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WWM traveling about, diving    8/8/11
Robert Fenner wrote:
Party FOUL! Are you keen to haul over to Fiji next mo.? B
Sadly, no. My "backup guy" for my client services is unavailable until after December so at least until then, I need to be within an overnight of the house and a place with 24/7 internet.
<Ahh... Ah! I may be back out there by then!>
I did, however, find & dust off C card (Big Pine Key, Fl 1994) and resolve before Christmas to find my B/C & computer and see if 9 years in storage has done any damage (what could possibly go wrong???).
<DO take the reg. et al. in for a check up>
So eventually I'll be on-board somewhere, just not immediately.
Which brings up a subject. I'd like the new site idea to have a travelogue section ... almost a blog/photo blog for you to detail where you've been and what you did ....
<Would this be... a new feature? Would it look different?>
and from that came an off-shoot idea. Would you consider, perhaps once a year, publishing an open-invite for WWM readers to travel/dive/surf/fish, etc. to meet at some place you were going anyway?
<Ahh! We used to do this... and would greatly like to re-start... I'd even say every quarter!>
Assuming that most of the dive trips are for you to dive, explore & relax with friends ... if one a year could be more open (NOT asking you to be a tour guide, but probably having to meet, greet & hoist a beer or two with a larger throng) .. it could be arranged in such a way as that it pays for a few of your other trips. Just a thought.
<A good one. B>

Dive travel, Sulawesi, GBR, boats and the sea Bobster... daydreaming about post or pre adventure travel to GBR, Indo, wherever (AQUARAMA) and I'm wondering your opinion of us all getting/sharing a beach-house type setup for the WWM gang that travels? <A great idea as far as I'm concerned. One small update: Pete's not keen to go to Australia... Jas is hoping still to go to N. Sulawesi... you've probably seen that I intend to go with JamesF there ahead of our go to/thru Sing in May...> Seems like it could be a more affordable option than Indo hotel rooms... and lots of time to share closer together (hey... how about with WWM loaded on your machine and a crash course for mail answering, etc <G>)? <Yes... if such accommodation is available... usually we stay at/with the resort/s themselves... all sort of package deals for food, diving... and re computers... if there's connections to the Net... most places not> Also.. do you have any idea when/where to look for getting tickets/registration to the Singapore show? Just online? <Oh, can be ordered online... this is how I have always done it. B> Antoine And on ah, good... understood/have heard (re: Jas/you). Anywhere will be beautiful. N. Sulawesi no doubt! Been chatting will Kell about possibilities... and naturally have had a trip to GBR high on the wish list. <Actually... Di and I were chatting the area over and your visiting... and I STRONGLY encourage you to... how to put this... practice in an easier area for a while first. Antoine... it's a rough, and I mean sometimes REALLY ROUGH passage out to dive spots... there is no real "shore access" diving... so you must take a boat ride... fast! for an hour or two or...? And over water that is often six, eight and more feet in swell height... Some of the resort islands, like Heron, Green, Lizard... have helicopter service... and I'm such a big scaredy cat of Helis that I take the (barf!) fast cats instead... but they are no "day at the beach"... then the issue to dive inside the reef or outside... as in the Coral Sea... where the swell is regularly 2-3 meters! Yes, some fun now, trying to get on/off the boat... Am sorry if I am sounding all negative, but just want to be square with and inform you re. Anywho, it is my opinion that you ought to warm up so to speak, on your diving skills, familiarity in an easier setting. Bob> We'll see :) Danke!

And oh, no... no worries! As dearly respect your opinions and advice and fully trust your impressions on this matter. You have a good idea of my novice skills and hesitations... have seen my tendencies for motion sickness as well with that wild and wacky taxi-bus in Deutschland (I don't complain about my motion sickness... tough it out, but am sensitive nonetheless). So all of your advice re: the challenges to Oz diving are truly important to me. Thank you my friend. Duly noted! <Ah, good... and you know Di is quite prone to motion sickness and even I get very woozy if haven't been out in recent months... there are a few "tricks" to getting by this (facing the horizon, soda crackers... but mainly familiarity... BobF>

Want to dive, hike the Galapagos? 1/7/05 We have two or one openings for an otherwise sold-out trip to the Galapagos coming up... at a discounted rate on the Aggressor... due to no commissions and being comp.ed two seats for selling all... Can you make it? The dates of the cruise are March 24-31. Need to be in Ecuador 1 day before and after the diving. The cost is $2246.25 for the diving, est. $400 for domestic air, plus international air. Hotel stay in Ecuador vary depending on the type of hotel you choose. Bob Fenner, please write me here if you're interested. Re: Speaker information Bob, what dates are you going to be in Hawaii? <I WILL go most anytime folks can/want to be there. Was planning on the month (as in the whole thing) of February> Also, would it be possible to crash at your place to help keep costs down a bit? <Oh yes, definitely. And I have a spiffy four door, four wheel drive truck... and some notion about where to go! Am proposing we have a bunch of friends over, hike, dive, photograph...> And one last question for know, what airport is best to fly into, checking prices and dates to fly? Thanks, Mike <Keohole... the Kailua/Kona (dryside) airport. Let's go! Bob F, freezing!>

Re: Speaker information Hi there again Bob.  I will try to work a week in for possible the end of February. <Ah, good. Do keep me informed.> I better ask to make sure, but is there places to rent diving equipment there, I'd hate to have to drag it all along for 1 week, easier to rent. <There are a bunch of very good dive services. The one I mostly use is Big Island Divers... they have a website. I DO drag most of my gear there... have a couple of tanks on sight, and loose lead weights you may borrow>> I've also CC Rick Wilson in, he was also with us that night at MACNA in the tent drinking away.  I'm trying to convince him to join me in a short holiday at your place in February and do some diving and sight seeing. <Great!> Anyways, I will get back to you in the next few days to let you know for sure. Thanks, Mike Hughes.  (thecoralreef) <Real good. BobF>

Galapagos Yo! <Hey Phil!> Heard Jack mention the Galapagos trip and wanted to see 1) dates, 2) availability, 3) costs.  More importantly, do they have Stella there? Phil <I could a been a contender, not a pet-fish bum... you're my bruther, you shoulda taken care... Oh, will cc Di here. See you soon. Bob F>

Speaker program Thanks for passing this along!  Even if you are not doing travel subsidies at this time, I would be interested in learning of potential guest speakers in the Pennsylvania / New Jersey area. < If you are interested in speakers for your club then there are three ways to go. The first is the Marineland speaker program. If you have over 100 people at the meeting then Marineland will pay for the airfare, the host club is responsible for housing food etc... Good to Marineland.com to sign up for next year and to get the details. If you want a cichlid speaker then the American Cichlid Association has a program that will pay $100 towards the airfare for one of their speakers. Go to www.cichlid.org for the ACA's website and look under speakers program. Wetwebmedia is proposing to do a similar program with the wetwebmedia crew. Unfortunately we haven't worked out the details yet but we should have something up and running in a few weeks so stay tuned.-Chuck> Anna

Sandals/Beaches Negril trip in September For Di's 40th bday we're hauling out to Beaches Negril (Jamaica) http://www.beaches.com/main/ng/ng-home.cfm location 9/4-11... Very reasonably priced: $1,300 for seven days, including food, drinks (!), scuba, stay... and airfare! Couples or same sex folks and children can come along as well. Interested?  Bob 

[SDMAS] Southern California/ LA Christmas Party Hi everyone, Just to let you all know the Xmas party is set for Sunday December 8th at the Long Beach Aquarium. It will cost $20 per ticket and include a catered Christmas meal, and a presentation on the making of the IMAX Coral Reef Adventure movie along with a sneak preview of some footage. We can also see the Aquarium! All the details will be worked out in the first week of November and ticket will go on sale then. I just wanted to get the date out there so people can save the evening!!! John <Sounds like a blast! I'm there! Scott F.>

DP (travel, the truth...) Bobster... I don't remember (never saved of course) login info for DataPipe. <Log in?> I was curious to see how we are doin', where we have been and where we might go <insert joke here> <We be smokin'... you mean the stat.s server?> Checked recently? Give me a crash course? Share the Password/log again... or just tell me to bugger off? <Don't do that... Please log in here: http://stats2.datapipe.com/_1026391600_/ or the first part thereof... and our super secret (pls tell everybody) password... wetwebmedia.com> PS: any interest in possibly attending the Marine Ornamentals conference next year... Kona I think. It sounds like a great excuse to me to get back to Hawaii :) <Any will do. Bob>

How to Make Money from Caribbean Beachfront Property May be an alternative to Belize. Di <Yes... perhaps a trip to check it out? Bob> >Dear New International Living Subscriber, >There is only so much Caribbean coast. And (as aging Baby Boomers  >and others >look for what to do with their accumulated wealth and where to spend  >their >would-be retirement years) there is an ever-increasing demand for  >it. >Much of the Caribbean, of course, is already developed and  >expensive. We've >discovered a stretch, however, that isn't. >Costa Maya, Mexico, is quintessential Caribbean coast. Our  >correspondent >Jennifer Stevens described this beach for readers of International  >Living >in the August 2000 issue. I'll add only that she was right. This is  >the >stuff your Caribbean daydreams are made of. >At least it could be. Right now, these 100 miles of shoreline,  >starting 150 >miles south of Cancun and continuing to where the water separates  >Mexico >from Belize, are rugged territory. The jungle still nearly meets the  >sea. >The towns are small. The roads dirt and rutted. In Xcalak, for  >example, >the southernmost town along this coast, there are a few guesthouses  >and >beach villas...and a few private residences being built by Americans >planning to retire here. (I saw three under construction.) These  >people >generate their own electricity and are trapped when the road is  >impassable >(as it was for three months a few months ago). >The Mexican government has a history of developing little bits of  >its coast. >Now it has set its sights on the Costa Maya. Traveling in this  >region last >week I saw diggers at work cutting new roads and crews at work  >stringing >electrical cables. The infrastructure is on its way. Soon these long >stretches of white sand won't be so difficult to get to. And when  >access is >easier...prices will rise. >Right now, prices aren't cheap. But they are a fraction what you'd  >pay today >for a little piece of beachfront in Cancun or Playa del Carmen a  >little >farther north along the same coast. >This strip of sand is owned by a handful of people, Mexicans and  >foreigners. >One guy is said to have bought his beachfront for as little as  >$1/meter. >Those days are gone, of course. The best price I was quoted >was $1,800/beachfront meter. In Cancun, though, you'd pay about  >$35,000 per >beachfront meter...if you could find a meter to buy. >In addition to the white sand (much of which is right now hidden  >beneath >jungle, mangroves, and turtle grass), this region boats the barrier  >reef >(the world's second-longest) and a great expanse of land (inland,  >behind >the coastal filet) set aside as a federal reserve. The cruise lines  >are >on to Costa Maya. In constant search of new places to take their big  >new >ships and their annual throngs of cruise-goers, two lines are  >scheduled >to begin calling at Majahaual (just about dead center of the Costa  >Maya) >starting this December. >This is a moment of opportunity for the investor. This land will be  >worth >more in a few years than it is today. Maybe a lot more. >There's a strip of lots available just down from where the cruise  >ships will >dock in Majahual, for example, where you could build a tourist mall  >or a >restaurant. Or you could buy some of these lots today...sit on  >them...and >sell them in a year or two, after the visiting cruise lines have  >made the market. >Anyone who bought into the stretch of beach at Cancun in the 1970s  >is probably >happy with the return on his investment. >If you're not looking to develop land...or to flip it for  >profits...remember >that Costa Maya boasts some of the world's best snorkeling and  >diving...as well >as a small but growing and welcoming community of expatriates. If  >you're in the >market not for an investment but for a beach home...well, as I said,  >this is >picture-postcard Caribbean beach. >I don't think Costa Maya will be the next Cancun. The key phrase  >being used >by the Mexican government is "low-impact development." You can't  >build over >three stories, and restriction is also being placed on the number of  >structures >that can be built per beachfront meter. >And, to make the point again, the big plus is the Mexican  >government's >commitment to development. They're doing the things that developers  >typically >have to beg the government to do or pay to do themselves. >As I said, this is a moment of opportunity...the most interesting  >opportunity >we know of right now in the Caribbean. We recently took two small  >groups of >of subscribers to Costa Maya to help them investigate the  >opportunities firsthand. >Many of them decided to buy on the spot. >We will be returning with another small group of our readers.  >Barbara Perriello, >our tour director, is finalizing details of the itinerary now. If  >you're >interested in more information, contact her at tours@gate.net. >Sincerely, >Kathleen Peddicord >P.S. Our groups, when they visit, stay with Andy and Ruth Sanders at >their Sandwood Villas in Xcalak. Andy and Ruth graciously hosted me  >during >my visit as well. They filled me full of fresh seafood and  >home-cooked >specialties while entertaining me with stories of their adventures  >on this undiscovered coast. >They know the real estate market here, too, and can tell you who  >owns what, >who's selling what, and at what price. Please tell them I say hello  >if you see >them. Diana Fenner

Fiji Properties Dear Diane and Robert, <David> Through the suggestion of our mutual friend - Dave Woolley we make contact about lots available at Waidroka Bay and elsewhere on our website (www.fijirealestate.com) and we attach current list of lots available at Waidroka. Please check out resort website at www.dive-surf-fiji.com.fj <Will contact you on our next trip out... try to get to the sites for a look/see, perhaps a stay at the resorts to check them out. Thank you, Bob Fenner, WetWebMedia.com> Hopefully this will answer some of your questions and I am only too happy to answer anything else. Looking forward to further contact. Warm regards, David Miller.

RE: New Marine Center ad image Date: Tue, 17 Sep 2002 19:12:02 -0400 What? I would have figured you would at least use it... <Yeah... waiting on your co-Nexus adventuring I guess> So spill it... how was the trip? How was the diving/picture taking? <Absolutely fabulous... of all folks you would have loved the muck side... and for that matter, the non-muck Froggies side. 48 rolls back tomorrow... I intend to get on a program (combo. Anthony and Steve) of waking up (with the baby, WWM) in the early AM... writing on RI book for a few hours... treating myself to slide sorting for a few hours, then staying up super goombah wize till the early hours catching up with all...  We should start planning on the before/after or just after the Aquarama Show in May... on the cheap side (Bunaken) and folks who can hang, swinging over to KBR... or Vietnam, a few places in Thailand, Flores, Komodo... getting an itinerary together for who can, wants to make it then, wherever. Bob F> Bob>

Re: Fw: Your photographs of fish Bob, are you telling me to give Constance a password for full access to download any/all of the high-res images on WWF? <No Zo. I hope to be clear/er... no one other than our crew should have access even to my crummy scan efforts... of size... Was her concern that she couldn't work from smaller sizes? I thought we were "just" talking being able to download the few kilobyte size images> This is not current practice - a user's normal password (the one she's already got) just authenticates them to their settings, forum, etc. I thought I already replied to Constance, along these same lines - ? Whatever you want me to do, kein Probleme, mein Freund, just say the word! ANYBODY can access the previews, and easily save them to local disk, like any other image on the WWW. <Sounds like you're on it> OT - Jason - Bob said to Constance that you and I will "likely be diving in St. Thomas" what the hell is he talking about? Do you guys know something I don't? <The trip in November... please see the... yikes, unlinked, unsearchable admin subweb for crew travel plans (suggest perusing the Nav. View). It's a done deal in terms of Di and I... hotel already pd. for... hope you can make it. Bob> -Zo

Winter '03 trip <The Garden Isle (in Northeast Fiji)... is a blast... but currents run a bit faster than Cozumel... pretty much all the time. Okay? Bob F> NOOOOOOO! Ack! Too much work for slow lazy me!  <Actually. We were looking over some of Pete's Coz video last night, and for a relatively new diver, you have good orientation, swimming attitude> Seriously, the high-current dives were not much fun, no time (or breath) to "stop and smell the flowers". But I really, really do want to see Walt's "humble little operation"... ;-) <They're very accommodating... and there are plenty of other Fiji dive areas... About Taveuni... the current really does run 3-4 knots regularly... dives are timed, but it gets on ones nerves... the local dive guides are great (a good lesson in "relativity", I've asked them, "so when doesn't the water blast through here"? It's all they know, so they wonder what ones talking about...).> Surely there are more mellow dives in the area? Tonga and Vanuatu sound great too! <Do check out the Net... we'll build a collective knowledge base and settle on an itinerary. Something to look forward to/shoot for after the release of the RI book... Bob F> -Zo

Re: Winter '03 trip > I am looking at planning a winter dive trip in Jan/ Feb time frame. Does > anyone have a burning desire for a specific spot? -Di I want Pacific, "on-the-cheap" is fine. Perhaps 10 days in Fiji or thereabouts? <Ten days is enough time (maybe another day or two for travel) to take in Vanuatu or Tonga... in addition> "Taveuni!" - what a wonderful sound that has... and a visit to Walt's place too! <The Garden Isle (in Northeast Fiji)... is a blast... but currents run a bit faster than Cozumel... pretty much all the time. Okay? Bob F> -Zo

Upcoming Dive/Travel Adventures hey guys, what's up. am shooting a new film in Goa right now. will u guys be coming here for that hash harrier thing in September and wht have u decided about diving after that (if u have that is)? Parvin <Jack Melroy (Slow Poke) is going to be there with some of his family in tow. Di and I are going to Sulawesi (Kungungan!) instead. Pete's out to a wedding affair in London.  In October am giving a pitch in Mazatlan (Mexico), November we're off to St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands (Caribbean)... Some trips in 03 are out your way... Will send out info as we firm all up. Bob Fenner>

Thailand Hi Bob, Impy (This is Pete.C's Hash name) tells me you are going to Thailand in early Sept.  <Really? We're off to Indonesia for a little more than two weeks... will send you to Di for specifics, otherwise my corr. re is posted here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/WWMAdminSubWebIndex/wwmindo02.htm KBR and around the corner near Manado in Sulawesi/Celebes... a bargain this time> Who, Dates...etc. Trying to lock in on a job and get away. I should know by Labor Day weekend so 1st part of Sept. would work for me. Would be nice to meet up. Impy says Thailand would be safe for me to go by myself. <Mmm, yes, most places> Looking at airfare where I can take advantage at the last minute inexpensive. Any advice as to where I should so and stay? <What do you want to do? Bob F> Patti

Re: Thailand (and elsewhere, when) And where is the November destination? <St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands I'm pretty sure. Please see the scattered corr. here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/WWMAdminSubWebIndex/wwmupctrips.htm Interested in going? Where else... as in 03? We're definitely hauling out/beyond/before Aquarama/Singapore... and Pete and I are going to southern Africa, and a few of the Mascarenes (Mauritius, Rodriquez, Reunion) while thereabouts... btw, am investing in another N90X Nexus housing, rig... the analog world of pix continues... Bob F>

Re: Thailand (and elsewhere, when) Another Nexus rig... Ooohhh that is exciting. May I use the old one ;-) Or perhaps you better wait and look at those pictures you took before you answer... <You are welcome to use anything I have> Still need to work the RCI angles... perhaps see what's what in the VI although these things typically take a little longer, but I will work it, I can assure you. I'm still a little embarrassed that I hadn't put that forward up until now, but whatever.... we'll make it work to our advantage in the future. <No worries... am very sure I have related only a bit of what "goes on", has gone on... One of my primary "reasons" for wanting to physically get-together with friends/associates (of similar goals, objectives, values...) is for just this sort of inter-rator agreement... to discover, demonstrate, assess who, what we are... and share> Anyway - I'm heading home to see the doctor. Still running a temperature after three days... some kind of creeping crud running around the office here. <Do get, be better. Be chatting. Bob F> Cheers, J --

RE: Thailand ooops had the wrong name....my fault. want to snorkel, beach and cocktails...relax a bit. oh yea and shop. <Mmm, Thailand would be better... where we're going are resorts... one fancy, one very plain... but not much in the way of social life... other than what/who you bring with you. Look into Krabi, a side-trip to Changmai... Bob F>

Graecum est! Who's up for a Sept. 03 plan to Greece, the Med.? Ok, I think it is time to become more specific then. What about September 2003? We have a whole year to arrange things, you can get the information on those species from MCH (I hope I will have added more than 80 species till then) and we can spend a week here to allow for an in situ examination of most of these species.. There are at least three more serious hobbyists who are going to build Mediterranean marine tanks till then so we will have a good photographic material plus enough information as to how to keep them alive in captivity. I also hope that I will have my 1200 liter tank up and running by then. <Mmm, an interesting proposal... will ask friends/associates here re the trip.> Your thoughts now. In one year, people can work miracles. Especially dedicated people !! I am glad you are interested. <Yes my friend. A cruise or two... diving, visiting. An adventure!> George

<Another gov't rip-off... bet they're free to simple servants... and expedited. Bob> Subject: Passport fees going up Hello to fellow vacation/ travel list members: Some of you might be interested in this bulletin. If you need a passport renewed or a new passport don't delay. Starting Aug. 19, the fees for issuing new passports for adults will go from $60 to $85, according to the Bureau of Consular Affairs, while fees for minors under age 16 will increase from $40 to $70. Similarly, adult renewal passport fees will increase from $40 to $55. The cost of expedited service will increase from $35 to $60. The bureau said the fee increase was to recover "the true cost of providing [passport and other] services." <Ha!> We are very careful and send you only which we think may be relevant. If this was sent by error we apologize. And thanks to the many of you who are sending us requests as to the type of travel/vacation information you would like us to send you in the bulletins. We will include more non-sales type of information that may be helpful

Upcoming trip/s Gang, how do you make that "woot" sound anyhow? Am charging up batteries, doin' my Santa Claus bit, checking lists... and wondering re itineraries in the near future. Considering the semi-steady flow of funds into WWM (and hoping for much more flow with the awakening Zo with the photo biz and Jas on da mag), am wondering (Antoine, heard from the Mazatlan grp?), do others want to haul down for that pitch in October/Octubre? We can afford Steve, part of others by then... for a longish wknd. of diving, touristing? Otherwise, knowing how such things go... let's plan on a "post book publishing" party/trip (maybe some funds can/will come from there?) sometime in early '03. Where, what says who? Some ideas: Indo, Fiji, Vanuatu, Tonga... ahead/after Aquarama: May around Singapore... Bob

Re: Upcoming trip/s Bobster... I have not heard from the Mazatlan contact. In fact, I e-mailed them with a request for an address because i was going to mail them a disk of my powerpoint presentation with author's notes so that they could look at/translate in advance. No reply... that was several weeks ago. <Yeah... I sense this is a no-go... maybe they were unable to close some end of the deal on their side. I'm not planning on this "happening".> I will e-mail them again. As far as future trips... I have one thing in my sights: Singapore :) <Good... Aquarama time frame? Otherwise we're through there a few times a year... most civilized place on the planet (as a country)... and a big stopping point/center for travel through to other places> A post book trip would be delightful... somewhere close and inexpensive enough so all you can bring your better halves without too much expense. Cayman Isle or Hawaii sounds nice to me. Actually... I'm not at all fixated for diving with travel and a social/cultural trip would appeal as much or better to me (blasphemy, I know). Did someone say Italy, the Emerald Isle or Spain? <Sure. Possibilities> Bob.. other stuff... I have e-mailed Werner several times in the last 6 weeks about my book with no reply. I then e-mailed him asking if he would be interested in an article to which I got a prompt reply. Sorry to vent in your direction again (did someone step on a duck? oops... venting again)... But, what do you suggest next? <Keep sending emails and if you can get someone to translate into German a snail-mail letter asking for a reply> My last message to BSV was a "please reply regarding your interest if any, by August" e-mail. Do you suspect that the piece is just not that attractive to them? <I don't know... am just as perplexed re other times, correspondence... Seems like editor types everywhere, particularly magazine types, and who knows what with folks who are book AND magazine publishers, get into a sped-up, slowed-down time warp frame... something looks good, needed now, and wowzah, they're on it... other stuff comes in, not as important, relegated to the never never land of consciousness...> I also e-mailed Daniel Knop asking him for a contact at DV that I could make the pitch to... that was a couple of weeks ago too without a reply. <He's been out of the country... and b-z with Koralle... have emailed him a few times back and forth recently> Tell me true: am I a leper? an albatross... maybe a limpet? <If so, your new hash names are Stew, Flew and Mr...> Seriously, do you think I am wasting my time pitching it to the Germans? <Nein, persistence pays my young friend (bday coming up)... Keep on asking till the folks say "not right now"... and then follow up with "when do you think we might revisit this again"? Bob F> Thanks... Antoine

Attending to the first Vietnam Conference on Trade, Investment and development cooperation Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002 22:53:30 +0700 Invitation letter <Any interest in attending, presenting/giving a pitch, going diving? Bob F> Attending to the first Vietnam Conference on Trade, Investment and development cooperation Ladies and Gentlemen Vietnam is a country on the Indo-Chinese Peninsula gateway of ASEAN and China. With its 3000 km coastline and airway, railway, byland stretching to many countries over the world, Vietnam is a country of various agricultural products, the second largest rice country as well as export many kind of products such as: coffee, tea, cashew, water products, footwear, garments, coal, rude oil, pottery, ceramic, rattan, bamboo and fine arts and handicraft products.that have been highly appreciated by many countries over the world. With its potential human resource of 80 million people, Vietnam can also meet all domestic and international labour demands. Vietnam is a developing country with the government open-door policy that has created a new development leap for Vietnamese businesspersons and enterprises in the process of international integration. Beside, since Foreign Investment Law has been promulgated and with its facilitating policy Vietnam has attracted many foreign investment projects with its value from 300.000USD to 500.000USD. As a result, Vietnam has approached to new and modern technologies, equipments as well as imported raw materials for producing industrial, consumer goods and imported construction vehicles and machines, building materials used in construction and investment projects. In order to promoting the process of exchange, cooperation and strengthening international economics integration between Vietnam businesspersons and enterprises and others in Pacific-Asia Region as well as over the world, the International Exhibition Company is hold an International Conference with bellowing contents and title: a.. Title : " The first Vietnam conference on trade, investment and economic cooperation". b.. Duration: From 14 Otc, 2002 to 18 Oct, 2002. c.. Venue : Hanoi Capital d.. Contents : a.. Introduce policies of trade, investment and human resource exploitation of Vietnam, ASEAN and other countries participating in the conference. b.. Introduce potential of supplying export goods and human resource of Vietnam ASEAN and other countries participating in the conference. c.. Introduce demands of importing goods, capital for investment projects in Vietnam, ASEAN and other countries participating in the conference. d.. Conference on human resource and supplying labours. e.. Partners participating in the conference sign agreement on exporting-importing goods, investment and supplying labours. 5. Participants: a.. Chamber of Commerce and Industry of all countries over the world. b.. Businesspersons and Enterprises from Vietnam, ASEAN, Asia - Pacific and other countries 6. Cost: a.. 250 USD per person Including: - 3-4 star hotel a.. 2 main meals, 1 supplementary b.. Car transport c.. Visit Hai Phong City and VinhHaLong Bay d.. Conference Delegation with 16 delegates, the leader will be free Organizing Board Chairman- General Director Eng. Le Khac Triet International Exhibition company (IEXCo.,ltd) Add: No10 Hom market, Hue street, Hanoi Vietnam Tel: 00-84-4-9433606/8226998 Fax: 00-84-4-8226998 Email: hatetra.co@fpt.vn / hatetra2@fpt.vn / hatetra3@hn.vnn.vn Web: www.iex-exhibition.com.vn

Re: August trip Eh? The pro's aren't going.?. I am confused now... I will go anywhere that doesn't require me to be independently wealthy. How's that? <Reminds me of m'self! Okay! B> J --

About WWM, the Cozumel fun time Anthony, Barb... how are you two going to make out while the rest of us are vivemos en Mexico? Saving up some rest? We might be able to find an internet cafe to answer queries... but don't feel bad about storing ones to be parsed on our return.  Nos vemos, Roberto Re: About WWM, the Cozumel fun time YOU TELL HIM, ANTHONY!!!! ;-) We'll have that site running smooth as espresso... in between siestas, re-runs of the Sopranos, a few hands of rummy and stomping grapes for wine, there's nothin' to worry about! We'll be fine! Sono pronto! (I'm ready) <Hey, save some games of 51 por mi! Bob> Take care, Barb--

Re: About WWM, the Cozumel fun time People of Italian extraction are very hardworking... the two of us should be able to handle the load as well or better...Ha! Did I mention modest too? <Wow, ciao mi Bella y Bello!> Bring it on :) <One avalanche coming through. Bob F>

November Trip to USVI All, Di is firm (about as dense as she gets about such things) re a trip in November (3-9 inclusive) to St. Thomas (frequent flyer miles, hotel tokens for us) and diving with their in-house svc.: http://www.hotel-caribbean.com/cgi-bin/hotel.pl?hotelcode=RGB http://www.sawyerdive.vi/links.htm Fancy schmancy hotel (Marriott)... two easy touristy dives per day... Interest/ed in going?  Bob F

trips Di, Bob, I was wondering a couple of things... <Only a couple?> Do you think it is likely that you will be going to the tropical Pacific by year's end or somewhere thereabouts? Indo and/or Fiji, Hawaii, etc still a possibility? I'm weighing which/how many trips I can schedule. <Understood. I always have no "high confidence", very certain notion of when, where I am going... nothing really planned per se for the rest of the year... Am willing, desirous to plan, go at most any time... With the way such things go though Antoine, I suggest (this is what I do) that you go on any trips that sound good as they come along... and not plan on ones that are just "in the discussion phase".> Also, Di... would you care to have me send you a case of books to have on hand? I know that you haven't had a call for it yet, but I'm thinking a little down the road for MACNA. Its not like you don't already have enough stuff to lug/load into your van <smile>. But, I would love if you would care to have them for the show and definitely do something with a book signing if anyone is silly enough to care to have my chicken scratch. Please allow me to send them to you as comps too. It will serve me well and you have both been so supportive. Thanks again for the great time and generous accommodations/expensed travel. Hell... we even got to leave with parting gifts <G>. It just doesn't get any better. Antoine <I wish this life could go on and on and last forever. Bob F>

For those hauling out to Bali Hi Here is a link to some of the Bali packages available from a Singapore agent. We are taking the Bali Beach Hotel package. http://www.satours.com/satours/freeeasy_details_full.php?tourid=DPS0&state=Bali&isfull=1 <Thanks. Will accumulate. Bob F> Perry

BBQ re pet fish biz, diving (Cuba et al.) and fun... All, pls do try to make it this Sunday, sixish (not AM!) re WWM (esp. Patti, Mike, Dave... Antoine, Esteban, Di, Pedro and Roberto will already be at 8586 for the biz portion... then seven on for the diving possibility (Trop. West Atlantic, maybe Cuba... poss. Bonaire, Puerto Rico, Cozumel, Belize, some part of the Virgin Islands...). RSVP if you get around to it.  Bob F/Dogfish

US$1 hotel room package in Singapore Hi Pete here is a link for some great deals in Singapore <Hotay! Bob F> http://www.singaporeair.com/saa/app/saa >I just found some travel vouchers that I won last year and forgotten  >about and used it to offset a travel package to Bali for me and  >Josephine.  <Off with her head!> >The bill for the package for both of us came to about US$750.(with  >the vouchers about US$400) This includes return tickets, 3 nites in  >Hard Rock Hotel with airport transfers and daily breakfast. Maybe  >you might be interested to sign up for this package but extend the  >dates on your tickets so that u have more days to dive.  <Thanks Perry... something even more to consider. Hope to see you soon. Bob F> >Cheers >Perry

Re: I am taking the ball and... Bob: I am not interested in two trips so close together, and my choice of the two is Indonesia. <Okay> I think you will have the members of the group having to make the choice between the two trips.  <Yes, is so> If you want to make this trip with Steve and Deb in August, and you want your dive buddies with you, we should hold off on the Indo trip until next year. This may end up to be better for Peter and me, not having to rush around the world due to busy schedules. <But Pete is already off to the UK in Sept.> Putting off the big trip until late Nov/ early Dec will allow for more flexiblity in the itinerary. If Wakatobi is the desired location, we may want to look at going there next year, with more time and dates to chose from. We do need to make some choices soon. Diana <Thank you for this input. Will circulate. Bob>

Re: I am taking the ball and... I would not get an all-inclusive plan in Mexico. There are too many choices of good food places for a reasonable price. If the food at the hotel is not desired, we could easily go into town. Di <Thanks for this. Will circulate and accumulate for alls consideration. Bob F>

Re: I am taking the ball and... Bob, Indonesia looks cool - but my financial constraints can't handle it. Let me know when and how much a different trip will be if you. I'm dying to go diving! -Dave <Think we're all in this same dingie Big Wave... will have to postpone the Indo. gig till either later in the year or 03... Bob F, who can see the cheaper Manado loc.s as being about the same...>

Re: News re trips, moolah, possibilities Howdy Bob, <Hey there BWD> I am very excited about the Caribbean/tropical West Atlantic trip -  <Me too> I have never been. Have seen your pictures though and can't wait to experience it. I will do everything I can to go on the trip - I just need to keep the costs down and absolutely have to be back on the 24th of August - the 22nd is my Dad's 60th birthday and we have a b-day party planned. Hey, isn't that your birthday as well, like your 50th?  <What the? Whose been blabbing? Actually a day ahead> I guess we'll have to make this a fun one. -Dave PS. change my email address to daveschmottlach@cox.net <Okay, will try. Bob F>

RE: Wakatobi Resort presentation... tonight! DF, Sounds good but don't think I'll be able to get off work in time to make it. We are interested in going on a trip this fall but SEP isn't a good time for us because I have a big meeting that I will be getting ready for. We are looking into going to Sangalaki Island sometime between 15 Oct and 15 Nov. There website is www.sangalaki.com if you are interested. <Thanks for this link. Hope to see you above/below water soon. Bob/Dog F> On On BIYLM >All, Pete's arranged for Henrik (a partner, does intl. sales... >http://www.wakatobi.com/homepage.html) of Wakatobi Resort (Sulawesi) to come >by this eve to give a PP pres. and make us an offer we can't refuse to come >on down this Sept. to Indo... If you can make it, please do (about seven >PM). And do RSVP 858-549-XXXX. Sorry for the short notice. Am cooking a >pasta or two, fresh zukes, garden salad from the yard... Hope to see you. >Bob Fenner

I am taking the ball and... hey, hope your flight got you home safe and sound. I thought I would try to help with getting this trip planned, but I wanted to here your preferences to research properly. <Good> 1. Is all inclusive mandatory, ok, or not needed? <All possibilities should be considered> 2. Are the dates mid August ok as long as it does not coincide with august 23? <Till August 22 for me back in SD> 3. I have looked in to a few places, but needed to know if I should look in any additional places. Hawaii Cozumel Bahamas Caymans But what other islands in the Caribbean are good? <Will cc all on this, but again... all s/b considered> One place in Cozumel I found with RT air, 7 nights, 2 people 1800. or add all inclusive for 800 more. Deb or Steve Pro <Inexpensive, could all afford to pay half? Does this include diving? Or by all inclusive does it mean four hundred more per person for food, drinks... Bob F>

News re trips, moolah, possibilities Gang, re the poss. of Cozumel or other "closer" trip this August (12-22 time frame) and later August into September re Indo... after last night, hearing from Henrik re Wakatobi, I have some better idea of what at least these possibilities and WWM's finances will cover. To wit: We can afford to sponsor Steve.P, Barb.T and Zo for about $1,500 total, Anthony approx. $500 and everyone else zip for now for any, all of these... unless we have a sudden influx of cash (not credit), by the next six to eight weeks (yes, there really is that little time left, and we have 4k now, perhaps 7,8k by then).  So... any spouses, children, other folks would/will have to pay their own way... And in all fairness, any further funds coming into WWM can/will be able to be shared with these starting "balances" (minus some more to folks who have received other reimbursement). So... the real situation is as follows: For a week's time or thereabouts in the Caribbean/tropical West Atlantic, it looks like we're looking at about $1000-1,500 per person for airfare, hotel, diving... Deb, Di, others are still looking for this area, time frame. For Indo. possibilities thus far. Wakatobi and Kungunkan (plus five days in Bali) are about 4k per person... and the cheapy poss. of inexpensive resorts about Manado approx. $2,500 pp... Now, if we don't need to save money to print books (vis a vis Antoines great idea at pre-selling in FAMA, etc. to cover printing, binding costs of upcoming title/s), and/or folks don't end up using what funds we have for the August/TWA possibility, we could underwrite the trip to Indo. with the same funds, same set-asides for people who did not go to Germany, the Red Sea... The reality really is that we likely want and deserve (!) more income into the whole of WW enterprises... towards that ends I have chatted re making WWF a selling of images business (to date it has brought in zero, zip, nada), and Jas.C is working on generating revenue through CA (lots of work you betcha), and Patti.D and others efforts will hopefully find more sponsorship of our sites...  Bob F, semi-awake

RE: News re trips, moolah, possibilities Hey there boys....sorry about last night I ran, laid down for a minute and woke at 9:30 pm! <Yikes, been there> Bob, Re: trips...just as FYI I was assuming I would not be included. <Actually, no... you ARE included, but need to "make a little money" for WWM for us to be able to pay for your going along...> (understandable) I would not expect WWM to pay and I can't commit for myself as I need to hit the pavement hard for long-term permanent work for $ flow. <Oh yes> I am still putting in a few hours a week for WWM sales. PD <Believe me, do appreciate it. Bob F>

Bali Dive Business >Dear Sir/Madam:  >Thank you for downloading Kararu Dive Voyages' screen savers. I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to visit our website at www.kararu.com for more information regarding our liveaboard and services.  >Sailing from the enchanting island of Bali, Kararu will take you on a 7 or 11 night journey to the Komodo National Park. As well as viewing the infamous Komodo dragons in their natural habitat, you will be privy to the inexhaustible array of marine life the park has to offer. Declared a world heritage site in 1983, the Komodo National Park is a protected area with TNC at the top consultants to the government. There are only a handful of liveaboards cruising this area making it still one of the world's best kept dive secrets!  >We hope to welcome you on board in the near future. Please feel free to email me if you have any other questions, comments or concerns.  >Kind regards,  >Lisa Crosby  >Kararu Dive Voyages  >Jl. Danau Poso 69  >Blanjong, Sanur, Bali  >Indonesia 80238  >www.kararu.com  >Tel: 62-361-282931  >Fax: 62-361-289120  >Kararu Dive Voyages  >Jl. Danau Poso 69  >Blanjong, Sanur, Bali  >Indonesia 80238  >www.kararu.com  >Tel: 62-361-282931  >Fax: 62-361-289120 

Re: SanD in July!? It looks now like I won't be coming out for the PAF gig that weekend. Walt doesn't want to crunch the work for this particular show. It will probably be closer now to the end of august. <Arghhh, typical> I will start saving my shekels for the trip to... where was it again? <Got me... Pete, Zo are talking S.E. Sulawesi, or maybe one resort (ha!) there and N.W. Bali... fifteen days or so out of work... Bob Fenner> J --

Gang, please respond to Di re the May trip/s to Germany/Australia with: 1) Your name as it appears on your passport. 2) Which portions of the trip you're planning to attend. 3) Your closest airport and second choice for p/u and return. Bob F. 1.) Jason G. Chodakowski 2.) All... 3.) Choice #1 is BDL, choice #2 is BOS <I sense your abdominals tightening... keep breathing my friend. Bob F>

re Germany, Egypt trip in May Jas, Di is telling me that a fourth person on our itinerary (on a "coupon") can save about three hundred US by traveling exactly our route... a lay-over in the US enroute, then Germany, Red Sea, and back... are you interested in being on this route? Please respond to her at the above. e-addr. Bob F

Upcoming fun WWM Crew, in my absence do try to have fun... Jason.C if you can/could/would, please do run the "spelling" tool on every day's FAQs input... and as many of the current FAQs, other pages as you can stand... Steven, while you're up with that baby, do take out those extra empty lines between your responses... Antoine, do keep up that sense of humor/our... Barb.T, where are those fab articles "best FAQs on..."? Zo... steady on with image sales possibilities on WWF please... Miguel... do make progress on the new links pages, sales of ad-space for the new sub-webs... Will miss you. Bob F, back with plenty o' new pix, stories.

Re: Itinerary Update? Isn't the PC term 'Pet-fish geeks'? Anyways, thanks for the invite but alas, we'll be housing relatives from Sicily. Our niece is getting married the middle of May and you know those big Italian weddings! (I've already started the process of cleaning all our gold chains!) <Mmm, if I get kissed on the cheek by one more "Marisa", I'm going to turn my head for a real peck> Another time hopefully! Take care, Barb-- <For certain my friend... Another choice, chance about every month... counting the ones initiated on my/our end... Bob F>

RE: Itinerary Update? >Another time hopefully! Another time -definitely- let's plan on it - island tropics, I say! <Oh, yazz. In fact, now is not too soon to start chatting up the trips that follow... Where do you want to go today (wait, that's Billy.G's spiel). Where to in futura? Hawai'i is an easy choice... Fiji? Marquesas after the teebee show rush is over? Where fart thou Bartholomew? Doh! Bob F>

RE: Itinerary Update? I was planning on going to Maui in September for 5 or 6 days. What do you think? <Sounds good... Goa and trips coming/going (Sri Lanka, Maldives) are out as far as I know for now... Pete has a tkt to the HHH, but... too much money, too many problems there... Let's build a consensus, go with/as a group... Maybe a few days on the Big Island as well? Bob F> Mike

Re: Itinerary Update? Oh, yeah! Maui with maybe a couple days on the Big Island could be a real possibility for Tore & I in September. Please keep me posted. Barb-- <Oh yes. Let's start penciling in where, who, when... Zo, can you the tour director bit? Will start the "Magical Mystery Tour" bit on my/our end. Bob F>

Re: Trips Both, to an extent. Baby somewhat older by then, Deb off of school, I should have work help by then, etc. -Steven Pro <You set the time then please. If not for a/the Hawai'i trip, then another for the time frame you have... and we'll see who can make it. I will. Bob F>

RE: Trips August is best for us as well, similarly due to school schedules... would love to visit the homeland again, Kieran to see his birthplace - lived on O'ahu, so we're not qualified guides on Maui, the Big Island (we visited it on honeymoon tho' - $65 airfare... wahoo!) <Was hoping for books of ten of the Kame 'ana rates for inter-island hops... we'll see on those. August it is then... but early or later? Have some obligations on the 23d, 24th. Miguel? Bob F>

RE: Itinerary Update? The Caribbean would be an easier trip for most- Hawaii is a 12hr trip for those on the east coast. Sep is also the month for deals in the Caribbean- dodging hurricanes and all. Maybe something like beaches in Negril, Jamaica will work- all meals, drinks, diving, hotels incl. With direct flights from LA, its the same for us as traveling to Hawaii, and easier for the rest, it is a hop, skip, and a jump. They have a family set-up so that the kids can play, and the adults can be adults. My two cents. Di <Sounds good... All, in addn.? Besides? Bob F>

RE: Trips > August is tough on the Big Island- The Bill Fish Tournament packs 'em in. Dang Di - you sure know this travel stuff, eh? Caribbean is 'all good' by me - never been! <Steve, Deb, Miguel... in addn. or instead of? Bob F>

Re: Itinerary Update? > <Sep is also the month for deals in the Caribbean- dodging hurricanes and > all.> Definitely a good point. Looks like we're the "mean" parents, not planning to bring the boys if the trip's in Sept. Barb-- <Can likely have two trips, groups, unions/intersections... When, where do you want to go? Bob F>

RE: Trips "Miguel?" A definite possibility. <Hotay... we have Zo and co., Deb and Steve, myself, Barb et ux., who else for Augusto in HI? Bob F>

Re: Trips I talked to Deb and earlier is better for us. -Steven Pro <Ah, good... set the week my friend... or better Fri to following Sundayish. Bob F>

Decisions, decisions http://warrensburg.k12.mo.us/coral/coral.html Had fun playing 'name that fish' on this site. With 2 separate trips being planned, we'll wait and see dates and length of stay on each but think we might be leaning toward Negril. (Length of flight a big factor as Di mentioned.) Been to both Hawaii and Jamaica but only had a 'day trip' snorkeling in Montego Bay, many moons ago on a cruise. Take care, Tore & Barb- <If you like traveling... I hope you and your staff are strong on the operations side... cause we're going places. Be chatting. Bob F>

Re: Trips Are we thinking the 2nd to the 11th? I think some else had a problem with the following weekend. -Steven Pro <Done! Semi- (#2) penciled in. What say all? Negril in August? Bob F>

My next project...hehe Mauritius!? A dream trip that I couldn't possibly pass up! Thanks, bud. Looking forward to it materializing (dreaming, and hope... indeed the greatest gift to humanity). Do you think I could make any money selling glamour shots of my pot belly (working on it!) in a bathing suit in Mauritius...perhaps a calendar? <Don't know about those markets... best stick with travel-type pix. Bob F> Antoine

Re: Trips Sheesh... go away for a day and look what I miss? The crew has already been to Baja and Hawaii and left. If I snooze any longer, I'll be looking at snapshots of Negril... hehe. <Last night at the Larrikins (local Hashing grp.), Jack (Slow Poke), who you will meet (we travel together quite a bit... his wife, Laura/Doesn't Know Jack, is coming on the Australian sojourn) was asking the "usual", "Where are we going next?"... So, we'll be getting tog. here to chat this over... Where do you want to go? Think Steve/Deb should have influence from not attending upcoming jaunt... But, there are many places to be> I'm not sure if my healthy (?!?) sensibilities of catholic guilt will allow me off Scott-free to take two trips in the same year via WWM/Fenners... but I know, I know... the same spiel. It would be a pleasure to go with the crew, wherever. I'm easy (fill in your own joke: Here). <Watch those proper nouns and spelling or you may end-up correcting grammar while the rest of us are out frolicking. Seriously Anthony, do give the globe/map of the planet a once- or twice-over... We need the pix, (and at least speaking for myself) the times away to 're-charge', and pix and video for our ongoing ad/ventures. Bob F> Thanks as always... Antoine


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