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Club et al. Visits by Wet Web Media Crew 

Thank you for agreeing to speak to the Sacramento Aquarium     7/6/19
Hi Bob,
<Hey Eric>
I hope all is well with you and that you've had a wonderful July 4th.
<Thanks; out of town>
I wanted to follow up with you on this this. You've sent us a list of your presentations and a thorough biography (from your website). I will need to get a specific title (with brief 1-sentence summary) and an abbreviated biography from you in order to start advertising your presentation at the Sacramento Aquarium Society in November.
<Mmm; okay... what subject area, topic would you (folks) care to hear/see?
Really... would like input re. What sorts of presentations have you had, are having about this time? Apparent interest in the group? Aquaculture, disease, set up, travelogue?>
Also, as for promoting your talk, you gave your name as " Robert/Bob (Milton) Fenner." Exactly how do you want it to display on our website?
Just like that?
<Any is fine. Not the "man of Tao" but don't right care (am rereading Steinbeck's "Grapes of Wrath") what you call me>
Please send us that information at your earliest convenience.
Cheers, Eric
<There is time (before Nov.) so if there's a desire for an entirely new talk, will gladly put together. BobF>
Re: Thank you for agreeing to speak to the Sacramento Aquarium      8/5/19
Hi Bob,
As for lecture topic, you and I have discussed previously a talk about hobbyists putting together a community tank of coral frags and you (I think) have a talk on compatibility (and incompatibility) and how some species do things to inhibit other species from growing. Is that a fair description of that talk of yours? I'm not a SW person myself, so I may be using the lingo improperly.
That is the talk we'd like you to give. I looked up the subject on your website. It's an interesting subject. So what we need from you is exact title and not just subject/theme description.
<Mmm; do see here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/CorlCompArt.htm
This is a copy of this talk cell to cell. You might want to lift the first couple of paragraphs as an explanation of the topic. BobF>
Re: Thank you for agreeing to speak to the Sacramento Aquarium Society      8/6/19

Hi Bob,
Okay, so I looked at this web page. From what I read, it seems like you'd cover a general concept like, "if you want to put corals together to build a tank, you have to know that these corals don't get along with those corals. And here is how you put them together so they don't create problems. is that a fair summary? (not for our website, but for me so I can imagine what we're talking about).
<Ah, the gist of it; along w/ some substantive examples of mechanisms (chemical, physical, behavioral), and practical insight as to how to avoid undesirable negative interactions>
If you gave this talk, I'm trying to gauge how long it would be. Our meeting structure allows a presentation of about 45min-1 hr long.
Would your presentation fit that time?
<Ah yes; have given this talk a few times; once at MACNA.>
If so, let's go with it. If not, please give me some guidance. Keep in mind that what I'm thinking of is a good talk for people who are either just starting a frag tank or who want to start one.... or for people with some personal experience but perhaps not a lot of technical knowledge.
Does that sound about right?
<Indeed. Most of my talks are gauged (produced, cloze tested) to appeal to a wide interest, ability and experience group... I've spoken at MARs a few times the last decades>
Cheers, Eric
<And you, BobF>
Re: Thank you for agreeing to speak to the Sacramento Aquarium       8/8/19

Hi Bob,
<Ave Eric!>
Okay this is great. I'll put together an event on Facebook to promote your visit.
Cheers, Eric
<Ah, good. BobF>
Re: Thank you for agreeing to speak to the Sacramento Aquarium Society      8/10/19

Hi Bob,
Not wanting to be a pest, but I want to make sure everything we publish for your visit has your approval. Here's how I plan to promote your talk to the SAS. Remember, this is just an exact title and a very brief summary of what you'll be addressing. It's not supposed to itemize all points from your talk. If I'm using any vocabulary incorrectly, please make edits here and send it back to me as you'd like it to appear. If it's fine as is, just say so.
<Looks great Eric.
Oh, does the club want to purchase the air tix, or shall I look into (SWA likely)?
Is there a contact person whose cell I might have re pick up or...?
Cheers, BobF>
The Sacramento Aquarium Society is excited to host Robert (Bob) Fenner, who will give a presentation entitled, "Coral Compatibility: Reducing Captive Negative Interactions Between Cnidarians," discussing the problems that can occur between different corals when building a reef aquarium, the causes of those problems, and how you can reduce them to create a beautiful healthy reef tank. This is our first saltwater talk in years, and it's going to be a good one. Don't miss it!
About the speaker:

The diversity of life has always fascinated Bob Fenner. More than any other animal group, he was blown away by the expansiveness and mystery of fishes and aquatic life. Bob was born in Rhode Island, but grew up in the Orient as his father was career military. There were very few jobs "on base" for
the "dependents" but Bob was fortunate to secure employment at a fish store that was associated with a restaurant in downtown Sasebo. Other vainglorious work overseas included two years working for a Betta culture business, and collecting/processing marines in Manila. Back to the U.S. in the late sixties, Bob was a retail clerk and a livestock wholesale worker (for Pratt's in San Diego), then eventually formed his own aquarium service business with a school friend. It grew into an employee-owned corporation with aquaristic retail outlets, fabrication (principally large acrylic systems), water feature construction, manufacturing and distribution divisions. Later, Bob also worked as a consultant and buyer for PetCo, during their bid to upgrade stores by incorporating livestock.
Bob has been an avid hobbyist since his first memories: Active in the local SDTFS from the sixties; helped in development of all three goldfish/koi clubs in San Diego. He sees no difference between what he does for money and for a living. He writes articles and books for the diving/underwater natural history and ornamental aquatics interests, and manages rentals and securities. A/The central thread to everything Bob does in writing, presentation or action in the interest has been/is "to enhance people's
love of their own lives through an appreciation of the living world".
Looking forward, Bob sees the hobby/business evolving, with a real interest in biotopes, the underlying science, understanding the technologies employed.
Cheers, Eric
Re: Receipt sent from alaskaair.com, SAS, MARs (!) visit

Thank you.
I think I got something good worked out with the MARS group. They would like to have you visit their group too, and the nice thing is (we expect) both groups will meet at the same place.
<Fantastic Eric!>
Let me run this past you and tell me what you think. It's intended to have minimum impact on you and provide maximum effect for the two clubs.
Your plane arrives at SMF around 1:15pm. I'll meet you at SMF, check you into your hotel if it isn't too early, etc., and show you around to any LFS if you want to see them (or other sites if there's time).
<Ahh, much appreciated. Am already missing Capital Aq., "O"...>
MARS club members (people from MARS? :-D) will arrive at the Round Table about 3pm and they will start the business aspects of their club meeting. They will also do a raffle of some kind for their members interested in (I think) salt water stuff. About 3:30, I will bring you to Round Table to meet the people of MARS. They would like to have an open Q&A with you for about an hour if that's okay with you, so that they can ask you questions. You won't be giving a formal talk to them, just casual conversation. I imagine some SAS members may attend that also. The Q&A will end around 4:30pm.
At 4:30pm, you will have a over an hour to relax and get dinner of your choice (we can get you food at Round Table, or I can take you somewhere else if you prefer a different dinner menu).
<Ah, no. RT is fine... Heeeee! Have been around so long that I've thought their pizza was bunk, better, bunk... and now okay again!>
Shortly after 5:30, we need to be back in Round Table to get your PowerPoint (or whatever file format) presentation on our display system and tested to make sure it's projecting okay. The MARS people will stick around and join the SAS people, and we will have a combined audience for your presentation.
<Good; am sure both groups will enjoy, gain by the experience. The talk (as all my efforts) is geared to a wide audience... interest and experience levels.>
For the SAS meeting, we will have about 20-30 minutes of announcements and news before you talk, which should run from about 6:30-7:30, depending on when we start. We will take a 10 min break before our monthly auction and raffle which could last another 2-3 hours depending on attendance.
<Wow, the SDTFS here in San Diego... have been a member since the late 60's, the pres. for three years... has gotten into a similar "habit", but does their auction ahead of the presentation (Groan!) and shorter raffle at the end>
At any time after your presentation (Before, during or after the auction), I will take you back to your hotel for the evening. Many speakers will stay till the end of the night, but I think with the MARS group first, it will be a long afternoon for you, so I can appreciate if you want to go back to your hotel early. That will be your call.
<Let's "play this by ear"; will likely stay if not too tired; to socialize, observe/learn>
If this sounds okay to you, the MARS and SAS clubs will advertise your visit as a jointly sponsored set of meetings, and the clubs split the expense of bringing you here. The MARS leadership is very excited about the prospect of a combined meeting and getting to hear you present, and especially if they can have a Q&A time with you.
<THIS IS exactly what I had hoped for>
How does that sound to you? Please let me know if it's acceptable.
Cheers, Eric
<Thank you for your efforts on all's behalves Eric. BobF>
Your visit is posted on FB; SAS and MARs visit       8/31/19


Re: Please Help identifying this; now MACNA visit, presenting in Mexico      7/23/19
Thank you Bob
<Welcome Raul>
Hope to see you soon again.
Are you going to MACNA this year?
<Not likely; wasn't asked to present>
Raul Labastida
<Cheers, BobF>
Re: Please Help identifying this      7/23/19

Hope we meet again soon. Would you consider coming to present in Mexico? We are organizing the first Mexican Marine Society and the first meeting with the support of many important companies. Best regards, Raul Labastida
<Ah, si. Though my Espanol isn't good enough to present in other than English. BobF>
Triton Distribución Latinoamérica
Re: Please Help identifying this      7/23/19

Almost all the speakers that will present don't speak Spanish. We will have simultaneous translation. Raul Labastida
<Ah! Que bueno! RobertoF>
Re: Please Help identifying this      7/23/19

It will be in México City. I will send you more information when I have dates and I hope we can have you on the Program. Best regards, Raul Labastida
<Real good Raul. Have a friend I'd like to visit there. BobF>
Re: Please Help identifying this      7/23/19

It will be in México City. I will send you more information when I have dates and I hope we can have you on the Program. Best regards, Raul Labastida
<Real good Raul. Have a friend I'd like to visit there. BobF>

Aquatic Experience – Chicago reports successful year with 21% increase in attendance     12/9/17
Images available for download here<https://photos.app.goo.gl/ec32eVoxXKdhQLvg2>
Fifth annual Aquatic Experience – Chicago reports successful year with 21% increase in attendance
Show with “everything aquatic under one roof” will make its East Coast
debut at Meadowlands Exposition Center outside NYC in 2018

CHICAGO (December 8, 2017)—The World Pet Association (WPA) is thrilled to announce a 21% increase in reported attendance at its fifth annual Aquatic Experience – Chicago, held November 3-5 at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center. Plans are already underway for the sixth Aquatic Experience set to debut at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in New Jersey, just outside New York City, from October 19-21, 2018. For more information, contact the World Pet Association at 626-447-2222.

At Aquatic Experience – Chicago 2017 a total of 139 exhibitors filled the thriving show floor, showcasing the latest in aquatic trends and products alongside local and national hobbyist groups, livestock and equipment experts, and the industry’s best and trend-setting manufacturers. The Aquascaping Live! Contest participants competed in two categories (Nano or Large tank) for $3,900 dollars in prize money. First place winners in the Large tank category were Brady Kerewich, Phil Kerewich and Jake Zucker; first place in the Nano tank category went to John Pini. The 2nd International Shrimp Contest Shrimp King Award went to Silane Dilwyn Tng, and the grand prize of $500 was awarded to Mario Toromanovic for Best of Show in this year’s American Cichlid Association Fish Competition. For a complete list of winners please visit aquaticexperience.org/aquatic-competition-winners<http://aquaticexperience.org/aquatic-competition-winners/>

“Thank you to all attendees who have continued to exceed our expectations in Chicago every year,” said WPA President Jacinthe Moreau. “We’re thrilled to be expanding into the East Coast market next year and to be moving the show to the Meadowlands Exposition Center just outside of New York City. We already have a great aquatic presence at our America’s Family Pet Expo and SuperZoo shows in the Western US; this move expands our support of the aquatic industry across the entire country.”

This year’s show hosted the return of the only traveling sea lion experience in the United States, Sea Lion Splash; the educational Fish from Around the World exhibit; an electric eel display; a jellyfish touch tank; and a Kid’s Aquarium Contest. Guests also learned from aquatic experts as they attended seminars featuring high-profile speakers addressing intermediate level information to advanced aquatic issues.

Aquatic Experience – Chicago 2017 was generously supported by: Platinum Level – Aqueon, Coralife, Kent Marine; Gold Level - Fluval, Hikari Sales USA, Inc., Segrest Farms; Silver Level - DrTim's Aquatics, Fritz Aquatics, Industrial Test Systems, Inc., Rod’s Food, Southwest Cargo, Tetra, Two Little Fishies, Zetlight. Media Partners include: Aquarium Hobbyist Magazine/Reef Hobbyist Magazine, BlueZoo TV, Pet Age, Pet Business, Pet Product News, Reef Builders, Reef to Rainforest Media (Amazonas/Coral) and Tropical Fish Hobbyist.

The World Pet Association (WPA) is the oldest industry organization promoting responsible growth and development of the companion pet and related products and services. WPA works to inform and educate the general public in order to ensure safe and healthy lifestyles for our animal friends. WPA is the host of America’s Family Pet Expo, the world’s largest consumer pet and pet products expo, held annually in Costa Mesa, California. The organization also produces SuperZoo, an annual pet industry trade show that showcases a comprehensive collection of exhibits and offers a variety of informative educational seminars, and Atlanta Pet Fair, the Southeast’s largest competition and trade show for the professional pet stylist. For more information, please visit www.worldpetassociation.org<http://www.worldpetassociation.org>.

<Outstanding. Will post/share on WetWebMedia.com. Bob Fenner>
Thank you so much!

MASNA Speaks engagement     1/3/17
Mr. Fenner,
<Hey Daniel>
My name is Daniel Walden and I am the education chair for the Indianapolis Marine Aquarium Society. We have our annual frag swap scheduled for March 17, 2018 and have planned to host a speaker the morning of the swap to
kick things off.
<Rats... am out dive adventure traveling then... No croc tears for me... in Fr. Polynesia>
I would like to check your availability and interest in travelling to Indianapolis to be featured as our Educational Speaker.
When reviewing the MASNA Speaks database I saw your name and thought you would be a perfect person for our swap presentation. A bit about our swap - we have a history of over 500 attendees and continuing to grow.
We will be hosting the swap at a new location with a large footprint and separate classroom available for the presentation. Coupled with a speaker before the swap, we will have 2 foods trucks available and a raffle that
typically exceeds $12k in value. We expect to have a great turnout again this year with people from multiple states coming to spend a day trading and learning about our hobby. Regarding the topic, I thought something more general
to the hobby like discussion of the supply chain for fish and corals would be a good education topic for everyone but we would be open to something you think would apply well or of specific interest to you.
Thank you for your time and consideration and I look forward to your response.
<Thank you and the Indianapolis Marine Aquarium Society for thinking of me.
Perhaps another date.
Bob Fenner>

Mailing Address      10/24/17
Hello Bob,
Thank you for speaking at REEF A PALOOZA California. We hope that everyone enjoyed your presentation and that you enjoyed everything as well. Could I please have your mailing address? We would like to send you some important information.
Thank you,
Brock Goines
<Hey Brock! Was amongst the best-received presentations I've given! And the Hilton!!!
8586 Menkar Rd.
San Diego, CA 92126
Bob Fenner>
Re: Mailing Address      10/24/17

That’s absolutely awesome Bob!!! I’m stoked bud!
<Cheers Brock!>

Volunteer Opening @ Sakaerat , Thailand     9/13/17
Dear Volunteer,
At Sakaerat I am running a project on “Avian Diversity” hence seeking to recruit several short (6 months) and/or long term volunteer on a rolling basis for ongoing diversity and behavioural research on the Avifauna.
The project involves point count surveys at multiple locations in and around the Sakaerat Biosphere Reserve in Thailand.
This rewarding (yet physically challenging) position provides valuable field research experience in the field of animal behaviour.
The accommodation and food will be provided at the field station however applicants must cover their own airfare and travel/health insurance.
If you are ready to catch this opportunity, please contact me at archana.naithani78@gmail.com
<mailto:archana.naithani78@gmail.com > for me to contact you with more information on the project.
Thanks and Regards
Archana Naithani, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Applied ecology and Genetics Research Unit
School of Biology, Institute of Science
Suranaree University of Technology
Nakon Ratchasima, Thailand 30000
Email : archana.naithani@outlook.com
<Will post/share on our WetWebMedia.com site. Bob Fenner>
Re: Volunteer Opening @ Sakaerat , Thailand
Thanks , Do let me know once you post the same.
<Should be on the morrow. BobF>
Thanks and Regards
Archana Naithani, Ph.D.

Important RAP California info needed      8/29/17
Mr. Fenner,
<Hey Brock>
My name is Brock Goines and I am gathering information for the upcoming event.
<Is this the Oct., 7, 8 one in Cali? What day for speaking (Sat., and/or Sun.?). Are you folks supplying an overnight hotel? >
We need a high resolution picture of you and the topic for your presentation.
<Mmm; the best is likely "Anemones for Aquariums: Use, Husbandry">
The picture I saved from the web is low resolution. Please contact me as soon as you can because it is time sensitive to get banners etc printed for the event site.
<Couldn't find the one you have posted in a larger size, but sent along another (attached here). Will this work? BobF>
Thank you,
Brock Goines
Re: Important RAP California info needed      8/29/17

Hi Bob,
yes we will book you a room as part of your Speaker deal. What name do you want me to book it under?
<Mine please. B>
Re: Important RAP California info needed      8/29/17

i have you scheduled for Saturday at 2:30. I sent the photo to my graphics designer. Hope it works.. fingers crossed.:)
<Real good Brock. B>
Re: Important RAP California info needed      8/29/17

Do you want a room for Saturday and Sunday? Or just Saturday night?
The picture works fine!
<Just Sat. Brock. Thank you, B>

Hilton Anaheim Reservation Confirmation      8/30/17
Hi Bob,
See below for your room reservation confirmation. See you soon!
Thank you,
<Thank you yet again Brock. B>

URGENT: MACNA 2017 Presentation Topic Needed      7/20/17
Hey Bob!
The Program Book is in it's final content stages and I'm in need of your topic for the MACNA talk that you are giving in New Orleans. If you've already provided that to the New Orleans team, they've misplaced the
<D'oh! Tis: "Anemones for Aquariums". Oh! The entire title: Anemones for Aquariums, use, husbandry>
I need your information this week, today would be great! If I don't get your info this week, the topic of your talk will not be in the program book, which will greatly effect turnout at your presentation. Oh wait..
who am I kidding... they'll show up for you anyway... but we really do need your topic!!
Appreciate your quick response......
<Cheers mate. BobF>
Rob Mougey
Vice President of the Marine Aquarium Societies of North America (MASNA
MASNA Speaks helps provide Speakers for your club
<http://masna.org/club-resources/masna-speaks-2/ >
Join us at MACNA 2017, August 25-27 in New Orleans, LA.

Re: Difficult Keepers in New System        5/24/17
So you're saying there's a chance! Good enough for me. :-)
Game plan:
1) Continue frequent small water changes while system stabilizes (was plan of course anyway given other life in tank). Am hoping as DSB (4"+) matures over next weeks/months frequency can decrease but until then as needed.
It's painless in this size system. 2) Buffer pH up. Haven't needed to do this in previous tanks--off to research methods/products (my favorite pastime right now--the boyfriend is unamused).
<See WWM re Alkalinity and look into my fave line... SeaChem Products, here>
3) Make a slurry of food stuff--Coral Frenzy, pellets, maybe some Mysis,
Reef One, cocktail shrimp... Blend (then soak blender in vinegar, blecchhh). Pipette upstream of relevant critters AM/PM. Wonder how mixture will keep in the fridge?
<Yes it will for a few days (3-5)>
May experiment/use a sniff test before adding.
I'm not overly sensitive about a little algae and grunge here and there if it means the critters are happy. Am not someone who will ever have a bare bottom tank with frags on plastic racks--I like more "stuff." I also like
kibbitzing--let me know if you ever do a conference or anything out this way.
<Oh... where? Aurora... in Riverside, CA? My only for sure scheduled pitches/presentations are MACNA (New Orleans) and Aquatic Experience (Chicago) thus far this year>

Oh, hermits are teeny tiny now, maybe 5mm. Will watch and reduce numbers as needed. All of the white ones came in my sand.
I'll let you know how we're doing in a few weeks/a month. I know this is a fun project because it'll probably be 2018 before I could call it a "success" with potential for failure sooner. But I like projects. :-)
Have a fantastic evening!
<Thank you Laura... Had a dream or two re your set up, livestock last eve... Do want to state more: Would be GREAT if this little cube tank was tied in w/ another bigger system; and/or a large sump/refugium... w/
another DSB, RDP lighting arrangement, macro algae culture... and more.
Would make all that much more stable, easier to keep clean. Cheers, Bob Fenner>
Re: Difficult Keepers in New System       3/25/17

Wish I could go to MACNA but that's one of our biggest weekends of the year at work.
Would be fun road trip from Savannah. Maybe someone will be kind enough to record some of the presentations.
<This is done at least some years... are they available through MASNA? Oh yeah... here's a link to the 2016 ones... including mine: http://masna.org/aboutmacna/macna-2016-presentations/ >
After water change this morning water values have improved. Nitrates are closer to 10ppm (may have overestimated color a little yesterday at 20ppm).
Ammo/nitrite holding at 0ppm and pH remains low at around 7.8. Tested my mix water and it's at 8.2 so the drop is definitely organics in the tank.
After your email and more reading last night I ordered Chemi-Pure Blue, Phosgard, and Seachem's pH buffer and that should be here tomorrow. Red tree sponge had some film on it this AM--I removed the film gently (air
hose suction) and turned the sponge a little since I haven't seen it opening up (orange one is covered in pores/openings). I see a few pores now and no new debris. Little orange ones are completely inert so far.
We are aligned re: wishing this tank could be plumbed to a larger system.
It does rather feel like a refugium looking for a display tank at this point. Unfortunately we're in a third floor apartment so we're limited both by space and weight restrictions.
<Another ahh!>
On that note, I ordered a couple of live colonies of copepods and phytoplankton along with some Chaeto. Figure little critters will help with incidental feedings at earlier life stages and Chaeto will help house the pods as well as export excess nutrients. I don't think this system will have much to eat them directly at this point so hopefully they'll
Happy reefing!
<And you. BobF>

Re: Update     2/24/17
Thanks for understanding. My life is currently a mess. At school for 18 hours today, possibly more :) Luckily it will all be finished on Monday. I'll keep you posted. By the way, we confirmed our vacation to Belize.
Spending a day at the Blue Hole, two tank dive. Hopefully a four tank dive the following day. What did you say lived in the Blue Hole?
<Not much of anything really. Better to visit live reefs than a scarp fault in the ocean.>
I'll send pictures if I get any.
Gabe Walsh, WWM Crew
<And you, B>

MACNA 2017 Speaker      9/3/16
<Hey Adam!>
Adam Clayton with Bayou Reefkeeping here. We are hosting MACNA 2017 in New Orleans. I was hoping to get in touch with Bob Fenner in regards to speaking at MACNA. If you could please have him reach out to me, I'd greatly appreciate it.
<Can be contacted here, or fennerrobert@hotmail.com,  and 858 397 3XXX. Hope to see you in a week! Am out diving in a bit (scuba); so email is the route to go till Tues!>
Thanks and best regards,
<Cheers, Bob Fenner>
Adam Clayton

Ah, real good. Will add the link, post to WWM and refer folks to it who are looking for my speaking. Thank you, BobF
Speaker Page for WWM --Draft       2/10/15
As promised here is the draft text to use for future speaking engagements- can we put a button by the donate now, to say book Bob F now, and it links to this page? Dear Clubs, friends, and enthusiasts: First, thanks for being a fan of WWM, I started this site as a way to educate and share the love of fishes, and underwater natural history and love to share my experiences with groups, friends, and the general public.
As you know I've been on all sides of the business and trade and site WWM is a forum for the joy of all of you. We get many request here for speaking at local events and we've developed this FAQ and for to help you booking us for your next special event.

Who is this guy Bob Fenner anyway?

Bio link

I am happy come join you at your event but ask for the following agreement before accepting speaking engagements.
1. Donate $200 to wet web media (via PayPal) and in return You will get a 70x70 ad placed on WWM promoting your in advance (as soon as you send the donation and as soon as you send the ad artwork )
2. Place a hyperlink to WWM on you email invite to the event AND event webpage
3. Fill out the information below in your email

How can I ask him to speak at our frag fest, club meet, Rotary or other special event?
Cut and pasted the questions with your answers into an email and send them to me here: bob@wetwebmedia.com

INFORMATION needed via email:

Event date
Is the event Domestic or International
Date and time of the event, and Exact time of the talk during your event i.e. Saturday at 2:30
Closest airport to event
Tech specs for the room- will you be providing a handheld microphone, is there a projector, laptop, Screen, Laptop, microphone (ok if none) I usually bring my own laptop, but need other AV equipment provided
Room Capacity or anticipated attendance
Other fish stores in the area (name and addresses)
Other stipend information: meals, transportation, loading
Is there a club member assigned to assist/transportation? Their contact info. please
Is there a chance to have dinner with club members before and/or after the event?
Is there is a opportunity drawing with the event, would your club like to use dinner with me as a fundraising opportunity to offset the cost?

We understand that the donation may be difficult for small clubs, but do ask that you support our work at WWM. One idea would be to sell a opportunity drawing to have dinner with me while I am in town.

MASNA Speaks Update - New Slide and Program Rules       2/18/16
<Got it Rob; amended profile. All good. BobF>
Excellent! Thanks for all you do to help promote the hobby!!
Looking forward to chatting with you at Reefstock......
<Oh yes! See you there
, then (2/27,28. BobF>

Conference Leads.... MACNA talks       1/6/15
Hi Bob,
Further to my note on Facebook, I would really like to attend MACNA this year – are you going?
<Mmm; I still don't know... haven't attended the last two; and haven't been asked to present at the upcoming>
In particular, I would like to offer up a talk and was wonder who would be the best person to contact.
<I gave a talk there about a year back, and some times into the more distant past... don't know the folks there other than John Coppolino. Am cc'ing here re whom you should pitch>
If possible I would like to this for a room and registration. Although I would also accept airfare – but that may be stretch for an unknown guy like me. Could provide a talk on the use of fish meds, parasites or immunology. Any suggestions (or plugs you could put in for me) would be greatly appreciated.
<Will gladly do so. I know what you have to say is valuable to the attendees... similar to our do's at the UNE Fish Hlth. Conferences>
I also see that you are on the program for this year’s CAOAC convention in Burlington.
<Ah yes; nice folks. Spoke at their 50th in Ont., w/ Gary Lange, Heiko Bleher>
Great bunch. I gave a couple of talks at their convention in 2011 in Brantford. Doubt I will make the meeting in Burlington – as I want to save pennies for Washington. I grew up in Oakville which is the next town and so have lots of friends there. Timing is also a little tight given my work schedule at that time of the year (see below).
Lastly, I was seriously considering Aquarama as a friend who is a local koi breeder was thinking of going (a la, “hey lets go on a road trip to Singapore”).
<YES! Am planning as usual in being there. DO keep chatting... are you on the FB Scuba Diving Friends page? Will check and add you. DO save toward and set the time aside for a week or so ahead and/or after for some dive/travel adventure. Oh, and their Sunday farm tour is worthwhile>
Alas, I have a conflict as the Aquaculture Canada conference is in Nanaimo this year and starts on May 31st. Since I’m on the Board and the Program Chair for the conference I kinda need to be there! So, you’ll have to take a rain cheque as I really want to see the Aquarama show.
<Well... if I understand you... do you have time ahead of Aquarama for a dive resort go?>
Happy New Year and Best Fishes for 2015!
<And you my friend. BobF>

Aquatic Experience     11/21/14
Hi Bob,
<Hey Deb>
It was a pleasure working with you at Aquatic Experience-Chicago. Attached is the speaker photo taken at the Saturday evening Meet & Greet and event press release. We saw increased attendance as well as growth in number of exhibitors
in 2014 and hope to continue on this path in 2015. Aquatic Experience will again be in Chicago, November 6-8, 2015.
Our exceptional slate of speakers certainly lends credibility to Aquatic Experience-Chicago and plays a large role in our increasing growth. We appreciate the time and energy required to participate as a speaker, thank you again for your
participation. We do hope you found it a positive experience.
Thank you,
<Ah yes; this is a forward thinking experience... to promote the hobby, trade and science of fields related to ornamental aquatics. Glad to be an ongoing part of it. Bob Fenner>
Debra Spaulding
Director of Education & Programming
World Pet Association, Inc.

And some friends in the trade, linked pix

Mars Aquarium Group Sacramento. Pres.      10/24/14
My name is Anthony Wong and I am the Vp of the Marine Aquarist of Roundtable Sacramento.
<Ah yes; have spoken there a few times>
Since i am building the calendar for 2015 I figured i would contact you to see if you are available. Our meetings are held on the 3rd Fridays of every month from 7pm to 10pm and we have close to 75 paid members. Please send back a estimate on your fees, travel needs and if you would be interested in speaking at the club. Also with a list of topics you could speak on.
<Only travel costs (though don't turn down honorariums, 'ifics); most any time, topics. You can see my background on the Net... WWM, Amazon.com>
I look forward to hearing from you
Anthony Wong
<Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Re: Copper removal. Actually where is Waldo/BobF? 09/11/14
Hi Bob,
Are you going any where else in Asia it would be good to meet?
<Only Bali this go... was going to be transiting through Australia (Brisbane), but now Narita, Japan... Do hope to meet up with you
possibly... in Sri Lanka is it? BobF>
Kind regards,
e: Copper removal.     9/15/14
Hi Bob,
Sadly not this time then.
<Ahh; should be back next May (2015) for the Aquarama Show in Sing... and diving before and/or after. Are we friends on Facebook? Can/will add you to our page "Scuba diving friends" if so. BobF>
Kind regards,

MASNA Speaker list update     7/8/14
<Salud Roger>
I am writing on behalf of Marine Aquarium Societies of North America (MASNA) to update our speaker list as we prepare to unveil our updated website. Please respond within 7 days if you wish to remain on the speaker list, failure to respond will be considered as a request to be removed from the speaker list, however we can always add your info back at a later time.
You are also welcome to make any updates to your contact info in the fields below.
Speaker contact information
Most enjoyed presentation titles
<Some new pitches...>
Biography and photograph
<On WWM still>
Comments and indication of special needs such as the amount of any required honorarium
<Still zip>
In closing, if you wish to continue being listed in our database a simple reply is all that is needed, if you have any updates, please submit them as well. You can view your current speaker directory listing below.
Thank you for your time and continued support of MASNA! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
Roger Vitko
<Cheers, Bob Fenner>
Re: MASNA Speaker list update
Thank you, I confirmed your listing.
<Tres bien. B>

Brooklyn Aquarium Society         6/12/14
This is for Bob Fenner, we at BAS would love to set up a date for bob to speak at our club. If you are interested let me know.
Steven Matassa
<Ah yes; been a while. What months and meeting days do you have Steven. Any particular topics? BobF>

Inaugural Fancy Guppy Competition to make a splash at Aquatic Experience - Chicago November 7-9, 2014     5/29/14
Press Contact: Elizabeth Neukirch/Liza Massingberd
The Silverman Group, Inc.
Images available for download here
$1,500 dollars in prize money and certificates available
CHICAGO (May 12, 2014)-The World Pet Association
<http://worldpetassociation.org/> 's (WPA) second annual Aquatic Experience - Chicago, Nov. 7-9, 2014, will host the inaugural Aquatic Experience Fancy Guppy Competition presented by the International Fancy
Guppy Association (IFGA). More than 100 entries will compete over seven categories including fish type, color and gender for $1,500 dollars in prize money and certificates. All contestants will receive a wristband
for free admission to the show floor at Aquatic Experience, experiencing "everything aquatic under one roof" at the Renaissance Schaumburg Convention Center.
In addition to a thriving show floor of exhibitors showcasing the latest in aquatic trends and products, Aquatic Experience - Chicago 2014 will host educational seminars on hobbyist and retail topics featuring
aquatic experts Bob Fenner, Brandon McLane, Charles Delbeek, Chris Lukhaup, Eric Bodrock, Francis Yupangco, Heiko Bleher, Jake Adams, Jen Reynolds, Joe Olenik, Jonathan Dooley, Julian Sprung, Karen Randall, Kevin Kohen, Oliver Knott, Oliver Lucanus, Patrick Dontson, Rusty Wessel, Sandy Moore, Sanjay Joshi, Steve Lundblad and Ted Judy. Seminar topics include: aquarium and water garden plants; fish breeding; changes in the aquatic world; specialty stores in niche markets; hiring and training strategies; designing a successful fish room; and aquatic explorations of Thailand and Lake Tanganyika. Show attendees will also have the chance to experience the only travelling shark show in the country, Haai Inc's Live Shark Encounter, and see displays of fish from around the world.
For more information on this year's show and the Aquatic Experience Fancy Guppy Competition please visit www.aquaticexperience.org
<http://www.aquaticexperience.org> or contact Bob Lewis (Chairman IFGA) at lewisri@verizon.net <mailto:lewisri@verizon.net> . The competition and judging will take place on the exhibit show floor at 3 p.m. on Saturday, Nov. 8. All competitors must be members of the IFGA or an IFGA affiliated club. To view the complete competition rules/regulations and learn how you can become an IFGA or affiliated club member please visit  www.ifga.org <http://www.ifga.org> for details. No entry fees are required.

The World Pet Association (WPA) is the oldest industry organization promoting responsible growth and development of the companion pet and related products and services. WPA works to inform and educate the general public in order to ensure safe and healthy lifestyles for our animal friends. WPA is the host of America's Family Pet Expo, the world's largest consumer pet and pet products expo, held annually in
Costa Mesa, California. The organization also produces SuperZoo, an annual pet industry trade show that showcases a comprehensive collection of exhibits and offers a variety of informative educational seminars.
For more information, please visit www.worldpetassociation.org
<http://www.worldpetassociation.org> .

Re: For Bob Fenner - <not> visit<ing> Chesapeake Marine Aquaria Society?     2/13/14
Hi Bob! I hope all is well! Our 'board' decided the other day that for our spring event, that instead of the usual speaker venue that we just 'roll' our February frag fest into the March 'spring event'. So, no speakers this time around (was hoping it was going to be you!!) This was decided since we were afraid of a low turnout and that would be embarrassing! We had Mike Paletta join us in the fall and only ~ 20 people made it.
But, the board also said to please keep connected with you - perhaps another chance for visiting our club (and maybe even a joint venture with the other club in the area.). Sorry about the 'last' minute change of plans but the board just couldn't all meet earlier to really discuss all the options.
We got ~16 inches of snow last night and this morning.
<Tis about 80 F. here in San Diego currently...>
I am going out now to start the snow blower. Ah...to be in the Caribbean sailing or some exotic place diving right now!! I may have mentioned I had a chance to go to Cozumel last fall. I enjoyed it!
Take care and let me know if you get this message!
Talk to you later.
-Carl Huntley - CMAS
<Real good Carl. Thank you for this notice (figured about the same). Oh! Am taking my sis Donna back down to Cozumel for a bit of dive/adventuring late March. BobF>
Re: For Bob Fenner - visit Chesapeake Marine Aquaria Society?   2/14/14

Hi Bob, Thank you for your understanding! The last time you were here was with Nedermeyer.
That was a fun time!!I
<Oh yeah! Ken's gone on to celebrity-hood>
'll keep you posted on the schedule for this coming year. Wow - 80 degrees there. Nice! Our totals for the two storms ended up being 22 inches of snow! Yuck!-Carl 
<I like to visit the snow... but only for a while! Cheers, BobF>

SWFMAS Reef Conference      12/21/13
<Jeff... is there a theme? Are the other speakers just picking out what they'd like to present? I'll gladly fill in with whatever topic makes sense... The new collecting station in Fiji, disease/quarantine/acclimation are recent topics... What are the dates (again?)... I don't see this anywhere on the Net, your site. B>
We need to get our new website updated (www.reefconference.com) and start getting our posters made to put in the LFS.  We also need to start figuring out travel arrangements.  If you want to make them and have us reimburse you, that is fine.  Please let us know your travel schedule so we can make hotel arrangements.  If you want us to make the travel arrangements, we need to know your preferred airport for departure.
For the website, we need the following information:
Jake - Pic, Topic Synopsis and Bio
Murray - Pic, Topic Synopsis and Bio
Bob - Topic Synopsis
Also, this is our first year to have the stand alone website dedicated to the conference.  If you get a chance, take a look and give us some feedback.
<Not working. B>
re: SWFMAS Reef Conference      12/21/13

No theme.  We try to mix up topics so we have a mix of fish, corals,
inverts, equipment, etc.  Nobody has ever done a disease/quarantine topic.
So that would be good.  Ditto with the Fiji collecting station.
Dates are April 11 (Banquet and set up) and April 12 (Conference)
<And return on the 13th I take it. Will bring both talks... perhaps have a hat w/ your board re which they'd prefer. B>
Re: SWFMAS Reef Conference    1/27/14

Can you send me a synopsis of your disease/quarantine topic.
<The outline/ppt. is archived on WWM here:
  Also, I need
a good number and time to call you so we can get your travel arrangements nailed down. 
<Most any PST reasonable time... 858 397 XXXX>
We'd like to do that in the next week or two.
<Sure; BobF> 

Re: Availability & Honorarium for Speaking Feb 22 in Houston    11/27/13
Good afternoon Bob,
<Hey Shar!>
For the MARSH speaking engagement this February, could you send us the following:
1. Your flight details,
<Will get on to...>
2. Headshot picture,
3. Bio
<These can be found here:
4. Contemplated speaking topic(s)
<Mmm, what are the other speakers topics? Is there a theme to the get tog. this time? I have a few dozen presentations... and can make up new>
Please send whatever info you have available ASAP, and we can post that on our website launch this Sunday.
Also, once we have your flight details, we can get you reimbursed for that expense and we'll feel better that
you are booked :)  The member managing reimbursements is carbon copied above and is
'John DeVeaux' <>
Thanks in advance,
Sharath Ravula
<Cheers, BobF>
 Re: Availability & Honorarium for Speaking Feb 22 in Houston    11/27/13

Thanks Bob,
For the quick response. I passed the info along regarding your pic and bio.
 Regarding the topics, besides yourself, we have John Coppolino and probably Matt Pedersen.  We don't have a theme for the event, but our club does have the following mandate:
<Ahh; know both of these fellows... can only guess as to John... talking re Angels and folks he's met... and MattP, perhaps Banggais or such>
* To exchange information within the group, share cumulative experiences and to ensure successful husbandry of our members' aquaria.
* To provide education to the community through speakers, workshops, outreach, newsletters, Internet presence, and interactions with the trade.
* To promote captive propagation and breeding; and
* To promote conservation both within and outside of the hobby.
<Ah yes>
I think Matt Pedersen is a captive propagation and breeder expert.  John Coppolino wants to speak about small polyped stony corals, and hopefully his forte - angels and other risky fish in reefs.
Maybe, you could speak about conscientious reef-keeping in the sense of selecting reef suitable organisms or suggestions of how to prepare or try more risky choices.
<Ah yes; easily done>
  I've heard something along this topic from you before.  Really, we would defer to what you wish to speak about that you feel would draw a good crowd.
Let us know what you are contemplating. 
<This then>
Happy Thanksgiving,
<And you, B>

just making sure you got home OK?     11/24/13
Hi Bob,
It was great to see you at the FRAG event in Simi Valley, heck its always great to see you! I enjoyed our diner and conversation. Thank you for spending the time to film the interview. It was great information. My first
hard edit has it down to 42 min and 32 sec. once I add in some graphics, some color shots and some talk about the FRAG event it will push an hour long episode.
<Wow! Longer than any UW video I've made by far. Most are about 10 min.s>
Lets see, what shall we name this episode?
<Petfish boy meets Johimbo (a take off on a fave Zatoichi title, sensei).>
I hope your rise home was smooth, uneventful and safe?
<Yes; just long; too>
Attached are the two banners we spoke of. The link should be to >>
www.lafishguys.com  <<. I will also place your banner ( I plucked from your site ) into the future Home and Episode pages on my site. I am also trying to think of some 30 second video promo I could create for you. maybe you have some thoughts?
<Not this AM... am slow to more-fully awaken>
I will give you some advanced notice of when I finish your LA Fishguys episode. Thank you  J
Jim Stime, jr
<Cheers! B>

Availability & Honorarium for Speaking Feb 22 in Houston     11/4/13
Hello Mr. Bob Fenner,
I am writing to you as a representative of the Marine Aquarium Reef Society of Houston (MARSH).
MASNA has been slow to send us their speaker list, so I and other committee members are contacting potential speakers via their websites, etc.
<I see>
We are organizing an event like DFWMAS' NextWave called Reef Currents.  Are you available on Saturday February 22nd to speak, what is your honorarium, and what airport do you fly out of?
<I am; will accept whatever the club extends, and Lindbergh here in San Diego>
Our organizing committee is deciding amongst the available speakers, and I hope to add you into the pool of available speakers.  I have seen you speak a few times :)
<Ah yes>
The event is call Reef Currents and takes place at the Sheraton North Houston next to the International Airport.  The website with all the details should be launched this week.
<Will look for, and anticipate your later re-contacting re topics et al.
Sharath Ravula
Re: Availability & Honorarium for Speaking Feb 22 in Houston   11/5/13

<Ave Sharath!>
Thanks for the quick reply.  I have told our organizing committee your info and availability.
We have only asked 6 or 7 people for a potential 4 speaker slots, so I am hopeful the committee will choose you.  I will let you know our decision either way and if there is any delay.  It may take a few weeks.
<Real good>
Just to be clear, we will pay your airfare, lodging, and meals, expenses, and whatever honorarium
we settle on for our speakers.
<Ah yes. Cheers, BobF>
Sharath Ravula
Re: Availability & Honorarium for Speaking Feb 22 in Houston     11/19/13

>>Yes; Sharath... as in the other times I've spoken there, can/will fly in Fri., out Sunday. B<<
Mr. Bob Fenner,
Good afternoon.  Are you still available to speak on February 22, 2014? 
Our group has met and decided to go ahead and book you if available.
You can book your flight and have us reimburse you.  Please send your flight details and cost to me and John Deveaux (jdeveaux@marsh-reef.org) who will reimburse you.
You would speak sometime between 9 and 4 Saturday, so you may want to fly in Friday night,
and fly out at your preference either Saturday or Sunday.   We would prefer if you stick around,
socialize, and chat with us, but of course it is your preference.
<Am out speaking at the new Aquatic Experience show currently... Will contact you on my return home>
I hope you can make it,
Warmest regards,
Sharath Ravula

SWFMAS Reef Conference, April 2014    9/15/13
Bob, Murray and Rich,
We are ready to launch a new website for our annual reef conference. For the speaker section of the website, we need a bio, topic synopsis and any photos you wish to share for the website.  Some of this info will be used as we get closer to the conference for posters to put in the LFS.
Please provide this info ASAP as we are ready almost ready to launch.
FYI, the website is www.reefconference.com
<Mmm, not now/yet, okay. Mine is here:
Once we complete our Fall Frag Auction in October, we will open up a new forums section on the clubs website dedicated to the conference.  That website is www.swfmas.com
We are having a banquet on Friday night this year.  Please let me know if you want us to make the travel arrangements
<Up to you; I can if you'd rather>
 or if you plan on doing so yourself with reimbursement.  Banquet will be around 6 pm on Friday (exact schedule is still TBD) so plan accordingly!
<Cheers, BobF> 

Reef-A-Palooza Banner    8/22/13
Hello Bob,
Marc Trimble from SCMAS asked me to forward our Reef-A-Palooza Banner for the WetWebMedia site. Please let me know if you need anything else.
Thank you,
Brock L. Goines
re: Reef-A-Palooza Banner    8/22/13

Ah yes; up, linked, checked. Cheers, BobF
Re: Reef-A-Palooza Banner    8/22/13

The check is on the way. 
 Thank you  mucho
<A pleasure Marc. BobF>

Re: WWM Forum (+ Bob visiting Sacramento)     8/17/13
Hmmmm. I have heard the history of fishforums.net and do not like the idea of joining them. Apparently, their founders hacked fishforums.com which I am a member of and kinda wrecked the site, banning the mods and admins. I have liked wetwebmediaforum because it is not one of those places where the admins and mods don't let people insult and flame. I haven't seen any flamers at all. Not true on other forums. I do feel sad about it as the layout is nice, the forum is nice, the members are nice, and it's nice all around. Chat works and everything unlike fishforums.com. :/
<Yes, was aware of the changes at FishForums.com, but have to repeat that my experiences there were almost entirely positive, and when I was a regular, I really enjoyed that forum. But as I spent more "fish time" at WWM, I spent less time at FishForums, and I tried to stay completely out of the politicking that went on in the background of the forum. I believe what happened was that the owner sold the forum to a company that manages a bunch of different forums, for the purposes of profit making. Nothing wrong in that (WWM exists to make money, at least enough to pay the bills and subsidise a few scuba diving get-togethers) but it sounded as if this company was not interested in the forum as such, or the family-friendly approach it had taken in the past with regard to things like advertising.
To be honest I have very little to do with FishForums.com any more, and your experiences may be much more recent. AquaticQuotient.com was sent up by some of the exiled moderators from FishForums.com and my (limited) experiences of that forum are entirely positive. That said, I do wonder if there's a natural life cycle for online forums: they start off small and friendly, they get bigger and attract a more diverse readership, the hosting costs go up at the same time as moderating effectively becomes harder, and eventually the forum either becomes unmanageable or else gets sold to some third party with little/no interest in the forum beyond advertising.>
I honestly think that your best option would be to get all your crew over to the forum. It'll be a lot easier than responding to every email.
<I'm fairly certain this will never happen; Bob doesn't like forums, and the Daily FAQ page is crucial to the way WetWebMedia generates content for the website, and in turn advertising revenue. It may not be pretty, but the Daily FAQ is, by definition, moderated by every crew member who writes, ensuring standards are maintained.>
<<Yes. B>>
I am more than happy to step up as admin. I've made several websites before and I am of the younger generation (so I'm not technologically challenged).
I also received an email from the current admin. Here is what he wrote:
All, I am unable to continue with the forum at this time.  Feel free to move my admin to someone who is able to support it better.
Hope we can keep the forum up!!!
<That's for Bob to decide, but I don't think he's keen. Cheers, Neale.>
<<Mmm, am not... B>>
P.S. Bob, it looks hopeful that you'll be able to come back and speak at the Sacramento Aquarium Society. I asked the coordinator for speakers and he seemed positive about you coming back. I really enjoyed your speak as it covered Bettas which I keep, and most fw fish.
<<Ahh, real good. Perhaps they can/will arrange for two meetings... w/ the MARs group. BobF>>
Re: WWM Forum (+ Bob visiting Sacramento)    8/17/13

Subject: Re: WWM Forum (+ Bob visiting Sacramento) I am an ex-fish forums mod. People started talking politics, I told my views, and got demoted due to "Deleting someone's private messages" which isn't even possible. I think it's cuz of my views anyways, but that doesn't matter.
2 Bob, What's the mars group???
<Ahh, the "saltwater club", "Marine Aquarium Roundtable Sacramento". B>
Re: WWM Forum (+ Bob visiting Sacramento)    8/17/13

Oh, so that's what the SW part is. I have never been there as I'm fw and
brackish as some species of Betta are brackish.

UPDATED - 2013 MASNA Aquarist of the Year Nominations - response requested by 8/8/13      8/2/13
Hello judging panel -
I realized that I made a mistake when I sent out the nominee list on Wednesday.  Initially when I asked the panel to participate, I indicated that each panel member would be able to select TWO people from the attached
nominee list, however when I sent the email out on Wednesday I asked that you select only one.  I apologize for this error.
*If you have already submitted one selection for winner, please email me with your second selection by 8/8/13.*
<Ahh, my second choice is Tal Sweet; for his tireless work in promoting marine breeding endeavours; involvement in promoting the hobby.>
Also, based on feedback received from Sanjay and Kevin, I will send the narrowed list of nominees back out the selection committee for discussion and selection of the final winner.
<Ah good. Bob Fenner>
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thanks for your assistance,

Re: Re: Re: Re: For Bob Fenner - visit Chesapeake Marine Aquaria Society?   7/29/13
Dear Bob, It's me again and I'd thought I'd drop a line...I hope you are having a great summer!
<And you Carl>
 I cut off some of the e-mail trail..getting long! I wanted to touch base to ask if you wouldn't mind checking your schedule! CMAS is having their first meeting September 15th (Sunday), from 5-7 PM. We'd like to invite you as a speaker and then we were planning on having some water testing fro members.
<Mmm, no to this date. Am hoping to take my sis to FLA for a much-deserved dive holiday about this time>
We will also have our Spring Event on March 15, 2014 (Saturday).So, matey - could you take a look at your schedule and let me know if one of these are possible? Thanks so much!-Carl Huntley CMAS
<Ahh! Have penned in this time frame for your club. BobF>
Re: For Bob Fenner - visit Chesapeake Marine Aquaria Society?    8/1/13

Hi Bob,
Whew, busy week at work and now just getting back to the e-mails. Okay - so I'll also pen in the March 15th date! Yeah!!! Is there a specific topic that you are thinking about; something that has been a passionate issue for you?
<In recent times? My pitch for the UNE Fish Health Conference, actually both: Three Sets of Factors That Determine Health/Disease", and Acclimation/Quarantine>
It'll be such a pleasure to meet up again! We can talk details at a later time or whenever you wish.
<Anytime is fine>
Thanks so much. Oh, I went to the ENT doc today and I don't have any restrictions with diving. Very good news, indeed.
<Ah yes. Great to read/realize. Excelsior! BobF>
Re: For Bob Fenner - visit Chesapeake Marine Aquaria Society?     8/1/13

Perfect - great topics. Always good to have topics that invoke further thought and discussion.
<Ah yes. Cheers! B>

2013 MASNA Aquarist of the Year Judging Panel
Hello past MASNA Aquarist of the Year Winners!
I hope your summer is off to a great start.  It is time to choose the winner of the MASNA Aquarist of the Year to be awarded at this year's MACNA in Ft. Lauderdale/Miami.  Below is a summary of how the nomination and judging process will work, please confirm back to me if you are willing to participate in this year's process by June 12, 2013.
Online nominations will be available to MASNA individual members, clubs, and corporate sponsors until July 6, 2013 using the following online form:
Each member will be able to nominate 3 people for this award.
Nominations and detailed bios of each nominee will be emailed to the judging panel on July 8th, 2013.  Each member of the judging panel will select their top 2 nominees based on their significant contribution to the marine aquarium industry or hobby over the past 2 years and email the selection to be by July 20, 2013.  The winner will be determined by the person who received the most votes from the judging panel.
The winner will be announced during the Saturday evening banquet at this year's MACNA.
Please let me know if you have any questions or comments and let me know if you are willing to be a member of the judging panel by June 12, 2013.  All past winners are bcc'd on this message in order to maintain privacy.
Amanda Cox
MASNA Membership Director
<Ah yes Amanda. BobF>

SWFMAS Reef Conference     5/10/13
We just wrapped up our 2013 conference and are planning our 2014 conference.  We have already picked the location and set the date and I was wondering what your availability and fees would be for next year.
Conference will be in Fort Myers, Florida on April 12, 2014.
<Am open on the date (the MAX event is the week prior in OC); fee, whatever stipend/honorarium the club offers>
Please let me know as soon as you can.  To see more about this years conference, please visit:
<Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner>
SWFMAS Reef Conference   6/3.5/13

I am just following up on an email I sent last month (see below).  Have you had a chance to consider?
<Ah yes, April 12th is penned in. BobF>
[Fwd: SWFMAS Reef Conference]

Penned as you are coming to Fort Myers (SWFMAS) or penned as...you have a prior commitment?
<Ah, the former. B>
re: [Fwd: SWFMAS Reef Conference]      6/4/13

Excellent, thanks.  We'll get back with you in a couple months when we start working on posters.
thanks again,
<Thank you for your efforts Jeff. BobF>

For Bob Fenner - visit Chesapeake Marine Aquaria Society?    3/14/13
Hi Bob! Okay - it's been a while, but hey - aren't we all busy!!Was wondering if you could check your busy calendar to see if you were available for a visit to the Mid Atlantic part of the world on April 14th (later in the day)?
<As in next month? The week after the MAX event in OC? Or 2014?>
I hope all is well! Cheers! Carl Huntley - of the Chesapeake Marine Aquaria Society (CMAS). PS: How was your diving aboard the liveaboard? S. Leyte I think?
<Ah yes, two months back now (too long!) Very nice. BobF>
Re: For Bob Fenner - visit Chesapeake Marine Aquaria Society?    3/16/13

Yea, as in next month! I know- real soon and not much notice but sometimes the paradigm of scheduling works out better this way (well, at my work, anyway!
<Not in this case/instance mate. Maybe next year. B>
Re: For Bob Fenner - visit Chesapeake Marine Aquaria Society?    3/16/13

OK! Yes- let's keep in touch! Would love to get together next year.
Cheers and Happy St. Patty's day!
<And you Carl... BTW, do you have any scuba-dive-adventure travels planned this year, next? BobF>
Re: For Bob Fenner - visit Chesapeake Marine Aquaria Society?    3/16/13

Yea, as in next month! I know- real soon and not much notice but sometimes the paradigm of scheduling works out better this way (well, at my work, anyway!
<Not in this case/instance mate. Maybe next year. B>
Re: For Bob Fenner - visit Chesapeake Marine Aquaria Society?    3/16/13

OK! Yes- let's keep in touch! Would love to get together next year.
Cheers and Happy St. Patty's day!
<And you Carl... BTW, do you have any scuba-dive-adventure travels planned this year, next? BobF>
Re: For Bob Fenner - visit Chesapeake Marine Aquaria Society?     3/18/13

Hi Bob!
<BTW, do you have any scuba-dive-adventure travels planned this year, next?
Well - on the wish list if Roatan (CoCo View). Hopefully it will happen!
<Ahh, when you know of the dates, please make this known. I may join your group. Cheers, BobF>
Re: For Bob Fenner - visit Chesapeake Marine Aquaria Society?   3/18/13

<Ahh, when you know of the dates, please make this known. I may join your group. Cheers, BobF>
Of course - that would be great!! No laughing underwater though. Actually, I've sneezedunderwater a few times. Pretty funny. Not sure what DAN would recommend though! -Carl

DFW Next Wave do Mar 9    2/23/13
Crew, for folks hauling out:
Am hoping to get tog. on Fri. eve, the eighth for a meal, drinks, chatting.
Who's going to be there?
Re: DFW Next Wave do Mar 9

I might be back stateside in March, and if so I'll be there.  Living in aussie has spoiled my view of coral in the US though ;)
Take care all/Bob,
<Thanks Mike. BobF>

Re: Red Ear Sliders are not feeding and are having swollen eyes, RMF visit/UNE 2013
Welcome, Bob; Happy New Year!!
<Cheers dear; and hope to see you out in Maine in 2013. The Fish Health Conference is going again at UNE. BobF>

Joshua Solomon at UCF needs your support.    12/8/12
Hey Bob,
Your <You're> a lucky guy today, I'm writing you representing the Southeastern Ecology and Evolution Conference (SEEC) that will be hosted at the University of Central Florida (UCF) on March 1-3, 2013.  I have attached a letter requesting your support for our student-run, student-attended conference.  Please contact me if you have any questions.
<Would $200 interest you? How, where to send, made out to the SEEC I take it. Can your group accept PayPal? BobF>
Joshua Solomon
Graduate Student
Coastal and Estuarine Ecology Lab
Department of Biology
4000 Central Florida Blvd
Orlando, FL 32817

WWM Crewmember Sabrina (Sharp) is visiting BobF down in San Diego; we went out to visit the new/er SIO Aquarium, but unfortunately she was eaten by a shark.  - 11/30/2012

A huge thank you to the Trippicks     11/12/12
 Simon, thank you and Kim so much for your kind efforts at hauling us about there in Bristol and Cheddar, arranging the talks at Southwest Marines, and housing us for the night and the fab roast dinner. Much appreciated. BobF, finally back from Europe
Re: A huge thank you    11/16/12

Dear Bob and Co.
The whole weekend was a great success and it was an absolute pleasure meeting you all! I would be more than happy to do it all over again sometime!
<Ah, do come on out to S. Cal. in future... or let's plan on having you join up w/ some of us next year enroute to/from the May Interzoo show in Germany... to do a bit of dive-adventuring in the Red Sea, Maldives, perhaps the Seychelles>
Speak soon, Simon, out on the great barrier reef about to go on a dive trip!
<Oh yes! Cheers! BobF>

Re: Non feeding Lionfish - 10/28/2012
If your in Liverpool Bob I will put you in touch with Paul at the museum.
<Ahh! We'll be traveling up tomorrow from Bristol to York, but plan on coming back the hour drive or so to visit... don't know which day yet. Will contact you re>
Not the best as he's still sorting it out after a real mess by the last guy. Bought a shoal of regals and purple tangs
<Mmm, these species have to be kept separately or in a VERY large system>
 that are now slowly killing each other. Not good. He can't get them out due to the way tanks are built but is hatching a plan.
<Cheers, Bob Fenner>
Gary, we WILL be in Liverpool tomorrow, late afternoon... Will some time then work out? B
Re: Non feeding Lionfish, Visiting Liverpool, the World Museum Aquarium
Hi Bob
Paul said contact him via his email address and he`ll let you know how he`s fixed tomorrow.  paul.XXXX@liverpoolmuseums.org.uk
He wont know till he gets to work in the morning and checks his schedule with school trips etc...
<I thank you. Paul, am traveling w/ two friends up, through Chorleywood this AM to a meeting w/ further (industry) friends/associates at TMC at 1:00 PM... then up to Liverpool for the rest of the day and evening, hence next AM to York; perhaps back to your town another day next week. Cheers, Bob Fenner>
Re: Non feeding Lionfish

Hi Bob
Just had a text from Paul. He has no school trips or meetings today. Says if your in Liverpool contact him on XXXX6 259168 and he d be happy to show you round.
<Thanks Gar... don't know what else we're doing on the morrow, but will contact Paul if there's time. Cheers, BobF, not able to sleep>
Liverpool Visit - 10/29.2012

Hi Bob,
<Hey Paul>
Paul here, manager of World Museum Aquarium in Liverpool. I believe Gary has been in touch with you regarding your visit up to Liverpool this week. Not sure when and if you will be able to pick this up but you are more than welcome to visit the museum aquarium. My number is XXXX6259168 so if you need to call to arrange anything please feel free.
it would be lovely to meet you.
Kind Regards
<Thank you for your note. Am up, unable to sleep, and hoping to be better rested... Will contact you on Tues. if there's time. Cheers, Bob Fenner>
Paul Tyson
Education Manager (Living Centres)
National Museums Liverpool
Re: Visit to Liverpool Aquarium    10/30/12

Sorry to state, we ran right out of time... and now up in York... I appreciate your efforts, kind offer to show me/us about. Perhaps another time. Cheers, BobF
Re: Non feeding Lionfish
No problem Bob. Enjoy the rest of your trip.
<Thank you Gary... Yeeikes it's cold here! Cheers, BobF>
Re: Liverpool Visit

Not to worry, if you are ever in the area again the offer still stands
Kind Regards
<Ahh, thank you kindly Paul. BobF>

Antique fish tank? Aquarama pre/post dive trip   10/23/12
<Hey Per!>
I was going to have lunch in a Thai restaurant in downtown Rangoon and this fish tank caught my eye. Its got wooden braces in case the thing breaks apart!!
<I think this is just a frame of sorts, but neat! Oh, are you keen to haul about w/ us on a dive excursion before, and or after Aquarama in May there? BobF>

Re: Aquarama pre/post dive trip       10/24/12
Where are you going to dive?
<Mmm, well, likely back to somewhere in Indo. or Malaysia; though Rob has mentioned an interest in hauling all the way over to the Maldives. How 'bout you?>
There will be lots of things to do in Singapore. The world's largest oceanarium will be opened by then.
<Ah yes... on Sentosa... that project's been going on for years>
We also have a new river safari that will exhibit fishes from 5 major river systems on the planet.
<And you, BobF>
Re: Aquarama pre/post dive trip      10/24/12
 How about Redang island? It is not too far from Singapore.
 <Ah yes; I do recall you, I and Pete's trip up to Pulau Redang years back... would we all take the bus ride up and back? BobF>
Re: Aquarama pre/post dive trip      10/24/12
 We can fly there on budget airlines. Air Asia or Firefly Air .
 <To show my memory is still intact... I recall the bus trip taking you some upper teens of hours from Sing... Let's fly! B>

Re: Aquarama pre/post dive trip      10/24/12
Re: Bay of Bengal pics
 I would have love to do some diving on the Myanmar side of the Bay of Bengal.
 <Me too... the furthest I've been up the coast in Thailand is Richelieu rocks... Can we get permits, or are these even required nowadays?>
 Was there last December helping to arrange a Xmas party for the orphans of Cyclone Nargis. I am not sure if there are any diving outfits there. It was a side trip from Parthein which was where the orphanage was. We brought some of the care givers there so that they can see the sea and feel the sand in their feet. Can you imagine there are still folks in this time and age who have never seen the sea before?
<Unfortunately... yes. B>
Re: Bay of Bengal pics    10/24/12

 Its a 7 hour ride from the capital Yangon thanks to the bumpy roads. The country has just opened up so no permits needed to travel to the Bay of Bengal. This beach is called Ngew Saung beach or Silver Beach. You can Google the name and lots of  travel info is available. Its is the quietest beach I have been to in my entire life. I guess its like Bali or Phuket 50 years ago.
 <Ahh, very nice indeed. B>

Aquarium  in Yangon    10/24/12
Bob I have been flying quite often into Myanmar helping some Catholic nuns raise money for their boarding house for orphans and women from disadvantaged backgrounds. One thing I have noticed is the number of little aquarium shops all over the city. Perry
<Interesting. I've never been to Myanmar, but do follow the occasional stories that come up on the Net, in the papers, 'zines re. Would like to dive their part of the Andaman Sea. BobF>  
Re: Aquariums  in Yangon    10/24/12
 The tour companies do arrange tours to the southern part of the country.
They tell you its a diving tour but I suspect its just snorkeling trips.
<Could you check re?>
 Even if  its just snorkeling there is still lots of stuff to see. I will need to find out how I can get a compressor into the country on my next trip. There are lots of dive sites to name and identify.
<I'd definitely go. B> 
Re: Aquariums  in Yangon    10/24/12

Ok. Will do a check with the tour agencies
<Thanks Per. B>

MACNA WWM appreciation dinner... Friday eve    9/24/12
Howdy, am of the understanding that Bobby, Jordan, Felicia, Sabrina, (Michelle and ScottF?), and myself will be in DFW at the MACNA do... I'd like to have us all get tog.... for a meal and drinks... Where? At about what time Fri. eve? Am up for chatting as well after Thurs. MACNA speaker do... My cell 858 397 XXXX; please do call me if/when you're on site in TX
re where we'll all meet, and when! And if you know a good place, do advocate for it! B
Re: MACNA WWM appreciation dinner... Friday eve    9/24/12

Damn!!!  Been a long time since so many wetwebbers got together...wish I were going...maybe next year.
<I do hope so. B>

For Bob Fenner - visit Chesapeake Marine Aquaria Society?      9/23/12
Dear Bob, I hope all is well! I wanted to touch base with you and invite you (yes- once again!) to come talk to our club. The last time you spoke with Nedimyer.
<Ah, yes; a very nice time. And since then Ken has gone "really big time" w/ his Acropora palmata, A. cervicornis culture and transplant efforts>
 This club meeting will take place on January 13, 2013 (wow- the time just flies by!)
<Mmm, can't make this date. Am out too close to then on a liveaboard in S. Leyte then>
That is a Sunday and we would have our meeting later in the day, like 6 PM.
I know you are a busy, busy guy and travel a bit, but I hope that this is far enough out that this date is open! It would be the same thing,,,fly you to BWI
<British West Indies?>
and meet up with our club. What more fun could you ask for? I don't know of a special topic yet, but know that you have much to talk about on various subjects. I hope to hear from you! I'm laughing already. Be well-Carl Huntley CMAS
<Thank you Carl. Let's chat later in the year re a further date. Bob Fenner>
Re: re: For Bob Fenner - visit Chesapeake Marine Aquaria Society?   9/27/12

Dear Bob,
Thank you for getting back! Ah, the Philippines. The closest I've been to that area was to Sulawesi.
<Ahh, another great fave. Have mostly been to the N.E. corner, Manado/Bunaken and Bitung/Lembeh>
I must say I was getting tired of the long flight! But spent two weeks...one in Tasik Ria
<Have stayed there... a nice resort, though quite a daily boat ride to Bunaken... and have had nightmares where I'm one of the fellows that has to roll/deliver mat.s and luggage over their rough pathways!>
and the other at KBR (Lembeh Strait).
<Ah yes. Mark and his mum are old acquaintances... Nowayears there are about a dozen resorts thereabouts; the one across on Lembeh is also very nice>
Those little blue rings octopus are so cute! It's been way too long since I've been diving..had an ear operation....okay now. BWI = Baltimore Washington Airport...ugh - how boring that sounds now! Yes, I will keep in touch!! Happy endeavours to you!!-Carl
<Ahh! Are you attending MACNA? Am in SD airport waiting to board to DFW.
Cheers, BobF>
Re: Re: re: For Bob Fenner - visit Chesapeake Marine Aquaria Society?   9/27/12

Hi Bob,
No, unfortunately; couldn't go to MACNA this year. I almost signed up this past Spring. The work schedule didn't work out so well (coverage and all). Plus, I'm burning up some days when I go to my next sailing class this fall (advanced coastal cruising) in St. Thomas and don't have a lot of spare vacation days. Have a great time-wish I was going too!-Carl 
<Am here, and it IS fab... the Dallas World Aquarium tonight for an intro. for the club, vendors and speakers... Delicious food, a few bars... Wowzah! B>
Re: Re: Re: re: For Bob Fenner - visit Chesapeake Marine Aquaria Society?    9/30/12

Ah yes - Dallas, been there but a it was a while ago. I remember going to a bunch of bars but that's all I can remember! Have FUN!-Carl
<Oh, am doing so. B>

Re: RMF out camping 9/20/12
Don't get eaten by any land sharks!
<Hey Rick! Of all things the site is Leo Carillo in Malibu, where MANY shows/commercials have been shot... such as the terrific "Attack of the Crab Monster!". B>
Re: RMF out camping

That's a haul from San Diego. Enjoy!
<S'posedly some three hours from San Diego sans traffic. Thanks! B>
Re: RMF out camping 9/20/12
Woohoo - have fun!
<Lynn, have you and hubster moved back to TX yet? Are you attending MACNA?
A bunch of WWM's Crew is... including Sabrina (!?), though she's bonified freshwater. Cheers, B>
Re: RMF out camping

Nope, unfortunately, we're still here and I won't be going to MACNA either - darn it. 
<Oh... I'd like to commission  you to produce something for me... Do you have time/interest?>
  I wanted to go to MACNA so badly too, but there will be other opportunities down the road, I'm sure.  Please tell everyone hi for me, especially Sabrina.  She's a terrific gal!
 <Ah yes. I will>
Take care and have fun this weekend!
<Life to you my friend. B>
Re: RMF out camping 9/20/12

Thanks, Bob!  Regarding the stained glass, is this regarding a circular panel containing two grasped hands/wrists, with "You<'re> <are> a stranger here but once" (?).
<Ah yes>
 I know you mentioned it several years back and I've been thinking about it off and on ever since.   What keeps tripping me up is the necessary size of it in order to fit all the letters (and be legible).  The grasped wrists are no problem, but lettering in a leaded or copper foil panel can be a real bear.  Typically, you'll see no more than a word or two at most in a panel because of the size/legibility issue and because of all the necessary seams you need in the surrounding glass to allow for the shapes of those letters.  It starts getting way too busy/cluttered-looking. 
Most times, if you want more lettering in a project, you go the painted or etched route.  You see that a lot in signs and/or church windows.  Etching can be neat if you use something called "flash glass".   That's a piece of glass with a thin surface coating of one color on top of a different color (usually clear).   The idea is to etch through the surface color to let the bottom color show through.  You can go with a positive or negative image, and it can be done (by someone who knows what they're doing) with various neat effects to appear almost airbrushed, with soft or hard edges.  I've seen panels like this that were part of a larger project, surrounded with regular stained glass pieces, that was very attractive indeed. 
Unfortunately, I don't have the set-up for etching, or glass painting for that matter.  I don't know a lot about stained glass painting, but from what I've heard it requires firing in order to make it permanent - and I don't have that sort of kiln.  
 I think you mentioned that you wanted the panel for a gate?
<Yes, a moon gate>
 If so, that's great because that will help with the size issue.   All in all, I think your best bet is to try to find someone local.  That way, the person can swing by, see the gate, take measurements, get a visual and talk to you one on one regarding what would work best, proportion and color-wise (show you choices of glass - color/texture, etc.). 
One other thing that I think would be really neat, as an alternative, would be to have the same idea carved in wood.  It could be anything from a rustic and roughly hewn panel to one that's richly carved and possibly inlaid with various materials.  I could see that in a heartbeat, but it might not fit in with the style of your house - I just don't know.
<I do think this could work as well>
 Anyway, as much as I'd love to help with your panel, I think that it's something that should definitely be handled by someone right there to get all the details - including how the panel should be securely
mounted/affixed - so someone can't just walk off with it!  At any rate, if/when you do get this done, let me know.  Also, if you have any other questions, same goes - just holler. 
<I am ready when you are Lynn. Thank you, BobF>
Take care,
Re: RMF out camping 9/20/12

Have a great time, Bob! Will do my best.
<As you always do. Cheers, B>

Speaking to Columbia, South Carolina     9/7/12
I understand you will be speaking next weekend to the South Carolina club.   MASNA and the MASNA Speaks program (along with our sponsors) are helping to make this possible.  We will be reimbursing the club part of the expense to bring you in.    We ask that you include the attached slide in your presentation.
MASNA Treasurer
<Hotay. BobF>

Going to MACNA?    8/15/12
A roll call if you will. Sabrina (mostly gone in recent years, but still active in the field, working w/ Killies at Stanford) is going (!)... Am wanting to take y'all (it IS Texas) out to dinner and drinks... Friday night? Thursday? BobF
Re: Going to MACNA?  /Felicia
I'm going for sure! Can't wait to see you all. I'm up for dinner/drinks any time :)
<Ah, good! B>
 Re: Going to MACNA?   /James

Sounds great Bob but I'm not going to be able to make it.
<A shame. Would like to see you about. Do you have time, interest? B>
Re: Going to MACNA?   /Ron Shimek

Not me, can't make it.
<Aye ya... I remember both of us chatting last time it was in DFW... a shame the folks there aren't sponsoring you as a speaker Ron. BobF>
Re: Going to MACNA?   /Martin Moe
Hi Bob, As much as I would like to break bread with you and everyone else, I won't be there. The Iffyness of the hurricane season to us Keys denizens leads us to stay close to home during September, at least not make plans for such trips many months ahead.
<Yikes! Do hope Barb and you can/will be able to keep the couch out of the trees. Cheers, BobF>
Re: Going to MACNA?  /Sanjay Joshi
I’ll be there. Get there Thursday around 5:30 PM

Re: Going to MACNA?   /SabrinaF - 8/17/12
I'm definitely in.  Not sure what time I'll be arriving Thursday, but will let you know.  Am really looking forward to this...!!
I assure you, you will have a very good (entertaining and educational) series of experiences. B 

MACNA 2012 DFW WWM dinner et al. get tog. poss.s     6/1/12
Crew, am hoping all attending this years MACNA can get tog. for a group dinner (Fri? and poss. Sat. at the show itself), or poss. lunch on Sat., Sun.? to chat, renew friendships, make new ones. What say you? BobF
Re: MACNA 2012 DFW WWM dinner et al. get tog. poss.s     6/1/12

Thanks for the offer Bob.  Unfortunately, I won't be able to attend.
 <Rats! B>
Re: MACNA 2012 DFW WWM dinner et al. get tog. poss.s     6/1/12

Morning all!
Great idea and I'm in! On top of that, I'll buy the first round!
Look forward to seeing all of you.
<Ah, good. Thank you Bobby. BobF>
Re: MACNA 2012 DFW WWM dinner et al. get tog. poss.s    6/2/12

From: felicialmccaulley
I'll be there! Would love to get together for dinner with everyone. Whenever is convenient for the rest of the crew.
Ah, good. B

Re: In tank filtration/Bob Fenner  5/19/12
Thank you Bob,
<Welcome Marcelo>
What took you so long to respond, lol.
When Felicia McCauley told me you were coming I asked a friend if he had any questions since I had a chance to meet an expert at the frag swap.
He had 1- "Ask him how to get my wife off my back when I want to buy an $80 coral". Thought I would share as it was funny. 
Thanks for the help and hope to run into you again one day.
<Me too! BobF>

Bob Fenner Speaking Availability    4/12/12
Hey guys! Trying to get in touch with Bob Fenner to see if he is willing and able to speak at Delaware Valley Reef Club's next frag swap and expo.
Previous speakers have included Ken Nedimyer, Marc Levenson, and Joe Yaiullo. We'd love to add Bob to that distinguished list. Please let me know if Bob is available and what his normal speaking arrangements are. The swap is scheduled for Oct 7th in Conshohocken, Pa.
<Mmm, possibly. There may be a trip conflict thenabouts. Could we revisit the date/poss. say in July or August? BobF>

Re: Bob Fenner Speaking Availability    4/24/12

Thanks for getting back to me. I'll touch base with you later and we'll see how it goes.
<Real good. BobF>

Bob,  MACNA    2/28/12
Hey Bob just wanted to shoot you a quick note about Dfwmas NEXTWAVE this weekend.  http://www.dfwmas.org/nextwave. On another note saw a billboard advertising a new shiner ale,  and made me think to send you this quick note to put up.   Will be plenty of shiner <A TX beer brand/manufacturer> ready to go at macna this year!
<Thank goodness! And thank you Andrew. BobF>

MASNA speaks availability 11/16/11
Mr. Fenner,
<Hey Gasper>
I am contacting you as the representative for Bayou Reefkeeping (www.bayoureefkeeping.com < http://www.bayoureefkeeping.com> ). We are a new member of MASNA and a relatively new reef club. We serve primarily Louisiana as well as surrounding Gulf Coast communities. Our membership is growing quickly and we are approaching our 1-year anniversary. We've been having near-monthly gatherings for the group covering basic things like frag swaps and socials but also have been doing specific topic workshops (recently held acrylic handling and fabrication workshop as my house). We are planning to do a large gathering for our anniversary event and are targeting March 3, 2012 in Gonzales, Louisiana (about an hour from New Orleans).
<I see>
Currently we are looking into speakers through the MASNA speaks program and you are one of our first selections. I assume that you are far more familiar with this process than we are so I am wondering what we need to do from here. I guess the first detail to determine is whether or not you are available for the above date. I look forward to speaking with you about this.
<Well, have looked at my calendar, and have little going on in 2012 period! What topics do you folks have in mind for presentations? Mmm, perhaps easier to ask who else is to speak and on which subject/s? Cheers, Bob Fenner>
Re: MASNA speaks availability   11/18/11

Mr. Fenner,
<Just Bob please Gasper, if you don't feel uncomfortable w/ common appellations>
As I see it, you will be the only real speaker for this event. We may have some of our more knowledgeable members give a small presentation but I am not sure that will happen.
<I do encourage it>
This will likely be more of a social event (lots of good food and drink!),
<Oh! Very good>
a couple of vendors or hobbyists with frags for sale, and yourself being the key portion of the evening. We envision something of a general reefkeeping presentation that would be a benefit to new reefers as well as
old salts.
<I see; and I do have several such presentations/pitches in my repertoire... Livestock Selection (reef oriented or general), Disease Avoidance, Foods/Feeding...>
Does this sound like something you'd be interested in?
<Sure; but are you sure, have you folks looked about to see if there is someone a bit closer distance-wise? Am out in S. Cal. most of the year>
We are very much looking forward to putting on this event as we have big plans for this club and this is the first real step into bringing together a slightly larger scale event.
Gasper "JT" Migliore III, E.I.
<BobF, pet-fish ichthyologist>
Re: MASNA speaks availability   11/18/11

Very good! We will look into recruiting a couple of our members to put on some presentations. Livestock selection would be a great presentation, especially if it provides a level of detail that is interesting to all
skill levels.
<Indeed it does>
We have one member who is particularly adept at quarantine methodologies and he could likely speak on that subject.
<A good tie-in>
I'm sure we can find a couple more as well. I'll run your short-list of topics below by our club owners (myself and two other guys) to see if they have a differing opinion but I believe that they will be in agreement with me.
<Ah good. I have... many others>
How long is a typical presentation for you? I anticipate that approximately 40-50 people will be in attendance.
<An hour or so, with questions>
We have been in contact with yourself and Julian Sprung. Mr. Sprung has not responded yet and we are comfortable enough pursuing having you as our MASNA speaker despite the travel distance. If you're comfortable with it, we would love to have you. Air fare, hotel arrangements, etc. should be easy enough to make once we decide that we are going to move forward.
Gasper "JT" Migliore III, E.I.
<Real good. Cheers, BobF>
Re: MASNA speaks availability 12/2/11

We have secured the location for the event and the date is now set as Saturday March 3, 2011 <2012 I take it>.  Time is TBD but the festivities will likely begin around noon.  I believe that we are ready to move forward with formally booking you as the main attraction/presenter for the event.  Are you still available and willing to commit to us for this event?  If so, I will go ahead with contacting MASNA and get the event put on their calendar.
Once I get approval from you, we can look into all of the travel arrangements and requirements, preferred accommodations, fee/honorarium, etc.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.
Gasper "JT" Migliore III, E.I.
<And you, BobF>
Re: MASNA speaks availability    1/27/12

<Hey Gasp>
I wanted to drop you a line quickly and let you know that we've gotten confirmation from MASNA and are ready to begin booking everything for your trip to our event.  How do you typically handle this?  I assume that either you can book the flight and we can reimburse you or we can take care of booking everything (flight and hotel) and give you the itinerary
<Have been traveling so little, am about out of all FF mile programs...
Better for you, the group to just schedule all... In the day ahead and out the last day of is fine. I live in San Diego; Lindbergh Field is the airport>
I am looking at flight information and it seems to be a bit of a mess for the times that are available.  Please let me know if you have any travel preferences or restrictions.
<Nope and nah; oh wait! Do prefer the first ten rows, window>
 Also, since the event is on a Saturday afternoon, would you like to fly in on Friday or Saturday?
<Oh... Mmm, either is fine. Is there much to see, do? Anyone to take around to fish stores for pix for instance?>
 I assume that you would leave on Sunday regardless.  If you would like to look into flight information yourself, please use New Orleans (MSY) airport as your destination.  We are located about 45 minutes away from there. 
Myself and possibly more of the club administrators will arrange for meeting you at the airport whenever you arrive.
In the event that you would like to discuss this over the phone, please feel free to call my cell.  My number is 225-772-XXXX.
Gasper "JT" Migliore III, E.I.
<Mine is 858 397 XXXX; Cheers, BobF>
Re: MASNA speaks availability    1/27/12

<Big G>
Thank you for the reply.  I'll look into getting flights booked for you then.  My plan is to have you fly in on Friday and return on Sunday.  Are you available to begin traveling at any time on Friday? 
<Yes; earlier is better...>
I am looking at a flight out of San Diego at 3:05PM that would land in New Orleans at 10:33 PM (damn time difference!) on United.  There is also another that leaves SD at 5:10PM and arrives in New Orleans at 12:12 AM. 
This is likely to work better than you traveling all day on Saturday then having to present immediately afterwards.
<Ah yes>
Return travel looks to be interesting.  There seems to be limited options for leaving New Orleans and they all seem to be around 7AM landing in SD at 10:50AM (not a problem for me if it's okay with you). 
<Is fine... though later getting up and returning is preferable>
There is also a flight option to leave at 5PM and land in SD at 9:50PM.  Do you have any preferences?
<The latter>
 Regardless of which you choose we will certainly be accommodating in getting you around.  We are all very excited to have you here for our event.
<Ah good>
There is plenty to see and do and I will take you personally to any fish stores in the area.  We can see a couple in New Orleans and in Baton Rouge.
 I'm sure that some of our members would be willing to open their homes for a visit as well although I do not want to overwhelm you with excessive travel.  There is also a great variety of quality food to enjoy here in the South and again, I can assure you, several of our members will likely want to share a meal with you.
Gasper "JT" Migliore III, E.I.
<And you, B>
Re: MASNA speaks availability    1/27/12

<Hey Gasp>
I wanted to drop you a line quickly and let you know that we've gotten confirmation from MASNA and are ready to begin booking everything for your trip to our event.  How do you typically handle this?  I assume that either you can book the flight and we can reimburse you or we can take care of booking everything (flight and hotel) and give you the itinerary
<Have been traveling so little, am about out of all FF mile programs...
Better for you, the group to just schedule all... In the day ahead and out the last day of is fine. I live in San Diego; Lindbergh Field is the airport>
I am looking at flight information and it seems to be a bit of a mess for the times that are available.  Please let me know if you have any travel preferences or restrictions.
<Nope and nah; oh wait! Do prefer the first ten rows, window>
 Also, since the event is on a Saturday afternoon, would you like to fly in on Friday or Saturday?
<Oh... Mmm, either is fine. Is there much to see, do? Anyone to take around to fish stores for pix for instance?>
 I assume that you would leave on Sunday regardless.  If you would like to look into flight information yourself, please use New Orleans (MSY) airport as your destination.  We are located about 45 minutes away from there. 
Myself and possibly more of the club administrators will arrange for meeting you at the airport whenever you arrive.
In the event that you would like to discuss this over the phone, please feel free to call my cell.  My number is 225-772-XXXX.
Gasper "JT" Migliore III, E.I.
<Mine is 858 397 XXXX; Cheers, BobF>
Re: MASNA speaks availability    1/27/12

<Big G>
Thank you for the reply.  I'll look into getting flights booked for you then.  My plan is to have you fly in on Friday and return on Sunday.  Are you available to begin traveling at any time on Friday? 
<Yes; earlier is better...>
I am looking at a flight out of San Diego at 3:05PM that would land in New Orleans at 10:33 PM (damn time difference!) on United.  There is also another that leaves SD at 5:10PM and arrives in New Orleans at 12:12 AM. 
This is likely to work better than you traveling all day on Saturday then having to present immediately afterwards.
<Ah yes>
Return travel looks to be interesting.  There seems to be limited options for leaving New Orleans and they all seem to be around 7AM landing in SD at 10:50AM (not a problem for me if it's okay with you). 
<Is fine... though later getting up and returning is preferable>
There is also a flight option to leave at 5PM and land in SD at 9:50PM.  Do you have any preferences?
<The latter>
 Regardless of which you choose we will certainly be accommodating in getting you around.  We are all very excited to have you here for our event.
<Ah good>
There is plenty to see and do and I will take you personally to any fish stores in the area.  We can see a couple in New Orleans and in Baton Rouge.
 I'm sure that some of our members would be willing to open their homes for a visit as well although I do not want to overwhelm you with excessive travel.  There is also a great variety of quality food to enjoy here in the South and again, I can assure you, several of our members will likely want to share a meal with you.
Gasper "JT" Migliore III, E.I.
<And you, B>
Re: MASNA speaks availability    1/30/12

I'm prepared to book your flight now.  I will need your name that is on your official photo ID and your date of birth.
<Robert Milton Fenner, 8/23/52>
As far as the flight arrangements, I'm looking to book flights that leave SD on 3/2 (Friday) at 3:05PM and lands in NOLA at 10:33PM.  The departure flight will leave NOLA on Sunday (3/4) at 7:34PM and land in SD at 11:53PM.
 Please let me know if these arrangements are acceptable.
Gasper "JT" Migliore III, E.I.
<And you, BobF>
Re: MASNA speaks availability    1/27/12

<Hey Gasp>
I wanted to drop you a line quickly and let you know that we've gotten confirmation from MASNA and are ready to begin booking everything for your trip to our event.  How do you typically handle this?  I assume that either you can book the flight and we can reimburse you or we can take care of booking everything (flight and hotel) and give you the itinerary
<Have been traveling so little, am about out of all FF mile programs...
Better for you, the group to just schedule all... In the day ahead and out the last day of is fine. I live in San Diego; Lindbergh Field is the airport>
I am looking at flight information and it seems to be a bit of a mess for the times that are available.  Please let me know if you have any travel preferences or restrictions.
<Nope and nah; oh wait! Do prefer the first ten rows, window>
 Also, since the event is on a Saturday afternoon, would you like to fly in on Friday or Saturday?
<Oh... Mmm, either is fine. Is there much to see, do? Anyone to take around to fish stores for pix for instance?>
 I assume that you would leave on Sunday regardless.  If you would like to look into flight information yourself, please use New Orleans (MSY) airport as your destination.  We are located about 45 minutes away from there. 
Myself and possibly more of the club administrators will arrange for meeting you at the airport whenever you arrive.
In the event that you would like to discuss this over the phone, please feel free to call my cell.  My number is 225-772-XXXX.
Gasper "JT" Migliore III, E.I.
<Mine is 858 397 XXXX; Cheers, BobF>
Re: MASNA speaks availability    1/27/12

<Big G>
Thank you for the reply.  I'll look into getting flights booked for you then.  My plan is to have you fly in on Friday and return on Sunday.  Are you available to begin traveling at any time on Friday? 
<Yes; earlier is better...>
I am looking at a flight out of San Diego at 3:05PM that would land in New Orleans at 10:33 PM (damn time difference!) on United.  There is also another that leaves SD at 5:10PM and arrives in New Orleans at 12:12 AM. 
This is likely to work better than you traveling all day on Saturday then having to present immediately afterwards.
<Ah yes>
Return travel looks to be interesting.  There seems to be limited options for leaving New Orleans and they all seem to be around 7AM landing in SD at 10:50AM (not a problem for me if it's okay with you). 
<Is fine... though later getting up and returning is preferable>
There is also a flight option to leave at 5PM and land in SD at 9:50PM.  Do you have any preferences?
<The latter>
 Regardless of which you choose we will certainly be accommodating in getting you around.  We are all very excited to have you here for our event.
<Ah good>
There is plenty to see and do and I will take you personally to any fish stores in the area.  We can see a couple in New Orleans and in Baton Rouge.
 I'm sure that some of our members would be willing to open their homes for a visit as well although I do not want to overwhelm you with excessive travel.  There is also a great variety of quality food to enjoy here in the South and again, I can assure you, several of our members will likely want to share a meal with you.
Gasper "JT" Migliore III, E.I.
<And you, B>
Re: MASNA speaks availability    1/30/12

I'm prepared to book your flight now.  I will need your name that is on your official photo ID and your date of birth.
<Robert Milton Fenner, 8/23/52>
As far as the flight arrangements, I'm looking to book flights that leave SD on 3/2 (Friday) at 3:05PM and lands in NOLA at 10:33PM.  The departure flight will leave NOLA on Sunday (3/4) at 7:34PM and land in SD at 11:53PM.
 Please let me know if these arrangements are acceptable.
Gasper "JT" Migliore III, E.I.
<And you, BobF>
Re: MASNA speaks availability    1/30/12

Please see below for your flight itinerary.
<Looks fine>
  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.  We will have you set up in a hotel near the event and centrally located to our three site administrators (aka club owners).  I am arranging some in-home visits with a few of our members as well (1 for sure, 3 max), kind of a meet-and-greet with some quality tanks for you to take pictures and enjoy.
  Additionally, I would like to take you to the LFS in the Baton Rouge area (2 likely, 3 max).  They really aren't anything special but each one is unique and worth the trip if you would like and have the time.
<I thank you>
 If there is anything in particular that you'd like to do, please let me know.  I don't want to overload you with lots of activity but I don't want you to be bored either.
<Have never been bored>
Our cuisine down here is quite varied and there are some amazing places to eat.  Do you have any dietary restrictions or preferences?
<Like most decapods am an opportunistic omnivore. Will eat most anything; and do like domestically produced biers>
 If there's something in particular that you like or would like to try, please don't hesitate to ask.  I will be your personal guide for your trip and want to make sure that you go away happy!
<Again, I thank you. BobF>
Gasper "JT" Migliore III, E.I.
Speaking to Bayou Reefkeeping     2/2/12

I understand you are talking to the Bayou Reefkeeping in Baton Rouge on March 3rd.   The MASNA Speaks program is helping bring the them event.
MASNA is paying the 1st $300 of the travel & lodging.
   Would you please add this slide to your program?
<Will do, BobF>

RMF off to Fiji 8/25-10/25   8/22/11
Am out as previously mentioned to help put up the Smith's new collecting station in Labasa... Will be in Lautoka the first week or so, where I know the internet to be reliable. The work will be exhausting and
time-consuming, but am hopeful to be able to keep apace w/ WWM. I do appreciate your extra help in responding. DO consider coming out to visit during this time frame, diving, traveling about in Vanua.
Re: RMF off to Fiji 8/25-10/25
Have a good trip, Bob! Wish I could be with you, but alas, teacher training will be filling up my autumn.
Cheers, Neale
<Am hopeful your time is coming up... and soon! B>
Re: RMF off to Fiji 8/25-10/25

Indeed. Am off to TMC tomorrow for a look-see. Should be fun. Would be nicer if you or James were with me to explain what I'm looking at!
Cheers, Neale
<Ahh, you will understand and appreciate most all. My olde review here:
Hello to Paul West. B>
Re: Neale's visit to TMC   8/23/11

Had quite a few chats with Mike Barrett and I believe you will enjoy your visit.

<Yes, just got back in fact. Fascinating place, and I can see why Bob F. thinks so highly of this company. Very impressed! Got to see some of the new LED products, including an amazingly inexpensive unit for freshwater tanks that only costs maybe 50% more than the equivalent fluorescent unit.
Can see these being sold by the bucketful! Cheers, Neale.>

Re: RMF off to Fiji 8/25-10/25
Is not exhausting drinking with Walt.
<... Hopefully you'll one day know!>
Have a good time,
<Cheers, B>

Re: RMF off to Fiji 8/25-10/25
Just out of curiosity, how long is the flight to Fiji from LA?
<Usually 10-11 hours... the tickets for this go state 10:40... 5525 miles.

Re: RMF off to Fiji 8/25-10/25
Wow, that's a long haul!
<Mmm, most all/everything is relative. To me this is a rather small planet, and getting smaller. B>

MAX Meeting with Bob   4/6/2011
Hi all;
<Hey Paul>
I hope you don't mind me using this address for a personal email to Bob...
<Not at all>
Bob -- My wife and I really enjoyed meeting and chatting with you and Tiffany on Saturday after your talk (re. Kona diving and beer/hashing).
Please do let us know if there are any hashing, beer, scuba or aquarium-related events in your neck of the woods. Also, if you're ever in south Orange County and need a beer or want to dive, let me know.
Paul Sardis
<I thank you for your kind words and offer. BobF>

Aquarist of the Year   3/14/11
Mr. Bob Fenner,
<Hey Norm!>
On behalf of the MASNA Board of Directors, I would like to extend an invitation to you to be on the judging panel for this year's MASNA Aquarist of the Year selection.
<Sounds good>
This year we would like the panel to consist of all past winners of this prestigious award. We will be taking nominations form the membership until 5-31-2011. (Please feel free to nominate any person you feel deserving). I will forward the top 5 nominees to you for your consideration from 6-1-2011 through 6-30-2011. The winner will be announced at the Saturday night banquet at this year's MACNA in Des Moines. Please consider this invitation and let me know if you can participate. I would appreciate your decision for planning purposes by 3-31-2011.
<Am glad to help out>
Also, would you please indicate if you will be attending MACNA this year?
<Mmm, not signed up for... I generally only attend the hobbyist venues that I'm giving presentations at.>
Thank you Sir,
Norman Davis
<Cheers! BobF>
MASNA Membership Director

Re: Question for Bob Fenner, visit    3/14/11
<Hey Juan>
Hello sir! I wanted to give you another update on the science fair project.
The final 3 presentations will be seen by the public at our April meeting.
The cool thing about this meeting though is that, for the first time in Colorado club HISTORY all three clubs will be joining forces to make one AWESOME meeting!!!
<Ahh, good>
It will have speakers, demos, raffles, etc!! Here is the link -
http://www.marinecolorado.org/forums/showthread.php?7355-Rocky-Mountain-Marine-Conference-amp-Swap. Thank you for helping us by being an awesome special judge!!
Second thing. As I said above, we will be having speakers at this event. We are just sending our "feelers" but we want to know if you might be available on April 16th??
<Unfortunately, no. I have a commitment to speak in LA the day before>
If so, I see through MASNA speaks that you don't require a fee. Would you be willing to stay at a fellow MASC members home? Also, would there be anything else that we could do for you if we could bring you in??
Juan Muro
Marine Aquarium Society of Colorado
<Thank you for your efforts. Bob Fenner>

Cozumel... 2/28-3/7    - 2/9/11 -- 02/10/11
Howsit? Are you available, open to dive/adventuring to Coz on, w/in the above dates? Am hauling down with four others, but have room to share (travel partner crapped out). BobF  
Re: Cozumel... 2/28-3/7
Wow Bob, I can't tell you how much I'd love to be there with y'all. Unfortunately, I think the various doc's are counting on my presence to pay for their assorted vacations and cars this year!
<Heeeee! I say "charge it"! It's the American way!>
Maybe later on this year, we can all get together and have some fun!
<I'd really like that>
In the meantime, take care and thanks for the offer,
<Thank you Lynn. B>
Re: Cozumel... 2/28-3/7
Sorry Bob, I will working on bringing the good people of San Diego clean renewable power, and will not be able to take time off. Thank you for the invite.
<What re the burning tires from Mexico? Cheers, B>
Re: Cozumel... 2/28-3/7
As long as the wind blows towards the south it looks clean to us.
<Ah, I see... I really do>

Re: Discus problems w/ breeding, & UNE Fish Hlth Conf. 2011    1/12/11
Hi Guys,
<And gals Deb>
Thank you so much for your response to my original Discus breeding questions. I took your suggestions and gave my mated pair their own tank, more frequent water changes of about 40%, bringing the nitrates to around 10ppm or so, keeping the pH more stable at around 6.8.
This pair has continued to spawn over and over again, with the babies getting to the point of being free swimming and trying to get on to the parents to feed.
It seems the parents ignore the babies and actually swim around too fast for the babies to latch on to the parents to feed. I have even tried to supplement the feedings for the fry by putting in newly hatched brine shrimp or rotifers.
But the fry do not survive. I have thought of taking the fry right out of the tank and just raise them like my angelfish, but I read that there is an important element in what the parents produce in the slime coat that is vital to the development of the babies. Is this true?
<Mmm, no; or shall I state, "not really". There are cases, folks who commercially raise the young apart from their parents>
If not I'll just separate them from the parents. In the mean time I have another that has paired off in the original tank. And they act the same way as the pair I've been having problems with.
I'm beginning to wonder if the guy I bought the fish from genetically designed them to not be able to successfully reproduce for his benefit.
<I doubt this>
I don't dare call him and ask!!
<? I would>
Oh well, any further suggestions will be much appreciated.
Deb Cheney
P.S. Bob if you happen to be the one to get this email, just wanted to let you know that my company N.E. Aquarium Services and University of New England will be doing another fish health conference in August 2011.
<Ah yes. RickO has been in contact w/ me re>
We are starting to get a list of speakers lined up and would love to have you again. Let me know what you think.
<Mmm, I'd like to help in determining topics, maybe suggesting some other presenters of worth. Thank you for your efforts.
Bob Fenner>

IMAC West?  1/5/11
This FishChannel link lists it as going on this year, although the place is TBD. Have you heard anything about this?
Scott V.
<I do not... I've tried to contact the head-honcho, number-one, ichiban Frank Burr via phone, email... and in person at the MAX, MACNA et al hobbyist shows... have heard from reliable sources that it's his hope to resume the event this year (2011), having skipped 2010... I do hope he's okay and the show will go on. Am cc'ing Frank here. BobF
IMAC West?

Hi Bob,
Happy New Year! Hope you had a great holiday. Sorry haven't been on WWM for a while; have had a lot going on the last few months (still do, but have had a few more available moments here and there lately to squeeze in some other things - like checking WWM!) I just happened to be checking WWM and saw the message below that Scott sent you. I actually have been periodically checking the IMAC website and have seen the same message as Scott. I know that same message has been up there since the summer. Based on everyone's reply last year, IMAC seems like the most logical/popular event/location/time of year for a WWM crew get-together. So if you do happen to hear back from Frank that IMAC West IS going on in 2011, can you please let me and the rest of the crew know? Thanks Bob!
<Will do so Sue. Good to hear from you and happy new year. BobF>
Re: IMAC West?  1/5/11

I'm almost positive that IMAC west is not going to be happening again. There is always Reef-a-palooza in October.
<Thank you for this Jess. BobF>

I'm in San Diego for the weekend - 10/22/10
Hi there Bob,
<Hey Rich>
We met last year at the CT (CMAC) conference. I'm the treasurer for the CT Area Reef Society.
<Ah, I recall>
I have a wedding at Balboa Park on Saturday and free time on Sunday.
<I see>
Can you recommend a few LFSs in the San Diego area that I could visit please?
<Yes... I'd make a bee-line for Aquatic Warehouse and Octopus's Garden in the Kearny Mesa area... and if you have time/interest, haul on down to the Birch Aquarium in La Jolla... or to Fountain's Aquarium in La Mesa...>
Thanks in advance!!
-Rich Bouvier
<Wish I had more time, I'd take you myself. Do send along your phone number if my time gets freed up I will. BobF>
Re: I'm in San Diego for the weekend   10/26/10

Thanks again for the suggestions.
I had about 2 hours to kill on Saturday and I was able to get to both Octopus' Garden as well as Aquatic Warehouse - both were great stores.
<Good staff at both for sure>
I'm always amazed and the prices in California being ever so slightly lower than CT. I suppose it's one less plane ride for the critters.
<Yes... and competition. The cost of doing business here is likely higher than most places in CT>
Also, we were able to get to the Birch Aquarium as a family on Sunday - very cool place - very kid friendly too.
<Yes; thank you for this input>
Thanks again and enjoy San Diego - it was a nice place to visit.
-Rich Bouvier
<I do hope our paths cross... above or underwater, soon! BobF>

Re: Question for Bob Fenner - 10/14/10
I greatly appreciate you helping MASC on this project!!! I will shoot you another email once we figure out dates and details and such!!!
<Real good. Thank you for your efforts. BobF>
Vice President
Marine Aquarium Society of Colorado

Re: Thoughts, ideas for an annual crew get-together? 9/7/2010
I really would LOVE to come over and meet with you all, but I am seriously restricted probably for the next year, money-wise as my wife and I have just bought a new house and there are many projects to do within (including a new reef system), and time-wise I have to prioritise a trip to NZ to see my mother, as I have not seen her for more than two years now :( Maybe this time next year I might be able to plan something...
<Ah, understood>
On another note, if any of you find yourselves at a loose end in Somerset feel free to drop me a line.. I live next to a couple of nature reserves, there is plenty to do http://www.cheddarvillage.co.uk/
, my wife cooks the best roast dinner in the world, and the local cider is strong indeed!
<Thank you Simon. BobF>
Re: Thoughts, ideas for an annual crew get-together?    9/8/10

Thanks, Simon,
Sounds yummy!! I don't know about the rest of the crew, but I'm in!
Not sure what we're going to land up (ocean under?) doing just yet, but hope you'll be able to join us in the future if this becomes an annual tradition!
Hi everyone!
Just a follow-up on plans for a crew get-together -
First, thanks to all of you for your great ideas and feedback! I think just about everyone on the crew has responded back at this point. In looking over where everyone is from and all your responses, it seems like most of the crew lives on the West Coast/California. Simon, Neale and Marco are the farthest *east* (or, the *other* direction!), but most likely won't be able to join us. Also, several people mentioned combining a crew get-together with one of the larger fish conferences, and also potentially with a diving trip. SueG

Re: Thoughts, ideas for an annual crew get-together?   9/8/10
First of all, thanks Sue, for your efforts in getting all of us together! 
Although I'd love to make it to Singapore, that's out of the question.  Meeting at one of the California conferences next year is doable, however, and would actually be ideal for me.   
Take care,
You're welcome, Lynn. I hope we get the chance to meet next spring! I agree that tying a get-together around one of the CA conferences seems to make the most amount of sense for the majority of the crew.

Re Thoughts, ideas for an annual crew get-together?   9/11/10
Thanks, Simon,
<It's a pleasure Sue>
Sounds yummy!! I don't know about the rest of the crew, but I'm in!
<The roasted potatoes are particularly marvelous>
Not sure what we're going to land up (ocean under?) doing just yet, but hope you'll be able to join us in the future if this becomes an annual tradition!
<Oh yes! for sure! And my wife has always wanted to go to Singapore..>
Sounds good, Simon. I hope I get the chance to meet you in the future - and go to Singapore, too! -Sue

MACNA 9/7/2010
Hi Bob,
Hope you got home with all your clothes on. :-). Was wondering if you got to chat with Ike Eigenbrode/Ecoxotic at MACNA.
<The three times I walked past the booth, the folks were so busy already I didn't even stop to read their name tags. B>

Great to see you in M.E. -- 08/25/10
Hello Bob.
<Hey William!>
It was a great pleasure to meet you at the symposium. I loved hearing all the stories you have to tell and the knowledge you shared about the industry, including the history of some companies as well as what happened to some of my favorites. I am trying to get out to C.A. for the coral farmers market in Sept. I appreciate your offer to stay at your house and use a
car. I would enjoy seeing you in your element and picking your mind.
Thanks again,
William Seddon
<Do keep me up to date re your plans, and do stay here, use one of my vehicles if you'd like. I live in about middle San Diego (in Mira Mesa)... can/will pick you up/return you to the airport if I'm about! Cheers, BobF> 

Thoughts, ideas for an annual crew get-together?  8/21/10
Greetings Crew!
Bob and I just missed each other last weekend up in Maine, but the subject of an 'annual crew get-together' came up. Bob asked if I could follow up on this idea with all of you.
So, below is a little 'mini-poll' for each of you --
Would you like to do this, assuming we can decide on a good time of year and place??
Do you have a preferred month or months/time of year that would be best for you to travel?
Where would you like to have it? This is probably the toughest one, since we're scattered all around. Possibly a couple of ideas might be to combine a get together with either --
'¦ a dive trip (Bob mentioned Cozumel as a possibility);
'¦ one of the larger, more popular fish conferences (Bob mentioned some of you in the past have gone to a couple of the ones in CA such as IMAC West, MAX and Reefapalooza), or;
'¦ just a popular travel destination period!
Can each of you give this some thought/share your feedback with the rest of the crew? With all the great benefits that this age of technology has to offer, it still can't replace meeting in person face to face! The only challenge is figuring out a way to pull it off!
Mmmm, I'm on a rocky ship right now and likely going nowhere in the next year, but do thank you for the email, Sue. 
Hi, Sue! This sounds like a great idea, and something I'd love to do! As for when, any time that works for anyone else works for me, especially after January. I'd rather do a conference than a dive trip, since I don't dive, but understand that many of the crew members are half-fish, so I am in the minority on that one. In any case, I think this would be fun, and I hope we can come up with something that's possible for everyone.

Thoughts, ideas for an annual crew get-together?   8/22/10
Greetings Crew!
Bob and I just missed each other last weekend up in Maine, but the subject of an "annual crew get-together" came up. Bob asked if I could follow up on this idea with all of you.
So, below is a little "mini-poll" for each of you -
Would you like to do this, assuming we can decide on a good time of year and place??
Do you have a preferred month or months/time of year that would be best for you to travel?
Where would you like to have it? This is probably the toughest one, since we're scattered all around. Possibly a couple of ideas might be to combine a get together with either -
. a dive trip (Bob mentioned Cozumel as a possibility);
. one of the larger, more popular fish conferences (Bob mentioned some of you in the past have gone to a couple of the ones in CA such as IMAC West, MAX and Reefapalooza), or; . just a popular travel destination period!
Can each of you give this some thought/share your feedback with the rest of the crew? With all the great benefits that this age of technology has to offer, it still can't replace meeting in person face to face! The only challenge is figuring out a way to pull it off!
Re: Thoughts, ideas for an annual crew get-together?   8/22/10

Hello Sue!
I personally love the idea, but do not envy you for taking on the challenge of coordinating. For myself personally time of the year does not really matter. Cozumel would be a great place to meet up, reasonably priced and great diving. Crewmembers that don't dive should consider jumping in!
Scott V.
Hi Scott, Thanks for your feedback! Will pass along to Bob. Actually, though, no real coordination on my part - all I'm doing is just *collecting* and passing along crew feedback to Bob right now! We'll have to pass along our condolences to him if/when the time comes! But I'll be happy to assist wherever I can. Hopefully, there will be something we can do that will work out for everyone! Thanks again.
Re: Thoughts, ideas for an annual crew get-together?   8/22/10

Hiya Sue,
Sounds like fun to me... If we are only getting together for a few days, a "conference" might make more sense. If it's a longer get-together then maybe someplace where you don't need a passport, as not all may want to go to the added expense/trouble for one. My vote for location would be the Big Island of Hawai'i. You wouldn't have to be a "diver" to have some fun; my wife doesn't dive and has always found plenty to occupy her time there, but the opportunity would be there for those who are--and it is an excellent place to "learn to dive" (personal experience--and can be done in three
days) if one is so inclined. Bob could likely say what the best time of year for such would be, but in my limited experience Oct-Nov has proven to provide excellent weather/diving conditions around the Kona coast.
Depending on the number of folks going, we might even be able to pool resources and rent a large condo or the like.
Hi Eric,
I agree with you about different plans for shorter vs. longer. I like your idea about the *longer* option! I've been to Hawaii a couple of times including the Big Island and loved it. Let's see what Bob, everyone else has to say about this option.
Bob - your thoughts on the Big Island if it's a longer trip? And, how about I collect some of the ideas we've gotten so far and send out another email to the crew in a few days?
<I think it/this is fine... And Eric knows I greatly enjoy the Big Island. I still have a property there... and need to get on over to do some work on it... I may well move there for the "winter" time here in San Diego>
Crew get-together
Thanks for replying, James. Sorry to hear you wouldn't be able to join us this year. If it is something that lands up becoming an annual tradition, though, hopefully you'll be able to make a future one.
Will look forward to it as long as I'm still above ground.
Crew get-together
Hi, Sue! This sounds like a great idea, and something I'd love to do! As for when, any time that works for anyone else works for me, especially after January. I'd rather do a conference than a dive trip, since I don't dive, but understand that many of the crew members are half-fish, so I am in the minority on that one. In any case, I think this would be fun, and I hope we can come up with something that's possible for everyone.
Hi Melinda!
Thanks for passing along your thoughts; will keep you posted! 
Re: Thoughts, ideas for an annual crew get-together?
It must be nice to have a property to *fix up* in Hawaii during the *winter* out at San Diego!!
<Is better by far... to get away; have projects elsewhere>
BTW, Happy Birthday tomorrow! I trust you are/will be celebrating it *in style* with the HHH?!
<Yes... http://sdh3.com/ my hash name is Dogfish>
Hope you have a fun day!
<Ahh Sue! Thank you for brightening my day! It is indeed a pleasure to meet/associate with someone positive, caring as yourself. I hope to meet you... or some other women as yourself! someday. Cheers, Olde Bob>

Re: Thoughts, ideas for an annual crew get-together?   8/24/10
> Greetings Crew!
<Hi Sue!>
> Bob and I just missed each other last weekend up in Maine, but the subject of an 'annual crew get-together' came up. Bob asked if I could follow up on this idea with all of you. So, below is a little 'mini-poll' for each of you --
> Would you like to do this, assuming we can decide on a good time of year and place??
<Yes, of course>
Do you have a preferred month or months/time of year that would be best for
> you to travel?
<No real preference for dates.. It is difficult for me to come to the states... I have a mother in NZ and this takes up much of my holiday allocation>
> Where would you like to have it?
<England! Although I know this is pretty unlikely>
> This is probably the toughest one, since we're scattered all around. Possibly a couple of ideas might be to combine a get together with either -- '¦ a dive trip (Bob mentioned Cozumel as a possibility);
<Yes! This I might be able to sell to my wife.. but I would like to go to Indonesia, or the Red Sea>
 '¦ one of the larger, more popular fish conferences (Bob mentioned some of you in the past have gone to a couple of the ones in CA such as IMAC West, MAX and Reefapalooza),
<I would love this... but the chances of getting it past bomber command are practically zero>
or; '¦ just a popular travel destination period!
<The Red Sea IS good value for money from England.. I don't know about elsewhere>
> Can each of you give this some thought/share your feedback with the rest of the crew? With all the great benefits that this age of technology has to offer, it still can't replace meeting in person face to face!
<I agree>
> The only challenge is figuring out a way to pull it off!
<I find it difficult to persuade my friends who live in the same town to go
on a camping trip, so if you manage this it will be an achievement indeed!>
> -Sue
Re: Thoughts, ideas for an annual crew get-together?
Hi Simon!
Well, I for one like England!! Very, very cool. I love the British Museum. And Dorset is one of the nicest *ocean* spots I've ever visited - or I guess also known as part of the English Riviera. Would have no problem meeting up there! Will also pass your comments along to Bob about Indonesia or the Red Sea.
And yes, the complexities of where we all live does certainly add another dimension to the idea of getting us all together! We'll have to see how/if we can accommodate everyone, or mostly everyone!
Thanks, Simon!
Re: Thoughts, ideas for an annual crew get-together?   8/24/10
Hi Bob,
<Hey Sue>
Some good feedback, ideas so far from everyone. Hope this isn't going to make it too confusing for you to pick a spot! BTW - reading all the replies, I noticed I forgot to put in the question asking everyone where they live. Ooops - sorry, I guess they say memory is the 1st thing to go!
From everyone who's replied so far, it's mostly obvious. Maybe I can send out a follow-up email asking everyone who hasn't replied yet to also mention where they're from.
Cheers! Hope you're out having fun!
<Sort of. B>

Re: Thoughts, ideas for an annual crew get-together? -- 8/24/10
Hi Sue,
I just saw the postings today in the dailies about getting together and realized that I hadn't responded to your email yet. Sorry about that! I'd love to get together at one of the conferences next year if that works for everyone else. Oh, and I'm located just north of Seattle. Thanks for your efforts in getting the crew together!
Take care,
Hi Lynn/Crew,
No problem, Lynn, still waiting to hear back from a few others as well!
Anyone else want to offer his/her thoughts that hasn't already? i.e., If, When, Where (see some ideas in 1st email below) for a crew get-together?!
Oh, and I forgot to add this to my 1st email - Bob asked if all of you could let us know approx. where you live (state or country)? This would also help to try and figure out a spot that is (*relatively*?! - to what, though, I don't know, hee hee!!) *centrally located*!
Dear Crew,
Re: Thoughts, ideas for an annual crew get-together?
This sounds good at first glance. Most of you seem pretty nice ... from a distance, at least. The problem is that, statistically, with a group THIS large, there's bound to be at least one person who doesn't agree with me on politics, religion or the need to quarantine new arrivals for a full 6 weeks. Or worse ... an Amway sales person.
That said, Santa Barbara is nice this time of year. None of us live there, so everyone would have to commute, the zoo has low admission and a nice picnic area, too. On the other hand, it would be easy to bribe the cops in Tijuana to forget about anything they witnessed when a group of mutants this large all converged on a single place -- that may come in hand for those of you with professional reputations to protect. (Why am I the only one to think of these details until it's too late?)
Re: Thoughts, ideas for an annual crew get-together?
<Hello Darrel, or as I've come to think of you, "Lord of the Turtles".  :) >
This sounds good at first glance. Most of you seem pretty nice ... from a distance, at least. The problem is that, statistically, with a group THIS large, there's bound to be at least one person who doesn't agree with me on politics, religion or the need to quarantine new arrivals for a full 6 weeks.    Or worse ... an Amway sales person.
<I solemnly swear that I do not sell Amway, Avon, or Mary Kay.  I'm sure they're fine companies, but I do not work for them. Oh, and I promise not to broach above said "hot" topics. I've had my hair singed a few times in those discussions so I tend to avoid them in favor of a nice beer or margarita instead.>
That said, Santa Barbara is nice this time of year.  None of us live there, so everyone would have to commute, the zoo has low admission and a nice picnic area, too.
<Sounds nice.  Too bad there aren't any fish conferences in Bermuda. We could meet our friends midway across the pond (sort of).>
On the other hand, it would be easy to bribe the cops in Tijuana to forget about anything they witnessed when a group of mutants this large all converged on a single place
<Hahaaaa! A scary thought indeed!  They'd probably end up paying *us* to leave!>
 -- that may come in hand for those of you with professional reputations to protect.  (Why am I the only one to think of these details until it's too late?)
<Probably because someone brought up religion, politics, or quarantine procedures! :)  Take care, Lynn>

Re: Thoughts, ideas for an annual crew get-together? -- 8/24/10
I may be partial to my home state but I vote New Orleans. Its not as reputation safe as Tijuana but the jails are much nicer!!  Lots of things to do including visiting the aquarium.  Adam
Re: Thoughts, ideas for an annual crew get-together?
Hello everybody,
I'm quite busy this year, so for me it would be good if you just let me know when and where on this planet (England, Caribbean, Hawaii, Atlantis...) you meet, and I'll try my best to come. Heck, I even missed Bob at the Interzoo due to my project schedule. I have no preferred times or locations, it's my various projects, often construction sites for geothermal heating systems, which keep me from planning ahead a lot. When there is free time, I'll get someone to feed the morays and come, but don't count on me in this specific point. As a side note, I'm not selling Amway nor do I follow any other
religion. My political view is green where appropriate, although I dislike the green party (and any other party) and I have a 85 gallon quarantine tank, which is about 28 years old.
Hi Marco,
Thank you for your input. As you mention, the challenge is not only where, but when! I was joking myself below when I said I was ready to pack up and leave. As much as I'd like to, in truth for me personally, like you, I likely won't be able to go anywhere until after the 1st of the year. It's not that I couldn't at all at anytime; just that in general, I tend to have
more conflicts between September and the end of the year. But, hopefully in the end, there will be a time that will work for at least mostly everyone!
As far as planning ahead, we're probably going to have to have at least some of that, though (i.e. making whatever reservations are needed, getting a group discount on a block of rooms) for anyone (or all!) who will have to travel in from longer distances out of state, country, etc.

Re: Thoughts, ideas for an annual crew get-together? -- 08/25/10
Bob -- or anyone else: Do you know of any major 'draw' on the East Coast, Caribbean in terms of popular fish conferences or dives? <
<<There are annual Cichlid, Livebearer et al. hobby conferences that mainly take place on the east coast... and all sorts of diving opportunities... Mainly down Florida and further south ways... Some can be very exclusive activity wise (e.g. Blackbeard Cruises)... B>> 
Re: Thoughts, ideas for an annual crew get-together?
Sounds like this might be an interesting option to consider/pursue further, Bob. I often seen lots of very good deals (price-wise) advertised down there; another plus.
Do you have any personal favorite places, dive sites in Florida/the Keys/Eastern Caribbean islands that might also offer a range of activities, be fun for our general group?
Neale, Simon - any input you'd like to provide on this option? Would the Eastern Caribbean be more doable for you than something further west, make it more likely you'd join us?
Re: Thoughts, ideas for an annual crew get-together?
I'm likely to be Calif. the first week of January, speaking at COAST. If there are folks around, I'd love to see them then. Otherwise, I'm afraid you'll have to include me out of any plans for WWM get-togethers.
Cheers, Neale
Re: Thoughts, ideas for an annual crew get-together?
I'm similarly restricted, though not so much geographically as by the fact that I have a job that's not so easy to take time off from and the fact that I'll have a human infant in tow after October. But if at all possible, I'd love to try to get out to a WWM get together (or any pet fish event/activity for that matter).

Head Count: Diving in FL, post MACNA... come out w/ us   6/28/10
Hi Bob,
<Hey Mike>
Do we have a good head count for the dive trip after MACNA?
<I do not... will cc Jess here... we need to get this finalized... to figure out dates, transport, stay... changing my air tkts!>
I know for certain:
Scott V
<Really? Great!>
Myself (Perhaps +1 or +2)
<Who else? Come forward!>
Looking at packages in Boynton and Key Largo.
<Thanks much Mike. BobF>
Michael Van Bibber
Re: Thoughts, ideas for an annual crew get-together? FLA/MACNA -- 8/24/10

Scott and I generally go to most of the big conferences and are always interested in a dive trip. Who's going to MACNA and who's diving afterwards? Let's get out and have some fun!!!!
<Mich, looks like this is a non-starter this year. I do think I should have done as previous... just made the van, stay and dive svc. reservations and seen if anyone else would just join in/on. B>

Bob Fenner about IMAC West   6/13/10
Hi Bob,
<Hey C.J.!>
I've been trying to reach Frank Burr without any success. I see the IMAC West website has not been updated much about the 2010 conference. Not wanting to cause any alarm, I just wonder if the show will go on and would like to hear from him if I'm doing the a/v this year like Frank and I discussed after the 2009 conference.
Know anything?
<I do know that I too have been concerned... On not seeing Frank about, particularly at the last MAX event, and asking people there re him and IMAC West, I emailed Frank, got no resp... then phoned him and also... nada!
This is very strange behavior... I contacted Jake Adams, who is one of the other three folks in the "four reef" group... He also was dubious re whether the show will go on... This being stated, the ads for it continue to show (witness the last ish of TFH mag.)... Am cc'ing Frank here re. I do hope to see you about... maybe MACNA? BobF>
Thanks very much,
C.J. Scheppers
re: for Bob Fenner about IMAC West   6/13/10

Hi Bob,
I spoke to someone at IMAC West who was from the MACNA Orlando group but he dropped out of sight, emails bounced, etc. I sent emails to the Orlando club throughout the year but no response. I tried again lately and they responded they have already booked another company.
But they did pass my contact info to the Iowa group who will do MACNA in 2011. Iowa is just up the road from me. There was a sea in Iowa but that was a long time ago.
<Ah, good to be around now>
Thirty-two presenters for MACNA Orlando, that's a lot! Three presentation rooms and a separate banquet room, too. I've done three rooms but not four yet. 'Sorry to miss all of the regulars they are hosting.
<And sorry to miss you>
I've been busy throughout the winter and spring so I just got around to (attempting to) contact Frank. I hope everyone is well. Several other shows have cancelled on me this year so it's getting to be a trend!
<The economy is shot... too many civil servants/too much gov't, too many invaded countries... B>

MACNA, diving... after I guess 4/30/10
Crew, howsit? Am wondering if you'd like to haul out/stay S. of Orlando after MACNA (unless JoshuaS isn't, can't come w/ us, in which case we can plan on going before if folks would like) doing a bit of dive/travel/adventuring... akin to what a few of us did last year in adv. of the ORCA conf.... WWM is willing, able to underwrite half the cost of staying and diving, likely transport to/from... We can try out the Boynton Beach area/thereabouts or get back on down to E. of Pennekamp in the Keys, or...? If you know of other folk/s that'd like to come on out w/ us, please
do send this note along.
And if you're not currently scuba-certified, do please consider stepping up to the plate...
Oh, MACNA: http://www.macna2010.com/
Sept. 3-5 there... a day ahead (Thurs.) for speakers...
What say you?

Roatan Trip, Diving... interested?  4/19/10
<Hey Joshua>
I am going to be in Roatan from May 9th to 16th for a class. I am planning to stay from 16th to the 23rd for more diving by myself. Would anyone like to meet me out there for some diving. I found hotel rooms across from the beach on the west side of the Island for $60 a night since it is off season, and would love a dive buddy or two. Please let me know as soon as you can if you are available and how definite you are so I can book my return flight.
Joshua Solomon
<A bargain and a good time for sure. Unfortunately I'll be at Interzoo and back in San Diego helping with the annual Red Dress Run during this time.
Will send to others in the Crew. BobF> 

Re: WWM.Info site upcoming features, And MACNA co-travel dive et al. adventure planning  -- 4/14/10
I've added a couple of pretty neat features to wwm.info. Including a who's on that shows a world map of all the visitors location and a page peal that showcases CA MAG.
I may have a podcast lined up as well.
I'm also starting my open water dive course May 1st so let me know what the schedule is for MACNA.
<Great news>
Just need to know what days to take of from work.
<Am asking the WWM Crew and others to chime in here... who's interested? What days do they want to commit? Before/after MACNA... Dizzyworld et al. possibly as well. BobF>
Re: MACNA co-travel dive et al. adventure
Very Interested.
<Ah, good>
Since I live real close, I am open for whatever works best for those coming from out of state.
<Let's see who comes forward Mike... do keep your gear ready. BobF>

To our Valued MAX Speakers, upcoming hobby conference and retail show in OC, CA    3/24/10
Hi Guys,
Well, the MAX event is coming up in just a couple weeks (yeeesh, I know!) so I just wanted to throw out a quick e-mail to thank all six of you for your support and participation in the Marine Aquarium Expo and to make sure you are all taken good care of in regards to anything you need for your lecture.
We will of course have a podium, PA, screen, projector, etc. all installed in the speaker's room ready for you. Please indicate if you are bringing your own laptop to use or if you wish to use ours with your flashdrive / PowerPoint presentation.
You are each allocated 1-1/2 hours for your lecture, so most cases the lecture is about an hour long and the last half hour dedicated to a Q&A session. you may of course tailor this according to what works for you.
I wanted to let you all know that (thanks to a suggestion by Mr. Bob Fenner) we now have a 20'x10' booth immediately adjacent to the entrance to the speaker's room dedicated for YOU. It is a "Speaker's Lounge" of sorts where you may meet/greet attendees before and after your lecture and anything else you wish to do with it. Please feel free to use this space for whatever you wish, such as displaying pamphlets, supplying books/CD for sale, signing autographs, or just plain "shooting the breeze" with people before your talk.
The Speakers Lounge will be fully pipe-and-draped, carpeted, and with two large round tables/tablecloths and a dozen or so chairs. You can see this on our floor plan at the MAX website if curious.
Please let me know if you have any questions or requests of us and I'll try to get back to you as soon as possible. If not, we'll see you in a couple of weeks!
Kevin T. Adams, MBA
President and CEO
Thanks Kev. See you soon! BobF, sans the "Mr."

Bob Fenner contact for Tahiti conference 3/3/10
Ia orana (hello) ,
I would like to contact Bob in order to be able to invite him as a speaker to Tahiti Aquaculture conference which will take place at the end of this year.
He can contact me directly by my private address.
Maururu (thanks)
Benoit T
<Hey Benoit! My personal email addy is fennerrobert@hotmail.com
Is there a website/URL, set of topics, subjects the group/you're looking for?
Cheers, Bob Fenner>
Vai Consulting
Tahiti Eco Clams
SDAPF President
BP 14265 ARUE
98701 TAHITI
French Polynesia
Gsm : +689 777677

Bath Half Marathon. SimonT hoofs it for the Marine Conservation Society  2/16/10
Hello all! I'm running the Bath half marathon on Sunday March the 7th and raising money for the Marine Conservation Society. I would *really*appreciate your support. It's easy to donate online by credit or debit card
- just go to my JustGiving page:
*http://www.justgiving.com/Simon-Trippick*< http://www.justgiving.com/Simon-Trippick> JustGiving sends your donation straight to Marine Conservation Society and automatically reclaims Gift Aid if you're a UK taxpayer, so your donation is worth even more. I hope you'll join me in supporting the Marine Conservation Society.
Ok that's the spammed message over with! If anyone is able to help me with this it would me quite marvelous!
Thank you everyone,
<Will post, share. BobF>

Come to MACNA 2010 and Win SeaWorld Tickets! 2/4/2010
September 3 - 5, 2010
Register before February 15, 2010 and be entered to WIN TWO TICKETS TO SEAWORLD!
Register at www.MACNA2010.com
Event Highlights
Open Bar and Dinner Buffet Reception
Orlando World Center Marriott
ONLY $99/night
Rate good from August 28th to September 11, 2010....
Make it a family vacation! More....
MACNA (Marine Aquarium Conference of North America) is the Largest Marine Aquarium Conference in the USA and Canada.
Enjoy three days browsing over more than 100 industry vendors, listening to seminars by your favorite authors in the saltwater hobby, participate
in multiple hands-on demonstrations and enjoy two special dinner events!
Seminars * Workshops * Manufacturers* Distributors* Authors and Much More More....

Plea to Aquarium Clubs in Warmer States, SaraM pitches offer  2/2/2010
I'd like to put out this cry for help to any and all aquarium clubs in warmer states. I need to get out of Cleveland, OH before I freeze my fins off. So if anyone is looking for a presenter/speaker, etc. please do consider inviting me out. I'm a good presenter, I swear. And I'll talk about anything you want to hear about! Anything from DSBs to coral pests to aquarium product patents...you name it. Shoot, I'll even offer a demonstration on how to retrieve an o-ring from the bottom of a protein skimmer using just a Lifesaver and a pair of chopsticks... or the trick to using an angled MH fixture and an outlet timer to get your kids up for school in the morning... or 101 great uses for airline tubing you never thought of? ...top 10 reasons not to hatch brine shrimp in the bathroom sink? I'm quite flexible here, seriously.
Sara M.
<Will post... You're welcome to sojourn out to S. Cal. anytime... But sooner would def. be best! BobF>

Re: Kordon Breather Bags 1/20/10
Thanks Bob,
Will you be a reef-a-pa-looza this year coming up? If so, I would love to meet you. Let me know.
<Mmm, yes, I believe so. Have presented at all to date. See you there!
Re: Kordon Breather Bags, Coll.
One last question I promise...
What do you recommended as a holding tank/bag when these fish are collected.
<A floating bait receiver, as pictured where you were previously referred>
As I said, I will be diving. A Bait bag or some kind of trap?

Interzoo/Egypt May 2010, come out with us?    1/17/10
Hey Bob!
<Hello Robert!>
Last we touched base by email (which I cannot find now!), you sounded a little down....I hope things are working out for you!
<Not quite yet, sad to report... But am doing my best, and hope to have at least resolution for some major sources of trouble soon>
<<Good to hear Bob, if there is any way I can help, let me know!!>>
<Your earnest friendship is what I really need, thank you Rob>
<<That you have!!>>
I was wondering if you had set any dates for traveling to/from the Interzoo and if the Egypt trip is still likely to happen......
<I have not, but am VERY glad you are bringing this up now. We should set time frames, find out who is going, make reservations et al. Are you wanting to go ahead of IZOO? This is our usual practice... for a week? What specific days do you have in mind...
<< I can make whatever dates are best, but afterwards would be better for me. My wife and I chair a big event on May 1st and 2nd, which means I am off most of the week before, and Monday May 3rd. To leave that week would mean that I would essentially be gone 3 weeks straight....not impossible (thanks to a great staff!), but I would prefer the week after Interzoo. If the previous week is the norm, and others are already counting on that, I can certainly make it happen- I have been looking forward to it for a long time!!>>
<The plans are definitely not "laid in stone"... and we have "gone after" IZOO at times... is still a blast. Can be arranged this go around>
<<OK. In the meantime I will book the Nurnberg hotel....the event is the 13th through the 16th....Shall I book the room for the 2 of us coming in the 12th, and leaving the 17th?>>
<Yes. And... do see if there's room "at the inn" for others, should they surface... Or even, if you don't mind, a charge for a roll-a-bed if just one more person pops up>
and do you know of other folks who'd like to go?>
<<The only people I talked to about it were Michelle and Linda, knowing they went last year, don't know if they might like to go again>>
<I am cc'ing them here, and will ask the broader WWM Crew if they have interest>
<<Great, would be fun to have a group!>>
<Much more so>
and if so, the dates for that..... Airfares have been crazy lately, so I would like to plan before too long. I haven't looked at hotels in Nurnberg for a while, but they didn't seem too bad around Xmas.
<There's not much to be had as far as I've been able to find... Do you want to share a suite?>
<<I will look, and sure we can share at these prices!>>
<Thank goodness... Was the most expensive stay I've ever had two years back. Thanks to Pablo Tepoot for paying for most of the hotel stay!>
<<Seems not too bad compared to what I have heard in the past on Hotels.com for the nights above ($200-250). I was with the Sera crew the entire time, so never saw much of Nurnberg last trip- If I book any hotel there, is it fairly safe we will be close to the event? I do plan on renting a car>>
<There is much to see and do thereabouts... If you'd like, let's plan on a day away from the show... to view the Big L castles, take in the Bodenzee area, maybe hoof it up to the Wilhelma Aq. and Stuttgart castle, univ.... BobF>
All the best,
<And you my friend, BobF>
<And again, BobF>
Robert A. Bray
House of Fins
99 & 209 Bruce Park Avenue
Greenwich, Ct 06830
Re: Interzoo/Egypt
Wow, this would be a great trip. Please keep me in the loop and I'll start saving money.
<Will do Miguel. Would be great to have you out on this run again. BobF>

CTARS Conference -- 01/17/10
<Hello Ann>
I have been asked to help you out with any travel or accommodation needs you may have for your upcoming speaking engagement at the CTARS conference. Your accommodations for Saturday night have already been made, let me know if you wish to stay any additional nights.
<The conf. is still on the 25th I take it. I'd like to stay that night, return the 26th in the afternoon if there is a possibility of getting out to see stores, perhaps some of the clubs members systems, other sites of interest (botanical, zoological...) with someone, others there>
Also, please feel free to make your own air travel arrangements or if you prefer I am happy to assist with this.
<I will take a look/see>
Please let me know how I make your travels smooth and comfortable. I am looking forward to working with you.
<Thank you; much appreciated. Bob Fenner>
Warm regards,
Ann Heath 

Conference In Connecticut 11/17/09
It was good to see you at House of Fins a while back.
<A hoot and a good time, as usual>
I am following up on this, you had asked to check back toward the end of the year. We had to move the conference back a week - to April 25, 2010.
Do you think you can make this? I want to get the word out.
<I can and will. Is there a theme Jeff? What are the presentations (note, I'm changing from the possibly derogatory "pitches" label) of others going to be? What subject would you like to have me talk re?
Bob Fenner>

Conference In Connecticut   11/3/09
We have a couple of new speakers. Chris Clough (AquaIllumination) is talking on LED lighting. Vince Rado is a Marine Biologist and he will be talking about his 40 yrs of experience of propagating fish and corals.
Sanjay Joshi is doing lighting talk.
What talks haven't you done in a while?
<Mmm, variations on "Sources of Mortality on the Worlds Reefs">
I have been trying to drive the members to being conscious of the environment. We hold recycling days - where members bring us their halide bulbs, T5's, VHO's, PC and even their compact fluorescents. I get them recycled.
Also, I have asked Ann to help out. We ended up with 20 vendors
and I want everyone to have a good time so she will be coordinating all the travel, dinners, etc for the speakers. We don't want to have what happened to the speakers at Reef-A-Palooza.
<Mmm, was a good time. BobF>

Diving the Red Sea + Interzoo 2010 10/27/09
Hi Team,
I'm trying to gauge interest in a trip to Egypt and Germany for diving/Interzoo in May 2010. I'll be interested in seeing some of the sites in Egypt before heading over to the dive site (Sharm El-Sheikh I assume) and onto Interzoo from there. After Interzoo I'll probably be taking some time to travel around Germany via train shooting photography, if anyone would like to join in that you're more than welcome to tag along. So speak up and lets get an itn formed.

Re: Diving the Red Sea + Interzoo 2010  10/29/09
If business allows I'd like to join the crew at the Interzoo. Travelling through Germany by train, however, is not my cup of tea.
Cheers, Marco.
<I will start a folder for our IZOO corr for 2010... Of course you can fly from Stuttgart to Nurnberg/Nuremberg... Am hoping we can get my/our old accommodations back at the Romantik in "Olde Town"... would you be able, willing to chat im Deutschen with the folks there for this period? BobF>

Re: Diving the Red Sea + Interzoo 2010, Walt... Romantik space? 10/29/09
I sure wish Todd and I could go, but we'll be visiting friends and family in Texas at that time. I've never traveled more than about an hour on a train in Germany (in and out of Munich), but it wasn't bad at all. It's
nice to be able to see the countryside, albeit at a pretty fast clip.
<Ah yes. FYI, JessicaT intends to stay a while and tour Germany... hopefully she will get out and about on foot quite a bit... there are many gorgeous areas>
One thing you can always be sure of is that the German trains run on time! If the schedule says your train arrives at 12:32, you don't want to get on the one that arrives at 12:28! I have to admit that I've been on
some several-hour train trips here in the states that weren't exactly comfortable (or on time). I always felt like I should have lost an inch in height afterwards from having my bones rattled around so much. Hey, maybe that's why I'm only 5'4"! No more domestic train travel for me!
Y'all take care,
<See you, BobF>

Re: Diving the Red Sea + Interzoo 2010, Walt... Romantik space? 10/29/09
Do wish I could come as well. Quite ironic, really...I'll be in Hamburg this December...just a tad late. Maybe next year. I do hope it will be a fantastic trip.
-Will N.
<The Interzoo is every other year, intermittent with the Aquarama show in Singapore (also in May)... Are you scuba certified Will?

Re: Diving the Red Sea + Interzoo 2010, Walt... Romantik space?   11/6/09
I'm hoping to share space/room costs with whomever travels. Hopefully someone else is looking to be efficient with costs as well :).
<Marco is looking about. WWM will subsidize all to a degree... Depending on how many, costs... B>

MACNA XXI, dinner get tog.  8/25/09
Howdy, am wondering how many WWM types will be at the upcoming conf.. If interested, I'd like to get tog. for dinner, drinks, Mmmm, Friday eve likely. What say you? BobF
I "was" planning to be there, but circumstances have changed and I now won't be able to attend. Do enjoy! I'll miss seeing you all... Oh, and Bob...Happy (belated) Birthday!
<Ahh, will miss you. Thank you Eric (and Karen!). BobF>

Attn Bob: MACNA XXI  8/25/09
Heya Bob!
<Hi Brian>
Hope all is well with you. This summer has been quite busy here at Ocean Gallery. Our business has been up consistently over last year.
<Great news>
Looking forward to seeing you at MACNA this year. Make sure you stop by our booth.
An old acquaintance will be there. If you haven't heard, I've invited the gang at C-Quest, Bill Addison and his daughter Katy, to display their farm raised marine fish. As you know Bill has been raising marine fish for
some 30 years.
<Ah yes>
C-Quest was severely damaged several years ago by a hurricane,
<More than once...>
but they are still up and running. I thought it would be good to have them display their fish at MACNA to people know that they are alive and well and still very much in business.
Bill hasn't been to a MACNA since Louisville and he's rather excited about being there this year. Over the last 4 years they have been working on breeding an all white ocellaris that was released for sale this year. It's called the "Wyoming White" and is a spectacular looking fish. Here's a link to a picture that you are more than welcome to post, http://www.oceangalleryii.com/zenphoto/albums/C-Quest/DSC_0014.jpg.
I'll see you at MACNA. Take care!!
Brian K. Griffin
Ocean Gallery II
<See you then, there. BobF>

Re: MACNA XXI, dinner get tog.  8/25/09
As much as I appreciate the invitation, MACNA is simply on the wrong coast.
After spending much of the last 24 years in the travel business, where rooms and flights were usually comp'd it literally was cheaper to travel to Boston to have a meeting than to conference call ..... so in my retirement,
my idea of fun is to sit at home behind closed gates and throw rocks at anyone who comes up my driveway. I have a few clients left, including one on Kalakaua Blvd in Waikiki and it's funny that you get absolutely no
commiseration when you complain to someone that you can't get your pond cleaned this week because you have to go to Hawaii.
Anyway .... Santa Monica to the north, Long Beach to the south and I'm there.
MAYBE San Diego if it's a nice day for a motorcycle ride and there's a couple beers involved.
The rest of you -- have fun
<Hawaii is most often a possibility. Do you dive, as in SCUBA? BobF>

Howdy, howsit, how're ya? 8/20/09
Crew, the connection here (Bon) is so slow it's painful... and what's worse? Having to write and re-read my own terse replies... Could you find it in your hearts ("that's my love and my life, but that's not my truck..." twang) to answer a few?
Danke, BobF

Re: Howdy, howsit, how're ya? 8/20/09
Workin it.
How is Bon?
<Very bon! No wetsuit it's so warm, water not as clear as other times, but still 60-80' at least, too much Cyan-oh! But not crowded; though more expensive, many anti-American ideology European types (don't blame them)...>
Greetings from Indiana....
Yes.... Indiana....
<Man, you get around... to some places... yeah... Indiana. D'oh! BobF>

Thanks Bob for Making MCMAC so much fun. 08/05/09
I just wanted to thank Mister California for making MCMAC 2009 so much fun. You are still my Idol. I hope you enjoyed your stay and hope to see you again in Washington State soon. You are a great Leader and a inspiration to many in this Hobby and Industry.
God Bless Ya Bob!
I hope you never Change!
Ed and Stacie Hahn
<Thanks much Ed and Stacie. See you about! BobF>

For Bob    07/20/09
Drew here. Just wanted to write you a quick note to let you know I am looking forward to some cold beverages on the beach and some great weather down here in Texas this weekend and a great Talk by yourself. See you Friday!
Drew Lawing
<Thanks Drew. Me too! BobF, up in WA visiting with other petfish friends>

Conference In Connecticut  6/20/09
We are putting together our 2010 Conference. Many people lately have said they found your book "Conscientious Marine Aquarist" very useful (http://www.reefcentral.com/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=1657264). I figured I would check to see if you are interested and available to come out.
The first year we help this, we sold out (120 people). This year we went with a bigger venue (we had Anthony Calfo & Steven Pro) and we had close to 275 reef keepers there (not including the 25 or so no shows). Next year, we probably will be a bit bigger.
The date is April 18, 2010 and it is held at The Mohegan Sun Casino.
<Not the last I trust>
We usually have the speakers come in the day before and we show them around and have a nice dinner (this year was warm enough we had a bbq).
<I'll sing for good BBQ!>
We get people from all over New England to come. From Maine, to New Hampshire, Boston, Manhattan and Linda Close comes down with many of her members from Hudson Valley.
I look forward to hearing back and hope you can make it out.
Jeff Myjak
Connecticut Area Reef Society (www.ctars.org)
<Let's revisit toward the end of the year; but I'll gladly give a pitch in CT. Bob Fenner>

California Visit -- 06/12/09
Natalie and I are heading out to LA in July/August for our first IMAC.
We are going to be arriving July 23rd, and staying until August 3rd. Other than the IMAC is there anything hobby related going on during that time?
<Mmm, not as far as I'm aware... however, it might be of high interest for you to visit some of the "LA wholesalers" when in town... head on down to San Diego for a day or three... to see/visit the Birch Aquarium at SIO, Pt. Loma tidepools, perhaps the three better LFS down here. Please consider
staying at the house here (have a spare bedroom)... I'm out to visit with fishy friends in TX 7/24-26, but will gladly show/go about with you any other time>
We are trying to make plans with family and figure out our schedule as best we can before we head out there.
<Sounds good>
I'll be looking forward to running into you all Californians again during the trip.
Josh Solomon
<And am sure you'll meet ScottV and F, SaraM... and others during... Bob Fenner>

Re: Cycloseris Acanthocauli "culture" 05/24/09
Thanks, as always, for what I am certain is excellent advice.
I have recently been elected Program Chair for Cleveland Saltwater Enthusiasts Association (C-SEA).? You gave a talk to our club a number of years age, and I was wondering if you still are willing to come and give a talk in the cultural center of the universe, CLEVELAND, OHIO.?
<Oh! There are some five folks from your fine State here visiting in Sulawesi... diving at KBR right now>
If you are willing, can you let me know approximate costs (travel, honorarium, etc.)? Sorry to have to ask, but like most clubs we have a limited budget and I do not want to insult you but wish to make this a good experience both for the club and our speakers.
<I don't charge a stipend, but ask that clubs cover my hard expenses/travel, parking... Do send along what dates you have available... am done with 09... but 10 is around the corner. Bob Fenner>
Thanks Bob for your willingness to consider us.

Marine Aquarium Conference (MACNA XXI) September 25-27 5/15/09
Having trouble viewing this email?
Click here
<Mmm, nope! Bob Fenner>

The Saltwater Aquarium
Conference for the Hobbyist
May 2009 

Hi Bob from Walt, Fiji  4/20/2009
Hi Bob,
<Walt! How are things!? Have been following the dictatorship news re FJ and wondering how you're getting on>
I was wondering if you had a chance to decide on a trip down here (Fiji) while Deb and I are still here. Deb is here till June and myself maybe September. I know we talked about this last time we spoke.
<Is there time... do you want to "do" a live aboard" there?>
Also, (what really brought me to this email) I have been looking all over the web for a site that list bad debtors or deadbeats in this business. I do recall a few years ago seeing such a site but my Google searches only keep bringing me to different conversations you have had on WMM.
<I only have some disjointed anecdotes... I DO wish there was such a site though>
I have some pretty bad boys out there who have just ripped me off and my good nature allowed this to happen so I have nobody to blame but myself. However, if I can find such a site then I can add their name and perhaps stop this from happening to anyone else.
<You know... please send along such emails to me... and I will accumulate them on WWM>
It might also work as a pretty good threat to least get some portion of my payments.
If you can help please let me know.
But more importantly come on down for some fabulous dive. Chris has discovered some reefs that have got excited all over again after all these years.
All the best to you,
<And you my friend. BobF>

Re: Hi Bob from Walt 4/20/2009
Hi Bob,
We are getting along great. The news is not as bad as the rest of the world makes it sound.
<Ahh! Very good>
I was on the fence about our new leader wishing and hoping he had the right agenda and I really believe that his heart is in the right place trying to get rid of corruption and make things equal for all. He believes that if he holds off elections till 2014 then some of the old boys will finally loose their grip and we can only then start a true democracy ... hope he is right.
<Me too>
I am forwarding an article that was written by a native Fijian living in Australia and I think his slant is the best explanation I have seen so far ... have a read.
<Will do>
A live aboard sounds great to us but Deb leaves first week of June ... can you make.
<Can I make? As in what time frame?>
What vessel do you have in mind or know about.
<I have never been on one there, but have heard good things re the Nai'a and Aggressor... What about you?>
We have never done a live aboard and would love our first one to be with you, what a hoot!
<I do agree wholeheartedly... and think the experience would be eye-opening for you there... A bit pricey, but a great experience. Please make it known which outfit/s might fit, and I'll try to put my side of the trip together here. BobF>
tell me more,

Re: Hi Bob from Walt, Deb now  4/20/2009
Hey bob
We are the way to Tonga now....who would all come to Fiji??
<Don't know as yet Deb... Hi there. Di is out... looking for a job... I'd like to bring another dive buddy/partner just in case Walt's too busy to make it on out to the water, or under it. Cheers, BobF>

Re: Interest in a trip out to Fiji? 4/20/2009
These may be of interest to you.
Sounds like a dream to me, but the cost is a little too rich for my blood.  I'd probably never want to go back home.  Now, when am I going to win the lotto....when pigs fly.
<<Mmm, maybe not... James, are you scuba certified? BobF.>>

Re: Interest in a trip out to Fiji? 4/20/2009
No, I do not even have a pair of water wings. Closest I came to scuba diving was going down to the bottom of my swimming pool to clean a jet. No longer have that home and the pool.
<So... why an interest in traveling to dive destinations?
<<I guess it's like folks collecting postage stamps. Most couldn't afford to visit countries they collect stamps from, but still enjoy looking at the stamps.>>
What would it take to get you dive certified? B>
<<Well, first off, I'm not so sure I'm a good enough swimmer to take on diving. When I had my pool, I was good for about four laps before I ran out of gas. J>>
<Scuba has very little to do with swimming... other than an indication of overall fitness (which is important). IF you'd like to become certified, haul out to Fiji and elsewhere, let's discuss this. Are you willing to counter/engage your phobia re flying as well? BobF>

Diving, co-trip w/ SERC Orlando go... 7/11/09  4-6-09
Hi Bob,
Just signed up for diving lessons.
<Yay! Just what you need... let's add UW photography... another expensive, frustrating hobby!!!>
Are you hanging around in FL after the Southeastern Reef Conference?
<Yes! In fact, ScottF (at the MAX event ayer) and MichL (via phone) and I were just chatting re putting tog. a dive trip around the Orlando go... Am going to cc all the Crew re... Am hoping that other folks have an interest in getting out... maybe just locally, but perhaps a bit further S and/or W. Be chatting, BobF>

All, I'm only able to go ahead of the actual date of the FLA conf (starts 7/11, some of us to be there the day ahead)... so anytime a week, two or more ahead of this time (have a commitment the following wknd)... Will this work? I've looked at Bruce's prop.s for adults and families... Sandals,
Beaches... they're about all full up, and only two dives per day...
Bahamas? Just in FLA? Not in N. I think though... The Keys? Back to Coz?
Does anyone want to head down to Bonaire (or A or C?)... Elsewhere? BobF.

Re: Have done a bit of looking for the dive/Orlando trip... some input 4-6-09
From what I've been told, based upon my vast experience of having signed up for a diving class, the best diving on the east coast is either in W Palm Beach, the Keys, or a few reefs about 20 miles off shore, between Melbourne and Daytona. (Supposedly the habitat for the Atlantic P. Volitans)
<Ding dang things are about everywhere there>
That said, here in Melbourne, there are 2 - 3 flights a week from the local airport to Nassau.
Outer Bahamas are about 60-75 miles SE.
Orlando is about 1 hour from Melbourne/Port Canaveral, 1.5 hours from the west coast,(Gulf) and about 4-5 hours from Palm Beach, and 8+ hours from Key West.
<Thanks Mike... Gang, what say you? BobF>

Re: Poor Man's Collecting Trip,, Chuck's cichlid odyssey... combo. with SW WWM Crew Orlando go? 4/7/09
Dear Fearless Leader,
<Humble Acolyte... sheesh!>
A few months ago I was talking to a fellow cichlidiot and we were taking about a way to spice up the cichlid hobby. There were few new fish and people could no longer afford to go on an international collecting trip. So we thought about a collecting trip in which we could still collect cichlids but not spend much money. We thought about collecting in Florida. So I contacted a couple of fish farms and transhippers in Florida and arranged a collecting trip on the farms and in the Everglades. The farms will hold on to whatever we catch and then send it back to us. We can also buy fish at the farms too at farm prices.
<Dang! What an adventure!>
We have about a dozen members from Calif going on the trip. Ad Konings is going with us too.
<Wowzah... the two of you together? Gang busters>
That is how the Poor Man's Collecting Trip was born. We are going the last week of April. Carol and I are going a few days earlier to get some dives in before everyone arrives. The trip is very cheap. Air/hotel and rental car are < $1200 for two people for ten days for Carol and I. So I was looking for dive recommendations and thought of you.
<Might I ask Chuck... where are you going, staying, diving? With whom did you make the reservations? You've likely seen that some of the Crew are headed down to FLA about this time... We'd like to get in some diving... Are you going to be in/about N. FL? Or further south?>
BTW, Great job on the Blue Zoo shows.
<Thank you. Am not a "high tech" person... and really do not find such "talking" to be my cup of tea... Too transient in impact, too easy to not state myself clearly, completely... But/and as the saying goes: "The medium is (or can be) the message">
Humble Crew Member
<Cheers! BobF>

Re: Have done a bit of looking for the dive/Orlando trip... some input 4/7/09
I think it may be worthwhile talking to the divers in ORCA, they may have some recommendations as well.
<Would you take charge of doing this checking please?>
Scott and I have dove off of Pompano Beach and Ft. Lauderdale by the Sea, but the vis was HORRIBLE the last two times I was there, but this was likely due to the time of year. I snorkeled in Pennekamp before I was certified... Was beautiful but EVERYONE on the boat was seasick (which I have a tendency for). The Captain said it was due to the high levels of Magnesium in the water,
<Mmmm, no>
which seemed plausible but who knows (I do know in a hospital setting, patients receiving Mag are often very sick to their stomachs.) While there I stayed at a resort on Key Largo called Amy Slates Amoray Inn. Was very nice and we got a very reasonable rate because we made friends with someone in the dive shop who used to work there. Life is better in the Bahamas... Was there on a Blackbeard's cruise.
<Ah yes>
A great bang for the buck, but if Scott and I go on this trip we do not want the communal camping type bunks.
<Unfortunately, this is all Black Beard's has to offer>
I've never been to Cozumel or the ABC islands. So any of those would be great as well.
<Is a bit pricey, but WWM will help subsidize>
Bonaire sounds amazing and the last time I looked the lodgings were quite reasonable but flights were a bit limited and could be a challenge.
<Would you do a bit of look/seeing here as well? I'll do the same... Again, I need to go ahead of the ORCA do... and the folks who are giving pitches need to be in Orlando by 7/11. BobF>
I would like to get the most diving in and get the best bang for the buck. Not sure what else to say.
p.s. Mike, loved the vast experience comment... very funny.

Re: Diving Costs\Equipment Rental - Florida -- 04/22/09
Have written:
asking for help with hotel/stay info... W. Palm Beach does appear to be about the best area nearby...

Re: Diving Costs\Equipment Rental - Florida -- 04/22/09
Don't forget the fine folks at Splashdown Divers... just south of WPB in Boynton...
J --
<Oh yeah! B><<JasonC lived there a couple years... he, RMF dived with these folks, there... excellent>>

From: info@scuba-adventures.com -- 04/22/09
Re: Possibly hauling on down for a few days to dive with you... Looking for stay accommodations input
Hi Bob,
Here is a list of some hotels in the area. Hope this helps and please let me know if you have any other questions.
On Singer Island/Palm Beach Shores (on the beach) 5-10 minutes away:
· The Palm Beach Shores Resort 561-863-4000
· The Crown Plaza 561-842-6171
· The Hilton 561-848-3888
On the mainland, within 10 minutes:
· The Super 8 North Palm Beach 561-848-1424
Jim Abernethy's Scuba Adventures
216 N Federal Hwy, Lake Park, FL 33403 USA
E-mail: info@scuba-adventures.com
Thank you Nicki... will share w/ our group and be getting back with you. BobF
<Please see below... The Super 8 is mostly my speed... What say you? And Abernathy's and Splashdown Divers to choose from... And renting a van, driving down/back from Orlando? BobF>

The Good Life 3/25/2009
"Note: BobF and ScottV will be down diving/making pix in Cozumel 3/24-3/31.... thus some answering and posting will lag."
Must be nice.....
<<Yeah... especially when they have me to leave behind to post the dailies... :-P - Sara M.>>

Detroit Visit 3-5-09 Hi Bob, <James> Do not know if you've ever been in Detroit before, but have you ever visited Dick Perrin's Tropicorium. <I have... over many years time. Dick and I are old... will you accept middle-aged?... friends> Is a dream land for reefers. Romulus is where DTW is located. James <I won't have a car... but do try to get out to stores, hobbyists tanks to make pix and visit. You're welcome to haul around with if someone is kind enough, has time to get us about. BobF> www.tropicorium.com Tropicorium 20080 Inkster Road Romulus, MI 48174 734-782-2622 Retail & Wholesale Walk-In Hours MONDAY - SATURDAY - 11a.m. - 5p.m. SUNDAY - 12p.m. - 5p.m. If we are middle age at our age, when do the "Golden Years" come into play? Not many people live to be a 100.:) James <Bingo... unfortunately. B>

Re: Detroit Visit 3-5-09 Bob, Do you plan on spending Saturday night in Detroit? James <Mmm, wherever the folks put up the speakers... it's likely the same place as they're renting for the pitches. See here: http://www.masm.org/Events/Event.aspx?ID=58 OK, so you are staying Saturday night. <Oh yes... 13-15th> Just thinking I might spend Saturday night there, not firm yet. I'm guessing they are going to put you up at the Marriot down the road. <Yes, think so> Thought if I stay, we could have a few brews and chat. Nothing firm yet on my part. James <Let's do pal around if you have time, interest.. I do my presentation/s, visit with friends in the trade, try to get about and chat with all in attendance, meals et al.... and... work on WWM... BobF>

Re: Updated Bio/Pic   02/27/09 Hello Bob, "Looking forward to seeing you in Detroit..and Denver!" What's going on in Detroit? I'm only 100 miles north. James <A petfish pitch... Midwest Conf... 3/14,15> Thanks, a club event I presume. J <Look it up... Midwest mar. conf... 09> Re: Updated Bio/Pic Bob, <James> Looks interesting. I may attend on Saturday, would like to meet you and Scott in person. I see Rick Preuss (Preuss Pets, Lansing, MI. http://www.preusspets.com/index.php) will be there, haven't saw him in a few years. <A very fine fellow, family... and very nice store> Well, you will be in a decent part of Detroit, no Uzi's required. To be on the safe side, do not wear Air Jordan tennis shoes. Regards, J <And practice my gang signs... and forget wearing my "All subsidies are ultimately evil" shirt for pro-bail out types. BobF>

Re: Ick, Garlic, experiment.... Shiner  2/16/09 Well, to discuss most important subjects, Shiner, IMO, is not good unless it is ICE cold. The Black is VERY good, if ICE cold again... the light you refer to.. is that Shiner Blonde, perhaps? I do like Shiner Blonde. Please let me know when you are coming to Houston so I can be sure and attend. <Do keep an eye out for the MARSH April 3-5 do... Reef Ed... I'll be there. BobF>

Bob's Next Wave itinerary 01/19/09 Hi Bob, <Misty> I've attached your itinerary for Next Wave this weekend (if it doesn't open, let me know and I'll send it another way). And here is the schedule for the event: 8:00am Doors open for sign-in 9:00am - 10:15am Dr. Bruce Carlson 15 min. break 10:30am - 11:45pm Jake Adams 2 hr. lunch break 1:45pm - 3:00pm Eric Borneman 15 min. break 3:15pm - 4:30pm Bob Fenner <Man! And they say never to follow children or animal acts!> Raffle starts following speaker 4 We're working on dinner plans for Thursday night, and then Matt and I have planned to take you and Jake around on Friday. So if there is something specific you'd like to do or see, please let me know. <Jake and I really like to get out to the LFS to make pix... if poss.> We're also hosting a dinner on Friday evening, lunch at the event and then of course dinner on Saturday night. So you'll be well-fed J. <And watered I hope!> Looking forward to having you as our guest. Cheers, Misty <Thank you Misty. Is there someone who is ferrying the speakers to/from the hotel? Do they have a shuttle? BobF>

 Re: Bob's Next Wave itinerary 01/19/09 There is a shuttle to the hotel from the airport (and back). The hotel is about a mile from the airport. Then we'll be taking care of transportations to/from dinners, on Friday, the event, etc. The hotel also provides a full breakfast. <Ah, thank you> We've have several new LFS's since your last visit. <Wow! Great news! BobF>

Attn: Bob??? Help Needed For A "Wet" Vacation In California 1/8/09 Hello Bob, (I hope), or other crew member: <Howdy Jake> I surely hope I'm not out of line, sending in this type of question, and trying to direct it to Bob's attention. I don't mean to take W.W.M. for granted, and I am very respectful toward what you do there, and for all of the effort that must go into this most wonderful website. I didn't know who else could help me, so I'm hoping that Bob will be willing and available. Here is my situation: We have 11 aquariums at our home, and are pretty much "crazy" about fish and critters. After overcoming a number of large obstacles, it appears as though we will be traveling to California between 07-11-09 and 07-24-09, on a family vacation. This is TRULY a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for us, due to disabilities, income challenges, etc. Hence, I hope to make this trip as successful as possible, as this is our big chance. We are very grateful for the opportunity to go on this vacation. We won't be taking any fishing gear along, (my other passion), so instead, we are trying to find other ways of being "involved" with water and marine life. We plan to stay near Lakewood, because I have some relatives who live there. (They are NOT much interested in marine life.) Lakewood is in Los Angeles County. We are willing to travel a few hours, to see something worthwhile. I am also interested in the San Diego area. I HAVE DONE SOME WEB-BASED HOMEWORK, to try to find interesting things to see/opportunities to learn about marine life, but my searches generally lead me to the typical places, such as SeaWorld, for example. I have absolutely nothing against SeaWorld, (and we plan to visit there), but IN ADDITION TO THAT TYPE OF PLACE, I am trying to find some things to see/do that are a bit out of the ordinary, or perhaps "off the beaten path", but that still involve some element of fish, critters, marine life, etc. For example, is there a place where we would be welcome to see a marine wholesale/import/culturing facility? <There are quite a few in the LA(X) area... none in SD... but all are closed to the public in general... If I'm in SD about this time, I'll gladly plan on meeting up with your group and go about with you. Many folks in the trade are friends> Are there any places where some nifty "project" or research is being done, that can be viewed? <All sorts... In SD the Cabrillo Monument is worthwhile... and they have not only some live demo.s, but also the tidepools down below of Point Loma that are very much worth perusing... do bring beat up shoes, and do check the tides for low/negative conditions... There is also an aquarium and interpretive center of sorts down in Chula Vista... AND if given the choice twixt Sea World and SIO's Birch Aquarium, I'd opt for the latter... and a walk at the sandy beach in La Jolla... and there are a few retailers worth visiting here in town... Most notably Aquatic Warehouse and Fountain's Aquarium (do bring, use a GPS)... In LA there are quite a few retail shops worth visiting... again, I'd peruse the Net, the Yellow Pages, make an itinerary and use the GPS... many interesting places to eat along the way as well... depending on you, your families preferences> Are there any particularly nice aquariums around, that I might not locate while doing the typical web searches? <Mmm, not as far as I'm aware... most all are listed, prominent> Perhaps there is a fish-biz expo going on? <In July... about this time? Not that I know of... perhaps the first week in August the new IMAC...> Maybe someone could use some volunteer labor from me/my family, that involves contact with marine life? <You might want to contact the Aquarium of the Pacific, Long Beach here... they do have some programs available...> Might there possibly be some cool aquatic things to see, that I would not know about, or that I am not likely to think of? By now, I imagine you've gotten the idea of what I'm asking. Our daughters are home-schooled, so they will also be writing papers regarding some of what they've learned, once we get back home. And of course, I would love the opportunity to advance my own aquatic knowledge. I also have the components in my home, and will be setting up my first [120 gal] marine aquarium, upon our return to Southeastern Wisconsin, (the land of much ice and snow). THANK YOU, thank you, for taking the time to read and consider this, and for all that you've done for aquatic hobbyists everywhere. I would need another 2 or 3 pages to begin to tell you what W.W.M. has done with regard to my aquatic knowledge, approach to this hobby, assistance to others, and so on. I can say, without exaggeration or fear that I'm overstating the case, that the world is a better place, as a result of the attitude and approach that you have taken. Sincerely, Jake D'Amico (frozen WI resident) <Brrrrr! Hopefully the anticipation of this adventure will keep the icicles from forming! Cheers, Bob Fenner, out of San Diego to HI tomorrow>

Reply to Bob's response: Help Needed For A "Wet" Vacation In  California 1/8/09 Hello Bob, <Jake> And THANK YOU, again, for all of these great ideas. Based upon reading much of your previous responses, I knew that you would understand what types of things I was seeking. I will diligently do my homework, to line up as many of these as possible. My family would LOVE to see and meet with you, would consider it to be a great privilege, and would surely love the chance to eat some good food with you, if it is possible. (Our treat, of course.) <Tommy (ptomaine)'s here I come!> I think you would get a kick out of my daughters, as they are somewhat entertaining. As we get close to that time, could you tell me how to find out if you'll be in town/available? <Mmm, only way to tell is by our communicating as the days draw closer... I do sojourn up to visit when I can... and am in town a good bit of the year> Should I simply write to you, here, at W.W.M.? <Yes, please> I wish to be properly respectful. I see that you are headed out to HI. Good for you! (I have a few Alaskan nephews who have gotten smart, and have moved to HI.) Have a great time. <Thank you my friend. Am going to fix up a few "loose ends" with properties, see a good time getting my sis Donna dive-certified, visit with friends et al.> Cheers, Jake D'Amico, (whose frozen WI body is warming, at the thought of being in CA.) <It's so cold here I'm having to wear long sleeve tees!!! BobF>

IMAC Chicago, no mo', but...     1/6/09 Hello Bob, seen you in Chicago at the 2007 IMAC. <A blast as usual!> I haven't seen anything on the 2009 conference, do you know anything? Will there be a 2009 IMAC in Chicago this year? Thanks for your reply. Jim Jesko <Do know just a bit... There are to be no more IMACs in Chicago... Dennis Gallagher has allowed the "blue sky" of the name, legacy to be carried on by four fellows out here in the west... and I've heard a few of them talking re starting up the new IMAC here in Calif. perhaps in May of 09... They have some very good ideas on how to improve on the venue... and a great starting location. Do stay tuned. Cheers, Bob Fenner> 

Re: Speaking in March 2009 at the Midwest Marine Conference  1/5/09 Hey It's Chad from MASM. Just touching base with regard to the conference in March in Michigan. I wanted to make sure everything is still OK and to see if you had a chance to get your plane ticket yet? <Mmm, do still have the dates penciled in: http://www.masm.org/events/Event.asp?ID=58 Got to get to the tickets though. Thank you for this reminder. BobF> OK. Just let me know once you get them <Will do Chad. B>

Re: Mr. Bob Fenner Re: Speaking Availability Bob Fenner <Joshua> Joshua again. Dates are set in stone now. I am contacting you to try to lock you in as a speaker for our event and begin discussing topics. <Okay> We are putting each speaker up for two nights July 10th and July 11th. The actual conference will be an all day event on July 11th, extended well past 5 o'clock as stated in an email several months ago. <I see> Once again, what would you be requesting for your honorarium? <None... Stipendium peccati mors est... or summat like this> You expressed interest in staying an extra day to have time to visit all the local shops and we can certainly accommodate you in that request. <Ah, good> Additionally we welcome you to bring books to sell at the event, our only is if you do bring books to sell that you donate one book to our raffle. Please let me know if you can confirm a trip to Orlando to present for us. <Mmm, don't have books to sell... but Di might have some to sell the club for wholesale... I might be able to carry/haul a case (18 pc.s of Reef Invertebrates, V. 1). Will cc her here> Joshua Solomon <BobF>

Re: Presentation Request from Chesapeake Marine Aquaria Society  -12/11/08 Hello Bob, I am doing some budget research on hotels and airfare for your stay. I just want to verify details and answer any questions you may have. Also, as the meeting nears, do you prefer to book your own flight or would you like me to email you with some potential flights that work best for you. I just want to confirm the date of our meeting as well. We are scheduled for Saturday April 18, 2009. We look forward to having you!! Jessica Farace CMAS Public Relations www.cmas-md.org <I will ask Diana to look into flights if you'd like... I'm glad you mentioned the date... I had it down as the 10th... What is the topic or field of presentation you are interested in? Am I to come in a day earlier, leave a day later? Are their shops to visit? A tank tour perhaps? Will someone meet me at the airport? My cell number is ... Cheers, Bob Fenner> Re: Presentation Request from Chesapeake Marine Aquaria Society That would be great if she would look into some flights. No rush, i am just getting a rough idea of how things will pan out. Topic of discussion, gosh, you know so much, name a few that you enjoy! <Mmm... have a new one that I've never given on the use of Ozone/RedOx... and there's always faves like Disease, Nutrition, Livestock Selection... Travelogues...> I will let the club choose from them. You are more than welcome to come a day early and stay a day later if you choose. I will be picking you up at the airport and dropping you off. <I thank you> The meeting is Saturday from 9am to 4:00 or so. We serve lunch and hold a nice raffle. Fish stores, plenty of them! Tank tours, lots of those too. We can accommodate whatever it is that you would like to do while in the area. You name it. My cell number is  just incase! :) Thanks Bob, Jessica <Be seeing you, BobF>

Re: Speaking for the Midwest Marine Conference, March 2009  11/14/08 Hey Bob..Time to check in. I wanted to make sure that we are still on track for Speaking on March 14th in Michigan. If everything is still a go have you decided on a topic for your presentation? <The date/s are still open... who else is speaking? Is there a general theme of presentations? Is there a plan to get out to stores, a tank tour... BobF>

Re: Speaking for the Midwest Marine Conference, March 2009  11/14/08 I guess if there was a theme it would be Doing it Yourself! Our other speakers are Marc Levenson who is speaking on Sump design and Acrylic work, Scott Fellman who is speaking on aquascaping and tank layout, and Matt Pederson who's speaking on the basics of fish breeding at home. <Ahh! All very good folk, speakers. Perhaps I can speak on general to reef  livestock selection?> No tank tour is planned but there is usually a group that goes to some of the cooler local stores either on Friday or Saturday evening. Since you are the great and powerful Bob Fenner <Heeee! More like a rep. of the Lollipop Guild than the mighty Oz...> I'm sure there are more than a few people that would be more than happy to drive you around. I know that you know John Dawe and Marie Dempsey and they are always up for that stuff. <Also mighty fine people... Do sign me up. BobF>

MARS Speaking Event -This is for Bob 11/11/08 Hey Bob We missed you this year. Any chance we can book you for sometime next year? Brian <Howdy Bri! Don't see why not. Cheers, BobF>

Hey Bob-Lady Clown -10/26/08 Hello Bob, <Hi Donna!> Hope all is well with you since Greenwich, Ct. We had a great time and look forward to future conversations. Are you ready for our birthday bash weekend August 23/24? We need to start planning don't you think? LOL <I do agree> Well anyway, in doing research, I came across this sight that I thought may interest you. I do not know if you are involved with NOAA, <Only as a taxpayer> but I am sure they would be inspired by you. I am particularly interested in the research that is foregoing around the globe for anti-cancer properties that the marine life is offering, but find it quite disturbing of how corals and inverts are being collected by robotic arms. I truly feel you and/or your associates could offer some education in that department. Thank you, Bob, for all your efforts, social graciousness, and personalized touch. Happy Reading: http://www.nurp.noaa.gov/spotlight.htm Donna Hackert aka Lady Clown 1075 Birch Road Warminster, PA 18974 <Thank you... Am out for a few weeks... currently delayed at Changi Airport in Sing... Will have to take a look/see when am in a better Net setting. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Mr. Bob Fenner Re: Speaking Availability  10/22/08 Hello Bob, <Joshua> I am writing you back a little bit early but the time in question has become sooner as well. <Ok> Every other year the Orlando Reef Caretakers Association (www.o-r-c-a.com) hosts the one-day South Eastern Reef Conference in Orlando. In 2009 we will be holding the conference on July 11th, I am writing you to inquire as to your availability as a speaker on that date. We would of course be more than happy to cover travel, accommodations and even an honorarium although your MASNA listing says that you do not require one. Looking forward to hearing back from you, and thank you for you time, Joshua Solomon ORCA Secretary 2008 <This time is currently open... What topic/s, theme? Who are the other speakers, their talk titles? Bob Fenner>

Re: Mr. Bob Fenner Re: Speaking Availability... Note: addend RMF bio. 10/22/08 Bob Fenner, <Joshua> I'm glad to hear that the date is still open for you. You are the first sponsor that we have contacted for this year. In 2007, our speakers were: Rich Harker, Julian Sprung, Sanjay Joshi, Eric Borneman and Kim Lowe, that year we had an attendance of around 175 hobbyists. <A good-sized crowd> As far as topics for other speakers this year, I would most likely be planning other speakers topics around your own. I had heard wonderful things about your presentations in the past, and I thoroughly enjoyed your MACNA presentation this year. But we did have a large percentage of locals visit MACNA this year so we would prefer a different presentation since a lot of our members have already seen it. <I have a few such spiels... and am always working on new> I am open to any of your favorite presentations. Unfortunately your MASNA bio does not list any particular presentations you prefer. I find that most speakers favorite presentations are usually the most enjoyable to listen too . We are hoping for a presentation for about 60-75 minutes. <I see... and will amend my bio. re poss. topics/subjects for presentation> As far as travel and lodging, would be interested in doing 2 nights or 1 night in Orlando? <Two... hopefully getting about to shops, hobbyist set-ups to chat, make pix> We will most likely be starting registration at 7a.m. on the day of the event, and running until 5p.m. We would be happy to have you have a guest for the entire event, if you would like to stay for the full day. <Good> Additionally I know you are an avid scuba diver. And it certainly isn't a reef, but I would be more than happy to take you and any other diving speakers as my guest to the Living Seas at EPCOT for a dive while you are in town. <Mmm, visited EPCOT a few years back... disappointing. Will stick to wild habitats, but thank you. BobF> Looking forward to hearing back from you again, Joshua Solomon

DFWMAS Next Wave travel 10/16/08 Hi Bob, <Misty> I'd like to find out your preferred travel dates and times for our Next Wave conference on January 24th. Also, if there is an airline that you prefer to fly, let me know and I'll see what I can do based on fares, etc. <Continental pref. The times/days... a day ahead if my talk is early/ier the next day... return the day later... Can/will come in/stay two nights if folks have desire to chat, go about visit fish stores, other folks in the trade, if the club has a tank tour or such> Please let me know the day and approximate time you would like to fly in/fly out of Dallas - and your preferred airport from the LA area. <Am in San Diego, the "intl." airport here is Lindbergh... would prefer to transit to/from t/here> Cheers, Misty Johnson <And you, Bob Fenner>

Blue Moon... corals that is, WWM Crew visits f'   9/24/08 Dear Bob and Sara.. <Will share w/ her> <<Thank you Bob, Sara here in the double carrots.>> Ken and I enjoyed meeting you so much in person near the back entrance of the Westin at MACNA in Atlanta a couple weeks ago. We could have talked to you for hours about the business and hobby and reminiscing about the old Petco days. Even with all of the people we met there, that was one of the highlights of our trip. <<Me too>> If you do post this on WWM, I have to let your readers know that neither one of you is unapproachable and absolutely two of the most personable people we have ever met. Bob is absolutely HILARIOUS <<Hilarious, and brilliant... a gentleman and a scholar.. our fearless leader.>> and carries his own luggage, too. And I know if you spent a day with him you wouldn't have 2 seconds of silence. And I don't know if she's single or not guys, <<Ha! Well, largely single now, yes, I suppose.>> but Sara is both brilliant and drop dead gorgeous. The picture on the WWM site does not do her justice. <<Oh geez, am blushing!>> Swear. We wish we had been able to spend more time with you both. Now you can't write WWM without one question. We wanted to find out if Wet Web Media has a banner ad. <Mmm, yes... can be found here: http://wetwebmedia.com/Banner%20Ad%20Matters/Banner%20Ad%20GIFs.htm> We have a favorite links page that we are in the process of putting together on our site and since we turn to WWM for the best information there is on all things aquatic, we would like to post a banner to replace the plain link that is already there. We will also be posting Sara's coral care sheets on the site in the next few weeks. <Ahh, these are excellent> <<Awesome! ...and thank you!>> We are still a few months out from opening because a company in Westminster, California, that we ordered our tanks from decided to steal our money and not give us our tanks, so we had to pay for all new tanks from another company which we won't have for another couple weeks. <Yeeikes! No fun> It was such an honor and pleasure meeting you both. We hope that one day we'll get to meet you again and maybe have a little more time next time. <Am very sure we shall> <<I hope so too.>> Thank you.. Sandra & Ken Blue Moon Corals Vacaville, CA info@bluemooncorals.com www.bluemooncorals.com Where What You "Sea" Is Really What You Get!!! <Thank you for sharing. Bob Fenner> Re: Presentation Request from Chesapeake Marine Aquaria Society   9/11/08 Hello, Mr. Fenner. Just touching base with you in regards to a presentation in April. I am wondering if you were able to check you schedule and verify whether or not you are available for a presentation in Baltimore. Please let me know when you have a moment. Thanks in advance! Kindly, Jessica CMAS-MD.org <Still have this month, much of next year open. BobF>

Re: Presentation Request from Chesapeake Marine Aquaria Society  9/11/08 Hello, Bob. May I book you to come speak in Baltimore for April 12, 2009? It is a Sunday evening, and of course, we would gladly take care of your travel & food expenses. Kindly, Jessica <Done. BobF>

WWM MACNA get together? Are you going?   8/18/08 Howsit? Am wondering if the extant and latter-day WWM Crew members would like to go out for a bite and/or drinks during the Atlanta do in a few weeks. What say you? Thurs... aft., even? Friday? BobF.

What are the dates? <Sept. 5/7:http://www.macnaxx.com/> J -- I need to send your scanner back to you. Have a few photos to share... <Make it so! BobF>

I am going to try so hard to go, seeing as Atlanta is only 4 hours away. If I can make it, I would love to join in the mix. -Eileen Ridgeway <Do hope to meet, see you there! BobF>

Due to the distance, unfortunately, I'll be sitting this one out......again.....he he he...I hope you all have a wonderful time there.. Andrew <Someday soon. Thank you Andrew. BobF>

Next Wave 2009 - Jan 24th   8/16/08 Hi Bob, Ryan, our club's vice president, has been trying to reach you to see if  you might be available for our Next Wave all day conference. The venue will be quite nice, I went there in person and took a bunch of pictures. http://www.dfwmas.org/Forums/viewtopic.php?t=48237 If you think you might be available, we'd love to have you come out.  We'd cover travel expenses and even put some cash in your hand to keep the pizza & beer fund happy. Even if you can't, just let us know. :) Marc <Hello Marc! Don't know re this date (Jan. 24, 09)... have been out away from my desk/analog-date calendar for more than a month... back next week... Can we chat past this time? Bop Fenner>

Mr. Fenner - CMAS Speaking Engagement     8/14/08 Hi, Bob. <Jessica> My name is Jessica. I am the Public Relations Officer of Chesapeake Marine Aquaria Society in Baltimore. I regret to inform you that the gentleman who was in contact with you before is no longer with us. I am also writing to ask if you still have us scheduled for April. If so, I just wanted to concrete some details with you and swap contact information, incase of any last minute changes. Your contact information is kept private and for emergency use only regarding the meeting. I want to thank you very much for your time! Kindly, Jessica Farace CMAS Public Relations <Mmm, don't recall if I have made any such commitments for 09, but am out, away from my analog date book. Please make a note and write me a few weeks hence. Thank you, Bob Fenner>

Speaking for the Midwest Marine Conference, March 2009  7/15/08 Hello Bob, <Chad> Chad Penney from the MarineLife Aquarium Society of Michigan. I know the last couple years haven't worked out so well in getting you up here to speak for us but I'd like to try again for our 2009 event. It's been several years since you've been able to come visit us so the trip is long overdue! <I'll say!> The conference next year will be held on Saturday March 14th , 2009 in Bloomfield, MI. The club would of course cover all your travel expenses and any required speaking fees. <Mmm, none of the latter> You can see the details of the event at http://www.masm.org/events/Event.aspx?ID=58 <Mmm, not much info. as of yet... is there a theme, central topic?> Thank you for your time, Chad Penney. <Do pencil me in tentatively to sure... let's firm up near new years. Bob Fenner>

Re: Speaking for the Midwest Marine Conference, March 2009  7/15/08 Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! <Welcome!> We aren't much for a doing a theme. Since the conference is smaller we like to have topics that cover several bases so we have something for everyone. Try to keep the coral people, fish people, and hardware people happy! <I see> Since we are still planning we haven't nailed down all the details and we have changed venues after 10 years so we have some new opportunities to explore. That's why the page is a little sparse on details right now. Once we get a few fine folks such as yourself accept the invitation to speak we'll update the site with the speakers and the expected topics. As well as some details on breakout sessions, etc. <Okay> As for the speaking topic. I'll leave that up to you. We do try to start promoting at the Stores in the state in about November so I'd like to get an idea for you about your chosen topic by then. I understand that you may have to cancel between that time and Jan 1 so I won't hold you to speaking ( at least at this point! ). <Real good> I'll be back in touch around November to get a topic from you and pencil you into the schedule. Thanks again, Chad <Look forward to meeting you, getting back out and about there. BobF>

T-shirt & Honorary Membership - 07/02/08 Hey Bob, <Hey John!> I hope all is well with you, wherever you may be! <In San Dee ego for now... Off to HI in a couple weeks... can't wait!> A PNWMAS T-shirt should be on it's way to you soon. <Great!> It seems every year after our elections, the transfer of funds, then access to them for the new club President always becomes a hassle. Don't  you miss all the fun of aquarium club politics? (please just shoot me now...) <Oh no you don't... you'll be back up for re-election soon!> We also have you as an Honorary PNWMAS Member. If you could let us know what username you would be using at the PNWMAS Forum, we already have all the other necessary info. <Bob Fenner likely...> Have a great Summer. John Manrow Pacific Northwest Marine Aquarium Society Board of Directors Trustee <You as well my friend. BobF>

Thanks So Much Bob Fenner! - 7/2/08 Bob, <Kris> My name is Kris Waters, and I briefly met you at the presentation you recently gave in Portland, Oregon for the PNWMAS. <Ah yes> I am the new Vice President and Vendor Relations officer (as of today) of the club and wanted to take a moment to thank you sincerely for your time. Your presentation was awesome! It was informative, well organized and by far, incredibly entertaining! My 15 year old daughter attended with me, and even she was kept entertained! I know for a fact that a few of our sponsors were truly affected and plan on making changes in their business regarding the sale of reef livestock. <Ahh!> This is monumental, as it will only benefit those trying to maintain conservation in their own reefs! Equally, our members that attended had new insight on healthy livestock choices. I wanted to let you know that we at PNWMAS value your experience and dedication to reef keeping. We would love to continue our current relationship, and also look for ways to allow our club members more access to you and your knowledge in the future. As myself, and Kevin McCarthy (President) have just taken over the club, we look towards the future expansion of this club and know that Pacific North West Marine Aquarium Society has great potential in meeting the needs of all the reef keepers in our greater North West area! <Outstanding> Again, thank you so much for your time, and I look forward to working with you in the future. Feel free to contact me at anytime! Sincerely, Kris Waters, Vice President/Vendor Relations PNWMAS PS. You may remember that I was the female of the group next to you in our photo session! <Oh yes. I look forward to getting back together with PNWMAS, chatting further. Do make it known if there are ways I may assist your efforts. Bob Fenner>

Re: Internet Radio Show 6/27/08 Hi Bob and Abigail -- Please accept my apology -- I made things confusing in my earlier attempt to arrange a good time for Bob to come on Blue Zoo Radio -- our Internet talk show about fish. The show is live every Monday night, starting at 10:00 PM EASTERN time. All you have to do is call the toll free number. We would be honored, Bob, if you would come on the show -- to talk about the second edition of CMA, and anything else you would like to chat with Frank Reece, the host, about. To get an idea of the show, you can go to http://sportstalknetwork.com/bios/reece%27s_blue_zoo.php to listen to any of the previous shows, which are archived there. Just click on whatever show you would like to hear. If either date is convenient for you, how about coming on July 21st or 28th. <These dates should work... though I'll be in HI at the times> If you, Abigail, would like to donate two subscriptions to TFH that would be great; if you would like to also have us give away a copy of CMA that would be terrific. If either of those dates work for you, Bob, please let me know. If not, we can do any other Monday. We would like to promote your appearance on our website, and hope that you would also promote it on wetwebmedia.com. When we have confirmed the date of your appearance, Frank will be in touch with both of you to arrange things. I am just the "resident fishhead", and know nothing about the radio side of things. Thanks again for being willing to come on the show. You will have a great time, and your appearance will add immensely to things. Take care, David <Do please have Frank contact me... again, I need the number to call. Bob Fenner>

Mr. Bob Fenner Re: Speaking Availability. 6/25/08 Mr. Bob Fenner, <Joshua> My name is Joshua Solomon, I am writing you on behalf of Orlando Reef Caretakers Association to inquire as to your availability as a speaker in Orlando, FL on the 29th August 2009. <Mmm... is a good long way away time wise...> We are happy to pay travel expenses to bring you out. More information can be found about our association at www.o-r-c-a.com . Please let me know if you will consider the trip. Thank you for your time, Joshua Solomon <Will leave the time semi-open (is near my bday)... But let's chat in about half a year re. BobF>

Re: Mr. Bob Fenner Re: Speaking Availability. 6/25/08 Bob Thanks for the timely reply, I'll get back in touch around January of the coming year. Joshua Solomon <Thank you Joshua. BobF>

HI and you? . 6/25/08 Am going back out to the Big Island 7/15-8/19... there's room for visitors cept 7/26-8/5... Would you like to come visit? BobF.

Re: HI and you?. 6/25/08 I'm in and ready to dive! Any particular time in August work? <GREAT! Anytime on or past the 5th! If you're bringing someone, pls do look into getting a rental car... if not, you're welcome to drive/share my Toyota truck there. Do send along your itinerary and I'll pick you up/meet you at the airport, or if you'd prefer, I'll fax along the addy, drive instructions. Looking forward to chatting, diving with you, BobF>

Re: HI and you?. 6/25/08 Great, I will find a flight tonight and let you know. I will have my wife ( non-diver) with me, we will rent a car. My business partner and his wife (both divers) would like to come along. If this would be ok let me know. If not, they can take it :) I do appreciate this very much, this will be a blast. Thank you, Scott V. <They are welcome... but, there is only the master bedroom upstairs (which I encourage you and your wife to share) and the front room left (with a very nice fold out couch-bed... IF they don't feel uncomfortable re, I say "come on down!" (or over as the case may be). BobF>

Re: HI and you? -- 06/26/08 Bob!! We are going to do the August 5th through the 13th in Kona, probably traveling around a bit I'm sure. My partner is planning on staying at the Kona Bali Kai. <Ahh, a very nice place... right in dntn. Kailua> I am very much looking forward to finally meeting you in person, not to mention diving Kona! <I do think you will be very happy> Just a few uneducated questions. First, I assume renting weights and tanks are no issue <Correct. I do have some gear at the house, including some BCs, weights, tanks... we can sort all out when there, otherwise the dive svc. is GREAT in Kona... very competent, honest, friendly... sort of like... WWM!> (I know the answer, just OCD about having details planned)? Next, a what exposure protection do you recommend? I am reading anything from a .5 mm shorty to a full 3 mm wetsuit, ah the wonderful world of forums. Thanks, Scott V. <I wear a cover-all body 3 mil almost year round... really more for preventing lava cuts more than anything. If you don't "get cold easily" you may find a rash guard or even just a longsleeve tee will be fine. I would bring whatever you have that is light to choose through (up to your luggage allowance!). Oh, the truck is a white Toyota four door... with a pinkish lei (sigh) hanging on the rear view mirror. Please send along flight info. as you have it. BobF>

Re: HI and you? -- 06/28/08 OK, have the flights booked. HawaiianAir HA148 in at 1:28 pm on Aug 5th and flight HA119 departing 9:47 am on the 14th. <Ahh! I'll likely meet you at baggage claim. Are your friends/partner on the same flight in?> We will have a car (or two), so all I need is a final destination to show up beer in hand (I have heard rumors you drink the stuff occasionally, I am curious what it tastes like :) <Deelish!> Very much looking forward, Scott V. <Just in case, the addy to the house here: http://wetwebmedia.com/holualoaproperty.htm and the house phone 808 331-XXXX, my cell, 858 397 XXXX... The house has wifi... a land computer... do bring DVDs of movies if you'd like. We have cable TV... but it's limited there. Cheers! BobF>

Re: HI and you? They are not on the same flight. I will bring some DVD's, perhaps our common fave. Deuce Bigalow!! Scott V. <Is great! Cept' for the stinky sequel... We bought two copies!!! B>

Re: HI and you? Hmmm, I never did see the sequel, it looked as though I may live a bit longer for it! ScottV. <One of the worst of the genre/ilk... like Bluez Bros 2k, or... terrible. B>  

WWM Crew get tog. at IMAC 05/20/08 Hi everyone! It's your long-lost pal Jorie. Sorry to have been MIA for so long now, but I'm in the home stretch...finished law school Friday, graduated officially on Sunday, and now get to study for the bar exam which is July 29 and 30. I'll be back answering queries in August...I can't wait...I miss you all. Anyways, Chris P., my fiance, and I live in Aurora, a 'burb of Chicago. We coordinated the dinner for WWM and would be most happy to do it again (honestly, I'll probably put Chris mostly in charge of it, but help where necessary). Last year we had a blast- if I recall, we went to a place not far from the hotel called RAM (just typical American food but good if I remember). If someone could let me know what the date is (Fri. before the banquet, right? But I don't have the date handy...) Also, I could be wrong, but it doesn't look like everyone was on this distribution list...if someone could forward to all parties, that would be great. Please e-mail Chris (chrisp074@hotmail.com) or me (jkj454@ameritech.net) by the Wednesday before if you want to attend, and we'd be glad to work out the logistics. Brenda, thanks for following up on this...can't wait to catch up! Best ,Jorie ------ Brenda asked me if there was going to be a "WWM crew dinner" at IMAC? And if so, she's asking when and where. I figure this is something you> would be planning, right? Thanks, Sara <I will gladly go... WWM sponsor... but don't know where we might do. Will you, others collect names... possible venues? BobF>

Bob at MAX -04/11/08 Just wanted to tell Mr. Fenner that it was a pleasure finally meeting him at MAX! His talk was very good (I enjoyed the nerdy science of it....some of my club-mates got a little glossy eyed J ). And a big thanks for sporting our club shirt!!! Kind regards, Peter Martis <What a hoot! Wow, the new San Diego club IS pumped! A great pleasure to meet all of you... And sorry for being such a zombie (too much flying right ahead of this venue)... BobF, trying to recover now from the usual Thursday dinner party last eve... Do plan on having the club meeting at our place!>

It s me again from Caracas   4/6/08 Hi Bob <Claudio> We spoke about a year ago regarding a possible visit to CARACAS... Finally thing are better suited to start again planning the possibility of a Seminar, visit in site classes or whatever we want to call it <At least a couple of presentations to make the trip worth it for all> I am working more closely with an aquarist association here in Caracas and the possibility of planning such a visit is much more clear and economically feasible now I wonder if I still can count on you or you may suggest somebody willing to give us some help. <Sure> As I explained to you last time, we need Experience, there are some fine tanks in Caracas and we will arrange for you to meet some of them and have sort of ³evaluation², TIPS, guidelines etc Hope to hear from you Claudio <Make it known more specifically what you're looking for... and the times/dates available. Bob Fenner>

FW: It s me again from Caracas  4/7/08 Hi Bob <Claudio> Thanks for your reply <Thank you mi amigo!> The Idea is more or less the following: You fly in Caracas about a Wednesday, Wed afternoon - night we have a get together with all of US Thurs and Friday we have "HOUSE CALLS" we visit 6 max 8 tanks you make suggestions, observations and understand what is going on HERE <Would REALLY like this!> Saturday we have a Big Workshop to all association member where you Lecture us about what should be improved of what you saw, what concept are missing, some frag techniques an suggestions.. Etc <I see... can do> Sunday we try to arrange some scuba diving for you :) ;)... Sunday night You fly home... That is about it... What do think??? <Mmm, would like to move the scuba diving up front... at the beginning if possible... To allow for time to decompress before flying... And maybe we can save the club some money by linking this time frame to a trip down there that we're already scheduled... to Curacao... Sept. 12-20... Sometime after the 20th? Bob Fenner>

Re: It is me again from Caracas  4/7/08 Great, September is fine <Ah good> Let me start working with my friends to start moving things down here. We will cover your trip from Curacao- Caracas- Curacao And your hotel expenses and meals and your scuba trip This should be affordable because are expenses in local currency (bolivars) <We'll see... the way the U.S. is being so poorly "run"...> If there is any thing more please do not hesitate to tell me Please I will contact you as soon as I have more news <I'll mention... no puedo hablar espanol muy bien... Am hopeful my part of all can be presented in English. BobF>

Re: It is me again from Caracas  4/7/08 Bob some of us speak English and we will be willing to translate... <Ahh! Muy bueno!> I mention local currency because there is now a currency control, so whatever payment we can make in 'bolivares' is "manageable' <Good...> If you need something else I will try to work it out... Regards Claudio <A computer type projector... maybe some other props depending on the pitches... But we'll work all out in advance. Salud! RobertoF>

Re: It is me again from Caracas  - 04/14/08 A little UPDATE Our plan is going very good, I have already signed 5 out of 8 sponsors I need and I think by this week end I should have the confirmation on all <Ah, good/bueno> I have already set in place a little budget and if I stick with 8 sponsors is going to be comfortable to handle by all of us... <Okay> Please I need to confirm dates with you, September 20 is it from CURACAO (We're scheduled to be in Curacao the 13 through 20... and need to be back in Curacao for the return flight on the 26th... My wife, Diana has been checking and does not see any Continental flights out of there but once a week> Please come back to me with the precise dates and availability so I can start making reservations and try to save some money by early booking... Regards Claudio <Am hoping we can route some Venezuela/Curacao flights in-between. Bob Fenner>

Re: It is me again from Caracas  4/17/08 Hi Bob Plans are coming along pretty well... I need two things from you if possible 1) A "resume" in order to make a presentation to our association and to 2 possible sponsors... <Ah, can be found here: http://wetwebmedia.com/WWMAdminSubWebIndex/bobfbio.htm> 2) IF you have your flight back to USA on Sept 26, I need the flight time in order to figure out if you can depart early the 26 from Caracas, Curacao USA or you have to flight to Curacao on the 25 in order to take your plane back home on the 26 <Will ask Diana to send along> Regards Claudio <Nos vemos, Bob Fenner>

Re: It is me again from Caracas, Di, flight info. please   04/22/08 Claudio: This is Bob's wife Diana. I can help with some of the info needed. Bob and I are planning to arrive in Curacao on Sep 13, dive for a week, then come to Caracas. We are planning to fly back to USA on Sep 27 at 2:40 pm. from Curacao. Let me know if you need more help. Diana Fenner


Mmm, on the road again... 3/7 to 3/11 Friends, am out to the sort of Midwest giving a pitch, and some travel (visiting with Morgan Lidster/Inland Aquatics)... Please do just keep answering what you can/will... and I'll try to catch up as I can whenever... BobF.

Presentation request from Chesapeake Marine Aquaria Society 2/29/08 Bob <Ken> My name is Ken Miller. I am the event Coordinator for CMAS in Baltimore. I am putting together my schedule for next seasons meetings. They run from September thru April. When i asked the club for suggestions for presenters many people mentioned your name. So if you are available some time from Sept08-april09 could you some and talk to us ? Meetings are usually the first Sunday of the month except for in April when its on Saturday. Thanks in advance Ken Miller <Perhaps in October or November or beyond. What topics are you folks interested in having a presentation? Bob Fenner>

Re: Presentation request from Chesapeake Marine Aquaria Society 2/29/08 Any month that is good for you would be fine. I know its far off but in April we have an all day spring event rather then the 2 hours meeting we usually have. Maybe you could come out for that. I haven't booked anyone yet so all are open. As far as topics pretty much anything reef related would work. We usually just leave it up to the presenter as to what talk they give. <Ahh, what are the dates in April? BobF>

Re: Presentation request from Chesapeake Marine Aquaria Society   3/5/08 So we can st it up for 4/11/09? <Yes. Bob Fenner> That's great! Thank you very much. I will touch base with you a few times between now and then to keep things going. Thanks again Ken <Real good. Please make it known if I can be of other assistance... BobF>

Re: Looking for new Editor/s for WWM's Conscientious Aquarist e-zine  2/21/08 Hello again Bob, from the looks of things it will end up being a co-editor situation, many coming forward. I would like to be involved in any capacity that gets it done and going, it will be very worthwhile. Thanks, Scott V. <I must thank you yet again Scott, for graciously coming forward. I do think that NealeM (on the FW) and Andrew (on the SW) are going to co-opt this... and I'm hoping to help guide and goose you to further content generation... and if/when the time is propitious for you... to further involve you in WWM's activities... though I am hesitant... at this point, given what little I know of your time constraints/activities... BobF> <<Great to hear, Neale and Andrew will undoubtedly to a great job. As far as content generation, I am currently building my dream reef system from the ground up, taking pictures and plan to write all up. I will send along in time to see what may be of use for WWM. I just need to shake the flu for the time being. I am game for any other WWM activities, my participation in becomes my R&R time (a good thing, winds me down). By the way, my partner and I plan to attend the upcoming event in Orange County in April, a chance to finally meet face to face. Thank you again, Scott V.>> >Ah, yes! I look forward to meeting you both. BobF<

Guest Speaker for PNWMAS   2/13/08  Bob, I am writing to you in regarding the possibility of you being a guest speaker at our club, the Pacific Northwest Marine Aquarium Society. Our members would really enjoy having you give a presentation! Ideally, it would be great if the talk were to be scheduled in close  time and proximity to another engagement. We have discussed having speaking engagements piggybacked with Puget Sound Aquarium Society in the past as a way to save money on expenses for both clubs. Please let us know if you have any scheduled plans for being on the  West coast in June 2008. We are hoping to have a speaker for our PNWMAS Meeting on June 20th. Thanks! We are all looking forward to hearing from you! Sincerely, John Manrow Pacific Northwest Marine Aquarium Society Vice President and interim Vendor Relations Officer http://www.pnwmas.org <Hello John... the June date may work... though am about all scheduled out for 08 otherwise. Am out in HI till 2/19, and my "calendar" is back home in San Diego... May I contact you re this commitment about then? Bob Fenner>

MAAST TALK INVITATION  -02/06/08 Mr. Fenner <Mike> My name is Mike Liesman and I am on the Board of Directors for our local reef club here in south Texas. MAAST (Marine Aquarist Association of South Texas, www.maast.org ) is one of the largest and fastest growing reef clubs in Texas with over 2500 web members and over 200 active paying members, and as such, we are looking for larger venues and speakers to educate our members.. <Big group, and worthy ambition> We have had Mike Paletta come and speak and most recently Randy Reed from Reef Nutrition. <Both very nice fellows> Randy gave me your contact and suggested that, with your new book out, you might be willing to come speak at one of our club meetings. This would be a great Honor for us and we are very flexible with our schedule. <Will gladly come out... was "just there" with the MARSH group a couple months back> I am unfamiliar with etiquette on this subject so please forgive me if I have overstepped here. I look forward to hearing from you soon <No worries Mike. Am out in HI till near month's end... away from my calendar (am an old-analog type... thus far), so please do write back toward then so we can see what time will work out best. Cheers, Bob Fenner> Thanks Again Mike Liesman

Species list update, and IMAC/WWM Attendance   1/8/08 HI Bob, Just wanted to give you an update regarding the list I've been working on. I'm about 3/4 of the way through, and have ~ 500 species so far. I'm hoping to have everything completed by the end of the week and sent to you on/by next Monday. Today, I'm finishing the list of Prosobranchs and moving on to Opisthobranchia! Lots of learning going on! Take care and have a great week. -Lynn <Great! Thanks for leading us off Lynn. B> <<My pleasure! By the way, just wanted to add that I'm planning on coming out to the IMAC in May/June. Looking forward to meeting/seeing everyone there! -Lynn>> Oh! thanks for the reminder. Who all is intending on attending IMAC/Chicago this go-round? I will ask DennisG to comp. as many of the Crew as he will... Otherwise, please make it known if you need financial assistance. BobF. You can always count me in! I live less than 5 minutes away. ~Jeni <Real good... Am sure ChrisP, Jorie...P by this time? Myself... others will be there as well. BobF> I will be there! Brenda <Yay! Thus far we have you, I, Lynn, Chris and Jorie, Jeni... BobF>

Re: IMAC 2008 1/9/08 > Hi Bob; > BTW; we still don't have your abstract for IMAC 2008. Will I get it soon? > Cheers, > Dennis <Oh... have done a couple in recent weeks... If you'd like, please choose twixt the below: Cnidarian Compatibility: On Reducing Negative Cnidarian Interactions Too many people envision the reefs of the world to be some aquatic equivalent of "Bambi crossing a meadow" with some sort of miraculous "balance" amongst the life that occurs there. This is a dangerous precept for aquarists, as these areas are veritable battle zones with the life competing for space, food, mates... at a "tooth and claw" level. Most all benthic life we keep continues with this behavior in captivity. Overgrowing, shading, poisoning, stinging, eating its neighbors... Sometimes at great distances. Herein will be my statements re approaches to alleviate the major thrusts of this issue with stinging-celled life... All out competition is an omnipresent situation in captive reefs. Proper set-up... Starting with smaller specimens, placing the less noxious to more in order, careful maintenance... and observation are all useful tools here. Foods/Feeding/Nutrition A Key Element to Successful Aquatic Life Keeping "We are what we eat"... and so are our aquatic charges. Along with genetic heritage, developmental history, other aspects of suitability of their environments and presence and degrees of pathogenicity of disease-causing organisms, nutrition... getting the "right" mix of foods to the intended livestock... and not making a big mess of it in the process... is THE principal determinant of health. Herein is my spiel/presentation on what basic aquarium feeding constitutes, and hand hints re how to go about nutrifying your stock with the greatest of ease. Den, what's on offer for getting WWM Crew folks into this shebang? Want to trade for some spiffy advertising on WWM? Cheers, BobF.

Visiting out in AZ, the Desert Marine Aquarium Society   1/5/08 Hey again! Happy New Year! Hope your holidays were fantastic!! I have a favor/question for ya! I was recently kinda elected to run FRAG here in AZ. <Heeee... to the slower runner goes the spoils!> If you remember DMS well this is about 10 times as big. <Was always a nice size group...> We don't have dues, and we meet at a fantastic local bar with GREAT food, ice cold beers, a GREAT mix of people and a nice large selection of quality frags. Its about 50 people probably more and I was wanting to bug to see when/if you would be anywhere near AZ. <Is just a drive or flight from San Diego...> I would LOVE to have you speak about anything hobby related, maybe one of your slide shows? <Wowzah! Have you been in a time warp machine? It's death by PowerPoint nowadays!> I know your probably a busy man, lol but I wanted to ask. I would be able to arrange accommodations and transportation for you as well. Frank with Tropical Oasis also said your more than welcome to drive from California with him, as he attends most meetings. <Ahh, hello to him. Will gladly drive with> I know the group would LOVE to visit with you as I personally had a blast when you came to DMS. Plus hey its free beer, I say we split it! :D Again hope your holidays were great and let me know if you will have time in your schedule. THANKS! Adrian <Thank you Adrian... what dates do you have open? Bob Fenner>

Re: Hey again! Happy New Year! DMS visit  1/6/2008 That's GREAT news! I know the gang will be really excited to have you come speak. Here are all of the dates for FRAG. Feb. 16th Apr. 12th June 14th <This will/would be the earliest...> Aug. 16th Oct. 11th Dec. 13th We also have a usually LARGE auction, but it usually takes up the whole 3 hours lol. Over 150 frags at each one! We have such a great group here and some really nice LE corals! If you ever got bored and wanted to come for one of these just to hang out your more than welcome as well. <Ahh! Thank you> Jan. 19th Mar. 15th May 17th July 12th Sept. 13th Nov. 15th Any of the top dates would work for us. April would be good as well as June. This would give me time to get some funds together. I will let Frank know that your talking about riding down with him, I am sure he would enjoy the company. <Very good> He is such a trooper, he drives to almost every meeting! Anyways, I will wait to hear when will be good for you and then I will let the group know. Again THANK YOU, and will see you soon. Adrian <Be seeing you, BobF>

Re: Hey again! Happy New Year! DMS visit Thanks for the speedy replies! June would be great of you can make it. I will post in the club forum that you will be coming in June once I get an 100% ok from you. <Okay! Better even a few months ahead... have penned in the time frame in my calendar...> This will give me plenty of time to get funds from the group and make arrangements for you. Do you have a specific place you like to stay while down here? <Mmm, no...> Do you need a rent-a-car? <Better to have a fellow fish friend just drive around with...> I will be sure to have a few days off so we can cruise the LFS if you like. <Great!> My cell is 602-475-XXXX and if you want to call and chat about the arrangements feel free to do so. Now I don't know how it usually goes, what did DMS do when you came to speak? <Let's see... Met/went to a spiffy Mexican food restaurant and bar ahead of the pitch... Can't/don't recall much after that...> What do you need in terms of compensation for your time? <Nada> Hope that's not offending lol I just haven't ever organized a guest speaker before. Were all excited and will be chatting again soon. :D Adrian <Looking forward to it. BobF>

Re: Hey again! Happy New Year! DMS visit in June  1/16/08 Hey again! Well the club is underway with a "Fenner Fund" for expenses and I am getting a FANTASTIC reaction from the group! I am beyond excited, and managed to get the bar we have the meetings at to pretty much let us have run of the place. Just wanted to touch base, I have you scheduled for the month of June but if anything changes no problems. Very excited to have you come speak, whats your game plan as far as a "power point" presentation, or maybe just a low down on running a LFS? Anyways looking forward to it! Thanks again! Adrian <Have a couple of new pitches... Here: http://wetwebmedia.com/cnidcompppt.htm and: http://wetwebmedia.com/foodsppt1.htm but there are a few dozen others posted on WWM, and can/will generate something new if there's an interest. Cheers, BobF>

MACNA XX - Video 11/19/07 Bob - Just wanted to run this by you before putting it our the website. You hopefully have heard about our Mystery Contest (see our website at www.Macnaxx.com for the first video) - Thanks, Margi <Hey Marg... Yeah, WaltS had told me about this... saw the first installment and now this one... Looks well thought out... Too sophisticated for me to be the perpetrator for sure. Jerry "Bob Fenner" Bruckheimer> YouTube Broadcast Yourself"¢ sharpo wants to share a video with you watch video Video Description Detective Sharp from www.Sharpo.com discusses the mystery of "Who Poisoned Walt Smith" with MACNA XX contest Players. This is a work of fiction. Personal Message Take 2! To accept my friend request, click here. To respond to sharpo, click here. Thanks, sharpo

Re: MACNA XX  -- 1/2/08 Dear Bob Fenner; We are pleased that you have agreed to become a speaker for the 20th annual MACNA -- to be held in Atlanta, Georgia, September 5, 6 & 7, 2008. I would like to go over a few things to insure a pleasant and well organized experience for your stay -- and ask that you respond with the requested information (I have listed at the bottom of this email the information I have for you thus far. THANK YOU). <Okay> Honorarium: You will be receiving an Honorarium of $250 per talk or workshop that you do (except the roundtable at the end of the show). <Stipendium peccati mors est... For EricR et al> Per Diem: You will be receiving a per diem of $50 per day. <Put it toward the bier> Travel -- by car: A reimbursement of .50 per mile (round trip) will be given; up to the cost of a discount airline ticket from your origination point (common sense will be used of course). <I'll walk> Travel -- by airline: We will work with you regarding your airline ticket -- we may have the opportunity to have donated Business Class tickets, which will be our first option. Otherwise, we defer to your preference of you booking yourself (and being reimbursed) or our booking your travel for you. If you decide to book for yourself we will need to look at the airfare and pre-approve any ticket purchase. <I'd encourage folks to go economy> Hotel: We will provide a room at the Westin- Peachtree Plaza for your stay. <Okay, thanks> We are having a party on Thursday night for the speakers, sponsors and volunteers. We would very much like as many speakers as possible to attend, as this is a nice way to meet and greet the people involved in a low key, low stress atmosphere. The event ends on Sunday afternoon -- so if possible we would ask you to stay through the end of the conference.<Have been there. Thanks> Things we need from you: Please provide a recent photo that we can include on our website and in the program Please provide a recent bio that we can include on our website and in the program <Both on WWM: http://wetwebmedia.com/WWMAdminSubWebIndex/bobfbio.htm> Please provide your choice of topics -- we should have already told you our preference, but would like to look at all the options. Once we work these detail out we would like a title and a brief description of the topic <Hotay: http://wetwebmedia.com/cnidcompppt.htm> Please provide your contact information -- including Title; Name; Address; Phone Number-- Cell Phone Number (very important in case we get lost!); preferred email address. <858 397 XXXX, 8586 Menkar Rd., San Diego, CA 92126> Please let us know if you are bringing anyone that is staying in your room so we can plan accordingly <Two beds please> Please let us know if you have any food allergies, requests or requirements <I'm an opportunistic omnivore...> Please review the below list for any missing or incorrect items. <Looks good Margi. Thank you for your efforts. BobF> Again -- thank you for agreeing to be a part of MACNA XX -- we are very excited to see you in September! Warm regards; Margi Shindell MACNA XX co-chair MACNAXX@gmail.com


MAX Event  -- 12/8/07 This is a larger version for quality reasons. If you need me to resize on my end I can. Our URL is: http://marineaquariumexpo.com/ <I have skewed/re-sized and will place presently. Still need/want a 77 by what have you graphic for the static right shared border... Do you have, will you send along?> I'm processing payment as we speak Yes, that "ghetto invoice" (LOL) will do for now : ) just please send me a real copy some time when you are back in the office. <Okay> I'll send the check out in today's mail so it'll likely be in your mail box Monday. <I'll be there some days later...> thanks PS I've also attached our announcement flyer via PDF in case you happen to have an "announcements" section/forum/thread anywhere. I'd appreciate any help you can offer in getting the word out. : ) MAX is truly a National event....it will certainly justify some attention. Kevin <I will gladly post. This may well become a very large annual event... Cheers, BobF> Kevin T. Adams, MBA, President, CEOSunset Promotional Services, Inc. "Marine Aquarium Expo 2008"8072 Central  Avenue Garden Grove, CA 92844(714) 530-1094 office(714) 260-6660 cell www.MarineAquariumExpo.com



Orange County Fair & Exposition Center

88 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

TWO FULL DAYS! April 5-6 2008!

Saturday, April 5th: 12:00 Noon to 8:00 PM

Sunday, April 6th: 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM

MAX is being held in building #12; a 22,000 sq. ft. fully-enclosed, climate-controlled exhibit hall and adjoining 7,000 sq ft. covered Courtyard

Admission: Adults - $10.00 / Seniors - $5.00 / Children 12 & under are Free!

  1. Over 100 Exhibitors' Booths!
  2. Manufacturers, Wholesalers, Retailers, Hobbyists
  3. Live goods/Drygoods/Displays/Exhibits/Frags and More!
  4. Major Speakers: Paletta, Fenner, Blundell, Eigenbrode, etc.
  5. Children's "Touch Tank" and Marine Educational Presentation
  6. Multiple Workshops & Demonstrations (6 local clubs participating)
  7. HUGE RAFFLES with Incredible Prizes! (tickets only $2 each)

(Special Note: 50% of ALL Raffle Proceeds to go to preselected public charities)

MAX is a family-oriented event, so bring everyone for a spectacular weekend of exhibits, displays, workshops, food, entertainment, and more. Come join over 3,000 of your fellow hobbyists, vendors, and speakers who travel from all over the United States to participate.

Marine Aquarium Expo is the largest show of its kind in North America, right here in beautiful Southern California! This is certainly not an event you will want to miss!

For more information, visit us at:


Re: Updates on websites  - 11/21/07 Hello Mr. Fenner, My name is Jessica Timko and I am contacting you on behalf of SDMAS. I know you have been in contact with Maurice Bullock and Victor Travis (SDMAS President) about the restarting of SDMAS. <Am glad to see/realize this resurrection> I assume you are aware that Victor restarted SDMAS this year, but you might not know that I have been helping him along the way with covering all the little details as the new Treasurer of SDMAS. <Necessary> My purpose for contacting you is two-fold. First, I would like to know if you can find time in your schedule to speak at our Christmas Party on December 18, 2007 at 7:00pm. <Ahh, thank you for this invite, but I'll be visiting in FLA during this time. Perhaps another date in 2008> I know that you are extremely busy, <Heeee! Is this the perception?> but you are definitely our first choice as guest speaker for this special event. Secondly, I am organizing a raffle for our party-goers and I was wondering if you¹d be able to donate a couple copies of your book for us to give as prizes at this event¹s raffle, and the 2008 SDMAS events. <I actually only have one copy... and it is very written in... a new edition is coming out sometime in 08... perhaps the folks at Microcosm/TFH will send me a few copies...> Please respond at your earliest convenience so I may begin preparations. Kindest Regards, Jessica Timko, Treasurer SDMAS <Nice to make your acquaintance. Bob Fenner> Interzoo and Mid-East Dive Trip in May... possibilities   11/1/07 All, have been cogitating furiously re the May itineraries... and considering the devastating slide of the U.S. dollar (something about ruining our economy, not to mention whatever reputation... by invading sovereign nations, bleeding ourselves period... spending more money than we have... The tide has turned... with foreigner net sales of our debt as of August... crude is going past the century mark...) am concerned with issues of cost and safety... The last time we went, most could "get by" on the funds WWM had to allot... Will take a few thousand more per this go. So, am proposing, offering to have any/all haul out to HI (the Big Island, plus?) on the west side... to hike, do a bit of diving... R and R. You can stay and use my truck for free... I am thinking of being there for the months of January and March... Is anyone interested in some time slot during? Several of the Crew have been out... EricR, MichelleM, ChuckR... so, chat amongst yourselves... and make your thoughts/feelings known. Thank you, BobF. Latest news  11/1/07 Please regale me with your latest adventures so that I may live vicariously through your exploits as I am still in remodel hell and only have the occasional camping-dirt bike trips..........This weekend as a matter of fact. Cheers, john Zunich <Heee! John... look forward and backward to such travels... so that you can retain perspective, happiness... Keep your eyes on the prizes so to speak... Remember all the good reasons you're going to and through remodel Hades... Di's off to Romania, then Paris... I've been to the Bahamas and both of us to/back from Grand Turks w/in the last month... Do you want to haul out with us to HI in January? March? BobF> What about Bob? -- 10/20/07 Hey y'all! <Sean> I'm wondering if Bob ever has any speaking engagements in the Toronto area? <Mmm, yes. I was just out there earlier this year!> I have a great fold-out couch that has an awesome mattress that he's welcome to, if he is! How do I know its an awesome mattress? I slept on it last night, right after I presented my wife with my budget for my new tank, sump, and refugium. Its quiet in my house right now, but I feel well rested! <Heeeee! Thanks for the invite! BobF>

Re: What about Bob? -- 10/21/07 Cool. How can I make sure I don't miss the next opportunity to hear you? Do you publish a schedule? Don't let the currency exchange frighten you off. The beer is still better up here, even though it costs a bit more now. I'll buy! <Bier!? Oh, got overly excited. Yes to posting news of WWM Crew, including myself, visits. Here: http://www.wetwebmedia.com/WWMAdminSubWebIndex/wwmcrewvisits.htm Cheers, Bob Fenner> Bob Speaking at MARSH 10/04/2007 Hi Bob, <Hi Kim> I wanted to follow up with you because we would like to get your scheduled for a talk here in Houston if possible. Here is a list of scheduled dates. Let me know if any of them you would like to do. Jan 12th MARSH Club Meeting Mar 8th MARSH Club Meeting Apr 5th MARSH Club Meeting May 3rd or 10th MARSH Club Meeting Jun 7th MARSH Club Meeting Jul 12th MARSH Club Meeting Aug 2nd or 9th MARSH Club Meeting Regards, Kim Lowe <Jan. would likely work best... I'd like to start a pitch on avoiding allelopathy/stocking cnidarians. BobF>

BobF, Speaking at MARSH - 10/07/2007 Hi Bob, <Kim> That would be perfect if you can come in January. I would love to start the year off with a bang! <Ah, good> The talk sounds perfect. <Yes... have been thinking for quite a while re... digestive and chemical dominance, overgrowing, Acontian fibers et al. mechanisms... means that hobbyists should be aware of, poss. employ to reduce the effects of...> If you want, please pick your itinerary and airline so we can get your ticket purchased. Otherwise, we can reimburse you if you want to do that route. Also, can you please indicate your fees and such so we can have that ready for your as well? We can mail you your fees and airline reimbursement ahead of time if needed. <Would be San Diego out and back... a day or two there if folks have patience, time to show me about... to see their tanks, stores...> When you have a chance, please send us a summary or abstract so we can start promoting it on the website and calendar. <Mmm, okay... how about: Allelopathy and the "Garden Reef"... Avoiding stinging, poisoning, promoting harmony in aggressive, untenable settings...? RMF will present, discuss methods, means of appropriate stocking, set-up, maintenance... to optimize the mixing of cnidarians and more in captive reefs...> If you have any other questions, please feel free to email me or call. Regards, Kim Lowe <Be chatting! BobF out in the Bahamas>

BobF Speaking at MARSH - 10/07/2007 Hi Bob, <Kim> That topic and summary sounds great.  If you would like to come up on a Friday and leave on a Sunday, that would be perfect for us. Of course if you need to leave on a Monday, that could be arranged too. We can do a meeting on Saturday followed by some tank tours or store visits. The members always enjoy showing off their tanks. <Ah, good> Do you want to pick out the itinerary and we can purchase it? Or would you rather buy the ticket and we reimburse you? Also is there any other fees or requirements you have of the host club? <No stipend... and the tickets can be worked either way. Do make it known how you'd like to proceed. Cheers, B> Regards, Kim

Re: Such audacity!!! Bier?  10/16/07 So then, did I read correctly that you will make an appearance in Houston??? Beer??? <Of a certainty, yes! BobF> Thomas Roach Maldives Dive Trip in Jan... Are you interested?  -- 09/25/07 Di got a notice from Peter Hughes... their new ship in the Maldives had a sudden complete cancellation for a week... Am thinking some folks might want to do another week resort-based there... I think we will... And am going to ask PeterH for a further discount; split all out evenly as usual. Please contact Di at DiLagg@hotmail.com if you want to be further contacted re. Cheers, Bob Fenner. Bob: See if there is enough interest to fill a boat of 16 people? The base rate without taxes $2300pp. The trip is Jan 20-27. I need to let them know by Oct. 6 to hold the boat. Diana Fenner

So, Bob, now that I'm certified out my ears, when do I get to go diving with you and/or the crew in CA? :-) -- 08/26/07 -Sara <Absolutely. I rarely sojourn off the coast... there are 72 coastal miles... but the water is rather dirty (polluted, not very clear most days)... The occasional off shore boat trips to our southerly Channel Islands (Catalina, Mexico's...) are okay... and have spent a couple of years in total time in the Mar de Cortez just south... but much more likely/akin to haul out to where the water is warm/er and clear/er... as in HI... You are welcome to come on out with us, the Crew to/on all trips... will add your email addy to the list for mail out re... Pete and I are chatting re when we'll haul out to HI in October if you'd like to come out then (do ask if you have friends that want to come along as well)... I don't know what is going to happen re Sept... looks like neither the Bahama/Blackbeard cruise nor the Curacao trip are going to happen (note: am reworking a new ed. of CMA)... the combined HHH outing and diving in Vietnam in late October... there is the CIPS show in China in mid Nov... so will have to leave or transit from there by then... Later on in the year (Feb?) there's going to be a hash and dive friends outing to the Maldives... expensive, but fab... Then the May trip to Interzoo/Germany followed by the Red Sea... am thinking somewhere safe like Sharm again... but Jack (friend, fellow traveler and hasher and our Mid-East guide par excellence) is talking Abu Dhabi, Dubai... ? And Di had mentioned Jordan after Egypt... but there is time to wiggle about here... Are there places in particular you'd like to go/see? B>

So, are all/many of the WWM crew going to Hawaii in October?  8/14/07 Sara <Mmm, doubtful to the extreme. Will ask here who's interested... Pete and I will be out to hare the KCHHH Oct. run, volunteer for the Ironman... Others are certainly welcome! BobF>

MACNA, WWM Crew   8/8/07 Do you know who will be representing WWM from the crew yet? You do have a booth and two free passes. -Steven Pro <Mmm, do not... will ask here. BobF>

Re: NJ Visit  8/3/07 Bob, <Phyllis> How have you been? Hopefully all is well with you and yours! I can't believe how fast the summer is flying by us. <Ah yes... tempus fugit... esp. more so with age> Last time we talked, we said we'd touch base again in late July (where did that go?!), so I thought I'd check in with you and see if you'd firmed up your end of summer plans? <I have and am thinking of skipping a/the visit this year to see my mum in law there> We were hoping you'd be planning to head out this way at the end of the month and would be able to visit with us, if your schedule allows! Cheers, Phyllis <Thank you for this offer. Perhaps next year. Cheers, BobF>

Re: NJ Visit  8/4/07 Sorry to hear you won't be out this way. We were looking forward to another round of beer and pizza! Hopefully we'll have a chance to get together next summer then. Cheers! Phyllis <I look forward to this Phyllis. BobF> Re: IMAC LV Status, spkr. issues period  -- 07/26/07 Hi Bob; I've been going over the Speakers List for next year's IMAC Chicago and it again looks like we have many of the same people. <Yes... you and I have touched on this subject/issue before> But I feel you guys are sort of "must haves" in order to bring in the attendees. <I am not so sure here... Methinks it's imperative to at least bring in new blood, topics, ideas... every time... to circulate the old toads like me in/out> IMAC has always been a testing ground for speakers new to the circuit and I want us to continue to do so. If you know of any people who have not spoken at a major conference and who you think would be good for IMAC, please send me their names and emails along with any references to their on-line publications. <I will do so... Am thinking Dr. John Randall should come out and tell stories (perhaps the Banquet Speaker...), perhaps some of the folks in the industry itself... Like Eric Cohen of Sea Dwelling Creatures, Morgan Lidster of Inland Aquatics, Sven Fossa of the MCRA series and more, Terry Siegel re his many years in our interest... I personally think the science and industry parts/people of our interest are sorely underrepresented at such functions. Many fine folks, with much pertinent to share. Bob Fenner> Thanks, Dennis

NJ Frag Swap and Symposium  7/26/07 B Anyplace appropriate to put this banner on WWM? Or any other ideas? Scott Fellman, Jake Adams and Richard Harker will be speaking at the NJ Frag Swap and Symposium. Scott called today, he also said he will be doing a pitch in Baltimore in Jan. perhaps this page need to get up and running... http://www.wetwebmedia.com/upcoming.htm M <Yes... the .png file won't open, but can/will place the Banner... the link? B>

Announcing IMAC 2008  7/22/07 Hi Everybody; Well, we had a fantastic IMAC this year, all booths were sold out months in advance for the first time and everyone seemed to have a great time. It is unfortunate that we had to cancel IMAC Las Vegas due to lack of interest (or probably it was the thought of temperatures in Vegas in August). But we are trying to reschedule it for later in the winter and we will see what happens. But we are well on our way in planning for the International Marine Aquarium Conference 2008 to be held in Chicago on May 30, 31 and June 1 of 2008. We already have Dr. Ron Shimek (2 presentations), Frank Burr, Dr. Sanjay Joshi, Bob Fenner and Anthony Calfo lined up with lots more to come. We will again have our popular "behind-the-scenes" tour of Shedd Aquarium on May 29th, and we will have a tour of LFS on Monday June 2. We hope we will again sell out the booths early so we will once again have a Great Trade Show. So get over to www.theimac.org to sign up for IMAC and take advantage of Early Bird Registration Rates now in effect.. Happy Reefkeeping, Dennis

Re: SEASL invitation follow up -- 07/19/07 Bob, <Wittes!> Been a hectic week around here...three little ones to keep out of trouble :) I took a look at flights & want to present you with some options. American Airlines has the only non stop flights between San Diego & St. Louis. Afternoon flight here & morning flight return. This would mean flying into St. Louis on Friday afternoon & back home Sunday morning. Non stop will be less than four hours air time & most convenient for you. <Appreciate this> There are several options if you have another preferred airline &/or can make a connection. Travel time would be 2-3 hours more than a non-stop flight. Southwest connects in Phoenix, Frontier connects in Denver and there are several other options. I just need to know your preferences on air & hotel arrangements. <Prefer to stay at someone's home... if poss. to not impractical... There are too few pet-fish people at hotels> Rates are similar for all three weekends in September. We will provide you with ground transportation while here or maybe Morgan can even be your "chauffeur" ! <Wot a deal! Unfortunately there is a recent development... Wife/Diana is wanting to sojourn down to Curacao for her b'day trip mid to late Sept... and there is a/the HHH dive/booze cruise in the Bahamas Oct. 6th on..., and back out to HI after that. Could we look at later dates/months?> I will be most happy to make reservations for you, reimburse you for your own arrangements or any combination thereof. Let me know how you wish to proceed & I will try to make this visit most convenient & hassle free for you. Thanks. Brad Witte SEASL <Be chatting, see you and MorganL! BobF>

Speaking Engagement  7/11/07 This message is for Bob Fenner :)I am the president of a reef club in middle Tennessee (the Middle Tennessee Reef Club -- http://www.mtrc.org/). Each year for the past 3 years we have had a Frag Swap in January, and each year it has grown a little. The club had been a little stagnant for the past few years, but has been slowly growing since I took over and started to have things a little more organized and a little more tangible benefit to reefers. Since the first few months of my being the president we have attracted 8 new members who are new to reefing, and have been steadily building on the foundation set before to encourage others in the hobby and grow awareness of responsible reefkeeping. To that end, I would love to further grow the swap this year, and interest in the hobby and would LOVE to have you come and speak. We can pay for your airfare and lodging, etc. I got your contact information from the MASNA speaker database. The Frag Swap date has not been set in stone, but likely will be January 19 (a Saturday). So on behalf of our Frag Swap organizing committee (a first for us :)) I would like to invite you to come and speak. Thanks for your consideration, and also for your excellent contribution to the hobby! Jack <Mmm, maybe... Could we chat toward the end of the year? BobF>

Re: Speaking Engagement 7/11/07 Wow! A maybe! We've not had a speaker at our swap so this would be a great first! <Mmm, might I suggest that friend Anthony Calfo might be a more appropriate choice... He lives closer, is redoing his coral prop. book...> We're in Nashville TN, <Have been to this fabulous town... Got to see Minnie Pearl at the old Grand Ole Opry, the mock up Parthenon...> which has a direct from San Diego on Southwest, <Mmm, peanuts... yes...> I think (makes the travel a bit easier having a non-stop). Anyway, I can certainly contact you toward the end of the year, but I'd much prefer to lock things in sooner rather than later -- that way we can plan ahead and get the word out, etc. Thanks for considering this! Jack <And thank you for this offer. I do understand re promotion... but am in the throes of determining dive/travel adventures for the upcoming year... and am thinking I'll be out of the country both Jan. and Feb. BobF>

Re: Speaking Engagement 7/11/07 That sounds fine. You were on the top of the list, but I'll look around at others and will get back to you later in the year if something doesn't work out on the off chance that you might be available. Thanks again. <Real good. Thank you. BobF> Re: Hello, JoeR in El Paso! IMAC LV -- 7/10/07 Everything is going great and I'm doing fine thanks. The weather is killing us though, it's very hot right now, lol. Our tanks with the zebra eels, longnose butterflies, and longnose hawkfish are doing fine, thanks to your advice. We will be opening a new reptile house in about 8 months and a new Africa section in about a year and a half. We are all looking forward to these new exhibits. I'm really glad that you responded, thanks for taking the time. I'm also enjoying your new book very much. Well thanks again, it's been nice hearing from you. P.S. Are you going to the IMAC in Vegas? Joe Reza> <<Great to hear of the new exhibits... looks like IMAC LV has been cancelled due to lack of sign-ups... A shame. Cheers! Bob Fenner>

IMAC Las Vegas to be Cancelled <Likely> 6/29/07 Date: Fri, 29 Jun 2007 10:59:55 -0500 I'm afraid so Bob. So far we have fewer than 50 sign ups. And the same with the hotel (and the contract guarantees them 250). This is a last ditch effort to bring in some more. Since my announcement there have been more sign ups. We'll see if it is enough. I've already seen a lawyer to find out if I can save my house when the hotel sues me for cancelling the contract. Just maybe. It's really disappointing. For years, Western hobbyists have been bugging us to have an IMAC closer to them. Now we do and nobody is coming. I can see why MASNA doesn't have MACNAs out West. Best, Dennis <I wonder what can still be done to drive the numbers up? Have you sent a notice to the "western" marine aquarium clubs? Asked the speakers to announce to friends/associates? BobF... who has not bought airline tickets yet...>

Re: Wakatobi et al. -- 6/12/07 Hi Bob & Diana, <Hey Dennis!> We just returned from Sodwana / Aliwal late yesterday. Sorry you couldn't make it. We are off to the Southern Red Sea for 10 days on a live aboard. <How nice!> We leave South Africa 19th July and return on 29th July. We are going back to Wakatobi for 11 days in October this year. Before Wakatobi we are doing 6 days at Menjangan and I think a week on the Komodo Dancer. <Have heard good things re this ship, cruise> In December we will have be going back to Sodwana for a week or two. Those are our plans for this year. In August I may try to get to see Bill Eschmeyer in San Francisco. What do your plans look like? <Am asking Di to chime in here... Am back out to HI next month for about a month... and we're trying to arrange an early Sept. go to either Bonaire, Fiji... and late May back down to Egypt's Red Sea (likely Sharm, maybe Nuweiba), and perhaps Jordan... for a couple of weeks... Hopefully Di will know more> Next year I am hoping to get to Lake Malawi to see some Cichlids. We look at putting a trip together. <Am asking friend Chuck Rambo to chime in here... as he's been there diving... knows of folks who also have been> I would also like to get to Fiji and then there are so many other places we have earmarked on our World map. <Ah yes... tis a bigger world once you get on out to it a bit...> Best Wishes to you both Dennis <Cheers to you and your wife. Bob Fenner> ------------------------------------ FishWise cc Dennis Polack Fish DataBase Manager South Africa

NJ Visit   6/5/07 Hi all! This message is for Bob Fenner! <Howdy!> Bob, NJRC is having a major Frag Swap in October (27th) and we were wondering if we could drag you back out this way to come and speak for us again? We would be most honored to have you (and your wife) out for another visit. Hope to hear from you soon, Phyllis <Thank you for this offer... but we'll be out in China with friend Pablo Tepoot for a big tradeshow and dragging our feet (and gear) diving to/from at this time. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

Re: NJ Visit 6/6/07 Well certainly if I had to pick one or the other I'd be there in China diving with the lot of you! Take lots of great pictures and hopefully we'll find a time to get you out here again in the not too distant! Cheers! <Thank you Phyllis... Will do and am hoping to haul out near August end (to Belmar) again to see my mum-in-law for her bday. BobF>

Re: NJ Visit 6/6/07 Oh I was wondering if you were going to be out this way again around then. Care to speak at our August meeting again? We'd LOVE that if you're interested! <Let's chat as the time draws nearer... perhaps late July... as I still don't have firm plans. Cheers, BobF>  

Thank You from Toronto -- 04/30/07 Hi Bob, <Hey Bri!> I just wanted to send you a quick email to say Thank You for taking the time to visit Toronto. <A great pleasure my friend. Good to finally meet you in person... firm up future dive-travel, pet-fish plans> I know Linda and I are looking forward to seeing you again in Las Vegas, and hope that we will be able to treat you to a dinner while we are there. <Good> I am defiantly looking forward to doing some diving with you in the future and hope that we are able to do this sooner then later. <Very good> If there is anything I could assist you with, please do not hesitate to ask. Additionally if you are ever in the Toronto area we would be more willing to show you and your wife around town. <Again, thank you for this kind offer> Your company as always is great to have. I will be in touch to let you know when I will be arriving at LAX on my way to Tahiti, and hope that Linda and I will be able to make the trip down for a quick visit. <Yes... Our phone number in San Diego is 858 XXX.. Do keep in touch as the Vegas, Polynesia/LA times draw closer... Bob Fenner> Thanks again Brian Burgener http://www.ReefCrew.com
Thank you for speaking at MAST -- 04/30/07 Hi Bob, <Steve!> I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your talk to MAST this last Saturday I enjoyed getting a chance to speak to you at Bob James's house. <Twas very enjoyable for sure> I've attached four pics. Two taken Saturday by Ron Beleno, the other of my son Danny and his(12 gallon) tank taken about two years ago, one of mine (recent). Again, it was a pleasure to meet you. Steve <A pleasure. And hello to your son Daniel. Bob Fenner>

At the fab after talk din din party!

Re: SaltwaterU Information   4/19/07 I would like to personally thank all of you for accepting our invitation to speak at this year's SaltwaterU coming up in a few weeks.  I wanted to give you some more information about what the plans are for the weekend. Those of you whom are arriving from out of town, one of our volunteers will meet you at the airport and transport you to the Marriott Marquis Hotel in downtown Atlanta. <Ah, good... please do send along their name, phone number...> From there, we will be driving to the house of our Treasurer, Sharon Warning for an evening gathering/reception. <How nice!> The address for this reception is: Sharon Warning 3140 West Andrews Drive Atlanta, GA 30305 There will be talks both Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday's events will end around 6 PM, and we are planning on walking over to the Atlanta Civic Center to view the Titanic Exhibit (it is the last weekend).  If for some reason you cannot attend Saturday's event, please let me know before I purchase tickets. Thank you again, if you have any questions, I can be reached via email or my cell phone at 404-542-2351. -- Kevin Jessop 2007 Atlanta Reef Club Vice President (www.atlantareefclub.org) SaltwaterU Committee Chair (www.saltwateru.com) a 501(c)3 organization <Thanks Kev. Bob Fenner>

Speaking at the May NCRMAS meeting -- 4/13/07 Mr. Bob Fenner, <Mike> My name is Mike Moore and I started a new Marine Aquarium club located in Northern San Diego County (which I consider anything north of La Jolla). We have met before at different events run by SCMAS (club meetings and RAP) and you even sent me a video of your dive trip to the Red Sea (which I still enjoy watching). <Ah, good> I'm writing this to invite you to speak at our May meeting on the 11th (2nd Friday of the month) at 7:00pm.  We are a fairly new club and are always looking for new and interesting topics so if there is one you are particularly fond of and want to speak on, please let me know. <Mmm...> Anyway, I moved down to Oceanside, set up a tank, and started looking for a club to support once again (SCMAS is a long drive north...and even longer drive home as was riving south to SDMAS on Tuesdays).  None were around me, so I started one.  Our first meeting was in January and I crammed 25+ people into my house and showed off my 180g that I put together using used parts acquired from many different people (frugality is a teacher's motto after all) and ran a demonstration on how to frag soft corals.  February's turn out topped off at 33 people (again in my house) talking about flow in marine aquariums.  March attendance dropped to about 18 but the topic once again was beneficial (how to photograph aquariums and their inhabitants).  My April meeting (tonight at 7pm at the IHOP on Oceanside Blvd. if you are looking for something to do) will focus on Quarantine Tanks and their purpose. <Sounds good> Thanks again for your time and all you continue to do for the hobby.  If May doesn't work, please let me know when a good time for you is and I will adjust to your schedule. Mike Moore NCRMAS president ncrmas.com <Thank you for the offer... but am out of time for this year. Perhaps I can make a meeting, or give a pitch in the future. BobF> No problem...thanks for getting back to me.  The club is open to anyone that wants to attend so you are welcome anytime. Mike <Thank you my friend. BobF>

IMAC  - 4/6/07 Hey BOB, how have you been? Its been a while since we last spoke. The last time we were together was with Walt and Debbie Smith at Fogo de Chou in Chicago. That was a fun night. <Ah, yes> Are you going to IMAC this year? If so, when do you arrive and what are your dinner plans when you are here? I would like to get together if you have the time. Let me know. <Am going... but don't know re itinerary... Haven't bought air tickets as yet... may come in Thurs. out Sunday... Usually go out with WWM crowd first night... Do stay in touch... BobF>

Re: IMAC & Alcyoniid pred.  - 4/6/07 Great. If you have time, let me know. I'm trying to change some things in my schedule in order to attend the show. Look forward to seeing you there. <Hope to see you there as well> Hey quick question. In my reef tank one morning, I woke up to find that the base of my Kenya Tree was half eaten. The only culprit I could think of was a large Mithrax crab I recently found in the tank. It must have been introduced a long time ago in some rock and must have been tiny at the time. The body is about the size of a silver dollar. The only fish I have are clown fish, anthias and yellow tangs. Any ideas? <Of those listed the Mithraculus is the more likely candidate. I'd remove it/this. BobF> Re: SWU pres. abstract... topic of talk  3/28/07 Bob... you said you would talk about Reef Safe Fish and SCUBA.  if you want to talk about your diving experiences and things you have observed when you have dove, that is fine with me <Okay... but tying these subjects together? Likely better to discuss just the issue of the first... or some aspect of SCUBA as it relates to pet-fishing... e.g. collection... Would this do? BobF. Resp: That would work awesome!  We are trying to HOOK the scuba geeks into reef keeping <Ahh! Easy to do... Will make the pitch on Urging Folks to Take Up Scuba... and Modes of Marine Life Collection if you'd like... Or... Photography? BobF.>

Coming to La Jolla!  2/28/07 Hello Bob, Hope all is well with you.  Tank is doing great!  We  are coming to La Jolla March 18-22. We'd love to meet you over at the Birch  Aquarium.  Is there a better day that week for you? <Mmm, no... all are about the same for me>   Oh by the  way I'd love an all you can eat seafood buffet or someplace that has good crab  legs. <Yikes... crab legs... in San Diego? Almost all are imported... except for some of the Cancer crabs caught off the shore and points north...> Any recommendations? <Yes... the "Fish Market" if it's not too crowded... Whereabouts (which town) are you staying?> After 6 years I haven't found a  restaurant that I'm crazy about.  Thanks   Donielle <Not for crab legs here... though there are some nice take out (Sea Forth, Islandia...) sorts of places... and some (too high end for me usually) sit-down restaurants with good seafood (am perhaps too picky from studying fisheries for so long)... Do send me an email when you're closer to town, or your cell number. Bob Fenner>

Re: coming to La Jolla!  2/28/07 Hi Bob, we are going to stay at the Sea Lodge that is right beside Kellogg park. <Oh, how nice! Right there in La Jolla... near the Cove... and Shores... In a previous life I sold the restaurant there Abalone...> I love that park and the tide pools.  I plan my whole day  around low tide!!  I'll email you a day or so before we leave so we can  exchange cell numbers.  Thanks again, Donielle <Real good... And do "pencil in" my fave Pizza places... Carino's (in La Jolla as well) and Pizza Port... up the 101 a bit... There is a "Fish Market" Restaurant in Del Mar... not too far away as well... BobF> NERAC III, Your Last Chance To Join Your Competitors  2/12/07 About a month ago, the Long Island Reef Association (LIRA) which is hosting the NERAC III Conference sent you an email inviting your company to join. The email was giving your company the opportunity to either purchase a booth or if unable to attend, the ability to donate in order to be listed both on the NERAC website (www.neracli.com) and in the program guide.    <Mmm, didn't see before... But, no thanks>   Unfortunately we have not heard from you, either it may have been caught by your spam filter (hence the duplicate that has been sent via a standard yahoo email) or that you may have missed reading it.   <A possibility>      As an event organizer I hope to encourage you to further think about joining this great conference.  Last year we had over 100 attendees for the two day conference and 100 for the dinner.  This year the response has been overwhelming with an anticipation of 150 people for the conference.  The postings on Reef Central.com along with individual clubs' websites indicates that the conference which is located on Long Island, New York will be far reaching.  Expected fish enthusiasts will be coming from Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, Upstate New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts and even Toronto.        If a booth is not your choice of advertisement, then think about donating your product(s).  These donations will be used for the raffle event held on Sunday afternoon.  We are talking about 150 people along with the thousands that pass by that day, as we display your product with a quick description.  Product discussion did not end after the conference but was carried into our monthly meetings along with numerous postings not only on our discussion board but on reef central's.      A few companies responded in asking about an alternative to a product since they wanted to make livestock available or the ability to offer an upcoming product.  Well, I suggested that a gift certificate be made available, which they concurred with excitement. In addition, some of these companies accompanied their donation along with a discount to all attendees of the conference between 10-30% off products/livestock found on their website.      Now you may be thinking, who are my competitors that you make mention of?  Well, if you follow this link http://neracli.com/Donations.htm  you will see who has signed up in the past week alone. (last year over 20 companies were listed)  Not only do they receive advertisement on the webpage, they are included on the program guide http://neracli.com/NERAC%20III%20Flyer%201.0.pdf, and again on www.reefcentral.com/forums/forumdisplay.php?s=&forumid=156.    <Good spiel>   Time is running out for your company in order to be listed and printed.  Please contact me at ejenkins@lireef.org with your intentions.  I can then give you further instructions on how best to present your company at this tremendous event.      On behalf of the event organizers and that of the association, I thank your for taking the time to read this and of any donations that are made.   Eric Jenkins   Public Relations Officer (516) 236-3615       http://lireef.org/  (Our organization)    http://neracli.com/index.htm (NERAC info)    http://www.atlantismarineworld.com/ (Host aquarium) <Hello to all the Atlantis. BobF>

MCMAC Conference  2/7/07 Dear Mr. Bob Fenner, <Rick> The Midcolumbia Saltwater Aquarium Club is holding our third "Mid Columbia Marine Aquarium Conference" (MCMAC) this summer and we are looking for one or two speakers who are experts in the field for our two day summer event in Kennewick WA.   Our past two conferences we were fortunate to have Anthony Calfo, Terry Bartelme, Steve Tyree and Dr Adelaide Rhodes along with a few local experts presenting on excellent topics that entertained a gathering of approximately 100 at each event.  We are able to secure a professional auditorium with excellent video, sound and lighting equipment.  Typically we draw people from the Seattle, Spokane, Portland OR and Boise ID clubs to this event.  It is well known in the Pacific Northwest as an excellent event to attend and has been well supported by many vendors contributing to our silent auction and raffle.  We also have a local tank tour of our club member's tanks and the last event we had over 30 cars of people caravanning around town on the tour. This is a thread on www.reeffrontiers.com about our last MCMAC event http://www.reeffrontiers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=8511&page=8&highlight=mcmac We have not yet selected a weekend to hold this event as the date is dependent on the availability of our speakers.  We would like to hold the conference on a weekend (Fri & Sat) within the following date ranges.  From June 9, 2007 thru August 26, 2007 except for July 28/29 and August 18/19. If you are available during this time frame and would like to visit the beautiful Pacific Northwest and hang out with a bunch of people who are crazy about their reef tanks, we would really enjoy hearing from you. <Maybe... won't know re any of these general dates likely till the beginning of summer> Please send a reply to: Rick Berg <I'd ask other folks. Bob Fenner>

RMF visiting PNWMAS  1/25/07 Hello Mr. Fenner,     I know its not April but I have another idea. <Okay>     Is the month of Feb. 2008 better for your schedule? <Maybe> We still want you to come and give a speech. Just trying to make sure we have a speaker lined up ASAP for the August 19th, 2007 date. Since speakers fill up their calendars so quickly. If the 2008 date works for you, let's put it in the books and I'll begin looking for someone else to take over the August date. <"Never put off till tomorrow what you can put off till the day after tomorrow"... A BenF mis-quote methinks>      Don't mean to sound pushy or come across that way, just trying to fill in our calendar. Please let me know what you think of this idea. If it is still better to wait and check back with you in April, I'll do that. Just thought this might make things easier. Thanks for your time and patience, Mike Wilson - PNWMAS Public Relations Officer and member <Let's push this date back then. RMF>

& SWU  1/25/07 Bob, I need to know where to book your flight from for SWU May 4-6, 2007. <Mmm, San Diego's Lindbergh Field> Also, when are you gonna travel back west... to the lovely rainbow state? <Am coming over just north of you I believe (S.C.) in a couple of weeks. BobF> -- Kevin Jessop

Event visit, IL in Feb./07   1/24/07 Bob,   Just wondering what it takes to get you and the WWM crew out to an event. The time frame is short, and I apologies on that. I had no idea that this was going to explode like it has. This is the 1st event a new club is hosting, but already we have major vendor support, guest speakers, and people talking about making driving over 300 miles to attend. I has hoping for 250 to attend, some are putting that number closer to 1000. If is isn't possible to get you and or crew members out is it possible to get a banner for the event up?   Thanks for your time    http://www.rockfordreefers.org/Feb2007.html      Rob Topping         Rockford Reef Club   www.Rockfordreefers.org <Nice advert... I try to get out once every couple months to give a free pitch... and strongly encourage other friends here to do so... Illinois in Feb. 07? Will post your note in the hope that others will see, chime in... Am all full up for next year myself. Bob Fenner> MAST - Toronto - April 28- arrangements   1/19/07 Hi Bob   (and Diana): We have finally been able to sign a contract with the local college for a good Theatre Room, for Saturday, April 28. Topic: Our last two or three 'big' presentations have been focused on SPS corals. We wondered if you could do something a bit more broadly based. We would be happy with a fairly generic title, along the lines of 'Successful Reef Keeping'. If possible we would like something on a successful approach to decision making, how to choose equipment and specimens, attitudes of the aquarist, compatibility issues for various kinds of reef - a bit more philosophical, rather than a list of specific equipment and a 'to do' list. Hope you can make sense of that. Do you have anything along those lines available ? <Yes... perhaps a pitch on Reef Livestock Selection> We note your policy of catering to all skill levels, but we had some mild criticism that a couple of past talks were not challenging enough. It is usually our more skilled aquarists that attend our special events. <Mmm, if the word and I can be mentioned in juxtaposition... "pride" myself on being the "Betty Boop"/Homer Simpson of providing a broad-enough range of interest to ability levels...> Publicity: For our publicity posters, we would like a title (not necessarily exactly as suggested above). Also, do you have a brief bio and a photo you could send us ? <Mmm, my extant bio. is here: http://wetwebmedia.com/WWMAdminSubWebIndex/bobfbio.htm Will work on placing, linking some more modern pix... do look there for links to same in the next few days> Books: Not sure what books you have in print or your usual arrangements for selling them. We have found quite a few participants like to buy the speaker's latest book(s), especially if they can get them signed. Is that something we should talk about ? <Yes... and asking Diana (wife) to chime in here... She's thinking of accompanying me (unusual! But likes your town)... and has a bunch of our titles... Otherwise you can ask to buy them from her, other distributors... and re-sell> Air Tickets: Just a reminder that you suggested Diana was a hot-shot at booking flights. Since we don't know your preferred arrangements, we are leaving that to her. We don't expect you to make inconvenient arrangement to save a few bucks, but I understand one generally gets a better price if booking isn't left too close to departure date. As previously noted, as soon as we know the cost of your flight, we will put money in the mail. Best regards, Bob. <Di is excellent at these arrangements. Am leaving this up to her as well. Cheers, Bob Fenner, not quite warm-enough in HI> Re: IMAC 2007   1/19/07 Hi Bob; I just got back from Las Vegas where I did a site survey (Boy, the Riviera is a BIG hotel!). The dates got changed. The Vegas IMAC will be on August 9 - 12.  Can you still make it? <Mmm, I guess so> There won't be any more changes.  I signed  a contract. Best, Dennis <I didn't realize the IMAC was moving from Chicago... Hey, your website hasn't been changed to reflect the date, location changes.... Bob Fenner>

Re: 2 IMACs 2007   1/19/07 Hey Bob; IMAC isn't moving from Chicago.  We're still having it in Chicago June 1, 2 and 3.  The Vegas IMAC is a second one for the West Coast people who have been complaining for years about not having a major conference out their way for about 9 years. Can you come up with another topic for Vegas? <Oh, and yes... BobF> Best, Dennis  

Re: SEASL invitation to St. Louis Graham, <BobF here> Thanks so much for passing along the reply from Bob.  I was most surprised when the e-mail showed up on RC. <? Me too...>   One of our members found it & posted it there.  I assume it was posted somewhere on WetWebMedia's site or message board? <Oh! Most likely so> Now the general membership of SEASL keeps asking, "when's Bob coming?"  I spend little time on the internet so am not familiar with your protocols.  I guess it's good to generate interest :)  Onward!... <Oh yes> We have historically hosted speakers in the fall.  Our regularly scheduled meeting is the second Saturday of the month.  May I propose the following dates for Bob to visit SEASL? Sept. 8, 2007 Oct. 13, 2007 Nov. 10, 2007 <Mmm... likely the last two might work... could we re-visit toward summer's end?> Please advise if these dates are open.  We can certainly move the meeting to another weekend or even a weekday if necessary.   Walt Smith spoke on a weekday evening in 2004.  Anthony Calfo spent the whole weekend with us in 2005 and Eric Borneman came in for one day in Nov. 2006.  We are certainly very flexible on dates.   Thanks again! Brad Witte SEASL Executive officer <Thank you for your interest. Bob Fenner> SaltwaterU & HI    1/10/07 Bob, Have you been able to check your schedule to see if you are available for the following? 1. SaltwaterU May 4-6, 2007 in Atlanta, GA <Have not, but this should be fine> 2. A visit to dive sometime in Feb (Kona) <May well be back out here (am in Kona presently), but have a pitch in SC in the near mid-Feb., and may haul out to Bonaire later> Thanks in advance, you are great.  Hope your new years was wonderful <And yours, BobF> -- Kevin Jessop

SaltwaterU & Bonaire    1/10/07 The Atlanta Reef club is looking at doing a trip to Bonaire in late may or early June.... Kevin <Oh! Which resort/condo group? Is there a listing, URL that I might see re? Is the public at large able to join in? BobF>

Where in SC will you be?    1/10/07 <Mmm, here: http://www.columbiamac.org/ BobF>

Re: SaltwaterU & Bonaire   1/10/07 The resort that we are looking into is the sand dollar.  I will find the url and email it to you later. <Ahh, I/we've stayed there... very nice... and the new restaurant to the left side of the pier is a winner... and free wi-fi outside the coffee shop near the road...>   You are more than welcome to come join us for this trip.  This will be our SaltwaterU Dive trip this year. Kevin <Oh! Let's do try and get some more folks involved here... A very nice, calm, warm, clear water place to go... I'll gladly volunteer to pitch in... with an ID series of presentations, perhaps UW photography. BobF>

Re: RMF giving a pitch in Portland   1/7/07 Bob,     Contacting you to see if the possibility of you coming out and talking to us in the month of Aug. 2007 is still there? It would be the weekend of the 18th and 19th. This would be for our BBQ/party. trying to nail down a date before the year gets to far planned out for you. Please let me know if this works or if we should try something else. <Mmm, don't know at this point Mike... might be going east about this time of year... Can we re-visit toward summer? BobF> Thanks for your time and patience, Mike Wilson - PNWMAS Public Relations Officer and member

SEASL invitation to St. Louis    1/5/07 Bob, <Brad> I am one of the executive officers of SEASL (Saltwater Enthusiasts Association of St. Louis).  We would like to invite you to visit us for a speaking engagement later in 2007.  We hosted Anthony Calfo in 2005 and Eric Borneman in Nov 2006.  Check us out at www.seasl.org !  I think we showed them a good time & we had nice crowds at their events here.  Drop Anthony & Eric a note, I think they would agree.  We would love to have you visit & speak and learn from you.  Could you check your schedule & let us know if you are available to come to St. Louis?  That would be most wonderful.  Thanks. Brad Witte SEASL Executive officer <Mmm, thank you for the invite... Please do write me back a few months closer to the prospective dates. Don't know at all well what I'll be doing travel-wise during this time frame. Bob Fenner>

Speaking engagements?    1/5/07 Hello Bob, <Hey Keith!> My name is Keith MacNeil.  I am a member of the Connecticut Area Reef Society (www.ctars.org) and we are hoping you might be free sometime this summer to come speak to our club.  We are looking to have a BBQ type meeting <Whoa, got my attn.> in August and thought this might be the perfect meeting time for you. <So far...> I have been told by a source that you do not like cold weather. <Dat's right> I am in agreement with you about this and am still wondering why I agreed to move from Sunny SoCal to Connecticut, LOL. <Am out in HI now... too cold even in S. Cal.> This source also mentioned that I should let you know we will have plenty of good pizza, <Whoa times two!> a good selection of beers <Am getting on the plane right now...> and a high number of females in attendance.  Well, the first two will be true but I must admit maybe I was spoiled while living in SoCal, but the women of CT just don't seem to stack up to CA. <Oooh, watch this... the "bear effect" seems to be positively correlated with thermal regimes> But we will also advertise the meeting to other nearby clubs (such as Boston and NY) in hopes of increasing attendance. <Sounds good> Well you may have guessed who the source is, it is Anthony Calfo.  I should also let you know I am employed by Marine Depot and am an administrator (username argi) on the Marine Depot Forums, www.marinedepot.com/forums/ where Anthony has his own forum.  I lived in SoCal for 7 years, where I was employed by Marine Depot for the last 2 years before moving to CT.  Luckily Ben allowed me to continue to work from Marine Depot from home. <Sounds good. BenR is a fine fellow> While in SoCal I was also a very active member of SCMAS (www.scmas.org) <Oh yeah, MarcT and many other good people> where I was able to hear you speak a couple of times (most notably at our holiday party at the Long Beach Aquarium). If this is something that might be of interest to you and you are available, please let me know and we can start working out the details.  If it is something that is not possible at this time but maybe in the future or simply isn't going to be feasible at all please let me know and it is fully understandable. Hopefully you might be able to make the trek to Connecticut, but if not I am looking forward to seeing you at MACNA in Pittsburgh. <Mmm, probably won't be attending... I only go to these pitches if I'm presenting... usually folks can only stand me every other year or so...> Thank you for your time, Keith MacNeil <Mmm, thank you for the invite... Please do write me back a few months closer to the prospective dates. Don't know at all well what I'll be doing travel-wise during this time frame. Bob Fenner>

Here's a pic of Bob, Chris and Sabrina getting ready to dive last mo. in Hawai'i'. Pic by Jorie Johnson... 5/06

RMF Speaking Schedule   12/27/06 Hey Bob, Would you be interested in coming back to Houston to talk to our group? <Oh! Was just in your airport last night... transiting back from FLA>   I am not sure what you would like to talk about to a smaller crowd, but your presence has been requested so I wanted to check. What are your thoughts? Kim <Will, would gladly come out... don't have much planned for 07 thus far... but am going to be out for some longer times... the month of Jan. in HI for instance... When did you have in mind? BobF>

Re: Speaking Schedule  12/27/06 Hiya Bob! <Kim-ster> That is crazy, if I would have known you were in Houston at the airport, I would have bought you a beer if your layover was long enough.   <Man!> Oh well, maybe next time.  I am not sure when you would want to speak to our group, but we are pretty open for next year since we don't have any solid plans of yet, except for a few things... Feb has a Coral ID workshop <Mmm... could do this... but... there are others that are more popular> Mar frag swap and garage sale April 21st we are doing a crawfish boil and collection, then we are planning a dive trip to the Flower Gardens that leaves on the 22nd for the Hammerhead migration and comes back on the 25th. <Sphyrna lewini solamente? If so, nah>   You could always come in and talk for that Friday or Saturday morning.  Too bad I can't just fly you out here to hang out since everyone seems to enjoy your company. <Can, could... don't have a day job... Just need fast Net access> May and June we have member tank tours <Always like these> July we have a Port A collection trip and weekend hangout event, which involves all three TX clubs.  You could even be a part of that if you wanted. <Sounds like a blast...> The rest of the year has nothing planned.    <Mostly me neither> I guess it really doesn't matter to us.  We are pretty flexible since there is not too much set in stone as of yet. Let me know what your thoughts are or when you would like to be in TX, and I can try to work around that.  Once I know when you are available I will let my BOD know so we can decide who and when. Talk with you soon! Kim <Mmm, let's keep chatting... maybe you can/should fill in the rest, majority of your calendar... then make it known where I might fit in... Can/will chat re most any topic. Cheers, Bob F> Re: Speaking Schedule   12/28/06 Hello Bob, <Kim-o-vitch!> Yes I do have a day job.  My email is up, so I am constantly checking it when I am not in the lab.  ;) I guess I forgot to mention, Eric is doing the Coral ID workshop in Feb, so don't worry about that.  Too bad you don't want to swim with the sharks, I am sure it will be fun.  I hear there is an occasional whale shark that comes thru about that time of year too. <Mmm, have pix of all these... but still want to dive the "gardens" there> The Port A trip is always a good time.  Friday night we do a beach bon fire and just hang out with everyone.  Saturday in the morning and afternoon, people do whatever, but usually it includes searching the Sargassum and jetties for critters. <Oh!> Last year one of our members found a seahorse, of which he is still doing well from what I hear.  Later Saturday we do a BBQ and then head to the end of the jetties just before sunset for a peppermint shrimp collection.  100s of peps are caught, let alone the many other fun critters. <Sounds great> The tank tours are cool too, especially since we have to split it up into two different regions because Houston is big enough.  You are more than welcome to join us on that excursion.  I am sure the members would love it. <I know I would> Well anyway.  We will keep in touch about next year's schedule.   Talk with you soon! Kim <Real good hon. BobF> Re: Can we schedule Mr. Fenner in 2007? Hi Bob, There are four Saturdays in August 2007: the 4th, 11th, 18th, and 25th. Would the 25th work well for you? <Mmm.. the 18th would/will likely be better It fits the bill as being near the 23rd. We could also go with Sunday the 26th if that would better for you. I'm CC'ing Greg Hiller on this message. Can/would you please send us your phone number so we can make arrangements with you for travel & lodging? <Ah, yes. 858 XXXX> That would be most excellent. Thanks for your time, Moe <Let's make this a tentative date... and touch base re May or June of next year. BobF>

Re: Hi from Caracas   9/22/06 Hi Bob <Claudio> I am working on ³OUR PROJECT² for your visit to Caracas <Ah, good> I am trying to ³sign up ³ up to 6 no more than 8 persons to share the expense I already have 4, so far so good... <Half way there...> The Plan is coordinating the ³House VISITS² so you can evaluate how are we doing here, what is out ³LIVE STOCK², some of us are starting small fragging projects because imported coral are extraordinarily expensive ( we pay as much as 4 times US retail price) <Yikes... Macanudo!> and we have some local corals zoanthids that are ³legally protected² so it ends up expensive because is not completely legal to obtain (sort of a grey area depending where, when and who collects them...  Latin America style) <I see> In this visit the idea is to discuss on a case by case basis and at the end of each  day (1,2 or 3 days) have a meeting, may be with some digital pictures to openly discus strategies en special topics. Think as a Club in formation. <Good> I am trying also to figure out expenses, your plane ticket, your hotel, meals and trying to set up a ice dive if there is any thing else please do not hesitate to contact me... About timing, we are still thinking end of November because early December (Dec, 3) is the Presidential election and We really do not know if it is going to be any trouble... Any other thought?? Regards Claudio <I do... there is a young/er friend, Anthony Calfo, who might actually be a better visitor here... He is the author of "The Book of Coral Propagation" and knows much more than I re this field. I am going to cc him here for your introduction. I will gladly come visit you if he can't make it, but his background is much more current in what it appears you're looking for. Bob Fenner> Can we schedule Mr. Fenner in 2007?  9/20/06 Hi Bob, <Hey Moe! Sorry, am sure you've heard this before...> Shall we try scheduling a speaking visit for 2007? I know from past experience you don't like the cold. <Brrrrr!> I also remember that in the past you've preferred leaf season - autumn. Do you want to try for September or October of 2007? Would an earlier month in 2007 work for you? You pick the month, we'll arrange things. :) We'd love to have you out here - I'm hoping we can work something out soon. Thank you, sir. Warm regards, Moe Boston Reefers Society <Am wondering if I might come out in August of next year... in conjunction with visiting my mum in law in NJ. BobF> Hello from Caracas   9/19/06 Hi Mr. Fenner <Salud Claudio> I was talking with some friend here in Caracas (Venezuela) all aquarium enthusiast about how we were doing things here, I thought about the possibility of having a very qualified expert, like yourself, visit us, review our tanks and have something like an open class. <A possibility> Our situation in the reef aquarium hobby is very ³empirical² , mostly trial and error (very expensive btw..) and our local stores really are no help. Internet is our main way of learning and importing books... <Thank goodness for the Net> There is really nobody with enough experience to jump to a better level in the hobby. Of course we would arrange for expenses and possible some nice diving!!! <Ahh! Muy bueno... me gusto bucear> I really do not your availability and I really would like your input about this IDEA Regards Claudio Dioguardi Caracas, Venezuela <Please make known your time frame/s... My wife would like to come along for the diving adventure, and I'll gladly pay for her travel. Bob Fenner> Post MACNA Dive Trip Hotel Options  9/3/06

Hello all,
 I just wanted to get you a list of hotels that are near by the Bush International Airport and Hobby Airport so you can decide where you are going to stay.  I have attached a couple sites with various listings, of which most have complimentary shuttles.
 Bush - http://houstonbush.airporthotelservice.com/houston_bush_airport.html
 Hobby - http://www.airporthotelsasap.com/houston-texas-hobby-airport-hotels.html
 I am going to help get you guys to the hotel after the dive trip, but let me know if you need my assistance, otherwise I will assume you have figure other transportation.
 Also, for all who haven't figure out their dive equipment, if you aren't bringing your own, there is a dive shop across from the Gulf Diving ( www.gulf-diving.com) for convenience called Aquatic Excursions (979-233-8800).  You can contact them for help in regards to this.  Remember, there will be some weights available for your use, but feel free to bring your own if you can manage the additional weight on the plane.  80" tanks will be provided by the dive company, so don't worry about bringing those either.
 If there is anything you need, please email me or call me ASAP.  Sharon at Gulf Diving would be happy to answer you questions about the dive, or you can email me about it.
 We still have several spots available on the boat, so please make sure you let all your buddies know.
 See you all in a few weeks!! 
Kim Lowe Vice President, MARSH www.marshreef.com www.macnaxviii.com

Re: MACNA Post Dive Trip Hotel Options  - 09/02/06 <Thank you Kim. Done. BobF> Oops... I am a goof.  Here is the link for the info on the MACNA site... http://www.macnaxviii.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=10  It includes the link for PayPal. Kim Lowe

Re: Post-MACNA dive trip   9/2/06 Date:  Thu, 31 Aug 2006 21:28:15 -0500 Hello all, I just wanted to get you a list of hotels that are near by the Bush International Airport and Hobby Airport so you can decide where you are going to stay.  I have attached a couple sites with various listings, of which most have complimentary shuttles. Bush - http://houstonbush.airporthotelservice.com/houston_bush_airport.html Hobby - http://www.airporthotelsasap.com/houston-texas-hobby-airport-hotels.html I amgoing to help get you guys to the hotel after the dive trip, but let me know if you need my assistance, otherwise I will assume you have figure other transportation. Also, for all who haven't figure out their dive equipment, if you aren't bringing your own, there is a dive shop across from the Gulf Diving (www.gulf-diving.com) for convenience called Aquatic Excursions (979-233-8800).  You can contact them for help in regards to this.  Remember, there will be some weights available for your use, but feel free to bring your own if you can manage the additional weight on the plane.  80" tanks will be provided by the dive company, so don't worry about bringing those either. If there is anything you need, please email me or call me ASAP.  Sharon at Gulf Diving would be happy to answer you questions about the dive, or you can email me about it. We still have several spots available on the boat, so please make sure you let all your buddies know. See you all in a few weeks!! Kim Lowe Vice President, MARSH www.marshreef.com www.macnaxviii.com <Kim! I should have made up my mind by now... and with the list of other folks going... Am convinced. Please make it known how I should get you the 450 for this go... I'll haul my BC, reg... BobF> <Kim-ster, I do need a ride... to and fro. Am hoping to stay in the same hotel as John Dawe and co. He's emailing re what/where this might be. Danke, BobF> Re: Post MACNA Dive Trip   8/23/06 Hi Bob, We definitely have a few spots open if you two would like to go. Let me know. Regards, Kim Lowe Vice President, MARSH www.marshreef.com www.macnaxviii.com <Am still cogitating furiously re... who might give/share transport to/from the MACNA do to the port? Is it really a hundred miles away? Could I make a flight back on the 24th at 9:00... Weds. or? BobF>

Bob Fenner in the GWN!   7/31/06 Mr. Fenner,     Can we pencil you in for the summer of 2007? We would like you to be in town for the weekend of 8-18/19-07. Hopefully this wouldn't be to close to your birthday and we can make this happen. <This time should work fine> Could you send us a list of items you would need for your trip up here, <Mmm, just a laptop projector and screen> like what you would need to have for your speech/lecture and what we would need to reimburse you for, ( flight and so on ). <Just this... and a place to stay please. Can/could be (preferably) someone's place rather than a hotel, but this would work> Really hoping that this time frame will work for you and not cause any problems with your birthday plans. Please let us know if we can plan on having you as our guest next year. Thanks for your time and patience, Mike Wilson - PNWMAS Public Relations Officer and member <And did mention to my other "Mike Wilson" friend, fellow-hasher in San Diego re your commonality of nomens! Cheers, Bob Fenner, still out in HI>

Re: NJ Visit   7/11/06 I'd like to shoot for the 27th of August if that works for you. Let me know if you can plan to be here and what you need from us. Thanks, Phyllis <Will come out, visit you folks, give a pitch... Need the addy, time frame, a laptop projector and screen, the topic or choice of topics you'd like to hear. BobF> Re: NJ Visit   7/13/06 Already have the projector lined up, working on the screen and the exact location. Hopefully I'll have the location details all firmed up by the end of the day today. I'll let you know as soon as I've got the place booked. <Real good> Do you have a list of your favorite topics? I'd love to pick from topics that are near and dear to you. <Mmm, many travelogues... disease/health issues... On my laptop... a pres. on "Algae Can Be Your Friend" and Marine Livestock Selection... BobF> Thanks! Phyllis

Re: NJ Visit  7/15/06 Bob, <Phyllis> We've confirmed the place and time. We'll be gathering at the Jenkinson's Aquarium meeting room, in Point Pleasant, NJ at 1:00 pm on Sunday, August 27th. We are very excited to have this venue and have you to speak for us. On last check with the MASNA database of speakers you do not require a fee, is that still correct? <Correct> Are there any expenses we can pick up for you? <Mmm, no, thank you> We would love to have your company for dinner after the meeting if you're inclined. <Certainly> We would also like to gather some frags from our local tanks for you to take home with you, if you'd be able to take them. Is there anything in particular you'd like for your collection? Regards, Phyllis <Thank you for your considerate offer/s... but no also to the livestock please. Bob Fenner>

RMF giving a pitch in Portland  7/10/06 Hello Bob,      Would the summer of 2007 be open for you to speak to us? August would be great as that is our BBQ, (big fiesta), if not we would like to try and set up a date to work on and start to get the ball rolling. <This sounds great. If possible, not involving a date too close to 8/23... is my bday...> Let me know what works best for you. We are working with a club in Seattle, WA. <Oh! I think I've been to this> to try and bring speakers to the Northwest. We are trying to get speakers to speak at both clubs meetings in one weekend (1 Sat. and 1 Sun.). Are you interested in this also? Please let me know what will work for you. Thanks Mike Wilson - Pacific Northwest Marine Aquarium Society Public Relations Officer and member <Man! That's a long title! Bob Fenner>

Invite to MAST - Toronto    7/1/06 Hi Bob: <Bob> I am writing to see if you have any interest in speaking to the Marine Aquarium Society of Toronto (MAST) in Toronto, Canada. <Mmm, sure> I was in touch with you a couple of years ago, but you were pretty well fully booked at the time You recommended Anthony Calfo, and we did manage to get him up here last April. We much enjoyed his talk, and generally had a great time. <Ah good... a fine person, asset to our interest> We realize it is a significant trip for you but, in our program planning, your name inevitably arises as a 'must have' speaker. So here I am trying again. <"Must have...?" That's something I rarely hear, 'cept if I'm late serving dinner, or vacuuming on Sundays> We have arranged for a U.S. speaker for this fall, so would like to see if spring or fall of 2007 might interest you. (MAST takes a summer break in July and August.) For out-of-town speakers, we usually have a special event on a Saturday afternoon. We have found a great lecture hall (banked seating and first-class audio-visual facilities). We also have a good reputation for making sure our guests are well cared for. <How nice> Looking forward to hearing if this might fit your schedule and be of interest. Regards, Bob James   (President, MAST) <Thank you for the invite. Am totally open for 2007 thus far... please make it known what time frame, topics will fit your group. Bob Fenner>

Re: Invite to MAST - Toronto   7/2/06 Hi Bob: <Bob> I have just been in touch with Charles Delbeek (an ex-Torontonian) at the Waikiki Aquarium. Charles was encouraging me to visit - and quite out of the blue - he mentioned some of the prominent reef types who now live on the 'Big Island' - including yourself. The MASNA speakers database has you listed as being in San Diego. I have no idea what the airfare from HI to Toronto is likely to be, but obviously a fair bit more than from San Diego. <Mmm, do live in San Diego about half the year. Am in HI a couple months per> I will investigate the airfare and discuss the budget with the rest of the MAST Exec. In the meantime, I thought I should let you know right away that it may be a bit of a problem. I don't suppose you might be over on the mainland sometime for other purposes, so that we might share the cost with another sponsor? Regards, Bob. <No worries. Will wait for cheap airfares from S. Cal. BobF>

Re: Invite to MAST - Toronto   7/2/06 Hi Bob: <Bob> Thanks for such a quick and positive reply. <Welcome!> Spring 2007 works best for us - we are flexible, but a Saturday in April would probably be best - the bad weather is over, and no scheduling complications with school spring break. <Should work out fine> We could contact you in the fall to establish details or, if you prefer to establish an exact date right away, would you like to suggest one? <We can wait...> Are you OK with staying in a home? My wife, Debbie, and I have a comfortable place and would be pleased to entertain you, feed you well, show you the city, or just leave you to do your own thing - if any of that was of interest, and you had time to stay an extra day or so. <Ah, I do appreciate this. I vastly prefer to stay with you than a hotel, thank you> MAST (as name implies) is an all-marine club - all of us have reef tanks, rather than fish-only - and we would prefer your presentation to be pitched to a reasonably knowledgeable audience - as against newcomers. There would likely be less interest in the business side, more on husbandry techniques and/or a bit of science thrown in. I dare say that if you have standard presentations prepared that would be fine, because not too many of our members will have heard it before. Regards, Bob. <Please make it known what topics you're interested in, or have not heard much re in recent history. I have many pitches... BobF> Are you guys not going diving on the field trip after MACNA? <Mmm... not as yet...> It would be nice to have you guys along, especially since some people would benefit from your expertise on species.  We are 8 short right   now, and would so much rather have MACNA people along than having to fill the spaces with strangers from the area dive shops. Thanks Eric <Thank you for the reminder though. BobF>

Re: Flower Garden trip Bob, please!  We need your humor.  We need your company. We need to go diving already. E <Mmm... how much is this go? Have already bought the ding dang plane tickets... Why not come out with us where the water is a bit clearer? Not so dang ding hard to get to the dive sites? BobF, crankier than usual> Re: Flower Garden trip Uh, the water is clearer at the FG than just about anywhere I have ever been. Because the fish life is better than anywhere in the   Caribbean. Because its a MACNA event and a first field trip.  Because you'll have fun and there are drinks on board. Because I am begging.   Because I don't want to disappoint the attendees who have signed up and are stoked to go out - especially to go diving with the likes of   Bob Fenner and Eric Borneman. E <Thanks for the prodding Eric. Will check with Di (schedules tickets) re time frame, poss. Eric... don't see the info. for this dive trip associated with the MACNA XVIII site. Do you have the URL? BobF> Re: Flower Garden trip <Thanks Eric. Di, what would be involved in changing, extending my time (and yours if you want to haul out) to include the days below? BobF> We are happy to announce that the dive trip to the Flower Gardens is scheduled and ready to accept reservation for a spot on the boat.  The dive trip is scheduled for following MACNA.  The boat will begin loading at 8pm in Freeport, Sunday, Sept 24th.  Our charter is with Gulf Giving out of Freeport, TX, you can see more info about them at their website www.gulf-diving.com.  The boat we are scheduled to go out on is the Fling.  There will be approximately 25 divers plus 3 divemasters. The cost of the trip will be $450 for the entire weekend, of which food will be provided, as well as your 80" tanks.  You are required to bring your own dive equipment.  If you are an out-of-towner and don't want to lug around your equipment, you can rent equipment at any local dive shop here in Houston, or you can contact Aquatic Excursions (979-233-8800), which is across the street from Gulf- Diving.  Weight belts can be provided by Gulf Diving for those flying in with their equipment, otherwise they ask if you local to bring your own weight belts since there are a limited amount.  If you would like to dive with Nitrox, there is a $75 charge for the three days in addition to the $450, which is a total of $525 for the weekend.  Payments can me made via PayPal thru our MACNA site at this link..  http://www.macnaxviii.com/registration/dive_trip.php .  If you would prefer to mail your deposit or full payment, please contact me when you payment is sent so I can reserve your spot until the check is received.  Final payment MUST be received by August 1st.  If you would like to bring a bottle of wine on the trip, you can, but it must stay in the galley.  Beers and sodas will be sold for those who would like one after they are done diving for the day, they are strict about your first (alcoholic) drink is your last dive of the day. The trip will be a total of 11 dives starting Monday.  There will be 5 dives Monday, 4 dives Tuesday and the remaining 2 dives on Wednesday morning.  Also, from what I understand, there should be a night dive in there as well.  We will return to the dock around 5-6pm that Wednesday for those that need to schedule overnight stay and flights. We are also in need of a few dive masters, so if you would like to be a part of this trip, please contact me.  You must be certified and   insured at the time of the trip. If you have any questions about the trip, please feel free to contact   me or Sharon at Gulf Diving. Kim Kim Price Vice President, MARSH MACNA Houston 2006 Committee Charlotte, NC   6/22/06 Mr. Fenner, <Greg> My name is Greg Smith and I am Treasurer of a newer reef club located in Charlotte, NC.  Although we have only officially been a club since January 2005, we already have nearly 100 dues paying club members, <Wowzah!> and of course, many non-member website guests on our website www.rasoc.org <http://www.rasoc.org/>    <Oh yes, looked at your site/URL recently. Very nice> We have held raffles and fund raisers so we can afford speakers to help us further educate our members and fellow Charlotte-area reefers.  We would be honored if you would consider a visit to Charlotte and lecture. <Mmm, will visit, give a pitch... Don't know enough to actually "lecture"> We had Sanjay Joshi speak on lighting (coordinated event with CMAC in Columbia, SC) <Oh yes... a fine Fellow... from PA.> and had a great turn out for that.  That has been our first and only experience with national speakers and it was a real hit.  That was October of last year and people are still talking about it. Of course, we would be happy to pay travel expenses and an honorarium. <Don't require or want stipends...>   We normally meet the third Saturday of each month, but would be happy to accommodate your schedule.  I have been an avid reader of your insightful articles and posts, as have many in our membership.  Your wetwebmedia.com website was one of the first that I added as a valuable resource link on our website.  You and your crew helped me through my first SW setup before our club existed and you saved me a lot of money, time and frustration by giving solid, no-nonsense advise when I was inclined to try to just fix the "problems" of a new system with more unnecessary products and money.  Your website is a true service to the reefing community.  Our membership includes everyone from the folks just starting tanks to the very experienced, and everywhere in between. Please let me know if you are interested and if so, when. Thank you very much for your time and consideration. Best regards, Greg Smith <Thank you for your kind, encouraging words. Am cc'ing EricR here re when his club gets tog. to see if this time can coincide (we live most of the time in S. Cal.), otherwise am out on the East coast every now and then to visit (mainly NJ and FLA)... but will gladly come out and chat... I see your "handle" is "Homebrew"... even better! Bob Fenner>

Re: Charlotte, NC   6/24/06 I don't know what happened to my reply.  Sorry about that.  I'm traveling and using my web-based mail account (yuck).  <Am growing more and less enamored of these devices...>  Anyway, I wrote that it sounded GREAT and I would get with CMAC (great bunch of hobbyists!) and see what we could work out.  I'll get back to you as soon as I get back in town and contact them.  I'm at a conference in Destin... great weather!  Then headed to Knoxville and then back home on Tuesday. <Ah, good> Thank you so much for your willingness to come to Charlotte.  Are you ever interested in seeing a couple nice tanks?  <Oh yes. A fave activity while out and about> We have a few beauties here (NOT mine... but I do have good beer). <Now you're talking!> Cheers, Greg <BobF> OR marine pitch   6/8/06 Hello Mr. Bob Fenner,     My name is Mike Wilson I'm the Public Relations Officer for a growing club in Portland, OR.. We are a smaller club but growing rapidly and we are lucky enough to have some very knowledgeable LFS and some great reefkeepers. <Ah, good>      I'm calling on you to see if there is any possibility that you might be able to squeeze us in for a speaking appearance later this year. If this is something you are willing to consider please let me know as soon as possible. <Mmm, do try to get out, give a free pitch every month or so... Am all "full up" for 06... perhaps in 07? What month?>     We would need you on the third Sunday of the month and the speech would be at one of the clubs meetings. So we would need you to be in town Saturday night (maybe Sunday morning) and then you could leave Sunday night or Monday morning whichever you prefer. The speech we would like it to be about an hour in length and it is up to you how you want to set it up and what the exact topic would be. Just let me know if this is possible and what you would need from us in monetary reimbursement and projectors or slide machine to use with the speech. Please let me know if I can help you out or if you would need more information. <This time frame can/will work out... Am retired so to speak... so have no time of my own!>     Thanks for your time and patience, Mike Wilson - PNWMAS Public Relations Officer and member <Be chatting, seeing you. Bob Fenner>

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