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2004 WWM and Japan Bob & Di/ALL, Can we go here... could we, could we [tail wagging]?  http://www.plando.co.jp/icrs2004/ I wanna eat sushi till I get sick... skin dive for elegant coral in 60F water... get a Geisha girl to > read me Hemmingway with a Japanese accent... and watch a Godzilla movie there to see what our dubbed accents sound like. Just checking, planning, saving pennies :) Antoine <I don't see why not... Intl. Coral Reef Symp. here we come! Bob F> <<That man knows how to party! -Gage>>

Re: 2004 WWM and Japan Are you speaking? Do you know who is speaking? <Could possibly... and the list of speakers is/will be posted> Diana Fenner  <This is mostly a gabfest for science (esoteric pure and fisheries) and political junket types... but the "papers presented" in accumulation are worth scanning... and for those desirous of civil service jobs (academic and politico) there's no better place to catch up, rub elbows, and have a good time... Worthwhile (in conjunction with dive/photo/adventure travel) IMO... I attended some of these many years back. Bob>

Re: 2004 WWM and Japan (ICRS) I, too, am interested in this venue. Please keep me posted on the plans. Di <Mmm, actually... best for all to start scheming right now as to whether they want to go... what else we might do... where funds might come from... Plan it, schedule it, and "make it so". Jean-Luc Bob>

prelim head count for Japan (ICRS) beginning with a simple head count... I, of course, will commit to go. I have never been to Japan and this is a wonderful excuse. Antoine <Great! By then we should have plenty of okani (cashwhaleoh) to sponsor everyone... Bob, who spent a few years there, and will go just the same>

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