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 Re: Some sort of parasite?  11/18/05 What a great service you provide!  Thank you for your speedy and helpful response.  I will let you know how things progress, all the best, Monte. <Thank you. Bob Fenner> 

Origin/s of WWM When was your website published? I am using some of your info for a school project that I have to do and I need to know when it was published. Thank you for your time. <First in the mid-90's... still in progress. Bob Fenner> Sincerely, Questioner 

Hi just a few words :) 8/11/05 Hi, my wife and I would just like to you thank you so much for this web site,   we love our fish and we have both learned more about fish at your website than at a fish store. and just hope you know that your web site is wonderful. thank you again. ~Andrew and Jenny Harris <Thank you for your kind, encouraging words. The friends, fellow aquarists that are WWM greatly appreciate the acknowledgement, as do I. Bob Fenner>

Good site I like the look of this site. It's 800 pixels wide and you can see everything on the page with no horizontal or vertical scrolling. It also has the cascading menus on the left side that Bob and I want to implement. Go to this link---------> http://msnbc.com/news/default.asp <Wow, me too! Bet they've got a few more folks than all of us working on this beauty! Can't wait! Bob F> Mike

Ok then... I wasn't sure when I should stand down, so I picked up a few for you this morning. Don't want to spoil all your fun. Anyway, looks like someone else is getting a two-for-one special today. <Things are very slow... but "you go Jas"... Whenever you can, want to, please do log on, answer away. The site/tool and the help we offer others is much better, stronger for having both of us work on it. Don't be shy. Bob Fenner> Cheers. J --

Feedback (on WWM) just wanted to let you know how GREAT your site is, found by accident. Awesome. <Ah! I feel... the acknowledgement for what we are, hope to be. Thank you. Bob Fenner> Long Island, NY, USA

Got me thinking that one :-) bob, what on earth..... that's what's missing on the net. Please MORE! :-) <Ah yes, the ever useful humuhumuanukunuku a potholder! A fave in the kitchen! Do agree it's naturally good to assert our playfulness, by "exhibiting", (make that living) our childhoods... Thank you for this reminder. Bob Fenner>

Small problem on the website Bob, I ran a check on our homepage and it came up with a slight problem that may be a problem for some search engines. It looks like you added a couple of more words to the Meta Tags, chat rooms etc... It has to be below 200 characters in length to be effective. Below you will find the information I received and where to find the source HTML code on the site. Just take out enough of the descriptors to get below 200 characters. --------------------------------------------------------------- Description: Wetwebmedia offers information on salt water aquarium, freshwater aquarium, fishes, saltwater, corals, reef tank, pond, fish, aquatics articles, images and frequently asked questions, FAQs, Chatroom, ChatForum, calendars, news . Problem: Your Description is too long and may be cut short or not included in some search engines. You are using 225 characters when the maximum is only 200. Solution: You need to reduce the length of your description so that it is fewer than 200 characters long. Bob, this is the line in the HTML code on the site- <META NAME="description" CONTENT="Wetwebmedia offers information on salt water aquarium, freshwater aquarium, fishes, saltwater, corals, reef tank, pond, fish, aquatics articles, images and frequently asked questions, FAQs, Chatroom, ChatForum, calendars, news Mike (who would do it but I can't get on the site from work) <Yikes, thanks much for this. I'll modify (delete enough terms)... Thanks to you both again. Miguel, Zo, please check my "not so handiwork" Bob Fenner>

Thanks! Hi Bob, I got the AquaC today, and it is in good condition (no breakage or anything) also the Rio (love those :-)). I was most surprised at cost of postage-- or maybe I shouldn't be considering the weight. <One or the other was just a couple of ounces more... and cost a few times as much to ship...> Are you sure I can't send a contribution for your page or something? <You have done much my friend... to help me, others. Thank you for your contributions. Bob Fenner> --Jane

Hi there (James Fatherree, fellow pet-fish writer) Hi Bob, First I want to thank you for sending me your address - its good to hear from you. I had a really super weekend and can't believe how well everything went. I must admit that it was really strange and a little overwhelming to finally meet so many people who's stuff I've read for years - and especially to have them know who I am! I've always just felt like a small-town teacher and fish business owner from Mississippi, that happens to do a little writing for a magazine. Yet to my complete surprise it seemed like just about everybody in the business knew my name. I've read so much stuff from guys like you and Sprung and the rest of the bunch and then there I am taking tours, eating lunch, and hanging out with those same folks. I even met Mary Sweeney - finally. Wow! <Ah, yes. The benefits of writing so much good material> I just took a look at your site, and I can't believe how much stuff you have on there. I think its great that so many people put free stuff on the net for hobbyists, but Lordy you had to put a bunch of your time into that.  <Yes my friend. As would, will you> I don't have any choice but to charge some money for mine - I've got to pay for the webmaster, then data storage space, etc. Its not that I think I'll get rich off it, but I hope to make enough to pay for the thing and pay for my time. It will have an exceptional quantity of information on it, so I think many people will still be interested even though there's a small fee. It only comes out to $1.33 a month or something, but that could add up for me pretty quick if I had even a few hundred customers. We'll just have to see what happens :-) <I wish you well in the proposition> Other than that, I'm trying to get a book deal of some sort. I'd like to do something on invertebrates with TFH/Microcosm if Mary will let me. <Do hold out for a real royalty... not page fees only... they have very rarely paid royalties (reportedly once)> Otherwise I'll keep looking around. I'm sort of at one of those points in life where I have no idea what's going to happen in the near future, much less the distant future. I may even have a new teaching job lined up for next semester here in Tampa. But for now its write, write, write. <An exciting time for you!> Oh yeah I also read over your bio/resume pages on your site. Very impressive indeed. Actually we have a lot in common it seems. I've got a "resume" page up and running too, so if you get a little extra time check out www.fatherree.com/james <Like the chameleon at the bottom> Anyway, back to work for me. Again, thanks for your hospitality at the show, and the e-mail. Now that I've made some new acquaintances, I hope to get to know you and a couple of the other guys better. Thank you also for your offer of assistance if ever needed - I offer you the same in any capacity that I can provide. <Thank you my friend> Cheers, James <Be seeing you. Bob Fenner>

Meeting Bob Hi Joyce, Barb, Des, Bob, Mike, Joyce pondered: "Where did you meet Bob anyway?" The same way you guys did - his website. I read his book, put a glowing review on Amazon.com, then stumbled across his website, asked a couple typical questions about disease, compatibility, etc. etc. That was about a year ago. <Have to relate to you what the lack of response was at the MACNA do last when I asked, "How many of you know about our site....?" Not much response... yet> I started reading his FAQ's quite religiously - just like you guys. Then one day somebody suggested a few things about his website - <Like HELP, how to make this thing better!> and he just started getting crazy about aaaalll the things he wished he could do, but didn't have the technical resources he needed. Mailing list, discussion board, image database, etc. He also mentioned that he'd been trolling for help for some time. <Cut fish or bait, what's it gonna be?> I finally piped up and said (synopsis of very lengthy email conversation) "I can do that. All that." Bob: "Really, why would you?" Me: "Because you're so cool." Bob: "But it's time consuming and expensive." Me: "The hobby is worth it. Besides I have both time and money." Bob: "Okay, how do we start?" Me: "I'll start asking a lot of questions, and start writing code. I'll show you something in two weeks." <And it's been blissful since!> And thus WetWebFotos was born. Now we're just trying to find the time and energy to start populating it with more images (there are ~350 there now, his library includes around 25,000). Soon after, I setup WetWebNews. Another friend Mike K., besides creating/managing the look/feel for WetWebMedia.com, assembles the content for WetWebNews. Then of course talk.wetwebnews came right afterward. WetWebFotos is not nearly finished, neither in content nor functionality - there's a LOT more to come. User pages, user tank log/diary with searches and statistics, open user commentary on species/articles/photographs, etc. Not to mention the content of all his articles, in a fully searchable format. When I go to San Diego next week, it will be the first time I've met him in person. I'm pretty darned excited. There you go, the whole story, in a snailshell! -Zo <Can't wait... am lining up Lentil, pasta et al. recipes for ya... and a back brace for all the lifting! Bob F, in greesy city... Deetroyt>

Re: moving sale? Hi Bob, No, I live out here in Chino Hills, in the land of liquid rock. Well, good luck on your move. Remember, bend at the knees! :-) <Yikes, in the same State even! Do have eight totes you can tote if you need a very large sump, container to mix salt, guinea pig raceway! Will, we'll see if Zo wants all the old skimmers, pumps... Bob Fenner>

Re: moving sale? Bob, Thanks for offer. Guinea pig raceway? I've got to admit that never crossed by mind as a possible use for the totes! :-) And yes, thank you for asking Zo. If he doesn't have a need for all of the stuff, I could really use a skimmer and a pump. I understand your reason for not wanting to sell used stuff to friends, but I'd really like to somehow pay you for the stuff. At the very, very least, to pay for shipping and equivalent worth in beer??? :-) <Hmm (as in Homer Simpson's voice), "Beer, yessss". Zo? (luckily he's a tee-totaler, so "they're mine, they're all mine!"). Bob Fenner>

Re: moving sale? Zo, Good to hear that you don't view skimmers in the same fashion as Bob views beer, ("they're mine, they're all mine!") :-) So, Bob, if there are any left after distributing to Zo/Jane/Des, please slap my name on it. Thanks!!!!! Khoi (as in Koi-fish... hmmmmm.... maybe I was pre-destined from birth to be part of this wet hobby somehow?!?!) <Sure seems like it. Address please. Bob Fenner>

Re: moving sale? Bob, As always, you're being way too generous! At least let me know where I can send you a couple of cool ones. Though they may not be so cool by the time they reach you! :-) <Ah, will gladly accept the beverage offer if/when our paths cross. Hopefully soon... at a hobbyist venue, dive trip... who knows. Be seeing you (and the package is on its way). Bob Fenner>

Re: moving sale? Well Bob, what can I say? Thank you just doesn't seem to cover it. Your generosity continues to amaze me. And yes, when time, (and wife) permit, I would thoroughly enjoy seeing you at one of the upcoming hobbyist venues to thank you in person. <Ah! Looking forward to it my friend, and your continued participation over these same "fish-channels". Bob Fenner>

Des/Jane Did you get that last message I sent about Des/Jane's address in the daily FAQ? My browser crashed as I hit 'send' in hotmail. Anyway, I noticed it was (accidentally) left in, in one of your posts, and snuck in there and deleted it... <What? I swear I deleted it... oh, I bet I didn't after all from one of the other "copied back and forth bits"... Yikes, and thanks> On another note, I was just browsing your Business FAQ's, and I must say, you are (at least outwardly!) a very, very patient man. The young guy with the 5 prior business plans who didn't need 'business 101' would have likely driven me off quite quickly... <You will learn my friend. "In dealing with others be gentle and kind", from the Tao te Ching (book of the way... sure you're familiar with Lao Tzu). Thanks again. Bob F> Peace, bro. Lorenzo

News re WWNews, WWM... Hi, C.M. It's Lorenzo, Bob's buddy who runs the WWNews mailing list, just wanted to let you know that I got your nice note, and have forwarded it to him and Mike, the other Web-ster involved in WWM... (Bob, Mike, see below) Thanks! Lorenzo Gonzalez <Outstanding! Notes like this are what keep us going. Bob F> Hi Bob! Just wanted to thank you for the info. that you have made accusable on the site and through the newsletter! Although we are first timers with aquariums, my wife and I have recently started two small freshwater tanks, and we are quite positive that we would have unwittingly killed a lot of fish without the information that you have collected on the site, so thank you! And we do hope that you continue with the wonderful work!!!

Moving sale? Hi Bob, I noticed on your last Q&A that you are moving and might be interested in getting rid of some of your used equipment. I am in the process of setting up a 55 gal FOWLR system for my parents and was looking for some good deals on a skimmer, pump, and sump (used tank). <Think Zo's coming to pick up the rest of the skimmers from our "farm"... and don't sell such gear at any length (friendships are too important, used gear too unpredictable> Maybe if you had a lot of stuff, put a list on the wetweb forum, and we can do a pseudo-eBay kind of auction. I'm sure the other folks who frequent your site are like me and are always looking for extra equipment for 2nd, 3rd tanks, quarantine tanks, etc. And this would save you and Zo some backache form moving all this stuff? :-) Have a good day. <Thank you for this suggestion. Do you live out near Zo's way? (mid-west)... He'll soon be king of old tank gear! Bob Fenner>

Authorization request  Dear Robert Fenner, I am writing on behalf of Dr. R.B. Aiken to obtain permission to use some of your photographs on the website www.wetwebmedia.com. Under Dr. Aiken's supervision, I am compiling and organizing an image bank to be used as illustration material for lectures in the Biology Department at Mount Allison University. The photographs would be incorporated into a searchable database that would be accessible only to faculty members in the Biology Department at Mount Allison to use in their lectures. This database would be password protected. All copyright permissions would be acknowledged and they would not be used in any publication, electronic or otherwise or any profit making venture. Yours sincerely, Amy Burke Supervised by: Ron Aiken, Professor Department of Biology Mount Allison Univ. 506 364 2520 <Thank you for writing, your interest. Yes to the use of any/all of my materials for educational (non-commercial) purposes. Please make it known if there is other image work you may need. Bob Fenner> R.B. Aiken, Professor Department of Biology Mount Allison University

Flight plan! Here it is - see you soon! Southwest Air 23-Aug, 11:05a - Arrive in San Diego on #303 from Nashville <Will be there to pick you up at Lindbergh Field (SD's tiny "Intl" airport, curbside (instead of moving furniture! Well, temporarily). Will be the pet-fish boy with the white Toyota truck, fish shirt (on me not my wheels)...> 28-Aug, 1:10p - Leave on #788 to Phoenix <And dropping you off! Be prepared to help install (re) our computers at the new/used placed... Oh, and to have a good time.> Woohoo! -Zo <See you soon my friend. Bob F>

Thanks Hey Bob, Just thought I'd say 'thanks' for all the help you give fellow hobbyists. I personally appreciate all your help. You are an awesome guy. Keep up the great work and WWM site. Jason <Will continue to do my best my friend. Bob Fenner>

! (re "my misgivings about net learning") Dear Robert, I just finished reading the latest "Q&A's" and was unsettled by someone "dissing" my/our buddy Bob. (Feelings of protectiveness took over...if anyone's gonna harass you, I'd have thought it would be one of us motley-crew members from the forum!) Seriously though...in the brief time I've been involved in the wonderful world of marine...the fact that I found your book, web-site and forum assures me that I got into this hobby/life at the right time. It in no way presumes that my homework or learning is done or ever will be as it's a continuous process. It's often stated by many of us that it is wonderful to know you're there when all the data just isn't computing regarding our unique situations but hopefully that's AFTER we've diligently searched, read, discussed and contemplated. (I think I've written you 3 times in the past and that's not to say I haven't "wanted" to write 300 times!) Anyways, while I realize that one unpleasant remark directed towards you will not take away from the 10,000 glowing compliments and individuals you help and encourage everyday...just wanted to reiterate that I'm one of the many who are thrilled by all the help and support you provide. Take care----BarbaraT <Thank you for your kind words. I thought over the possibility of simply leaving off this string... but consider that it is useful, instructive to post "what comes"... It is my hope that the course of instruction you mention be a S.O.P.... and that folks make use of our and others chatforums as well... to gain perspective, facts, attitudes... not simply my, or anyone's simple opinions of an issue. Bob Fenner>

Protein skimmer (and my misgivings about Net learning) Hello again, I have just two questions and I hope you can clear them up for me. My protein skimmer, a (Berlin Red Sea) is pulling very dark green liquid from the tank. I assume this to be algae, but, is this normal? <Not likely "just" algae... and you may want to adjust the skimmer (height in contact chamber) to collect more "wet" skimmate. Normal.> My other question is, my tank is still milky. 3months now. I have been doing weekly water changes 5% and someone told me not to change the water at all. <Adjust your skimmer and don't change the water for a month... Read through our site: www.WetWebMedia.com> I did add a "new cycle live bacteria" to help it along, but its still milky. My tests all come out normal, however, my Nitrates are getting higher. I am hoping this is happening because the tank is cycling. Can you give me any suggestions. I am running a wet dry with filter media and a full load of bio-balls and my skimmer. I am contemplating getting an Eheim mechanical filter. <One last time... read over the WWM site... you can't learn about the hobby fast, well enough by asking questions on this forum...> Any help would be greatly appreciated. My fish all seem to be doing fine in spite of the awful looking water. Thank you, Sandy <Bob Fenner>

Misgivings? Please be advised I do Net learning. However, I need to be sure I have understood what I read. Since you feel I'm to "stupid" for your site I won't bother you again.<No one is too stupid my friend. Q and A has it's place, merits as a mechanism for knowledge transference... but how long will it take for you to "know enough"? How much time, trouble would it be for you to simply READ more complete sets of statements (i.e. articles, book sections posted on our site?) rather than "now this is what's happening and what should I do" queries? Think on this. Bob Fenner> Sandy

Re: misgivings? Why don't you give this advice to all the others who write you? Signaling me out and humiliating me on line shows me that you Mr. Fenner are just not that good. Could it be that you had to insult me because you....don't have the ANSWER????????????????? <Humiliation? What is it you find humiliating? My opinions, suggestions? Do I make a pretense of being "that good"?  I do have misgivings about the Internet... as I've oft-stated... it is not a panacea... just another tool... for communicating, influencing, selling/buying... and subject to the same sorts of abuses, misunderstandings and strengths as other such tools (books, TV, radio...). My chief concern with your querying (a common one in my estimation) is that simply going back and forth with answering direct questions will not get you (or anyone) a "complete" story... I/no one can anticipate what "else" needs to be made known in such a scheme. Do you understand me? So, FOR FREE, I have posted many published and not articles, book sections, images in the fields of ornamental aquatics... for anyone's use.  I have answers my friend. But perhaps not THE answer for you. Bob Fenner.>

Very Interesting Bob, If you have a moment go to the WWM's search page and click on the search the WWW button and enter wetwebmedia. Thousands of links on other peoples websites pointing back to the WWM come up. You can also see if anyone is using an article without your permission. Fascinating. Mike <Yes my friend. A dream unfolds. Bob F>

Wetwebmedia.com Guys, I couldn't resolve WWM from several places around the country, so I started a thread with the support folk at DataPipe, as well as a nice little panic... they didn't help me out at all, but a couple of sysadmin friends in Kansas and Utah said the entry had expired in their DNS servers. Frightened, I logged in to Network Solutions and Register.com and sure enough, wetwebmedia.com, and several versions, EXCEPT wetwebmedia.net, (which is still owned by Bob, but not pointed anywhere?) were available. So I bought it (for a year, anyway). I pointed it to the DataPipe name servers, and hopefully it'll be available again by morning... Since I am now the proud owner of wetwebmedia.com, it has entered my mind to blackmail you for ownership of the name. My price: one Southwest Airlines round-trip to anywhere, one tall mango smoothie at an expensive juice bar, and no vegetarian or tee-totaler jokes during my visit to sunny SoCal. <Hmm, mmm, well the tkt's on it's way nonetheless, and don't particularly care who ones what in this world... but to eschew making jokes? Too much to pay for anybody/thing. Bob, or if that name's taken, just me> Deal? -Lorenzo p.s. Shall we point that .net name somewhere useful? I didn't know you owned that too. If we point it at my or Jason's server, we could put up a simple browser 'redirect' to the real site... <Would do if I knew how... and I guess sure. Not an involved story, but in the days of starting all this up for real we engaged both nomen nuda. Me>

WWM, Lost in Action Bob, What happened to the WWM??? Doesn't Network Solutions send you a bill, or a reminder, something? This same thing happened about a year or two ago, didn't it? It also happened to Microsoft a few years back and someone snapped it right up when it became available, but was nice enough to give it back. I'm feeling very bad and embarrassed about this and we should vow to never let it happen again. We were just starting to gain momentum with the hit count too, I hope that's not lost. <Don't know what the Charles Dickens goes/went on... am sick of the gov't screwing with me, the site. Not to the stupid point of murdering people, blowing up buildings, but am ready to post my thoughts, feelings on the "speak out" forums on the net... Don't let anyone else chip away at your personal freedom. The whole idea of "registering" names over and over is a scam, an asinine, government rip-off (as we all are aware in San Diego when reg.com was given to the thieves at SAIC (more quasi-governmental do nothing, know nothings) for free. Bob Fenner> Mike (Bummed out)

WetWeb Site down? Hi Bob, I noticed the site is down. I hope this is only temporary. Did you move the site? Please let me know, I need my daily WetWebMedia fix!!! :-) <Thanks for this. Site is down temporarily as our government continues to steal from and control us. Can't wait till we have democracy here. Bob Fenner>

Re: WetWeb Site down? Bob, Glad to hear the site is only down temporarily. I can understand your frustration regarding our govt., but if you were like me, and came from a communist country, this place is like heaven on earth. But I guess it should be, considering what I'm using as a reference point! :-)  <Point well made, taken> Well, I hope you're able to find contentment where ever you end up (underwater? :-) ), and thank goodness web is international! :-) <Be chatting my friend, from somewhere. Bob Fenner>

Re: WWM, Lost in Action My favorite quote from the forums: Re: What happened to Wetwebmedia?! AHHHHHH! Not cool...going through withdrawal here! -- Okay, anyway, the site is resolving from my work, and from my @home connection, as of noon today. Not available through my Telocity connection just yet, hopefully soon. DNS servers the world over are slightly 'confused' now, the domain name won't really be accessible worldwide until everyone's caches have flushed and zone updates performed. Datapipe may have set a high 'Time- To-Live' value on the entries in their servers, so an expire/flush/re-register/update cycle will take a little longer. :( -Lorenzo

Re: WWM, Lost in Action Yeah, you can continue to work on the site, if you use the IP address instead of the domain name. At least then the Daily FAQ's will be up to date when we get back online! I posted the IP on talk.wetwebfotos.com so people could get their 'fix'. <Ah, so that's the "why" of how I was able to work on the site... am otherwise oblivious to what's going on... Back soon. Bob F> will get you there... -Zo

The WWM is back up and running Wetwebmedia is back up and running. Yaaaay!! Thanks to Lorenzo for staying on top of the situation and resolving it. Let's mark the date that this sucker comes up for renewal next year, on all of our calendars and make sure it gets paid on time. How embarrassing. <Yippee, amen, and here's to the tee-totaler he's true blue... Bob F> Mike

Text with your own Of Contents web page. The Table of Contents page is a good way to introduce viewers to the pages in your web site. Word provides you with additional templates to create more pages. To allow navigation to other pages, select text and click Hyperlink on the Insert menu. This page uses tables to create columns. To change the way the columns look, select the cells you want to change and use the options on the Table menu. <A great idea... and what we have currently in the way of our "Index" for each category of ornamental aquatics (e.g. Marines, Pond, Business)... would really like to have something more.... like an expandable, color-coded/different levels opening trays from the left shared border.... unfolding when hovered over/clicked on... and all the images linked to our sister site (in progress) WetWebFotos, so folks could click on, see the images larger, more clearly... and for all to be tied together with our ChatForum topics and the WWM articles and FAQs pages... Would you be able/willing to make an example TOC for our perusal? Bob Fenner>

Re: Dead link Jay, I checked the link and all is well. This was brought to our attention before and I didn't find any problems at that time either. What kind of web browser are you using? We use Microsoft products (Frontpage 2000 and Internet Explorer 5.5) exclusively for making the Wetwebmedia Website and checking it. The problem you are having may be with the Browser you are using or it can be a problem opening Walt Smith's Website which has a large size opening animation that may be getting blocked if you are behind a firewall at work for instance. Some Network Administrators will disable access to certain types of Websites. Hope this helps and thanks for visiting Wetwebmedia.com and taking the time out of your busy day to bring this to our attention. Mike Kaechele www.WetWebMedia.com <Yikes... hopefully to be resolved as time/technology goes by. Bob Fenner>

Quick comment (re navigation feature of WWM) Hey, overall I really like the site. But you've really got to kill the "base target="_blank" on the  homepage. I won't try to speak for everyone out there, because I'm  just me..., but I don't like having a website open a new window just  for a link that should open in the same window. Anyway- keep up the great work. Just one nitpick in a whole website-  that means you're kicking some butt. :) ~John John, Thanks for the comment and observation. I agree with you concerning the new windows opening up when you select a link, I find it annoying too. I will take care of this problem as soon as possible. Thanks for visiting Wetwebmedia.com and feel free to bring any other likes or dislikes to our attention. Thanks, Michael Kaechele <Will post Mike. Well done. Bob F>

FP2000: How to Divide a Large Root Web into Smaller Subwebs Go here> http://support.microsoft.com/support/kb/articles/q205/2/34.asp for an article on how to make up subwebs using FP 2K. It doesn't look like it will work with the shared borders and I bet it will erase the navigation view that you use. Mike <Yeeikes... so... where does that leave us? An alternate plan/nightmarish scenario is to make "templates" of the various indices shared borders... and copy/cut and paste the files onto these... and NEVER to touch the "All Pages" features again!!! Bob F, who asks, have you seen the new Chatforum on WWM?>

I feel dumb asking.... Could you please send me your web-site address. I lost my hard drive, and a reply you sent me was the only thing left on my ISP email account.... I'd appreciate it... Thanks. <Thanks for asking... losing HD's is something (shudder) we talk about in low whispers. Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia.com> Gary

Future career Hi Bob. I'm a 17 year old high school junior and I started keeping saltwater fish when I was a freshman. I've been becoming more interested in reefs and their inhabitants with each passing day. <An ever-fascinating field> I currently keep a 72 gallon coral and fish mix but I hope to expand to a larger tank or try my hand at a nano reef when I get enough money. What I'd like to know is what kind of career opportunities are there with managing a reef and their inhabitants?  <Many my new friend... in research, teaching, applications of many kinds... for a young person, I cannot encourage you enough to continue your formal academic education, as well as try your hand/life at self-employment in the service end of the interest: installing and maintaining systems... easy to do, not much to invest, downside potential, flexible hours, good return on time...> I'd love to pursue a career that involves my favorite hobby. What types of classes do you recommend I take?  <Everything that is available... particularly that which pertains to the subject area... I attended enough classes at the college level to have been new and graduated some three times as an undergrad...> You've done a great job on keeping this young aquarist coming for more. I'd appreciate any input you have. Thanks, Eric <You are on a great journey of discovery and fulfillment. I will gladly help you. Bob Fenner>

Re: A fish to enjoy, A. frenatus in Malaysia Nice pic Bob, let me when you are settled back in and we can check out your slides... <Will do so Jas... have gone through all of them for the first pass (tossing half, sorting, labeling into larger groups...), now the second tossing as it were, and scanning, placing on the drive/storage and WWM... stacking them in discrete groups all the while, to show when all want to get tog.... Maybe next Weds? Will cc Pete (who shot ten hours of video, some very nice) and other show n tell types who may well want to have an u/w film/pic night, dinner party combo. Ask your crew if they'd like to come along if you'd like. Bob Fenner>

Aquariums (Use of WWM content for SG newspaper) Hi Robert, My name is Loh Hsiao Ying and I am e-mailing from The Straits Times (Singapore), the country's leading English newspaper. <Ah, yes, do know of your paper. Excellent. Read it whenever, wherever I can find it> We are at present running some informative articles in aquarium section every Saturday, and are keen on the material in the article "Your new aquarium: Tips for beginners". <And if you look at our website: www.WetWebMedia.com you will find a few excerpted articles from The Straits Times in SG, mainly from a friend there (Perry Chong)> We would like to seek permission it in our newspaper. Please e-mail me with your response and other queries you may have. I hope the reply will be a favourable one! Thanks and best regards! Hsiao Ying <Yes, you are welcome to use the WWM content with credit given to (posting the URL) of the site. Thank you for your interest. Bob Fenner>

Fix this please.. hey just a quick note about Robert Fenner's page the following page is all messed up with repetition after repetition and I was hoping you could fix it. http://www.wetwebmedia.com/tubeanem.htmI can't tell you what a wonderful site this is I thank you for your help. Robert J. Huss-------------------------------Robert, Thanks for the compliment regarding our Wetwebmedia.com website and for pointing out the repetition on one of the pages. We appreciate it when our visitors point out problems and flaws on the pages. We strive to offer the finest aquatics related website and with help from people like you the Website can only get better. Thanks again, Mike Kaechele (www.wetwebmedia.com) <Did take out all the crazy italics... some ongoing code problems with underlining in Word documents that are imported into HTML... Thanks much for this input and encouraging words. Bob Fenner>

WWM I've practically lived on your WWM site for the past few weeks, and JUST discovered the SIX different indexes at the bottom. They're on some index pages but not all. Just wanted to pass a note that if these were more noticeable, more people may read before sending you an email. For instance, I just found your articles and FAQs on live sand. <Thank you for this... will send along to my cohort/friend Mike.K who "does" the looks/navigation of WWM (I'm the one to blame for the content)> I often see you tell people, so look up the ______ article on the WWM site, but from the main marine index, not all topics are available there. Kinda confusing with the sub-indexes... or maybe it's just me. <Maybe many more... again, thanks for this invaluable input> Anyhow, despite the perhaps confusing layout, you maintain THE authoritative website of aquaria info on the web. <Wowzah, high praise indeed. Hope we can/will continue to improve. Bob Fenner> - Eugene

THANK YOU and sorry for screaming at you, hahaha It is 4am in the morning and I am still reading everything about fish on your web site. Thank you for responding so fast. And yes I write most of my letters in capital letters to my family, but I'll try to get better writing to you, hahaha. <Ah, thank you. Much appreciated> take care and good night, I'll better stop reading now. Sascha <Be chatting my friend. Bob Fenner>

Re: triggered Just a quick reply to say I really appreciate your quick reply. I actually tried to follow a link from the wetwebmedia site to check your publications but the URL points to a "file:///" instead of "http://somethingsomething" - thought you'd like to know. <Thanks for this... will send msg. along to Mike the Webmastah!> Do you have any books specifically about triggers. <Have never seen aquarist ones in the English language... Perhaps you'll be the first to author such?> I guess I'll just think about a second tank if I just have to *have* a clown trigger and in the mean time will also try and compile some anecdotes about human intellect. Thanks again. J -- <Ahh, a wise choice. Bob Fenner>

FAMA This excerpt from a post on the NG I read: > Bob Fenner's column is worth reading, but offhand I think it's the only one of their regular features that is.< Congratulations on keeping the publication going! Just thought you might enjoy the positive feedback on your contributions! --James D <Thanks for this and your kind encouragement James... though I think FAMA does regularly have a BUNCH to offer discerning minds... Bob Fenner>

Request of reprint  Dear Sir,  I would greatly appreciate receiving one copy of your publication entitled :  Macroalgae for marine aquaria.  which appeared in :  Pet Dealer ; 2/90.  I would be very grateful if you could kindly send me any other of your  papers relating to this subject.  Thanking you in advance for your kind cooperation and awaiting your reply,  I remain,  Sincerely yours.  Madame Anne-Marie DAMIANO Tel : +377 93 15 36 07  Responsable de la Bibliothèque Fax : +377 93 50 52 97  Musée océanographique  Bibliothèque  mcmobiblio@meditnet.com  Avenue Saint-Martin  MC 98000 MONACO  <Madame, you and your institution are welcome to fee-free use of any/all of my materials (text and images). Most all are archived, available from our website: www.WetWebMedia.com Please make it known if I may be of further service. Yours, Robert (Bob) Fenner>

Plant Article Use Robert, I would like permission to use your article titled "Aquarium Plant Nutrients" in my website newsletter "AquaServe News" and post it on my website aquaserve.com. Please let me know and thanks. By the way, loved your website. Duane Clark AquaServe Aquarium Publications Home of eFishTank www.aquaserve.com www.eFishTank.com <Thanks, but we don't provide content for free to for-profit sites. You are welcome to send the folks to the URL of course. Bob Fenner>

Your book Hi Bob. I emailed you awhile ago about using the Coralife for treating ick. We just decided to let the tank go fallow and get a quarantine set up. Anyway, I am going to get your book, The Conscientious Marine Aquarist, and I wanted to know if there were any differences between the paperback and the soon to be available hardcover. Would the hardcover be an updated version? Also, would they be for sale through your site? Thanks for the help, Mercedes <Thank you for writing... as far as I know the new/old versions of CMA will be identical, as are the soft/hard bound editions... Wish we did have copies to sell on WWM... very hard to find period right now. Bob Fenner>

Website Hello. I just looked through your website, and am very impressed. Its great, and I agree more than I disagree with a lot of your statements (which doesn't happen very often!) You are very intelligent, and I thank you for putting out such wonderful website. <Thank you my friend> Sincerely, Amanda <Ah! "The loving one", how appropriate. Be chatting. Bob Fenner>

Lorenzo Ate Spam!! Whoo! You get too much email! <My friend, we get too much> Sorry I haven't been able to keep up so well - the hours at work have been brutal, and there's no end in sight until I'm sitting in 18C, 30,000 feet up and halfway to Denver... <You've done a fine "job"... much appreciated by all I assure you... and am back in SD, and on to the other addr's we look over...> The emails I leave in the 'inbox' are usually those I have no clue on, or don't have the time right at the moment to answer. And after I -do- manage to put an email on the website, I move it to the LG-posted folder, so I (or you) don't accidentally repost it (happened once already). I certainly discovered/understand now the sheer practicality of your brief, directly interspersed style of reply. <Yes... logical> I can't get Frontpage to work, so I've been editing by hand (text editor/ftp)... sorry if it's goofed up the page a little bit! <No worries> I'll be in transit on Tuesday, hopefully get to answer/post that night, but we'll see. Vacations can easily become more hectic than everyday life... Talk to you soon. -=Zo-de-Fish-Brudda-in-residence=- p.s. I haven't eaten Spam in over 6 years. I went veggie about a year before we left Hawai'i... I just wanted to get your attention in that busy mailbox... <Thought this fine Hormel product was a staple of Polynesians most everywhere... know I do ingest it in various recipes... yum! Bob F>

Immense gratitude and thank"S Hi Bob No question just a heart felt thanks! I can tell by reading all of the queries and replies on your site that i am not the only one that is grateful for your EXCELLENT and very KNOWLEDGEABLE site. I myself and I'm sure everyone else that e mails and reads the queries on this site are greatly appreciative of the tons of information it contains, along with all of your professional replies. It is so nice that all of the hobbyist's can read over all of the info. and find answers to their own questions with out even e mailing sometimes because the answers are provided right here. If for some reason they do need something specific, they can get a professional and honest reply. Once again great thanks, from me and am sure from everyone else on this excellent , and very informative site Thanks again , and take care. <Outstanding. Thank you my friend. Extremely gratifying to be assured that ones efforts are appreciated. Thanks for making my day. Bob Fenner>

Re: The French version of WWM I do not understand what's happened but here again with my apologizes.  <No worries Claude> No, not at all Bob,  It's great the way it is now. I just suggest to modify as I did on the  page in attach the announce of the French talking site, not more. <Can you please send the attachment again? To the BobFenner@WetWebMedia.com address?> No, the  pictures are beautiful and how more I advance in the translation how more (I  swear on the head of all is holy for me) my admiration grows, fantastic.  I'm happy to be able, better to may, help on your work. When you make a  comparison with others sites, you just see than how poor they can be.  If you could send the CD it will be great but do not feel you have to.  By the way, did you already have made a trip to the French site?  It's growing, don't you think?  <Yes, tres bien!> My best greetings to you and friends.  Claude  <Be chatting my friend, Robare Fenner> Claude Declercq  decler@skynet.be  visitez,bezoek,visit  http://users.skynet.be/glot  http://users.compaqnet.be/allaboutfishes 

Stuff (writing) Bob, ol' bean - I'm really liking the new web page. It looks professional and is very functional all around. <Thank you David... an ongoing work in progress> I want to drop another note - one of apology for dragging my feet on fish "tails". My excuse is being indoctrinated into a new position and having to spend boo coos of hours on it for the first few months. So, my apologies. <No worries my friend. Good prioritization> If you'll still have me, I have been working on the Labrids still, just slowly. Things should be opening up quite a bit with other worldly matters now aside and the schedule balancing out. <Ah, good> Can the market still use a good writing? <Indeed, more than ever> Regards, from David A. Bell <Bob Fenner, in Indonesia>

Re: Wet Web Media Bob, Glad to hear that you're interested in being our featured site in our "Netting Knowledge" section. Please send me a 2-3 paragraph synopsis of your site and why it would be of use to retailers by June 15. <Yikes... am in Asia at Aquarama till about then... Let's see: our old corporations' Operations Manuals are there on WWM including the retail stores'... many useful articles for educating their staff, customer base... an ever-growing accumulation of FAQs of hobby, business, science interest in the field... monthly aquatics calendars...>  Yes, I was at WMC manning the AMDA booth. We thought you were going to bring over a signed copy of your book for our raffle- saw you in the vendor area, but you never stopped by. <Rats... I should've asked for you by name... still have the copies.> Thanks, Mary Middlebrook AMDA <Be chatting, Bob Fenner in Senggigi, Lombok, Indonesia>

Wet Web Media Hi Bob, I create the AMDA newsletter, and each quarter we feature an internet site that is of use to our retail membership. I'd like to feature your site next quarter. Please let me know if you're interested. Thanks, Mary Middlebrook American Marinelife Dealers Association <Thank you Mary... anything on the WWM site, make that anything I have content wise is available free to AMDA. And thanks for your efforts re the nonsense of the pending Caulerpacean debacle (nationwide...)... Sorry to not have run into you at the WMC (were you there?). Bob Fenner, in Singapore, taking a diving/photographing holiday on either side of attending Aquarama.>

Errata on WWM Hi Bob, Here is a quote from your section on Set Up: Living Art: Designer Tanks, Stands, Covers & FAQs. "Remember, water weighs about seven and a half pounds per gallon and there are about eight and a half gallons per cubic foot. " <Yikes, thanks for this... off the top of my head... isn't freshwater about 7.8 pounds per gallon, marine approximately 8.2 and we pay for water here by the hcf... 748 gallons per... so... uh, a cubic foot would be about 7.48 gallons... Yikes. Will change on the site, files.> Both of those numbers are incorrect. Here is a quote from Reef System Setup: I don't want to dissuade you from pursuing a "reef-system"; my intent is only to urge your considering what an involved enterprise it is. Most tropical reef set-ups have thousands of dollars into them, with their keepers spending hundreds more a month on gear, organisms, food, electricity... and the animals living an average of a few months. Is this challenge for you? The "hundreds" a month to maintain an average size reef-tank (let's say 100-gallons) is a bit high. But I am particularly concerned about your statement "and the animals living an average of a few months." Was this written many years ago?  <Still a valid "average" (measure of central tendency), yes> And do you still believe that knowledgeable, conscientious reefkeepers are only able to maintain animals an average of a few months?  <No, by the time this select group of folks get their hands on livestock, the odds are likely much better... However, there are many losses (highly variable), in the processes of collection, holding, shipping... that all have to be factored in, or explained away in defining what we're talking about> I would have to strongly disagree with that and suspect that this may be something that you have not "updated" in several years. <Unfortunately no. I work continuously in the field... and do know of "excellent" practices in the industry all the way from breeders, divers, transhippers to penultimate end-users... but these are not the sum total of all involved...> I would like to let you know that I have your book, "The Conscientious Marine Aquarist," and have read it at least 3 times. It is one of my favorites. <Thank you for your pointed questions, exposure of the first-stated errors, and challenge to my appraisals. I appreciate the challenge> Regards, "Ninong" (A. G. Davis) <Be chatting my friend. Bob Fenner>

More WWM Errors: Specific Gravity & Salinity Rob, Another question about something on your website. In the section: Specific Gravity & Salinity, you write: Temperature: a typical calibrated thermometer is adjusted at 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Cooler water is more dense than warmer. A change of ten degrees plus or minus is accompanied by a specific gravity reading change of @ 0.001. Is this a big deal? In the grand scheme of things, no. Just know that if you want to keep your spg at 1.025 at 80 degrees F., set your reading at 1.023 on the hydrometer. I do not understand the statement: "a typical calibrated thermometer is adjusted at 60 degrees Fahrenheit." I was wondering if you meant to say "hydrometer" instead of "thermometer"? Regards, "Ninong" (A. G. Davis) <You're so right... wish you were here/there to edit all my typos, correct errors. Thank you again. Bob Fenner, hope that's spelled correctly!>

Re: Errata Bob, Don't quote me on the saltwater weight thing, but I have seen it in one book as 8.25 lbs/gal and in another book as 8.45 lbs/gal.  <The former is closer... of course depends to some extent on the part of the world... as to total dissolved solids... but right about here> It just looked to me like you had reversed your estimated numbers for weight per gal and number of gallons per cubic foot. You said 8-1/2 gallons per cubic foot (I believe you meant to say 7-1/2) and you said 7-1/2 lbs/gal for the weight of saltwater (and I figured you probably meant to say 8-1/2). <Yes... too sloppy placement of much of the content on the WWM site... it is "just me"... so subject to many errors... thankfully there are folks like yourself to help straighten all out.> Thanks for explaining the "average of only a few months" life expectancy as including all of the losses in collection, handling & shipment. I misread it to mean that the life expectancy was an "average of only a few months" for those fish and corals that we actually keep in our reef-tanks. I was wondering how many bazillion idiots there were out there that were bringing the average down like that. LOL Later, "Ninong" (A. G. Davis) <And thanks to you again for seeking clarification. There are actual scientific renderings to consider here. Take a look at the WCMC report on "The Global Trade in Coral"... there is a review and link to this work (enumeration of some 13 years of CITES documents... posted on the WWM site... "testable, falsifiable, hypotheses" here... though of course reliant on assumptions (some of which I contest..) Be chatting. Fenner Bob, man, there I go again!> 

Re: red lip blenny, WWM Thanks again Bob for your advice. I was reading some of your posted responses and I think you might have been a millionaire already if you charged people for your answers. Then retire and go scuba diving every day. :) Take care and thanks again. Peter <Do hope this does happen my friend, and soon! Will be retrofitting a small enough jet and swinging by to pick you and others up enroute to warm, clear waters. Bob Fenner>

Wandering  Hi, may name is FAIZ I am from Saudi Arabia I am web master of the first  Arabic web site about marine fish & invertebrate.  I am wandering if it possible to use yore site as a source of information &  to use some of your photo gallery to identify sum fishes categories for may  site.  Please lit me know your police, your fast response is highly appraised.  Thank you,  FAIZ  <Yes, you are welcome to use any/all materials on the www.wetwebmedia.com  site for non-commercial purposes. If you need more/other images, please  feel free to send along your requests to BobFenner@WetWebMedia.com. Bob  Fenner>

Wishes from Claude of the French version of WWM Best Bob and relatives,  From Belgium, in particular from here (that means from me, much words to say  "I") wishes of healthy and joyful 2001. Health, is as for reefs, the most  important thing for men. That is more evident when you gaining in age,  isn't it?  So be happy, successful in your enterprises and stay in touch. That will  be a great pleasure.  That's what I certainly wish to you when you will have a dive next year.  Claude Declercq  decler@skynet.be  visitez,bezoek,visit  http://users.skynet.be/glot  http://users.compaqnet.be/allaboutfishes  Claude Declercq  decler@skynet.be  visitez,bezoek,visit  http://users.skynet.be/glot  http://users.compaqnet.be/allaboutfishes  <Thank you, merci' Claude... the same to you my friend. Am working feverishly  on improving the WWM site... and want to send you the information of how to  access a new tool we've signed up for analyzing the use of it... Will  send from the fennerrobert@hotmail address. Be seeing you. Bob Fenner> 

Thanks You probably get 100's of these, but I had problems with Aiptasia and WETWEBMEDIA was an awesome place to send me. [I bookmarked the page] Without people like you, us newbies would get discouraged, and give up on marine habitats. Thanks again... <What a boost! Thank you for your kind, encouraging words. Bob Fenner>

Thanks a lot...  Just wanted you to know that, I was searching the net for some info. on a  coral beauty, that I had just purchased. The pet stores are a scary place to shop since everyone gives me different information. I have met up with a  wholesaler here in Winnipeg Manitoba Canada, and he is the only one who  seems like he knows anything. What I am curious about is where this guy gets his info. <Ask him>  It's just a frightening thing to think that with the stores here, and the  information they give. How anyone could ever have a long term tank? <It's a wonder to me at times... Persistence pays!>  I am trying it again, this is my second time at it. I left the marine  hobby 10 years ago after a crash and was on my way to the exact same thing.  I really appreciate the wealth of knowledge that you are sharing and hope  you keep up the fantastic work... <Hope to, thanks>  Could you recommend a few books, my goal is a reef tank with a few fish for  a touch of action. I am most interested is corals (soft and hard). I  haven't purchased one yet but I'm really fascinated by the pulsing anthelia  (WOW). I only have a couple types of mushrooms and a polyp covered rock,  the coral beauty and 1 firefish. A respectable start to a cleanup crew,  live rock and good lighting.  Thanking you in advance...  Tom Theissen  Wpg MB Canada <Please do read over my reviews and sources sections and FAQs associated with them archived on the site: www.wetwebmedia.com... and make sure you have lots of time to spend... Be chatting, Bob Fenner>

Contributing to WWM Bob, let me know if I can ever contribute to WWM, re: diving, i.e. dive site critiques, etc... thanks, Chris <You have. And yes to figuring out how this might be able to be done... So much to do, so limited the resources... Have seen other types of sites where participants can/do post, build... w/o all having to go through a "clearing" process. For now, send on what you'd like to see posted, in RTF other HTML convertible format and let's see where it will fit. Diving, sites? Yes, I/we can make a section, start building... Bob Fenner, exasperated at times>

FFE, WWM Q&A formats Thanks for the speedy reply, now may I make a comment? I really miss the old format of Q&A on the FFE site. I could always easily find just the new ones. Thanks for making that format available on wetwebmedia! Marty <You've said a mouthful brother! And I thank you. Do wish I could have, could still help con-join FFE and WWM and put the best of both formats together. We'll see, and I'll continue to post the queries/inputs and my responses to same on the wetwebmedia site. Bob Fenner>

"Monographs" in Malawi site Dear Mr. Fenner, Thank you for your permission to use the "monographs" in our site. <Ah, good> We will add your name in the list of recipients of our monthly updates of our site - please let us know if you don't want us to. <Please do send/add me to your monthly updates> I have also ordered your book about the "conscious fish keeper" from Amazon although it may take centuries to come here !! <I understand... You will enjoy the book> I really enjoyed your site (it looks more like a full book) especially the "saltwater" section. I have just started a try and your site provided first class information - especially in selecting which fish I would like to keep. <Yes... do need to "fill out" the other sections, add many thousands of images that I already have... a daunting task... but very enjoyable, other-than-money rewarding> One question (pelisse): I have an 150 liter tank (freshwater) used to raise haps. 10 days ago, I removed all the haps, cleaned all filters thoroughly, cleaned the sand and the rocks and filled it with freshwater. I left it like that for 4 days (no filtration, just aeration) to see if there is any cloudiness (bacteria). On day 5 I added the salt (density = 1.024) and started the filters (internal filters) with a total turnover of 1500 liters / hour (plus heavy aeration). Temp=27oC, pH=8.42. On day 6 I added one green trigger (undulatus) - about 10 cm long. I didn't feed it that day. On day 7 I fed it a whole small shrimp (about 3 cm long) in 3 doses and started treating the tank wit Melafix (Aquarium Pharmaceuticals) as a prevention. On day 8 I checked the water parameters and the pH was 8,36, NO ammonia and YES nitrates (25-50 mg/l).. I performed a 10% water change. On day 9, the parameters were exactly the same although I didn't feed the fish at all. I am prepared to make another 10% water change tonight (after feeding the trigger of course). <Hmm, unusual to not have ammonia (did you test for nitrite?), and so much nitrate appear so quickly... Hmm/further, except for the likely interaction of the Melafix/Aquarium Pharmaceutical product (and it may be affecting your water tests... Do take care on the feeding of the Trigger, and no more livestock... maybe add some live rock, macro-algae to this system.) I guess it is not possible to have cycled the tank in 3 days so I am rather confused. I would understand high NH3 AND NO3 but I can't understand ONLY high nitrates and NO ammonia. <Once again, I fully suspect this is an artifact of the Melafix and maybe its effect on the chemical assays...> DO you have any ideas on what is possibly going on in that tank ????? <Don't think the bacteria "made" the transition from the fresh to marine... maybe you have found the "magic" "Haplochromine Juice"! Just joking here... do think the situation maybe masked by the operations you describe thus far... and most importantly, I would proceed with caution here> Thanks in advance, George J. Reclos Ph.D. Pharmacist-Immunologist R&D DIAGNOSTICS LTD <Be chatting my friend. Bob Fenner, who was last in Athens and sailing in the Cyclades, out to Cyprus in 1996>

Spreading the WWM site contents about Dear Mr. Fenner, I would like to ask your permission to use some of the data presented in the "monographs" of some marine fish in your website, especially marine fishes. A link to your site and your name will - of course - accompany each entry. Our site (Malawi Cichlid Homepage) is located at www.rddiagnostics.com/aquaria.html and all the data will be shown at www.rddiagnostics.com/other/ No photos will be used. Thanks in advance, George J. Reclos <Very nice site... do appreciate your huge advances in pet-fish humor, and yes, please do feel free to present our "monographs" as you deem fit... And I may get out, dust off and roll out my old Mbuna and haplochromine pieces yet! Bob Fenner> (Note to Mike, pls add these folks URL to our aquarium links project)

Use of WWM Site Content Ok, great! Thank you! Does that permission apply if my site is not a not for profit? My site is not a not for profit business. Nevertheless, I have not made any profits! Perhaps some day... Cary <Hmm, no to commercial sites... that is, ones intended to "be profitable"... Scientific, hobbyist even "just informational" business sites are all we extend such offers to. Nothing wrong with trying to make a buck, but as you can understand, this (content provision) is my business... giving it away is contraindicated. Bob Fenner>

Hi there It is me again (eReefTank.com). I have listed you in my links to Commercial and Informational sites. Can I use some of your images of Marine Fish? Do you want me to give you credit for them on my site? Thank you! Cary Kletter <Thanks for your note, the link and yes to both permission and credit (wetwebmedia.com). I do make my materials available to all non-profit groups. Bob Fenner>

Thanks Dr. Fenner, I just wanted to drop you a line and express my gratitude for the wealth of information you provide. My brother enticed me into the world of marine husbandry knowing that I would research the subject exhaustively. (provided me with a 55 gallon tank, substrate, coral bones and salt) Unfortunately, over the last decade he has had more patients than patience. In my quest for truth and knowledge I found your site. I must admit I've become somewhat of a squatter, reading for hours on end. I won't ramble, I'm certain your inundated, but I felt compelled to thank you for your gracious insights. You have certainly helped my brother and I with our aquariums but I guess what I'm most impressed with, after reading the dialog, is your method of dealing with all life forms - higher and lower. Thanks Again, Scott Ferguson <Thank you for your kind, encouraging words... What a boost! Very glad to find the site, efforts of use... informing, inspiring, helping others. Be chatting, Bob Fenner>

Your site, my site... Best Robert, It is long ago we have exchanged some words. With the end of summer who's approaching, I dispose of much time to spend on my computer and achieve some things I had in my mind. <Ah, good to hear from you my French friend.> For instance : a closer collaboration between you and me. More of a link from my site to yours, I thought on a complete translation in French (see sample on my site :http://users.skynet.be/glot and click on :"Have a look? Click here". Well said that you are the only people who knows about it) I found this way of use a more realistic than add an attach to this message. I say and repeat : free of all present or future charges I present to you a closer collaboration as said before. You know I'm retired from all work two years ago. I went during 1999 and for a year working half time in a reseller of fishes. I was accepted to promote sailing by postorder and building their site on the net. After a year, the sailing didn't really take off and I was politely but properly set back to home for complete retiring this time. I don't feel as old as my age should give to think.  <Very glad to hear. You certainly don't seem "old" from your writing, or ideas!> And I want to remain useful to something or someone near passing some time in the backyard, looking at birds (who always be and will remain my greatest passion), studying my marine aquascape, entertaining my pond and last but not least spending much time on my computer. So I thought as I find you, without having more familiarity, a very affable and open person, I could perhaps spend my free time to propose to the French talking people on the world (and I know that real Frenchies are not so familiar with the language of Shakespeare and they are too, as everybody a little loafer in this matter and prefer read some articles in their own language instead of make some effort) to make a better acknowledgement with your site and translating it, piece by piece with your permission and all references to the original one, so making a mirror of it but in French. <Outstanding.> You know they are not very, I should say "no one" site as yours in French and it should be tremendously formidable if you could find this proposition all right. I say it again : - on my speed with your authorization - no charges - all references to your site and no other Finally I send you my best regards and remain a fanatic reader of your works. So long. Claude Declercq >> <Please do proceed Claude. Am very happy and proud to be associated with you and will happily help you in whatever way I can... I realize this is a huge project... and grows bigger a little more most days... we will certainly both gain in fun and knowledge from the association. Your friend in fish, Bob (Robare) Fenner>


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