regards, Scott and Adam <Outstanding thus far. You go boyz! Bob F>

..."Houston- we have a problem" Hi Bob:  I wanted to bring you up to speed on a potentially problematic situation... Eagle-eyed Steve Pro was reviewing the semi-finished CA Mag, and recalled that he had seen Blane Perun's article on Sea Mat in FAMA some months back. Upon my investigating, sure enough- there was the same article in FAMA's September 2003 issue!  <Yes, and Blane had said as much... that the piece had run before>  Obviously, it is not our intent to run previously submitted content in this magazine, for a variety of reasons that don't need further explanation. Given the circumstances, do you feel that we should pull the piece before publication, or just run it and explain to him that this will never happen again? I believe that you have paid Blane already for this piece (yes?), so I wonder if it would be appropriate for him to "owe" us a future original piece, if we opt not to run this?  <I see no problem with running previously used materials... you are right in that it is likely better to use novel content... but if the information is accurate, significant, meaningful... well-written, illustrated... good for all for its further exposure>  Unfortunately, we discovered this in the "11th hour", so it does put us in an awkward spot... Any input/suggestions that you might have would be appreciated!  Scotter  <These are my thoughts. Bob F>  -Not a big problem at all, my friend. WWM as publishers does not ask for (or care to have) or pay for exclusive rights for pics/articles. You learn to appreciate this as a writer with the opportunity to sell your work to editors in different countries/languages, etc. <G> My CA pond article is going to run in the UK (TFK print mag) and perhaps in German for Daniel.  That said, authors should have IMO the professional courtesy to not pitch a pieces to overlapping markets.  I see no problem here re: Blane's. Although we share some readers with FAMA... its not many. Not many at all (heehee... maybe dozens at the rate FAMA is going). And do we even care? I realize your sentiment Scott, and have felt the same way before/at times.    What says Bob/others?   Ant- <I says about the same... but am over my send limit on MSN. Bob F>

Archived CA discussion and advertising questions Scott and all, I was not aware of this: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/WWMAdminSubWebIndex/consaqonlinezine.htm There is much useful info and many good ideas included there.  There is a message from Marina that suggested the following great ideas: Best of the dailies (as we already discussed) Interviews with prominent aquarists or other interesting characters (public aquarists, aquaculturists, researchers) Public aquarium features I think all would make fine additions! The link referenced above is at the bottom of this page along with some other enlightening links: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/WWMAdminSubWebIndex/wwmsponsors.htm One of the things I found interesting was the advertising rates....  $500/mo for a banner or $200 for a side box on the main page.  There is discussion of $250 for a banner and $100 for a side box placed on an individual page.  The individual page rates are fairly well in line with what I proposed for individual article rates for CA. I would propose that we use the above rates for CA's Index page and individual articles (respective to the WWM main/individual page) and adhere to the same style/convention of presentation. I am at the point of having tracked down the appropriate contacts for several potential advertisers but want to have agreement on these rates and presentation before proceeding. Also, Bob and Zo, how do most advertisers submit their ad?  Is it in a finished form or do they supply graphics and we supply the "service" of designing an ad? Lemme know what you think. Adam

Article Submission Dear WWM, <Hi there! Scott F. with you today!> I just wrapped up an article I wrote on the Golden Pygmy angelfish, C. aurantia. I've kept a specimen for a year and a half and have had resounding luck! I would like others to learn what I've done so they too can have a better chance at keeping this beautiful little fish. <Excellent!> I have yet to get a good photo since the fish is quite fast and my photography skills are quite, well, bad. I'm going to try to get a good picture, and if I do, I'll send it your way. Anyways, the link to the article is [url=http://www.fishgeeks.com/modules.php?op=modload&name=News&file=article&sid=329&mode=nocomments&order=0&thold=-1]her e[/url]. Im a member at fishgeeks.com, which is mainly a fair amount of aquatic forums. I posted the article there 1st, and would like to know if you guys at WWM would also like to use it. Let me know what you think. Thanks in advance! Liz Marchio <Liz- thanks so much for your interest in sharing. Fellow WWM Crew member Adam Cesnales and I are co-editing the upcoming Conscientious Aquarist Online Magazine that will be launching in a couple of months. We're definitely interested in content from hobbyists. It promises to be an exciting publication. We'll be announcing an email address soon that you can send articles right to us for consideration, so do check back often! Thanks again for your interest! Regards, Scott F> RE: CA stuff we need to have| Bob and Scott, <<<Bob twixt triple carrots>>> editor@conscientiousaquarist.com info@concientiousaquarist.com webmaster@concscientiousaquarist.com <Mmm, if you'd like we can get another site going... or just ask the folks  at Datapipe (who host WWM) what they can do to set us up with another mail  server spot (for conscientiousaquarist.com)... or?> If it is technically easier or lest costly we could settle for: CAeditor@wetwebmedia.com CAinfo@wetwebmedia.com CAwebmaster@wetwebmedia.com <Oh, this is very easily done... just go on the WWM mail and "add folders"> <<This choice depends largely on where the magazine will be. If the URL for the magazine is www.conscientiousaquarist.com , then the e-mail addresses should be @conscientiousaquarist.com. If the magazine is going to be within WWM, then the @wetwebmedia.com addys are fine. Ultimately, this isn't that big of a deal either way. Perhaps in the interest of time, we should create the three addys under WWM. Again, this is not something Scott and I currently know how to do.>> <<<The current URL is www.wetwebmedia/conscientiousaquarist... it's "nowhere"... we can place the site where you want it, with whoever as a host (we no longer have the Tuskfish server)... Would prefer Datapipe (the co.) as this is where/whom we have WWM hosted through... just familair with their set-up, billing process>>> Bob, can you make this happen or ask Jason to set something up? <Would really rather not bug Jas re CA issues... he's asked (repeatedly) not  to be involved> <<Sorry. I wasn't totally clear on this. I was under the impression that he was going to assist with some "technical" issues.>> <<<You can try. Will cc him here, but do not (NOT) want to ask folks to do, help with projects they have no desire to be involved in/with>>> I would also like to make www.conscientousaquarist.com live ASAP, as well as  getting some info on the locations we should upload templates to. I plan on  starting on a template as soon as Monday and will hopefully have something  we can all look at by the middle to end of the week. It may be wise to use  www.conscientiousaquarist.com/template.html for a template so it is  accessible to us and crew members for comment, but won't be stumbled on by  outsiders. We can place a "coming soon" message and the e-mail addresses at  www.conscientiousaquarist.com <Again, I/WWM will gladly pay for another "space" for CA if that's what you  want... contact DP re if so> <<This is really your call. You have a better understanding of the amount of space available at WWM as well as the costs involved. I would be partial to having the mag reached through a unique CA url (and associated e-mail addresses), but I am pretty sure that doesn't require hosting a whole new site (users could simply be automatically re-directed, right?).>> <<<Mmm, have a concern re starting from one place or the other. The way this all works out is if the site becomes popular, and gets linked to many places (WWM is in tens of thousands now, if not hundreds of thousands), it becomes more tenuous (dead links) to move...>>> Bob, do you have a vision for an accounting scheme? We need a name (CA or  WWM?) and address for advertisers to send payment. I will chat more with  Scott about specifics, but I suspect we will send you a "statement" just  before publication of each issue with a list of contributors to pay and how  much. Does this sound OK? <Don't have any real notion... WWM can/will pay for content et al. for as  long, as much as we can... we can keep together or separate> <<The concern is for the logistics. I don't want us to "drop the ball" on any payments, etc. Scott and I will work out a system to provide you with a list of contributors for each issue. Who should checks be made out to for advertising, and where should they be sent?>> <<<Could be sent here: 8586 Menkar Rd. San Diego, CA 92126. I have hired Di to do the acctg. for both WWM and WWM the books side... as have little patience, time for such matters. Could/would ask her to help with CA as well>>> In terms of the e-mail addresses and web space, we really have to defer to you about what strikes the best balance between costs and "image". The e-mail addresses aren't that big of a deal, but reaching the magazine through CA's own URL is important in distinguishing it from (getting lost in?) WWM. Whatever the most efficient/cost effective way to do this is fine. Scott and I will get the content together and build the pages, but we need a place to put it (Ideally by March 27 at the latest). Adam <<<We could "try" CA on the WWM site (as a subweb) for a few ishes and then (if so desired) move it to its own URL. Bob F. Am going to ask Zo for his input here as well. He has substantial knowledge of what we're about, the Net period. Zo?>>>

CA Magazine In The Works... I'm looking forward to seeing another ezine for aquarists.  Have you already put out your first issue, or is it still in the works?  If so, any ETA? <It's still in the works at this point. We are working towards a May launch date...But we'll keep everyone posted as the date gets closer!> Will it be monthly? <Six times a year, initially> I have plenty of relatively decent shots of interesting stuff, including  some microscope shots if you guys are ever interested. Stratos Kotzabassi <All contributions are welcome and will be considered for inclusion in the magazine! We'll be in touch! Regards, Scott F.>

Article Submission I've written up something of a literature review on some of the research done on clownfish resistance to their host anemone's stings.  A few people have seen it and one remarked that I should present it to you folks for publishing.  So, here it is.  Either way, thanks for your time. Sincerely, Stratos Kotzabassi <A nicely written piece, Stratos. I'll run it by my co-editor of the upcoming "Conscientious Aquarist" online magazine, Adam Cesnales, for consideration in a future issue!

CA online zine Mr, Fenner:     Hi, just checking in to see how things are progressing on     the e-zine. I'm pretty excited about the release, are you still     on track for the begining of next month ?     Sincerely Blane <Just saw Scott Fellman last night... he mentioned speeding along with the project. Will cc him and Adam (the co-editors here re). Bob Fenner>

First killifish column Robert J. Goldstein, Ph.D. Robert J. Goldstein & Associates, Inc. 8480 Garvey Drive Raleigh, NC 27616 tel (919) 872-1174 http://www.rjgacarolina.com/RJGASOQ.PDF tel (800) 407-0889 fax (919) 872-9214 Goldstein@rjgaCarolina.com URL  www.rjgaCarolina.com <Outstanding Robert. Will be posting in our first edition and on WetWebMedia.com for all's edification and inspiration. Check to you on my return to the mainland (out at the HI house right now). Bob Fenner>

Writing for CA Mr. Fenner: <Blane> I should have the first in the series ready to mail to you this Sunday evening. <Ah, good> based on your previous advise would you have any interest in an article I wrote on Zoanthus that ran in FAMA ? <Yes> I'm working on one now on the propagation of Ricordea YUMA. <A good place for propagation... except in the summer! I hope you have inexpensive techniques for cooling your system water. Bob Fenner>  Blane

Article for Mag I would like to write an article on the ID & care of green spotted puffers (T nigroviridis).   Mostly because there really isn't a good one out there. <Great! You go Punkster!> Is it true that the mag is paying for articles? <Yes, a whole two hundred American per> What parameters should I use? <About 1,400-2,000 words, pix if you got 'em> Can I still post this article somewhere on the web for referrals? <Yes, can also be sold to other media... I'll help you with this if you'd like>  Also, there is still a lot of misinformation (BW puffers listed as FW, wrong ID w/photos) at WWM.  I still need to go through it all.   <I will give you access to the site so you can begin the process (part of a/the large plan on/for WWM) of moving you and possibly Ananda into "running" the brackish subweb... are you familiar with MS FrontPage or other web-publishing software?> Jeni/PP <Be chatting. Bob F>

CA online Zine Bob: thanks for all the advise keep me posted about the online zine and if you would like me to put together the outlined pieces. Blane <Mmm, please do. The 'zine will premiere when we have the beginning submissions, including yours. Bob Fenner>

C.A. E-zine Launch Bob:  Ok :)  So I got the job so to speak for the marketing column or am still in competition for the job, or concept ?  <No competition, the job is yours>  If so :), some quick questions,  a) what is your projected launch date ?  <March>  b) approximate word count per article ?  <1400-2000>  c) submission lead time per monthly release ?  <A week or more>  Offer,  I'm sure you guys have it under control but I would like to offer my design and graphic services at no charge. I'd get a kick out of having any part in making this thing look better than what people are use to.  <Thank you, we have folks for this currently>  I have a fairly large digital library as I'm sure the staff does as well, but I'd like to offer any of my pics at no cost to give the project an extra edge if needed.  <Please do include with your submissions. Bob F>  Blane 

Re: CA Online Zine V.1 #1 Hello, <Hi there> An FYI and a couple of ideas (the kind you get as you're falling asleep) I have a rough outline drafted on shipping and transport methods adapted for the hobbyist. I know I don't exactly have that "name recognition" thing going, but there seems to be a dearth of information for folks when they really need it (not to mention in a really "handy" place) on this subject. <Mmm, you know enough...> Now for a couple of ideas - editorial, anyone? A few paragraphs with each issue, possibly touching on "forefront" issues, what it is to *be* a conscientious aquarist, or similar. Wouldn't need to be from the same person all the time, but I think it would personalize the 'zine, as well as help keep its focus for the readers. <Good idea> Also, folks seem to LOVE to make use of writing in to print publications, and we sure don't seem to have a dearth of such writing in to WWM - what if you pick a "best of the best", either in general, or relating to specific questions (either those that are unusual, or simply VERY frequently asked) from our queries each week or month? From the time I've spent placing, I would wager a guess as to an average of 20-60 queries replied to each day, and I'm sure there are others who feel that some are real "cherries", worth special note or placement. <Also excellent... Mike.K et al. tried to do this in the old WetWebNews> Also, how do you folks feel about trying to feature public aquariums on some sort of a regular basis (quarterly, maybe)? I think most would agree that, the good ones at least, are the definition of conscientiousness, and are not only something to strive for, but an excellent source of information not always available to those in the trade or hobby. I found my time at LBAOP to be most enlightening, as it was NOTHING like working in the trade at all! While my own experience at LBAOP showed that the staff vet, Lance Adams, was a bit.. "dry", when asked the right questions he was like a faucet. How often to the other mags offer information from people like staff vets? (Honest - and probably ignorant - question here, I haven't read any one e-zine dedicated to the hobby from "cover to cover".) <Another very good idea... and could be done every ish or whatever we get... and a note to all re selling such work in the print domain. I will gladly help (forward, edit, prepare cover letters, address of contacts) for selling their work... which should be done ahead of its placement in/on CA though> Which brings me to another question: interviews with notables, staff vets, caretakers, curators, or folks "in the biz". This might bring in another flavor that doesn't necessarily exist in the other e-zines. These sorts of shows are incredibly popular on cable stations such as "Animal Planet" and Discovery Channel (San Diego Wild Animal Park, the Zoo, et al), it may be a niche just waiting to be filled from this end. <Bingo> I don't know if this would be possible for this one (bandwidth issues at the very least), but what do you think of streaming video spots intermixed within (as part of the interviews)? <Can be done> And/Or.. a live cam or two? (Hey, I *told* you this was the stuff that came just as I was falling asleep!) <Don't know about this one... Jas, Zo, pls chime in> Well, that's it for now, I can't say as I've well and thoroughly thought any of these ideas through (except my own offering for publication) beyond means to gain interview, editorial subjects/authors, and that there *would* be logistical issues with all, but I figured I'd toss them out for others to chew on. Marina <Thank you for this... now, for yourself... develop and implement an action plan against one or more of these ideas. Bob F>

CAM writing proposal Mr. Fenner: <Blane>             Good Morning, I just wrapped up the proposed outline.             I have attached it to this mail as a word doc. Included in             the various pieces will be graphics, charts, and images from             my personal library or pieces I'll prepare. <Looks very nice... comprehensive. I want to encourage you to submit this elsewhere for publication as well... and consider rolling all into a printed volume if you'd like.>             I have structured the articles to work consecutively and take             a current store owner (online or mortar) through a marketing             plan, from concept to completion.  The last few articles will be             on advanced concepts and web marketing.             Overall I'm very excited about the opportunity, I'm making it a             personal goal of mine to become a bit more involved in the             industry in 2004 and this is an ideal project to get going in the             right direction.             My personal site is no more than a compilation of my experience,             and though I have a forum it's actual intent is a mechanism to log             and track members. Today nor in ten years will it ever provide             ample viewer-ship for a series like this.             IMHO your online zine is a great idea J Your board has a different             flavor than Reef Central & Reef's Org and a different audience. I             have a depth of knowledge in design and graphics so if your interested             I'd love to get involved in the actual look and feel of the mag. It's always             a kick to one up the status quo on the web J             At any rate, I hope you enjoy the outline and I'm anxious to hear             your feedback.             Thanks again for the time and opportunity.             blane <Keep writing! Bob Fenner>

Marketing Column Proposal


 Wet Web Media E- Zine 

Blane Perun

TheSea.Org / Farms of TheSea

Copyright 2003

Issue 1  'Marketing 101' 

                        What is marketing?

                                    * Brief overview of marketing

                                    * Terms, catalysts

                                    * What is encompassed under the umbrella 

                        Do I really need it, Can I afford it?

                                    * Addressing common misconceptions

                                    * Cost of execution

                                    * Importance of implementation & follow through  

Issue 2  'The time is now' 

                        Where to begin

                                    * What information to gather

                                    * Who, What & Where are the targets

                                    * Market Assumptions

                                    * How to build a plan from raw data

                                    * Marketing is everywhere

                                    * Thinking about a brand   

Issue 3   'So you have a plan' 

                        Biggest mistakes in Marketing

                                    * Taking a look at the first draft

                                    * Top ten mistakes companies make                                   

                        Setting Objectives, How & When to Access Performance

                                    * Understanding your true objectives

                                    * Long, Medium, & Short Term Goals

                                    * Setting expectations

                                    * When to monitor actions

                                    * How to gauge results

Issue 4  'Align the troops and move into action' 

                        T.O.M.A. A guide to success

                                    * Top of Mind Awareness

                                    * Making daily decisions as a reflection of goals 

                        Ready to engage

                                    * Implementing strategy

                                    * Looking for opportunities, or a bridge

                                    * Horizontal expansion

                                    * Networking 

Issue 5  'Records, Records, Records' 

                        Data, Do I need to ?

                                    * Critical element of collecting data

                                    * Analysis paralysis

                                    * Scale your efforts to your objectives

                                    * Time to use technology

                                    * Use something scalable

                                    * Forms & reports  

Issue 6  'Finger On The Pulse' 

                        A second look a private competition

                                    * Are they competitors

                                    * More opportunity

                                    * Leverage and more leverage 

                        The conglomerate is coming

                                    * Should you really be afraid

                                    * Mass merchandising trends

                                    * The belly of the beast

                                    * Survival of the fittest

Issue 7  'Time to Analyze' 

                        Time for assessment

                                    * Gauge results against expectations

                                    * Update Assumptions

                                    * Close out chapters

                                    * Give yourself a grade 

                        Back To TOMA

                                    * Phase two, update the cork board

                                    * Make & integrate plan refinements

                                    * Take new steps  

Issue 8  'Now we March On' 

                        New Orders and old routines

                                    * Don't fall asleep at the wheel

                                    * The Next Battle

                                    * New dog's old tricks, passing the concept

                                    * Horizontal / Vertical Integration

                                    * The Web is woven 

Issue 9  'Automation' 

                        Putting portions of the plan in cruise control

                                    * Remember all that data

                                    * Technology is your fiend

                                    * If you can't who can

                                    * Importance of consistency

                                    * Trends and the future 

Issue 10  'Advanced Concepts' 

                        Stepping up the Plan

                                    * Selling a story and increase demand

                                    * Selling you business will follow

                                    * Push through marketing

                                    * Pull through marketing

                                    * Trash and trinkets

                                    * Create desire for products

                                    * Action vs. reaction marketing

                                    * Trend setting

                                    * Creating a marketing where there is none

Issue 11 ' Internet Marketing part One'                       

                        Internet at the beginning

                                    * What is it anyway

                                    * Where did it come from, where does it end

                                    * So what's in it for me 

                        All this for fifteen bucks

                                    * Mega marketing of the 60's and 70's

                                    * What they could not do you can

                                    * What the big guys can't do you can

                                    * Maneuverability is key

                                    * The five dollar focus group

                                    * Remember all that data 

                        Now it's time to build

                                    * Model from your plan

                                    * Have a theme

                                    * You can do it, or your nephew can

                                    * The living document 

Issue 12 'Internet Marketing part Two' 

                        Grains of sand on a beach

                                    * Where are you now

                                    * Make bridges to your doorstep

                                    * The catalyst of the web     

                                    * An equal playing field

                                    * Nothing more than an extension to the plan 

                        Where can you go now

                                    *25 ways to web market

                                    * Using the Internet to talk to your clients

                                    * Endless avenues

                                    * Crossing the regional barrier

                                    * Remember Branding

                                    * Advanced web concepts

                                    * The real power of data and automation

Re: CA Online Zine V.1 #1 Date: Thu, 18 Dec 2003 17:48:11 +0000 Hi Adam and Gang... Stoked to be working with you, Adam- I think we can turn out a neat product! I completely agree with you regarding having content ready to go before the mag is "live". <Umm, yes... I've made a preliminary v. 1, issue 1 cover with Jas' help... and his "old" banners are stored on a subweb on WWM... waiting to be linked on the root, other sub-webs when we're ready to "go live"> I also think that we need to develop a sort of "mission statement", or philosophy in regard to the content of the mag.  <Yes. We'/Will post this as your first "editorial"... at the beginning of the first ish> For example, do we want to utilize material that pushes the "state of the art", or are we looking to create a mix of stuff for the beginner, intermediate, and advanced hobbyist.? My initial thought is that, since WWM seems to cater to the beginner and intermediate-level hobbyist who is interested in adapting a philosophy consistent with the "core values" that we have on WWM, and in finding unbiased, honest approaches to hobby topics, we should select material that stimulates without "preaching", and presents some thought-provoking ideas and approaches that even old hands might find interesting. Hopefully, with much of the good humor and compassion that WWM is known for! <Agreed> I'd personally like to keep it a little less pretentious than say, "Reefkeeping" or "Advanced Aquarist". I think that the tone of the articles can still be "How to keep Zebra Danios" without boring the intermediate hobbyist, and can also deliver a "How To Improve Circulation In Your Reef Tank" without bewildering a beginner...It is possible. <Yes> Do we want to have "theme" issues, or do we want to keep a fairly regular format/mix? Even mix of salt/fresh? Regular columns? A certain amount of DIY stuff?  <Will have to see "who comes forward" in terms of content providers... but would be nice to great to have a mix of columns (including perhaps brackish, service business related, system of the ish...) as well as features (time to time topics)> I may be putting the cart before the horse here, but these are things that we should give some thought to- among many other issues, of course! Probably just mindless meanderings at an early morning hour, but I hope that we produce a product that is a bit different than the typical fare out there; something that truly has the WWM "flavor". As they say in advertising: "If you are not standing out from the clutter- you're contributing to it..." <Not at all... signs of intelligent life in this universe! Similar to what Jas, Anthony, I have been chatting about for many months to this point...> Anyways- Lot's to discuss, and it should be an exciting process...I'll be chatting! Scott F. <Very much looking fwd. to the process and product. Bob>

Re: aquatic business marketing (and note to post link) Bob: That sounds interesting I grew up by Tony Calfo and he's actually the reason I got into the business. I don't know 1/100 of what he does but I try. <Ahh, will share your note with him here> I actually have been in business consulting and warehousing ERP for nearly 16 years. I have worked with very large companies like Target, Sam's Club, Smith Kline, IBM and many others. I have two small sites. One thesea.org mainly an informational site and the other farms of thesea, my online store front. <Have taken a look at your site, very nice. I like the "color palette" especially> I certainly see a ton of oversights in the industry mainly because of lack of knowledge. Most people get into the business out a passion for corals and really don't have any idea how to run a business let alone market. <Yes... my chief goals in trying to interact with folks in the trade... to urge all to be a bit more sophisticated, a little more professional...> Its a shame how many stores with good intentions open and close when they really may not have had to fold shop. <Agreed... and the industry as a whole does very little to help (IMO)... the biz mag.s are for the most part very poorly/thinly disguised endorsements for advertisers... and a/the status quo.> I have not spoke to Tony for some time but he should be a good reference as to my business and marketing expertise. <Okay> I'd be really excited to be a part of the online zine. I have had three or more hobby articles published in Fama over the past years but have been looking for a more web related audience. <Us too> I have so much rolling around in my head could you give me any idea where you would like a series to start ? <Mmm, "at the beginning" likely... as in "Who, what do you have to be/know to be in the trade... in terms of mktg savvy"> btw here are my links http://www.thesea.org site http://www.thesea.org/catalog/index.php storefront both have been recently redone thanks for your time Blane <Will post. Bob Fenner>

Re: CA Online Zine V.1 #1 Adam/all    Among our crew members, we have assembled a group of friends who are overwhelmingly good people and clearly have shared interests (aquatics, life, social graces, etc).    Speaking to the social graces <G>... I must say that I understand and appreciate a courtesy to defer to the "vets" as you say... but assure you that it really is not necessary. We are truly all on equal ground here.    Don't be so polite... speak up here! <G> Do tell us exactly what you would like to do on any matter.    Bob and I have chatted about this regarding our friend Scott Fellman's early critiques of our NMA drafts. He is/was too damn polite/quiet <G>! [heehee.. you listening, Scott? :)]    Let me suggest/volunteer the following: we start CA with Adam and Scott at the helm. You two decide on the nature of content that will be solicited. Use the rest of us as a sounding board for a shared opinion on any consensus if you'd like. We want the mag to be diverse like WWM and then some. FW, SW fish and inverts, brackish, terrariums, reptiles, ponds, etc. We desire the popular pic of the month like so many other mags have... but ours will embrace ponds, wholesalers, exceptional LFSs as much as private tanks.  The articles will obviously reflect the seasons (ich articles spring and fall... ponds spring/early summer, etc... at least one beginner and one advanced topic per issue). Scott may wish to lean heavier on editorial duties (do solicit Marina, Ananda and any others to share this duty please). Adam... we definitely (!) need you above all others to solicit sponsors. None of us have the interest/skills to do so. This job will be crucial for the long term survival of the mag. So... Scott/Adam/all... agreed? If so, you boys get together and make a plan for the nature and number of features (I'd thinking an small image gallery too to include any contributions but also feature Bobs image work which is so accessible and also for sale <G>). Please do look at the other print and electronic mags and be sure to frankly copy/reproduce the most desirable features. When you have an idea on what you want. Bob has already constructed a subweb for it and we'll help/do the construct of layout when you are ready. Do call us by phone please if you want/need to chat further about this. Anthony... waiting for my first instruction from the editors :)

Re: aquatic business marketing Bob:             Sounds like your objectives match my intentions perfectly J      In short order I'll mail you a proposed syllabus outlining             12 consecutive articles. I'll write up a short bio and send             along my last published article on Zoanthus, for a sample             of my writing.   <Okay to all but the example pc. I think I may have it already (copied out of FAMA)>             My goal with the column would be to prepare and arm the             individual getting into the industry as well as provide             necessary help for those already running storefronts.   <A worthy goal>             My background with Corporate America will shed some             light on the obvious weaknesses of the big boys that will             allow the mom and pop establishment to continue to get             'a piece of the pie'             I'll draw correlations to marketing tactics and concepts used in other industries and present analogies of how the store owner could benefit from the practice. The content will engage everything from branding to end caps.  lastly I'll integrate tidbits on how to transition or run in tandem your brick and mortar with an online storefront, exploiting             the strengths and weaknesses of technology to the good ole fashion             handshake.               Blane <Outstanding. Looking forward to seeing your work, ideas. Bob Fenner>

Aquatic business marketing Bob: <Blane> I have been a fan of your aquatics business forum of your site for some time. I have picked up allot of good information there. I was wondering however if you would be interested in any guest authors. I believe I have allot to offer shop owners and online vendors in the area of Marketing. Yours is really the only forum I have found that deals with marketing aspects of the business. I'm sure with you have the section covered with the great staff, I sure do not want anyone to take the offer the wrong way. :) Thanks   Blane Perun www.TheSea.Org <Thanks for coming forward... and it IS time. We are about to launch an online zine... and your content may just be the ticket for a regular business column. Please do send along your efforts for perusal. If accepted, we pay $200 per, and post for posterity. Bob Fenner>

Re: writing I had a note here to write about anabantoids and killies. Did we discuss that or did I just make that up without running it by you? <Hee hee! You're making my morning Bob. Don't recall if we did talk these groups over, your writing about them, but please do! Am very sure you will do an outstanding job. Bob Fenner> Robert J. Goldstein, Ph.D. Re: writing Okay. Will do. - Bob Goldstein <Thanks Bob. Hope to see you about. Bob Fenner>

Re: writing I'll be at the Marine Aquaculture Conference in Honolulu in early March. Perhaps I will see you there. - Bob G. <Am missing both the WAS and MO get-togethers... rats! Am attending/giving pitches at the hobby do's: MACNA and IMAC in 04... Bob F>

Re: Moving Ahead with the CA Online Zine Hi Bob, I'm happy to see that you're opening your envelope to additional authors and photographers. I think its a win-win for all and you can count on me to help. Bob Goemans <Thank you Bob. Looking forward to the collaboration! Bob Fenner>

Re: Moving Ahead with the CA Online Zine Dear Bob,                      I have some 15 articles with photos on fish disease and related matters on my web pages. They have not been published elsewhere, and thus do not have the exposure that could be for a more aggressive approach etc. You could use them if interested with attribution in the usual way. Let me know, also about the book, as I have to make a decision with 2 weeks on this. Yours Shawn <Mmm, re the book, am concerned that we want a substantial enlargement of your work (we have concerns re price point for the tome as it is... if it were expanded and sold for about $40, this is the current market IMO), AND we would be about two years out in our publishing schedule... You had mentioned TFH offering to publish and distribute... and paying you a royalty. I would shop your book around a bit more and see if someone might even do better.    Re the articles. Please do send these along, and we will pay for them as they are published on our Conscientious Aquarist Online Magazine. Thank you, Bob Fenner>

Moving Ahead with the CA Online Zine All, we (Anthony, Jas and I mostly) have decided to go ahead with the non-automated version of the Conscientious Aquarist Online Magazine. Towards this ends am soliciting your involvement. We are looking for content providers: writers, photographers to submit article features, columns... For what will be a bimonthly (into the foreseeable future). Payment for approximately 1,200-1,500 word articles is $200, payable on publication. Articles, images are non-exclusive use, to be archived with WetWebMedia.com's root and subwebs into perpetuity. If you're interested in making submissions, please do so either directly to me or to our WWM mail server (crew@wetwebmedia.com). Thank you, Bob Fenner

RE: whazzup? (yes... frog voice here) Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2003 15:27:47 -0800 (PST) > <Am gearing up to have our latest versions of > chapters available... all files of slides for you to preview, stack up in anticipation of which we'll > scan> sweet... thank you :) <Yep. Bought a nice new "Lifetime" (now only warranted for a decade!) table, super-duper extension cords... and will "switch over" my best machine, the scanner, monitor... and one or two light tables for us to peruse each slide set/sheets... pick through...> > <Neat... looks like dragging our feet is paying us > big dividends... The online folks with zines are struggling to keep going, pay for providers. I > could/would still launch a "very simple" zine if > there was sufficient interest>> yes... exactly... and not to dismiss any of Jas' nifty and time-saving ideas for automating the site (very welcome when ready)... but for now, we are free (ha... sort of) from the financial motivation/need to operate by sponsorship. Let us produce a simple layout with a formal solicitation of content by category (marine article, pond article/alternate, FW, column, brackish etc). <Yepster> > <Ummm, let's chat this over when you're here. Bob> absolutely. And either/or/both Scott F and Adam C (former editor of our PMAS journal, etc) I suspect may be interested in taking a forward role in relieving the total burden on us/Jas to get this bird to fly. <Yay and Alleleujah> Lets spread the duty of content solicitation around to 2 or 3 folks each with a responsibility to garner 2 pieces monthly (quarterly to start of you prefer). Bob, I, et al. can fill in the rest from our personal archives as needed. <Okay> Seems very doable. I'm wondering if quarterly and in-house writing at first would not do the trick? Ananda/Jen commit to one brackish article, Scott a SW invert one, Bob SW fish, Mike/Adam/Kev a technical piece, I'll volunteer to do FW if no one else does, etc? Do consider :) <Sabrina can, and likely will do very good FW topics... there is INDEED room for all! Bob>

RE: whazzup? (yes... frog voice here), WWM online zine like a phoenix... > <Sabrina can, and likely will do very good FW > topics... there is INDEED room for all! Bob> <<Sabrina can and will, indeed, and would love to do so.  Question - my local FW club has asked me to do some articles for our newsletter, would it be acceptable if I used articles that I do in the future for WWM for them as well?  -Sabrina>> <<Yes... and books... and more... Bob>>

Re: WWM online e-zine... an appeal to all crew members Sabrina... much thanks for this, my friend. I'm delighted to hear your interest. No worries on your sharing some content either... Bob can correct me on this if I'm wrong, but I suspect that we are not at all looking for exclusive content/rights to authors work. It would be nice for our authors to avoid publishing the same pieces in similar high-profile venues... but we can help you with this though (another e-zine in near months would suck <G>... but in printed regional works as you have mentioned, and letting us refer you to overseas publishers in UK, Italy, Germany is quite fine... really no overlap there). OK... my pitch to all WWM crew members: Lets hear from the gang who would be specifically interested in committing articles regularly (monthly/quarterly) and if there is a specific field you will favor? Those others interested in randomly submitting articles will always be welcome of course... but what we/I am looking for right now is us assembling a crew that will be each be responsible(!) for some small part of the ongoing serial product. Possibilities? Gage a reptile themed column/article, or your fancy goldfish interest?... Adam a coral/fish ID taxonomy feature (latest genera/species assigned)... somebody a brackish column, etc... Scott/Algaeman(!) - how about a macroalgae of the month! Lets jump start the marine flora movement for refugiums and beyond! Others...? This e-zine will be comprehensive (new hobby info, beginner content, advanced content...pond, FW plant tanks... a little of everything... just like WWM. What say ye all? Anthony <Anthony, while you're visiting later this week, let's go over Jason's efforts (at least on the homepage) of/for "The Conscientious Aquarist" online zine... and what we can/will pay all for their articles, pix, editing... I would like to (finally, we've been dilly dallying with this idea for a year and a half or so), just "do it" (put out our first effort) ASAP... We have the first ish "in the can", but can/will gladly add to it at this juncture. Just need to solidify who is going to do what (like overall head-up this project, keep it going), decide if it will be a bi-monthly, quarterly or what at this juncture... but am willing, nee tremendously excited about getting the ezine off the ground... formulating how to add content, make the root web (WWM) more complete... we are/have been "short" several hundred "articles"... Let's get going on this. All, if the Net sites can't be made into practical sources of income, I suspect we can/will re-formulate the generated zine content into printed books, booklets. Bob>

Re: WWM online e-zine... an appeal to all crew members Sabrina... much thanks for this, my friend. I'm delighted to hear your interest. <Of course.  I'm delighted to be included in this project.> No worries on your sharing some content either... Bob can correct me on this if I'm wrong, but I suspect that we are not at all looking for exclusive content/rights to authors work. It would be nice for our authors to avoid publishing the same pieces in similar high-profile venues... <Absolutely understandable.  The local club's newsletter is sent by email, not published, but it is available online, as well (though very, very seldom viewed, I'd guess).  Our most recent newsletter can be viewed at: http://www.tactics.com/d/svas/Newsletter/september2003.html .  Right now, most of the articles are borrowed (with permission) from another site, as I understand.  It is our hope to have original stuff with the next one, and nothing borrowed (if I understand correctly).  Would article overlap be a problem with this newsletter, since it is available online?  Perfectly understandable, if so.  If not, I plan to do a monthly (or however often the newsletter is released, might be quarterly - still in the makings) book review (new, old, ancient, whatever), as well as other occasional articles for them; if you want those reviews, as well, you're welcome to 'em.  It would certainly make things easier for me if this overlap is permissible, but again, understandable if not, and I'd still be glad to be involved in the e-zine (more so than our newsletter, to be quite honest)!> but we can help you with this though (another e-zine in near months would suck <G>... but in printed regional works as you have mentioned, and letting us refer you to overseas publishers in UK, Italy, Germany is quite fine... really no overlap there). <Also, Anthony, I wanted to mention I am very much looking forward to the opportunity to meet you when you come up for SEABay in January!  -Sabrina>

Advertising rates for CA/WWM Hi Bobster and all, I'm putting the advertising copy for CA together. <Fabulous> I need to know the ad rates we use for our WWM sponsors so we can offer the same rates for CA. <It's posted... but in brief, the top banner ad on the root web (marine) is $500 per mo., and the right shared is $200... all of the sub-webs are half these values> The plan so far (barring upheaval and controversy!) is to offer the first month free, and free search engine "go word" type links with a yearly contract. Ad sizes are 60 X 468 banners and 200 X 250 block ads. <If Jas says these are the sizes, formats, fine with me> Jas mentioned we offered F & S a certain rate for WWM, so we should do the same thing for CA. <No special rate, deal... am very set against such practice... always "gets out", always destructive... Same price, terms and conditions for everyone... or I'm out> Any other suggestions, input, as always is appreciated. <Glad to offer it. Bob the fish business person> Craig

RE: Banner Ad, CA, Jason.C, the future I can dig it. Sorry I've been so silent, folks, I've been silly busy on this magazine. feels like the magazine that ate South Deerfield. And then there's this damn back pain, <What? Back pain?! Do take care here my droogy... for your axial skeleton is what/which bears you... exercise, sleep positioning, some aspirins, C2H5OH at nighttimes, and careful diving... which brings me to WSI/FJ... Walt.S called ayer, and am hauling out to Fiji likely mid Dec. to take on some lg. resort, a few gov't and ABKirby re the latest challenge in dumping the industry out there... Perhaps you'd like to go w/? Anyone else?> which has made it especially hard to focus the past few days. but I'm not complaining. I don't want to continue to beat the drum of just exactly how close things are, but things are very close. I've finally put the lid on the contest submission stuff so we should be doing well to publish within the day?!? I know, you say, let's see about that, and I say the same, but I've got to get this out. <Yes! Be satisfied with the 90 some % for now... like the speed of light, the last bit is harder to "get"> If you haven't already, please stop by http://XXXX <http://XXXX.com/> and check it out. Along with that comes a caveat. my Internet connection is slow which means you shouldn't report speed as a bug or use that to judge things harshly. I can assure you, this whole thing will zip right along once deployed. <Zip, zipster!> And. Saint Lorenzo sent me the graphic last night for the new book title so you can see that in there along with Dr. Foster & Smith. I do need to send out a lot of email. I've had mine turned off in recent days along with my instant messenger in an effort to avoid interruptions. it's been that intense. But again, I think the work will pay off and the readers will forgive us in the long run. <Yes... whoever "they" are they'll soon be even more blissful> So. I don't know. Look at the design of CA and see if it isn't set up to compete with the likes of an AKC. I'm a mutt owner myself and so as you might guess, think my mutt here is even better. time will tell ;-) . If anyone wants to be involved in my upcoming advertising efforts - I could use some copy writing - perhaps even as a front-end contact. I have some skeletal tools so that the advertisers will one day do this on their own, but today I need graphics, and I also need prices. I'm open to any and all input. <I can, will help... after a couple ishes, will be very easy... a year or N from now... we'll all dive in and laugh, ha ha, ho, whoo, heeeeee!> As to turning WWM into a big media outlet, that is one of my goals too and in fact. if no one else saw the news float by, let it be known now: I'm now. how do you say, underemployed. I don't have enough paying work out here in sunny Massachusetts. Come to think of it, there's not that much I have to pay for so I'm going to take advantage of a friend and move to San Diego and move in with the Fishman himself, Bob Fenner. <Oh, yes... plenty of work of all types in and about here... not big money, but more than enough to get us all by> The name of the drill here is Operation WetWebMedia and the goal is to expose ourselves! <Am sitting here, shivering in my skivvies!> I mean, well. you get the idea - saturate the media market. Try to do some honest publishing, and garner a fold of authors who get paid for their work and are comfortable working for us - wouldn't that be neat. How that happens exactly is up to each of us I think. Antoine, Steve, and Bob have that book, Zo built WetWebFotos and is working on a online photo sales system, I have this magazine. which by the way. we've established that Zo and I are the only Java-people around, but there are other contributions that could be made. Please make your web-talents known so we can exploit them. But back to the growth of WWM, how about video productions.  <Bout time... have footage all the way back to '88... Looking forward to having you show/direct us to editing, using some of same... Pete has some great u/w footage... so stimulating that Antoine will make zee plongee!> that would be a hoot. And how about an online magazine!!! That would just really be something. err. oh. this is why I stay away from email these days. I just type and type and type and I need to be working on that damned magazine. Which of course is also part of the larger plan of media media media. And then we'll drink cocktails on the beach. <Already started> So in fact - if anyone wants to step up to the plate, I need help with HTML sanity checking and scrubbing, layout and design critique and suggestions [trick there, if you want to critique, you have to have an alternative suggestion], and color-set considerations. I also need a quick little document about how to take a good tank photo. <Pls see here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/aqfotography.htm This is relevant to the contest submission and can be in a FAQ or Q&A format. The topic(s) is/are how to take a good shot of your tank and also regard things like composition and image format so that it is large enough for the judges to see. Could even be in two short sections - again, this doesn't need to be long. And lastly, if anyone has a Macintosh, I need a couple of screen shots for some online help. Which, actually. I'd also take a volunteer writer on. Anyone? Anyone? <If you don't mind... once the 'zine is up (today!?) I'll cast this note out to the public (dailies and), and we'll see who might come fwd> Please do check that URL - feedback is good. You might see it explode but do consider that you are looking at the "in progress" version which is being updated repetitively when I am working on it - that means you need to check back if you see something ugly. Anyway. the slave master is me, and I says I gots to get back to work. <Let's post, go!> I'll keep y'all informed of anything I'm about to do regarding release and etc. <Be seeing you, Bob F.> Cheers, J --

Re: Banner Ad SP wrote: What it comes down to for me is not what WWM was or is, but what it could become. If we do well with this book, WWM could easily become a real book, magazine, video, total media publishing company. If we have to junk up the front page for a few months, so be it. <Many good points here Steven... I do wish Jason.C would chime in, get the ding dang online mag. going... am sure it's our best chance for real pre-sales volume to consumers. Bob F> Please check out this site.....perhaps the most hit such site on the web.....and commercial in nature. http://www.akc.org/index.cfm Picture our own graphics with this type of visual appeal. It leaps out at you. The organization is also easy to see and follow. Not that WWM isn't, but if we are advertising, we need to reach out and touch folks! You techies might like their search, data, info access. You can access the schedule of any AKC dog event approved up to 9 mos. in advance and access all records for any of millions of dogs of over 160 breeds. A good example. Craig

RE: Banner Ad >So& I don t know. Look at the design of CA and see if it isn t set  >up to compete with the likes of an AKC. I m a mutt owner myself and  >so as you might guess, think my mutt here is even better& time will  >tell ;-) . If anyone wants to be involved in my upcoming advertising  >efforts I could use some copy writing perhaps even as a front-end  >contact. I have some skeletal tools so that the advertisers will one  >day do this on their own, but today I need graphics, and I also need  >prices& I m open to any and all input. Hey Jas, The "mutt" looks great! We want that hybrid vigor! Now we just have to work our butts off to get the kind of traffic (and $$) AKC gets! Let me know what you need for copy. If I knew what the rates, sizes, info was on ads I could do that. <We can either "make these up", charge what the market will bear, or I'll contact Terry Siegel and round boy Ron re what their zines are charging... Miguel, are you keen to help out here? Bob> Alas, no Mac. I'm so bummed. <Jas, Zo is this necessary? Should we dip into our ongoing book prod. war chest and buy these? Bob> Craig

CA I thought Bob said in a email sometime last week that Conscientious Aquarist was going online this Friday, November 1st. Is this true? <He mentioned it... so I thought I'd goose him by sending around...> Are we going to get a sneak peek? I was thinking about publicity for the magazine. What do you think about contacting a bunch of aquarium societies (I would be willing to do this) and offering them reprint permission of any of our articles? They would just have to say that the article came from WWM, CA, and the author. Opinions? <Good idea... I suggest we stick with the posted WWM Content Use Policy... free to all non-profit concerns. Bob F> Talk to you all later, Steven Pro RE: CA You can sneak peaks at it any time'¦ especially these days -- not doing much else. http://XXXX <http://XXXX> is the version running right here on my machine an available through the regular old Internet. I must apologize in advance for the speed, I don't live in high-speed land, but I'm going faster than a modem so that's something. The real version will be much more snappy. Anyway'¦ what's running here will be changing a lot over the day, the main site will probably go semi-live in a couple of hours. Need to stop for a bit to feed the dog and walk the fish, but then I'll be putting up the major chunk of stuff that will be able to take subscriptions as well as answer some basic questions and show off some of the advertisers. Once that is up and good to go, I will be creating a mass mailing for all the advertisers I hope to lure and give them the skinny. After that I will return my attention to putting the finishing touches on the contest entry stuff and then will put up all the content, article by article -- all done and tested here first, and then on the main site, and then published in color tomorrow sometime in the morning probably'¦ As for advertising the upcoming book, I would absolutely love to. I already have a banner in the rotation for BOCP and so this would be a shoe in. While I'm on that topic, I might as well divulge that I've got for plans on that front'¦ I have a main rotating banner that is a 'standard' size, 468 wide by 60 tall [pixels that is]. This banner is on a random rotation'¦ the more I get, the more random it will become. Then there is another size, and I need to find the example graphic'¦ because I've misplaced the dimensions at the moment [I know I have them around here somewhere] -- but'¦ this is what I call a feature add -- it's taller that it is wide, and will be used in articles, with a potential for certain advertisers to boost a certain article -- say [god forbid] Kent wants to buy a spot for 'Calcium Reactor in a Bottle Plus' in an equipment related article about calcium reactors -- it would be larger, and interest focused. On any article page, both the random/rotating banner comes up as well as the feature ad. Clicks on all ads are tracked in a database'¦ so I will have that information to give to people. What I don't have yet is prices'¦ I'm offering rotation on the bottom free for the next month or so, to see what kind of willingness to pay I can get from those advertisers. If anyone has any suggestions here, especially once you see the space on the test web site, let me know. So'¦ all that said to say this -- someone send me a graphic for the rotating banner and it's in there immediately. I will have those other dimensions later this afternoon for the larger spot, and I'll toss one of those in there too. I will cc all of you with the advertising letter that is going out. If anyone wants to be on the draft of that for a proof, let me know. As for reprint permissions'¦ I am hoping to make an attempt at a small fee for service on the site, for things like viewing video and also access to articles in PDF. How you deal with your own articles is obviously your business, but I'd like to make sure that the people I ask for $2.95 a month don't suddenly feel shafted when the PDF they just downloaded is handed to them at the next club meet. I think with some more strategizing we can work something out'¦ it's just honestly hard for me to think about that just this moment'¦ a lot of things in the ole' Duder's head'¦ Anyway'¦ I'm all ears for some input on these matters. For the next two days though, don't email me, call me'¦ I can't spend this much time writing emails'¦ egad! Almost there. Cheers! J -- <Oh boy... when can we post this link? Huh huh? Bob F>

RE: CA Jason, Sincere thanks from us all for the yeoman's job forging CA. Even with my limited understanding of programming, I realize that this has one heck of a busload (which is way more than "a lot" as units of measure go) of work. Thanks again, bud :) Antoine

RE: CA You can't post the test link... please. It's going to be http://www.conscientiousaquarist.com/ and you can post that very, very soon J -- <Hee hee! Was just testing... Bob F>

Dudes... check out the nifty transitional slide show used as content for this month's Reefkeeping e-zine. <Very nice! Jas, Zo, could we have articles, even "just pix" for our e-zine, archiving on WWM? Huh, please, huh? Bob F> I understand that this is likely easy to produce... but still it is novel :) OK... further proof that I am easily amused (Insert joke HERE) Check it out here... loads automatically (a link from the mag's table of contents: http://reefkeeping.com/issues/2002-10/reefslides/index.htm

RE: CA Features (warning: computerese) Archiving how? There is already a self-archive feature built into CA - as well as a self-search engine... and 'go' words... we could make a check box or something or add it to the search page - will be able to do full text searches on articles, which will work into the self archive <Okay... I was... I think... wanting to place the contents of CA (articles, features...) on WWM for searching, sharing... including the type Anthony pointed out. Will it be easy for me to parse CA out as such? Bob F> Let me know anything you specifically want and I'll try to fold it in. <Two eggs per cake> J --

Re: Piranhas (article for CA) <<Greetings Dave, JasonC here... I'm the editor of Conscientious Aquarist and will be soon in a situation to better handle article submissions. I'm in the process of trying to complete and publish our inaugural issue, and once that is complete will be better prepared to send along our submission guidelines. We will most certainly want to be able to fill out our freshwater section with diverse content.>> I was wondering if you were still interested in me writing an article on various piranha tips for keeping them. I also have experience with most CA/SA Cichlids as well. Dave <<Thanks for getting in touch. Cheers, J -- >>

RE: The upcoming season, WWM, help (!) Yes - yes... actually, I need to take a break from WWM in an effort to complete my work on CA - I spent almost two hours this morning answering queries, which is something I really enjoy, but was dismayed to find out how much time it took as I had gotten up early to work on CA... <I understand... will lay off you as much as possible... Steve.P is coming back soon, thank goodness...> Oh well... if anyone can fill in the gap, I'd appreciate it - at least for the next week so I can get this damned thing published. <You go big boy! Bob F> Cheers, J -- Subject: The upcoming season, WWM, help (!) Gang, though we're not "going out" for big trips for a while (book writing to do, and how!), the pet-fish season is nearly upon us. For those "not of the trade" the Summer is a bummer, but right about now, some seventy percent of the industries annual biz is done in three months... and we (WWM) will be BIZZEE... I'm back up to 4-5 hours per day (yes, I'm that slow) doing "maintenance" (answering, moving queries, adding folders, files...) to our sites... To the point, Anthony, you mentioned having a friend who was well-rounded (not fat) and of "good cheer" (whatever passes for communicating "of an appropriate positive attitude"), we had Craig of WWF help out admirably this last week... I don't think Zo, Big Wave Dave, any of our present Crew have much more time, inclination to "run" the bits that we're currently doing... Jason's got to get CA going, Zo I/we need help with layout and editing (four folks approached us at MACNA XIV with manuscripts... Dana Riddle's is very good...) What say you all? An important "decision" IMO/estimation... as you will find. Bob

Paying for CA submissions Jas, as of now I am able to offer you $1,400 per month for CA submissions (possibly more, just keep me informed) from the monies our sponsors provide for WWM ad/banner space. Please dole this out to all (let's say $200 per article), including to our own Crew,  and send me addresses, names to send along... as all develops I hope to pay more per and total. Bob 

Re: Paying for CA submissions Well thank you... hopefully, and in addition, CA will also help bolster those financial resources so it will make things even easier. <It will, indeed... the addition of worthwhile content (including FAQs, advertising (yes!), and interest all around is what our "media" co. is all about. Bob F> Thanks. J --

Re: WetWebMedia news Frequency? I'm not sure I follow... no matter. <Clarity is pleasurable, and I do apologize... got the line from the newsman being beat up from REM buzzing in my head... Basically, what's the time schedule, or more wantingly, what's the frequency in terms of how tuned in are you to the launch date?> The magazine will be finished up this weekend, and will have a live subscription/newsletter page. The plan is to hide the meat and potatoes and just put up things like the sign up and photo submission, and then carry the thing to MACNA on my portable so we can debut it there... then as soon as I get home, publish for 10/1 and then continue as a monthly e-rag. <Grrrrreat (now I've got the Tony the Tiger thing going). Am sure we all have input re what we might do going forward (I want to divert funds from WWM to paying content providers... accumulate content... do more with it income-wise...)... Looking very much forward to realizing the launch. Bob> J --

E-Zine! Hi Bob! I was browsing through WWM and came across (by accident) some documentation on WWM's new E-Zine CA! I think this is a fabulous idea to provide a more complete E-Zine to hobbyist and not just a hard core reef e-zine! <Agreed... more fun... and a bit more structure to our ongoing efforts at building, placing content...> I also noticed you guys were going to do a System on the Month section for the zine. Again, a fabulous idea! From Reefland, there are many and many of systems out there worth publishing and honoring! I don't know if someone on the WWM crew is handling this section and if so would like a hand but I thought I would send you a note to offer my services! Perhaps the boundary is being overstepped by me e-mailing you directly about this but when I was reading the doc. I just got really excited. <Great! Will fwd your offer to the Managing Editor, Jason C> Anyhow, best of luck with the upcoming and if I can be of any assistance (in promoting or helping with the above mentioned section), please do let me know. <Again, many thanks for your offer of assistance, spectacular exuberance. Hope to see you at MACNA, perhaps on our dive/travel trips. Bob Fenner> Kind regards friend, Scott Z. Reefland.com

Re: Newsletter subscription Might as well get rid of the links to WetWebNews on the Homepage and left shared borders to free up room for new links. I'll delete all of the WWN files on the subweb. Mike <Not so quick... let's wait a few weeks, months... till the CA update/vers. is up and going. Bob>

Re: Newsletter subscription It's closer than you think... <Yay! Can't wait to refer present sponsors to it... and help you in whatever ways to spiff up, start whatever we're going to do for advertising... Bob F>

CA Online Zine announcement Jas, do we have a launch date to notify folks against? Zo, are we going to utilize the WWN, Daily Pix dbases for send out? Should we start a separate sign-up list and post a link, notice to it on WWF? MK,PD are you assisting Jas.C in calling attn. to the zines inauguration? Or should we wait till a later ish for when it's more polished? Bob F

RE: CA Online Zine announcement I don't know about you, but I for one would be extremely discouraged by missing this...  <Missing... what? You set the deadline> or perhaps better said procrastinating. If I put this off now, August is going to quickly become September. Additionally, the plan is in the pipe to be in Cozumel in August so... chances are good that I'll be working on the next issue between dives. Regardless, this plan was hatched almost eight weeks ago and to slip this deadline is going to make it easier and easier to slip in the future. <Okay!> I don't know... I've heard this "message" from Steve via Deb, via Anthony, and now via Bob... Steve, why the push to put this off? I mean... your material is now in... <Okay times two> I don't know... how about this - if I can't get this done by tomorrow night, I'll push out the deadline. I'm not going to wait for Peter... I'm already deep in process on the site this evening and will be burning the midnight oil both today and tomorrow. I'm going diving Sunday so if I'm not done at a reasonable time on Saturday, you all will be the first to know. <Last Okay... am fresh out> Not so cheery, <B> J --

RE: CA Online Zine announcement There are two things that are in the pipe - me and Peter. Peter wrote yesterday to say it would be along very shortly... myself... I'm hoping to be very close to a launch either late tonight or at the latest tomorrow night. <Wow! Well, should we wait, have a big lead-up, lead-in? Bob F> J --

RE: CA Online Zine announcement Bob - you going to be around today, we can speak on the tin can and string device about this, and a few other magazine things... <Yes, s/b all day. Be chatting, B> Cheers, J --

Re: CA Online Zine announcement I say we kick off for an August release. July is half over and we could use the time to promote the hell out of it. And of course, work ahead on the Sept. issue. -Steven Pro <Agreed. But it's up to Jason.C to decide. Bob F>

Articles for CA online zine and more Hello Eric, Bob Fenner's website, www.WetWebMedia.com, is starting its own online magazine called the Conscientious Aquarist. I was wondering if you would like to write an article or even a column for it. They are willing to trade articles for advertising space for your site, www.AllOddballAquatics.com, on the magazine. I thought you might have a lot of unpublished pieces already on breeding freshwater fish. If you are interested, reply. <Oh, and don't forget to mention, the big fame, and if he wants, help in forwarding the same pieces to the hobby mags for even more pay, fame... Bob F> Thanks, Steven Pro

Re: News re trips, moolah, possibilities Regarding revenues... After calling around a bit, most of the target sponsors I spoke with pay one fee which gets them advertising on both reefcentral and their accompanying e-zine. Based on the conversations we had yesterday about banking, etc... do you still think it is best to pursue a separate entity for CA or should we combine efforts. <Combine... makes more sense, at least for now... no sense going to any/all ends about monies we don't have... yet> If bookkeeping is what's required to put things on the up and up, I'd be happy to put myself down for that too and I'll just throw QuickBooks at it. <A definite possibility> Many possibilities, and I don't have any leanings... have your coffee yet? <Am waiting for the drug effects to kick in. Bob F> J --

Some pictures of my tank and descript of my setup Bob, <Big Wave> Here are some pictures of my 55 gallon tank. Not the greatest photography but you can at least see some pictures of my tank. My ftp server address is The user name to use is cfdrop with a password XXXX. <Okay... if tis all right with you, am sending all to Jason.C for an entry for the space "Systems" for the new CA mag. Will take out pw on posting> "Can you find" the: Blue Tang - the one you helped save (documented on WWM) - have had this guy almost since I started my tank 2 years ago. Yellow Tang Hawaiian Puffer Yellowtail Blue Damsel Green Chromis Sand Shifting Star Fish Saddleback Butterfly Fish Bicolor Angel Bicolor Blenny Cleaner Goby Tomato Clown 2 Brittle Stars apx 20 lbs of live rock couple of blue legged hermit crabs and some snails... numerous bristle worms in live rock (should I remove?) <If they're small, causing no prob.s, leave be> I realize I am over stocked but my sump (adds 15 gallons of water to the system) and over filtration seem to make up for it. My ammonia and nitrite levels are consistently low - I do add and change the water quite frequently. In addition to the sump I run: 1.Eheim 2026 Pro - same as yours - returns via a biowheel (I didn't like the green Eheim tube in my tank...probably better in a planted system) 2.AquaC EV-180 Skimmer - powered by SEN 900 pump - in my 30 gal sump I plan to upgrade the size of the tank when the opportunity presents itself (i.e.. when I completely finish the AW deal) and finance the condo upgrade...but also want to start adding some soft corals. I'm thinking the Saddleback Butterfly is a definite on the "looking for a new home" list but do you see any obvious others (Is the Bicolor Angel ok?)? The new tank will be 75 or 90 gallons - <Bigger, better... for all> By the way, we do have a clubhouse over here if you are looking for a place to do a slide show/club gathering. Let me know and we can reserve it. <Thanks. Be chatting, diving. BTW, do try to set some time aside twixt the 6-9 of July. Steve.P, Anthony.C and Jason.C to be in SD... along with the usual suspects that live here (MK,DF,PC, m'self). Bob F> -Dave

RE: it never ends (Pix for upcoming, inaugural ish of Conscientious Aquarist on-line zine) Uhh - yeah, about 800 x 600, probably a little smaller as I'm shooting for a total window size of 800 x something, and hopefully that homepage in 800 x 600 so... Yes... Red_Sea_Reef_Slope.jpg that one? That is a "sweet" photo - would you recall, where was that? Jackson Reef perhaps? Anyway, I would surely take that photo in a larger size. I did get the CDROM yesterday and will be able to lift the photos from the presentation. <Okay... or do let me know if you'd like something else (will keep this in mind when sorting...), or need a new/er or different scan. Bob Fenner> Thanks, J -- Subject: it never ends Would you have some/any horizontals that would make a nice "cover" image for the July issue of CAMag? Please? <I really like Miguel's vertical in the Red Sea that you like on WWF... or the one here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/rsrfslopebiot.htm or were you looking for something more "aquarium" like? The cover is... a vertical? About 800 by 600 or so? Bob F> TIA. Cheers, J --

RE: An introduction! Hello Jason, Well, I'm not sure to be honest. I have a fairly extensive background in PC hardware/software and more recently web development. I am currently a ColdFusion developer for the intranet of a large pharmaceutical company here in San Diego (La Jolla). Also am almost done with my first Cold Fusion driven e-commerce site. I could help with database integration/dynamic content... I write fairly well and am interested in doing an article or two. I'd like to see the site and get a little bit better idea of what your going to create? Would you do me the favor of sending me the url? Thanks, Dave <You are yourself my friend. This is enough. Bob F>

things http://test.conscientiousaquarist.com/ <Nice... should there be an "Online Magazine" part of the title?> That should work, although for the moment this is being served from my house so it's going to be quite slow... no high-speed here in the sticks. <It IS slow> Also, photos... I could use some from any of your stock.... I need the following: - business-themed shots, big hardware, public aquarium shots - pond shots - science-themed shot... ?? perhaps a microscope?? - I've got a spot I'm calling "soap box" - for the stronger stances?? Maybe leaving it in... out, not sure how to fill - perhaps please don't buy this fish and etc.  <Great> Anyway, got any of your CMA shots? Like the dead fish from cyanide - or perhaps one of the cyanide bottle shots... - Also a travel/dive shot... perhaps a picture of a diver or something that I can clip the tail of an airplane out of... <All sorts of pix... just not the time to hunt them down and scan them...> That's about all I can think of for the moment. I know where I can get some fish pictures... Let me know what you think of the site. I'm hoping to be working on it all night so it should change in time. <Hotay. Will look for pix tomorrow. Bob F> Cheers, J --

RE: things Actually - the "Online" part is in the hover-over on the image - just let the mouse hang there for a moment. <Ohhhh. Bob F> Give it another look - I just put up some of the button work. J --

Conscientious Aquarist Online Magazine Ok... Someone said I could be edit (make that Editor... maybe we can change your Hash Name to Perry Olsen?) or so I'm going to take the ball and run with it. As I see it, we've got some immediate needs which can be quickly filled, maybe even in time for a late June release, and then some longer term goals which include creating the cycle of paid advertisement which leads to paying for content. As was earlier stated today to me, to keep this on the level and in order to attract the good and varied articles, we're going to have to pay our authors. <Yes, for sure... and rightly so> If you are all on board for a debut release, I think perhaps we can produce something by the first weekend in June?? <As in next week?! Yeeikes, maybe July would be better.> My goal would be to make a good design with gratis advertisements to our existing sponsors to fill the add space. This would establish the real estate for sale, and also get something out there sooner rather than later. <Okay!> First, you see I've floated a name for the publication, and the domain name has been registered. I'm certainly open to any/all input on this, and will be out less than $10 if we decide to pass on it. So, the formal name would be: Conscientious Aquarist, an online publication of WetWebMedia. Second, as editor, it is up to me to create the focus for the publication, so I'm going to develop some thoughts here and of course am quite open to input. <Yeah! Get busy on your first/inaugural Editorial!> In any given issue, I think it would be nice at the very least to cover the basic aquatic items covered by the WWM site: * Marine Topics * Fresh & Brackish Topics <Maybe Ananda can be approached here> * Planted Tanks * Ponds & Water Gardens * Aquatic Business * Aquatic Science Additionally, I think CA we should also spotlight the following: * Travel & Diving - me being the newly addicted diver. <Great!> * Book Reviews * New Product Reviews * WWM Q&A Highlights * Other spotlight items like "Don't buy this fish" - open to suggestions. Just reading the list like that, I'm quite excited because this is really a lot of content, and certainly enough to kick something... well, at least attract interest. Now the trick will be to actually pull off that list of content, month after month. To that end, we also need to explore fee for authorship. Well actually, that's a foregone conclusion, we have to pay to attract other authors, but the question is how much. The only reference to that I have is FAMA who pays $250 an article when it's published. Could we pay less if we pay quicker? <Likely so... at least at first...> I don't know but I'm open to any/all input on this. Perhaps a reduced rate for book reviews - or can we get them from the publishers? I just don't know - looking for input. <FAMA pays $50 and the book...> Still, let's just use $250 an article for rough measure. I read six main categories there, with four additional topics. To avoid getting repetitive with the same authors all the time, we'd probably need at least four to six per issue, which means we're going to need to sell some advertising. Now, I don't want to put a strain on the WWM advertising, but those folks are our first, best candidates. I'm just not sure yet what prices we should have but I do think we need to formalize this quickly. <There are many more to be solicited... and we've never done much marketing of our content in a systematic manner.> So, plea number one is to those of you who have sold space to existing WWM sponsors. Please approach these kind folk and tell them what we're up to. Please ask them for graphics suitable for use in an online magazine, and any all sizes/shapes would be considered. AquaC springs to mind as they sponsor Advanced Aquarist. I will contact Mr. Wong, of Marine Depot and see if we can get him on the sponsor list as well. <Good practice specimen> Plea number two goes out to the content people, of whom I am one. I need articles, and I need them rather quick. I'm all in favor of a skinny first issue for the sake of expediency. <Mmm, I suggest re-considering this stance... best/better to start off strong... stay consistent to bettering each ish> For the first issue, I'd like to cover a couple of items broadly, and perhaps that will help guide the content produced. * Something targeted specifically at beginners. * A Red Sea focus to the marine and travel articles <Done> I'd like to fill the following spots: * Anthony - would you mind producing a material from your existing stock suitable as an introduction to reef keeping - perhaps the importance of the various tests. What good numbers would be. Or lighting... I'm game. * Barb - would you mind producing a FAQ(s) of the month? * Steve - could you please start what would be a series of articles (I hope) perhaps dealing with the trials of maintenance, working in the pet-fish biz. I'm open to directions you might want to take this - tips from the Pros [ahh! That's a pun.] or something. * Bob - would you mind producing one or two articles from your existing stock that would cover one or two of the gaps. I also need some images around which to weave the issues. Do we want to put the biotope article in this publication? <Yes... will actually produce new content here... maybe the "biotope" pieces on the Red Sea...> * JasonC - I need to produce an editorial, a documentary of Interzoo, and perhaps a travel bit on Egypt. I'd also like to add a "Don't buy the bi-color parrotfish" but that would be too many articles from me. I'd accept any/all image help on this. * Di - I'd really like to feature something to the tune of "Di's Travel Tips" which would be a quickie list of things to take/remember that would be focused on the travel destination of the month. Would you mind? * Lorenzo - would you mind putting a bow on the little - This Is How You Fallow Your Tank and Treat for Ich- mantra you've laid out on the forum and also while answering Bob's email? * Peter - would you mind penning something about the trip to Egypt, this would let me fill a marine spot with the parrotfish article. Perhaps if Di is game, confer with her about mixing with the travel tips?? <Great> If I'm missing anything there, I'd really appreciate you letting me know. Plea number three is to Mike - dude, I need some help on design. I'm all ears, eyes, etc.. Additionally, this is a good opportunity to include calendar shot of the month and such, but we really need to talk about the production of said items. Plea number four is to those of you who know other content authors. Please send out some feelers and see what the take is. See what we can get away with paying to attract some additional content. So... a lot of items for discussion there. Feel free to call me here at the house or email if you have any comments or suggestions. If you don't feel you can complete any of these items, please say so and I won't be offended. I know I signed you all up, but it's what I have to work with at the moment - get me more sponsors and then it will become more worth while. Anyway, I'm excited and think this could be a good vehicle. Thanks in advance for the help. Cheers, J -- <A dream unfolds. Bob F>

Newer, Better WWM? or wanna be copying? http://www.advancedaquarist.com/ re the reefs.org adv. aq. mag. Mmm, do like the regularity of content building... and we could design such an on-line 'zine... and even pay ourselves and others for the new bits... and likely generate new sales/sponsorship with similar in-article advert.s. Maybe Steve could do a "Service Counter" series, Antoine an ongoing series on "Frag Momma Frag, what'cha gonna do?", Barbara's Best FAQs roundup?... And... do like the link to CoralRealm and their video shorts... What say you?  Bob F

RE: Newer, Better WWM? or wanna be copying? And wouldn't you know it... conscientiousaquarist.com is available! <Mmm, kinda long... but very tempting. Is this what we'd call the zine? Bob F> J --

Re: Newer, Better WWM? or wanna be copying? WOW! What a seriously good idea... I wish I thought of it!!! Ha! And a another/big, bad avenue on the WWM portal to solicit advertising for too. Hey... it sure isn't free to offer a service for..well.. free! If we plan to succeed and traffic increases, it would be nice to have the technical support (human and hardware) to keep the ball rolling and I understand that such things do not come cheaply. Especially when WWM gets to be as big as Microsoft (the tiny pretzel company... not the tech giant) <Mmm, pretzels, yessss> Reefs.org has over 7,000 registered users... not sure of actual traffic... and they have Advanced Aquarist e-zine which is received very well by aquarists and looked forward to. Suppoted by Spring, Toonan, Bingman, et al <As I've seen...> Reefcentral.com has 12,500 registered users and Reefkeeping online e-zine. Also well received by aquarists. Supported by Borneman Shimek <Yes... they're paid to do this "support"> With the traffic and mission of WWM... it seems like a really great idea to me! Count me in, please. <Let's have other WWM folks input... could, would you do a "monthly" article Antoine? Who else should we solicit? How much should we pay?> And will all of the great friends/contacts Bob has... wow! Contributions from Leng Sy and Scott Michael will have a tremendous draw... exchanges with Daniel Knop... so many! <You're so right> Dude... I'm stoked! Antoine <I'm sleepy and a few other dwarves... but waking. Gang? Bob F>

RE: Newer, Better WWM? or wanna be copying? Count me in... <In what capacity, role? Would you like to do... the layout of articles, editing all? Bob F>

RE: Newer, Better WWM? or wanna be copying? Well, I went ahead and registered it, just in case we want to use it. <Hotay! Send me the big bill! Bob, who wonders when you (and Zo?) will be ready to "launch" our new online zine...> J --

RE: Newer, Better WWM? or wanna be copying? Anything you need. <This is a HUGE opening... Do think you might have a good deal of fun, and edumacation being the overall editor... Maybe get Miguel to help with layout, selling ad space... What would you do to improve on "Adv. Aquarist" online format, content? I would add "other" categories (ponds, freshwater, business, science...) and really spiff up the "month's featured system"... and REALLY like to add video at this juncture... Peter.C has made stmt.s re providing clips (at last!). Mmm? Bob F>

Re: Newer, Better WWM? or wanna be copying? The biggest distinction for a WWM e-zine could be it complete aquarium coverage; freshwater, marine, reef, ponds, etc. The other two mentioned are pretty much dedicated to hardcore reef types. They make up a very small percentage of the overall hobby. A strong argument to point out to prospective advertisers. -Steven Pro <Well-stated. Agreed. Bob F>

RE: Conscientious Aquarist Online Zine Also - do we want to do a tank of the month? Do I want to leak this onto the forum perhaps and open up submissions? <Definitely yes. Bob F> J --

RE: Conscientious Aquarist Online Zine I was under the impression that none of the other ezines require paid subscription. Am I mistaken? Are we planning on a paid subscription model? <I am definitely FOR non-paid... Perhaps the confusion here is that we are FOR sponsor support... Am hoping that we can secure funding from manufacturers, etailers, livestock suppliers... and provide the content (ongoing) for free... adding the content to our sites as archives as we go. Bob F> -Zo

RE: Conscientious Aquarist Online Zine I would suggest that we take the time to prepare/edit/layout the first edition. This will be the deciding factor upon which many will decide whether to invest in ad space or a subscription. We can work with a content deadline of June 1 ( for those of us who do not have file cabinets full of articles to submit. Then look at a target release date of June 15th (or later if necessary) for the July issue. This can be a link available to the e-zine for free the first month or two(found on the web site), and then a pay site afterwards. The link can go out to the daily pics mailing list for free, also, as well as the current advertisers. <Yikes! Am keying as fast as I can! Wah! Will have to cut back on my fun time of sorting pix!> As for the payment for articles, you may want to consider trading ad space for starters. Walt Smith writes an article for CA, and he gets free ad space that month. <A good idea> You can look at using my authorizenet account for the online purchase of subscriptions or ad space for the e-zine. This way you will not have to deal with the paperwork or base monthly fees. If you choose to get your own credit card processing system, get started now- it took me 6 weeks to get all the paperwork. <Oh, this is where Zo got the idea... we're not going to sell subscriptions> I am not quite sure what type of travel tips you are looking for: clothing? banking? customs? health?- please advise. <Up to Jas... would do what you consider more pertinent for now... Maybe take a close read through all those "travel mag.s" you get for ideas. Bob F> Di

E-zine and MACNA WWM Gang, <Yowza> Please do count me in for a monthly article as long as WWM can stand my ramblings <G>. Feel free to advise, direct, suggest topics, insult, proffer virtual wedgies... whatever. <Wet Willies here they come!> I really like the tank of the month feature ...or rather aquatic system of the month: change it up and introduce dedicated focus groups of aquarists to beautiful systems in other pastures (wow...nice pond! Holy crap... what a great plant tank... Yowsa... is that a finger in that Piranha tank?!?) <Or one in your ear?> I really like Di's suggestion of encouraging industry professionals to exchange articles for ad space... yes, Walt Smith, Len Sy and Daniel Knop right off the bat. <Yessuh> Agreed with Bob, others... first issue has to be big and bad and get better from there... no small starts. <Yazzz> I'm not comfortable or informed about the paid site thingy. Hoping we get enough advertsing to not need to. <Uh huh> I definately think we may need a professional advertising hitman soon to do some serious work... perhaps money well spent (X% commission on collars... lord knows we could give them a big old list. I have this years Backer and Interzoo catalogs to share for that person's cold calls. Pete suggested a lady recently didn't he? We could use that person that can sell ice to an eskimo. <Patti.D is coming on... come on Pat's, show your stuff!> Passing comment about the name. Ultimately I do like/prefer the association of Conscientious Aquarist with Bob. But as a rule, people need something easy to remember and type in at least the first time they try to visit. And face it... a lot of people (including myself <G>) may not be able to spell conscientious from go. If they get frustrated after 1.4 seconds of trying to find it on a mispelled keyword search... they will bail. Plenty of other distractions on the web. Advertsing really benefits by easy to remember/spell. Just a thought. Still... I think I would vote to keep it but for the wrong reason...heehee... I'm hoping it weeds out the stupid aquarists who are not diligent and resourceful enough to keep trying until they find us if they mispell it. ha! <Do agree with the above... my same concerns> And lastly, I will contact MACNA to officially request/confirm our free table. Will need some larger pics of aquatics and a WWM home page shot from Bob for out table top and background. Pitch to aquarist traffic and potential advertisers before we leave (Mike/gang). Perhaps we'd like to have a small banner made announcing the our web addy, e-zine, escort service, etc. <Great... am hoping to have... two? Laptops... recent update of the sites... whatever else we can scrounge up...> Very excited!!! Antoine <Me too! Bob!>

CA Mag deadlines Ok, ok... I was really just expressing some wishful thinking about getting something out in June. July is fine with me. That being the case, I need second-draft articles before June 10, no outlines. We can discuss outlines before the June 10 deadline, but I'd like to have real content approaching a real length so we have something to build the publication with. Final articles and associated photo materials should be in no later than June 20. <Yikes! That's the way to crack zee whip Monsewer! Will crank> So far I have article confirmation from the following folk: * Bob - biotope article on the Red Sea, and perhaps more - I might need to snag a pond article or something. <Hotay> * Peter - travel to Red Sea * Di - travel tips in conjunction with Pete's article * Barb - best FAQs of the month from WWM * Anthony - is on board but hasn't told me what he is writing I also have Di's great suggestion that we try and extract some content from our sponsors in lieu of payment - trade for articles. I like this idea and think we should try to make it work. <Please read through "my" Address Book on MSN... I will help you contact, ask folks there if they have time, interest in such exchanges> Also, on the discussion of what people can and can't type for a URL, I'm still really liking "conscientious aquarist" but perhaps we should add a second URL for the spelling challenged. I checked this morning and CAMAG.com is taken, but CMAMAG.com is not and neither is WWMMAG.com. It would be a simple matter to point one to the other. Keep in mind that the largest challenge at this point in the lifecycle of the Internet is actually being able to register the domain name you want; many are already taken. Also keep in mind that the initial hits on this content will likely come from links on either WWM or WWF, and at that point people will hopefully be book marking it. I think the spelling of this 'long' domain name will be inconsequential in the long run - but I could be wrong. <I say we try it as it is... and if a giant mistake... change later. I do agree that a one-time spelling effort is no big deal... and that many people will likely not be spelling the name at all, but simply "clicking" and saving... to "sign up"> I think we are all agreed that this magazine will be free to the end user and not free for the sponsors/advertisers. The goal is for the sponsors/advertisers to essentially float the entire operation. No fee-for service - agreed? <Yes> Left out from my original email, but floated up not long after is a tank of the month feature. I will probably announce this to the general public just as soon as I can write a quick front-end to allow photo submissions. Probably later this week. In any case, this will officially crack the lid on our intentions. <You go boy!> The goal of this week will be to get in touch with our sponsors. The buzz phrase of the week is "Free advertising in trade for content." More news as soon as I think of some... Cheers, J -- <Be chatting, planning, executing. Bob F>

Re: Conscientious Aquarist Online Zine Hi Bob: Is this a solicitation for paid content or for informational purposes only? <Both my friend. Will cc Jason Chodakowski (CA online editor)here re possible interest. Be chatting, seeing you (in Dallas next I guess). Bob F> Eric

Re: Conscientious Aquarist Online Zine Bob, <Will send along to the Ed. in Chief, Jas.C> Tropicorium....the fact that they do mail order makes me wonder if they (Dick Perrin) would be interested in trading articles for advertisement? Just a thought, Barb-- <A good one. Will send to Dick, actually, will let Jas decide if he wants to send to Dick. Bob F>

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