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Input, FAQs about 05 Galapagos Dive et al. trip

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Galapagos dive trip Looks like we have a boat for the week of March 24-31, 2005. It is a dive expedition with the Aggressor Fleet. Check out the site at www.aggressor.com. The trip is a combo dive and land exploration. I am awaiting the cost details from the boat and will forward that info ASAP. The package begins with domestic air out of Guyaquill, Equador. This is the time of year when the water is very clear and the water temp is in the 70's. They can help with international air if you wish. You may want to begin thinking of pre or post tours in the area. I would look at the Amazon or Macchu Picchu as an additional stop in the area. Please let me know if you are interested. Space is limited. The boat sleeps 14. Diana Fenner <Real good. Am cc'ing Marty and Harry, Peter and Jack here. Please retain their email addies. Bob F>

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