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Why Advertise on WetWebMedia: WetWebMedia (WWM) is a showcase information and inspirational resource that offers Aquarium, Pond, aquatics, science, and biosciences information. The site is the most popular and well regarded in the aquatic hobby and trade.

What we do for You: We keep your customers in the hobby. It is estimated that 80-90 percent of the hobbyists, your real and potential customers, give up on the hobby within one year. To fight this trend, www.WetWebMedia.com is dedicated to providing accurate, timely, useful information to the hobbyist to help keep their corals, plants, fishes, and other organisms alive and healthy and thus keep them in the hobby. This obviously benefits everyone.

By sponsoring WetWebMedia you ultimately will realize more customers because more will stay in the hobby rather than getting discouraged and giving it up for good. Likely, your company has a website and pays dearly for print and/ or internet advertising. We encourage you to look at what your Return On Investment could be by advertising on WetWebMedia. 

What we offer: Rotating and Static ads, linked to Your Website

There are three programs for ad placement on WWM; root (marine/reef), individual sub-web, and universal placement: All three size/area placements of logos and links are included at the stated cost per month.

Web Location

Size of Ads in Pixels

Rate Per Mo.

Top banner on home page
and all other pages (rotating)

700 x 90


Small top ads on all pages (rotating)

77 x 77


Bottom tower ads on all pages

Up to 300x 300


Universal Placement (all of the above placements)

All pages


 We can upload you "jpeg, gif, bmp and .swf files and have them placed within a day of placed orders and for your convenience we have PayPal capacity (send toBob@WetWebMedia.com), and offer an annualized discount of twelve months for the pre-payment of ten. Other services we offer are high quality image work and written content for your website or print.


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In late May 2014 we switched to Google Analytics:  Sessions are now calculated differently.

This report for June 1-28, 2014


Re: WWM Ad write up       6/30/14
Better to just take out the orange elements, or when you take a break I can edit the page for you if you would like.
<Will add to list. Thanks>

Request for placing the links in your site... right...     11/29/11
Hi mate,
I came across your website http://www.wetwebmedia.com through google search and I am very much interested in advertising my text link in your site.
<... we don't do such>
If you have any ad spaces available, let me know.
Eagerly awaiting for reply.

Premium Aquatics Thanksgiving Sale    11/21/11
Hi Bob,
<Hey James>
May want to put this in the dailies. Premium Aquatics is offering 11% off on anything in the store. Orders must be completed by 11/27/11 .
<Ah, will do. Thank you. BobF>

Advertising. Seneye monitor   11/21/11
Can you let me know the prices for advertising on the website?
<Yes: posted here:
I'm not sure
if you have heard about the Seneye product yet (www.seneye.com)?
<I had not. Looked over>
The Seneye product allows people to monitor their water conditions and then get alerts if there are any problems. All the results are automatically logged and displayed on the customers personal dashboard.
I hope we can look at working together.
Kind Regards,
tom crosswell
Seneye ltd
<Do make it known how I/we may be of service. Cheers, Bob Fenner>

WWM sponsor/ship. IF it makes sense/cents    4/5/11
Hi there,
We are opening o none of the Philippines Islands a new company. Mainly we will deal in Nano stuff, both fish and invertebrates. All animals will be from remote places and plenty of new stuff.
Kindly tell me what options we have to become a sponsor!
Kind regards,
Earl M. J. Radius
<Hello and thank you for your inquiry. For such a company as you plan, it will likely not pay for you to advertise/sponsor WWM (or any website but your own). I encourage you instead to write a few brief articles to sell to others and post on your own site, detailing your company, its activities and what the area has to offer in the way of livestock (with good photographs, even video). Do get your website up and going! Good luck/life w/ your new enterprise. Bob Fenner>
Re: sponsor    4/5/11
We are talking major export! I am now 35 years in the field. Cheers Earl
<Well, if you think/consider that such promotion will sufficiently boost your business, our ad/sponsorship possibilities are detailed here: http://wetwebmedia.com/WWMAdminSubWebIndex/wwmsponsors.htm BobF>

advertising on WWM  10/19/09
Can you send us info on advertising on wetwebmedia.com? I would like to expand our horizons and market more nationally than just locally.
Let me know what your packages are.
Eric J Rood
FragSpawn LLC
Apex, NC 27523
<Hello Eric! The "whole banana" re our ads, rates, can be found here:
Have you articles to sell re your business, experience? I think these being out and about would greatly improve your business.
Bob Fenner>

WWM Sponsors 11/25/2007 How do you become a featured sponsor? <Just a matter of becoming a sponsor period: http://wetwebmedia.com/WWMAdminSubWebIndex/wwmsponsors.htm The top shared borders are rotating banner ads thereof. Bob Fenner>

Neat site stats - kudos to WWM! 11/19/07 cheers, Bob <Antoine> I came across a neat site stats tool for comparing traffic (Eric B found and mentioned it). WWM is (maybe no great surprise) excelling in traffic greater, far and away, than any other hobby message board or forum that I am aware of. neat site: www.compete.com <Neat... I did take a look with the two more popular BB's: http://siteanalytics.compete.com/wetwebmedia.com+reefcentral.com+reefs.org/?metric=uv# Though we don't have a Google sitemap, nor advertise... is good to know and see numbers for the great quantity of folks, systems, livestock we are helping... Including the many thousands of your article and response efforts from years past> Kudos to WWM! Anth- <Cheers, BobF> ------- Anthony Calfo www.ReadingTrees.com


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